You know all the usual stuff, don't read if it's illegal or you don't like sex or sex between two males offends you. All characters are purely fictional, and any likeness is coincidence. Joshua Glynn reserves all rights to this story, the characters, and the world they live in. Please send any feedback to or visit my yahoo group at

This is a story of two friends who after being apart from each other, discover a love between them they never knew could exist. Ryan thinks Coby is dead, while Coby silently watches Ryan just out of reach. The separation had become maddening for both. They have just come together to start a new journey of discovery with each other.



Night Eternal





Over the next week Coby set out to teach me how to survive in this new life. That first night waking up in his arms was unbelievable. I never want to be anywhere, but in his arms. After an hour of just lying there talking and enjoying the closeness of each other, our solitude was broken by John, as he barged into the room, as always like he owned it.

"Ok, you two, enough of this lounging around. You have a full night ahead of you I think... Oh, honey you're simply yummy! Boss you really did get a winner there." John said winking as he came in with a tray of two wine glasses. The lust in his eyes was drinking me in, in all of my nakedness.

The scent of the blood coming from the glasses was intoxicating. I could smell it from across the room. It perked me up quickly. I didn't even flinch at John's comments or his staring. I had never been very modest, and I like showing my body off. Working out had been one of the few things that had kept my mind off of Coby's disappearance. John handed first one glass to Coby, then to me.

The first taste on my lips was electric. This was better then coffee had ever been. I noticed that intense sensation that the drink was giving me, was making me hard. I sat up to lessen the look of my hardening cock, it didn't help. John was smiling even more now, as he walked over and threw open the curtains and pressed a button on the wall that caused the hard blinds to go up.

"Ok you two, out of the bed, so I can get this in the wash! You guys made a real mess of that comforter."

I looked over a Coby and he was just smiling as he got up. "Is he always this bossy?" I asked chuckling.

"Yep, he sure is..."

"Hey a boy has to know what he wants in this world!" John spat, as he shook his head from side to side and snapped his fingers above his head. He was such a queen.

John slapped our asses out of the room so he could clean up and we headed to the showers. Coby had this nice large walk-in shower. It was almost as big as some bathrooms I have been in. There was a large Jacuzzi tub next to the shower, and this gorgeous sink on the counter. Actually it wasn't a sink, but a white bowl sitting on top of the counter. It had a drain in the bottom of it, and the faucet this small hole in the wall just in front of the bowl. Coby had not skimped on this place.

The Shower had spray coming from everywhere. It was so cool. "I just want you to stand there, let me do the work." Coby whispered in my ear.

Coby lathered up the soap and worked it over my body. Starting on my back, and moving down to my ass. His hands were moving each globe around, running his fingers up my crack, massaging the hole a bit. That felt better then I would have thought. Then, his finger popped in, just the tip. I was surprised at first, not hurt, then as he moved in and out just a bit, I could see why guys like this.

He then moved up behind me and pressed his body up against me. He started moving around soaping his front up in the process. His cock was thrusting in and out between my legs, and butt crack, his head hitting the back of my nuts. It was so hot! His hands were roaming all over my chest, lathering up my front. His mouth was working on my ear and neck. After a few minutes of this I felt something warm and wet hit the back of my ball sac and Coby's quiet groans in my ear. I was so turned on by the whole thing.

After his breathing returned to normal a bit, he moved us under the main spray and let the water flow between us. My dick needed some serious attention. It was the only spot on me that his hands or body had not lathered. He moved around in front of me smiling. I was happy to let him have his way with me. He took my mouth for a brief kiss, and the water began flowing over our heads, flowing around our noses. He had a spray wand and as he broke the kiss started running the water all over making sure he had gotten all of the soap off. Everywhere the water spray left his mouth was there following its trail of clean skin.

He teasingly got around to my crotch. The focused water on my prick felt really good. He focused on my nuts a few seconds, lifting them up, cleaning all of his spunk off of the back. Then the water was gone, and his mouth attacked my aching member. I just stood there with my head back, the water running all around us, enjoying the feeling of his blowjob. I wasn't going to last very long, I was so needing a release. His hands were giving my balls and ass a workout, as his tongue was brutally attacking the underside of my cock. I couldn't hold back any more... I grabbed his hair with my right hand and screamed as I unloaded in his mouth. He sucked even harder, trying to get it all.

"Aw FUCK!!!"

All of the feeling in my legs started to go away as I sunk to floor of the shower, Coby catching me with surprising speed.

"Take it easy Ryan, I guess you liked that." he said with a sweet look on his face.

"Liked it... Fuck, where has that been all my life!" we both laughed.

After I got my strength back we left the shower, got dried off, and headed back into the bed room. Coby walked over to two doors and pointed at the left one. "That one is yours." I opened the door and was floored. It was the largest walk in closet I have ever seen. There was not a lot of clothes in there but what there was, was impressive. Versace, Armani, along with Polo, Ralph Lauren, and Abercrombie & Fitch, some of the most expensive clothes I have seen in one place. That was until I walked over to Coby's side. He had an entire wardrobe of clothes enough for five people.

"Yea, I know, but we need to look the part, and the clothes defiantly make the man!" I'll say. He had already gotten Polo Kakis on and was looking for a shirt. He really filled out those pants. "Don't go too expensive we are going clubbing tonight." He said with a smile.

A few minutes later, we were dressed and ready to go and Coby looked so hot. We walked down the hall and Alice was waiting at the end of it.

"Mmmm, hello boys... you sure you don't want to stay here tonight?" she said with a hunger in her eyes. I really need to ask Coby about her...

"Sorry Alice tonight is boys' night out, and Ryan needs some instruction. I promise your time will come." Coby said with a smile.

We walked out to the elevator, and down to the garage.






I had set off to train Ryan. I had chosen to take him on a similar rout as Christopher had taken me. I took him out to a clubs each night to find and seduce some unwitting guy. I did this mainly to get him used to feeding off of the same sex. Just to make sure he was over his inhibitions. 

That first night was actually a bit comical. Ryan can be a great charmer, but he was totally out of his element. The first couple of guys he approached were total washouts and he started to get frustrated, and embarrassed, but as they say third time's a charm. He hit on this older guy, maybe in his early forties, and played off the young stud act well.

The guy said his name was Barry and he looked good for age. He kept in shape and seemed well defined under his blue polo shirt. Barry had this short black hair, with just the trace of gray here and there, with a well trimmed goatee. His blue-gray eyes were stunning though, and I could see why Ryan had chosen him. Berry had quite a lustful look in his eye, that this hot young guy had approached him tonight. They had decided to go to Barry's apartment, as it was not far.

I tagged along, invisible, to make sure Ryan did things right. I don't think he knew I was there. We had discussed that when he was done he would call me for a pickup, but there was something about this that was really turning me on... My love was about to have sex, for the first time, with some guy that was not me. I know I should feel jealous, but I guess it is not in a kindred's nature to get jealous about such things. Normal folks provide our food, and this is just part of the game that is the hunt for that food.

This guy was smooth though, not in a hurry. When they got to his apartment, he offered Ryan a drink to calm his nerves, Ryan thoughtfully declined. Luckily he remembered that our stomachs no longer process food, and that he would have just spat it back up.

I had not realized how much of a voyeur I had become. I was really getting turned on by Ryan letting this guy have his way with him. He played the inexperienced, young twink very well, letting Barry instigate everything they did. It was Ryan's time first bottoming. He really seemed to enjoy it though.

Once it was clear that Barry was getting close, Ryan decided it was time to take over this encounter. He grabbed Barry and rolled over so that he could ride Barry to his finish. Ryan was bouncing on his tool, like a kid on his grandfather's knee. Barry cried out that he was about to cum, and Ryan sat all the way down, leaned down over Barry's shoulder, and bit down on his neck.

Barry screamed, "Oh Fuck... Boy that's hot... Awww!!!"  He was overwhelmed, as waves of passion took over and he held on for dear life. A few seconds later, Ryan shot straight up, blood drooling down his chin, dripping all over Barry's chest, leaving a trail from the wound on his neck. He threw his head back and let out a bestial growl as his cock erupted all over Barry's chest, mixing with the droplets of blood.

Barry had lost consciousness a few seconds ago. As with most victims, the combination of orgasm and light headedness due to blood loss had knocked him out. He would probably not wake until the morning, still weak, and remembering nothing but the best night of sex ever! Ryan was almost as out of it. He was breathing heavy, trying desperately to regain his breath.

I walked up, dropping my obfuscation, clapping my hands with a huge smile on my face. Ryan almost jumped off of Barry's cock.

"That was fucking awesome, Ryan!"

", were you were watching the whole time?"

"Yep, and I must say that was hot!" Ryan gave me this look like he was a bit ashamed of what he had just done. "So how was your first bottom?"

"Better then I would have thought... I can really see the appeal." His grin was mischievous, as he uncocked himself, and got off of Barry.

"You might want to seal that neck, before his blood leaks on his sheets." Ryan looked so hot standing there, body drenched in sweat, and blood dribbling down the corners of his mouth. I had to walk over and lick the excess off of his chin.

He moved over and licked the wound closed. "I think I might go take a shower before we get out of here." I just nodded as I leaned over to lick off some of the mixture of Blood and cum off of Barry's chest. So Hot!

Thirty minutes later and we were out of Barry's apartment and on the way back home for additional training. I was very proud of Ryan. He had done a very good for his first time. He did as well over the next few nights. He found he really liked playing the young inexperienced guy, looking for his first time in the gay bar. I had to laugh each time. His other training was going well too.

He had picked up the body augmentations quickly. He could now get just as strong and fast as me, in just a few hours of training. I began teaching him obfuscation, the way of cloaking or hiding. He could now walk around in front John and Alice, and they had no idea he was there. He could not disappear in front of them yet, he had to be in another room, out of sight first, but that would come with time.

Friday, Brad and Nick joined us for training. Nick was doing very well, for only the few weeks of training he had, but Ryan was amazing. I'm not sure if it was the blood difference, or Ryan was just a natural, but he picked up on the slightest things quickly. By the end of Friday, in just the one training session he had learned the red eyes, and the claws. Brad was better at the beast transformations then me, so I had waited for him to train Ryan on it.

Ryan was also picking up martial arts again quickly. It had been at least five years since the last time he had been to the dojo, but it was coming back fast. All and all, Ryan was turning into a fine Kindred.

Ryan was also becoming a great lover. We were making up for lost time, having sex two and three times a day. I loved him so much. He had even given Alice that ride she was begging for, with my blessing of course. This life is so strange... before, I would have never even thought about cheating on the girl I was with. That just wasn't done... unless you were breaking it off anyway.

This life, however, was different. I have no problems with Ryan going out to have sex, with whoever he wants.  Part of that is because of the necessity of our food needs, but it is further then that. If he just wanted to do it for the fun of it... I don't think it would bother me.  I guess because I know his true feelings toward me. That being said, we had a big orgy Thursday with both John and Alice. Things can really change in your life. Really quickly!

Saturday, I get a call from Christopher. He needs to see the four of us ASAP. I call up Brad, and we meet him and Nick at Christopher's house.

"We have a problem that needs immediate attention. I know this is short notice, and that Ryan has just begun his training, but I think you will need all the help you can get. Warren Harris has started his move. Tonight, he openly defied Remington. He has somehow found out that Remington still has some human relatives living in the city. Warren has kidnapped them and is trying to force The Prince to step down."

"What a fucking coward!" Ryan steamed.

"I would have expected nothing less from him. I want to free them before Warren can get them out of the city. I have found where he is holding them currently, but you don't have much time. He plans on taking them out of the city within the hour. If you can pull this off, the Prince will be very indebted to you."

"What Kind of numbers are we looking at?" I requested.

"Mostly ghouls and mortals, but there will several Kine there too. At least ten I think, but most of them will be weak blooded. Warren thinks he is quite the mafia boss, and a lot of those that work for him, have no idea of his true nature."

"Well we should be good then. We'll stop by my place to gear up, and then were off."

We took our leave of Christopher, and headed back to my place. Brad called Sammy to let her know that we were coming by to pick her up, and to prepare for action. I did the same, calling John and Alice. We had decided that the more numbers we had the better.

We had been training our ghouls for quite some time, and although this would be John and Alice's first time out with us, Sammy was almost eighty years old, and had seen quite a bit of action in her day. That's the great thing about being a Kindred's Ghoul, they stop ageing too, and Sammy didn't look a day over twenty. She had been Jonathan's, before he gave her to Coby when he went on his own.

I had Ryan give Alice some of his blood, while I did the same for John. The more of our blood they had the more effective they would be. They could use blood just like us, but they couldn't replenish the way we do.

"Don't worry! We will have plenty of blood before the night is over with." I told Ryan. "And you two don't worry either. We have trained you very well. Just remember if you start running low, let us know."

I opened up the training room, and walked over to the equipment room... this was going to be a knock down drag out!





I'm not sure I am really ready, but here we go. I needed to prove myself.

Coby began handing out equipment. He handed me a light tactical vest, two Beretta 93R's, the fully automatic pistol I had been training on the past few days, a short sword, no more then a foot and half in length with a slight curve on the single blade, several clips, a double underarm harness, a few grenades, and a trench-coat. Coby had told me before that the coat had this thin, slick, plastic lining the inside of it. It is the same stuff they line all of the President's suits with. It won't stop a straight shot, but anything else, tends to glance off.

The rest of the crew was similarly armed. Nick with his P90 and twin long knives on his hips, he had this big grin on his face. He was a huge Stargate SG1 fan, and loved this gun. Coby had grabbed just a single revolver. It was this huge magnum. He also had all theses reload cartridges all over his belt and harnesses. John and Alice had HK MP5s, with shotguns over their shoulder. Brad... well he had a Katana over his shoulder, and at least 15 pouches in different spots, with throwing knives, and Bushmaster 223, fully decked out with suppresser and scope. Perfect for short range sniping.

When we picked up Sammy she had Katana in one hand, and this long rifle I was not familiar with in the other, and a MP5 slung over her shoulder. The big gun was almost bigger then she was, but she carried it like it was nothing. She got in Nick and Brad's car and we were off.

Fifteen minutes later and we were across town, near the docks. Warren ran the warehouse district near the docks, and they were hold up in the main building near the center of the complex. We would need to approach carefully, because there were several look out points.

We dropped Sammy off at a tall building, a block away and across the street from the complex. I figured that she was heading up to roof for a birds eye view, perfect for sniping. Coby handed me and then Alice, and John, who was driving, an earpiece radio. I put mine in.

"Test... Test... Coby checking in" he had barely spoken, the black strap of the throat mic around his neck picking up his whisper.

"Ryan checking in." I whispered as I adjusted the fit around my neck.

Everyone else checked in, including Sammy, "I'm almost to the roof, stand by."

We parked a block away, so we could approach quietly.

"Brad, how's Nick's cloak?"

"Good enough Coby."

"Ok, then I'm sending Alice back with you two, I could take both, but the obfuscation would be weaker. We don't know the strength of the Kine in here, but if Warren is in there he would see us."

"Good Idea, maybe we should split up a bit and attack from two sides?"

"My thoughts exactly..."

So we headed off. Me, Coby, and John took the north. Brad, Nick, and Alice headed to the south entrance.

"Ok I'm in position, scanning for lookouts... Ok I see five. There is one in the big crane to the north-east, one on top of the front warehouse north-west corner, one in a tower to the south-east, and two on towers at the west. The problem is the two to the east, they are close enough that when I take out one of them the other should be alerted. He is sure to raise the alarm before I can cap him."

"No problem Sammy, we knew this wouldn't be easy. Just take out the other three first."

Before he had finished, the one atop the Warehouse in front of us, had an explosion in the middle of his chest. He crumpled where he stood. I could see the brief shock on his face, as he fell. The red eyes were amazing. I could see everything like it was daylight out and make out details from a distance, like I was standing next to them.

By the time we were in position, Sammy had taken out the three she could get easily. She was now waiting on a signal from us that we were in position. We had walked around to where the first guy was that Sammy had taken out. We walked up to the fence, powered up the muscles in our legs and jumped over it, clearing the barbwire by inches.

We were at the north-west corner of the complex, and could see guards down either path. Coby pointed to the east where two guards were walking and talking to one another. They were each armed with AK-47s. We walked down to them, right up behind them. They could not hear us anyway.

"So why do you think they called us in tonight?"

"Hey, I don't question the boss... he tells me wack this guy, I do it. He wants me to jump up and down on one leg and bark, I do that! I don't question the boss!"

"Maybe you should have..." Coby whispers in his ear, as he grabs him tight and takes his neck.

I do the same with the other guy. My teeth sink into his neck, and all of my senses go into overload. I can see and hear even better then normal for the next few seconds. It is not quite the normal pleasure overload, but it is still just as intense. Within about a minute I feel a surge of... well, something else. His blood thins to a trickle... I realize the surge must have been him dieing. The thought crosses my mind that I should be feeling revulsion, or at lest feel guilty for killing this man, but I don't. I could care less about this guy, and something about that scares me for a moment.

I don't really have much time to think about it actually, "Go Sammy!" Moments after Brad's voice in my ear, the whole place comes alive. A guy comes around the corner and walks into Coby's clawed hands. He is fast. The guy didn't even have a chance to scream. Coby had raked his face, almost severed the guy's gun arm, and then he spins around behind him and reaches around under his arms, and thrusts both of his hands up into the guy's chest, just under the ribcage, pointing up, poking holes in his lungs. The guy falls limp in Coby's arms, trying to wheeze to get air. It was hopeless.

Next I flew into action. Another guy was coming around the corner, his AK raised to fire at Coby's back. I jumped over Coby, with a leap kick to the barrel of the new guys AK. It flew to the side as the guy opened fire, taking out a lot of open air and fence. I had the short sword out as I landed, spun in my crouch, pumped up my strength, and laid into this guy's side. Blood spraying against the warehouse wall, as I stop with my back to him, I spin the blade in my hand, backing into him and thrusting back with my sword. He gasps and slides off of the blade, falling to ground grabbing his gut, the AK no longer firing.

I flicked the sword out to clear the blood, and felt two smacks in the arm that spin me around a bit. It really stung for a second, as I pulled out one of my Berettas, flipped the switch to full auto, and ripped three shots into the new guy at the other end of the warehouse.  I moved over to the corner so I had better cover then standing out in the middle of the lane. The new guy tried to move, but was too late. Three hits to his chest and right shoulder. He spun and fell to the ground.

I checked my shoulder, and was surprised to find that coat had done its job. The fabric was torn where the bullets had struck, and underneath a scraped flexible layer of white plastic. It had done just what it was supposed to. It still hurt for a few seconds, as I shrugged off the pain. I put away the sword, and drew my other gun, setting it to full auto as well.

Small pockets of gunfire were erupting everywhere now. Every now and then I would see a guy run around a corner only to have is chest explode from our unseen sniper. We split up, I took the eastern most side, Coby was heading down the middle, and John headed for the eastern side.

As I approached the next intersection, two more guys popped up around the far corner of the next warehouse. They aimed their rifles in my direction, but I was already firing at them, I ripped a short burst at each. The first guy around the corner took two to the gut, and one to his leg, his partner took one in the right arm, one in the right shoulder, and one that tore open the side of his face. They both went down, their guns firing wildly in my general direction. They both missed.

Out of the corner of my eye I see Coby at the next intersection, taking a single shot down the corridor of warehouses, and John opening up with his MP5. Coby does a side flip dodging, and disappears continuing down the walkway.

As I'm walking I reach a big open door, to one of the warehouses. I moved up to it carefully, listening around the edge of the door, nothing I can hear. So I jump over to the other side of the door, quickly. Thunder rains from inside, and I feel two hard impacts on arm, and one very painful explosion of pain on my left hand, causing me to drop my pistol.

On the other side of the door, I look down, "Fuck!" as I look at the bloody hole in my hand. "Damn stupid!" I'm pissed at myself for this. So I focus on my bloody hand as the wound starts to close.

This time pumping up my speed, I run out watching the interior this time. The idiot pops up again and opens up on full auto. I'm ready this time. As I easily run around and avoid the shots, I make my way in to where he is. This guy has pissed me off. This is Personal!

I'm closing in on him, moving around his spray, using up a lot of my blood in the constant power use. I pop out my claws when I get a few yards away. Jumping into the air over the boxes that he is hiding behind, I tackle the guy knocking him to the ground. Using the momentum to roll off of him, I land crouching. I spin around taking a swipe at him with my claws, but he kicked up off of the ground back on to his feet.

He smirks at me, showing me that he is not just a mortal, as his muscles enlarge before my eyes. I run to the side and kick off of the wall jumping at him from the side. He just turns, grabs me in midair, as he blocks my clawed hand and throws me at least a good ten feet across the room. This is going to be a lot harder then I thought. I hit the ground hard, rolling to my feet.

His turn! As I'm getting up, he jumps at me, and catches me across my chin. The force of the hit almost sends me off of my feet again. I go into full defense mode. He starts throwing more punches and I finally get my hands up to block him. The force is pounding into my arms now, as I'm still clearing my head a bit. His next punch and I drop to ground, spin kicking his knees. The sweep works, and he falls to the ground in heap.

I jump back and shake my head to clear out the rest of the cobwebs from where he had clocked me earlier. As he kicks back up to his feet, he rubs his legs a second, looking at me with a pissed look on his face. I then remember a trick Coby talked about. I run back behind some crates, and throw up a cloak as I'm out of his sight. He chases me, and once he gets a clear view behind the crates, he scowls. I'm still moving around the room. The fact that this guy can't see me tells me that either he is a lower generation of blood then me or he is a ghoul, with some good training.

I had just completely vanished from in front of him. "Where the Fuck are you, shrimp? Why are you hiding chicken?" I run around behind him, I figure I one chance at this. I came up behind him, pumped up my strength, slipped my hand under his arms and pinned his arms back in a full-nelson and bite down on his neck. He was a Kindred, his blood was potent like Coby's, but nowhere near as strong, but much better then a normal human. He rages and spins around trying to throw me off. He continues to struggle for a few moments, but I had a good hold on him, and the embrace is wearing him down.

After I drain him dry, I headed back out to the main fight, picking up my other pistol as I left. By the time I got to the center building, the fighting had gotten really intense. Up to that point we had one here, one there. Now there must have been thirty guys around the one main building. Our main advantage was that we were forcing them to split their focus.

After a few minutes it was clear. We were starting to thin them down a bit, maybe to twenty or less, but now most of them we hit were getting back up after a few seconds. 

"Brad this isn't going to work like this, Me and you are going to have to go in close. You ready?"

"Always ready boss."

"Ok everyone else keep up distracting fire... Go!"



The Betrayal... Redux