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Chapter seventeen

I snarled in anger at the unfortunate turn of events. I was running out of time. I pulled hard on Simon, sucking the energy out of him for all he was worth. Simon's warrior was impressive to behold as he braced himself and moved forward, even as I weakened him.

I pushed back, using my telekinesis, and lifted him off the ground. He remained in the air, howling his rage. Yet, as his warrior drew on the elements, his body mass began to get heavier. Earth energy was being drawn rapidly. The rapid weight gain overwhelmed me and I nearly dropped my hold on Simon, both telekinetically and empathically.

I clenched my teeth and gripped tighter. He screamed and slavered at the mouth. He drew more power into him from the earth element. I couldn't hold him telekinetically anymore. He dropped and the house shuddered as his feet hit the ground. Cracks appeared as zigzags up the walls.

With all that weight, I would have assumed he could not have been able to move as fast as he did. I was wrong. He moved in a blur, and it took all my concentration to avoid him. I conjured up an empathic energy ball, only to be back handed as he moved around me, playing cat and mouse.

My head jerked backwards, and without my healing, warrior and telekinetic shield in place, he would have ripped my head off completely. I was losing ground rapidly, and even with me sucking on him, he was still able to keep on attacking me, as if he were still fresh.

I was weakening fast; the amount of energy I had been channelling was taking its toll. Anymore of this and I would make a fatal mistake. He came for me again. This time I created the empathic energy sheath around my body and rushed him. His body smacked into mine and I went flying with the wind knocked out of me. I heard his scream of pain as my body crashed through the wall of the dinning room and into the kitchen. I managed to slow my momentum with my telekinesis, but I still smacked into the far wall of the kitchen with enough impact to leave a large dent in it.

I began to fear that the house would collapse around us.

Simon came through the hole I had just made. I was close to passing out, and looked at Simon, my body aching everywhere. My healing came to life, working its soothing balm, but it was starting to lose effect. I was surprised to realise that my empathic leech was still working on Simon, but it obviously wouldn't save me in the next few seconds. I was tired and plumb out of ideas of how to stop him.

Simon rushed me with a roar of rage, saliva dripping from his maws. I saw my death coming towards me.

I saw a flash out of the corner of my eye and, suddenly, Simon was spinning and falling to his side. Another flash and something, so fast I couldn't see it, hit Simon on the opposite side, lifting him off his feet and pushing him back. He screamed his rage and stood back up, but more flashes joined the first two and began attacking. Tufts of bloody fur began falling from Simon. He tried swatting at the flashes, but they were faster even than him.

"Get up, Grandson," a voice beside me said. I turned, and looked up. There in a hazy form was Grams. "The guardians will distract him while you finish draining him. When you have taken all the universal energy that belongs to this realm out of him, only darkness will live. That's why he is getting stronger. The darker side is gaining control of his body. But it is the only way you can kill him."

I nodded my head; that had been my plan in the first place. Drain all the life essence out of him. "I know," I said weakly. I pulled more energy into my healing, and felt renewed and fresh. There were going to be consequences from this, before this night ended. I knew that, and only hoped that I would make it to a bed in time.

I heard a sound behind me and turned, ready to kill anything that rushed me. The kitchen back door opened, and dad's head popped through. I let my energy drop back inside of me.

"Dad? How did you get past my compulsion? No, scrap that. WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!!!!"

Behind him came Leon, looking scared but determined. My face blanched when I saw Kevin's head pop into sight. Dad lifted something from around his neck. It was a little pouch.

"Your grams gave this to me. Said that it would help me to resist forms of mind control." His eyes took in the damage and the zooming specks of light that were attacking Simon. "Where is grams?"

I shook my head. "She's gone, dad." He stared hard at me.

"So you're the new guardian?" he asked.

"No. Simon and Kate are."


Dust fell down upon us as Simon thrashed around the room. He crashed into a wall, trying to avoid a certain persistent guardian that was attacking, and more dust fell down.

"Get out of here, dad. I can't let Simon go free; the nether realms have already opened. The only way to stop him is to kill him."

Dad stood and looked resolutely at me. "What can we do to help?"

Grams came up beside me. Dad didn't even look at her. I guess I was the only one who could see her. "Tell him to go and get the rest of your uncles. They need to create the circle."

I looked at grams, confused, until mum's memories came to life within me. Every single one of my cousins, uncles, and relatives on grams side, had the magic flowing through their veins. Regardless of how much they knew, or didn't know, about the responsibilities of a guardian, they could still call upon their ancient blood in times of great need. It was ingrained within our DNA. Everyone could add something to the circle.

What did this mean? It meant that their blood and essence would act as a temporary barrier in place of the one that the new guardian was supposed to create. It was a safety measure, and one that our family had not needed to use in over three hundred years. With the `proper' barrier closed down by Simon, we needed all the help we could get. They could also contain most things that came through the barrier from the other side.

I relayed Grams message to dad, and he nodded determinedly, looked at me hard, and left. Leon, bumped me on the shoulder, and said. "You better be alive when I come back, bro." He turned around to depart, but I shouted out to him.

"Can you check on Sam Hutton for me, Leon? Simon used an image of him earlier, I haven't been able to sense him, and I just want to know if he's alright or if I..." I shook my head. "Can you find him for me, please?"

Leon looked at me, and his face turned serious. "I'll try."

I sighed, and nodded my head. I turned around to see that the Guardians were fading one by one. Simon was squealing in a mad frenzy, swatting at his own skin to get rid of my pesky guardian ancestors. I pushed a telekinetic shield in front of me around my side of the room, where the kitchen door was. I didn't want to take chances that Simon would attack my family as they started leaving.

Kevin came up to me and gripped my arm tightly. He pulled me around to look at him. He cupped my face and ground his lips into mine. It was fierce, possessive, and filled with hidden depth.

"Stay alive for me, please," he said. He stroked my face, went in for another soul stirring kiss and then rushed away, leaving me gasping.

"Kevin!" I shouted. He turned around to look at me. My heart was pounding, and I touched my fingers to my lips. "I love you," I whispered.

His eyes turned murky and then they shone with such intensity that my heart did a double staccato. He came striding towards me, nostrils flaring, eyes heated and he grabbed me in a bear hug. I felt his lips on my neck and his body was trembling. He squeezed tighter, and I embraced the constricting pressure. My arms went around his neck and I held onto him as tight as he was holding onto me.

I felt his laboured breath as he put his lips next to my ear. "I'm scared to let you go. I don't know if I could go on without you in my life."

I held him tighter. I could feel his warm breath flowing down my neck. "I'll come back Kev, I promise."

He nodded into my neck and pushed away from me. "I love you too, baby," he said, and walked away without looking back.

I turned back towards Simon and my mouth set. I had to end this right here and now. I had to keep my promise to Kevin, and even my warrior agreed.

With a click, I felt my power bloom inside once more. It was like my breath had been restricted and now I could finally take a large taste of fresh air. My skin glowed luminescent as energy and strength surged throughout my body. I pulled ruthlessly on my battery source, and felt myself lift off the ground, hovering six inches above the cracked floors of grams' house.

My telekinesis swirled around me like a bubble, keeping me suspended in mid air. I pushed outwards with that power, and picked Simon up once more. He struggled, and his eyes had turned red in his feral state.

This time, I had my full power behind me. I didn't need to draw on Simon's empathic ability to power my own. But I had, nevertheless, his ability held on a firm leash. He couldn't budge. I remained firmly in that white space of quietness inside my head so that I could prepare for what I was about to do next.

I raised my hand, and curled my fingers. With a sharp twist of my hand, I heard his neck snap with an audible click. His body spasmed and his body shrank, reforming into human flesh and it was Kate's form I was looking at. I sensed Simon's darkness screaming its fury inside the broken body and, even now, Kate's power was trying to re-knit the body. I lashed out once more. This time I pushed my empathic power into my healing ability and shoved it inside the body.

The healing colours swirled inside my head, but with the extra luminescence my body had given off earlier. It attacked the dark side of Simon as if he was an infection. I felt my power flow through the body like a multihued river, washing away pieces of Simon in an attempt to rid Kate of her brother's influence. He fought me, but was washed away like flotsam.

He snarled, and clung like a limpet to a part of Kate that still remembered Simon of old. She clung to the darkness and held him just out of my reach. I surged forward intending to end this foolishness, but my river smashed up against her refusal, like waves crashing against a cliff. Even in a broken body, the two of them were formidable.

"Kate, the Simon of your childhood is gone. Let him go!"

"He is still my brother, James, I can't abandon him."

The warrior snarled inside my head and informed me that denizens were flowing through the now, non-existent barrier. I was out of time. "If you don't let him go, Kate, I will be forced to go through you to get to him. The barrier is down, and each of you is half of the one key that will close it back up."

"But, I can't" she cried, agonised.

I felt the screams of thousands of people, as my power was connected to their life essence. Denizens from the dark were slaughtering thousands of innocents. I felt the cry of the world, as things that were not meant to cross over to this world tracked foot prints across the earth. The ground shuddered and shook as they passed. I sank further into my white space and opened up my power. I was out of options.

Instead of a river, my power became an ocean. It gathered and rose like an apocalyptic wave, towering above Kate, and Simon's little wall of resistance. I smashed against it, rushed over it, and crushed it all in one instance. I wiped the darkness of Simon and everything that made Kate, into the swirling vortex of my power. I felt them being snuffed out, and felt a flare of guilt slice through my white space before it faded.

I opened my eyes and looked around. There was nothing left of Simon/Kate's body. A glowing blue ball hovered in front of me. Rays of blue light shot out from it and it moved towards me. I put my hand out and felt it sink into me. I gasped as I felt the power of the barrier fill me. My body began to shake under the constant pressure of channelling so much power. My eyes and nose began to bleed, and I thrust all that energy into the place where the barrier between the two worlds had been.

In my minds eye, I saw the barrier spread out and close the rift that had been caused by Simon's shredding. It shimmered with gold light, and I sank down onto the floor in exhaustion. My warrior noted that there were still denizens running free in this world. I may have stopped the rest from coming through, but I had trapped the remaining ones on this side. There were enough to cause monumental damage, but I couldn't do anymore. I was exhausted and unconsciousness was taking me farther from the world. I closed my eyes and saw no more.


I awoke to the feeling of warm arms around my waist. I was on lying my side and felt heat all up and down my back. My stomach rumbled, and my bladder screamed for me to get up from the warm nest that I was in. I crawled out of bed and nearly fell on my butt. I looked around and felt relief flow through me as I saw it was my own room. I got back up, yet I felt weak and wobbly. I searched for my healing skills and nearly blacked out from my attempt.

That scared me, but it was mum's memories that reassured me. I had overextended myself, and now I was reaping the consequences. Channelling so much energy at my age was dangerous. I still hadn't fully developed physically and using that much power, while still going through puberty, had very nearly short-circuited my body. I had tapped depths that were only safe when one is fully matured. My body could have literally split apart. Now, my body was trying to recuperate the normal way, minus my powers.

I made it to the toilet, only a little shaky, and sighed blissfully as I emptied my bladder. I walked back into my room and looked at the sleeping form of Kevin. My heart did little flip flops as I watched him. There were dark crescents under his eyes, as if he hadn't slept properly. But it didn't detract from his familiar and handsome face.

I was surprised that I hadn't waked him earlier with my crash to the floor, and watched as his hand curled around the dent in the bed, where I had been. A frown formed between his eyebrows, and I hopped back in bed to watch. I traced his frown with a finger, revelling in the texture of his skin. He put his hand back over my waist, and pulled me into him possessively.

His eyes remained closed, and I traced his brown lashes with my fingers, smiling as he squeezed his eyes tighter to stop the tickling my fingers were causing. I trailed my fingers down the side of his cheek, and felt the rough texture of his unshaved stubble. I barely had any hair on my face, and found the rough texture fascinating. My fingers kept trailing downwards, until I touched his lips. They were soft, warm, and inviting.

I wondered at how he was sleeping in my bed beside me, and it made my heart flutter. Perhaps he had finally made his decision. After all, the family already knew, but, he was indicating that he was here by his own free will. I played with his upper lip as I lay there thinking.

The distraction was enough to make him stretch and open his eyes. It was then that I realised he was naked, from the waist up at least. I had on a t-shirt and boxers, and my mouth went dry as I began to inch the blankets lower to see if he was completely nude. He turned and looked at me. A sexy, knowing smile lit his face as he caught me red-handed trying to take a peek at him.

He pulled the blankets back and my mouth went from dry, to filling with saliva as I saw his morning glory straining the confines of his black silk boxers. He chuckled, and then stretched to show off his body to better effect. A ripple travelled through him as he used muscles to stretch his body. My own erection began to pulse, and my breathing sped up from the show he was putting on for me.

His smile disappeared as he saw the look on my face. It became more intense, and his breathing accelerated as I pulled my t-shirt off and moved into his body. I pushed him flat on his back and lay on top of him. I opened my legs and spread them on the sides of his body, as I cupped his head in my hands and went down for a kiss.

He groaned and thrust his hips up into me. I could feel his cock gliding up against my balls and my own straining member behind the silk of his boxers. I kissed him deeply, and slid my tongue into his mouth. He groaned, and I felt the rumble of this sound all over my own chest. His body was glued to mine.

His hands began to knead my back as the lust of our kiss consumed us. I ground myself into him as I held our kiss. My body burned, and I needed to quench my thirst for Kevin. Images of him dying had me holding onto him tighter than ever. He just held me against him as firmly as I was holding him. I needed more. I craved it.

I broke our kiss and, by unspoken consent, our last remaining clothes were discarded on the floor. I had missed the taste and smell of him on my body. I licked a trail from the strong column of his neck down to the groove where it joined his shoulder. He whimpered, and my cock hardened at the sound. It was one of his erogenous zones, and I was on a mission to enflame every single one of them. I circled one nipple with my tongue and bit down upon it. Kevin bucked his hips up and nearly had me bouncing off him. I snarled my response, and bit the other one. He held onto the railings of my bed above us and gripped them tight, as I licked and sucked on his nipples. My mouth trailed down his body until I reached his navel. I stuck my tongue in and swirled it around. He shivered and whimpered at his exquisite torture.

I moved lower. I watched as his cock pulsed and a steady flow of pre-cum oozed out of the slit. I blew on the tip and heard the frustration in Kevin's voice. I revelled in the power I had over him. His musky male scent was enough to drive me insane, but I held back from swallowing him whole. I licked up his pre-cum and glided my tongue over the head of his cock. His face seemed to be in agony from my ministrations. It was perfect, and I was wallowing in it all. I wanted to savour this. I realised, when I was fighting, that this could be my last time for this, and I wanted to remember it clearly. I wanted to cherish this time, and I touched Kevin's body with reverence in light of my thoughts.

I pushed his legs apart to get at his balls, and felt him move his legs back further for easier accessibility. I put my nose between his two hanging balls and inhaled the scent of him into my lungs. My warrior growled his pleasure. He was a scent hound; it was an inbuilt part of him. I agreed whole heartedly, and gave a big wet lick up the middle of his sac.

Kevin shuddered and gripped my hair, pawing and kneading it in his pleasure. I put one sac into my mouth and gently sucked, as I used my tongue to play with the ball inside the sac. His body arched off the bed, and he lifted my head away from his groin.

"Tell me you love me," he demanded. His eyes bored into mine as I stared, captivated by him. His hands held my head in a firm grip.

"Yes," I whispered.

He shook me gently, but very firm. "No, say the words to me."

"I love you."

"Again," he said, and shook me once more.

I swallowed, trying to gather more saliva into my mouth. "I love you."

He snarled his approval, lifted me toward him as if I were as light as a feather, and lay me back on top of him. He put his hand on the back of my head, and pulled me down for a deep, searching kiss. My head swam, and I drowned in the sensations of him. I felt him glide his hand between the two cheeks of my ass and I pushed into his fingers. He tickled my rosebud with a finger and I groaned my pleasure.

I pulled the side table drawer open beside my bed and pulled out some lube. "I want you inside me," I said a little breathlessly.

"You sure?" he asked.

I nodded my head, certainty filling every fibre of me. He grabbed the lube from me and lathered some on his fingers. He slid his hand back down to my rosebud, and began to massage and tease the outside of the muscle. I moaned and kissed him as I felt a finger probe inside of me. I waited for the pain, still thinking back to my deflowering, but no pain came, just sensation.

I rolled us over and lifted my legs to my chest. He raised himself up over me, kissed me gently and then proceeded to put his finger back in me. I gasped as I felt him slide along my prostate. My eyes shuttered at the sensation and I heard him growl.

"Open your eyes," he demanded.

I looked up at him, pleading, as he inserted another finger. My body buckled and my eyes became small slits as the pleasure rushed through me.

"Keep them open!" He growled.

I did as he bid, and whimpered as another finger joined the other two. He rotated the three fingers deep inside me and spread them to stretch my sphincter. Lucifvar's face came into my head, and I shoved it away to look deep into the eyes of Kevin. This was the man I had loved since I was twelve. The look of lust and pleasure and, yes, love helped clear the last remnants of Lucifvar from my head. I wanted Kevin in me now.

"No more," I pleaded to him. "I want you in me now."

His hands shook as he slathered more lube onto his hard cock. It stood out at a 45 degree angle. My own cock was plastered to my groin. He slid his cock up and down my ass crack and I thrust my pelvis as the sensation of his cock gliding, but never entering, tormented me.

He held his cock, pushed it down a little to get the right angle for penetration, and pushed into me. There was a brief sharp pain, but I embraced it and groaned at the sensation.

"You okay, baby?" he asked.

I nodded my head, and begged him to push more in. He complied, and his body shook as more inches of him slid deep into me. He laid his forehead against mine as he bottomed out. Sweat dotted his forehead, and his hot breath blew against me. I let my hands go free and wrapped my legs around his torso. I traced his face as he lay still within me.

His cock deep inside me felt sublime. It wasn't extremely large, but it contoured to my ass as if it had been expressly made to give me the utmost pleasure. And that's what his cock did. It hit all the right spots in me; and my cock was pulsing, ready to explode at the lightest touch.

When he finally moved, my shout of pleasure must have been heard throughout the house. If the gritted teeth were anything to go by, Kevin was having as much difficulty keeping quiet as I was. He pulled out and teased my sphincter with the mushroom head of his cock, just on the inside of my entrance. He rotated his hips, and the sensation had me bucking into him.

He growled, gripped my hips firmly to keep me still, and plunged all the way back into me. I bit his shoulder as he went over and over my prostate. His movements began to increase in speed, and I felt the bed beneath me rock with the motion.

"Faster," I begged, and he growled his compliance once more.

Heavy flesh against flesh sensations had me running around in circles inside my head. The angle of his thrusts kept pushing the breath out of me, but I loved every minute of it. I felt my crescendo getting closer, and urged him on with more grunts and groans of pleasure. He must also have been close, because he began to jackhammer into me, faster and faster. That last drop of pleasure was enough to send me over the edge. I screamed my pleasure, and felt my cock squirt between us only seconds after I heard him shout his release as he shoved tightly against me. His neck corded with the strain, and he held himself a few more seconds in that pose before collapsing on top of me.

Our hearts pounded, and it felt as if I had run a hundred miles an hour. He was still hard and I felt him still buried deep inside me. He managed to raise his head off my shoulder and gave me a lopsided grin.

"You ready for round two?" he asked with a glint in his eyes.

I wrapped my hands behind his neck and smiled back. "Anytime, baby, anytime."

He grinned, before lowering his head for another kiss. Eros, the god of love hadn't finished with us as we began the dance of love once more.

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