The New Paradise

Part III

written by Anand

Within a week of our arrival the other groups (including the Americans) had arrived also. There was some tension because of the women (four by now), so I told them the way to the fifth one. As we were planning the the great inaugural beach party, I asked them to come together to the party in the evening of the next day.

When the chosen time had arrived we took torches for the night and wandered down to the beach. As I had initiated the whole enterprise I opened and moderated the meeting. I spoke in Terrasihla, which by now was to some extent known by everyone:

Dear friends, we are the last remnants of a civilization that has more or less killed itself, because the material growth has exceeded the inner development by far. So let me start with the material side of our situation.

We can live comfortably for some years on the things our ancestors have left us. With the hydroelectric power-plant we have energy in abundance at our disposal, as long as we can maintain its function. And that is also the crucial point. If there is a mechanical problem, we might be able to fix it. it the problem is electronic in nature, we might find a replacement, but sooner or later even the replacements will be rotted or corroded. And we are to small in number to be able to uphold all the industries needed for our actual needs. Therefore we have to search for low-technology-solutions or reinvent them. The use of electricity will be less refined than now and will have low-level-character. The next point is our knowledge. We have to write down everything that is essential in Terrasihla We have to translate important works from the manifold languages we all came here with, and we should take care that some important languages do not become extinct before most of the knowledge is transferred. And as we are but very few men, each of us should learn and know several professions of different kinds to broaden the horizon on the one hand and to have some security in case someone gets sick or dies. Then we have to deal with the social, cultural and emotional aspects. As the old societies are dead, their rules do no longer apply. I don't think that we need a veritable law, but we need a new base to which we can refer when making a decision.

1. Everything we do should be in accordance with the well-being of the community and the people we deal with and express our free will.

2. We should consider New Paradise as a gift. The old world had taken the earth as its property and has suffered for this attitude. We should always try to change the world for the better.

3. We should always try to understand everything and everyone, especially as we come from very different cultures, and to expand our consciousness, sympathy and love constantly.

This should be sufficient in case problems should arise. And this should also be the base on which to deal with the problems that have come with the survival of an extremely small number of women.

Before Maria speaks for the women, our doctor Nicolai will say a few words on genetic questions beforehand."

Hello everybody. You all know me from my recent work as vampire, which was to draw enough blood to make some examinations while chemicals and equipment for this are still in good shape. If necessary I will discuss my findings individually, but I can already say that no one of us has Aids or other contagious diseases, so we don't need rubbers any longer.

Now to the announced genetic thing, that is the problem of new children and of possible defects in future generations.

From the fact that much more men than women have survived and that there are some father-son-couples among us, I can deduct, that our resistance against the virus is located on the Y-chromosome and at least in one gene on another chromosome or possibly more. In the case of the women there seem to be much more genes involved. This means, that much more boys than girls will be born for many generations. If we are lucky, children unable to live will die immediately after conception instead of after birth, which would make things easier for the women also. In this case, many children can be born.

The expected small number of girls causes geneto-logistical problems. In order to avoid trouble due to too much genetic nearness, some guidelines regarding procreation should be observed:

1. We need a large genetic pool. That means that each surviving child should have another father, as the number of possible mothers is rather small.

2. As the genetic share of the mothers will be great in comparison, it should be reduced as much as possible. That means that at least the girls/women from the first generation should have children only from the men of our generation. The next generation could mix with themselves (with different mothers and grandmothers of course) and with those men of our generation that still are capable of reproduction. The partners of Generation three could be from all generations. As soon as our children and grandchildren become fathers the number of girls born will increase very slightly for a long time. In my estimation it will take about ten to twenty generations until there is a near balance of sexes.

3. In order to avoid unlucky constellations there are two counsels I can give, which are not popular but necessary if we want to have healthy children:

a) Only men who have no family disposition to illnesses should become fathers. Remember: The medical help we can give from now on is very, very limited.

b) Each father and mother should be tattooed with a small sign our Chinese tattooist can choose. And every child will bear the signs of his ancestors for a number of generations, so that genetic complications can be avoided. - Thank you."

Then Maria came forth to speak for the women:

We have heard what Nicolai has said. We women have given the subject a long consideration.

Our first question was, whether mankind should survive or not. All the cruelties man has committed with this virus as the summit, do not speak in favour of man. The situation now is very different as we all have suffered from this summit and we feel that there is more goodwill among us than in the old world.

So we have decided to give mankind a new chance, provided she proves worth of it. If not, we will retire into solitude or destroy our ability to bear children.

We have the following scheme in mind:

1. We choose who we have sex with from those the doctor finds suitable to father children. It will be our exclusive decision - provided the chosen mate accepts. We will change our mates each menstrual period. If we miss our period the mate can stay for another month (if both of us wish it), until we are sure of pregnancy. If we are pregnant, we will not be prey to any willing man. We will have no man or the man of our heart or desire (if he is willing of course).

2. If we give birth to a girl we will care for it ourselves and educate it. If we give birth to a boy, it will be the responsibility of the male community to raise and educate him. So now you have to form a stable all-male community, which will not be an easy thing, given the male tendencies to competition and strife when faced with men only. To this problem Sasha has given some thought."

So now we were at the most difficult point. And this I said and I added: If you agree to what was said so far - and I doubt that there will be many other possibilities - you know what lies before us.

For me it is no problem living with other men and loving them, as I have always liked men very much. But the majority of you never had to really face the problem. Many of you come from very different cultures in which deeper relationships of love and sex between men were a much stronger taboo as they were in the western world, which was not happy about them either.

I have spoken to many of you and know a little bit of the general mood. A few are happy, a few are extremely unhappy and most are as yet still undecided with a tendency in this or that direction.

Before I say a few words on homosexuality I want to say beforehand that of course everybody should be free to choose a lifestyle he is comfortable with, along the lines of the obvious limitations. Nobody should be forced to do something he is unhappy with. for those who cannot adapt to a gay lifestyle, be their number small or great, I can only give the advice not to begrudge the other men their happiness, but to meditate, , to widen their horizon, to work, to masturbate and to seek friendship and good relations with other men. For those who are insecure and for general information and understanding I will say some things about homosexuality, which may not be commonly known, as there never was much interest in these matters. I may not always be correct, because I am no real scientist, but the general line should be valid.

It is said that in the development of a child the inclination towards its own sex is the step prior to the development of interest for the other sex. This means that every man has had a time in his life when he was inclined toward other boys. Usually this take on the form of friendships, that often last through life. But behavioural patterns that go beyond this ritualized form are strongly discouraged, so that deeper feelings will be suppressed or misnamed. In addition a child that is growing up will never have an example of affection between men that goes beyond shoulder clapping. Men do not caress each other, they do not kiss and the do not embrace, if it isn't a ritualized behaviour pattern. All they see is relations between men and women - and to obtain the acceptance of the family and the larger community they quickly and readily yield to the unspoken expectations.

Only those individuals who have a strong strain of homosexuality in them or who have an independent, inquiring and open mind will bear the pressure and will open up to their own feelings and stand by them, while the great majority of men have more or less strong tendencies towards their own sex, which they live out in pubs, football, soccer... I am certain, that there are only as many true straights as there are gays. The great rest is capable of both ways of living. And I also strongly believe that there would have been much less wars, if men had been allowed to express all their feelings and to live with them.

There is even an indirect evidence to this. A few years ago a group of scientists has ascertained that those men who are homophobe and who go out bashing gays have in themselves a strong gay streak, which they did suppress. But each time they saw gays they were subconsciently reminded of their own longings, they could not dare to express, and so they turned to violence for an outlet, that would even provide them with bodily contact to other men, even in the form of rape.

So you see that it is not good to suppress what is yours by nature. The rejection of other men on the grounds of nature is purely made by the human mind and not a product of nature. The argument that homosexuality is not natural is something that fundamentally has no meaning. First so, because homosexual behaviour is common to animals also. And there is quite another bunch of reasons: If you accept that animal behaviour is a guideline for men, you make the animals your measure. So you do not strife to become a more perfect man, but to go back to animal life or to live out the human animal. And if you accept animal nature as your guideline you should try to eliminate everything that makes man human from your being: animals don't think, animals don't love, animals don't have joy, animals don't write, animals don't have cars, animals don't watch TV..... So maybe the men who invented this virus have only tried to free nature from the elements, that try to go beyond it.

But my opinion differs strongly and points into quite another direction. For me man has evolved from a kind of dull nature. His goal is not to become dull again, but to rise beyond the ways of nature. Man has developed mental faculties, so he should intensify them. He has developed love, so he should widen and purify it. He has developed joy, so he should enjoy it. And if he is able, he should go beyond.

And as I have already pointed out, I believe that gay streaks are much more widely spread than is commonly known. And in the light of human evolution there is a meaning in it. In animal nature it is the males that are fighting each other to have a female that will spread their genes. But is this the human way? It is no doubt common to human society, but this behaviour is not human in essence. To really become humans we have to overcome this animal pattern. So instead of seeing the rival in our fellow man, we are summoned to develop love, understanding, nearness and collaboration. And we already have the predisposition for this. We only have to admit instead of banning it. So gay lines are not threat to humanity but only to those who do not want to progress or who want to retrograde.

So we as the remnants of the human race are forced by default do develop the virtues the old society has shunned.

These arguments should give you something to think about. But if you have fear from what lies in front of you on the physical plane I can only say: Do not fear your equal. There is nothing in other men, that you do not know from yourself. You know the male nature and physiology better than the female and you have coped with the unknown female dimension without complaint.

So be amiable, presentable, clean, nice, warm and loving and we will all have a good time. With this matter clear, there arises another question: We have children of various ages with us and within time new children well be born. Will we be chaste and shameful and reserved and tell them what life and sex is all about when the are grown up, or are we frank and open and loving in our way of life, which will also be the children's live in the future. Remember, for many generations they will have to live with men and only for a very short period with a woman. I think that we should not exclude them. They should have the freedom to be present wherever they line, to explore what they want to explore, to touch what they want to touch. There will not be any damage, as long as a few guidelines are observed:

1. Until they are of age (which would be about 16 in this society) it is always them that lead and are active. They should not be encouraged or forced to anything sexual with grown-ups.

2. With everything you do, always have a close look on the stage of development and the emotional composition of the boys. (Which also means to widen our consciousness and to broaden our understanding).

3. Talk with them when they see or encounter something they do not understand. Do not be shy.

4. They may do with each other whatever the like as long as it is playful and loving in nature.

And with all: Remember that we live in another age. The old rules no not apply anymore. Every thing and occurrence has to be dealt with individually. There cannot be any fixed rules. If problems, doubts or questions arise, ask your fellow men or put the question before all of us when we have a meeting party, which we should frequently have.

Before we discuss the questions and proposals raised till now and vote I have a proposal on this party and the following parties and our ways of life.

I have said, that it is essential to have good connections with each other. While for some it may be easy, the ones among us, that are more to the straight side might encounter more difficulties. So we all should try to embrace us often in a rather warm instead of formal way and to kiss at least lightly. For this evening we should all put off our clothes (there should be no rule to wear clothes at all) to reduce shyness and become more familiar with each other and with the situation. Those who are rather shy or reluctant could give each other a massage. Those who find it all disgusting could go meditate on the beach. And those who like to have more can have any orgy (sex in public shouldn't be banned, by the way).

When someone comes of age we should have a great party and orgy and he should be introduced into manhood with a rite. But participation in these activities should always be free.

That's all.

So now we can discuss and vote."

We talked and argued for about two hours. But when we wanted to vote one of the boys rose and said: As today is my 16th birthday I want you all to vote in favour of the initiation ritual. I want to have it!"

Well, the final vote was clear: We were going to have a new society along the broad lines I had drawn, with an inclination towards more spirituality, which was well with me. So now we were facing our initial orgy and prior to this the initiation of Bjørn, the boy who had stood up earlier.

But at first it was up to the women to choose a mate. As it turned out they had already given the matter some thought, for they soon selected willing mates and returned without them to the great house, that had been reserved as the women's refuge. The selected men would follow them after the ceremony and maybe the orgy.

All the men then undressed. Some were expectant, some shy and nervous, some reluctant, some indifferent. Only Bjørn remained in clothes. As he was officially entering manhood he had the right to choose a godfather or more. Those who - for whatever reason - were not inclined to partake in the actual ceremony formed a circle around the willing participants. When he choose four men, I knew that it would be a long night. The men he choose were the good looking Massai-twins, Ferdinand and me. As godfathers he could always approach us if he had trouble of any kind or if he simply needed somebody to hug him or have sex with. We were also to assist him during the ritual and to fulfill his wishes to a certain degree.

So we stood in the middle of the men and started to ceremoniously undress him with many caressing hands. To evoke a high degree of tension we did it slowly. When we finally put off his slip we presented him to the men with a strong erection, all five of us. And most of the watching men also had an erection.

Bjørn looked like a young demigod of the satyr-kind. He had blond hair with that short military cut. Combined with the lively, adventurous eyes and an expressive and sensuous mouth he was like the incorporation of fun and energy. His build was perfect. He had the well formed curves of youth that with age quickly give way to more definition and never can be called back. His belly was excitingly flat and promising, but a flatness of the natural kind, that hasn't seen strenuous workouts. His substance was firm, but covered by soft and succulent skin. His cock was straight, slightly greater than average, uncut, covered by silky skin and surrounded by golden pubic hair. His butt-cheeks of course were perfectly rounded and very inviting. And while his torso was completely untouched by hair, his whole legs were already covered by a thick light golden fur. When everyone had taken in his beauty the circle opened to the sea, where we took him to be washed and bathed by us - an occupation we all took great pleasure in. At the end we dipped him under water and bore him back to the beach and laid him down on a rock of ideal dimensions. Here we poured fresh water from a nearby spring over him to remove the salt.

Then we started to caress him with our hands. His erection that had faded regained its composure. Lying there and looking at us, he started stroking his hard cock. We were tender and sensuous in our caresses and our eight hands were everywhere on him, which seemed to delight him, for he started to moan very soon. It didn't take long and he accelerated his speed. When one of the Massai spent special attention to his nuts he started to gasp and shortly afterwards shot several spurts of cum across his chest. While one Massai (Atsu) cleaned his cock, sucking out the last drops of cum, the other one (Ata) licked his stroking hand clean. And Ferdinand and me were busy distributing the cream all over his body.

When we were finished, we stepped back a little and then, one after the other we ceremoniously approached him, licked clean a small part of his body and then gave him a long and hot kiss. After that we would position ourselves at his head to stand guard over him. When we were all finished the crowd poured in. Everyone within the circle would come to lick Bjørn clean, to taste his semen and to caress him. It took quite some time till everyone had given him the feeling of his tongue and hands. Well, I sighed and wished I was 16 again.

Then everyone stepped back, most of them in an aroused state. But as long as the ceremony was in progress no one was allowed to do anything about it. Now it was our turn again.

Bjørn then sat up and bowed to Ferdinand. While he approached Bjørn we sat in his back, so that he could comfortably lie in a half prone position and watch what was going on. While we delighted in playing background music (that is holding him in our arms, kissing his neck, sucking his nipples, nibbling his earlobes) Ferdinand began to work on Bjørn's cock. He started to lick it, taking his time and teasing him as much as he could. He engulfed Bjørn's cock a little bit with his lips, then let go and went down deeper than before each time, until finally his mouth met the golden pubic hair. He remained like this for some time, obviously playing intensively with his tongue on the cock, judging from Bjørn's moaning. Then he gradually withdrew till only the cockhead remained inside. Then he started a slow pumping motion, pushing only now and then when Bjørn seemed near climax, to leave him breathing that heavily, that he seemed to be on the verge of sobbing. Ferdinand certainly delighted in the play for now and then he showed him a mischievous smile. It was only after some pleading from Bjørn that he gave in and deliberately took him straight to ecstasy. By now Bjørn was heavily sweating and a little bit exhausted. While Ferdinand stood up, we let Bjørn glide back to lying position. Ferdinand knelt between his legs and bent forward to give a deep kiss. While he fed him back a little bit of his semen he lay down on him to cover and embrace him and to give him his love. After some time he sat up and both of them stepped down from the rock. The young satyr now bowed to me with an inviting smile. This meant, that he had chosen me to return Ferdinands favours to. I decided to meet him in standing position. Me and my cock stood erect and welcomed him with a deep embrace and kiss. Holding him in my arms his body gave me a feeling of richness. He was neither lean nor certainly fat. His body composition had the fullness and freshness only youthful bodies have, a kind of succulence you would want to bite in.

Reluctantly I released him from my embrace and he started kissing downwards, aiming straight to his goal, trailing of only shortly to play with my nipples. But he didn't play much with my cock, but took him in by surprise as soon as he came into reach of his apparently hungry mouth. He didn't bother with preliminaries but started sucking and swirling his tongue around my cock at high speed. He took in all he could and fucked my cock hard and warm with his moist mouth. When I was nearing the brink - which didn't take long - he stopped dead in his movements. He released my prick without any delay and started to examine it, to taken in everything with his eyes. I could feel his hot breath, but he didn't touch me. When I had cooled down a little bit he started the soft tour. He stroked my thighs and butt cheeks and licked at my nuts. He took them into his mouth and played gently with them. After this playing session he turned his attention to the shut, fondling it with his cheeks and his hot, wet tongue. He then focussed his attention on the cockhead. After he had nibbled and licked for some while on the foreskin he let his eye holes have the feeling of it and of the hard cock waiting under the soft surface. Then he made a kissing mouth and slowly shoved back the foreskin, while at the same time his tongue started playing on the cockhead. After a while he pushed deeper, lightly exploring the length of my sceptre with his tongue. When he had taken in the whole of it, he rested for a while, both of us taking in the feeling of hot, wet mouth on hard, horny cock. Then he moved back and started fucking my cock with his mouth. Each time when I was out to come he froze in motion, only giving me the warmth and humidity of his mouth hole. Several times he brought me close to climax and seemed to take pleasure in teasing me. Then, when I was nearing climax again I couldn't stand it any longer. I grasped his head between my hands, my palms resting on his soft cheeks and started to fuck his mouth. Soon I was over the edge and I let out a loud cry of ecstasy while a few centimeters below my palms my cock released spurt after ecstatic spurt of cum into his eager mouth. When my staff had bowed down and was milked of any drop of cum he let go of it and is face was radiating joy. He laid his hands on my cheek and drew me to him. And while I closed my arms around him in a warm embrace he gave me a wet and tender and very long cum-kiss.

Then we parted hesitantly and he turned around to make his next choice. He bowed to Ata, the first-born of the Massai-twins, indicating that he was selected to fuck him, a choice an which Ata broadly beamed.

Bjørn lay down with his back on the rock. Atsu sat down being him and took his head in his lap. Ferdinand and I stood by his sides and spread and lifted his legs to give Ata easy access. Ata's joystick was a bit greater than medium and of fine build. While he positioned himself Ferdinand asked him about his experience. He answered that they had had enough practice with his brother and others in the last weeks. As Bjørns face displayed slight traces of fear mingled with expectancy, Ferdinand said to Ata: Please, be easy on him. I have the impression, that you are going to enter a virgin hole."

Ata said that he would act accordingly. He was offered a bottle of patchouli-scented oil. He stretched out his hands and I poured some oil on them, which he distributed on his fucking-tool. The rest he applied to Bjørn's ass. He knelt down, got some more oil on this fingers and started to slowly massage the oil with his index finger into Bjørns virginity. He worked tenderly and probed as deep as he could go. While he told Bjørn to relax, he added the middle finger. Bjørn's fear had vanished and was replaced by concentration. He squirmed and moaned a bit with Ata's movements. After he had updated the fingers in number again, he withdrew and applied more oil to hole and tunnel as well as to his cock. Then he positioned his joystick at the virgin hole, bent forward over Bjørn and asked this permission to enter.

Bjørn said: Go ahead!" and Ata bent forward further, thus exerting pressure on the sphincter. His cockhead had a pointed shape, so he could slide in easily. He bent down and forward even more and forced the sphincter's resistance, to give way. Bjørn gasped and took in his breath as the cockhead crossed the border. He held it back while Ata's prick was slowly progressing. When Ata took a rest, he exhaled perceptibly and some tears appeared in the corners of his eyes. Ata started to lick Bjørn's nipples. He sucked them in and let his tongues swirl around them. Then his mouth wandered upwards till it encountered Bjørn's mouth. They kissed playfully at first and then in an increasingly passionate manner. While they were still heavily kissing, Ata shoved in the rest of his cock in one fluent movement. He rested in this position, but started covering Bjørn with kisses.

Bjørn, who had been passive so far responded by stroking Ata's ass and caressing his breast, nipples and cheeks. Soon Ata started to draw back a little and to shove his cock back, to withdraw a little more and to shove it back. He established a slow fucking motion and soon slipped out completely only to immerse his joystick anew in Bjørn's warm and firm tunnel. After some time the retired and motioned Bjørn to move farther back on the rock. Then he himself stepped on the rock and stood there, so that the men could get a good look on his lithe, long body and his hard erection. He then knelt down between Bjørn's legs, spread them apart, lifted his hips and bent forward, positioning his hands besides Bjørn's head and stretched his legs while raising his ass into the air, so that he formed a wide upturned U. We had taken over the legs again, so that Ata could move freely. He looked down into Bjørn's eyes and when their eyes locked and he descended to kiss him, Ferdinand directed Ata's cock to its aim and he slid in easily in a long and slow movement. When he had entered with all he had to his disposition he put his weight on Bjørn and adjusted his posture. He raised his head so that he could look into Bjørn's eyes again and started to fuck him. Of course he began with slow movements but quickly accelerated his fucking speed. Soon both of them were panting and sweating heavily. Ata showed quite a remarkable stamina, so that it took some time, before he accelerated his speed even more and with loud moaning on both sides released several loads of hot, white cream into Bjørn's ass. When his joystick began to shrink he took it out and stretched out on top of Bjørn, kissing and caressing him tenderly.

When Bjørn had regained composure, Ata slid down the rock and Bjørn sat up with an exhausted yet satisfied smile. We offered to give him a massage, but he declined, bowed to Atsu and stepped from the rock.

He made Atsu bend forward and place his hands on the rock. Atsu - not only in this position - was a sight to behold, as was Ata of course. A long slender figure without any hair on legs and chest and without any fat. He looked as if someone had carved his dream of a long, lathe, slender figure from brown marble. The butt-cheeks were firm and perfectly rounded, neither to small not to great. The thought alone of entering the sanctuary between them made me shiver from pure excitement.

Bjørn, the light, luminous demigod with an erection that never seemed to tire stepped in behind him and began to take in every part of his body with eyes and tenderly touching hands.

When he was finally ready, I poured a copious amount of scented oil into Atsu's crack and Bjørn's hands. While he distributed the oil with one hand between Atsu's cheeks he prepared his own cock with the other. Then he knelt down to have a better look and access to Atsu's sanctum. He probed with one finger and slid in easily. He added another finger and found no major reaction. Apparently Atsu had had some experience. So he stood up and positioned himself and his cock at Atsu's rear entrance. He took aim and pushed his cock forward, but things aren't always as easy as they look. He either missed the target or he slid off. When the next attempt also failed, I advised him to guide his tool and to go slowly. He did as suggested and was successful this time. first the head slowly vanished. Then he held Atsu by his hips and pushed his cock home in a slow continuous movement, till Atsu's buttocks rested in his groin, where it seemed to belong. He coached Atsu into standing position, so that they had full body contact. He put his arms around him and squirmed a little bit. I had the impression that Atsu s inner muscles played with the cock that the surrounded. In this position Bjørn had most of Atsu at his disposition and he enjoyed it, moving his hands to every part of Atsu's marble-body he could reach and delighting in the feelings. When he started to play with Atsu's cock he soon began to squirm again, as the muscle rings surely had reacted with contraction. This brought him nearly over the edge - so much excitement and hardly any release. Then he motioned Atsu to bend over the rock again and started to fuck him smoothly. And it seems that he wanted to enjoy it as much as he could, for he was performing a slow motion fuck with closed eyes. But he couldn't hold back the climax for long. Soon he bent over and closed his arms around Atsu's breast and increased the fucking-speed to climax-level. He filled Atsu's ass with several spurts of cum. Then they rose together and with a long kiss remained in embrace until Bjørn's cock plopped out.

Now the major part of the ceremony was over. For the finishing procedure we guided him to the outer circle. It was his task to embrace every man, starting with the outer circle. We had added this feature to the ceremony as an integrating factor. Those who tended more to the heterosexual or asexual side should be given a link, however small, to understand and accept the predominantly gay community they had to live in and to grow into the warmth other men could give. So Bjørn rounded the circle, giving every man a warm embrace, a smile and a kiss on the cheek. Most were a bit shy, but they would learn that not every touch was sexual in nature and that every man was welcome the way he was. When Bjørn has completed the circle the men retired to meditate, to talk, to play, to learn or to give massages to one another.

Bjørn then faced The Bath. He approached the inner circle and was immediately swallowed by the men who till now haven't been allowed to relieve themselves. Now they could embrace him on his way to the stone and begin to shoot their loads on him and kiss him. He laid down on his back and was immediately surrounded by all the men who hadn't had the chance to get near him. Now each one could shoot their load on him, kiss him, touch him. It took quite some time in which he briefly fondled or touched hundreds of men and was showered and massaged with enormous quantities of cum, before he emerged from the all-male sea, a satisfied look on his face and drenched in cum.

We guided him to the ocean and into the renewing embrace of the sea which was given the collected cum of New Paradise. Then we went back to the rock which was cleaned while we bathed and we presented his dripping wet body to the audience. He raised both hands and said the words that concluded the ceremony: The games may start!"

At his the men yelled Hurrah!" and fell into each other's arms, which quickly developed into the greatest orgy on earth - now and ever.

Bjørn sat down on the rock, a cunning smile in his eyes. He said to us: The night is still young and according to our resolution, as my godfathers you are something short of slaves to me for the rest of the night. So I have decided that Ferdinand should give me a gentle massage, his embrace and love, while I watch Ata and Atsu give Sasha a good sandwich-fuck."

Well, this sounded like a nice idea. I looked at the Massai-twins and they smiled invitingly. They came nearer and enclosed me in the circle of their arms. Then they drew closer and held me captive between their erections and ebony figures. It was a wonderful feeling being held so tight by the two young and extremely good looking men. Then Atsu started fingering my rosette, while at he same time he nibbled on my ear-lobes. When his hot cock started entering my rear, he softly bit in my neck and I turned my head to kiss him. I don't really like cocks, that are greater than my own, but he had prepared the entrance between my spread legs well and so he slid in slowly, steadily and relatively easy, yet extracting a great moan from me. Then his groin sheltered my butt-cheeks and in his warm embrace his belly was pressed harmoniously to my back. Now Ata turned around and bent forward a little bit, so that I could access the guarded channel between his coconut globes. With only little stimulation I won over the guards and was granted entrance. I positioned my sceptre at the door, that was preparing to open and Ata pushed it inside to the welcoming presence of warm and moist walls. Then he raised his torso and pressed tightly against me. Now I was totally sandwiched and it was a glorious feeling. We must have been a spectacular sight also, my white form being enclosed by two lean brown silhouettes. Now a lot of men followed our example.

Then Ata and Atsu started fucking me, synchronising their movements perfectly. The impact on me was enormous. After only a short time (remember I am a sensible type) I let out an ecstatic cry and climaxed into heaven.

Not wishing to be released from this warm imprisonment, I urged them to take a little stroll with me in between, hoping that the sensations would quickly revive my slowly fading erection. Indulging in Ata's breast with one hand and in his cock and nuts with the other I soon regained composure.

The movements of the intestines when stroking gave a very stimulating feeling to my cock. Seeing us in action Bjørn must have become hungry, because all of a sudden he and Ferdinand came closer and I could deduct that he was entering Atsu when his cock twitched a bit in my ass. The Ferdinand closed in on Bjørn and finished the line to a doubledecker sandwich - at least I thought so.

The other groups took up this idea and also joined with each other and with us, till a great fusion was on the way. It didn't take long and it became clear, where all this would lead to. More and more groups joined us. The form of the line grew into a curve, the curve formed a half moon and finally closed into a circle of about twenty meters in diameter with most of the men participating. We were going to do the first real circle fuck on earth, I suppose. I could feel a collective tension forming, something similar to electricity. I sent out a warm feeling of love and protection and of belonging together that I had perceived in the birthday child and the feeling went through the circle ad came back to me like a great wave of love. But the wave didn't break with me. Instead it went around with increasing speed and intensity. Simultaneously we were caressing our front man and doing a wave fuck. Someone pushed his hips forward and tried to step forward and so urged his sandwiching men to follow him. This way a fucking wave was created, that went around on its own. The wave of love intensified and formed a dome around us with a whirlwind of ecstasy at our centre. The whirlwind spread and took us to pure ecstasy. On the physical side our bodies were in ecstasy also, flooding us collectively with an orgasm of up to this moment unknown of intensity. We remained the way we were for quite a long time and when we finally and reluctantly broke apart I saw tears of joy in many eyes.

Then I knew, that we were going to make it. We would survive. We would collaborate and confide in one another. We would have much work, much joy and much love. And we would be the fathers of a better world. This was the foundation of New Paradise.

End of the story.

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