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Chapter nineteen

It was unnerving to watch the trees around me. They actually moved out of the way, and even the track we were following disappeared behind us as we passed. Henry looked fascinated by the entire thing, but my older cousins looked petrified. I grabbed hold of their hands and sent soothing energy into them. They smiled at me gratefully.

The mist was still thick, even with the sun shinning down, and I knew this wasn't natural. It stopped abruptly, just as we came to the end of the woods, onto open land. I hadn't realised what the constant noise was in the background, until I stood staring at it.

An enormous waterfall, nearly 100 feet high, cascaded down three tiers before dropping off a ledge, 60 feet, to the pool beneath it. Finding purchase along the cliff sides, shrubbery encased the waterfall on both sides. The scenery was spectacular, and we were at a dead end.

Jay looked at me, and his lips lifted at the expression on my face. "We have to dive under the water," he said. "Behind the waterfall is a cave."

I smirked at him and answered. "How clichéd."

His wide smile changed his face. It made him devastatingly good looking, and I stared at my feet, uncomfortable about where my thoughts were heading.

"I bet you've never been to this kind of cave before," he said with eyebrows waggling.

The insinuation made me laugh, and I glanced sideways at him. He winked before running towards the waters edge and diving in, headfirst. Robin followed suit, but William smirked before casually walking towards the water. He put his foot out, and my three cousins gasped when they saw him walking on water. With a lazy flick of his hand, the waterfall parted, like a curtain, to show the cave. He strolled onwards, as if this was an everyday occurrence. Jay and Robin had already heaved themselves up on the ledge, and were looking at their cousin with exasperation.

I looked at my three cousins, mischief plain in my eyes. "Who wants to go with Pounamu via teleport, and who wants to come with me?"

Jessie and Theresa saw the look on my face, looked at each other and said in unison. "We'll go with Pounamu."

I poked my tongue at them, and heard them giggle. I turned to look at Henry. Excitement literally sparked off him. "I'm with you, cuz," he said, bouncing on the spot. I nodded my head.

I looked at Pounamu, who was eyeing me suspiciously.

"And what are you going to be doing?" he asked.

A smirk appeared on my face. "Watch."

He sighed noisily. "That's what I was afraid of. We'll see you on the other side."

The displacement of air was the only indication, that Henry and I were the last on this side. I closed my eyes, and gathered my power around me. Henry hooted and hollered as our feet left the ground. We hovered a few seconds and then flew over the water, Superman style.

William had just walked onto the ledge where everyone else was sitting. He turned around to watch. We were just passing under the waterfall when I saw him flick his hand. The waterfall closed, crashing towards us. I didn't think; I just reacted.

I yanked on my power, hands flung outwards, and thought "away" with as much force as I could muster. I had my eyes closed, waiting for the downpour of cold water to slap against me.

The silence was deafening. I opened my eyes. Everyone was staring at us with their mouths open. I looked towards Henry, to see if he was okay. He, too, had his mouth open, and was looking up toward the sky. I followed his gaze, and nearly dropped the two of us in mid air, as shock overcame me.

The waterfall was flowing upwards, into the sky. I turned around, and my face paled. There was no water at the bottom of the lake. It was all above us; just a mass of water floating in the sky. I gulped, and moved Henry towards the ledge.

William's eyes were dilated, and Robin was now in a defensive stance. His hands were trailing energy along my nerves. Jay's eyes were unfathomable.

"I hope you can return it to its proper position." Jay said.

I nodded my head, and closed my eyes. Before I could return the water to its proper place, I felt it slide away from my telekinetic grip. I opened my eyes and saw William directing the water back where it belonged. Hearing the sound of the waterfall pounding against the lake bottom was a relief.

William spun around to face me, eyes blazing. "If you ever do anything as stupid as that again, I will suck all the air out from around you, until you're blue and choking."

"William!" Jay shouted warningly.

William looked towards Jay, before turning his back and storming into the cave.

"After him, Rob," Jay said, sounding weary.

I watched Robin go, before turning around to Jay. "I'm sorry," I said. "I just wanted that water as far away from me as possible, I... lost control."

The side of his mouth lifted, and stared at me. Yet, I got the impression that he wasn't really seeing me. More like ghosts from his past were haunting him. I pulled away, disconcerted with my perception of him.

"Let's go," Jay said curtly.

We all stood up and followed after him; Jay, then me, my cousins, and Pounamu, taking up the rear. I tried apologising one more time.

Jay glanced at me, before speaking. "It's not your actions that angered Wills; it's more the way you did it. You scared him, and he becomes aggressive whenever he fears something. It is part of his nature. Attack first...thinks later."

"I'm not sure I follow you," I answered.

Jay gave me an assessing look, before he continued. "Truth," he said. "I will answer this question, if you will answer mine as best you can."

I looked towards Pounamu. He remained silent and unresponsive to my glare. I had nothing to lose. I nodded my head in agreement.

"This entire area is a part of William. It's a vital part of him, like his arms and legs. That is how `connected' he is to this place. When you pushed the water away, like you did, it was like you momentarily ripped off his arm."

I felt chastened, and lowered my head. "What is it you wish to know?" I asked.

"How many in your family hold the type of power you possess?"

My warrior surged to the defence. There was something mercenary, in Jay's eyes. But a promise was a promise.

"I am the only one of my generation. My mother, and two cousins, in the last, and my Grandmother was The Guardian."

He looked at me, head tilted. "Guardian?"

"It's the reason why there is a denizen here. We hold the barrier preventing the other dimensions from interfering with this plane." I stopped, as I felt my throat clog with grief. "Grams, died. I am now the next Guardian."

"Thank you for answering my question fully," Jay said quietly. "You have questions for me?" he said.

"How many people in your family hold powers?"

Jay smiled, but his expression had a superiority that irked me. "About ninety percent of the female line; my two cousins and I are the only males in the last two hundred years."

I swallowed as I looked ahead. I had been so interested in what Jay had to say, I failed to realise that it was still light, even though we had walked a fair way into the cave. I looked around and gasped. Amethyst crystals were glowing. That was our light source.

My psychic senses teased out, and my jaw dropped once more. Surprise after surprise bombarded me. "They're as alive as you and I?!?!" I said, very near hyperventilating in my shock.

"You're an Aussie, right?" he asked.

I nodded. I was still speechless over the size of the cave, and the fact that it was lined with crystals that were as aware of me, as I was of them.

"So you have Uluru. That place is not only spiritual, but as alive as this cave. Why so shocked?"

I blushed before answering. "I have never been to Uluru. In fact, I have never been outside of Sydney, until today."

Another thought hit me as I looked at him. "If your powers are so common in your family, does that also apply to your people in general?"

"Once upon a time we did. But when western civilisation came, many of our people lost their faith, and those that held this power were never trained to tap into it. That is not to say that our government are not aware of our talents."

I frowned. "Then how is it, that your culture is not on television more often?"

"We control the majority of the New Zealand government and, therefore, most of the media. Besides, we generally try to work behind the scenes." He shrugged as he stared at me. "But that's beside the point. We show our culture to the world, incorporating our truths as myths from our past. Naturally no magic involved." I frowned, as I wondered about the influential countries like America, trying to examine them or something. Jay looked at me, almost as if he was reading my mind, and I wasn't entirely surprised when he answered my unsaid question. "The big countries, like the US, Britain and even China have attempted to coerce, kidnap and even kill some of us. When they realised we were a force to reckon with, and all attempts had proved ineffective in bringing us under their control, they decided that as long as we remained here in New Zealand we weren't too much of a threat." A dark smile crossed his face, one that made my skin crawl. He looked at me with those dark eyes and continued, "Once that was established, they felt it was necessary to ignore something they couldn't control, namely my people."

I walked along feeling like I had walked into Alice in Wonderland. How was it, that the average Australian was unaware, that their closest neighbours, were magically advanced?

I thought about the might of the American government, and the strength and arms of China and frowned. They were not the type of country to give up on something even if it was too hard. "What stopped them?" I asked.

A nasty smile crossed Jay's face. "I did."

I looked confused for a second, before his cryptic answer started to make sense. The vision of all those people connected to him. One hand in front of the other. A shiver went down my spine.

"Are you immortal, or a shape changer?" I asked.

He looked at me surprised. "I am neither."

"I saw all those people connected to you. I know that you have had many different faces in the past. You can't hide that from my inner vision." I declared.

His stunned look changed to one of calculation. Dread crawled up my spine. "I have the knowledge of the ancestors within me. The faces that you saw were those who have gone before, who held the title of, Tohunga Karouwa or wise elder. With each new Tohunga Karouwa born, we gain the strength, knowledge and power from the previous one." I must have looked confused, because he began to clarify. "The very first Tohunga Karouwa was considered a god. The second person who took on this mantle, had not only the first Tohunga's power, but also his own strength, added on top until the second Tohunga Karouwa was twice as powerful as the original. With each generation, the next Tohunga Karouwa grew more powerful than its predecessor.

My mind went into over drive as I sorted things out. The line of people I had seen holding onto Jay's shoulder were so long, I had lost sight of the end. I began to shiver at the thought of the amount of power Jay had the potential to use. He was most certainly a scary person to get on the wrong side of.

Our conversation ended as we walked into an enormous cavern with a huge structure in its centre. A mountain shaped effigy of clear quartz stood there. It emitted a powerful white light that shot up as a single beam towards the ceiling. I followed it and was astounded to see that the light was absorbed by a diamond pyramid, perfectly shaped and hanging down from the ceiling. The pyramid had four main veins that trailed in four different directions away from the centre. Each vein pulsed with a separate colour.

We walked further into the cave. In one section, there were small symmetrical troughs filled with water flowing around the central quartz crystal. Another section had precious gems; another had stone tubes lying on the ground with wind blowing through them, creating a deep chiming sound. The last had pockets of light. My mind tried to puzzle out what the designs meant. Engrossed by my curiosity, I flew high above to look down. The walls glowed with enough light; it could almost be described as daylight.

I gasped with pleasure. The monolithic quartz crystal stood on the apex of four quadrants. Each quadrant spiralled and curled toward the centre, but the shapes the troughs made, were distinct and obvious in what they represented. Earth, Fire, Wind, and Water. Mum had been an avid fan of symbology. She felt it would help her better understand her own precognitive talents. Yet, strangely enough, there were even hieroglyphs in all four quadrants.

Jay looked up at me, and Henry begged me to lift him so he could see. I pulled him and the rest of our group above so they could see the design upon the floor. My cousins `oohed and aahed' as they hovered above the cave. Jay looked at me.

"This is the heart of William's power."

I frowned at him. "Aren't you afraid that I could use this knowledge against you?"

"I trust you to do the right thing. Besides, you could try and destroy this, but you wouldn't get very far."

I took his warning to heart. There was something inherently dangerous about this man, and I wasn't prepared to test how dangerous he could be. In a way, I saw what he was trying to do. He was saying he was a power to be reckoned with. But he was also willing to be an ally.

"Since you're in the driver's seat, would you care to move us in that direction?" he said, pointing his finger to an opening in the northern wall.

We glided towards the northern wall, my three cousins eyes alight with delight. Jay kept glancing sideways at me. In my own way, I was telling him that I was also a power to be recognised. I smiled warmly at him to indicate that being allies might be a good thing. He gave me a searching look as we glided through the entrance.

I faltered, and heard gasps as I saw the ground coming towards us. I mentally gripped harder, and held onto the group, lifting us back up. This time it was a struggle. A smirk crossed Jay's face. The warrior came to the fore, and I kept my expression as calm as a placid lake. I wasn't going to let him see me struggle.

This new cave left me blind, and cut off from my power source. I was riding on my own personal strength. I gently guided the group down to the floor. I wasn't foolish enough to try and hold on. I might need what remaining strength I had for any nastiness further ahead. I was relieved to know that the power of the barrier was still mine, in its full potency.

"You noticed the dampeners in here, huh?" Jay asked.

"And you failed to mention them to me."

He shrugged his shoulders. "I wanted to see if the dampeners would affect your power."

These little tests of his were beginning to wear thin. I knew that I was merely reacting to him, and not setting my own ground rules. He was leading this little fiasco, and I had to do something, to warn him that I wasn't someone you played with lightly.

I pulled on the barrier, and wrapped it around my cousins and myself. They were the only individual bubbles of energy I could sense in this void space. At least, this way, I knew that any backlash, from what I was about to do, would not affect them. Jay and Pounamu felt like little islands of heat. For some reason, I couldn't get an empathic feel on Jay. Pounamu was warmth against my skin, and I sensed nervousness and guilt from him. Since this was a test, he was staying on the fence by remaining out of this little battle. I was starting to dislike Pounamu. He was supposed to be my security, and so far, he sucked! No wonder grams handed him over to Uncle George!

If Jay wanted to test me, it was time to show him what I could do. I grabbed more energy from the barrier, and pushed it outwards. Jay shivered, stumbled, and looked at me.

"What are you doing?"

I looked at him evenly, "I wanted to see if my nether-barrier affects your power."

I pushed the barrier tight against the walls of the cave. For the first time, I heard screams from the crystals, as the barrier brushed against them. Pounamu whimpered and looked at me pleadingly. I gave him a cold stare, and turned my attention to Jay. The cave was now under my control. Even if his cousins came to the rescue, they would have a hard time getting through the barrier. After all, it had prevented supernatural beings from entering this earth plane, and as far as I was concerned, these people were more magic than actual men.

Jay's hair was flying around him as his power hummed across my senses. I threw a nether barrier at him and wrapped him in a bubble. He snarled and pushed his arms outwards. I felt his energy pool against my barrier, trying to find any cracks in it. It remained firm and stable.

With the barrier flush against the cave walls, it negated the dampening effects upon my power. I felt my energy source flow through me, once more, and I took a deep breath of relief. Closing my eyes, I dug deep into my ocean. From all around me, I could feel, and sense the lives of not only people, but plants, and even the earth as I drew on the pure essence of the universe.

"What's going on?" Jessie asked me.

I turned to look at my three cousins. "Stay where you are, guys. I'm just teaching Jay, here, that to mess with our family is dangerous."

Henry sat down and smirked at Jay. Theresa looked worried, but Jessie continued talking. "Please, James; the longer we do this, the less chance you will get Leila back in time."

I nodded my head. "Thanks, cuz," I said to her, "but this needs to be done, or there may be more silly tests like this further ahead."

I turned and walked toward Jay. The barrier shimmered with a golden hue around him. His eyes had turned black in his head, and his teeth showed in a rictus smile.

"You think you have me trapped?" Jay said. His voice had multi tones to it.

He began to form intricate designs in the air. Like knitting being unravelled, I could feel the barrier untying around him. I thought quickly, and closed my eyes as I held out my hand. A ball of energy grew, which produced a paralysis of mind by telepathy, an empathic pull of indecision, and the healing skill of anesthetising the body. I threw it at Jay while he was trying to unravel my barrier.

It hit him, and I watched as he struggled with my Molotov cocktail.

And, that's when I felt it. My barrier disappeared. Everywhere! The dampening effects came rushing back. Although I still had power within me, I knew it wouldn't be enough against Jay. But, that was the least of my problems. It dawned on me who had betrayed me, as Jay walked towards me.

I stared at Pounamu with a sense of betrayal and a look of hatred on my face. "You have been a family heirloom, and part our family for generations, and you decide to betray us now!?" I shouted at him.

He looked at me with regret and torment on his face. "I was forced to," he said, pleading with me to understand.

"I HAVE SEEN ENOUGH," a voice said, echoing throughout the cave.

From the ground rose an entity that drew me like a magnet. She was magnificent. Her essence was like a missing piece of my soul. I sank to my knees in front of her. This was Mother Earth.

A cloak of pure light hid her face, and I mourned the loss of not knowing her features. She walked up to me. "GET UP, JAMES." I stood on shaky legs. "Pounamu was doing my bidding; he was not to interfere. As for Jay, he, too, had to play his part."

I looked away from that glorious figure. I needed to think. "What was up with these little tests?" I asked, sounding petulant.

"I have decided that you need more people to help you, in protecting and upholding the barrier. You cannot perform all your duties by yourself. Some of the Maori people have volunteered, to journey with you through the nether realms, and back to your country if you will have them. However, they needed to test your prowess before they were willing to commit. "

I bowed my head, feeling gratitude fill me. "Thank you, Great Mother."

I felt her hand rest on my head for a moment, before I sensed her presence fade.

Jay was smiling ruefully at me when I looked at him. "You know, you're the first person I know of, besides myself, that has been able to use his powers within this chamber. Very impressive, James."

"Thanks. But what about the denizen?"

"She's been already taken care of. Mother Earth removed her."

I was about to complain to Pounamu for sending me on a goose chase, but realised the debt I owed him, when four Maori women walked towards me. They bowed their heads before asking if they could journey with me. I bowed back, and welcomed them gratefully.

Pounamu walked up to me, his face looked earnest as he spoke. "I'm sorry, James, truly I am. Please forgive me."

I touched his shoulder. "No, Pounamu, I thank you for having my best interests at heart. I know it was you that asked `grandmother' to intervene and get help with more people. But I have more questions. Why didn't Mother Earth use her powers to get rid of the denizens? And why does she need us to create the barrier?"

"Where do you think your power comes from?" he asked.

"Mother Earth?" I hazarded a guess.

He nodded, smiling happily at me. "Yes, she is part of the universe. After all, she helped make it. But do you remember how your own power was sucked away by chaos?"

I nodded my head.

"The nether realms are anathema to her, just as it is to your own power source." I noted a sense of hesitation, before he continued. "There is something else you should know; your first ancestor was not human." He looked at me to see my reaction.

"Keep going," I said quietly.

"You are descended from Chaos and, because of that, your soul can relate to the negative and dark forces. This is why you can create a barrier without chaos damaging you. It is also how your power is able to work in the nether realms. Jay and his cousins could probably get to the nether-realms but, without a barrier to surround them, they would lose the connection to their power source. After all, Mother Earth is made up entirely of pure cosmic energy and, in a sense, the natives of New Zealand are her children made human."

"What about Jay and his two cousins? Why have we never heard of them before? And are they guardians too?"

"Your grandmother knew about them. But she just never had the time to talk to you about them. They are a private people, for good reason. Jay and his two cousins are guardians, but not in the same way you are. Their power is designed to utilise energy from this side of the universe. Earth is not the only planet that has life. Jay and his people are the protectors from what the western world would call `alien threats.' That is their job."

I looked to see how my cousins were faring. Henry was chatting to three young girls, flirting outrageously. Theresa and Jessie had their own flock of guys talking to them. I smiled at seeing such normal activity. This was what I was trying to protect.

Knowing that we were descended from a denizen made way too much sense. I was pleasantly numb about it. But I had more pressing matters. I had to save the last member of my family, even if it meant bringing her home in a casket.


We teleported back to Uncle George's house. It was very early in the morning, and everyone was asleep, draped over any piece of furniture they could fit. My heart lurched when I saw Kevin asleep on a chair. He looked uncomfortable, even in sleep, but he still looked strikingly handsome to me.

One of the Maori women, Moana, could teleport just like Pounamu. That was her ability. Tini had the power of great healing. Aroha had a similar power to Robin, and I payed her special attention because her nervousness and fear pulled at me. It told me that she feared rejection, and she wanted to be accepted where her power was not feared. I understood how that felt.

The last of the women was Maria. She could control the elements. Yet, as I scanned the women, each of them held other minor talents; of telepathy, prophesy, empathy, and even minor healing. These people were indeed very gifted. I felt almost obsolete beside them.

I had a lot of explaining to do to dad, and Uncle George. But first, I went to Kevin, and kissed his sleeping face. I heard Henry gasp behind me, but paid no attention.

"James," Henry asked, uncertainly. "Are you..."

I walked over to him. "Yeah, I'm gay." I lowered myself to the floor. "You gonna be okay with that?" He looked down and shrugged his shoulders. "I'm still the same James I was five minutes ago."

"I guess...is Kevin your b-boyfriend?"

"I hope so." I smiled cheekily.

He blushed, and walked over to his sleeping dad.

I went to mine and woke him and Uncle George. I began introductions to the four women, and let everyone know that they were here to help. Dad pumped their hands, thankfulness upon his face. Life seemed to come back to his face as he stared at us. I sensed renewed hope, and was grateful for it. I asked him to find beds for our guests, and he and Uncle happily set about doing that. I couldn't help but notice how Uncle kept looking at Aroha. After the death of his wife, he had remained a bachelor, and it had been nearly two years. It was good to see him moving on with life.

It was late, and I needed sleep. I whispered to Pounamu what I had in mind. He smiled devilishly at me, but acquiesced. I tapped Kevin on the shoulder, and he looked up at me blearily. I whispered what I was about, and he smirked at me.

With a quick nod, Pounamu teleported us back to my room.

Kevin wrapped his hands around my waist and lifted me off the floor. We stared, at eye level with each other. I telekinetically picked up the matches and lit the candles. I put my hands behind his head, and drew him towards me for a kiss.

Our tongues played with each other. My eyes closed, and I gave into the sensation. I moaned with pleasure and deepened our kiss. An idea hit me, and I decided to put it into play. I used my empathy to enhance the sensations we were feeling. I felt Kevin shudder. He held me tighter, as I built upon the love and lust we were generating.

I wanted this experience to surpass the last one. I linked our minds telepathically, and empathically, and felt the intensity of his need for me. It inflamed me. I wanted to ravish his body, and Kevin sensed my need. It was like a feedback loop. The more intoxicated I got, on the taste of him; it doubled his, and my need, to please each other.

We got wild. He threw me on the bed, his clothes following mine in a tangled heap on the floor. His body landed on mine and I felt my breath leave me. He ran his lips down the side of my neck, and my body shook with pleasure. Kevin groaned, as my pleasure became his through our link.

The duality of me kissing him and, through him, feeling his lips on me at the same time, was an erotic fantasy. "I love you," I whispered. I felt his heart burst with pleasure at the sound of those words.

"Tell me again," he demanded.

"I love you," I said, hugging him close. His mouth circled my nipples. I wrestled with him, and he rolled me around, forcing me on the bottom once more. He opened my drawer to get out the lube and went south. I felt his mouth slide over my cock, and I bit my lip at the pleasure. He moaned as he felt my pleasure riding along with his. It was the last straw. He dove onto my cock. He massaged my rose bud and then pushed two fingers into me.

With each thrust up and down, he imitated it with his fingers inside me. He stretched me some more, before he began to flick three fingers into me. It rubbed against my prostate, and my dick hardened even more. I looked down at his lips gliding over me and moaned. His eyes were green pools of want as he read my mind.

We didn't need words, or gestures for what we wanted from each other. It became a fluid dance. He flipped around, until I saw his cock descending to my mouth. I opened my mouth eagerly, and felt his warm mouth swallow me once more. I had been practising my deep throat over the last two days and, thanks to mum's ability to meditate, had found a way to do it properly.

I closed my eyes, going into a trance, and relaxed my throat. With my hands holding his hips, I felt his cock glide against the back of my throat. It tickled my tonsils, before I pushed it past the oesophagus. Relaxing as best I could, I pushed it to the beginning of my gag reflex and swallowed. The head was gripped and pulled downward.

Kevin shouted his pleasure and surrendered to the world of his senses. I took a slow breath with his cock down my throat and continued. I gripped his hips more firmly, telling him to push his hips forward. He obeyed my mental command, and I felt his balls tickle my nose. The scent of him had me moaning. It vibrated on his cock and, by the sensations singing inside his mind, I knew that he was close.

He pulled his dick out slowly and then, just as slowly forced it back in. My throat muscles were still a little tight, and the friction had Kevin groaning in ecstasy. I could feel his need to thrust into my throat deep and hard. My sense of reason fled, and I urged him to do just that. Lust and pleasure fogged his mind, and my urging was all he needed.

He started thrusting in and out of my throat, gradually picking up the pace. I felt my head pushing into the pillow with each thrust. The smell of his sweaty balls was an aphrodisiac to me. I relaxed my throat even more as his pace increased. He was on the verge, but I wanted him inside me in a different way.

He got the message. He pulled out of my mouth, and I realised that my throat would be a little sore. I didn't care. As far as I was concerned, anything he did to me would be nothing but pleasure. He kissed me with demanding lips. I returned the favour, and felt him greasing his cock with lube, never missing a beat in kissing me.

He flipped me onto my stomach. I arched my ass as I felt him slide his dick up and down the groove of my ass crack. It felt divine, feeling that mushroom head tease my hole. He was sliding against it, but refusing to enter. I moaned and bucked my hips, begging him to fill me. He liberally applied more lube to my hole.

Blood throbbed inside my head, and it pounded behind my ears. I felt him finally push his beautiful cock against the sphincter. The muscle resisted entrance, at first, before opening like a flower. I sighed with contentment as I felt the contour of his cock push ever deeper into me. The pain was slight, and then turned to pleasure.

Kevin groaned with me. I had never had my cock up an ass, but with us linked so strongly, I knew how it felt. I was gasping and bucking my hips at the explicit pleasure. He felt what it was like to have a cock up the ass, and I felt his cock harden like steel inside me.

When he thrust, it was not gentle, nor was it controlled. I loved it. He laid his entire body against my back, held onto the railings of my bed, and rammed deep. My voice became guttural from my pleasure. He grabbed hold of my hands, placed them on the railings alongside his and gripped them tight.

He then began to thrust hard and fast into me. He bit my neck, as I squeezed my ass against his invading member. "Oh God, babe, you are so fucking good," he uttered.

He put his mouth next to my ear and whispered all the positions he wanted to fuck me in. My mind was in a delirium. I gritted my teeth and squeezed his cock harder with my ass muscles. He shouted, and I felt the bed creaking louder and faster with his approach to climax. The sensations were too much.

I screamed my pleasure, and heard Kevin shout along with me. His hands held mine tightly against the bed railings as he pumped his hips against my ass with each pulse of orgasm. My body collapsed. I felt unconsciousness claim me just as I felt Kevin collapse on top of me.

"I love you, baby," I heard Kevin mutter, as darkness embraced me.

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