You know all the usual stuff, don't read if it's illegal or you don't like sex or sex between two males offends you. All characters are purely fictional, and any likeness is coincidence. Joshua Glynn reserves all rights to this story, the characters, and the world they live in. Please send any feedback to or visit my yahoo group at

This is a story of two friends who after being apart from each other, discover a love between them they never knew could exist. Ryan thinks Coby is dead, while Coby silently watches Ryan just out of reach. The separation has become maddening for both. They have just come together to start a new journey of discovery with each other.



Night Eternal

Ryan's New World





As we approached, the fourth guy got up and turned around. I was in for another big shock. It was Nick with a big smile on his face. "Nick... oh my God!"

Nick just beamed at me. "How... but... y–your dead!"

"Well in a manor of speaking... yea, I am." Nick's grin, as always, made him look like he was up to something. His face took on a more serious tone, "Look, Coby saved my life, at great risk to himself and his plans for you. I'm grateful to still be alive, as it where, but I had to die back there, so that I could live, here. Besides If I hadn't disappeared, I would have never met my new boyfriend." The smile was back as he nodded toward the guy with the long white hair.

I had to smile back, the guy was... stunning. The thought, "Hey, I'm not gay, but I'd do him!" came to mind, I had to chuckle to my self.

Coby placed a hand on my shoulder to guide me over the stately looking gentleman. "Christopher, let me introduce you to Ryan Daniels. Ryan this is Christopher, my sire, your grandsire."

"Ryan, I have heard so much about you. Welcome to our family." He walked up and embraced me like a father to a long lost son. It felt good in his arms. Strangely I felt like I was home.

Christopher then directed me over to the man with the long white hair. "This is my grandchild Bradley. He works with Coby, and I'm sure will help in your training." Training? I was going to be trained? Before I could ask anything, I was turned to the other gentleman. "And this is Jonathan. He is one of my children, Bradley's Sire, and helps me keep an eye on Coby." He said with a smile and a wink at Coby. Jonathan shook my hand and caressed my shoulder with his free hand. "Welcome!" was all he said.

Coby came up behind me. "I know this is a lot to take in, but we have one more thing to do, before night is done! Well two more things...Alice!" Coby directed me to another room, and the beautiful girl from earlier came in and closed the door behind her. "Ah Alice, well you get the honors." Coby said with a smile.

She lit up and smiled big. Then, she reached up behind her, and with a slight shake, dropped her dress on the floor! She was wearing nothing underneath, and had I had an instant reaction to her. She was beautiful, a true redhead, about 5'3" with her long wavy red hair falling perfectly over her ample pale pink breasts. She walked up to us tilted her head to the right and pulled her hair back on the left reviling a soft supple neck. Her grin showed her anticipation of what was about to happen.

She was now leaning on me, pressing her breasts into my chest, and wrapped her arms around my waist. "Ok Ryan, this is your first time so let me get you in the mood." I was not sure what he meant by that, because I was thinking of taking this beautiful girl and riding her for all she was worth. My thoughts must have been transpaernt, because he moved around behind Alice and pressed against her back, like she was the cream filling of our Oreo.

He smiled at me. "No, this is not what you thinking, although I'm sure Alice wouldn't mind that later."

She moaned a bit at that. "You bet wouldn't!" her voice practically purring.


Then, Ryan put his head down to her shoulder. I figured he was kissing her neck, because, she let out a whimper that screamed ecstasy. He was only there a second, and then he looked up at me licking his lips. Was that blood?

He smiled a mischievous grin at me and looked down like I was missing something. I glanced down and there it was, a small pool of blood forming on her neck, and a sudden intense wave crashed over me. The next thing I knew I'm clutching this girl in tight and drinking the pure sweet nectar coming from her vein. Waves of ecstasy are crashing over me, I was lost in a lustful hunger... I became aware of a drumming... My hart? No, her heart? Our hart! I realized that I could feel every fiber of her being! My senses were on overload.

I heard a voice whisper in my ear. "She does taste good doesn't she? Now be careful Ryan, I know the hunger is strong, but you must regulate how much you take. Alice would not appreciate it if you killed her."

Reality came crashing in and I realized what I was doing. The shock of it made me jerk up right, almost throwing Alice to the ground. Coby, being behind her, took her into his arms. He then reached down and licked the blood oozing wound on her neck. After a few quick passes of his tong, her neck was clean, and the puncture wound that was just there a few seconds ago, was closing. It was as if the wound was never there. He carried her over to a couch and laid her down, brushing some hair out of her face. She seemed to be breathing hard, with a glow about her like she had just had an orgasm from wild, hard sex.

I felt a bit panicked, "Coby... what is going on? What have you done to me?"

"I know that this is coming on fast, but you have to understand, this is the only way that we could be together. We will not age... We cannot die naturally... You will find that you are stronger, faster, your senses are sharper. But there is a price. We can no longer go into sun, and you will only ever be able to see your family from a distance. As far as they know you are dead!" He walked up to me, and took me in his arms. "But all is well now. I know you have been hurting. I have watched you all this time. I was even there when you tried to kill yourself a few weeks back."

Something in me snapped. I broke down sobbing. It all came crashing back in again, the loneliness I had felt for the last several months. A realization came to me as I stood there weeping in his arms, that nothing mattered but Coby. It was a strange feeling... I have never even considered liking a man. I have had many Gay friends, and although I have never had a problem with their lifestyle, I have always been very much into girls. However, at that moment, in Coby's arms, I knew, I loved Coby! More then just a best friend, I truly loved Coby.

As if my self-realization was a cue, he leaned in, and kissed me, again. What shocked me was that my instant reaction was to open my mouth to his probing tong, and probe right back. We kissed for several seconds, his hands rubbing my back and fondling my hair. He broke the kiss and began licking my face and chin, evidently cleaning up some blood. I must have been a bit messy. I was so turned on by this.

He then stepped back and took my hand. Alice was propped up on the couch, breathing heavily. "Wow, that was hot!" she teased, as she stared at us.

Coby shot her a look, and then grinned. "We have a quick errand to run. You take it easy. We will need you at full strength tomorrow. And if you're nice to him, Ryan might show you why the head cheerleader in highschool left the quarterback." As the implications of that comment washed over her, she let out a little moan of anticipation. Little did I know how much of a nymph she was...

I just looked at Coby, I'm sure, a bit red faced. I knew exactly why she left the quarterback. Hey I'm good in bed, what can I say. That started to concern me though. "Um... Coby? I thought you um..."

"Wanted a relationship with you? I do. Look, I'll explain everything I promise, but right now we don't have the time. I have to take you to meet someone."

This night was becoming a whirlwind. Coby lead me out to a waiting stretch limo parked outside his... apartment? Did Coby own the whole building? My head was spinning from all these mind-bending revelations. In the limo, Christopher was already seated at the far end near the driver's cabin, drinking... wine? Jonathan, Bradley and Nick where seated on the passengers side seat that went all the way down the length of the car. I sat at the back, with Coby sitting beside me.

The car started and began to move. Coby passed me a glass of wine... no it was too thick to be wine, Blood! My gut reaction was shock and revulsion. "Look, Ryan relax. I know this a lot at once. Drink this! It will make you feel better and calm you down."

I could not believe what I was about to do. Even though, somewhere in the back of my mind, I knew I had already done this twice tonight. It was very unsettling. The moment it touched my lips, however, all my doubts faded away. It was not like before, not the sensory overload of ecstasy, but it was no less effective. It was like drinking the most powerful energy drink in the world. I felt alive, and vibrant. My senses were tingling from, well everything. The feel of the leather on my skin, the sounds of the engine and the other cars around us, the darkness of the limo, bright and vibrant, it was life in a glass!

I had three more glasses on the trip across town. Everyone was watching me, smiling. It was as though they were all proud parents watching the baby take his first few steps. The limo stopped and the driver came around and opened up the door. Everyone else got out of the car except me and Coby. "OK, do me a favor and don't speak unless spoken to. We are going to meet the Prince. He runs this city, don't worry I'll explain later. Just try not to embarrass me!" he said with a smile and a kiss on the cheek, as he turned and got out of the car. I was not sure what was going on, but this must have been very important. I could sense a bit of nervousness from Coby.

I got out the limo, and followed them into the large building. The walk in was very strange. Everyone and I mean every person we passed completely ignored us. It wasn't natural. I mean it is human nature when someone passes right in front of you to look to see what's going on. We must have passed at least thirty people.

Christopher led us to a large sitting room. There were book shelves lining the walls, and couches everywhere. At the end of the room, sitting in a plump leather sofa, was a stately gentleman, looked to be in his mid forties, reading a rather old looking book. There was also a woman sitting in a couch to his left, also reading a book. They were the only ones in the room.

As we approached, the man stood up and took a step towards us. "Ah, good morning Christopher. Good morning to you all."

"Good morning Prince. You of course know My Jonathan." He made a small bow. "Bradley and Nicholas... and of course, My Coby."  They all made a bow. "Now let me introduce you to Ryan Carlyle!" I bowed my head in imitation of the others.

The Prince walked up to me, and began looking me over. "Well, Mr. Daniels, you did not tell me what a good looking young man Mr. Carlyle is. It could have expedited things for you a bit!" The Prince grinned at Coby. "Welcome to our ranks Ryan. I believe you will do well here. You have the advantage of having Comrades that already have a stake in seeing you succeed. Do try not to let them down." He said with a grandfatherly smile. "I anticipate great things for you and Coby."

That was it! With just a few more pleasantries, we were dismissed. As we were leaving the mood changed in the people as we passed. They all stared at us, no, at ME! I got the feeling that I was not wanted, or that I had pissed in their cheerios one of the two. The ride back to Coby's place went by quick. I was in thought the whole way. What does all this mean... really? In the end though, I don't think it will matter. I'm with Coby.





The meeting with the Prince went well, but all I could think about was that I couldn't wait to get Ryan home! Christopher let us off first, and I lead my bewildered Ryan into the house. John was great; he wasn't his usual flamboyant self. He was very reserved and helpful. He told me that Alice had gone to bed after we left. I led Ryan up to my... our private chambers. We went into the sitting room and sat on the comfy white couch, and talked.

It took at lest three hours, but I had explained our new life to him and told him what I had been up to the last six months. Now that it was just us, he was taking things very well. He asked a lot of questions, but by the end he seemed a bit excited about what laid ahead. I demonstrated a few of the things I had learned, that he would learn. He thought that was too cool! It was so good to have my best friend back.

The whole time we talked we would exchange little things here and there. A hand on the leg, brushing the side of the cheek lovingly, eventually I had pulled him around to lie against my chest. I draped an arm over his shoulder and caressed his chest while telling him of finding Nick and his being turned. Ryan felt so good there, like this is where he was always meant to be... in my arms.

I could tell by the lighting of the drapes that the sun was coming up. I reached down and turned his head to look up at me, and leaned down to kiss my best friend... my boyfriend. I could tell he wanted this as much as I did. Our separation had forced us to realize how much we meant to each other. I broke the kiss and immediately wanted his mouth again.

"Let's move this to the bedroom, I want to show you how much I have missed you." I said with a devilish grin.

He leaned up and spun around on the couch, so he was more or less facing me. He leaned in and took my waiting mouth again running his hands over my chest. He pulled away, his breathing turning heavy. "I have never experiment with another guy before, other then the threesomes we used to have, but we never did anything more then rubbing cocks in the same snatch. I... I'm a bit scared, but I know I love you and I want more than anything to be with you."

He stood up, freeing me from the couch. I led him back to the bedroom. Once inside I pushed him up against the wall and began making out with Ryan properly. I attacked his mouth, while my hands began probing his firm body. He was returning the favor, running his hands all over my back, reaching back and grabbing two handfuls of my ass. I felt up his cock, and balls, as they strained against the fabric of his jeans. He was as big as I remembered.

I started taking off his shirt, he took the hint and pulled mine up too. I broke the kiss and made my way down his bare, tight, hairless chest. While my hands were busy undoing the buttons of his jeans, pulling them and his boxers down in one swift motion. John had taught me the finer points of giving a good blowjob, just for this occasion. I took Ryan's hard member and ran my tong all around the head, flicking the underside a few times before circling the head again.

"Ohh!" Ryan began moaning as I started to take him into my mouth. He had begun leaking a bit and he tasted amazing. I really wanted to fully taste him, but I had a few other plans for this morning. I pulled him out, and ran my tong down his shaft, until I reached his nutsack. I rolled my tong around each of his balls, taking one then the other into my mouth.

"God! Coby where did you learn that! This is the best blowjob I've ever had." He was squirming the whole time, as I was licking that spot behind the nuts. He got a bit impatient, "Ok my turn!" He pulled me up and pushed me back to the bed. I fell back hard on the soft pillowtop. He attacked my slacks, unbuckling, unbuttoning, and unzipping me in record time. A forceful yank and my pants were at my feet. He took a second to remove mine and his shoes, freeing us completely.

I moved back on the bed, until I was in the center. He climbed in after me, a hungry look in his eyes. He has the most stunning green eyes. He had left my skimpy thong underwear on. He began fondling me through it, fascinated by the thin material. "You like these? It looks uncomfortable, but hot!"

"Not at all, they are very comfy, and it is like wearing nothing at all, but still having the support. Besides there hot looking right!"

"On you, hell yea!" he reached down and relived me of my thong, and began his own assault. I have to say for not knowing what he was doing, he figured it out quick. He started out just repeating what I had done, but quickly realized that he liked my cock! He abandoned all else and took me into his mouth. Trying different depths, and using his tong and the roof of his mouth, his cheeks, finally taking me all the way down his throat. He was a born cocksucker! He got into a rhythm, but before too long I realized that as much as I would love to unload in his mouth, I needed something else.

"Ryan!" he broke off, looking a bit disappointed. "I need you to fuck me now."

"Are you sure? I mean have you ever done this before?"

"Had sex with a guy? Yes. Been on the bottom, no. But I don't care I need you in me right... now! In the drawer, get the lube." I pointed to the nightstand. When he came back I had pulled my legs back to my chest. He came up and put some lube on his finger and worked it around my hole, slipping a finger in. I was surprised it didn't hurt at all. He worked his finger in and out a bit, and then added a second. I knew he had done this before with a few chicks, and he was going down the checklist. John had told me the most important thing was to relax, and keep the anal muscles loose. I started getting a bit impatient.

"Ok I think I'm ready, just go slow at first." Ryan had a hungry look in his eyes. All this had really worked him up. He moved up close, and then I could feel his head at my door. He had lubed up well, because the next thing I knew his head had popped in, and with it a flash of pain washed over me. Ryan pulled out quick, concern on his face.

"Oh shit sorry Coby." He looked upset.

"No, no. Go ahead. It was just the initial shock, it was over quickly. Please, Ryan I need this!"

Reluctantly Ryan pushed back in again, and this time the pain was minimal, then gone. Ryan continued his slow progress, until he hit something in me.

"Holy shit! Oh my God that's awesome. Keep it up."

A few more seconds and his pubes were fully against my nuts. He leaned forward with out moving his cock. He was smiling. He came all the way down, pressing my knees into my chest, and kissed me again. I love his kiss.

He started to pull out, just a slow in and out, while exploring my tongue. Every down stroke made me realize why John loved being a bottom so much. That spot he kept hitting was fantastic. Ryan broke our kiss and sat back a bit as he turned up his thrusting into a pounding. He was driving me insane.

"You're so fucking tight! I've never fucked something this tight!"

"Oh God Ryan, harder!"

I knew he could, I had seen him on more then one occasion ride a girl silly, till she was a gibbering mess. Harder he did, he was like a jack hammer! Then it happened! For the first time in my life I had an orgasm without touching my dick. "AW FUCK!!!" I screamed as I covered our chests with my first load of the morning.

"Holy shit Coby! I can feel you coming! You're squeezing me with every spasm. Oh God I don't know if I can last long with this."

Ryan kept pounding me as my orgasm slowed then stopped. I was a bundle of nerves. Every part of me was tingling. "Ryan, hold up a minute, I want to try something." Ryan slowed, and then pulled out of me. I felt the emptiness and wanted him back in me, badly. I got up and turned over, and got on my hands and knees. "Ok here you go."

He got the point and was right back to pounding my ass, even harder this time. That spot was taking a beating again, and my cock was starting to stir. He was lying on my back, sweat dripping all over us. He was gripping my chest with both arms and holding on for dear life. I took his right hand that was fondling my chest and brought it over my right shoulder. "Ok now bite my neck" I said as I tilted it exposing the left side.


"Just do it! And drink away!"

I felt him sink his fangs into my neck. As he began to drink, the familiar ecstasy crashed over us like a tidal wave. I sunk into his wrist, and began drinking as well. I can't even describe it. We were one giant continuous orgasm and that might come close. I don't think a drug in the world could have come close to high we were feeling. I could feel Ryan, and he could feel me, we were one being.

In fact just a few seconds after starting this, I began to feel Ryan as he started to fill me with his seed. This set me off, too, for the second time this morning, spraying my spunk all over the comforter. I'm sure we would have been screaming if our mouths where not full. The load moaning was enough the wake the dead anyway.

I don't remember the orgasm ending... just awaking that evening, lying in my own dried cum. Ryan was still laying on top of me, his now soft cock resting between my legs and ass cheeks. I could feel him breathing shallow. I didn't want to ever move, he could lay on me forever. I laid there and reflected on the past several months. Had it all been worth it? Damn straight it had!




Did I really just do that? Yes I had, and my beautiful boy was asleep beneath me. Both of us naked, on top of the covers, our body heat more then sufficient, I don't think it could get any better then this.

His long hair under my cheek smells of sweaty, manly, musky, sex. My softening cock, just slid out of his ass, and he starts to lightly snore. I guess the sensory over load was just too much for Coby, but he never did have my stamina.

I licked his neck wound and my wrist. No reason to ruin the comforter any more then we already had a few minutes ago. I took a long whiff of the smell of sex coming from our bodies. I reached down and scraped some of his spunk from my chest, a bit mixed with sweat, and savored the smell of it. It was his scent, personified. I tasted it... I had to get more of that in a pure form later.

I drifted off to sleep exhausted from the hour or so we had made love. As primal as it had been, it had been making love, I decided as sleep took me.

I awoke to Coby trying his best to get out from under me without waking me. "Sorry baby, I got piss like a race horse." He said as he stole a kiss, and ran naked out the room. He came back in a few seconds later, and flopped back on the ruined comforter beside me. I moved over and laid my head on his chest. My whole life has led up to this. Our friendship as kids, the relationships we had together, the friends we kept, even Coby being taken away from me, all to make us realize that we were meant for each other. All of the doubts I had were gone, all that mattered in my life was breathing sallow beneath my head.

"This morning was the most amazing experience of my life! I can't believe how much I love you right now... I have never felt this way about anyone." I said, my hand rubbing his washboard abs.

"It was better than I could have dreamed. The last few months have been almost unbearable for me... I could see you, but it was like watching a home movie, or seeing your life through a glass window. To be so close, and yet not be able to talk to you, to touch you, it was maddening. And when you tried to kill yourself and I couldn't intervene myself, but let's not discuss that. All worked out in the end!" He smiled at me a few tears rolling down his cheeks. I could feel his love radiating.

I thought back to what he told me earlier. He had gone through hell and back for me. I realize now how strong he had become. I'm not sure I could have gone through the same trials he did. I leaned up and kissed him again. I didn't ever want to leave his arms.