Chapter 11

It took 10 minutes for me to come back to myself. 10 whole minutes. I had been crying, I think at least. I wasn't sure what I was doing. I just knew that my mother was dead. She wasn't just dead but she had been mutilated. She had no eyes. Her body lay lifeless in front of me.

“Get on the floor!” I heard a voice say.

It didn't matter. I was just staring at my mother. I had stood in this same spot for 10 minutes. I had just let him walk away. Leviathan. The Bull. I had just let him walk away after he killed my mother. How could I be so weak? How could I just be frozen in fear as he killed my mother and left the house as if it was nothing. He had set me up before he left. He called the cops and mimicked my voice somehow to make it seem like it was me.


That was when reality snapped in. I wasn't in my living room alone with my dead mother anymore. There were cops all around me. More cops then I could count. They littered my living room at that moment. Their guns were pointed at me. They were looking at me with these guns and this anger.

I should have explained that I didn't kill my mother. I should have explained that someone else did it.

They wouldn't believe me though. I knew it.

“You might want to get out of my way,” I stated instead.

“We won't say it again. Put your hands up and get on the ground.”

No. I wasn't going to say it again. I was weak. I was weak when my mother died. I let the man who killed her walk right out of the room because I was afraid.

I was never going to be afraid again.

I wouldn't shed another tear.

The world would cry for me.

“GET ON THE FUCKING GROUND!” a cop screamed.

I raised my hands at that moment. I wasn't raising my hands for them though. No. I was raising my hands to the heavens. I was raising my hands for Michael. If my father was up there in the clouds...I wanted him to give me whatever he could.

“Hear me Michael...send your cherubim,” I was chanting, “Here me Michael. Here me Michael...”

All of a sudden the room started to flicker. The cops looked around shocked and confused about what was happening. It didn't matter. None of them mattered. They were just in my way. I had to find Leviathan. I had to make him pay.

And my cherubim were coming. They were coming to clear my path.

“What the fuck is going on?” I heard a voice say, “What the fuck is going on!”

I hadn't noticed what was happening until I heard the voice say that. The guns that the cops had in their hands started started to break apart. They were breaking apart as though they were being minced. The only way I could describe it was the mincing of onions. Pieces of metal clattered to the floor.

“Get out of my way,” I stated again.

This time they were moved out of my way. Bodies flew everywhere. Bodies slammed against walls. I made my way to the door and each step I took caused a body to fly into an opposite direction. I didn't stick around to see the impact of the bodies hitting the walls. I didn't care about the injuries. All of those things were past me now. Now I was angry. Now I wanted to show my anger anyway possible.

“Call for back up. Call for back up!” I heard voices saying.

There was clamoring. There was screaming. The cherubim were around me. This time they didn't take over my body but I could feel them around me even without seeing them. They flew around. They were invisible monsters called down from the heavens to do my bidding. And they didn't have to be angry for me this time. I was angry enough for myself.

I made my way to the front porch. A light flashed in my eye. Cop cars. There were so many cop cars. They were piling up around the block. I noticed a police line. The neighbors were out. There were even news reporters out at that moment. They all looked at me.

Cameras. Lights.

“Michael Vorhees. You are under arrest. I repeat. You are under arrest,” I heard someone say on a bullhorn.

Nonsense. Human nonsense. I didn't have time for this. I had to find Leviathan. I had to make him pay. The demons of hell wanted a war. I would give them one. They had just killed my mother. They had just killed the only good part of me.

“Get on the ground or we'll shoot!”

I didn't care. I kept moving forward. As I walked down the steps of my porch I thought about my mother. I remembered how she used to cook for me on Sundays. She would call me her little angel. Even back then she saw something in me that I never saw in myself. She loved me and I treated her like shit. I treated her like shit until the day that she died.

Everything I touched turned to shit.


The command was pointless. Before the line of cops had fired their bullets the bullets had been sliced up and cut into small useless pieces of scrap metal. I'm sure the camera men were getting it. I didn't care. What I did care about was the lights. There were so many fucking lights. There was even a helicopter over head. I wasn't sure if it was a police helicopter or if it was a news helicopter. It didn't matter. It shined a line down on me as well.

I raised my hand in the air and when I did the entire block had went pitch black. I could hear screams. I wasn't sure who was screaming. Maybe they were civilians or maybe the camera crews. Maybe it was even the cops who were screaming in horror right now.

“Where is LEVIATHAN!” I screamed out.

There was madness that had hit me. It was a madness that I didn't understand. Of course I knew the humans wouldn't know where Leviathan was. I didn't care truly. I hoped he was still around. I wanted him to hear me. I wanted him to know that I was going to find him and I was going to kill him. I wanted to know that nothing would be able to save him.

Why fear the devil? Something was much worse.

I hadn't noticed the punch but it struck the side of my face. There was a cop there. He had attempted to take me down. I was shocked that I had allowed him to come so close though. The blood was in my hands but I was in such a state that I didn't feel pain really. I turned to him. He was an idiot. He was such an idiot.

The cherubim were unhappy that he touched me. When I turned to him he started to disappear. I honestly meant it as well. Right before my eyes he started to unravel. His hands went first falling from his body as though sliced off. Then his head went. Then his body started to get hacked by a sword. I knew it was a sword. I could almost feel the sharpness in the air as an invisible sword hacked at this man right in front of me.

He was hacked away until there was nothing. There was nothing left.

And I felt nothing. Even with this man dead in front of me. I felt nothing.

“I warned you,” I told them.

That was all I could get out before all hell broke loose. There was a crash. I was pretty sure it was a crash but I wasn't paying attention. It may have been the helicopter above us that fell to the ground. Maybe it was more cop cars crashing into one another. I didn't care what the caused the crash. The streets were being raised all of a sudden. Granite filled the air. The pavement was disfigured to rocks. The trees became logs tossed around at moving cars and people. Cars started to fold in on themselves. The street lamps came crashing down all around us. People were flying all over the place.

I continued to walk. Walking out into the middle of the street. I was walking into the middle of the street. At this point people weren't running towards me. They were running away from me. They were fucking running away from me.

The stupid humans thought I was alone but they had no idea that the cherubs themselves had come out from their clouds.

I had an entire army behind me.


I felt a hand on me. I had made it grasp on to me. The person must have gotten close to me. I realized who it was all of a sudden and it was someone familiar. The voice was soft...almost comforting. For some reason the voice brought me down back. It brought me down from my anger. He soothed me. He soothed me by just saying my name.


“Calm down. Michael. You have to hear me? I'm here now. You have to stop...”

Uri was here. I hadn't noticed how he got there. I felt calmer though and for some reason the cherubim must have knew that I felt...safer...with Uri. By the time he held me in his arms I knew I was safe. The cherubim were gone and Uri was hugging me...protecting me like he always did.

Uri didn't speak to me the entire time but somehow he managed to get me out of there. I wasn't sure what all kinds of damage I had done back there but I knew that we weren't being followed. I was in Uri's car. I wanted to ask him what I had done. I wanted to ask him how bad I was but I couldn't.


“It's OK. You're safe now.”

“He killed my mother Uri. I...I went crazy.”

“I understand,” Uri replied to me in the calmest manner that I could ever imagine, “I understand what you're going through. It's OK. I'm always here. If no one has your back. I got your back. You hear me. I got your back...”

I didn't know what caused me to hold his hands at that moment. I was holding his hands in that car and I was saying something. The words just came out. Maybe I was still in my daze. I didn't know what happened. It seemed like I almost blacked out while still awake.

In the next few minutes we were parked outside Rag's office building.

As we pulled over I was so full of emotion that all I could do was thank him, “Thank you. Uri. Thank you, man. For coming to get me. I...I love you.”

I didn't know why the words came out and I regretted them as soon as I said it. Maybe I meant to say it. Maybe this was how I really truly felt about Uri. Maybe I always loved Uri...even before I knew him. Maybe I loved Uri when I saw him around. I knew I at least had a crush. Love though. Had I really just told Uri that I loved him.

Uri just looked at me. His eyes opened wide. He hadn't expected me to say anything.


That was all he managed to get out before I got out of the car. I was beyond embarrassed. I couldn't believe I just spilled my fucking guts like that. There was no coming back from that. I had just fucking told Uri that I loved him. I had just told Uri the one thing that I couldn't tell anyone.

We got up to the office and by the time we walked in Uri and I were beyond awkward. The others were gathered there. I had no doubt Uri probably told them to meet us there.

“Oh my god...” I saw Cham at that moment.

Cham was looking over at me like he saw a ghost. I noticed they were all gathered around his computer. Rag, Raphael, Cham and Gabby were all standing at his computer looking at something. By the looks of their expressions I knew that it had to be something crazy.

“What have you done?” Rag asked.

Rag looked over at me.

I didn't have anything to say. I was still trying to calm down.

“He's the devil. I told you guys. Didn't I fucking tell you guys?” Raphael asked.

“Yo fall back,” Uri stated.

Uri came to my defense. I wanted him closer. I wanted him to try to calm me down like he did before. It seemed like he had the ability to do that. It was so important that I remained calm.

“Uri, yo...Michael is all over the internet. He's all over the news,” Cham was saying at that moment crossing his arms.

“What have you done?” Rag was saying again.

They all started talking at once. They all started going at me. Raphael was coming at me with the religious bullshit. Rag just kept asking me what I'd done. Gabby was just shaking her head like I was some child that was misbehaving in school. Cham seemed like a teenager who just saw a fight in the school yard. The voices were just coming all at once. They were just coming all at once.

“Leviathan killed his mother,” Uri replied, “He was...he was emotional.”

“Uri stay out of this,” Gabby replied.

It was Rag who walked over to me. His breath was hot when he spoke to me. He was basically screaming in my face. I was trying my best to keep my composure. I knew he was mad though. I knew he was beyond mad. I had never seen Rag like this. He was flipping out at that moment.

“You killed innocent people,” Rag stated.

“Get out of my way,” I warned him.

“I told you guys. I told you guys he was the devil,” Raphael stated again, “Just as bad as Leviathan. No one believed me. No one fucking believed me. Dear God help us. Dear God help us all...”

Raphael had actually started to pray at that moment. This guy was really praying as though I was some devil possessing a body and he was trying to do an exorcism. He had clasped his hands in the middle of the room and was praying so loud that the others turned to him.

I didn't have time for this.

“Where is Ariel?” I stated.

I didn't wait for an answer. I walked past Rag. I more like stormed past Rag. He reached out to grab my hand but I shook away. I ran into the room where I had seen Ariel before. She was still tied up in the conference room.

I dragged the chair out into the main office suite and threw it on the floor. I stood over her. I could see her eyes fill up with fear as she looked up at me.

“What...what's going on?” she stated.

She was staring up at me with this look. She looked horrified. A part of me felt bad but that right now I didn't show that part of me. Right now I showed the side of me that was a monster. I showed the side of me that had been changed...but changed in a horrible way.

“Where is Leviathan?” I asked.

“I don't know...”

“Bitch I'll kill you hear and now if you don't tell me where he is,” I threatened her with a voice that was so full of intention that Ariel started to cry.

I didn't believe her for one minute. I knew the kind of game Ariel liked to play. I saw it. She liked to act like she as so innocent. She loved to pretend to be so helpless. I knew she wasn't some blond princess as she liked people to believe. She was a monster...just like I was becoming. Even worse she was a monster in love.

“It's not up to you to judge her,” Rag stated at that moment, “I understand your anger with her but we are having a representative come from the Vatican. They will be the voice of the church in judging what Ariel has done and what her punishment will be.”

“She tried to kill me. I'll be the one to decide her punishment,” I replied.

I didn't get another word of out my mouth before I felt the pain shoot through my back. I hadn't noticed where it came from but it felt like my lungs were completely collapsing. I turned to see that it was Gabby. Gabby had hit me. She had hit me in my chest at that moment. She grabbed my arm before I could react and tossed me.

My body flew like a rag doll across the room. Only the wall stopped me. I guess it was humbling to realize that I wasn't the only one with true power at that moment. It as humbling to know that someone had the power to do this. No cherubim came to my defense either. No strange abilities came to revenge me. I just laid there against the wall...completely useless with a sore body.

“Behold the strength of God,” she replied.

She was cocky. Her voice was full of pride with no purpose other than showing off how strong she was. She was making her way towards me again. I noticed the others didn't stop her. Rag wasn't saying anything. Raphael hadn't stopped praying. Even Cham was completely silent and just watching.

Then I noticed Uri. Well...actually I noticed the flames first. I noticed a flame quickly spin out of no where like a cyclone of red, fiery heat in the room.

It shocked all of us and caused Gabby to stop in her foot tracks.


He had come to my aid. My knight in shining armor again. And I knew at that moment that I did love him. I had meant what I had said to him in that car outside. I was in love with Uri and it fucking sucked. I hated every moment of it. I couldn't believe this. He was standing up against the rest of them and coming to my defense.

“You're still protecting him?” Gabby asked.

“Did you want to look at the news, Uri?” Raphael backed her up, “Three people died. Three innocent people died in the Michael's rant.”

I wanted to defend myself. I wanted to tell them that I couldn't control my abilities completely. The cherubim had minds of their owns really. I couldn't control when they came or left. I couldn't control who they cut. I couldn't control what they did. It would be useless though, because they didn't believe me. I could see the distrust in their eyes. I'd completely lost the others.

So I didn't defend myself. I just stood up and crossed my arms. I looked down at Ariel. She was afraid. She had a right to be. I wanted her to tell me where Leviathan was and I was going to make her tell me one way or the other.

“He's had a long day. His mother died. Now I'm taking him away whether you guys like it or not. I'm taking him to my apartment. If you guys are going to fight me about it, we can fight. We can fight all day but I'd rather not. I'll bring him back tomorrow. I'll keep an eye on him. I'll make sure he comes back.”

Uri waited for the reply.

It was Rag who replied, “Take him.”


Raphael had just taken Ariel back to the conference room and fed her. He'd been staying in the office suite with Ariel for awhile now. He had told them he was keeping an eye on her but truth be told he had lost his apartment. He didn't have money to pay any bills. The others had jobs before this war. Raphael always struggled. He honestly found himself getting to know more and more about Ariel as he spent time with her and every day he felt worse that she was in this position.

She was just another victim of Michael.

“How is she?” Raguel asked when he walked into the office room.

“Considering a mad half angel just walked into the office and threatened to kill her. I'd assume she was ok...” Raphael replied.

Chamuel shook his head, “She did try to kill him...”

Raphael looked over at Chamuel. Chamuel had changed a little bit. It all started when he came back from being with the demons. Chamuel wasn't seeing how dangerous Michael was. Even when they watched the news and saw the destruction of Michael...Chamuel just thought it was cool. He kept expressing how cool it was. Raphael would pray for him. Hopefully Chamuel hadn't been possessed. He'd read that it was possible. Maybe even possible with angels.

Gabby rolled her eyes, “I don't feel bad for either of them. If it was up to me I'd get rid of both of them. We don't need them. All we need is Cham to tell me where to go and Raphael to heal me. I'll win this war alone.”

Raphael looked at Gabby. He knew she suffered from an inflated ego. She was his biggest ally in this war against Michael though so maybe the ego wasn't a bad thing.

“He killed people. He's no good. He's no good. I get messages. Dreams...”

“Like a third eye?” Cham asked.

Raphael hesitated. He got silent. They weren't like the third eye. He had been having a different kind of dream. It was dreams about Michael. In his dreams he was always having sex with Michael. In his dreams he was always around Michael. He'd wake up in the middle of the night with his pants soaked in semen.

They were unnatural. Michael had put a curse on him and he no matter how hard he prayed God didn't lift these unnatural feelings he had for Michael.

The only thing he could do was get rid of Michael.

“Raphael doesn't have a third eye,” Raguel stated, “He is right though. Michael has killed innocents. He has revealed his powers to people He's probably going to be wanted by cops all around the city. He's dangerous to our cause.”

Raphael was relieved. Finally Raguel was coming around. Finally they were seeing Michael for the devil he was. He had to be free of Michael. He had to be free of these desires to be around Michael.

“We have to get rid of him,” Raphael stated.

“Get rid of him? Are you joking? We don't even know what he was going through,” Cham replied almost immediately, “Boy. You're my best friend. I love you, but what's up with the Michael-hating-obsession you have?”

“I am not obsessed with him!” Raphael stated.

They turned to him. Raphael had said it way too loud. He had announced it with way too much force. He wondered if the others were already thinking that. He wasn't obsessed. He was haunted. Michael haunted him. Just thinking about Michael got his dick hard. He wanted to...have unnatural sex with Michael. He wanted to feel Michael...kiss Michael. He wanted to be with Michael. It was against God. It was against anything he knew. He was an angel. He was blessed. He should be focused on this war. He should be focused on destroying Leviathan and the generals of hell. He shouldn't be focused on wanting to have sex with Michael. But that was all he thought about.

Chamuel was still coming to Michael's defense, “I don't think he is a bad person. I just think he's...misunderstood.”

“You sound like Uri,” Gabby rolled her eyes.

“Well maybe Uri has a point. And this is coming from someone that doesn't want to fuck Michael. Like not sure what hanky-panky them two got going on but I honestly believe Uri is right. Michael doesn't have...bad intentions. Deep inside...I think he has good intentions and he just had bad actions.”

“The road to hell is paved with good intentions,” Raguel replied.

The words came over quickly to everyone.

“So what do we do?” Gabby asked.

“If Leviathan really killed his mother there is a reason that Leviathan didn't kill Michael as well,” Raguel replied coldly, “I think Leviathan is trying to turn him into something dark. It's working. So we stop him. We stop Michael before he becomes too corrupted.”

Cham shook his head but Raphael knew that Chamuel's true loyalty was with Raguel. He wasn't going to go against his decision. Finally they were doing something. Finally they all agreed that Michael was a danger to all of them. Finally they were going to plan on how to get rid of Michael once and for all.

The only person that was standing in the way of Raphael's plans was Uriel.


“You can cry.”

He'd been at it for hours. We were back at Uri's apartment. Dwight wasn't back at the apartment so Uri took this opportunity to badger me as best as he could. It was working. I was heavily annoyed. I had just been sitting there and he had just been trying to force me to confront my emotions about my mother.

“I don't need to cry. I'm fine.”

“Your mother just died today. You're not fucking fine,” Uri replied.

He was concerned. I knew he was concerned. It was the reason that I cared about him. I didn't need to care about him though. Everything I cared about turned to shit. Uri was this light in my life. I wasn't just thinking about his flame either. That light was the only thing that shined in the darkness. He didn't need to be around someone like me. Everything I touched turned to shit. I was no good for anyone...including Uri. I had to find a way to stop these emotions between us.

“I'm over it,” I lied. I was saying anything so not to break down and cry at this moment like I wanted to. I was hoping that he didn't see me shaking. I hoped that he didn't see the tears accumulating in my eyes.

Uri sighed at that moment, he moved closer to me on the couch. He moved so close that I had to get up at that moment.

It didn't stop him though. He got up with me and followed me to the window I was standing at. He pressed up behind me. His body was leaning up against mine. It felt so good. It felt too good. I had to pull away. I couldn't allow myself to fall so deep in love with him that he would get hurt.

“Remember what you said to me in the car. You were so full of emotion that your guard finally wasn't up. You told me how you really feel about me. That Michael is the real Michael. I know it is.”

“You don't know me. I'll hurt you.”

“You love me. You can never hurt me...” Uri replied.

He was so confident. Idiot. He was so fucking confident. I remembered my mother's face. I remembered how she looked when Leviathan destroyed her. He only did that because he knew I cared about my mother. He was in my life. He loved my mother. What if he was watching and saw me love Uri? Leviathan would try to take Uri away too. He would try to kill Uri.

I couldn't allow that to happen.

“Get off of me,” I warned Uri.

Uri got quiet all of a sudden and took a step back, “I'll give you space but I'm here. I'll just. You know. Go hop in the shower or whatever. Give you that space. But I ain't going no where. I hope you know that. OK? You understand that? I care about you. I mean...probably more than I've cared about anyone in a long time. We have a connection. You know it and I know it. I'm done fighting it. Are you?”

He didn't wait for my answer. He walked away at that moment.

I sat there in the living room thinking. I couldn't let Uri fall in love with me. I couldn't let him catch emotions for me. I had to stop this. I was becoming desperate.

At that moment Dwight walked into the house. Dwight's eyes looked at me. His eyes pressed up against me and our eyes connected.

“You hear again?” Dwight asked, “You know you all over the news?”

I looked over at Uri's roommate, “You going to turn me in?”

I walked over to him. I wasn't going to kill him or anything. At least I didn't hope I would kill him. I didn't know what the Cherubim were capable of when they attempted to defend me.

Dwight shook his hand, “You know how I feel about you...why would I do something like that?”

He gave me that look. It was the same look that Uri gave me. The only difference is that I didn't feel the same way about Dwight. He would do though. Dwight would do in this situation.

I didn't know what got over me when I walked over to Dwight and started to kiss him in the living room. I was kissing him nice and hard. I was kissing him all in his mouth dragging my tongue down his throat.

“Make love to me...make love to me...” I stated.

“Whoa...fuck yeah. Damn let's go to my room...”

Dwight was hard. I could feel his dick pressed up against me. He always had a big dick. I found myself squeezing it. I could feel the weight under it. Damn. It was making me horny actually. It was turning me on. I started to play with the dick underneath his pants. He didn't fight as I unzipped his pants and the dick fell out. He always had a beautiful dick. It had all these veins in it and it was raised high in the air. His dick was so thick and juicy looking.

“No...right here. On this couch.”

I pushed Dwight down. I ripped off his shirt revealing his muscles. His muscles were so beautiful. Before I knew it was taking off my clothes. I wanted to get naked. I wanted us both to be butt ass naked. Dwight was looking up at me. His eyes were pressed up against my body. He couldn't resist me. I knew he couldn't.

“Fuck you sexy. Where's your boy Uri though?” he asked.

“He's not here.”

“Oh. Um. OK...come on then baby. Come get this dick,” Dwight commanded.

We were both naked at this point. My gaze got down on him. I was a lion in the jungle and he was my prey. His dick was pointed up to the ceiling as he looked up at me. His eyes were full of fear and amazement. He was anticipating some good sex and I was sure that he missed me. I had to admit even though I just got with Dwight to get closer to Uri...his sex was always really good.

I found myself spitting on his dick. I was going to go raw on this dick and feel everything. The dick was real wet by the time I sat on it.

I moaned almost immediately, “AW FUCK!”

I went deep on Dwight's dick the very first time I sat on it. I took it all in me. At first pain shot through me. Images came all of a sudden. Images of my mother appeared. The emotion hurt more than the pain and soon I started bouncing on his dick hard. I had never taken dick like this in my life. I slammed my ass on him and rocked back and forth as hard as I could.

“Damn baby. Slow down. Take your time...”

“Shut the fuck up. Give it to me,” I demanded.

I didn't want him to go easy. I didn't want to make love. I wanted to get fucked. I bounced on the dick and for some reason he took this as a challenge. He grabbed my waist and guided me as he fucked me. I was sure I was bleeding but it was ok. I didn't care at all.

Emotions were coming all over me. They weren't about Dwight. They had nothing to do with Dwight. I had just lost my fucking mother. I had just lost my fucking mother.

“Are you crying?” Dwight asked.

Shit. I was. I was crying. I had no idea I was crying. The tears were so silent and I was so into the pain that I realized my entire face was covered in tears.

“Shut up. Keep going.”

“Are you sure?” Dwight asked, “Maybe we should stop. Is something wrong?”

Just at that moment I noticed Uri. Uri was standing behind me. He was just staring. He saw us. Dwight hadn't seen him...not yet. Dwight was looking up at me...waiting for my response. Seeing Uri's face only brought more tears to my eyes.

“I'm crying because it feels so good baby,” I told Dwight watching Uri look at me with this almost lost expression, “I love you Dwight.”

At that moment Uri was crying too. His tears filled up his face and all of a sudden he ran out of the house. He ran past Dwight causing Dwight to scream out in shock.

“Oh shit!” Dwight said, “I thought you said he was gone.”

“Guess I was wrong.”

My heart raced as I saw Uri. I had never seen someone so emotional. Uri had seen me have sex before. I don't think it was the sex that got to him. I had done this on purpose. I mean I wanted Uri to catch me and his roommate having sex. Just to be sure though I had told Dwight I loved him.

“He seemed upset about something,” Dwight said confused before turning back to me, “Probably having some girl issues or whatever. Oh well. Maybe we should go in the room? Finish this off.”

I looked over at Dwight. I didn't need him anymore.

“Actually you're right. Maybe we should stop. Forever actually.”

Dwight looked the most confused than I had ever seen him before. I was wearing my clothes at this moment. I was crying. I was crying because of Uri though. I had to do this to Uri. I had to stop whatever we had going on.

“Yo what the fuck is wrong with you? You fucking psycho bitch. You said JUST said you loved me.”

I shrugged my shoulders, “I told you when you first met me not to fall for me. I told you that I would hurt you.”

I told him. I told Dwight...and I told Uri as well...