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Chap 2

New Hearts

I walked up to the second floor. Lizzy lead me. She seems more excited about these new people being awake then either Vu or I were. To be truthful it made me more nervous then anything. I hadn't had time to get to used to the people I'd already met and now there were more new people that were going to be around. A part of me was hopeful though. Maybe one of them knew where we were. Maybe one of them knew how we could possibly get back home.

Lizzy lead us to the Star Bridge. I realized that even though Jakobi was the one who was up the longest she seemed a lot more comfortable walking around here. Maybe it was due to her age. Maybe her teenage mind just thought this was some big adventure or something. We got to the Star bridge and immediately I could see the space all around us.

I had to admit it was pretty fucking beautiful. The stars all around us. You had that feeling that you were so small in something that would never end.


The voice knew my name but I had never heard the voice before.

As I turned I could see someone walking towards me. He was a Spanish looking guy and he was about my height which was shorter than Vu and Jakobi were. He had said my name like he knew me. He then walked up to me and started hugging me. He was like seriously hugging me at this point. I didn't get it.

He was holding me. I watched at that moment as Jakobi, Lizzy and Vu surrounded me.

I looked at Jakobi in general with this weird face.

The Spanish guy stepped away from me.

“Do I know you?”

He looked confused, “Sevyn it's me... are you joking me.”

Vu looked over at us, “Sevyn does he look familiar to you?”

I looked at this guy. He was handsome Spanish guy with a very commercial face. It was hard to describe. I could only tell he was Spanish by his accent now. He seemed exotic like he could have been a male model or something. He had a very popular looking face as though you'd know a ton of guys that looked like him.

I shook my head stepping away from him, “No.”

“Are you fucking kidding me?”

He grabbed onto my wrist at that point. I was a little taken back buy this guy. I might have seen his face before but the idea that I knew him just didn't make any sense at all. He didn't look familiar to me at all.

“Cool down,” Jakobi told him, “He says he doesn't remember you, he doesn't remember you.”

The boy looked a little turnt off all of a sudden, “What the FUCK did you guys do to him? Who are you people?”

We all looked at him. It was hard to not notice that there was someone else in the room as well. The other person was a woman. She seemed older than the rest of us. I wasn't sure if she was white or not but she had pitch black her with two strings of gray that hung down. She had bags underneath her eyes. She hadn't said a word this entire time. She was just sitting there shaking as though she was cold or something. I couldn't see how. I'd thought it was pretty warm on this ship.

“Calm down,” Vu repeated, “What's your name again?

“I don't have to tell you guys SHIT!” he said shaking his head, “You brought me here. I want to know right now what is going on. I swear to god I'll call the cops.”

Vu and Jakobi stood between me and this weird guy. Lizzy seemed to be laughing. I figured she must have found amusement in the fact that he wanted to call the cops. Hell he was definitely a lot more confused then I was when I woke up. Did he not see the stars all around him or something? Calling the cops definitely didn't seem an option for me.

“No one is going to come save you,” the new girl stated.

Her voice was cryptic. Dark.

We all turned to her. She was just staring out into the darkness like she didn't know what was going on. She had on the same basic white t-shirt and slacks that we all had on. She wasn't as alert as the new guy.

“What's your name?” Vu asked her.


“Nice to meet you Diana. I'm Vu. That over there is Jakobi and Lizzy. This is Sevyn. We didn't bring you guys here. We woke up in the same---”

“Lies! Sevyn let's get out of here.”

“Who are you?” I asked the guy.

“Sevyn its me Vince. What the fuck is going on? Who the FUCK are you people?”


It didn't ring a bell at all. I watched as he was pacing back and forth. Lizzy looked scared and I think Vu and Jakobi were noticing it. This Vince guy had a desperation in his eyes. He looked like he was a loose cannon or something.

Jakobi was the one who said something, “Look Vince. I'm going to need you to calm down. You are freaking out everybody right about now.”

This seemed to enrage him even more. I watched Vince lean behind him. I didn't know what he was doing until I saw him grab a piece of the tube connected to the pods that he came out of. He had it in his hand and he was holding it sternly. Jakobi and Vu went on full alert and started circling him. At this point Lizzy had screamed and rushed herself into a corner somewhere. The new lady Diana was just sitting in her chair completely unphased by any of this.

I didn't know whose behavior was more strange...Diana or Vince.

“I'll kill you guys,” Vince threatened with a shaky voice.

I looked over at Jakobi a little terrified that he meant it. It was at that point that I figured that I was the only one who could calm him down. I made a few steps close to him.

“Vince, Vince I remember,” I said.

It was all a lie but I could see his eyes coming off of Jakobi and Vu and coming onto me. He was looking at me with a look of wonder at that moment. I didn't know who this nutcase was but me saying this definitely seemed to calm him down.

“You do? Sevyn come over here. Let's get the fuck out of here. These people are after us or something.”

Jakobi looked at me with a weird look, “Don't.”

I didn't care though. I had a feeling that this guy Vince wasn't going to hurt me. I made my way closer to him and I could see him somewhat let his guard down.

In just that second I grabbed the lead pipe out of his hand and threw myself to the floor. He jumped on top of me trying to wrestle the lead pipe out of my hand but in just a matter of seconds he was subdued by both Vue and Jakobi.

The two men wrestled him to his feet with him kicking and screaming. It was a minute or two before he realized it was useless to struggle as they pinned his hands behind his back.

“What should we do with him?” Jakobi asked.

“This way.”

I waited patiently as they disappeared with Vince. I wasn't sure where they were going with him but I was sure it was to detain him somewhere. I was hoping it was somewhere he would be able to calm down and think normally.

I crossed the room looking at the room with two pods. This room resembled my own. I looked over at Lizzy who was still crawled up.

“It's ok Lizzy,” I told her.

It was weird how she was crawled up like that. Lizzy was a teenager maybe 17 or 18. She seemed to regress into a much younger state though at that point.

I went over to Diana, “Are you ok?”

Diana didn't even look at me, “I'm fine.”

“Do you know where we are?”

She paused for a moment. It was a long moment. For a while I was a little turned off by her. This one was even weirder then Vince to me. She seemed almost like she was dazed. It was like she wasn't all the way with us.

“Wasn't I the one who just woke up?” she asked, “Why the hell are you asking me? Shouldn't I be asking you?”

Her attitude caught me at a surprise. She almost spit the words at me when she said it. It was clearly a hard slap to the face.


That was the only thing I could manage to say to her at the time. I went over to Lizzy and started to help her get her stuff together. It was all that mattered at the time was making sure that Lizzy was ok. When I saw she was ok I realized that Jakobi and Vu were outside in the hallway talking.

I walked over to them joining them in the hallway.

I was surprised when they seemed welcoming to see me.

“Do you know him Sevyn?” Jakobi whispered.

I shook my head, “No...”

Vu crossed his arms, “That's weird as fuck.”

“Is there a chance that you know him?” Jakobi asked, “Like I know your memory isn't all the way back. Maybe you forgot him.”

I thought about it. I dug through my memory. There was nothing about Vince that was familiar. His voice wasn't familiar. His accent wasn't familiar. He sounded like a New Yorker and I was from Georgia. I didn't know him but the way he was looking at me was as though we were close or something.

I shook my head at the thought of it, “My memory is spotty. I have not forgotten any people. I don't think at least. Maybe I should talk to him and see what's up.”
“Where is he?”

“There's a cell that we found a few days ago,” Jakobi said, “We locked him in there.”
“A cell?” I asked, “Oh my god. Where the fuck are we?”

The idea of a cell being on this ship freaked me the hell out. I looked over at Jakobi and Vu. They seemed worried but I don't know if it was the cell thing that worried him.

Vu looked over at Jakobi, “What do you think of that Diana?”

“I think she knows something.”

I shrugged, “Really? I think she's just a bitch. She is just as aggressive as Vince but not physically.”

That was all that came out of her mouth.

“She's weird,” Vu stated, “We need to see what she knows.”

The day had gone pretty much strange. Vu was the only one who wanted to be near Diana. I guess he was talking to her but the way he looked sometimes I could have sworn that Vu was interrogating her. He seemed like such a serious man. The rest of us just thought she was weird. Lizzy seemed shaken up by everything and spent the whole day in Jakobi and my room.

“Wasn't Lost in Space like a movie or something?” Lizzy had stated.

Jakobi laughed at, “Nothing like this. I'm sure.”

“You think we are headed back to Earth?”

Jakobi just looked around. I could tell he wasn't all that entertained by Lizzy. It was kind of hard to get rid of her though.

“You want to go check on that guy Vince?”

“Why me? He freaks me out.”

“He seemed to not like me. Did you see how he reacted when I talked to him?” Jakobi stated, “And I don't trust him around Sevyn.”

“Fine...but if he kills me I'm going to haunt you,” she stated.

He laughed a little and I watched from my bed as Lizzy sauntered off and disappeared. It was amusing a second later when Jakobi let out a loud sigh. I could tell that he was more then annoyed with Lizzy being around. I was as well. You could only really take her in doses. The thing was that I felt like she honestly did mean well at the end of the day.

I shook my head and looked over at Jakobi who immediately came to sit next to me on my bed once Lizzy had gone.

“That guy Vince was weird wasn't he?” Jakobi said.

I took a look at him. I didn't have a shirt on again. It was like Jakobi knew that his body was amazing. I was kind of taken back by him every time he did that. Did he not know how sexy he was? It was just like a straight guy to not ever think that he was a sex symbol.

“She was weirder to me than he was.”

“But the fact that he knew your name.”
“Maybe Lizzy mentioned it. Who knows what she was talking about with him when he woke up. Wasn't she the one watching over his pod. He could probably just be delusional,” I stated.

“You are defending him.”

I laughed at the thought of it.

“No I'm not defending him. Why would I defend him?”

“I feel like you know who he is. I think you are lying.”

Jakobi was looking me dead in my eyes as he said it. It was like he was studying me. I wondered at this moment if Vu and him had a talk or something. The way it came out of no where made me think that he must have been thinking this all along. It was strange.

“Jakobi...I promise you. I do not know this guy.”

“I'm just saying---he seemed close to you. To me it was like he didn't just know you. To me it felt like he was trying to protect you or something. Like you guys were ---”


Jakobi shook his head, “Look I don't know.”

“Just fucking say it now Jakobi,” I said getting up off the bed, “You don't trust me. I don't blame you. I don't trust you. I don't trust any of you. You all could be lying to me. Just like how you didn't tell me there was someone who was around when you woke up and that person disappeared.”

Jakobi's face got a little pale.

“Vu told you.”

“Yeah Vu told me. Why didn't you tell me is the question? Don't you think I had the right to know!”

I could see myself getting more and more angry. He was attacking me like I was suspicious or something. I had no fucking idea what was going on in this ship. Just last night he was comforting telling me that we were in this together and now he was what...suspicious of me or something?

“I don't not trust you. I just want to be safe all the way around. I was going to tell you.”

“But you didn't.”

I got up off the bed and started walking out of the door. At that moment Jakobi grabbed my hand to turn me around. He looked like he was going to say something but I shot him the worst look I could muster. I didn't want to hear anything from him right now. He was pissing me off really bad at this moment and I just didn't want to be around him. Jakobi raised up his hands to let me go and backed off.

I ended up walking out of the room.

I found myself searching the ship trying to look for the cell that they had the guy Vince in. I wanted to talk to him. A part of me felt that he was delusional but a part of me felt that maybe he knew what was going on more than the rest of us. I had to find out exactly what that was.

Jakobi was right about one thing. We couldn't really trust one another. We didn't know one another. He could have been the person who kidnapped me. He could have been the person who kidnapped all of us. He was the first one awake. Who knew what he was capable of? I had to start thinking for myself and worrying about myself. I needed to find a way back home. That was the most important thing.

The cell was located in a corner room. When I opened the door and peered inside lights automatically filled up the room. It had that same cold, unwelcoming feeling that everything else had on the ship.


I had called out at Vince he was sleeping behind these bars. I looked at the bars and across from them to the right were keys that were out of distance. I assumed they must have been the keys that were used to unlock.

“Oh my god, Sevyn,” Vince stated.

As he picked up his head he seemed get excited. He leaned over at the bars and was looking at me. I kept my distance from the bars, pressing against the side of the wall instead.

“You know my name,” I stated, “I want to know how.”
“What do you mean how? We are fucking best friends Sevyn. What the fuck did they do to you? You don't remember anything.”

I crossed my arms.

“I-I don't remember you. I don't know how I got here,” I stated shaking my head and almost shivering, “I don't know where we are. I don't know who any of these people are. I don't know anything right now.”

“What's the last thing you remember?” Vince asked.

It was the same question that Jakobi had asked me. I had been thinking about it for a long time. The truth was that I didn't have any idea what the last thing I remembered was. I couldn't remember any of that. All I remembered was waking up to Jakobi.

“I don't know. Do you remember anything.”

“You don't remember Matty?” Jakobi asked, “Your brother. He introduced us.”

“Matty...yes...yes...my big brother.”

I definitely remembered him. Thoughts of my family started running back into my head. I remembered my brother Matty. He was an army brat. I remembered he was really protective. When he came back from service he was never the same. Dad said he faced a lot. A lot of Matty's friends had died in the war. It must have been a crazy war. He used to get help a lot.

“Exactly,” Vince stated shaking his head, “How would I have known about him if I didn't know you. He introduced us. We served together. He used to call me the crazy Italian?”

“I thought you were Spanish,” I laughed.

“You said that to me. You actually said Hola to me when we first met,” Vince stated laughing, “I'll never forget that.”

I shook my head, “Why don't I remember?”

“I don't know but think. Do you remember when Matty died?”
My heart started getting heavy. It was emotion all of a sudden when Vince stated that. The trauma seemed to get to me. I could feel the heaviness all over me.

“It was the year after Dad died.”

“Yeah. Matty couldn't take it anymore...”

“He killed himself,” I finished.

Vince looked over at me. I still didn't remember him but I remembered everything that he was saying. It was so weird. My brother was so depressed about the war that my Dad dying from Cancer was the last thing that he could take. My brother went over the edge and there was nothing that I could do. There was nothing that I could do to save him.

“You were all alone,” Vince stated, “I told you that I would protect you. I told you that I'd protect you no matter what. Ever since then we were best friends.”

“How long ago was that?”

“Maybe two years...”

“What happened between then and now?” I asked Vince, “How did we get here... I don't remember anything.”

Vince dropped his head. I hadn't realized I had gotten closer to the cell. Truth was I didn't really think he was scary or anything. I think he did have a panic attack but I really didn't doubt that he was dangerous. Not to me at least.

“I don't know but we had to have been kidnapped or something,” Vince said.

“You think.”

“It has to be,” Vince replied, “Let me out. We can't trust these people. Who knows what they are going to do to us. They could be doing experiments on us or something. Let me out.”

I could see the panic in his eyes.

“They seem like cool people.”

“Are you fucking kidding me Sevyn? We don't know these people from a can of paint. How the fuck are we going to trust them. We need to get out of here right now.”

“We are in space Vince. Don't you get that? There is no where to go.”

“One of them knows something. We can make them talk.”

“By what...threatening them? Hurting them?” I asked.

“Any means necessary.”

He sounded so desperate. A part of me wanted to trust him but a part of me knew that it was pointless to be hostile to everyone. He knew about Matty dying. He knew about my past. He had to have known me even though I didn't remember him. Still him panicking wasn't helping this situation.

I shook my head at him and backed up towards the door.

“Listen I will talk to them about getting you out but you have to change your tone. Even if these people did bring us here, being crazy with them isn't going to help. We have to play along. We have to find out what they want.”


“But nothing,” I said, “You want me to trust you right?”

“Of course. I want you to remember me.”

“Well then calm down,” I said.

I looked at Vince's reaction when I said that. I felt like I was getting past some sort of barrier. He calmed down. His eyes lowered a little bit and set back down on the bench.

“Whatever you say man but I don't trust them.”

The others were gathered in the cafeteria when I came up. Lizzy, Vu and Jakobi were standing on the side watching Diana eat. She was looking dead ahead at the food making machine. I joined them as they stood around. Lizzy and Vu seemed to be mesmerized by her while Jakobi was just standing there.

“Hey guys.”

“Where have you been?” Jakobi asked me.

Immediately I felt annoyed with him again. I didn't respond back to him. The tension between us seemed so thick that you could cut it with a knife. Luckily Vu and Lizzy didn't seem to notice that at all.

“She's weird,” Vu whispered over at me.

I wasn't sure why he was whispering. The cafeteria was big enough that he could talk normally and she still wouldn't hear. She seemed to be distracted anyway looking at the food machine probably wondering how it possibly spit out food from a thought.

“Is she?” I asked.

“She's been staring at that thing for like two hours,” Lizzy replied.

“I mean it is weird. That kind of technology...it isn't...I don't know. It isn't human.”

“Like alien?” Vu asked.

I shrugged, “Possibly. Does she know anything at all?”

“She doesn't talk much,” Vu stated.

Lizzy shivered a little bit, “She creeps me out. They both creep me out. When Jakobi woke up I was happy but these two are weirdos.”

I shook my head, “I don't think the guy is so weird.”

They all looked at me confused as though I had said something crazy like Hitler was an American hero or something.

“You went to go see him didn't you?” Jakobi asked and before I even answered he turned to Vu, “I told you he'd go see him.”

“What the fuck does that even mean?” I asked Jakobi.

“Why are you going to see him?” Jakobi asked.

“Stop you two,” Vu said.

I thought he was trying to tell us to stop arguing but there was something else going on. There was a sound. Vu and Lizzy were looking all around trying to find the source of it. I knew immediately though that there was no one source. It was everywhere. It was like some sort of siren or something.

“A fire drill?” Lizzy asked.

Jakobi rolled his eyes. The sound was something like a firedrill though to be honest. It ran over and over. I looked over to see that Diana had just noticed it as well.

It freaked me.

A voice started to come out of no where. It was a strange voice and I couldn't make out exactly what the voice was saying.

“It's coming from the speakers,” Vu stated.

“What's it saying?” Lizzy looked scared again.

We looked over at the speakers and almost immediately Vu and Jakobi seemed to be on the same page. I watched as Vu tossed Jakobi on his shoulders. The two leaned up against the walls at what looked like speakers. Jakobi was listening into the speakers intently.

When Jakobi came back down his face was completely pale almost like he had just seen a ghost or something.

“What was it saying?” Lizzy asked again.

“It wasn't English.”

“What language?”


“Oh ok. What was it like sounds?”

He looked even more scared. I don't think I ever saw someone as scared as Jakobi was in this very moment. His face was so pale and when he spoke we could barely hear him. It made my heart race to see a guy like Jakobi this scared.

“No. It was talking...it...it wasn't a language that I knew. It wasn't like an Earth language. This was something else...”