Of All the Vampires in the world.

Chapter One.


Story based on many characters in The Twilight series, written and copyrighted by Stephenie Meyer. This story is completely fictional and the rest of the Usual disclaimers Apply.



UGH! Edward Cullen is such a dumb vampire. Im very found of the rest of the Cullens by definitely not him he is so egotistical! he thinks he knows everything just he can read minds!

Of All the "Vegetarian" Vampires why did his family/coven have to move to Forks at the same time my "vegetarian" vampire family moved to Forks?

Our Parents/creators/ whatever you want to call them thought it would be great for us to live together and do "activities" together. ( i wouldnt call hunting mountain lions an activity but whatever helps them sleep at night)

I really do hope the Cullen is listening to what im thinking right now.

You heard that Cullen, your no hot shit, ha his head just popped up to glare at me so he must have heard me!

And its true his not the only "talented" vampire his sister, Alice, can see the future. And I, I can actually experience life in someone else's shoes, hear what they're thinking, know what their feeling.

My Names Nathaniel, and if you haven't guessed by now, i'm a vampire. I live with my creator, Abraham, and his wife Addison. I like to think of them as mom and dad, just like Edward has Carlise and Esme. Ive also got some siblings: Blaine, Leigh, and Parker. The Cullens have a pretty big family to, there's Rosalie, Emmett, Japer, and Alice.

And no Edward's not as bad as im making him out to be, he is pretty arrogant but he can be sincere sometimes overall he's pretty cool and he is Smoking hot! (I know what you're thinking: what vampire isn't, but trust me when i see this, he is extremely hot.) With my luck the adonis is probably listening but what im thinking right now is no secret both of our families know im gay and i've had worse sexual thoughts about Cullen.

Edward? Are you listening? And even from all away across the Cafeteria i know he is because his mouth is curved upward right now, definitely a smile on his lips.

and to make matters worse i have to deal with his usual stupid comments throughout biology next period.


"So Im no 'hot shit," Edward says as soon as he walks into the room.

"What no hello?"

"Hello, so im not hot shit uh?"

"No, your not" said but i thought: Yes you totally are.

"Ha im flattered"

"Bite me" i retort

"What good would that do? Your already a vampire."

"I didnt mean in the literal sense Jackass. Now get out of my face before i shove my food so far up your ass."

"Ha, funny but from what i gathered from your thoughts you would be the bottom."

What a fucking jackass, i can not believe he just said that.

"OK Cullen thats it you me, after school, that the baseball clearing."

"And what do i suppose we will be doing there?"

"What do you think?"

"Having Sex?"

"What the hell, no cullen, were gonna fight, loser leaves for till after graduation."

"Well, thats dumb, i wanted to do it."

"Shut up Cullen, your not even gay."

"How would you know?"

"because Cullen, like you, i can read minds."

"yes, but you and i both know that people CAN hide what theyre thinking, what dont you take a look now."

i always hate looking into Edward's Mind, its always filled with self righteous thoughts. but what the hell, I NEED to know if he's just pulling my leg.

I began to concentrate to look into Edward's mind and i was totally surprised by what i saw in his head.

It was just image after image of his previous lays, all of them guys.

So Do you believe me now?

You, me baseball clearing, we are gonna have sex.

Wow. Edward Cullen, gay. If i wouldnt have seen it myself i wouldnt have believed it. I wonder how he feels about me? I've gone from loathing him one day, to wanting to spend all my time with him another.