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Chapter twelve

I screamed and fell out of my bed. I looked around the room and felt relief pool inside me. With shaky hands I got back up and went to open my door. It was locked. I tried unlocking it, but my key didn't work. I pulled on the door handle and banged on the door.

"Dad!" I shouted, "my key won't open the door!"

I was met with silence. I pounded harder on the door. I listened for heavy boot treads, but nothing. I started getting nervous and went to my window. I opened the blinds. The view looked out onto mortared brick. My window had been bricked over. What the fuck was going on?

Drawing on the warrior within, I went back to the door and yanked hard. It didn't budge. I heard laughter all around me. The room exploded and I screamed in pain, and remembrance. I was the thrall of the Lord of Darkness, also known as Lucifvar. He had just broken another of my mind shields, and was pillaging all my cherished memories as if they were pretty trinkets to pick up and discard.

I felt him glide in front of me. He licked down the side of my neck using his whole tongue. My body reacted, and I shuddered. Goosebumps rose over my skin and a gasp escaped my mouth. Lucifvar chuckled and slid his tongue down my collar bone and around my nipple. My mind was mine, but my body kept betraying me. Pleasurable sensations kept coursing through my blood, and I was still only sixteen with hormones and emotions running rampant. I tried to block my body from feeling the pleasure I was experiencing, and mentally cried out my frustration.

I felt my healing respond to my mental distress. I detected some kind of stimulant in Lucifvar's saliva that brought sexual arousal to a peak. I tried to flush it out of my system, but my healing couldn't form the right colours. It was like whatever was in his blood system was self aware of my skills and was neutralising me by changing the symptoms and, therefore, the colour scheme needed to defeat the problem.

I groaned in frustration, but it came out as a gasp of pleasure. I heard him groan in pleasure and grasp me tighter to his body. My head felt so heavy on my shoulders it flopped about, and he gripped my ass, pushing his huge member into my stomach over and over.

I couldn't help myself; I began to respond, slowly falling into the sexual haze he was drawing around me. "Let me into your childhood," he whispered in my head. Pleasure rode over my body and left me mewling and begging. "Let me inside your mind," he said persistently.

Bit by bit my resistance to his mind probes was dropping away, and even the tiny voice at the core of my being, still screaming resistance, was being swallowed by his overwhelming nature. He pushed a finger deep inside me, and my mind went into a red fog. I came back gasping, with no recollection of why I was resisting him.

Another finger entered me and I screamed with pleasure. I bit his neck and felt him shudder. He growled, and I felt his two fingers open and stretch me before swirling around my back passage. It twinged with pain, but my body and mind embraced it, adding to the lust in which I was wallowing.

I grunted like an animal as I felt another finger enter me. His fangs pierced my neck and he pushed his cock harder against me. It slid up and down in his juices that were coating my skin and which now felt like a hot furnace. I dragged my nails down his back, and felt skin build beneath my nails.

He pulled his head back and roared his pleasure. A bed formed behind me and he turned me around and pushed my face roughly into the mattress. I felt him push against my virgin sphincter, and I screamed out in pleasure-pain. The sensation was intense and my body tried to push against the intrusion in my ass. He growled and jabbed into me.

My body arched and I tried to move away, but he held me firmly with his hands around my hips. His cock popped past the muscles in my sphincter and I bit the pillow to muffle my groans. He laid his whole body against my back and kept pushing deeper into me. It was a tight fit and he had to use his pelvis and ass muscles to push even deeper.

He bit into my neck once more, and I felt blood trickle down my shoulder onto the white sheets beneath me. I felt a warmth trickle down my leg at the same time. I looked beneath to see blood, as red as the droplets that were falling from my shoulder, slide down my leg.

His moan was a rumble that vibrated all across my body. My body sent adrenalin coursing through me to combat the pain. I went into a trance-like state and felt him move inside me. His mushroom head rubbed against something inside me that had me shivering involuntarily and moving backwards into his thrusts just to feel that sensation once more.

He whispered into my mind to open and, like a flower, my mind opened delicate petals and he raided and pillaged all that made me, me.

Each thrust became harder as pieces of my identity began to fade from my conscious memory, and finally all I knew was his hard member pounding un-relentlessly into me. He laughed with delight in my mind, and he pulled up an image of my father and siblings. "They will be mine soon, too," he said. I didn't care. All that mattered was the sensation of him pushing in and out of me.

An image of my mother smiling and looking at me popped into my head. Lucifvar snarled his displeasure at the sight of her. He gnawed at my neck with his teeth and I moaned, the intense pain turning to intense pleasure, silently begging for more. I forgot about who my family was, and even that the image staring at me was my own mother.

Lucifvar negligently waved his hand to banish the image. Mum's expression changed from smiling to one of shock, and then anger. She walked towards me. I felt a small sense of alarm tingle through me and then fade away under the haze of lust. Lucifvar froze above me, and we both stared at the growing image of mum walking towards us.

"Get your filthy paws off my baby, you bastard!" she shouted at Lucifvar.

She walked out of my mind and into the reality Lucifvar had created around us. With a clap of her hands, the darkness and the bed disappeared. Lucifvar was thrown off me with invisible gale force winds. I remained untouched by that power, but I had felt it as he was bodily pulled off and out of me. I moaned piteously as I realised the pleasure that had been mine only moments ago was no longer there.

Mum slapped me hard. "Snap out of it, James. You're an empath; use your power to clear your mind."

I shook my head, looking up at her. Lust was running through my blood like a drug. "Where is my master, and what did you do to him?"

She frowned harder, and placed her hands on my head. Power flowed from her into me. Memories flowed back into me like those old slide shows. I tried to run from them, but they followed me around inside my head. They hurt even more, coming in, than when they had been pulled out. I screamed, and pushed with all my might at the intrusion.
She flew backwards and left me panting and looking at her warily.

"He is mine, Ellie," said my master's voice in the air.

We were back in the arena. He appeared in front of us, beside the two life-like statues. He touched them gently, and I watched as they turned to dust. Something flickered inside me.

"Not for long," mum snarled. "Give him time and he will remember."

Lucifvar blurred and raced towards mum. She blocked him, and knocked him flying with her telekinesis. He disappeared in mid-flight. Mum glanced around her cautiously. He appeared behind her and his fist hit into a telekinetic shield. He howled as his fist sizzled.

"Simon, get your butt in here now!" Lucifvar shouted.

Simon appeared, and bowed before the two combatants. "Hello, cousin," he said to mum.

Mum looked shocked, and then blasted him with her telekinesis. He raised his hands and a shield appeared around him, deflecting her blow. He grunted at the telekinetic force, but he held. That shield looked familiar to me somehow, but the memory blurred and faded. I continued watching.

Lucifvar attacked at the same time. The battle became intense. Mum attacked Simon first, trying to take down the lesser opponent. Lucifvar kept her at bay. Simon created a shield around Lucifvar to prevent mum from throwing him. Mum turned her telekinesis inward adding strength to her physical attacks and maintaining a light shield over her body.

Simon and Lucifvar did a double headed attack. Mum was tiring, but she held her own. Soon all three became blurs until with a shout of victory, mum was hurtled back. Simon and Lucifvar converged upon her and pinned her, spread eagled upon the arena wall with Simon's power acting as shackles and Lucifvar's strength as reinforcement.

Lucifvar laughed long and loud. "I have waited for this moment for a very long time," he said to mum, "and with your son under my power, what delicious irony." His dark eyes turned cruel and feral. "After all, you banished me to the other-side like a common demon! Me! One of Gods own first born!" he ranted at mum. Saliva dribbled down his chin and the skin on his face tightened. He took a deep breath, and continued. "Well, now you will feel pain and anguish when I bring your son into the darkness, while I take his body as my own."

"With all this talk you spout, Demon," Mum said mockingly, "you're that confident I can't bind you like last time?"

"You won't get the chance," he said. And with that he stabbed mum in the stomach with hands that had turned to claws. "Your soul will never gain rebirth to try anything on me," he finished triumphantly.

Mum gurgled in her throat and she began to fade into silver wisps around the edges. She looked at me with such love, I felt something hard lodge in the back of my throat. Yet, I still couldn't understand why.

Still staring at me, she spoke. "I will always be with you, my baby." She disappeared completely and something finally snapped inside me.

Lucifvar and Simon were laughing and jumping up and down with glee. "Come to me, pet," Lucifvar said to me negligently. I got up to obey, yet a tiny voice that had been screaming, until it had gone hoarse deep inside my core, tried to draw upon my power. I stopped walking and I shook with the effort.

Lucifvar turned to me frowning. "Come here, now!"

Something made me look up. I saw the silver wisps that were all that remained of mum; they were floating lazily upon the wind and dying even as I stared at them.

An image of mum's funeral flashed through my mind in a split second. All those pent up emotions, as I sat in the church pew, came rushing to fill me. I had forgotten my mum, and now even her soul would be gone. My body shook and I turned towards Lucifvar. "No," I said to him.

He snarled, and began walking towards me. I shook with fear, but something drew my eye back to the fading silver wisps. I reached my hand out to those wisps and heard Lucifvar shout out, "NO!" Those wisps shot down to my hand, moments before Lucifvar could reach me.

Like a flash flood, heat rushed through me. I screamed, and it felt as if my very skin was being boiled alive. My wounds healed as that flash flood rushed up and down my body. I felt the fog of lust and forgetfulness clear from my mind, and I breathed a sigh of relief. I thanked mum for her sacrifice and pushed the grief to the back of my mind. There were things I had to do; after all, Lucifvar was in for payback. Mum had given me something extra as a parting gift, and Simon and Lucifvar were going to be my first victims.

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