Odd Ball 2: The One

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Chapter Eleven

I was in a sensual world of soft kisses and gentle exploration. Wet tongues and lush lips slid everywhere, and I returned the favour touching any piece of skin I could reach. I felt the rough stubble of Kevin's face contrast against the glossy touch of his hair and I gasped. My hands slid over contoured flesh and the texture of smooth skin and, in places, wiry hair. Everything acted as an aphrodisiac. I could smell his arousal, and when my hand glided over the smooth end of his cock, I felt the warm, silky texture of precum.

In the flickering candlelight of my bedroom, I raised my hand to my mouth and licked Kevin's essence from my palm. Kevin's fevered eyes watched me as I closed my eyes in relish. I wanted to taste more from the source and I lowered my head. Kevin's hands grabbed hold of me and pulled me up for a hot, open kiss instead. I growled my frustration and heard Kevin chuckle.

"You will make me come too quickly, and I want this to last," he whispered.

I gave him a saucy grin as one hand gripped him at the base while I placed my other palm, moist with my saliva over the tip of his sensitive cock. Rotating it gently, Kevin jerked and groaned loudly, his hips moving back and forth over my palm. I gave my own satisfied chuckle and watched Kevin mock-glare at me.

"Stop that. I want to make sure that I'm fucking you before I shoot my load."

In response, I kissed him and felt his tongue glide into my mouth. His kiss was demanding and I could only open and give him what he wanted. He growled as he felt me respond to his need. My empathy flowered under that need, and I felt him gasp as the pleasure we were feeling doubled until it almost felt as if we were orgasming with each caress.

He looked at me wildly and I felt a thrill slide through me at that look. He threw me onto my back, and I air escaped my mouth at the abrupt move. It had been a while since I had seen that sort of look in his eyes. It meant Kevin was going to be rough, and my cock hardened painfully at the idea. There were times that I loved a little pain with my pleasure. I had taught Kevin that I enjoyed a little rough handling for spice. Because Kevin could be such a Boy Scout at times, it had taken him a little while to admit to himself that he loved this darker side, and doing this with most of his girlfriends in the past would have made them run from him screaming he was a pervert.

He bit my shoulder to the point that I knew I would have a bruise after this. But I gasped and clawed my hands down his back. He gritted his teeth and groaned, pushing his hard cock against my own. He grabbed my hands roughly and shoved them above my head. He stared down at me as my empathy turned everything into pleasure. He could be as rough as he pleased; I was built of sterner stuff. I was stronger and more resilient. He couldn't truly hurt me, not with my powers and the warrior making me tougher than most humans.

He flipped me onto my stomach. I tried to arch up to see what he was going to do, but felt his fist on my lower back forcing me back down. Then I felt a firm thwack on my ass and I gasped. He rumbled his satisfaction and bit me once more on my other shoulder as a warning. Then I felt his hand hit my ass again. I lowered my face to the bed and bunched the sheets beneath my hands as he set up a steady rhythm. The sharp sound of his hand hitting my flesh and his heavy gasps were the only sounds in my room as my empathy swirled around the two of us, drugging us in pleasure. My cock was hard beneath me and, with each downward slap of his large hand, my cock was pushed continuously into the bedding. I couldn't keep a moan of pleasure from escaping, and it uttered forth without conscious thought. His tempo increased at the sound and I lost it, I started writhing over the bed, craving for more.

My ass felt inflamed and I knew it would be a deep red by now. Kevin abruptly stopped, his panting hard and heavy. He yanked me up on my hands and knees. Pushing my shoulders down, my ass was high in the air. He gripped my ass cheeks, rubbing them roughly with his large hands. I mewed my pleasure, waggling my ass around as those hands squeezed harder.

I keened loud and long as I felt his wet mouth between my ass cheeks. I felt his lips and tongue lapping wildly over my sphincter and I pushed my hips back to better feel the sensation. He growled his own pleasure and gripped my hips hard, digging his fingers into my flesh. I loved every moment of it and sent my empathy lashing out in retaliation. Kevin's back arched as his body went into sensory overload. My empathy made him go though a continuous loop of pleasure. I knew he was on the edge of exploding and used my healing to prevent him from shooting his load. His cock pulsed, but the seed remained churning in his ball sack. I smiled evilly at him.

He shouted his pleasure, and frustration and his hands were holding my sides tightly. If I were completely human he would probably have cracked my ribs. I was just grateful that I had thought of shielding my room, otherwise we would have had dad banging down the door. This way, we could make as much noise as we wanted without interruption.

I had gotten him into a state that was almost bordering on insane lust. The dark side of me embraced that perverse thought. He flipped me around until my face hit his hard cock. He growled his pleasure and shoved his cock against my lips without foreplay.

I opened my mouth and heard Kevin moan as he pushed into the opening of my throat and then pulled back out. On his second entry he pushed a little further. I relaxed my throat and felt him slide past my tonsils. He uttered an expletive and kept on pushing his cock further down my throat. I shoved my empathy through my body, and just like that, my throat relaxed and I felt Kevin's pubes against my chin.

Kevin grabbed my head and held my face against his groin. I swallowed causing my throat to flutter around his cock. He shouted and kept grinding my face into him. He pulled my face away, he was breathing heavily and the look on his face was beyond lust, it was possession. I swallowed, gulping in fresh air. He picked me up and threw me back on the bed.

He grabbed my legs and pushed them against my chest. With hasty fingers he held himself and shoved in one long movement past my sphincter and deep inside me. I gasped at the burning sensation and then my empathy was flogging me with how much Kevin's pleasure was heightened at the friction of my ass gripping him.

Kevin was not gentle, nor did I want gentle. He gritted his teeth in a rictus smile as I heard the heavy sounds of flesh slapping flesh. His balls hit the bottom of my ass. To get better leverage, he grabbed hold of the rails above us and used the muscles in his hips, and upper body to do a rolling push deep inside me. The bed shook under the continual pressure put on its structure. We were not quiet in expressing our pleasure and my hands were wrapped around Kevin's back as the only leverage in this world of pleasure. I wrapped my mind around Kevin's and pulled him down into the miasma of dark pleasure we were creating. It was glorious and I didn't want it to end. Kevin groaned and bit hard on my shoulder as my healing prevented him from shooting once more. His body went through the spasm of a dry orgasm, but his cock refused to go down and the need to consummate rode him. I felt blood slide down my shoulder as Kevin bit hard enough to break flesh. That was all I needed. It broke my control and I screamed my release, my nails creating bloody furrows down Kevin's back as he too found the needed release I had denied him. He gave one final heavy plunge into me and locked his hips to mine, keening as his orgasm flashed over him. My empathy had been pitched to enrapture for such a long time it rushed over us like an oncoming storm and we were tossed around by its frenetic torment. It was too much. My mind and body exploded and then I felt Kevin's heavy body collapse on top of mine. Before my mind fell into darkness, I pushed my healing around the two of us. It wouldn't do to have unexplainable scratches.

It was the whispering in the dark that woke me from my much needed slumber. Its insidious voice kept sending chills up my spine and I sat up in bed with pounding heart. Kevin was not in bed with me, but he stood with his back to me, naked, staring at something that couldn't be seen with the human eye. But I wasn't entirely human and what I saw scared me.

An old Asian man decorated in black silk and a strange black hat that reminded me of the ones you wore for graduation sat atop his head. In Kevin's hand lay Redemption. I gritted my teeth. I was too late. I could see that the strange power that the Future-Kevin held within him flowed in the Past-Kevin. The sword was now a part of him.

The Asian man bowed and a protest uttered from my mouth. He turned and looked at me and, even in the semi darkness of the room, I could see him as clear as day. He shone with an inner light. He stared at me curiously before a small smile tilted his lips. I sent out psychic tendrils trying to pick up anything about this strange man. His energy pulsed against my chest like a deep drum. It felt familiar but for the life of me I couldn't recall where I had sensed this type of energy before. Without any fanfare, he disappeared. I tried racking my brain as to where I had sensed him before and then with a rush of insight, it came to me.

A cold chill raced down my spine. I raised my hands and looked at them. Horror flowed over me and my breath became shallower. I had done this; I remembered now. It had been after the argument about Kevin feeling he didn't fit into my Guardian world. I had sent a plea out into the universe, and my empathy responding to that plea had also sent out a call. It had travelled around the world and something ancient had responded. That power had been the Old man that had held onto redemption.

I looked at Kevin as he came out of the strange dream state he had been in. Redemption seemed to lay quiescent in his hands and he tightened his grip on the sword, measuring its balance. I raised myself on the bed. He jerked and turned around, sword raised. I stared evenly at him as he realised what he was doing. He looked at the sword in his hand, surprised all over again, and then stared back at me opening and closing his mouth.

I stared at the light switch at the side of the door. With a flick of my mind I turned the light on. I had to blink a few times as my eyes adjusted to the brightness. Kevin propped the sword up against the wall and came to kneel in front of me.

"I could sense the urge inside you to use that sword on me," I stated.

Kevin looked at me with a tortured expression. "I would never harm you, you know that."

I was tempted to bind the sword the way I had done in the future, but my precog kicked in to warn me of future consequences. I had to let things run their course. At the moment I already had an agreement with the sword; changing things now could mean dire consequences to future Kevin.

"What is that sword anyway?"

Kevin's face lit up with relief and excitement. He knew he had dodged a bullet and his excitement left me with a bitter sweet moment. That sword would be a great asset, but with heavy consequences, and I was the one that had caused this.

"I thought maybe I could call it...Redemption? What do you think?"

I tried smiling, feeling my heart sink. Kevin, in his enthusiasm, didn't see my reluctance. "It has a familiar ring to it. But who was that Asian man, and how did you end up with this sword?" I already knew the answers but, if I didn't ask them, Kevin would get suspicious. He was clever that way.

Kevin looked up at me his eyes still shinning with happiness. "I'm not sure, but the man said the sword wanted to go to me. I can feel its strength course through me."

That far away look filled his eyes and I shuddered. When he looked like this, I could see the cold killer lurking beneath Kevin's murky green eyes. I grabbed his face and pushed my power through him. The alien presence brushed against my senses, but I paid it no heed. My attention was directed to finding the source of Kevin's personality, that spark that gave his body the life and vivacity that made him, him.

The strange power tried blocking my way, but I was made of sterner stuff than to let something like that get in my way. It roared and tried to push against me, but it couldn't get a grip on me to force me out, so I smiled grimly. There, beneath the shadow of this strange power, was Kevin's spark. The sword's dark roots were linked directly to Kevin's soul.

I couldn't touch it without destroying Kevin; I knew that already. But I could push my power into awakening more of Kevin from the influence of this thing. That much I could and would do. I felt my healing build around me and, with my empathy in tow, I pushed it out towards Kevin. His spark grabbed onto me like a life line. I pushed and my healing colours zoomed into Kevin, giving his spark an iridescent colour that was breath taking to behold. It shone out of his soul like coloured strobe lights. That alien power shuddered and swayed under the glare of those lights, and began to settle down, looking like a weeping willow overshadowing Kevin's spark.

I opened my eyes and Kevin's soon followed. He stared at me quizzically, before looking toward the sword propped up on the side of the wall. "What was I going to say?" he asked quizzically.

I moved in and kissed him on the forehead. Relief flowed through me, Kevin hadn't been aware of that internal battle. It meant less explaining for me to do or even attempting to erase his memory if necessary. "I'm not sure, but you have a sword to help me, right?"

He frowned for a second, before it cleared and he smiled triumphantly at me. "Yeah, now I feel I am on more equal footing with you."

"Is there a catch to wielding this sword?"

I watched as he gave that slow blink of his; an indication that he was thinking seriously about the question and trying to hide it. Again, I knew the answer, but I had to play my role. Kevin would get suspicious if I just dropped the matter. Besides, I was still peeved at that fucking sword and, even though putting in a few jabs would be petty, I couldn't help myself. I wasn't completely rational when it came to Kevin and his protection.

"There might be a catch," Kevin finally said, "but I'm willing to pay the price."

I sighed, "Are you going to tell me what the price is?"

He shook his head. "No, I don't think I will."

And that was the end of that.

I was up early again. I was tired, but I was used to getting up this early in the morning. Kevin had crawled back into bed after his reunion with that cursed sword and he was sleeping heavily. Nothing would wake him this time. I looked over to where Redemption lay against the wall and curled my lip in distaste. "Your time will come," I muttered to the sword before I got dressed.

I walked down the hallway towards Leila's room. Her bedroom was on the opposite side of the house. I wanted to check on her and see how my nephew was faring. I snuck into her room, and stared down at her huddled beneath the blankets. She looked peaceful this way; something I thought I would never associate with her.

Closing my eyes, I let my senses spread out. I could feel my healing skill bubble behind my eyes, wanting to glide over Leila. With a conscious effort I did just that and I scanned her body, particularly her child. I wanted to make sure that the Winter bitch hadn't somehow gotten near Saetan.

I breathed a sigh of relief when I sensed that familiar soul. In some ways, because I had held Saetan and cared for him in the future, I knew him. There was a bond that I had forged with him and, although in the future his psychic scent reeked of that god-awful asylum, underneath it I had smelled and sensed the innocence that had not been entirely corrupted.

That fresh, clean scent was sleeping within Leila's womb, and I relaxed. Leila stirred, having sensed that someone was in her room, but my healing eased her back into slumber. Just because I was up didn't mean she needed to be. Walking stealthily back out, I headed towards the shower. It was time I faced another day of school.

Other students ran around me, some laughing, others gossiping, some just bemoaning the fact they had to come to school. I felt years older as I walked among a group of gaggling girls. One of them bumped into me and gave me a dirty look as if I should have watched where I was going. I stared back at her, and something must have crossed my eyes because she blanched and walked quickly to catch up to her friends, peering back at me every so often. For some reason, I found it funny and a laugh rumbled from my chest as I walked toward the table my group hung out at.

Sam was sitting shyly with Justine, who hugged him one armed. Steven was laughing with Paul. Neither William, Christine nor Timmy had arrived yet. Sam looked up at me and smiled before ducking his head. I went over and gave him a hug on the other side of Justine. Christine came into sight with William walking beside her. The emotions flowing from the two of them rushed over me like a heat wave, and I had to stifle my gasp. I stared at them speculatively, a smile growing on my face.

Something was so up with those two. I looked around at the rest of the group to see if they had noticed anything odd but so far none of the group paid heed. Christine saw me watching and she blushed. A wicked grin crossed my face and I raised my eyebrow inquisitively. William looked at me, his eyes a little nervous, and yet there was such contentment and excitement oozing off him. He assessed the rest of the group and since none of them were looking at him, he raised his finger quickly to his lips, an indication for me to keep silent. I rolled my eyes and shrugged my shoulders. If that's how they wanted to play it, who was I to tattletale?

William sat beside me, while Christine sat adjacent to him. William leaned down to whisper in my ear, "I don't know how you knew just by looking at us, but we want to tell the group only when we're ready."

"You're not going to deny it?" I asked.

"You have an uncanny knack of getting to the heart of a lot of problems and seeing things most people don't, James. There was no point in lying about it."

"So why not tell the guys now?"

"Because it's new, and I don't want to mess it up."

Steven turned and looked at us, wondering what we were up to. "What are you two whispering about?"

I looked up innocently. "Nothing important, just about our up-coming exams."

Steven groaned. "Don't get me started on that. I have like, two assignments due and I haven't even started on revisions yet."

Everyone agreed morosely. Christine and William looked at me gratefully. I smiled at the two of them. As far as I was concerned, it was about damn time that these two finally did more than just stare at each other. Christine had been pining over William for sometime, and because I was busy with my own life I hadn't actually sat down to talk to her about her crush. William, on the other hand, believed that a gorgeous girl like Christine wouldn't pay him much heed. Again, my Guardian duties had kept me from having a heart to heart with him. Looking at the two secret love birds, I realised that the two of them had figured it out for themselves without any push from me or anyone else. This was by far a better outcome.

Eventually everyone else would figure it out. They weren't dumb. Right then Timmy walked up and Paul grabbed him, hugging him one armed, almost turning it into a headlock. Timmy put up a struggle but his laughter ruined the effect. Paul let him up and I stared at my group of friends. They would never know how much of an impact they had had on my life. Each one of them was precious because they were a big part of the reason that I fought so hard to protect this world. We may have moments where we argued or resented an individual within the group, but we were able to forgive and forget. I had shared my deepest secret of being gay and my anxiety about being kicked out of this group had been extremely high. But they stuck by me, and sometimes there were jokes played about me being gay. But it was fine because it wasn't out of spite. Besides, I wasn't too shy to give back as good as I got.

The school week flew by without a hassle. However, the closer I got to the second week, the more nervous I became. The Winter Queen was soon to be rearing her dreadlocked blue hair and I was scared about the consequences of her breaking the seals around my fae power before I could do what I had to.

Kevin had stopped hounding me about trying to find the `real' me. Although he never said it, I think he suspected who I truly was. It went a long way toward easing the resentment I had buried deep inside from when I arrived back from faery land and he tried to attack me with that fucking sword.

Today was Saturday and early Monday morning the Winter Queen would pull my nephew out of the womb and replace it with a changeling. I had come prepared but my nerves were starting to get to me. I knew that I would have to draw on everything that I had to defeat the Winter Queen. Jay and future Kevin had been expressly forbidden to interfere. Future-Kevin and I had not been happy about this news. But Mother Nature had been adamant that this task had to be done by me. Otherwise the right timeline would not pan out. Even with the seals Mother Nature had placed around the Fae part of my magic I could still feel its influence, like a gentle kiss of the wind upon my skin. It meant that eventually the seals would break. A part of me craved and feared that happening. While I feared that I would loose more of my humanity, another part of me craved the power rush.

Pulling my mind away from my musings, I walked toward Leila's room. In my hand were packaged gifts consisting of a leather belt with iron studs embedded into the buckle and garnets to give it a feminine touch. I had a garnet necklace with iron links set in a tiered design that would drape along Leila's neck like a delicate web. There were also matching earrings with an iron bangle inlaid with garnets as an accessory. For even more protection, I had gotten an ankle bracelet to match the rest of her jewellery.

Jay had family who were in the semi precious stone industry and they helped pick out the pieces. With all this iron, it would help break much of the Fae's magic. Now that the time was getting closer, I wanted to ensure that Leila had some form of protection. I knew that the necklace was a little over the top, but I knew she would like the bangle and, because the earrings were more like studs instead of the dangling things that should have matched the necklace, she might even wear the studs for a few days.

I also knew that if I arrived with these in tow without a good reason why I was giving them to her, she would throw them back in my face. It was not something I would normally do, so I had devised a plan to tell her that her friends had come up with the idea as a congratulatory gift for her upcoming baby. As lame as the story went, I was going to cheat and try to empathically convince her of the sincerity of her friends if she didn't believe me. I had even gone as far as getting them to write something in the card, and to allow them to take the credit when I showed them the presents I had bought for Leila in their names. I had then suggested that the girls come over later for a girl's night so that Leila would have her old friends around her.

I knocked on the door, using my telekinesis to hold the packages and therefore free my hands. Leila opened her door and stared at the floating packages with surprise and a little trepidation.

"Um, hi Leila, the girls from the squad wanted me to give these to you."

She stared at me uncomprehendingly for a second before she realised what I had said and stepped aside so that I could move all her parcels into her room.

"What's the occasion?"

I turned and shrugged as the packages landed neatly upon her bed. "There's a card too." I turned and walked toward the door and paused just as I opened it. "By the way, they said they're coming over around 7pm for a girl's night."

"What!?!" Leila shrieked. "I'm not even ready." With a determined look in her eye I had not seen for sometime I was ushered out the door firmly and it shut in my face.

"Well I guess that's that," I muttered under my breath. Just to be on the safe side, I sent a compulsion to keep all her jewellery on her body until Monday afternoon. By that time I should have finished what I needed to do and returned to my own time.

Kevin found me sitting on the back porch staring into the woods. There was supposed to be a heatwave through Sydney, and even though everybody complained how damn hot it was, for some reason it didn't affect me as much. I could smell the light sheen of sweat on his body as he plopped down beside me. He leaned against me and I looked at him, surprised to feel how hot his skin felt.

"You're cool to the touch!" Kevin stated before I could speak.

"I was just about to say that you're fever hot."

He moved behind me, draped his body over mine and sighed blissfully. "I don't care how you're doing this, but I'm not going to complain. You're like my own personal air conditioner."

I chuckled before replying, "Gee, thanks, I think."

I felt his arms tighten around me. My empathy picked up that he wasn't happy about something and he was just goading himself to talk about it. "There's something you're not telling me, and I want to know what it is."

My body tensed under his as his mind whispered what I had been hoping he wouldn't ask. I cursed myself for not preparing for this situation. I knew eventually Kevin would pick up on things. "I will tell you everything on Monday."

"Why can't you tell me now?"

"There are things that I have to do, and telling you about them now could affect the outcome." I sighed. That was honest enough without me having to outright lie to him.

"I don't like you keeping secrets from me. Besides, now that I have Redemption, you could do with another strong right hand."

A thought hit me as I stared at the woods. "Trust me on this, Kev, what I'm going to do will help in the long run. I've finally found a lead on the `real' James."

He jerked and moved away from me. "Why do you play these games? You are not a doppelganger. You are the Real James and it's about time you stopped playing these silly games and admitted it to me."

I turned my body around to stare at him comfortably. "I can honestly say that he will be back a week from Monday. He may not look the same when you first see him, but your sword will play a part in breaking the glamour."

Kevin moved further away from me, leaning an elbow on one leg and clutching his head. His hand ran through his hair in frustration and small tufts protruded as his fingers restlessly came down into his lap. "So what will happen to you?"

"I will go in and find him and make sure that he gets back the way he's supposed to."

"I'll come with you."

"No, you won't."

Kevin jutted his chin forward. "I'm not a bystander anymore!"

I stared at him, my face expressionless. "You need to play your role when the real James comes back. You can't do that if you're stuck in the Fairy realms."

His eyes widened as realisation hit him. "You don't think you're coming back do you?"

I needed to change this topic quickly. It wasn't going down the path I had planned. With every lie my stomach kept churning over how easy it was becoming. I didn't like the way I was acting, but I had to do it in order for everything to proceed. At the end of the day, I would protect those I loved with everything I had. Even if I had to twist my own morals in doing it.

I arched my eyebrow. "Even if I knew with absolute certainty, what makes you think I would answer that question?"

I moved past him. His hand shot out and, if I weren't as fast as I was, he would have had a hold on me already. Instead, I knew he wouldn't let this pass so I was prepared. His hand did that blurring thing again but my instincts and the warrior within were more than enough to avoid him. He grunted in annoyance when his second attempt to grab me failed.

"Let me be, Kevin," I warned.

"You are not leaving here until you answer my fucking question."

"I don't know the answer to your bloody question so, for the last time, Let Me Be."

There was such frustration and fear in his eyes. "Why is it life and fucking death with you, James?"

"Because as the only Guardian of my generation, it is life and fucking death."

Kevin turned away from me, his hands fisted and a fine tremble running through his body. "You can be a real asshole at times, you know that?"

I refused to answer and slipped away instead. He would thank me in the long run. As tough as I `appeared' to be, my heart hurt for Kevin. My heart also hurt for me.

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