Odd Ball 2: The One

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Chapter one

Summer time was thick and heavy with heat. Cicada's called as a blistering wind blew past. Temperatures had reached up to 40 degrees Celsius and the grass had turned brown from lack of water. It was a normal Australian Summer. I walked quickly into Sam's house. His mother saw me and greeted me as if I had been one of Sam's oldest friends.

Truth be told, they had only met me a month ago, but they didn't know that. What I was doing was going against my own moral code. But when a life was at stake, I would rather that life be rescued over my concepts about morality. Sam had been a good friend, part of my new group of friends.

When I was fighting against my evil cousin, nearly two months ago, Sam had been taken in order to hurt me. It was my responsibility to get him back. Erasing his parent's memory had been one of the distasteful things I had had to do to keep things under wraps. I was digging myself a deeper hole, and without my boyfriend and lover, Kevin, I would have been a nervous wreck.

Even the Principal was in on the whole cover up. Why? Because when I had saved him from the Manticore, he was the only one who retained the memory of that creature eating away at his soul. The Principal was the main host for the bug looking humanoid that had sent out tentacles to six other teachers. It had then fed off of those six. Should anything happen to the body it inhabited it still had six other vessels to use. It had been a nasty piece of work and the first denizen I had destroyed. Since then, the Principal was still recovering his soul. I was attempting to heal him as best I could. Even with my attempts, there was much fragility to him that hadn't been there before.

When I had told him about Sam disappearing, he had helped with the cover up that there was an actual missing person. But he wasn't helping on my say so alone. No, there were new pieces on the chessboard I called my life. The Australian Government had a section that the public didn't know about, and even some of the higher ups were completely ignorant. A little bit like the `men in black' syndrome. They were a branch off the Australian Homeland Security. They had come knocking on my door not long after I had returned from the den of the Lord of Lies, my distant ancestor.

They informed me that Grams had been the liaison between the Australian Government and the supernatural community. I had been stumped to realise that the Government was fully aware of my predicament and were willing to help, within reason. Then again, they had a magically advanced neighbour, the New Zealand Maori people. So it stood to reason that they would at least have something in place to keep an eye upon the magical world. It made me wonder how far their contacts and networks went worldwide. Regardless, they helped with the authenticity of stamping Sam's passport with the places he was supposed to go, making it look as official as the real deal.

Mrs Mollusso kissed me on the cheek, pulling me out of my reverie. "How have you been, James?"

"Good, thank you."

She touched my cheek. "Sam should be home in a day or so. He was a fortunate boy to have won that trip over seas."

I smiled at her and knew it didn't reach my eyes. "I'm sure he is having a good time."

I had to alter Sam's parents' minds. I felt disgusted with myself for doing it, but it was a necessary evil. They believed that Sam was touring overseas, and I made sure that that belief was fresh and strong. As far as they knew, Sam had won a competition for an all-expenses paid, around the world trip. It was a once in a lifetime journey, and one his parents wouldn't want him to miss. Pounamu had even managed to get brochures and make it look official with contact details, website, and all.

A hazy expression crossed her face as she stared at me. She shook her head. "For a second, I almost didn't know who you were." She laughed self-consciously. "I must be getting old. So to what do I owe this surprise visit?"

"Sam borrowed something of mine and I was wondering if I could go up to his room and fetch it?" Sam didn't have anything of mine. I was just checking to see if my mind implant was still working. Judging by her `forgetfulness,' her mind was cracking because of me playing with her psyche for too long. That stain on my soul was getting larger the longer I kept this up. Thanking her, I went upstairs to collect myself and stop my hands from shaking.

Inside Sam's room, there were comics and books stacked hastily over every available surface. There were sci-fi posters all over the walls. I touched a picture of him and his two older brothers. The three were carbon copies of each other; it was uncanny. I grabbed some of his clothes. It was dangerous to bring back anything from the Fairy realm, so I was packing some clothes. I didn't trust any of the clothes that he could be wearing when I got there. I had been learning about the realm of Fairy.

In preparation, I had given myself three weeks to learn Fairy or, its proper form, Fae. I needed to know protocol and everything else that could help protect against their illusions. After all, there was some truth in many of the stories. Cold Iron couldn't kill the Fae, but it could deflect and break their magic. I had been given a necklace of iron, and small nails had been hammered into the soles of my shoes to prevent me from getting lost in their mazes and unwittingly walk round in circles.

I thought about my sister. Since Leila's return, heavily pregnant from the Chaos realms, she had been my responsibility. Now that she was coping better I refused to put this rescue mission off any longer. I raced down the stairs, thanked Mrs Mollusso on my way out, and Pounamu teleported beside me once I hit the pavement. He was dressed in his `gentlemanly' outfit, looking like a paler version of the New Zealand Maori people, in a dapper white suit. His `true' form was an actual jade green chalice, and he was part of the living stone that came from Mother Earth, the spiritual essence of our world, herself. It was time to pay the Summer Queen a visit.

I walked into the Summer Court dressed in a black tuxedo and a gold, ermine-trimmed, cloak, with black fringe. I had complained to Pounamu that I looked sallow, and he just rolled his eyes. It seemed like I was the only one that thought I looked that way. Go figure.

Sam was sitting at the base of the throne. He wore the same clothes as when he had been taken, and he glanced up at me with shock, eagerness, and an appraising stare. He started to move toward me, but a perfectly manicured hand stopped him. To my healer's eye he looked well, and a knot inside my stomach loosened. For a person who had been missing for over a month his clothes sure looked fresh and clean.

"Welcome to the Summer Court, Guardian James Mendoza of the Earth Plane, and the illustrious Pounamu, child of Mother Earth," The Summer Queen said.

Her body shone. I watched as light inside her skin flared and flickered, like the sun peeking through the branches of trees. Her gold-kissed skin reflected light like small prisms. It was a stunning effect. Whether it was real or glamour I couldn't tell, even with my inner sight.

Her hair trailed down her back in a cascade of silver, gold, and green strands. It seemed to move and float around her body from constant currents of air. Her face was flawless. I expected no less. Lush full lips, blood red in colour, curved upward in a siren's smile. Her purple eyes had flashes of gold that zigzagged from the iris outwards. She made any human model look ugly by comparison.

Those same purple eyes were shining sincerely at me but I knew it was a front. I had to be careful of the Queen. She might be summer and, therefore, more lenient toward mankind, but she was still as dangerous as her opposite, Queen of Winter.

I bowed low, never taking my eyes off her. You never take your eyes off your opponent. The warrior within me wouldn't allow it.

"Greetings, Queen Titania of the Summer Lands. I thank you for welcoming me to this glittering throng. It is an honour to be in your presence."

She sat back down on her throne and petted Sam's head. "I haven't heard manners from a Guardian in a long time. It is rather refreshing."

I bowed once more. "I seek a boon from your Majesty."

She leaned forward and raised a perfectly arched eyebrow. "Oh?"

I looked her in the eyes. Playing coy wasn't a strong trait of mine. "I want to take Sam home, and to have safe passage through your lands."

She leaned back in her chair and smiled. "And what do you propose to offer in return? Bear in mind that it has to be of equal or greater value."

I took a deep breath before replying. I had told Pounamu what it was I was going to offer and he had argued vehemently, but Sam's life and freedom was too important. I had won the argument, but Pounamu had grumbled the entire time.

"I offer you a boon in return. My services will be at your disposal, one time only, no hesitations and no restrictions."

The court turned deathly silent. The queen sat like she was carved out of marble. Yet her eyes flashed with greed and surprise.

With a sound, like a bell, tolling out a death knell, she spoke. "Done." It felt like the word bound me in some inexplicable way and, actually, it did.

Sam appeared at my side. He looked confused, but Pounamu moved to his other side to steady him. I unfolded the clothes I had brought him, and bade him leave the ones he was wearing where they were. We looked up at the queen and bowed, before Pounamu teleported us out of the palace and back to our world.

Sam was wide eyed when we appeared in the living room of my house. "I'm sorry I didn't come for you earlier," I said.

He looked at me and smiled quizzically. "Actually, you got there only about an hour after I did."

I shook my head. I had forgotten the time difference in the fairy realms compared to ours. "Sam, you've been missing for over a month."

Sam's face paled, and he looked at me with alarm growing. "What about my parents!!?!"

I looked down, "It's okay, and I took care of it. They think you are on a trip."

He began walking towards the door. "I gotta tell them I'm okay."

"Wait," I said, "what exactly are you going to tell them? That you were taken by Fairy?"

He was edging towards panic. "I don't know, but I gotta do SOMETHING."

I sent soothing calm into him. I had prepared this part too, and bade him sit. "We need to sit and talk about your cover story."

I watched as the panic receded and his clever mind began to think rationally. He frowned, and then looked at me. "What are you? The queen called you a...guardian?"

I looked at him and told him the truth. My family went in and out of the living room, listening, or adding their perspectives to parts of the tale. Darkness had fallen when I finished.

Elsa, Grams old housemaid, was now living with us. She had no family of her own so she considered us her family. We tried to tell her that cleaning and cooking for us wasn't necessary, but she considered it therapeutic. Elsa came in and ushered us all to the table. We continued our conversation there, and dad managed to coax Elsa to join us.

Kevin sat beside me, and I saw a sullen look cross Sam's face. Kevin looked at Sam, and then turned and kissed me full on the lips. I gave him a reproving look but he smiled and looked at me possessively. I shook my head.

By the time I looked around, Sam was looking at the table. Leila, who had joined us, studiously ignored everyone. And Leon, dad, and Sara were smiling into their plates. Well, in Leon's case, he was grimacing.

I began talking once more. Kevin had hugged me in front of the family plenty of times, but he had never kissed me. I was still adjusting to this new, publicly affectionate, Kevin. I was relieved and grateful that the family took it in stride, and even Leon didn't offer any snide remarks. The conversation began to flow once more and, although Sam was in a funk, he got over it quickly when the fight scenes were explained in detail.

I asked him about the abduction, but he said that he couldn't remember the capture at all. The only thing he remembered was waking up in a cold cell, and then a guy came and got him and took him to the summer palace. An hour later, I turned up to take him home.

I was glad that he hadn't suffered, the way most of my family had. It was time to polish his cover story. Pounamu teleported us around the world. Sam took pictures of India and their monsoon season, Egypt, the pyramids, and all along the river Nile. Sam paid particular attention to a pub in England, which later made his mother frown when she saw it. She fell in love with the Eiffel Tower, and pleaded with her husband to take her there.

I watched as he was hugged and held like the prodigal son returning. Kevin had been wise to make sure that we bought travel labels from the airports and put them on his luggage. I had taken Sam's travel bags from his house two weeks ago, in preparation for his return. We had to make sure that everything was authentic, the best we knew how. So, the airport labels were just the kind of detail an observant parent would notice.

Everything went according to plan, and my family and I smiled gratefully. Sam would remember what had truly happened, but he was keeping our secret. And he really did get to see the whole world, in just two days. Not many people could say that.

School was weird for me. I came out to all my friends, but it was Sam who seemed the most depressed at the news. He hadn't mentioned anything to the group about his sexuality, or the things that he had gone through, and I wasn't going to push him. It wasn't my right, or place, to do so.

The girls were far more accepting than the boys, but they too came around eventually. Except Eddy; he felt that it was a sickness and that a male on male relationship was wrong in the eyes of God and humanity. There was nothing I could say to convince him otherwise, and I knew it was a lost cause. He demanded that the group choose between him and me. He wasn't prepared to hang around with us if a queer boy was in the group. I didn't want to force them to choose, since Eddy had been part of the group much longer than I. I quietly told them that I would leave the group; it would be easier on everyone involved.

It was William who spoke up first. As unofficial leader, everyone always looked to him for the solution to a problem. "You will not be going anywhere, James," he said firmly. I glanced at him.

I watched as Eddy lifted his chin, and folded his arms across his chest guardedly. "So you're letting this queer stay, huh?" he said, sneering at me.

"You need to wake up, Eddy" William said. There was anger and something more in his voice. "There is a big world outside of school and there are influential people and places that will chew you up if you don't show some tolerance. If James has the guts to admit his sexuality, then he gets a tick in my book. If you're stupid enough to let your fear of someone different get in the way of friendship," he pointed at me as he said this, "for someone who sticks up for people weaker than himself and is always considerate of everyone's feelings, then it's your loss. Grow up, Eddy. The world is a big place with many different kinds of people."

Eddy remained stiff and unyielding. William sighed. "You've been part of our group for too long to let `differences' push you away. We are all different, in our own ways, Eddy. Open your mind."

Eddy walked away from our group that day. He never came back, but he never joined the kids that teased or taunted me, either.

The bell rang, and we got up to head toward class. Young Timmy came up to me and surprised me with a hug. "You're still my friend, no matter what," he said loyally. My throat ached, but I gripped his shoulder and nodded my thanks.

William tapped my shoulder and asked if we could sit and talk. Everyone filed out, looking back at us, as we sat at the table. "I just wanted to say, you really have guts, James, coming out like that. Even if I were gay, I don't think I would have your courage."

I knew that William wasn't gay. Even though I had no gaydar, my talents were better than radar or normal perception. But, it seemed he had spoken from past experiences. I sensed that when he stood up for me. "Who was it in your family that helped you to see that gay people were more than just their sexual orientation?" I asked.

He looked at me, surprised, "My uncle," he said, surprised again for actually answering my question. I smiled encouragement. "My uncle David was kicked out of the family when he came out. My mum always loved him while growing up and, when she left home, she went in search of him."

William seemed to shudder at some memory, and I waited for him to continue. "To cut a long story short, they found each other and he became part of her life. Then Dad came into the picture and a year later I was born." He smiled and looked at me. "I gotta tell ya, I was spoiled rotten as a kid. Uncle fawned all over me." He shook his head. "I digress. Because mum was still in contact with Uncle David, Grandpa wanted nothing to do with her."

A look of pain flitted across William's face, before he continued. "When I was eight, mum and dad were killed. A mugger came, and dad tried to play hero and was killed. Mum was raped, and then shot too." I sat and watched as Williams face became as hard as stone, while he told of his painful past. "Grandpa came and got me, after the funeral. The family `detained' Uncle from getting to me first. Grandpa didn't believe in hugs and kind words. Uncle used to tell me that Grandma was the only one who could gentle him but she died many years ago. Uncle came to get me a week after the funeral but Grandpa forced him off the front porch with a shotgun. During that time, Grandpa began brainwashing me. Anytime I asked about Uncle, I was hit. Any time I decided to sing or try and hug Grandpa, I was hit. If I answered back, I was hit."

William clenched his fists. "I lived in fear of that old bastard all my life. Grandpa decided to get guardianship of me. He wanted to change my surname to his. I was the only male, uncle being cut out of the will, and he wanted an heir." He smiled at this, his face remaining cold. It was...unsettling to see this side of William.

"The stupid old fart didn't know that mum had made Uncle legal guardian, if anything happened to her or dad. He had refused to see mum's lawyer after her death. When Grandpa's lawyer saw this, he called Uncle. A fierce battle ensued. Grandpa had old money, money that was grandma's inheritance. He had influence within the judiciary. Uncle, although being paid well for his position in an up and coming Telecommunications Company, was gay, and Grandpa's lawyer felt this would turn in Grandpa's favour. Then, your dad decided to take my uncle's case."

I jolted and stared at William. "Dad never said a word to me."

"Client confidentiality and all that," William said with a shrug. "Your dad stood up for my uncle and, to this day, he calls your dad a saint. Without your father's help, I wouldn't be living in a home that knows what love is. Should I have children that are gay, I swear that they will know that I'm behind them, one hundred percent. My Grandpa taught me that, at least."

"Wow," I said. "I would like to meet your uncle."

William smiled. "I think he would like that."

"Do any of the group know about you living with your uncle?"

He shook his head. "I love my uncle, but sometimes I get this picture of Grandpa's hand coming towards me. I'm learning to overcome it but, every once and awhile, it hits me. So, I don't talk about where or how I live."

I nodded my head. "That's cool."

"Its not that I'm embarrassed by him," he tried to assure me.

"Wills, it's okay. I'm just honoured that you're sharing this with me. And the way you talk about your uncle tells me how very much you love and respect him."

We missed fifth period, but I felt this was far more productive. The bell rang for last period and we both raced off to get to class.

I wasn't the only one coming out. Kevin decided that, if I had the courage to admit it to my friends, then he would try. I tried to persuade him not to; he had more to loose than I. He wouldn't listen, only seeing all the positive things that had come from my experience.

He told two of his oldest friends. Leon, his third best friend, was there when he admitted it. Adam was shocked, and Tristan repulsed. The next day, anti-gay slogans were scribbled on the walls, with Kevin's and my name in big bold letters.

A stigma was placed on him, more so than me, because of it. There were times that name-calling and taunts came our way. But, I had gone through too much shit to allow names to hurt me. And no one ever had the guts to say it to my face. I got a reputation for paying anyone back if they teased Kevin.

At first, he resented me for interfering; said that he could handle it himself. I snapped, and asked him what he would do if it were my name being jeered about. He remained quiet after that. I would do what was necessary.

I found out, after many of the events occurred, that Kevin was doing the same thing. He was calling everyone out who wanted to take him on, especially when it involved some slight toward me. Naturally, this was all out of school grounds. That was the last thing we needed: school authorities interfering. He would come back to me, bruised and bleeding, but disgustingly content with the results. Even when I attempted to heal his injuries, he politely declined. I just curled my lip and muttered about masochistic boys!

People assumed that, because I wasn't as muscular or as tall as Kevin, I was an easy target. Sly jabs and feet tripping became something to watch out for, especially after it became known that Kevin and I were an item. I had bruised so many hands and legs of those who tried to hurt me, I lost count. I had to take out ten of the toughest guys at school, one by one, before people started getting the message. Back off or else!

After two weeks, the knowledge that Kevin and I were a couple began to loose its notoriety, slightly. I knew that Kevin was suffering in the locker room from all the jibes he was getting from the other boys. But he kept it to himself and I couldn't give him blanket protection. He would despise me if I did.

The last straw came when he finally told his father. He ended up knocking at my door at eleven at night. His eyes were red rimmed, and he had a backpack over his shoulder.

"M-my dad kicked m-me out," Kevin sobbed. I pushed his head into my shoulder. His body shook with his tears and he wrapped his arms around me. My heart hurt for him, and there was an ache building at the back of my throat.

Dad wandered out to see what the racket was. I looked at dad and ushered him back to bed with my hands. He looked at me, then at Kevin. Sorrow and love shone there. He nodded his head at me and went back into his room. I dragged Kevin into mine. Dad popped his head back out and looked at me calmly. I frowned, and then blushed.

Dad had been talking to me about safe sex, and even had brochures to tell me about all the possible STD's and STI's. He knew I was sexually active, and I think it was his way to ease his conscience for allowing me so much freedom. He knew that my life as a guardian caused a lot of stress, and I think that was a partial reason for allowing me to get away with some of the things I had been doing with Kevin. The other reason was probably fear that I would visit some seedy public toilet.

I had to tell him that my healing talent would tell me if any potential partner had a disease, even before I held his hand. Dad was stumped at first, but then got even more graphic. Even now, I was blushing horribly at how graphic. He went on to explain that unprotected anal sex had its own kinds of diseases. He went on in detail about a penis swirling around in faeces and it being unhygienic without the use of latex. He had a point there, and I planned to search the internet on ways to get around that one. He went on to explain the statistics and risks of HIV, and gave a good argument about whether my healing could heal all diseases. He suggested that I test it out on HIV infected patients. Until then, he urged me to use protection even if my `partner' was disease free. He had a point and, in all honesty, I was taking my healing ability for granted. Not many people had the safety net that I had, in regards to safe sex and healing; I shouldn't abuse it.

However, tonight was all for Kevin. I felt he needed comfort more than sex. He had stopped crying, and looked at me like a lost boy. I gently took his clothes off, shed my own, and lay down beside him. He moved and lay on top of me, his head on my chest. I wrapped my arms around his head, kissing the crown.

"Dad told me that mum would be disappointed in me if she were alive," Kevin said. I hugged him tighter.

He buried his head deeper into my chest, rubbing his nose and lips across one nipple. I know it wasn't intended to be sexual, but my body reacted to the stimulation and I felt myself rise to the occasion. I held very still, but he moved his stomach against my growing cock, sliding his skin against my erection. His skin was smooth and alive, and I shuddered at the sensation. I heard his breathing as he glided his body up and down on my cock.

"Baby, stop," I said. "You need rest."

"No, I need you," he pleaded. He crawled up the bed, his face shadowing my own. He rubbed his already hard cock against my own, and came in for a kiss. My mouth opened under his assault. Abruptly, he changed tactics, and started to gently nibble on my lower lip.

"I need to know that your love for me won't end," he whispered, as he trailed kisses along my throat. "I need to know that you won't leave me," he said, as I felt his teeth nibble along my collarbone. I shivered in his grasp.

Although there was urgency in his hands, as they roamed over my body, he was gentle. His mouth followed where his hands had been, and he left me in a mewling state, unaware of my own surroundings except for the pleasure of Kevin. I tried to reciprocate, but he held my hands in a vice like grip over my head. He grabbed some clean socks out of my drawer and, with a cocky smile, tied my hands to the headboard of the bed.

For some strange reason, I felt shy under his perusal. He had the lights on and he looked at my body with awe. There was heat bubbling behind those liquid green eyes and it had me hard and wanting. But Kevin was in a teasing mood, and tease he did. He licked all over my body, twirling my nipples with teeth, tongue, and fingers. I was arching my back trying to get him to suck more but he just pulled back with a smile.

He untied my hands, flipped me onto my stomach, and then retied my hands. His tongue licked a wet trail down the middle of my spine. I was shuddering and grinding my cock into the mattress. His mouth circled my tailbone and began teasing the cheeks of my ass. It came as a great surprise and shock, when I felt him part my ass and something moist and ticklish slide against my sphincter. I partially turned to see Kevin's face wedged between the cheeks of my ass. It sent me into a hailstorm of lust. His eyes flicked up to me with his mouth buried, and I nearly went over the edge. There was an intense look of satisfaction on his face. I wanted to see that look for the rest of my life.

I began to make pleading, mewling noises, but he continued his slow assault on my ass. His tongue went deeper, probing inside me. I shuddered at how intimate it was, being my first time. But now I was ready for more. I needed him inside me, completing me, and making me whole.

It was my turn to beg. My promise to make sure I was wearing protection with Kevin flew out the window. "I need you deep inside me, babe."

He growled against my ass, and trailed kisses back up my body. He held my head at an angle and kissed me on the mouth. By the time he finished, I had nearly forgotten my name. Leaning over me, he opened the bedside drawer and took out the lube. One of his fingers, coated with lube, went into my ass, moving in circular motions before pulling out. A second and, eventually, a third joined the first finger. I was more than ready and bucked my hips in anticipation. He coated himself with lube and aligned his cock with my sphincter. With a gentle push of his hips he slid past the opening and deep inside me.

I gasped and heard him echo me. He placed a pillow beneath my hips for a better angle, and thrust back inside. "God, you feel so fucking good," he uttered on a downward plunge. For the first two minutes he plunged hard and fast, unrelenting. I gritted my teeth and squirmed as he jabbed over my prostate with each hard lunge. He shoved back in and held it for a second, trying to catch his breath.

He untied me from the bed, and rolled us over. He had kept a firm grip on my waist, and I was still impaled on him when I found myself on top. "Ride me, babe," he said.

My back was towards him, and I arched it, before lifting myself up. I slid up until the mushroom head of his cock teased the entrance to my ass. I slammed back down, eliciting a gasp and groan from Kevin. I repeated it, gaining speed with each successive thrust. Kevin had his eyes shut, and I twisted my legs around until I was straddling Kevin face to face.

He was lost in a maelstrom of sensual pleasure; one that I had made, and it filled my heart to see the power of our love. I wanted this to last, so I slowed my pace and watched the expressions flitter across his face. He opened his eyes and stared at me. I linked our minds and showed him the depth of my love. He moaned and shuddered beneath me. Tears brightened his eyes as I wrapped him in love and rode him closer to the brink.

He rose up and pulled me close to his chest, kissing my neck as I felt him thrust up inside me. My pleasure was teetering on the brink, and it was his teeth against my skin that pushed me over the edge. I screamed my pleasure and thrust down hard on him. He grunted, held onto my shoulders, thrust up inside me four more times, and groaned against me.

We clung to each other a little while longer before he collapsed back onto the bed with me on top. My heart was still pounding and I felt Kevin's hands go limp around me as sleep overtook him. I smiled at that. I stared down at him and, even sleeping, there was pain marring his face. I desperately wanted to help him, but I didn't know what I could do.

I had expected that after rescuing everyone from the nether realms my world would be okay. How foolish and naive that was. Life isn't always about happy endings. But, the one thing I knew was this: it was what we made of it. That's what made life so interesting.

A premonition hit me. Kevin's father, Tom, was knocking on our door. He looked worn and tired. Dad welcomed him in and they began to talk. Kevin was mentioned and Tom began to cry. He pleaded with my dad to speak on his behalf. He had made a mistake in kicking Kevin out and wanted reconciliation.

Kevin walked into the room, took one look at his dad, and stormed out. I needed to know the time and date that this would occur, so I ran into the kitchen and looked at the calendar. I was disappointed to see that it was two months from now.

I was pulled back into the present and heard a soft snore beneath me. I kissed Kevin on the head, rolled off him, and closed my eyes. Things would be okay; we just had to get past the obstacles that life kept throwing in our paths. I would tell Kevin about my precog when... and I drifted off to sleep.

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