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Chapter eight

"You will not always be there to hold his hand, Ellie" a male voice snarled.

"You touch my son and there will not be much of you either, Simon. I guarantee it." I tried to open my eyes, but they felt like sludge and remained stubbornly closed. I knew my mothers voice.

"Don't try to threaten me, Cousin dear," Simon said sneeringly. "I have been trapped in the realms of darkness, and I will not hesitate to destroy your soul, family or not."

"I assure you; it's not an idle threat," mum warned. And with a flash of light that I saw through my eyelids, a scream was cut short and then went silent.

"M-mum?" I croaked.

"It's alright baby. Your grams is coming."

"Did you kill Simon?" I asked, as I tried to open my eyes once more.

"No, I just pushed him some where else. He'll probably be back," mum said. "Rest baby; you used a lot of power."

I sighed, and sleep overcame me. When I came to, I was in a soft, comfy bed, with grams and dad sitting beside me.

"You're gonna have to stop doing this, James," dad said. I looked at his face; there was a white line around the edges of his lips, and tightness around his eyes.

"There was a manticore at our school dad...I wanted to prove myself."

Dad turned to grams and spoke. "Is this what you're teaching him Ilene? That he needs to live up to your standards?"

Grams' back straightened, and she glared at dad. "He did this of his own accord."

"But you should have known this would happen. And how in hell did you not know that there was a manticore at his school?" Enraged, dad stared hard at grams. "Good god, woman, he has only come into his powers, and you decided to push him into the deep end?"

I felt power swirling around the room. Grams' face looked like cold marble and she gripped her staff until her knuckles paled. "I didn't know," she said quietly.
Dad and I looked at each other. Grams stared straight ahead, looking at neither of us.

I had never known grams to admit to any failings. This was something that left both dad and I speechless. She turned her face towards me. For the first time I saw the frailty in her. "This is why you must take over soon. I wanted to tell you later, but it seems we don't have that much time." She sighed and looked her age of seventy. "You will be the next in line to hold the nether-barrier. We have a long tradition of protecting mankind."

I raised my hand to stop her. "I already know about this part." I proceeded to tell her what mum had already said to me. She looked at me with surprise and shock. I frowned. "I thought you knew about all this." I stated. "After all, when I collapsed earlier today, mum told me you were on your way; I just assumed she came to you, too?"

Grams shook her head, and I saw her eyes gloss over with unshed tears. "That is not an ability I hold, grandson. I can't see spirit the way you do. No, I found you because I sensed you were in danger." Brushing the thought away, she continued. "Nevertheless, your mum has made my job easier in training you."

"Oh no you don't!" dad shouted. "I am not letting this charade go on any further. James is coming home with me."

I gripped his hand lying on the side of my bed. "I need to do this dad; it's a part of who I am." I stared into his eyes trying to make him understand. "I have to train properly, or those who I hold dear could be in grave danger. You should know this already; you were once a part of this."

There were things in his eyes that told me of unspeakable terrors, but I just gripped his hand trying to put into the gesture how important this was for me. His body shrunk in on itself. I rubbed his arm and he nodded his acquiescence.

"Okay grams, mum was always saying meditation helped her focus. She said that's the main thing I need to learn to help control my powers... So can you teach me meditation?"

Grams looked at me and smiled. "I see your mother in you, more each day."

She looked so proud, staring at me, but there was more that I needed to tell her. I took a deep breath and felt a little well of apprehension flow into me. "Mum also said that meditation wouldn't work for me until I resolved some of my personal issues. I took another deep breath. "I'm gay, Grams."

"Is that all?" she said. "I've known that since you were a just a toddler, boy. That didn't change the way I saw you then and it doesn't change what I see in you now."

"And what's that, Grams?" I asked. "A failure?" I looked down feeling my stomach sink at that thought.

"Look at me, boy!" she said. I looked up reluctantly. "You are of my blood." Her hazel eyes froze me like a deer in headlights. "You are not a failure!"

My jaw dropped. I sat there and felt giddy with relief. Dad held my hand and squeezed it reassuringly. I hadn't realized how much grams acceptance had meant to me, until now. I looked back on what I said and felt foolish but liberated. Although it felt like a large issue for me to overcome, now that I had, it was anticlimactic to see the smug look on grams' face.

There were three more issues I had to face, and I was optimistic now that I had conquered one already. My heart lightened, and I felt that my world was going to be okay.


Dad wanted to take me home for the night, and I consented to go with him on the condition that I went back to grams' in the afternoon to practise my powers and learn to focus. We drove in comfortable silence. I asked dad what happened to Mr. McDonald. He told me that the principal, and all the other teachers who were drones, had awoken with amnesia; they were in the hospital under surveillance. I sighed my relief at the good news.

"Mum told me about you and Simon," I said to dad. I watched as he stretched the muscles in his neck, trying to loosen the sudden tension along his shoulders. I pushed onwards. "I talk about this now, because it's one of those issues I have to get over."

"If you've got a point James, make it." Dad replied in an uncomfortable voice.

We drove onto our street, and dad parked the car outside our house. "I used to resent you when I was little, dad. It seemed like you gave all your attention to Leon and Leila. I used to think that I wasn't good enough for this family because I was different." Dad was silent beside me. "Kevin told me that you visited me every single day when I was in the coma. He told me that you threatened to sue the hospital if they took me off the machines. But when I woke up and saw you beside my bed this afternoon, it hit home for me that you really did love me; and that I was not just an extra mouth to feed."

Dad looked ashen. "I'm sorry, James."

"Its okay, dad," I said, rubbing his arm. "I know what Simon did to you. I just needed to tell you this because it was something I held inside for a long time, and it needed to be said. I know you love me." I watched dad swallowing and trying to hold onto his emotions. "I love you too."

I unbuckled my seat belt, reached over and hugged him. For a second he remained rigid. I gripped him tighter, and slowly his hands wrapped around me. I felt my t-shirt dampen as his head came down upon my shoulder. His body shook with his sobs. I felt my healing talent awaken and slide inside him. I saw that my words had opened the old wounds on his soul that had been scarred over. My hug had gone a long way to help re-heal them. I felt my power on the tip of my fingers, wanting to remove those scars permanently.

I closed my fingers and pushed the power back. I had no right to do this. Those scars helped shape dad into who he was today, and I wouldn't change him for anything. "Not this time" I whispered to my power. It receded back inside me.

Sara was waiting for us in the kitchen by the time we got out of the car. She ran up to me and gave me a huge hug. "Are you hungry? We can get pizzas?"

I smiled at her, and told her I just wanted to sleep. All this soul searching had left me physically, mentally and emotionally tired. I went into my room and sighed my contentment. I had missed my room and the sense of stability it gave me. I crawled into bed. As my head hit the pillow, I knew no more.

I was dreaming, I knew this, but the sensations and my emotions were very real. I felt someone above me kissing the side of my neck. I looked up and saw the eyes of Kevin, yet it was the face of Sam. He kissed me and I was lost in the sensation of mouth and tongue gliding over mine. I groaned and the kiss deepened. When I opened my eyes, Kevin was staring down at me with Sam's eyes. He cupped my face and held me so tenderly. Rubbing his nose against mine, I smiled at how caring he was with me.

"Who do you love?" he whispered to me. It was a dual voice of Sam and Kevin. "Who do you love?"

Those eyes looked pleadingly at me. Sam's chocolate eyes in Kevin's face. I turned my head and looked back up. Now it was Sam in all his entirety. His lips felt lush and demanding as I opened my mouth to receive his tongue. His hands began trailing all over any part of my body he could reach, and I was pleasantly surprised to see I was nude.

I turned over so I was on top. The face began to blur into Kevin and I didn't care. I licked those nipples until they were hard peaks before travelling down to his stomach. I dipped my tongue into his navel and slid my tongue down his treasure trail to his groin. My chin accidentally bumped the tip of his moist cock and he moaned. I ignored his hard member and kissed and licked his muscular thighs. I bit the inside of those fleshy thighs and heard him mutter obscenities.

Hearing how out of control he was becoming drove me to please and torture him more. I massaged his feet while I nibbled on the undersides of his knees. I felt him shudder and thrust his hips forward.

I looked up at him from an angle near his groin and gave a lascivious smile. He growled his pleasure and I watched as his face turned into a hybrid of both Sam and Kevin.

This time, there was no stopping me; I wanted to take this a step further. I pushed him back onto the bed and held his hard length in my right hand. I raised myself up and placed him at the opening of my hole. I pushed and felt myself slide down on him. It was bliss and pure sexual frenzy. I slid up and down on him increasing my pace until I felt my orgasm building. I pushed myself harder up and down and screamed my own orgasm.

I woke up with cum soaked boxers. That was a hot dream. I knew the reality of me enjoying my first penetration without pain was remote, but that's why dreams were such an amazing thing, and besides, I was willing to try that theory out, but not just yet. Way too much on my plate at the moment.

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