Chapter 1

The lights in the hallway flickered on.

I was in a dark hallway. There was a flickering of the hallway light. I hated the darkness.


Lights off. My heart skipped a beat in the darkness. The voice sounded familiar but I wasn't sure who it was. It felt at first like it was all around me. It was a deep...haunting voice. I didn't know where the voice was coming from. The hallway was so dark.

"Michael, Michael...go to that door. Right there. The red door."

When I say flickering lights I don't mean like on and off very quickly. No. It was off for a very long time and then it was on again. How had I gotten to this dark hallway?

Lights on.

There were no doors in the hallway but one. It was at the end of this dark hallway. The door was painted red. It was the reddest red I had ever seen. I felt a shiver roll up my spine when I made my way closer to the door. There was no way to go but straight now. There was no entrance. I had to go to the door.

Something was so wrong about this door! But I had no choice. There was no where to go.

"Open it it..."

A cold sweat dripped down my back. The lights went off again.

I was so close to the door but I was in darkness. I stood there waiting patiently for the lights to come back on again. I had never been so afraid in my life.

Suddenly the lights were on again.

I put my hand on the door.

I turned the knob...slowly.

My heart thumped as I slowly, gently opened the door. The cold sweat had moistened my back. I felt a cold breeze come from behind the door. And I opened the door.

There it stood. This little boy.

"Are you...are you ok?" I asked the little boy.

The little boy just looked at me silently. There was pitch black darkness behind him. He stared at me. Then I noticed something was wrong with the little boy. He wasn't normal. Where normal pupils should have been were dark holes.

"Sayin seer..."

"Sayin seer?" I asked the little boy, "What? I can't hear you. Speak a little louder. I can't hear what you are saying."

"Saying Seer. Satin Sheer! Satin SHEER! SATIN HERE!"

He kept getting louder and louder. Something else was happening too. A vein had popped out of the little boy's neck! It got bigger and bigger as he began to scream. It kept growing and it kept spreading!

"Oh my god..."

It grew across his face and then all of a sudden it started to bleed!

A laceration formed right on his face!

I clutched my chest.

Then I heard what he was saying. All of a sudden the words that he kept repeating started to make sense all of a sudden.

"Satan's here! Satan's here! Satan's here!"

And he was bleeding. He was bleeding all over his face. His face drenched in blood. His hands were outreached towards me! They were bleeding too!

I tried to turn! I tried to run, but I couldn't. My legs were stuck there. I was stuck in fear. And all of a sudden he was reaching out towards me with his bloody hands! The darkness followed behind him. I knew now that this boy wasn't human. I knew this boy was something...something else!

And this boy wanted me!

Satan's here! Satan's here! Satan's here!


And I was screaming. I was screaming at the top of my lungs.


"Baby you ok?"

I woke up. It was a dream. It was the first time I had a dream like that. I could feel the sweat rolling down my back. I turned to my right to see Dwight. Dwight was butt naked in my bed. He was a football player from the local college on the DL. He had one of those bomb bodies and a decent face to match. He was laying butt naked in bed. His dick semi hard. We had just had sex only a few hours ago. He loved to eat me out and suck my dick. He loved to please me. That was always his thing. He didn't mind when I just laid there and took it.

"I'm not your baby..."

"Why you so cold, damn. I'm just seeing if you're alright."

I looked at him. Muscular abdomen. Muscular legs. Honest demeanor. He was the type of guy you could fall in love with if you let him. But who was I? Who was I to fall in love with him?

"I'm fine. You have to go," I told him.

"What? It's 2am..."

"Exactly. You better head out before the last train. You don't want to be stuck."

"Cold as fuck..." he replied.

Nonetheless he got up and walked out of the house. That would be the last time I saw him. The fact that he called me baby was one thing. He was looking at me all funny made me think that maybe he was starting to catch feelings. I couldn't have that. I couldn't have anyone catching feelings for me. That wouldn't happen.

I watched as he got up. I would miss that tongue of his. He could outstretch that tongue and reach areas of my asshole that I didn't even know existed. He could make that tongue of his vibrate as he pinned me down with his strong muscles. I would squirm underneath him.

He loved it when I squirmed.

When he finally got up and left I got up as well. I looked at the bedsheets. Soaked. It must have been one hell of a nightmare. I had sweat all over the fucking sheets. I wish i could have said it was the first time I screamed like that in my sleep. It wasn't though.

I went into the bathroom that was attached to my bedroom. I ran my hands under the water faucet. I started to drink the water.

These dreams weren't healthy. They weren't normal. Something had to fold. Something had to change.

As I looked in the mirror I noticed something.

A vein on my neck...


I got up in the morning. I was running late. I ran down the steps all of a sudden. My bedroom was on the top floor of the brownstone house. I lived in DC. Born and raised. The brownstone was decent home. I hated it. My mother refused to move though. She said that it had character and that's why she had us live here this entire time.

As I got downstairs I realized something was off about today. I didn't know what it was. I knew I was a little late for work but then I smelled the rosemary in the air. It was a sign. My mom always had the rosemary smell when we had company in the house.


That was my name. Michael. Michael Voorhees.

I had walked into the kitchen. My mom had called me. She wasn't alone though. Right next to her was the Bull. Of course his real name wasn't the goddam Bull. His real name was Rodney Peters. He was some salesman that my mother had been dating for the past three years. He was about 10 years younger than she was. I believe he was in his mid 30s or so. He was pretty handsome.

I called him the Bull because he looked like it. He was shaped like a goddam truck. Maybe it was because of the fact that I had this really slim, skinny frame that made me refer to him as a bull.

The Bull wasn't our company though. I was used to seeing his ass always at the house.

It was someone else.

A priest.

"What the hell is this?" I asked.

My mom and the Bull exchanged looks.

My mom shook her head, "Michael, why don't you have a seat?"

I looked at her. I took a few steps away.

"I'm late..."

"Sit the fuck down," the Bull stated.

Cursing in front of a priest. I guess that wasn't really above the Bull. I nodded though. I wasn't going to go up against him. I took a seat across from the priest and my mother.

"What's this about?"

"You were...screaming again in your sleep," my mother stated.

"So what?"

"This is Father Jensen. I know you haven't been to church in a while Michael, but Father Jensen is here to help you with...with the issues you have been having. The issues that keep you up at night."

I looked over at this Father Jensen. He was a slim, tall white man. He was about my frame and height. He had slim fingers that curled up and a crooked smile that attempted to do the same. As he smiled at me I looked on with no expression. I was as cold as ever.

"Your mother tells me that you just turned 21," Father Jensen stated.

He stated it as though he was more like asking a question. He paused. Maybe he wanted me to smile. I didn't. Maybe he wanted to me to answer him and confirm that. I didn't either. I just looked at him. I made my face as cold as I could make it. I retreated into myself at that moment. The Bull looked on almost with a pissed off look. I could tell I was getting under his skin. I didn't give a damn though.

"He did..." my mother replied.

Father Jensen smiled gently.

He continued his words seeming to attempt to reach out to me, "She says you've been struggling with a lot of things. She says you've been struggling with your sexuality. You've also been struggling with these...nightmares that you have that keep you up all through the night."

"You a shrink?" I ask.

"Excuse me?"

"You a certified shrink or naw, priest?"

He looked at me. He curled his fingers around at that moment, "No. I'm not a priest."

"Then you can't fucking help me. I'm late for work..."

"Don't get up off that chair," the Bull stated firmly before turning to the priest, "Lina has also been having problems with discipline with Michael. His dad died before he was he was born. He never had a male figure."

And I guess the Bull was just here to take that role. I rolled my eyes. They blamed everything on the fact that my father died. They blamed the fact that I was gay and a little promiscuous on the fact that my father died. They blamed fucking weird ass nightmares I had on the fact that my father died. Supposedly my life was affected so much by a man that I never even fucking met.

The priest looked over at me, "Michael...I haven't seen you in church. Your mother reached out to me. She stated that you were troubled. I was hoping...maybe...I can meet with you every once in a while. Maybe I can help counsel you through your hardships."

"What hardships? I like dick and I wake up screaming...for more than one reason---"


The Bull slammed his hand on the table. My mother was crying again. It was just like her. Weak. I sat there looking at them both. She had brought in this alpha male into the house that she probably didn't love in order to set me right. Matter of fact I was sure she didn't love Rodney "The Bull" Peters. I stopped talking and just crossed my arms. I was sick of the dramatics. I really just wanted to get to work and be done with this.

The priest looked at me, "The church can help you, Michael. I can help you."

"Can you?"


"Can you help me like the last priest I knew?" I asked him, "The one that held me down. The one that dragged me into between the pews when I was just 11 years old. He made me suck his dick slow. He would spit in his hands and he would fuck me. Can you help me like that---"


It was my mother who explained, "Michael was...a victim of sexual molestation as a child from a priest in the church. That was when the bad dreams started. That is when the nightmares began..."

"Jesus---help us," the priest stated.

He grasped at his chest. He adjusted his collar.

"He's not listening," I replied, "Trust me. I tried already."

I got up at that moment.

"Sit down," the bull stated.

"I'm late for work."

"Sit down..." Michael repeated, "I'm not going to tell you again. As long as you are in this house you follow our rules. Sit down, young man."

"Maybe I shouldn't be in this house then. Maybe I should start looking for my own place."

My mom ran up to me at that moment, "Please, Michael you aren't ready to be on your own yet."

"And you aren't ready to start acting like a mother yet."

I shook away from her and walked out of the house. A troubled boy was the only the beginning of it. I was more than just troubled. I was straight up scarred.


Vicon Technologies was a thriving when I got to work. It should have been a normal day at work. I had the normal fight with my mom and her overreaching boyfriend. I had walked in and gotten my coffee from my area. I had went over to my cube excusing the fake ass "Hello" from mostly all the office workers. I tried to put on the most corny smile to the ones that I made eye contact with.

I sat at my desk. I opened the computer. I looked at my case studies for the day.

Then I turned and saw...


"Morning Michael!" Nina stated.

Nina was the girl in the cube next to mine. You ever meet a girl just happy for no particular reason all the time. That was Nina. I usually couldn't take her but after a year and half working for this company it was hard to escape her. It was 9 am in the morning. There was no reason for someone to be so happy and smile so hard.

"Morning Nina," I replied.

I wasn't even looking at her as I replied though. I was still looking at him.

"Why don't you just go say Good morning to him?" she asked me, "Didn't think you were the type to get nervous around guys..."

'I don't know what you're talking about."

I turned away.

​I knew what she was talking about though. His name was Uri Johnson. Uriel Johnson for full. I knew him all of my life. We went to elementary school, middle school, high school and tech college together. Uri was supposed to go to play football. He was a quarterback back in the day. He was actually on the same team as Dwight. They were actually best friends. Even now they lived together. Uri was a much better player than Dwight ever was. He probably would have went pro if he hadn't fucked up his ankle.

Nina's head was popping up at that moment, "All I'm saying is Uri sets off that gaydar..."

"No he doesn't..."

Uri was as straight as I could think of.

Nina shook her head, "He dresses nice. He is well groomed. How many girls have you seen him flirt with in the office? Be honest..."

I thought about it for a second. Nina was right. Uri wasn't a flirt.

"But what about---"


It was Mr. Troy who interrupted us at that moment. Nina ducked behind her cube finally. Mr. Troy wasn't the nicest guy. He was our boss though. He was one of those tech kind of guys that never really knew how to talk to people. It was kind of annoying to even be in the same room with him.

I realized I wasn't the only one he called. His voice called across the room, "Uri!"


At that moment Mr. Troy called us into a conference room.

I got nervous. It wasn't about annoying ass Mr. Troy. It was about Uri. The thing was Nina was right. I wasn't the guy who got nervous around guys. I really wasn't. Uri was different though. There was always something about him. He was the type that I could fall for. That made him dangerous though. I didn't need to have feelings for anyone.

"What's up Mr. Troy?" Uri stated.

Uri was a dark brown skin tone. He had jet black hair and he always had a smile on his face for some reason. He had the facial tone of a model. He had a perfectly square strong chin. He had thick dark eyebrows and full red lips. His eyes always seemed to be squinting at you even when he wasn't really squinting. His dark chocolate skin always seemed to have a sheen to it as though it sparked in every light that hit him. A lot of people mistook him for the model Broderick Hunter.

"I need you two to work on a project for me," Mr. Troy stated at that moment, "We have two new hires downstairs. I need you two to go work with know. Show them around the building. Maybe take them out for lunch. Just spend the day with them and show them the ropes."

"I don't really want to mentor," I replied.

Mr. Troy looked at me, "Too bad. You don't have a choice."

"It'll be fun," Uri replied.

Mr. Troy pointed over at him, "You should have more of an attitude like that guy."

Of course. Everyone seemed like to like Uri Johnson. Sexy, dark eyebrows that seemed to lower almost to a frown but not really. It was almost like his eyebrows glared when he talked letting you know how focused and determined he was.

I walked ahead of Uri as we made our way down the staircase. I had done it on purpose. I guess it was just me being that anti-social Michael as usual.

"Michael right?" Uri asked.

He was talking to me. He was talking to me. I had to say something. Anything.

I shook my head, "I did just go to every school since elementary with you. But if you don't know my fucking name---doesn't shit to me."

Anything but that. I could almost smack myself when I found myself catching an attitude with him. We literally hadn't talked before. It was weird. We always hung out with different crowds. I was always with the weirdos. Uri was always with the popular kids. In middle school I resented him. In high school I crushed on him. The most we ever really did with one another was a smile or something.


He was shocked.

"It's not that serious," I replied, "Broderick."

"Broderick? You think I look like Broderick Hunter?"

Fuck. I hadn't meant to say that either. That was exactly why I didn't want to talk to Uri. I never got tongue tied around anyone else. Guys weren't hard for me. A lot of things were hard for me but guys definitely weren't one of them. It was so easy to get a guy if I wanted him. But with Uri...things were...different.

"You cocky much?" I asked shaking my head as we got our way to the bottom floor, "I didn't fucking call you Broderick bro..."

"Yes you did."

"No the fuck I didn't. Leave me the fuck alone."

"Whoa. Ok. Wait. I think we started off on the wrong foot," Uri stated grabbing onto my arm, "I don't know what just happened here. Maybe it was me. I didn't mean to offend you yo. Honestly. If I came at you in anyway wrong I apologize. I just honestly recognized you and I wanted to say hi."

We were alone. In a staircase. Uri smelled so good. Earth-based scents. He smelled like sexy natural masculine scents. I wanted to know what cologne he was wearing. He smelled like dark chocolate, timber wood, raw cinnamon and Egyptian musk. There was something so real about him.

I swallowed my spit. I couldn't believe me...Michael had issues talking to a boy, "Hi."

"You know my roommate...right? Dwight? We live down the street from you."


Awkward pause.

Uri lifted up his thick dark eyebrows, "I think our mothers were friends as well. I actually think they grew up together. Did you know that?"

I shrugged.

"I don't fuck with that bitch?"

"Excuse me?"

"My mother. I don't fuck with her like that. I don't know her business," I stated.

My face flushed. I honestly couldn't think of anything else better to say. He seemed shocked that I had said that. I had never been really good with communication. I hated it actually. I was always rude. I was always awkward. Things got worse after I was raped. I felt like it was always the world against me.

"Well don't you think it's weird we got friends in common, our parents hung out and we've known each other since elementary school but we've never spoken. Why don't I know you?"

I paused.

"I'm not for everybody."

With that I just walked away. I was being rude. I knew I was. I wanted nothing to do with him. I wanted nothing to do with him warm earth scent or his smooth lips. I wanted nothing to do with his handsome face and his dreamy eyes. I wanted nothing to do with his glaring eyebrows.

Fuck Uri.

We got downstairs and we walked into a room. I assumed it was the training room. It was the room that I had been trained in. When we got downstairs there were two people down there. A boy and a girl. The girl was a light chick. She may have been mixed. She was probably the skin tone of Jennifer Lopez. Her hair was kinky however and fell in a long wave below her almost to her butt. It was beautiful really. There was something interesting and wild about the way her hair laid. Her face was strong.

It was strange how still they sat when we walked in the room. It was so strange but at that moment it really didn't mean anything to me. Maybe they were just nervous. First-day jitters. We all had them.

The boy was white. He had a dark tan however. He had to have been European and by the looks of it I would have said he was Italian.

"Uri?" the girl stated walking forward, "I'm Gabby. You're supposed to be my mentor."

"Wow..." I heard him say.

Wow? What did wow mean? Just at that moment I looked at Uri's eyes and I saw what wow meant. Uri was intrigued. I had to admit I had a jealousy that was almost immediate. The girl was pretty. There was no doubt this girl was pretty. Uri seemed taken by her almost immediately.


I hadn't noticed the Italian boy talking to me. I turned to see him all of a sudden. He had his hand out for me to shake. I was embarrassed. How long had he had his hand out to shake for me? I hadn't even noticed.

"Sorry," I stated and reached out to shake his hand, "I guess I'm with you. I'm Michael."


He shook my hand at that moment. There was this jerk when he shook my hand.

I jerked back.


"You ok?"

I nodded. That was odd, "Yeah. I'm fine. Just static."

I sat down next to Raphael. I was giving him a quick run down of the company. Honestly though he did most of the talking. Raphael was talkative. He had a strong Italian accent. Truth was for the first half an hour I was barely paying attention to him though.

I was looking across the room at Uri with this Gabby girl. I watched the way she rolled her hair. I watched how they laughed. They were sitting close. They were sitting really close actually. Uri had touched her shoulder. He said something funny. The new girl Gabby tossed her hair back at that moment. She laughed. Heavy laughter. She was amused.

So much for Uri not flirting with any girl.

I guess that didn't last forever.


I turned. I hadn't even noticed Raphael talking to me.

"Yeah what's up?" I asked him.

"You seem a little out of it."

"Why don't we get out of here. Go get some lunch? It's a little stifling in here," I stated.

I was referring to Uri. I couldn't be around him. I couldn't breathe the same air as him. I was never jealous. That just wasn't the type of person I was. Right now though I couldn't help it. I was paying so much attention to Uri and this new girl. I was paying so much attention that I couldn't focus on my mentee.

"It's just 10:30..."

"Brunch then."

I just had to get out of there. I had to get away from Uri Johnson.



It wasn't even noon and we were in a local restaurant taking shots. I couldn't help myself. I kept thinking about Uri and for some reason I had a feeling that whenever I did talk to him I would be depressed like this. Now that I had spoken to him...I couldn't get him off of my fucking head.

It was weird...almost this unnatural...force. I couldn't explain it.

"You have nice hair," I stated.

I didn't know what it was. All I could think about was dick by the time I got to the restaurant with Raphael. All I could think about was getting it. I had to. I had to take my mind off of Uri. I had to take my mind off the fact that I wanted him.

"Thanks. I guess it's an Italian thing," he replied, "I mean I'm American. Just my family is Italian."

"Lucky we are in an Italian restaurant. Order anything you want."

I winked at him. I wasn't sure if he caught it or not.

"Damn. Lucky me," Raphael laughed, "Drinks at 11 am. Food. I wonder if Gabby is having a good time like this with her mentor. Can't wait to her what she did."

"You know her?"

Raphael looked at me and raised an eyebrow, "Excuse me?"

"You are talking about her like you know her. Do you know her---like before this?" I asked.

Raphael shook his head, "No."

I shrugged, "She looks like a whore."

"Um...excuse me?"

"You heard me. She looks like a whore," I stated shaking my head, "See how she was all over Uri. Fucking slut."

He started cracking up at that moment. It was honestly odd to see. I hadn't been joking. I was perplexed by the laughter to be honest. However I had to admit when he laughed I saw his pearly white teeth. He was handsome. He had dark features. He reminded me of Pauly D from the Jersey Shore. I hadn't noticed before the laughter. I had been so caught up on Uri. I mean I assumed he was nice and fuck-able...but I didn't realize just how fuck-able he was. I hadn't noticed the guy next to me was actually fucking beautiful for real.

He had a mysterious laughter to him, "You're funny..."

"Do I know you?" I asked.

"Excuse me?"

I couldn't help it. The idea just jumped in my head at that moment, "Sorry. You look so familiar."

"I get that a lot."

I shook my head, "Maybe I'm losing it. I mean you do look like Pauly D. But I mean, better looking of course."

Raphael took a long sip of the mixed drink that I had given him, "Thanks...I appreciate it."

"So do you get into girls or guys?" I asked.

He laughed, "Did not expect you to ask me that?"

I smiled back at him. My mother would have called the entire line of DC bishops if she heard me right now. I was so sure of it to be honest with you. I laughed at Raphael.

"Well answer."

"I like girls," Raphael stated.

"Oh damn. I missed out," I laughed.

Raphael laughed as well. Pearly white teeth. Sexy as fuck.

"Hope that doesn't mean I have to pay now..." he replied laughing.

"Not at all."

Straight was nothing to me. It was just a challenge. I found myself smiling at him even more. Before I knew it I was rubbing his inner thigh. I saw the look of shock align his face as he noticed me touching him underneath the table. What did it mean to me?

The waiter walked over to me, "Are you guys ready to order?"

He hadn't moved my hand yet. Interesting...

"Can we have a few more minutes?" I asked.


She disappeared again.

Raphael hadn't moved my hand still. He was looking at me with that same look of shock. He should have been over it by now. He shouldn't have still been so surprised.

"Um...what are you doing?"

"Just seeing how straight you were?" I stated, "From the looks of things, seems like there is a little bit of a curve..."

I was touching his dick at that moment. He was hard. He was fully hard. His dick was curving a little to the right. I followed the lines of his pants and felt the fullness of his dick underneath his slacks. Raphael looked at me and all of a sudden he smiled...slowly.

"I...keep mind sometimes," Raphael replied and licked his lips.

"True...I like opening things even wider."

I started to open the zipper under his slacks at that moment. Raphael immediately grabbed at my hand at that moment stopping me.

"Wait. Not here."


"I know a place. Close to here."


We had driven about five miles. We got to something like a run down looking office building and parked on the side of the building. I didn't see any other cars there. I looked at the old office building. It looked like one of those old fashioned office buildings. It may have been about 6 stories high.

"It's completely empty..."

The office building was run down. I didn't know about it. I kept thinking about things like trespassing. The last thing I wanted to hear was the Bull's mouth when he bailed me out of jail for trespassing.

"We can just go to my house," I replied, "I'll have you back to Mr. Troy in no time..."

"Where's the fun in a house?"

I had to admit I wasn't expecting this from him. Raphael seemed straight laced and almost innocent when I first met him but at this moment he had this look in his eye. There was something else there. Something sexy. Something seductive. I was drawn to him. Maybe it was that or maybe it was the how big his dick was underneath the table. It felt so fucking big. My mouth watered just thinking about it.


We got out of the car. It was a cloudy day. It looked like it was about to rain. As a matter of fact rain droplets were forming over my head. The drizzled down onto the street.

I walked behind Raphael.

I looked up at the strange, dark building. The closer I got the more opaque the building got. Blackish inky shadows drifted from the sides of the building even without the sun out. The building seemed to get bigger as we stood by the entrance as well. I looked back at the car for a moment. Thinking wondering.

As I looked back I could have sworn I saw a figure...a red. She just stood there. Staring at me from across the street. There was something so...wrong about her.

She just stared. It had begun to rain. It didn't phase the woman though. She had a red trench coat. It was the color of blood. Her hair got wet in the rain. Pitch black dark locks soaked her trenchcoat.

She looked at me the whole time. Staring.


Glaring into my soul.

She was a ghost in the shell. Her eyes pierced me. Evil...dark...somber.

"Do you see that?" I asked.

I turned to Raphael. Raphael smiled back at me, "See what?"

I turned back across the street to the lady who was there but she wasn't there any longer. She had disappeared completely. What the fuck..."

"There was a lady..."

"So what?" Raphael stated, "There are a lot of people in this area. I know Michael Voorhees isn't scared of some random chick. Let's get out of the rain."

Raphael took me into the building at that moment.

The building was darkly lit. Raphael was moving fast through the building. It was hard to catch up with him.

"Slow down."

"This way. Hurry up," Raphael stated.

"Hey wait up," I stated stopping him on the staircase, "How did you know my full name?"


"You said Michael Voorhees. How did you know my full name?"

"I must have gotten it from the manager at the job," Raphael stated, "Relax. Why the fuck are you so on edge? Let me loosen that tension a little bit."

Raphael leaned into me. He started kissing me. He was kissing me hard in the mouth. Usually I didn't like to kiss on the mouth but Raphael was higher than a 8. If a guy was higher than an 8, I had no problem kissing him on the mouth. His tongue was wet. It went into the back of my throat. Raphael grabbed me and pulled me close. He touched my ass at that moment. His pushed up against me. I couldn't help but get hard at that moment as I pressed up against him. He pushed me up against the wall and started to lick at my neck.

"Fuck you're so sexy."

"So are you..." Raphael stated, "Come on. I know a place we can go..."

"Let's just do it right here."

"No. This place is better. Come on."

Raphael walked away. I was horny. I had to admit I was horny. I followed him. Maybe this was more than just me following someone being horny. I was still trying to get my mind off of Uri. I needed to get my mind off of Uri. The last thing I needed was emotion. No. I needed a good long fuck. Raphael was going to help me do it.

"Slow down...slow down..."

We were ascending the staircases. We made our way to the 6th floor.

"Right through here."

All of a sudden we were in a hallway.

The lights in the hallway flickered on.

I was in a dark hallway. There was a flickering of the hallway light. I hated the darkness.


Lights off. My heart skipped a beat in the darkness. The voice sounded familiar but I wasn't sure who it was. It felt at first like it was all around me. It was a deep...haunting voice. I didn't know where the voice was coming from. The hallway was so dark.

"Oh my god," I stated at that moment, "Oh my god...this is my dream."

​All of a sudden I realized that it was Raphael behind me, "Michael, Michael...go to that door. Right there. The red door."

I looked down the hall. I was in the same hallway as my dream! A dark hallway with a flickering light. The door on the opposite side of the hall was flickering!

Lights off. Lights on!

I was sweating. Just like the dream. I was feeling flashes of heat. Just like the dream.

"No! No...this isn't happening."

All of a sudden I realized I recognized the voice. It was Raphael's voice. He stood behind me whispering in my ear.

"The red door."

"I'm leaving," I stated all of a sudden, "I have to get out of here."

I turned around. I turned around as fast as I could.

But I wasn't fast enough!

Raphael's hand was holding onto me. He was grasping at me at that moment. He grasped at me hard. He twisted my arm almost.

His voice was haunting and cold.

He spoke sternly, "You aren't going anywhere..."

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