Of Wolf and Unicorn
By Torsten aka The Wolf

Once upon a time, in the old peace-loving kingdom of Thalaria, David, the only son of the king, made friends with Tim, the son of a simple peasant. At first the old king was not very happy about this friendship, but he accepted it because he saw how happy his son was.

In the course of time, this friendship became deeper and deeper until it finally became love. The forbidden love between two boys. But David and Tim didn't care about the old laws, and they discovered the joy of bodily love in the highest tower of the castle, the highest point of Thalaria, close to the sky.

At first they started slowly. They just held each other and kissed, with and without tongues. Then they undressed each other until they were lying completely naked on the soft and warm fur which they had brought with them. And every time they met in the tower, they went a bit further.

Tim was a bit shy since he did not want to do anything to hurt the prince. But David showed him that he had no reason to worry, not at all. Their love was strong enough to break through any social barrier. Thus they really enjoyed the physical part of their love.

They often lay on the fur, facing each other, in a position which, in other countries far far away, was known as a 69. In Thalaria it had no name, but the fun was just the same. That way they could simultaneously lick at each others hard boyhood, nibble at the foreskin (for circumcision was also unknown in Thalaria), and suck at the heads until their mouths were filled with the sweet cum.

Some time later they discovered another opening of their bodies, and soon they made the most intimate connection two boys can make, by turns giving and receiving. The tight grip around their cocks, the sensation at the prostate, the wave of heat when the cum flowed around the insides - they experienced feelings which they had never imagined to be possible.

One fatal day, when the boys were making love to each other again, Khor, the king's wizard, wanted to observe the stars from this very tower. They had locked the door, but a locked door is no obstacle for a wizard, not even for an apprentice. And Khor was far from being an apprentice, he was the master. Thus the wizard could enter the room when they just reached their climax.

Now it should be told that Khor was an evil man, if he was a man at all. He had lived for many hundred years, and he had brought death and destruction to many peaceful kingdoms. Now he saw his chance to get rid of the popular prince before he could ascend the throne. And with the prince out of his way, Khor was sure to soon be king himself.

So the boys were dragged in front of the king's throne, and Khor informed him about all the evil things they ostensibly had done. He made the old king believe that the only way to preserve the kingdom from more misery was to banish the prince and his lover forever. The ingratiating words of the wizard convinced the king that it would be the best for the kingdom, even if it meant that he would lose his only son.

Thus, in their fifteenth year on earth, David and Tim were banished into the enchanted forest. There they would have to live until the end of their lives, but not in their human form anymore. Khor transformed prince David into a unicorn, and Tim was forced to live in the form of a mangy gray wolf.

Only in the short periods of dusk and dawn, when the whole world was gray, they were allowed to live in their human form. And only then they could be together as lovers, but all too soon they always were forced to transform back into animals.

For many moons David and Tim lived in the enchanted forest. David was the only unicorn, but there were some more wolves and Tim eventually joined their pack. He became part of their family, though he never missed any dusk or dawn with his lover. There was a clearing where they met every time, and they spent many short but happy moments there. But those are other stories which shall be told at another time.

After prince David had been out of his way, Khor had worked on a plan to kill the king and access the throne. Finally he decided to use one of the oldest means of assassination - poison. But not a simple poison which killed fast. No, Khor was a cruel man, and he loved it to see people suffer. Thus he chose the poison of a rare spider which was completely unknown in Thalaria. He had brought it from a far country, many many years ago.

So he mixed a bit of the poison in the king's wine, and over many days the old king burnt from the inside until he finally died in great pain. For the kings doctors it looked like a heavy fever, and nobody got suspicious. At least nobody dared to say anything, even if there were some rumors. But now Thalaria needed a new king, and since there was no prince, Khor declared himself the new king. Thus the reign of terror in Thalaria began.

During the next few weeks, Khor eliminated all persons who could threat him. Many bloody heads were pinned on the walls, and the ax of the executioner didn't get any rest. Finally there was nobody left who dared to stand against Khor. But many people wished prince David back. Suddenly his crime didn't seem so bad at all anymore.

David and Tim didn't notice any of that in the enchanted forest. There hardly came any humans through the forest, and if they did they crossed it as fast as possible. So David couldn't know that he was the last hope for Thalaria. At least until the fateful day when Tarik found the clearing.

Tarik was the hunter's son. On his 14th birthday he had got a new long bow and a quiver full of arrows from his father, and now he wandered through the enchanted forest to look for a good prey. Tarik had left his house in the middle of the night, and it was still dark when he reached the clearing. His father had taught him that clearings are always good places for a hunter, and thus he sat there at the edge, silent, watching with sharp eyes.

Suddenly he heard a noise. He took an arrow out of his quiver and made his bow ready, but when he saw what animal came out of the forest, he froze. It was a unicorn! Tarik had heard the legends about those creatures, but he had never believed that they really exist. How could he know that it was the enchanted prince.

But the blood of a hunter was flowing through Tarik's veins, and soon he had shaken off his fear and aimed at the bright white unicorn. David stood completely motionless in the center of the clearing, and Tarik aimed exactly at the spot where the heart should be. It would be an easy shot, almost too easy for this prey.

Tarik held his breath and concentrated on the shot - but he could not do it. Some inner force didn't allow him to kill the unicorn. He wanted to let the string go and send the arrow to his target, but instead he lowered the bow and put it on the ground. Tarik didn't understand himself anymore, but what he saw next he understood even less.

Out of the forest came another animal, a gray wolf with piercing green eyes. He looked at the unicorn and slowly walked to it. Tarik wanted to take his bow again, wanted to shot the wolf before he could attack the unicorn, yet once again he could not move. But he did not have to worry.

The two animals stood very close to each other now, their eyes locked, when the dawn came over the forest. The black of the night became the gray of the dawn, the first sign of the new day. And as the light changed, so did the form of the animals. Tarik watched in fear and awe how their bodies began to blur for a moment, only to become sharp again a moment later. But now there were two humans standing in the middle of the clearing, two beautiful boys, naked as on the day they were born.

They hugged each other tight and pressed their lips together for a passionate kiss. While they stroked each other's backs and squeezed their buttocks, their growing cocks pressed firmly against their bellies. David dragged Tim down on the soft grass and rolled on top of him.

The prince and his lover knew that they did not have any time to waste, thus they skipped the foreplay and got intimate at once. David collected some of the morning dew from the grass and rubbed it all over Tim's throbbing cock, making him shiver. Then he sat on his soulmate's lap, taking Tim's hard cock in his waiting hole in one quick move.

They hardly made any noise, just as if they did not want to disturb the peaceful silence and the sleep of the other animals of the enchanted forest. Only some silent whimpers escaped their mouths.

David moved his hips in a fast rhythm, rubbing Tim's chest and belly with his smooth hands. Tim reached down and started to stroke David's twitching cock, pumping it hard and fast. It was a wild love, almost animal, like they hadn't changed to their human form at all.

Suddenly Tim whimpered louder and rolled his eyes as he shot his hot load deep inside the young prince. This warm feeling around his prostate pushed David over the edge as well. He arched his back and five shots of sweet boycum landed on Tim's chest and belly.

They panted and moaned, and finally David collapsed exhausted on his lover. They kissed again while the cum made a sticky connection between their hot bodies. Soon the sun would rise and they would be forced back in their animal forms, but they wanted to enjoy thoroughly every second of their time together. And so they hugged in silence for they understood each other without words.

Tarik hadn't dared to move during the act of love, but now he wanted to sneak away. Carefully he made a step back. Not carefully enough. He stumbled over the root of an old oak tree, became entangled in the thicket and finally fell forward in the clearing. Of course David and Tim had heard the noise, and now they jumped up in fear of the intruder.

But soon they realized that Tarik was even more scared as they were. And they felt that this boy did not want to do them any harm. Thus they slowly approached the shaking Tarik, and David offered him his hand to help him up. Tarik just wanted to take it when he recognized the face of the prince.

"By all the gods of Thalaria, it's you!" Tarik stuttered. "My prince, it's really you! You are back! Now we can hope again! Did you come to fight the evil king?"

"What are you talking about boy?" David asked puzzled. "Why should I fight my father?"

"Your father?" Tarik said. "So you don't know it? Your father is dead my lord, and Khor is king of Thalaria. Please sire, you have to help the people of Thalaria before there is no kingdom you can come back to!"

The first rays of the morning sun brightened the clearing.

"Listen boy, now there is no more time for us to talk!" David said. "If you want to help us, come back when the sun descends tonight. We will be right here!"

And as he said it, the transformation started again. David and Tim vanished, and a moment later a wolf and a unicorn were standing at their places. For a second they looked at the terrified Tarik before they ran back in the forest. It took a while before Tarik was able to move again. Slowly he walked home, trying to find out if it all had been a dream. And if not, would he find the courage to go back to the clearing that evening?

Well, he had the courage, and he did come back. Tarik stepped on the clearing a few minutes before the big red ball of the sun disappeared behind the horizon. He didn't have to wait long before the wolf and the unicorn joined him. This time Tarik looked at them without fear, and only then he noticed how beautiful and noble they looked, even in their animal form.

The transformation took place again as the sun had vanished completely, and then the two naked boys were back, shaking a bit in the fresh air. But good Tarik had thought of that, and with a wide grin he took two fur blankets out of his backpack and handed them to David and Tim. Thankfully they wrapped their bodies in the warm blankets and sat down to Tarik.

Tarik quickly told them what had happened in Thalaria since they had been banished. He told them about the mysterious death of the old king, the cruel reign of Khor and the hope of the people that prince David would come back. When he had ended, it was almost completely dark.

David didn't think long but made a decision.

"Tarik, you already showed us that we can trust you!" David said. "But will you help us to fight against the wizard?"

"My lord," Tarik replied, "I will do everything I can to help you. I am your servant, your wish is my command!"

"You are not my servant, you are our friend! Never forget that. Now listen! In three days from now the moon will be full. That alone won't help us, but furthermore we will have a total eclipse of the moon in the middle of the night. That is a magical time, a time when even a wizard isn't invincible. So meet us in three days, on sunset, on the edge of the forest behind the castle. You will have to help us to get inside!"

"I will be there master David!" Tarik said. "But won't you need many brave men to fight Khor?"

"We will need help, but not the help of men!" David smiled. "Don't worry my friend, we will have allies which are far more trustworthy than men. Right Tim?"

"Oh yes, we won't come alone Tarik!" Tim said. "Just be there at sunset and bring your heart, your courage and your bow! But now we have to leave you my brave friend. Thank you for everything!"

He kissed Tarik on the left cheek, and David kissed him on the right. Tarik blushed deeply, and as they gave him the blankets back and revealed their beautiful young bodies, be blushed even deeper. But he had a smile on his face, and he knew that he would give his life for the prince and his boyfriend.

When the two animals were gone, Tarik quickly ran home. His mother would already be worried, but he would tell her some story to calm her down. Tarik had only one thought in his mind: he would help prince David to free Thalaria from the tyranny of Khor!

Three days later. Tarik waited impatiently for the sunset. He was armed with his bow and arrows, and in his belt he had a long knife. Unfortunately it was not made of silver, only of steel. But it was sharp, and at least he did not want to fight a werewolf. Furthermore he had two woolen capes for his new friends, even if he feared that they would not be humans for long. But in that short time he did not want them to freeze.

Suddenly he heard some cracking noises in the thicket, and a moment later David and Tim appeared, still imprisoned in their animal bodies. They just sat down close to Tarik, rubbed their fur against him and waited for the dusk. And they were still cuddling with the young hunter when the transformation started. Thus Tarik was suddenly hugged by two naked boys who even kissed him on the cheeks again as soon as they could.

Tarik blushed in the deepest and cutest shade of red, and Tim and David could not help but laugh about his reaction. They happily accepted the capes while they explained their plan to him.

"Tarik," David said, "do you know the entrance to the cellar rooms? You know, where the servants go in and out!"

"Yes, I do!" Tarik replied.

"Good! You will have to open it for us, so we can get inside the castle! There shouldn't be any guards outside."

"That's true, this door isn't guarded. But there are many guards inside the castle, and they are all loyal to Khor. Cruel and mean men who Khor recruited in all parts of the kingdom, and even in some foreign kingdoms. I don't know how you will get past them alone."

"Tarik, we are not alone!" Tim said with a smile on his face.

"But...," Tarik stuttered, "but where is your army? Where are all the strong men in bright armor and with long swords and battle axes?"

"We don't have any men Tarik." David said. "But we do have an army. An army which we can trust far more than any group of human mercenaries who fight only for the money, and not for justice and honor. Just wait and see!"

Tarik looked around but he could not see this mysterious army. Then Tim stood up and started to howl. He howled like the wolf he was most of the time now. And the howl was answered from inside the forest. Glowing green eyes appeared between the trees, and then a huge pack of wolves came out of the forest. But they did not come alone. With them were some giant brown bears, a few lynxes and even some small animals.

And then the air was filled the silent beat of wings when the eagles came. From their eyries high above in the magic mountains, on the far side of the enchanted forest, they had come. Dozens of them were sitting on the trees now while the biggest and mightiest of them had landed next to David on the ground.

"Tarik, this is the lord of the eagles." David said. "He and his brothers will attack from the air and distract the guards. The other animals will follow us in the castle to protect us, and to protect you. You don't have to be afraid of them, they are our friends!"

When Tarik looked in the eyes of the animals around him, he could see the intelligence and courage of those creatures. Slowly he began to believe that they could really have a chance against Khor and his minions. At least he would give all he could give to make their plan a success.

"Ok, now the time is come!" David whispered. "Tonight Khor will probably be in his deepest and darkest laboratory to use the magic of the eclipse! I know the way through the dungeons. Tarik, I will need your help to open some doors, so you will have to come with me. You can ride on my back! Tim will lead another group in the upper part of the castle to hunt the guards. Let's go now, and may the spirits of our ancestors be with us. My lord father, I will revenge you!"

Some minutes later - the moon was still full - Tarik stood at the strong oaken door which led to the cellars of the castle. Of course the door was locked at night, but being a hunter Tarik's father often brought his prey to the big kitchen, and therefore he had a key. And Tarik had sort of borrowed this key for tonight. Carefully he turned the key in the lock and slowly opened the door.

A few torches lit the passage. Tarik looked around and waited for prince David who was standing a few feet behind him with Tim. The two animals looked in each others eyes and licked their noses, like a last kiss before the battle. Maybe their last kiss forever.

Then Tim howled again. This was the signal for the rest of the animal army. The eagles spread their mighty wings and flew high in the sky over the castle. A moment later their sharp cries broke the silence of the night as the eagles dived down onto the guards on the walls of the castle. The guards were surprised and frightened because of that sudden attack. Shouted orders echoed through the castle as more guards were called on the walls, and soon many nailed boots run upwards, leaving the lower parts unguarded.

Now Tim lead the major part of his wolf pack in, along with the bears and the smaller animals. Only a few of the bigger wolves went with Tarik and the unicorn. This strange army sneaked through the empty corridors of this part of the castle, but soon they faced the first guard in his black leather armor. The guard didn't believe his eyes when he saw the wild animals, snarling at him. And before he had a chance to react, Tim jumped on him and ripped his throat open with his fangs. Only a gasp escaped the guard's mouth before he collapsed dead on the cold floor in a puddle of dark red blood.

Tim's gray fur was sprayed with blood now. The taste of this blood made him wild, and all the rage against Khor and his minions came out now. None of the guards which crossed the way of the animals had a chance. The bears broke some necks with mighty blows of their claws, the wolves ripped their enemies apart, and even the small animals overpowered a soldiers when they attacked him all at once.

Of course there were some losses on the side of the animal army too. Some wolves gave their lives to protect Tim from the swords and halberds of the guards, and many small animals were crushed under the heavy boots. But the soldiers could not stop them for they fought for their friends.

On the outside it was a similar scene. Even if some of the eagles were killed by crossbow bolts, there were just too many of them. With their sharp bills and claws they attacked the eyes of the defenders and blinded many of them. Or they just rammed them and pushed them off the walls, down on the ground where their bones were smashed.

Meanwhile Tarik had climbed on the back of the unicorn, and together they rode deeper and deeper in the very heart of the dungeons, where the air was filled with the scent of evil. Even the light of the torches seemed to get darker the closer they got to Khor's secret laboratory.

Tarik had to open a few more doors, but none of them were locked. Obviously Khor did not fear any intruders to come down here. Everybody was far to scared to come close to the evil realm of the wizard. Tarik wasn't scared anymore. The presence of the prince filled his heart with courage and gave him all the strength he needed.

He really needed it at one time. For suddenly a guard appeared in the back of the friends, aiming at the unicorn with his crossbow. But Tarik was faster. Without thinking about it he bent his bow and shot an arrow right into the eye of the guard, killing him at once.

Finally they reached the entrance to the wizard's laboratory. The door was made of black wood, and it was covered with strange runes and mystical signs. Tarik climbed from the back of the unicorn and wanted to open the door, but David blocked his way. He shook his head and signaled Tarik to step back. From now on he had to go alone. Only he could face the wizard with a chance to survive it.

Slowly David approached the door, feeling the aura of evil and magic. With his shoulder he carefully pushed the door open and looked inside the room which was lit by many multi-colored torches. There were many cages with dangerous animals, above all spider and snakes, all very poisonous and deadly. In the center of the room a pentagram was painted on the floor, with a dark red color which could only be blood.

Black candles were standing around the pentagram, and in the middle there was Khor, with his back to the door. David took one deep breath and entered the room, slowly approaching the wizard. His hooves made clapping noises on the stone floor, and Khor spun around as soon as he heard it.

The eyes of the wizard started to glow when he saw who had disturbed his ritual.

"You!" Khor hissed. "YOU! How can you dare to enter my realm and think you can survive? I should have killed you and your little friend right there in that tower, like I killed your stupid father. But better late then never. When you are foolish enough to challenge me in my own realm, your reward shall be a painful death. Yes, finally the time is here, the eclipse, the dark moon. You can feel very honored, because you will see my true form before you die!"

Khor spoke some strange magical words, and suddenly he was engulfed in a black fire. And inside the fire the man who had never really been a man transformed into a black dragon with nine horns. David made a step back. He had always thought that Khor was not human, but he would never have believed that he was a dragon. A dragon! An immortal creature which cannot be destroyed. At least not by mortal men.

But right now, David was no mortal man. He was a magical creature himself. And magic was the only means to kill a dragon. Thus Khor had doomed himself when he had chosen this form for the prince.

The dragon seemed to be grinning when he looked at the unicorn. He opened his mouth and spit his black fire on the enchanted prince. But David was quick, and he jumped away before he got burnt. Khor turned around to spit more fire, but before he could do it David ran forward and rammed his horn deep into the chest of the dragon, the only vulnerable spot of his body.

The horn broke when David stepped back, but this magic missile remained in the dragon's black chest. And now it started to glow in a bright white light, brightening the room, destroying all creatures of the night in the cages. Khor cried. He felt what he had never thought to be possible. He was dying!

Slowly David walked back to the door, away from the dying dragon. Khor was in flames now, his dark flesh was burning. And he screamed! His screams made the walls of the laboratory shake, and suddenly they collapsed. The dead body of the evil black dragon was buried under the heavy stones in the heart of the dungeon. Nobody would ever see him again.

But the screams of the dying creature echoed through the castle, and through the whole kingdom. All evil men who had served the wizard knew that their time was over now, and they tried to run away. But most of them were slain from the people of Thalaria who celebrated the end of Khor's reign. The news spread quickly, and soon it was known that prince David was back.

David and Tarik stood in the dark corridor when the black dragon took his last breath. And when Khor was dead, his spell upon David and Tim was broken too. David transformed back in his human form. He could hardly believe his luck, and he hugged and kissed Tarik to share his joy with him. He was a human again, the beautiful boy he had been. Only a small scar on his forehead stayed where the horn of the unicorn had broken.

Together the went back to the upper part of the castle, into the big throne hall. Here all the animals had come together, as well as Tim who had gotten back his human form as well. Both boys were still naked, but they didn't care about it. They fell in each others arms and hugged for a long while without saying a word.

When they finally broke their hug they put on Tarik's capes and thanked their animal friends for the help. The animals wanted to go back to the forest as soon as possible. Soon many humans would be here, and there were only three humans they really trusted: David, Tim and Tarik. Thus they left the castle the same way they had entered and vanished back in the enchanted forest.

During the next few days the whole kingdom celebrated the return of the prince and the death of Khor. Nobody cared anymore about the love between Tim and David, and as soon as David was crowned he changed this old law. So David and Tim reigned together as king and king. Tarik became their closest friend, and he lived with them in the castle.

In their first night as kings, David and Tim lay together in their big bed. Finally they had time to love each other slow and long. So they made love all night long, and they never got tired.

Tim lay on his back, his legs spread, while David was kneeling between his legs. He kissed Tim's nipples, his belly button, and all the way down to his beautiful cock. Tim moaned with pleasure when David took his pink head in his mouth and sucked it tenderly. He wanted to hold it back, but the sensation was just too much for him. So it didn't take long before he shot his hot load deep down David's throat, feeding him with his sweet nectar of love.

David swallowed some of the cum, and he used the rest of it as a lube, to make Tim's puckering hole slippery and wet. Then he slowly pushed his cock against the hole, and inch by inch he entered his lover. He moved slowly in and out and in and out, getting faster and faster with every push. Finally he fell over the edge and pumped his semen deep inside Tim's ass, crying his joy out to the world.

This was only the start of a very hot and horny night, and many more such nights should follow. And they were not the only boys in the castle who had fun. Tarik soon found his love too.

But these are other stories which shall be told at other times!

That's it, the end of my first fantasy story!
I had a lot of fun writing this story, and I can only hope that you enjoyed reading it!
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