Chapter 13

I was sitting praying. I had gone into the conference room at the hotel. Being that the hotel was abandoned the conference room was just open for use. It was the most silent place. Gabby wasn't complaining and Raphael wasn't asking me if I was ok. Jophiel wasn't keeping a watchful eye over me every second. I could have peace and quiet in this room.

It was the first time that I had prayed in such a long time. I could feel almost like God was here with me. He was here with me now seeing me. He was hearing with me now talking to me and protecting me. It was the only thing that made me feel better about losing Uriel. I had lost the love of my life and my heart was cringing. The only thing that soothed that pain was prayer.

“You don't have to do this you know?” a voice said.

I could hear the footsteps and I turned to look over at Gabby. She was standing next to me. I should have known better than to think I could be alone with God for too long. Sooner or later she would come and talk to me about this.

“What are you talking about?”

“You are going to call that army. You are going to destroy the Earth. You don't have to do this,” she explained to me.

“That's exactly what I have to do. That's actually the only thing I have to do.”

We had found some extra clothing in a local gift store. I guess we didn't mind taking it. All of us had “I love DC” shirts and we kind of looked silly talking about something so serious with tourist clothing on.

I couldn't take Gabby serious at all even when she crossed her arms and gave me her signature Gabby stare.

“Listen. I cared about Uri too. I know you're hurt but just because Uri has fallen doesn't mean everything is over.”

“That's exactly what it means,” I replied.

“And you call me selfish.”

I shook my head, “Look. Girl. I'm not going to argue about this with you. We have no choice. Either we let evil win or we don't. Those are our options.”

“What about the innocent people?” Gabby asked.

I rolled my eyes, “What innocent people?”

“I'm sure that not everyone has turned against God. I'm sure not everyone carries the mark of the beast. There are still good people around. You know? What we just going to kill them too? Why is this all or nothing? They need our protection too...”

I had thought about it. I had spent the day meditating and praying about it. She was right. I was sure not everyone had received the mark of the beast. Not everyone had been deceived. There had to be people who hadn't.

Maybe there was another way. Maybe there was another way to stop this takeover. Right now though I didn't have the time or resources to think of another way. With Uri gone I didn't have the compassion either. If I allowed myself to think about it I would let in anger. I would let in sadness. I would fall into depression. So to avoid all of that I had to stick to the one thing I knew would end it all.

I had to stick to my duty.

I got up off the floor and looked over at Gabby, “God bless their souls...”


Ariel walked through the streets. The children had been reaching out to her.

“Mother. Mother...”

They were smaller...they were barely eating. Ariel wanted to tell them that they weren't her mother. She wondered where their mothers were. Had their mothers abandoned them. She didn't understand it. All around the streets near them had filled with people just like this. People had set up tents all around them. The new world order had built gates around the cathedral.

Ariel hadn't been allowed to sneak out of the cathedral and go past the gates but she wanted to see the people. She wanted to see the people in this new world order that they would be ruling. She was going to save them all. Why shouldn't she see them.

As she looked at them though all she saw was pain. All she saw was despair.






A plague had swept through downtown DC and a bunch of people had been quarantined. Babylon had ordered a mass grave to be dug out in Arlington and trucks had pulled up a few days ago in order to take the bodies over there. More and more tents were piling up across the cities. People had abandoned their homes, abandoned their families and abandoned their children all to receive the mark. Things were getting out of control and things were scaring Ariel. The pride she felt was slipping. Now when she heard the term mother it was almost a curse.

“Mother,” a man stated.

“I can't help you...I can't...I'm sorry. I can't help you,” Ariel had stated.

It was almost second nature for her to say that. She had even gotten her sad regretful tone down. She hadn't noticed that as she stood in the middle of the street it wasn't actually a normal person trying to talk to her. The man who was talking to her was garbed in all black. Ariel had assumed it was just more of the starving children and when she saw that it wasn't she felt guilty for being relieved.

“Mother, You can't be out here. Please follow me.”

The man was most definitely one of the higher echelon of servants to Six. She hadn't recognized his face but facial recognition wasn't something that meant much any longer. Everyone was becoming the same once they received the mark.

Ariel was taken back to the cathedral. She always was when she was caught out. They never punished her or talked about the fact that she was roaming around. It didn't mean much of anything to them.

“ look beautiful,” Babylon had stated.

Babylon hadn't even looked at her. It was the normal greeting that Babylon always gave. Truth was Ariel's grandness was fading. The despair was starting to affect her more than she would like. She looked over at the room that Babylon was in.

Babylon was in a room where many men started walking in. The cathedral was carpeted in black and naked men walked into the room rushing past her.

“I've been meaning to talk to you,” Ariel asked.

“Can it wait?” Babylon replied, “Something serious has come up. You know this new world order takes time and patience. Right?”

This was the excuse that Babylon normally gave Ariel. Ariel had gotten used to it. This new government. This new “order” had taken over DC completely and was planning on taking over the world. Ariel had thought she would be more important. But she wasn't. She was nothing more than a figurehead to them. She was nothing more than a flag waving over an aggressive army.

“It'll just take a second,” Ariel said following her into the room.

“What is it?”

“I was wondering if I can see Six. I just wanted to talk to my son. You know. I feel like there's so much more we can do for people. There are children outside the cathedral. Did you know that? They were abandoned.”

Babylon looked at her with a questionable face.


“So we should be helping them.”

The look Babylon gave her was more patronizing then anything. Her eyes smiled at Ariel and she touched Ariel's head in the same way that Ariel used to touch her animals. Babylon stroked her head and nodded.

“First things first. Everyone must receive the mark and then after we can worry about those sort of trifles.”

“Trifles? People are suffering.”

“The angels are growing more powerful,” Babylon replied, “Maybe you should worry about that more. Because once they get strong enough they are going to kill everyone. Is that what you want? Do you want your murderous friends to kill everyone?”

“No...of course not...”

“Don't forget who the bad guys are,” Babylon replied, “We'll help the people. I promise. In time. Ok. In time we'll help them. But first things first. We must protect your son. Isn't that what you want Ariel? You want to protect your son.”

Ariel nodded, “Of course. That's what's important.”

Her son meant the world to him. Babylon smiled at her. Babylon held her hand and led her into that room where all the naked men were going.

As they walked into the room Ariel noticed what was going on. It was something like an orgy that was going on. Naked men walked into the room. There was a huge king size bed on the floor that was covered in red sheets. As Ariel looked close she saw what was happening.

Someone was being kissed on and caressed. At first Ariel thought it was Six. She hadn't really seen him much at all and this wasn't exactly the way that she wanted to see her son.

It wasn't Six though.


Ariel couldn't believe it. Uriel was in the bed. He wasn't moving at all. He was completely naked. 7 men were on the bed with Uriel and 10 were on the sides next to him.

There was were dogs chained to the wall. They looked sickly. Ariel's heart was beating so fast as she saw how the dogs were being treated on that wall. Music was playing. Soothing music that was interrupted every second by moans.

“Sexy specimen...isn't he?” Babylon stated, “Look at him. Uriel. The flame of God. Those muscles. That manly chiseled jaw. That long...wet dick. He's amazing. Isn't he?”

Uriel was on the bed a few feet from the chained dogs. He was covered in sweat on the bed. The men were licking the sweat off of him. Some sucked on his dick. Others were attempting to kiss him. Uriel was pulled his face weakly from side to side avoiding the kisses.

The men licked every part of him. Some licked Uriel's nipples. Two sucked on his feet. Uriel's dick remained limp the entire time but still the men were taking turns putting Uri's dick in their mouth. Uri stared aimlessly at the sealing like he wasn't getting any pleasure out of this at all.

“This isn't happening,” was Ariel's reply.

“Six brought us a gift...”

“What is he doing here?” Ariel asked.

“He's going to be our general,” Babylon replied, “He's going to lead one last attack against the rest of the angels and destroy them before they destroy this Earth.”

“Uri would never kill Michael...” Ariel replied, “Look. He isn't even into it. What's wrong with him?”

Babylon shook her head, “He's struggling right now. He's struggling to give in. That's why he's sweating like that. He's just struggling against it. But sooner or later he is going to give in and the sign will take over him completely.”

“Wait so he didn't willingly come over here?”

Babylon shook her head and laughed a little bit, “Not necessarily. It doesn't matter though. He was tricked, none-the-less. He can't fight it for long. I will give it to him that the boy is resistant. We've thrown men at him, women, food, riches. All the temptations of the Earth and he is still resisting a little bit. His mind is torn now but he's coming over...slowly...”

Ariel could see the struggle. She broke out into an immediate sweat. This wasn't right. This wasn't right that they were doing this to Uri.

Ariel was breathing heavier and heavier.

“I'd like to see my son. I have something I want to discuss with him.”

There had to be another way then this. She had no idea how Uriel was tricked but she knew how Uriel felt for Michael. There was no way Uriel would turn against the side that Michael was on. His love for Michael was way too strong for that. Ariel could feel red flags all over.

Babylon smiled at Ariel. That patronizing smile that Ariel hated.

“What's your problem?” Babylon asked, “It's almost over. You know. The angels will be dead soon. Six will finish his book. That's all we have to wait for. Once Six finishes his book...this world will be ours.”

“This isn't right...” Ariel replied.

The men were basically raping Uriel. Even though Uriel wasn't screaming and saying he didn't want to be there Ariel could tell he didn't want to be there. They attempted to sit their asses on his limp dick as though trying to force sex with him. They were trying to kiss him and Uriel seemed to be using every bit of strength that he had just to turn his face a little bit. Uriel wasn't a ghost in a shell. He was a soul being tortured in a body. It seemed as though his mind was stuck in limbo...somewhere between good and evil.

“Excuse me?” Babylon asked her.

Ariel was looking at her.

“This is wrong. This is...”

“Six, Six, Six...” Babylon chanted.

Babylon chanted it again and again. Six, Six, Six. Six Six Six. Ariel was confused but then she saw that Babylon was looking at Ariel's forehead. As the naked men who were touching Uriel heard the words their foreheads seemed to light up with the sign of the beast. That was when Ariel noticed what Babylon was doing. Babylon was looking at Ariel's forehead.

She was squinting as though struggling to see something.

“Lord, my god,” Ariel was stating under hear breath... “What have I done?”

“What did you just say?” Babylon asked Ariel taking a few steps towards her, “Are you ok Mother? Your mark is fading...”

Ariel tried to cover up her forehead but Babylon grabbed on her hand.

“Get off me...get off me you bitch.”

Babylon's hand was strong however. Her wrist almost sprained as Babylon held on her! Ariel struggled. She was screaming. No! No. What had she done? Why had she allowed herself to be taken like this.

God where were you!

Ariel's face sweat. Her eyes went blind as Babylon began to drag her out of the room.

“It's ok Mother,” Babylon stated, “We are just going to see Six. Ok. We are just going to see him because your mark is fading...”

It was at that moment Ariel took her free hand and she did something that she was so sure that she would never do again. Ariel crossed herself. She crossed herself with her free hand and it seemed like a feeling tingled throughout her entire body. It was this strange familiar feeling that she thought she didn't have any longer. She thought it was completely gone to her, but it wasn't. The feeling ran through her. It woke her up.

It made her alive again.


That's what it was. Ariel knew deep in her soul and in her heart. And now she had a soul and heart again. The world had opened up and it seemed like clouds had parted.

“I said get off of me...” Ariel stated.

Just at that moment the dogs in the room that were chained to the sides of the bed broke their chains. They ran to Ariel's defense.

God was with her!

The animals had returned to her and this time the animals were stronger. This time the animals had a will to protect Ariel just like they had a long time ago. Ariel didn't think it was possible that she would ever feel their protection again. They grabbed at Babylon attacking her. They ripped at Babylon until Babylon released Ariel. They grabbed Babylon and dragged her body to the middle of the room where they continued to take chunks of of Babylon's throat!

The men in the room had turned. Their eyes had gotten completely dark now. Something demonic was forming around them. They weren't regular men at all. They were demons.

Their dark faces began to change. Ariel's heart raced.

She had to get out of here. She had to leave!

“Uri!” she screamed out, “Uri come with me!”

Uri just looked at her though. The demons on the bed were reacting to Babylon being attacked. Their naked bodies hopped off the bed. The room grew darker. One of them was making a noise. It was this scathing screech that sent shiver's up Ariel's spine.

Ariel backed up to the wall at that moment. She was cornered! They were all around her. The only thing separating her and the demons were the dogs.

She watched as the demons grew long nails that seemed more like dirty bloody hooks. Their teeth contorted. Their eyes began to bleed. Their foreheads seemed to light on fire with the sign of the beast. Ariel crossed herself again and again.

She would die here. Now that God had taken her back though. It may not have been so bad.

The dogs were the first die.

They were ripped apart by the long hooked nails of the demons. Now there was nothing separating Ariel and the demons.

“Uri!” Ariel was screaming out.

She wanted him to react. She wanted him to recognize her and help her. She knew Uri had the ability to set these demons on fire if he wanted to. However he was nothing right now but a zombie barely reacting in the middle of the room.

Ariel turned. There was a window next to her.

She was breathing heavier and heavier. She knew she was too high. She couldn't survive the fall.


No matter how much she wanted to save Uri Ariel knew that she couldn't get past the demons approaching her. The darkness fell over her. She could feel the room get so cold. It got so cold that Ariel could see her breathing. Evil was near.

And the world seemed to recognize it.

Someone else had walked into the room.

Six. Six looked down at Babylon's body. He looked down at Babylon's body then he looked up at his mother.

Yes. That was the evil that Ariel felt. How had she not felt this before? How had she not known that her son was pure and complete evil.

“What are you waiting for?” Six asked the demons, “Tear her apart.”

The demons weren't pacing forward now. They lunged forward.

Their nails and teeth ready to tear the skin right off of Ariel's bones. They ripped at her at first scratching her face and attempting to pull her back down so they could kill her immediately. Ariel had no choice now.

She turned and she launched herself out of the window.


She was falling down far and fast! She could see the ground beneath her. She could almost feel the pavement. She wondered what it would be like hitting it. Would she feel anything? Would it matter to her...

And just as she was going to find out...


There was a knock on my door.

I walked over to see Raphael standing there. His eyes were pressing up on me when I opened the door of the hotel room. We had a few rooms towards the front of the hotel. Now that it was abandoned we took it upon ourselves to sleep where we wanted to. Raphael still managed to find me though.

He didn't have a shirt on. His muscles flexed. He smelled fresh when he opened the door which let me know he probably just took a shower.

I had to admit...Raphael looked sexy standing there.

“Hey...just came to check up on you,” Raphael stated.

“With no shirt on?” I asked.

Raphael shook his head, “Hey. I prefer not to walk around all day with an 'I love DC' shirt. We've been doing that for days. Besides, don't act like you don't like me without a shirt on.”

I looked at him. He had a built up chest. His tan muscles looked so strong. As I felt insecure with myself a part of me just wanted to hold him tightly. I wanted to hold onto those muscles and just feel them surround me. It had been days now and I had spent a lot of time meditating getting my mind right. The loneliness and sadness crept their head in every once in awhile.

I attempted to change the subject, “Where are the others?”

“Gabby locked herself in her room. She's crying. She really doesn't want to do this. She thinks we are making a mistake by destroying the world.”

“What about you? What do you think?”

“I think we need her. She'll get over it. She can make your power stronger and you can call up that army like you said you would.”

“No...” I stopped Raphael, “I meant what do you think about me destroying the Earth. Do you really think it is a good idea.”

Raphael took a step forward, “It's hard. I know it's our duty but destroying the Earth would also mean destroying the most beautiful thing on the Earth.”

“What's that...”


Raphael grabbed me at that moment. He put his hand around my waist and pulled me in. Raphael kissed me. He kissed me hard at that moment and I could feel my heart shudder a little bit when our lips touched. I could see this longing at this moment.

I stopped him, “Wait...”

“I know you still love him. I know it's still soon, but honestly this is the end...we don't have much time left and the time that we have left I want to spend it with you.”

Raphael had his arms around my waist. His dick was hard. I could feel it. The thing was so was mine. I wanted to pull him into that room. I wanted to make love to him all night and into the day. I could see the desire in his eyes. He would keep me up. His heart was throbbing against mine as he held onto the small of my back. He rubbed it slowly feeling me up. His dick grew harder and harder, thrusting against the insides of my groin.

Raphael's mouth was open. He breathed slowly against my open mouth ready for me to give the slightest approval for him to proceed. I knew he would pick me up. He would throw me on that bed. He would put my legs over his head and he would make love to me.

“I can't. I love Uri,” I told him.

“You can't be serious?”

I knew why he was saying it. It was the end. It was the end and Uri had turned. It would make more sense for me to just have sex with Raphael and hold him.

“Go to bed Raphael,” I told him, “Tomorrow is it. Tomorrow I will call my army and I will command them to destroy...everything...”

I stepped away from Raphael and closed the door behind him. The last thing I saw was the resentment.

It was needless to say I was beyond horny as I laid down on the bed. I began to stroke myself and masturbate until I slowly fell asleep in the bed.

Sleep took over me relatively quickly.

I couldn't believe I had said goodnight to Raphael. Even after masturbating I was still horny and when I fell asleep at first I was having some nasty sex dream. Thankfully it was with Uri because for some reason even imagining having sex with another man seemed wrong.

Uri was kissing me in my dream. His tongue sliding up and down the smalls of my back. The exact same place that Raphael had been massaging. As he got to the my asshole in the dream he stopped and when I turned he disappeared.

“May I interrupt?” a voice said.

It was a very familiar voice. I turned at that moment. Cham. Cham was just standing there with his arms crossed.

Was I still dreaming?

“Are you real?” I asked him.

I was definitely dreaming. We were floating on clouds now. We were completely dressed in white now. It was just Cham and I standing on a cloud. It was finally daytime. It was light ouside. There was this amazing feeling in the world.

“As real as I can get,” Cham replied, “Being dead and all that is...”

Cham laughed. It was that same corny laughter that he always had when he wanted you to laugh with him but you ended up just giving him a sympathy smile. I missed his laugh. I missed Cham.

“Cham...we miss you.”

“I miss you too. We'll see each other again,” Cham replied.

I nodded, “Yes. Soon.”

Cham shook his head, “Well not as soon as you think. I came as a messenger. You are not to destroy the Earth tomorrow. He has changed his mind about that...”


Cham smiled, “You know who I'm talking about.”

I didn't get it. Even in the dream I was trying to understand and think. It felt almost as though I was awake. I was really contemplating what was happening. Could this be a trick? Was Cham really here telling me that I wasn't supposed to do this?

“Cham, I have to. It's too late for the Earth. Everything is corrupted.”

“There is a way.”

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