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Chapter eleven

I was beside mum again. This time we were in an old cottage. The room was cluttered with books, but the furniture looked plush, and the house felt like a home that I had known but forgotten about until now.

I'm confused, mum," I said. "I think my power got away from me when I was talking to Leon and Leila, yet I felt no remorse or guilt for what I did to them. Even now." I was a little afraid to voice one other fear but forged on with pounding heart. "Was this the first step that led Cousin Simon down a wrong path?"

We were sitting on a comfortable sofa in front of a blazing fire. She hugged me to her before replying. "What you did would be considered unethical by most people, James, and that's true. But in order to control your powers, you had to get rid of those emotional aspects that handicapped you. If you had kept all those emotional scars that were left on you by Leon and Leila, you would forever be tied to emotions that could destroy your concentration at the most dangerous times."

"How could it be dangerous?"

Mum's eyes seemed a little unfocussed as she spoke. "There are other creatures that live and thrive on other's emotions, and bringing out any old pain still inside you could mean your death. They are masters at the skill of manipulating emotions. Your strength was trying to find the quickest solution to get you up to scratch. Gram's is slowly loosing the battle of holding the veil together." I shivered at that thought. But she continued. "You must learn to wield your power without the emotions of others affecting you, James. That is what your power was trying to teach you. So, did your power really get away from you? No, but your subconscious is still doing most of the controlling. Once you learn to break from your emotional chains, your conscious awareness will be in the driver's seat."

I sat quietly for a while absorbing that. "How do I get dad to understand?"

Mum sighed, "Give him time; he will come to it in his own time." Her body stiffened and her eyes unfocussed. "It's time to go, James." With a flick of her hand I was back in darkness. I woke up. I looked at my clock and realised it was only 2am. Sleep took me back into dreams.

I was standing in a large empty arena. In the centre stood two perfectly sculptured statues; they were in the classical `thinkers' pose, backs towards each other, looking out. I walked towards them. Surprise rippled through me as I stared at their faces. On the left was the body and face of Kevin. The other was Sam. They were both naked.

I looked at Kevin's face and sighed. I traced my hand over the surface of his arm. An image, one like a movie projector would make, appeared in the air beside me. There were two images; one of Kevin making love to me with acceptance as well as pleasure upon his face. I smiled and I felt a longing for that image to be true. I watched as Kevin kissed me while my legs were around his back, locked tight. I watched as he tenderly cupped my face, kissing my nose and eyelids, and then attacking my mouth. I watched as he tenderly and gently entered me, allowing me time to adjust to his girth before moving on. Through it all he licked and kissed all over any part of my body he could reach. When he was fully in, I watched that `other' me groan and plead for him to go faster. Kevin complied. The scene winked out, leaving the other image.

In this one, Kevin was bitter and he was plunging into an alter-me relentlessly. Both images, the gentle and the animalistic one I was seeing now, gave me a sensation of lust deep down, and I watched as the bitter Kevin gritted his teeth. He had me on my stomach while he lay on top of me. One hand was helping him balance while the other held my hair in a vice grip. The look of pain and pleasure on my face in the scene made me both nervous and aroused. I watched as he pumped into me, hard and fast. I could see blood on his cock as he pushed in and out of my sphincter. I could hear the thick sound of skin against skin. The image grew bigger until it was only the bitter Kevin I could see.

My alter-self was groaning and begging Kevin to slow down and let him adjust to the pain, but Kevin kept pushing his thick length into him. I shuddered, and I wasn't sure if it was from lust or fear.

"It's all your fault," Kevin uttered, his teeth still gritted tight. "My family have disowned me," he thrust into my alter-self with as much force as he could, "my friends have deserted me," another body killing thrust, "all because you said you fucking loved me." He jack hammered into alter-me,

I recoiled from the scene, yet my alter-self loved it, and begged Kevin to give him more. "Enough," I said hoarsely. "I've seen enough."

The image faded, and I was back in the arena with the two statues. This time, it was a real live version of Kevin, frozen in the thinking position. My hands were shaking and I was afraid to touch this real-looking version of him.

A compulsion had me walking towards the statue of Sam. A small, warning voice in my head tried to warn me not to touch Sam, but it was drowned out by an obsessive urgency. Another image appeared in the air. Two separate scenes of Sam and me together. In both scenes, Sam was smiling down upon me.

In the first scene, we were walking hand in hand and love shone in both of our eyes. He pulled me close to him and hugged me tight; I looked up at him and smiled. I switched to the other scene. I was uncomfortable about seeing such adoration on my face. I liked Sam, but I didn't think I liked him enough to ever consider it true love.

In the other scene, we were making love, and he smiled, and then groaned as he pushed in and out of me slowly. Sweat was dripping off both of us. My legs were on his shoulders, and I watched as his body pushed into me with a rolling motion, groans of delight escaping from my mouth.

I had never seen Sam naked, and looked at him greedily. He had a swimmer's body with a smooth chest and back. The only hair on his body was a treasure trail from his navel down to his groin, which was thrusting into my butt. He sucked my neck, and his rhythm began to falter as he approached his climax. I couldn't tell from the angle how big he was, but he certainly knew how to use it. I wondered how he became so experienced. He grunted, and I watched as his thrusting turned into a jack-hammer motion as he pounded into me. I watched the scene with awe and lust. The camera angle zoomed back and I noticed we were in my room. Shadows began to darken the walls, and I watched with horror as wings protruded out of Sam's back. He raised his face, and I saw the gleam of fangs before he bit down on my neck. I watched, as I writhed in pleasure and shouted my joy to the world.

My hand fell off the statue of Sam and I back-pedalled rapidly. The two statues now seemed as life-like as the real deals. My inner warnings had me in a defensive stance. Something was coming.

The sky above turned dark, and clouds began to swirl into a cone shape moving down towards the arena. It connected with the earth a few metres from the statues and out of the tornado walked a man. He was dressed in black, and long black hair trailed down to his waist. Dark brown, heavy, lidded eyes pierced me and I felt frozen by his stare. He had a face with smooth lines and sensual beauty, an almost cruel twist to those lush red lips. He walked with lethal grace, and smiled at me before blurring.

He moved so fast that I didn't see him until he was caressing my face. I moved my hand up, and tried twisting his fingers backwards. Before I knew what hit me, I was flying through the air. I landed ungracefully and, in a flash, he was standing above me.

"You are so beautiful when you're fighting," he said. His voice was as melodic and as beautiful as his face.

"Who are you?" I gasped out.

"You should already know who I am, beloved." I pushed myself up and slowly edged away from him. "Did your cousin Kate not tell you about me?" he continued.

Dread overcame me, and I began to shiver. "You're the Darkness," I whispered.

He smiled, and began stalking me. Undiluted fear raced through me. I knew that if I didn't get out of here I would never see the light of day. I knew that something innocent within me would die. I stood up and ran. I crashed into a solid leather clad chest.

"I like it when you run," he purred into my ear.

I wrapped the warrior around me like a cloak as my fear fed power into him. I punched his chest as hard as I could. He stumbled back a few paces, and it was enough for me to turn and run the other way. I blurred and raced for the walls of the arena hoping I could jump up and out towards safety. I lifted myself into the air and felt something latch onto my foot and pull me back down. I kicked out and connected with something solid. I heard him grunt, but he still held my foot in a vice-like grip.

He tightened his grip on my leg and lifted me like a piece of meat, slamming me on the ground, and then swinging me to the opposite side where I tasted dirt. Like `Bam Bam' from the Flintstones, he smashed me over and over until I was as limp as a rag. He picked me up, and I felt his mouth bruising mine. He shoved his tongue into my mouth, and I nearly gagged as I felt him swirl his tongue deep into my cavity. I tried to push his head away, but it felt like stone. I bit down hard on his tongue. He groaned and rubbed himself tightly against me, holding me in that kiss. My fear came back, making my heart pump loudly.

"Your majesty, you summoned me?" a familiar voice said to my left.

The `Darkness' growled, and turned towards the intruder, still holding me possessively to his chest. I stared at the amused eyes of Simon. He bowed to the beast that held me.

"You bastard!" I screamed at him. "You knew all along who or what the darkness was." He smirked at me and folded his arms. I felt a cold certainty fill me. "Your end will come by my hands." I stared hard at him, watching that smug look fade. I smiled at him and turned my face away.

"If you had freed my sister when I told you," he said quietly, "we would not be in this predicament."

"You're still going to die by my hand," I stated simply.

He folded his hands once more. "Not from where I'm standing, your not." A malicious gleam lit his eyes. "And in case you're wondering, his majesty is known not only as the first born, but as the insatiable. I hope you live through your first fucking, cousin, because he is not gentle."

Lucifvar laughed at our bickering. It rumbled from his chest, and I felt it travel through my whole body. He waved his hand, and his and my clothes disappeared. He licked his lips, and I watched as fangs grew. I looked down and nearly fainted. His cock was enormous, and I had doubts that I would be able to take his length. He must have heard me whimper, because he chuckled and I watched as his cock grew even bigger.

I looked towards my cousin, ready to plead for his help, when I saw his eyes. There was lust and avarice within those hazel depths. I was not going to get any help from that direction. I was helpless, and my first time would be as rape. I was well and truly trapped.

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