Number 666

Chapter 14

The evil presence came over the room like a dark cloud. My heart raced. I didn't know what came over me but I was praying...hoping the Cherubim would come to my aid. Nothing happened.

Absolutely nothing.

The thing looked over me. I knew it was Raguel's body but there was something so dark about it.

There was something so hideous.

My heart raced. I couldn't move. I was so afraid.

“Move!” I heard a voice say.

I didn't know who was talking to me. I was in too much shock at seeing this dead body reawaken that I didn't know how to react. The thing started to stir getting up faster than I could imagine. It's eyes pressed at me. It was acknowledging the room around it. It seemed to suck the air out of it. It seemed blinded by Uriel's candles but the candles were by the doors and the windows. There were no candles in the rest of the room. Uriel hadn't set them up.

“MOVE!” a voice said again.

I noticed finally that it was Gabby screaming at me but her warning came to late. The thing crossed the room, running on all fours like some sort of raging animal.

It was Cham who jumped in my way blocking the thing from me. He let out a scream that pierced the air at that minute as Raguel's body hurled him to the ground. Raguel's body was biting into him I believe...just like some raging animal. His teeth sunk into Cham.

The room shifted into chaos but still I just managed to stand there...shocked and confused. By now I had seen people die but the idea of someone coming back to life scared the fuck out of me.

It was Gabby who saved Cham grabbing Raguel's body and tossing it to the other side of the room. The thing hit the wall and made a sick, serious snarling noise that made my heart thump.

“Stand back,” Uriel told Gabby.

I didn't know why he was telling her to do that but in the next minute I saw what he was doing. A flame started up across the floors and it spread relatively quickly. It was headed towards Raguel.

In the next moment Raguel was engulfed in flames...

“Holy shit,” Cham stated.

I was thinking the same thing. I looked over at Uriel. I had seen him do some little fire shows here and there but to see him burn someone completely shocked the fuck out of me. The dead body of Raguel shuttered around in the fire for a minute or two and then was completely not moving. Uriel was powerful. He was more powerful than I originally thought to be honest.'

As I looked at the others there was a moment of silence. I figured it had to do with the fact that Raguel was dead. Maybe it was confusion about what had just happened.

“They are coming back alive now...” Ariel stated.

I didn't know what she meant by they. I didn't care really. This whole thing was becoming relatively scary. I found myself sitting. I hoped no one noticed how this affected me. The last thing I wanted to be was a weakling to them. This was affecting me though. I had to admit. This was scaring the fuck out of me.

“Possession,” Cham replied, “Raguel told me about it before. He told me, he said, spiritual beings can't take a physical form in the Earth for very long. That's probably the reason we were born. As representatives of heaven. The demons...they took another route. Possession.”

It made sense now that I couldn't see the Cherubim when they appeared even though I supposedly was able to command that lower class of angel. I didn't know how much Cham knew and how much he could possibly be making up but he was the closest resource we had now that Raguel was dead.

Ariel was the one who spoke, “He's not going to stop. The look in his eyes...Leviathan is ready for us. He's coming to take all of us.”

“We've already started helping him out killing one another,” Raphael replied.

Raphael looked over at me. He had gone to heal Cham but his eyes were stuck on me the entire time he was there. I could see that look in his eye and I knew he didn't trust me. He was still blaming me for Rag's death and he wasn't going to let it go. Luckily Gabby seemed to have changed her mind about her own hate about me. She blew off Raphael completely and spoke in a louder, more demanding tone that eclipsed what Raphael was saying completely.

“We need a plan,” Gabby roared to us like a lioness in the safari.

Like always she was straight to the point. She didn't have time to sit around and truthfully neither did I. I wasn't feeling safe in this building. I felt like a sitting duck. We needed to get out of here.

“This place isn't blessed anymore,” Cham told us, “We need to find a place that is sanctified and lay low there.”

I would have said I wanted to go home but there was no home to go to. The cops were looking for me. I was forced with these people. No matter what I did. My fate was tied with them.

“Like a church?”

“Rag had connections to the church.”

I shook my head. That was a dead end then. Rag was dead. No amount of crying and feeling bad for ourselves could bring him back. They didn't want to admit it but I had a feeling everyone was thinking the same thing. We were out here alone. If Rag had connections they had died with him. It was us against god knows what.

I wondered looking at the faces in the room. Were they afraid? Were they scared? I couldn't tell.

“I know a place,” Ariel stated, “My home. It's enough room for all of us. It's built holy land.”

We all looked around the room. I assumed by the way Ariel dressed that she had money. I wondered if the others were assuming the same thing. It was better than nothing.

Uriel was the one who spoke, “It's settled. We wait until daylight. When it's safe we gather all of our things and meet Ariel at her home.”

The others started to nod. Uriel was really making himself out to be some sort of leader. I figured he seemed most like a leader out of all of us. Maybe it made him feel good to boss us around. For some reason even as upset as I was with him I felt protected somehow.

It must have been the flames...


They had gone to Gabriel's house first. She had rode with Raphael. She'd offered to pass by his place first but he said he didn't really have any bag to pack. He didn't let anyone know but she assumed that Raphael was homeless. She didn't want to bring it up though because most of her didn't care and besides there were other more important things to worry about.

Everyone had pretty much separated but for some reason Raphael needed a ride. She assumed that it was because his shitty car wasn't running at all.

As she packed her things he stood silently to the right of her.

“What is it?” she found herself asking him.

“Nothing. Do you think this is a good idea?”

“What? Going to Ariel's home?”

“Going to Ariel's home with Michael.”

Gabriel sighed at that moment. She knew it was only a matter of time before Raphael brought Michael up. His obsession with hating Michael was seriously getting out of hand and she didn't really know how to take it. She wouldn't admit it to Raphael but after seeing Michael kill Raguel, she had a new respect for him. It took three of them and they still weren't able to take Michael down. He might have been anti-social and a bit rude, but there was power in Michael. If there was anything that could ease Gabriel's distaste it was power.

“I'm more concerned with Ariel than I am of Michael,” Gabriel replied.

Ariel was weak to Gabriel. It wasn't her power that made Ariel weak. It was her emotion. Even now they were headed to Ariel's house and Gabriel just thought it was pathetic. She could see right through Ariel. Ariel just didn't want a reason to be alone. Gabriel knew that. Gabriel spent so long trying to break the stereotypes of women just to have someone like Ariel reinforced them.

“Michael could be a fallen.”

“He's not a fallen. What is it with him? Have you thought---maybe you wanted him to suck your dick?” Gabriel asked, “Has that ever crossed your mind at all?”

She was getting sick of it. She knew being so blunt with Raphael would cause an argument but she couldn't help it.

“I'm not gay.”

“Are you trying to convince me or yourself?”

Raphael got quiet. Gabriel knew that this was some bullshit honestly. His hate for Michael only came out of this idea that Michael was seducing him. You couldn't seduce someone that didn't want to be seduced though.

“I can't...get him out of my head. That's not normal.”

“I can't get Uri out of my head. You don't see me tripping.”

Gabriel hated to admit it but the only way to get Raphael to see the light was to tell him how she really felt herself. She knew that at one time Raphael liked her but she never really had much of an interest in him. Her interest was always with sexy, manly Uri. She couldn't take a guy like Raphael who was so full of negative energy seriously.

Raphael was sighing, “Being gay is...unnatural. God didn't want that. God made Adam and Eve...not Adam and Steve...”

Gabriel rolled her eyes.

“You talk to God recently to know?”

“The bible.”

“Man I'm not living the bible. The bible was in a time I can't relate to. Right here and now dudes are fucking dudes. I don't like it. Hell the guy I like is probably gay...maybe bisexual. I can't tell. Nowadays you have to watch your man with other girls and other guys too. It's a new day and age. Raphael---if you don't get with the'll be left behind.”

It was the only real advice she could give him.

Raphael shook his head, “It's unnatural.”

He kept repeating that as if it was making him feel better.

“Why don't you fuck him...Michael that is. Knowing Michael he'd probably be down with it. If it makes you feel better you can pray the whole time you're fucking him. Hell...isn't Ariel's house on safe land. Fuck him there. If there is some demonic force Michael is using on you then it shouldn't work, right? God will protect you from it. Right.”

“That sounds stupid.”

“Not as stupid as you thinking Michael is putting a spell on you,” Gabriel replied, “Try it out and see. I honestly don't think Michael is so bad.”

“You're joking...”

“What if you like him?” Gabriel asked, “What if Michael is the person that you really want to be with and you are so afraid because you think it's unnatural. What if he was sent from...God.”

Raphael didn't reply. She knew just what to say to push his buttons and get him thinking though. Raphael was so into religion that this was going to be perfect.

Gabriel smiled at that moment. Raphael was thinking about it. She knew he was. This would work out in her favor. Uriel was so concerned with Michael that he wasn't even giving her the time of day.

If she could get Michael and Raphael together she would be able to have Uriel all for herself.

“This isn't a house...this is a fucking mansion,” Cham stated.

We had all met up at Ariel's place. It blew our minds as we walked into the house. The foyer was huge and extensive. There was an extensive chandelier over the foyer. To my right was a huge dining area and a hallway that led further down to another room. It was beautiful. The house had this old Victorian feel to it as though it was some sort of Antique castle built a very long time ago.

“I inherited it after my mother and stepfather died,” Ariel replied, “It used to be belong to the Catholic church back in the day. My stepfather purchased it. He was always into historical pieces...”

She went on and on about the house at that moment. I assumed she was either trying to impress everyone or make them comfortable. It shocked me looking around the size of the house. The staircase was at the end of the foyer. It looked like something straight out of beauty and the beast. The old architecture twisted and turned and got lost in itself.

There didn't seem to be anything that read of this century in this house. As I looked around I didn't notice any television or radio. There were fireplaces and bookshelves instead. It was such a strange way to live really.

“You don't live here with anyone else?” I heard Uriel ask her from behind me.

“Just me and sometimes a few animals.”

It must have been really lonely to be her. I couldn't imagine living in a place like this by myself.

“We'll hide out here for today and rest. We've all been through a lot,” Uriel instructed everyone, “How about tomorrow we meet up...maybe in the dining room.”

“You can choose any of the rooms if you'd like. There are eight bedrooms and ten bathrooms,” Ariel replied, “Make yourselves at home.”


It was late at night that I woke up. Hunger woke me up out of my sleep. I'd chosen the room furthest away from everyone else. It was a room in the corner of the house on the second floor. I did it on purpose. I just didn't want to be around anyone.

I had slept all day. The beds in Ariel's mansion weren't comfortable honestly but I was able to sleep relatively well. They were made up and neat but they definitely weren't comfortable. There was an old comfort in the house though. It felt warm all the time and settling almost. Uriel had left candles all around the house. I saw them when I was on my way to the bathroom. I knew they were Uriel's flames because they burnt brighter than regular flames. I assumed he must not have fully trusted this was on holy ground. I trusted it though. There was something about this place that felt...holy.

Maybe it was my third eye telling me this. I didn't know.

I woke up starving and making my way downstairs. When I walked downstairs I could see hear talking. It was coming from the kitchen. I wanted to go about avoiding people but I needed food somehow. When I got in the kitchen I saw Uriel and Ariel talking.

The talking stopped as soon as I walked in.

“Michael...didn't know you came downstairs,” Ariel replied.

She had a mug in her hand. She had a smile on her face too. I didn't know why she was acting so funny about. She seemed so hype that that she had people in her house all of a sudden even if we were just hiding out for a while.

“Why would you?” I asked, “Is there anything to eat here?”

“Help yourself,” she replied.

I walked over to the fridge. It was even an older model fridge. I noticed Uri's eyes staring at me. He didn't have a shirt on but he did have on some basketball shorts.

I pulled out some deli meat and went to the island in the middle of the large kitchen. I started to prepare food. Uri's eyes were still on me.

“Ariel...” Uri stated.

I didn't know what that was about but for some reason Ariel seemed to know.

“I'll probably head to bed. It is really late,” Ariel replied, “Good night Uri...goodnight Michael.”

Ariel walked away at that moment leaving Uri and I in the kitchen by ourselves. There was no way in hell I was planning on staying in this kitchen with him for too long. I hurried to make my sandwich and shut the fridge at that moment.

As soon as I shut the fridge I jumped noticing that Uri was standing there behind the fridge.

“What the fuck? You really think you should be scaring me after seeing what happened with Rag?” I said all of a sudden feeling my heart thump.

“I didn't mean to scare you,” Uri replied.


“Are we not going to talk anymore?” Uri asked, “You just going to ignore me from now on? You walked right past me and didn't say a word.”

I looked at Uri. I hated looking at him. I hated when he was passionate about something his pectoral muscles seemed to flex extra hard. I hated that he had this innocent look on his face that also seemed to be so goddam masculine and attractive at the same time.

I sighed just thinking about it. Could Uri see...could he see me...

“What do you want to talk about?” I asked.

Being here alone in the darkness with him. It was the middle of the night. Everyone else was probably asleep. Uri was just giving me this look. The only light a few candles lit up. I hated that my heart was beating so fast. Could see me? Could see me right through me with his candles.

“You cried when you saw me and Ariel,” Uri stated.

“Does it matter? I was just surprised. I don't know why. I mean you' I mean. Look at you. I mean honestly look at you. You look like you would be with someone like Ariel.”

Thinking about it they did make a beautiful couple. Uriel was the ideal man. Ariel was the ideal woman. They looked like they would have been perfect for someone.

“I don't belong with Ariel,” Uri replied, “That's what we were talking about just a few minutes ago before you walked in.”

“You turned her down?” I asked.

“We turned each other down. Ariel was using me as a rebound.”

“What were you using her as...”

“You really want to know?”


Uri sighed at that moment, “I was using her to get my mind off of you.”

He was touching me! He was touching me. He had grabbed my hand and he put it on his chest at that moment. He put it on his chest in the middle of the night and it was something out of some romance novel. It made my heart stop. I was looking at him through candle light. It was so silent in this house. In the calm of the night I could feel Uri's heart beat and if I listened hard enough I could hear it too. He wanted me to feel it. He wanted me to know how fast it was going.

“I don't care about you,” I fought him.

“Yes you fucking do,” he replied, “I'm tired of playing this game with you. It hurt you me the same way when I saw you with Dwight as when you saw me with Ariel. You know what that means?”

“It doesn't mean anything.”

“So why is your heart beating so fast?”

“It's not---”


He had his hand on my chest before I could stop him. Fuck. He knew my secret. He knew my fucking secret. He knew how excited he got me. There was no way of stopping this. I could feel him so close to me. I had never felt like this before. I never felt this warm rush come over me. I never felt so vulnerable since I was a little boy being raped by that preacher.

I had somehow transformed back into that little boy all of a sudden again. All my vulnerabilities had shown their ugly faces. I was this little kid in front of this beautiful angel and he was looking at me as though he had the power to either bless me...or rip my heart out.

“I'm not a good person. I'm not good enough for you,” I found myself stating in a tone that almost seemed like I was begging him than having a mature conversation.

“I'll be the judge of that,” he replied.

I was crying. What the fuck? I couldn't help it. I couldn't fucking help it. I wasn't strong all of a sudden. All of a sudden I was that little boy and Uri looked at me. He could kill me with this stare. I was showing him everything. He had taken all my strength. Everything that protected me. He took with him at that moment.

“What if I hurt you?”

“Please don't,” he asked me, “Let's just stop this. Let's just stop all this. Let's put all these other people to the side. And give this an honest shot. The feelings that I feel for you...I know this shit is real. There is something that I read...a quote that clicked in my head. It was by Luciano De Crescenzo. When I heard it...I thought about you. Do you want to hear it?”

My heart raced.

“No. No please don't.”

I was crying so much. He laughed at that moment. He was laughing at me in this warm way that was teasing me and comforting me at the same time. I saw Uri reaching over and rubbing the tears out of my eyes at that moment. He rubbed them out of my eye.

“I'm going to tell you anyway,” he stated, “We are each of us angels with only one wing, and we can fly only fly by embracing one another. I want you to fly with me—Michael...”

At that moment the world stopped because right when Uri said that he pressed his lips up against mine. Our lips smacked hard against one another. My hand was to the back of his head. We were kissing like children just understanding sex at that moment. At that moment nothing mattered but us.

It was love. I knew it. I might have known it all along. I must have been in love with Uri this entire time but it wasn't until this moment that I was really allowing myself to fall in love with him and by this kiss I knew he was falling in love with me as well.

This kiss meant more than anything before.

“I know this sounds crazy...I...”

“You love me,” Uri replied.

“That didn't sound crazy to you?” I asked.

“No. Of course not.”

“How did you know that was what I was going to say?”

“Because I feel the same way,” Uri replied.

Yes. It was crazy. It was madness. It was some emotional madness but at that moment it didn't matter. When you wasted your whole life trying to fill this hole only to realize that there was only one person that could fit in that hole perfectly it felt like there was no time to waste. I didn't want to waste another second not telling Uri how I felt about him.

I didn't want to waste another moment not sharing this moment with him.

We were kissing again. Uri had picked me up and laid me on the kitchen island. He climbed up on the island with me. This wasn't sex. No. This was love making. I was so sure of it. It felt so right. It felt so perfect. It felt like the entire world was ready for this.

In the next few minutes the lights turned off on.

“Sorry to disturb,” Gabriel stated, “Getting warm know...”

She was staring over at us with a raised eyebrow. I hadn't even noticed that Uri had taken my shirt completely off. He was on top of me. There was no way of hiding what we were about to do right on Ariel's island.

I was embarrassed but I was more excited than anything.

Uri didn't even acknowledge her. He helped me off of the island before slopping me with another wet kiss that was full of desire, “Go your room. Wait for me. Ok. I'll be right up.”

He smiled at me. He was giving me this look as though telling me to get ready for him. He was licking his lips as he watched me walk away. I couldn't help but smile. Gabriel was watching the entire scene as she got her milk.

She followed me up the stairs as I headed to my room with this knowing look but didn't say anything.

I got back to the room and got completely naked. I freshened up taking a light shower in the bathroom that was attached to my bedroom. The room smelled like potpourri already. There were no candles in my room. It was completely dark. It was ok though. It didn't matter.

I found myself laying on my bed, pressed up against the bed sheets. My ass was tooted in the air. I was so vulnerable. I was so ready for him.

He came in the darkness. He was completely quiet as he walked into my room. It was finally that time that I was waiting for.

I had let my guard down.

“Make love to me,” I found myself demanding of him.

He seemed to follow this up by climbing over me. His tongue was what went into my asshole at first. He was aggressive with it. His tongue licked all over my asshole. The wetness made me pull at the sheets and shove my head into the pillow. I was groaning.

“Mhmm...” I could hear him as he tasted my ass.

Uri was liking it. I could tell he was liking it. He was going deeper and deeper. His tongue filled my ass making me get so wet. He had such a long tongue and at first he seemed awkward but he got into his method. He seemed like he was getting used to it and the tongue lashing that I got from him was making me moist and ready for him.

Uri started to kiss my lower back. He started to kiss the middle of my back. He finally made it to the back of my neck all of a sudden. He sucked on the back of my neck.

He grind his crotch into me. We were making love. I could feel this love making that we were having. It was something that I had never experienced before. There was such a desire when he rubbed his hard dick around my asshole.

“Put it in. I want you. I want all of you,” I was telling him.

He put his dick in me slowly and we were both moaning at the same time. I could hear his deep voice echoing at the back of my neck, “UHHH!”

I was grabbing onto the sheets. Uri was grabbing onto my waist. He lowered himself into me. My ass clenched around his dick! Uri continued to lower himself...deeper and deeper. The feeling of being penetrated was so different this time. This time it wasn't like before.

“Harder...harder...fuck me...yes!”

I was pushing my ass up against his dick. He was fucking me raw. I could feel everything. I could feel his dick in my ass tearing me up with this aggression. He was filling me up. He was forcing himself into me until I finally loosened up and was taking him all together. I could feel everything when he fucked me. It was so strange. I could feel his dick. I could feel his head. I could feel everything.

The world was stopping and I was crying. I was crying because I felt renewed almost. It was almost like I finally put down my wall for someone but he didn't hurt me. He made me feel good. He was making love to me. He was making me feel special.

And I knew this was the beginning of something special.

I could feel him tensing up. His hands grabbed me at that moment.

“I'm about to nut! FUCK!”

That was when it hit me. God., no, no.

Suddenly the door opened up from behind me. A light turned on. I had a feeling what happened before I even knew. I wanted to disappear. I wanted to... I wanted to kill myself at that moment. I really felt suicidal. This could not be happening. That voice...that voice wasn't Uri...

“I don't even know what to say,” Uri's voice said, “After what we shared in the kitchen, I really thought ...I don't know what I thought...”

This time it was really coming from Uri but he wasn't the person on top of me. Uri was the person that had just walked in the room and turned on the light.

I looked behind me. It was too late.

It was Raphael. He pulled out of me. He had nutted in me and my asshole was soaked in his nut. His dick was still dripping with the stuff when Raphael pulled his dick out of me.

I was crying before I knew it, “Uri. That wasn't supposed to happen. URI!”

I found myself pushing Raphael off of me. I was butt naked dripping with Raphael's nut and chasing Uri in tears. I had chased him halfway down the halfway before I finally caught up with him. He was shaking. He jerked away from me and I could see his eyes were full of tears. There was true emotion there. It was more than before. This was worse.

“You just needed to prove your a monster, didn't you?” he asked.

“I thought it was you.”

“Bullshit. Are you serious? What when you fucked Dwight in front of me did you think that was me too?” he asked.

I knew he wasn't going to leave me. Not after me having sex with Dwight and planning on him catching me. Why would he think this was different? Why would he think I changed?

I found myself struggling to find words but none came, “You have to trust me.”

Trust. That was the only fucking thing I could come up with. I wasn't surprised when Uri pulled away. I could see it in his eyes. I could see the distaste in his eyes.

“I'll never trust you. You wanted me to hate you so bad, didn't you? Mission accomplished. I fucking hate you Michael,” Uri told me.

He walked away and I knew there was no point in chasing him. The one time I didn't want to hurt him I ended up hurting him more than ever before. The one time I honestly put my wall down and wanted to be in love with him, I ended up losing him.

I had pushed Uri too far this time and I didn't think there was any coming back.

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