by tim the story guy

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by tim

Chapter 1

Aaron Baker had just had another miserable night at his favorite gay bar. He didn't know why he always seemed to come up empty, but he did most nights. Aaron stood 5'9" tall, was a medium build, had very nice wavy brown hair to go with his deep brown eyes, a medium and smooth complexion, and very nice features. At 28 he was by no means washed up, and he tried to get along with everybody. Still, he had another very unsatisfying night at the bar, trying to meet Mr. Right.

Instead of going right to the bus stop outside the bar, Aaron decided he needed to walk around a little bit. His bus would be running most of the night anyway, and he wanted to walk and think. Aaron began walking down the side street next to the bar, and before he knew where he was, he found himself walking in an unlit and desolate area of town.

"Oh shit!" thought Aaron to himself. "I could get myself mugged or raped out here, and no one would ever know about it! How could I be so dumb as to wind up in an area like this?"

Aaron nervously turned to walk back in the direction he had came from, but he didn't know how far he had walked. After he walked back a few feet, he realized that he had passed a bus stop sign without even realizing it.

"Wow! At least there's one break tonight!" said Aaron in relief. "I just hope whatever bus this is, it's still running!"

As if to answer his command, Aaron spotted the familiar lights of a bus coming toward him. The bus pulled up to the stop and opened it's door for Aaron, who gratefully climbed on board. Aaron began to put his change into the fare box, but noticed there was no change slot.

"What's the matter young man?" asked the driver. "Just put your right index finger on the scanner, and let's go."

"Scanner?!" replied Aaron. "That must be something new!"

Then Aaron noticed another very strange thing. The driver was wearing nothing but a pair of sandals! Aaron immediately wanted to get off the bus now, but it had closed it's door and begun moving. Instead of trying to get off, Aaron nervously walked down the well-lit aisle of the deserted bus. Aaron took a seat about halfway down the aisle, and waited to begin seeing familiar surroundings. However, by the time Aaron began to notice a fair amount of street lights, he didn't recognize any of the surrounding area. The bus came to another stop, and opened it's door again.

A man of about 30 got on the bus and said, "Hi Hank, how ya doin' tonight my friend?"

The driver responded, "Pretty slow night tonight Wes. I think we have a new one though."

The man looked toward the back of the bus and spotted Aaron, then chuckled as he replied, "How could you tell Hank?"

The two men laughed for a few seconds, then the man the driver had called Wes headed toward Aaron. As soon as he got to the row that Aaron was in, he asked, "Do you mind if I have a seat?"

Aaron looked Wes over. Once again, he looked to be about 30. Wes had dirty blonde hair and crystal blue eyes. He looked to be about Aaron's height and weight, and had very attractive, almost boyish features. Wes's cock seemed to be about six inches flaccid. The reason Aaron could tell that, was that Wes was also wearing nothing but sandals.

"Are you still with us?" asked Wes with a chuckle.

"Um,... yeah." replied Aaron. "I guess you can go ahead and sit down,... if you want to."

Wes sat right next to Aaron, with their legs touching together. Wes then stuck his hand toward Aaron, to shake his hand.

"Hi, My name's Wes." said Wes. "What's yours?"

"I'm Aaron." replied Aaron. "At least I think I am."

Wes laughed a pleasant laugh and remarked, "You're a tad bit overdressed, aren't you?"

"I didn't think so earlier tonight." answered Aaron. "What in the world is going on here?"

Wes could see that Aaron was beginning to panic, so he put his hand gently on Aaron's thigh. Then he picked up Aaron's hand with his free one, and placed it on his own bare thigh.

"Aaron, my good-looking young friend, you're probably not going to believe a word I tell you at first." said Wes in a gentle voice. "The first thing to remember is that you're in absolutely no danger here, so please don't panic."

"Wh,.. what are you people going to do to me?" stuttered Aaron.

"It's not like that at all Aaron." said Wes. "The only thing we're going to do to you is help you to have the kind of life that you deserve. Were you happy with the way your life was going when this bus picked you up?"

"My life sucked man!" said Aaron, on the verge of tears. "I can't ever seem to find a nice guy to spend my life with, or even a lousy freakin night. There's no reason for it either! I'm not ugly, and I try to be nice to everyone."

"You're absolutely right Aaron, there's no reason for that at all." said Wes in a reassuring voice. "You're actually are a very good-looking young man, and you deserve to be as happy as anyone else. Hell, I wouldn't mind having sex with you right here and now, if you wanted to!"

Aaron's eyes widened as he looked at Wes. "What the fuck is this place Wes?" asked Aaron in a shocked tone.

At that moment the bus stopped, and let on another naked man. The man sat at the front of the bus, as the bus began moving again.

"Do you know exactly where you walked to Aaron?" asked Wes.

"No." replied Aaron.

"Did you know of any other bus routes in that area, except the one you usually took?" asked Wes.

"No." replied Aaron nervously.

"That's because there are none Aaron." said Wes.

"Am I dead now Wes?" asked Aaron fearfully.

"Oh my goodness no!" chuckled Wes. "You wouldn't be much fun here if you were dead Aaron. You are on a real bus, and you're really here, and me and everyone else here is just as real as you are. As for where you are right now, you're in a parallel dimension Aaron. Do you know much about those?"

"No." replied Aaron, once again fearfully.

"Parallel dimensions exist right along side each other, and there is normally no way to go between them." said Wes. "This is one of the few that can reach out to other dimensions though, and that's what happened tonight. You were chosen to be brought to this dimension Aaron. First, you're gay, and so is everyone in this dimension. Second, you deserve much better in life than what has been handed to you, and we can help you with that."

Aaron could tell he wasn't going to wake up from this weird dream anytime soon, so he asked, "Where am I Wes?"

"Welcome to Orgasmia, Aaron." replied Wes. "I hope you'll like it here, but if you don't like it, just let us know and we'll get you back to where you came from. In the meantime, let me tell you a little bit about Orgasmia. Once again, everyone here is a gay male. There are no clothes in Orgasmia, except for sandals to protect our feet. That means you may want to take yours off before you begin to attract attention."

Wes waited for Aaron to begin removing his clothes, then continued, "There is also no money here. Everything is kept track of by the fingerprint scanners like the one at the front of the bus. Most importantly, people here are pretty free when it comes to sex. There is nothing wrong with public sex, or multiple partners. Orgies are a pretty common thing here. With the freeness of sex here though, there is one very important thing to remember. You can never force anyone to do anything they don't want to, and no one can force you to do anything you don't want to. Do you understand that Aaron?"

"Do you mean that if I wanted to give you oral sex right here on this bus, and you wanted to let me, that no one would say anything about it?" asked Aaron.

"Would you like to taste my cock, and pleasure me right now Aaron." asked Wes with a smile.

Before Aaron could answer, a few more naked men got on the bus at the next stop. They also sat down near the front of the bus, and began stroking each other's cocks almost immediately as they talked to the other passenger.

"Well,... you do have a very nice looking cock Wes." said Aaron nervously. "I just don't know if I'm ready for all of this yet."

"Then can I suck your cock while you get use to it Aaron?" asked Wes. "I think yours is beautiful, and I would love to bring you some pleasure while we ride downtown."

"Sure, go ahead." said Aaron as he took a gulp.

Wes bent over in the seat, and took Aaron's cock into his warm mouth. Aaron sighed loudly as Wes began to caress his cock with his lips and tongue. Wes was enjoying the taste of Aaron's cock almost as much as Aaron was enjoying having his cock sucked on a public bus. The passengers in the front of the bus could tell what was going on, and they smiled warmly at Aaron. As Wes was seriously sucking Aaron's cock, and Aaron began breathing heavily, another naked man got on the bus. The man came back and sat across the aisle from where Wes was sucking Aaron's cock. The man shot Aaron a friendly smile, and began stroking his own cock as he watched Wes and Aaron.

"You don't mind if I stroke my cock while I watch you guys, do you?" asked the man.

"Oh God!" moaned Aaron. "His mouth feels so good around my cock that I don't mind what you do!"

"Thanks." said the man. "By the way, my name is Gilbert, but everyone calls me Gil."

Gil stood up, with his erection pointing proudly at the front of the bus, and reached across the aisle to offer his hand to Aaron. Aaron weakly placed his hand in Gil's, as Wes continued giving him the best blow job he'd ever had.

"That has to be Wes sucking your cock Aaron." said Gil loudly. "He's the only one I know that can affect a guy like that!"

Wes stuck his hand up to shake with Gil, without breaking contact with Aaron's cock. Then Wes picked up the intensity of what he was doing to Aaron. Aaron leaned his head back over the back of the seat, and began panting from the feelings Wes was creating in his cock.

"Oh God!" moaned Aaron louder than he wanted to. "I'm gonna cum Wes!"

Wes began sucking harder, then a few seconds later Aaron began writhing in his seat. Aaron blasted a very large load of cum into Wes's mouth, and Wes swallowed every drop of it. Aaron grunted loudly as Wes drained his balls of their cum. When Wes could suck no more cum from Aaron's cock, he sat back up in the seat. Then he leaned over and kissed Aaron on the cheek.

"You have the nicest cock that I've pleasured in a long time Aaron." said Wes loud enough for everyone to hear. "Have you decided whether or not you'd like to taste my cock?"

As Aaron sat back up, he panted, "I'd love to Wes!"

Aaron bent over in the bus seat, and took Wes's very nice cock into his mouth. Aaron began sucking Wes's cock hungrily, as he loved the taste of it.

"Oh God!' gasped Wes. "You really are good at pleasuring guys, aren't you Aaron?" Then Wes looked across the aisle to Gil, and said, "Gil, my old friend! Why don't you stand here in the aisle, and let me take good care of that erection for you while Aaron sucks my cock?"

Gil smiled widely, then stood in the aisle of the bus. Wes leaned toward Gil, and took his pounding erection into his mouth. As Aaron continued to suck Wes's cock, Wes sucked Gil's cock. Wes and Gil did have to separate a few times, to let passengers pass by them. Wes eagerly went right back to sucking Gil's cock every time though. After about ten minutes of intense action, Wes and Gil both began approaching their orgasms.

Wes then pulled off of Gil's cock long enough to ask Aaron, "You're a newcomer Aaron, so I have to ask if it's okay to cum in your mouth?"

Aaron stopped sucking Wes's cock just long enough to reply, "Oh God yes Wes! Please do!"

Aaron went back to sucking Wes's cock hungrily, as Wes aggressively sucked Gil's cock. Wes began to grunt around Gil's cock at the same time that Gil began to moan.

"Oh shit Wes!" gasped Gil. "I'm ready to cum my friend!"

As Gil began to shoot his cum into Wes's mouth, Wes began to unload his cum into Aaron's mouth. Wes and Aaron both sucked hard on the cocks in their mouths, until they could suck no more cum from them. Aaron sat back up in his seat as Gil sat back down in his.

"Damn Wes!" exclaimed Gil. "That was just as good as I remember it being. I haven't cum like that all week!"

Well, I think Aaron here may give me a run for my money!" chuckled Wes, as he put his arm around Aaron's shoulder.

Aaron looked around the bus to see if they had attracted any attention. "Damn!" thought Aaron to himself. "This bus sure is getting full of naked guys!" The bus had picked up quite a few more passengers, none of whom were paying attention to the three men. Aaron began to get more comfortable with his surroundings, and nestled into Wes's side. Wes smiled warmly as he patted Aaron on his shoulder. After a few more minutes, the city began looking much more built up.

Wes looked out the window and said, "Well, we're almost downtown Aaron. I live just a few blocks off the downtown area, so we'll walk on to my house. You can stay with me at least until you decide whether or not you want to stay with us. I certainly hope that you do though Aaron. I know you will be much happier here, and we'll give you the kind of life that you've only dreamed of. The decision is all yours though Aaron. No one is going to pressure you into anything here."

"I have to say that it's been very interesting, and fun so far." said Aaron. "I do have to think about it though. I imagine that if I decide to stay here permanently, I'll never be able to return to my old life?"

"That is true Aaron, this is a very permanent decision." replied Wes. "That's why it's very important for you to give this a lot of thought. If you do decide to stay here with us though, I imagine that you'll never want to go back to your old life."

The bus pulled into a very modern looking station, and everyone began to get off. When Gil stood up, he offered his hand to Aaron once again.

"It was very nice to meet you Aaron." said Gil. "I hope that I'll be seeing you again, but don't let anyone pressure you into anything. Wes was right that you have a very important decision to make."

"It was nice to meet you too Gil." replied Aaron. "I hope I make the right choice."

"I'm sure you will." said Gil.

Aaron and Wes got off the bus and began walking. The downtown area was very modern, clean, and well-lit. Aaron could not believe how many naked guys they met, and how friendly everyone seemed to be. The two men met guys as young as twelve, and as old as dirt. Everyone was very happy and very friendly though.

As they were walking, Aaron said, "I can't believe how young some of these guys are."

"The youngest guys here are either runaway kids or throw aways." replied Wes. "They are a very special case here, and they are mostly encouraged to seek pleasure with guys closer to their own age. There is no age of consent here though, so if you do find yourself having the pleasure of one of our younger residents, you have to remember to treat them gently at all times, and never push them into doing anything."

"I mostly like guys in their twenties and lower thirties." said Aaron. "I don't think that will be any problem."

As they were getting closer to Wes's house, Aaron looked down at Wes's cock. He was shocked that Wes was holding his cock to the side, and peeing as they were walking along.

"Don't tell me." said a stunned Aaron. "It's perfectly okay to pee in public here too, right?"

"Actually, it is." replied Wes. "As long as you don't pee indoors unless it's in a toilet, or pee on someone that doesn't want you to pee on them, there's absolutely no reason to hold it back. Our doctors here think that it can actually to damage to you to hold it back."

"Have you ever seen a guy peeing on another guy in public?" asked Aaron.

"Oh my yes!" chuckled Wes. "To some guys, being peed on or peeing on someone is quite a turn-on. You see it a lot more than you might think. Why, do you want me to pee on you Aaron?"

"Ummmm,... I don't know." replied Aaron. "I'd really have to think about that one."

"Okay Aaron, just asking." chuckled Wes.

The two men turned off onto a side street shortly after leaving the downtown area, and walked up to a very nice looking house. Wes put his right index finger on a scanning pad by the door, and the door clicked as it unlocked.

"I don't know why they make these things so they lock automatically!" said Wes. "We just don't have any crime here, there's no reason for it. If the door lock was manual, I'd never lock it. Anyway, here we are. Home sweet home!"

The interior of Wes's home was very nice. Aaron thought that it looked like something out of an interior decorating magazine. Wes told Aaron to go ahead and toss the clothes he was carrying over in the corner until he made a decision.

"Do you want to sleep in your own room, or with me Aaron?" asked Wes.

"It's an extremely tempting offer." replied Aaron. "I have a decision to make though, so I should probably sleep in my own room tonight. If you don't mind, I wouldn't mind at all if I were waken up by a pair of lips around my cock though."

Wes ginned widely and said, "Plan on it then Aaron, because I would love to do that for you!"

Wes then showed Aaron to one of his spare bedrooms, and turned on the light. "This one use to be Bobby's, until he became old enough to live on his own." said Wes. "I think you'll be very comfortable in here."

"Who was Bobby?" asked Aaron.

"He was a young man that I was asked to look out for when he came to Orgasmia." replied Wes. "He was only thirteen when his family threw him out on the street. By the time we found him, he was in pretty bad shape. I nursed the beautiful little young man back to health though, and now he's happier than he ever dreamed of being. He still stops by to visit frequently, and he's a very charming guy."

"One last question, and then I'll let you sleep." said Aaron. "Why is this place called Orgasmia?"

Wes began laughing heartily as he replied, "Just wait until tomorrow, and I'm sure you'll figure it out!" Then Wes left the room as he still laughed.

Aaron sat down on the edge of the bed and took his shoes off. He was having a very hard time digesting everything that had happened to him tonight, and was sure he would wake up to his normal world in the morning. Aaron laid back on the bed, which was the most comfortable bed he had ever laid on. Even though he should have been dead tired, Aaron tossed and turned for quite a while before finally drifting off to sleep. His sleep that night was fitful, filled with some of the strangest dreams he'd ever had. The only dreams that turned out bad though, involved him being back in the world that he left when he stepped on that bus.

Aaron had expected to wake up in his old world in the morning. Instead he woke up in a strange bed, with a pair of warm, soft lips wrapped around his stiffening cock. Aaron looked down to see Wes carefully sucking his cock, and did it ever feel good! After several minutes of this, Aaron was breathing heavily and clenching at his blanket.

"Oh God Wes, I'm gonna cum!" moaned Aaron loudly.

Wes sucked even harder when Aaron said that. Wes wanted Aaron's cum, to satisfy his hunger.

"Ohh,... ohh,... unngh!" moaned Aaron, as his cum erupted into Wes's mouth.

Wes once again hungrily swallowed every drop of Aaron's cum, until Aaron was left drained and writhing on the bed.

"Your cum tastes so good Aaron." said Wes as he gazed up at Aaron. "I can't understand how that world we took you from could drive you to this point, but it's their loss and our gain."

"Wes, please convince me that this is real!" begged Aaron. "Please put your cock inside me, and fuck me like I've never been fucked before!"

"Are you sure Aaron?" asked Wes.

"It's the only way that I'll know for sure Wes!" begged Aaron again.

Wes climbed up between Aaron's legs, and reached into the nightstand beside the bed. Wes then pulled out a tube, and squeezed some jelly from the tube onto his fingers.

"It's a good thing Bobby left that there." said Wes as he lubed his cock and Aaron's pucker.

Wes held Aaron's legs up, as he put his cock against the opening in Aaron's butt. Wes drove his cock into Aaron without saying a word, then began to gently slide in and out of Aaron. Aaron finally accepted the world he was in as real, because there was no way he could imagine the feel of Wes's cock inside him.

Aaron closed his eyes and moaned, "Oh God! It is real, and it feels so incredible!"

"I'm glad you like it Aaron." said Wes softly. "Your butt feels so good wrapped around my cock!"

"There's where you went Wes!" said a voice from the doorway. "I was beginning to think you got lost!"

As Wes continued to slide gently in and out of Aaron, he said, "Bobby, this young man who's butt is making my cock feel so good is Aaron. He came to us last night. Aaron, the young man over in the doorway is Bobby."

"Hi Aaron, welcome to Orgasmia." said Bobby. "You look like you already like it here!" then Bobby snickered lightly.

Aaron turned his head and opened his eyes. He gazed upon a very beautiful young man with jet black hair and seductive green eyes. Bobby also had a very beautiful seven inch erect cock, with a thick black bush around it.

"How old are you Bobby?" asked Aaron.

"I've been here for five years now." replied Bobby, as he walked closer to the bed. "I turned eighteen and got my own place to live about eight months ago, but when I see Wes going in and out of you like that, I kinda wish I'd stayed!"

Wes smiled as he continued to massage Aaron's insides with his cock.

"If you wouldn't mind me giving you a little pleasure, you can climb up here where I can get your cock in my mouth." offered Aaron.

"Sure!" replied Bobby enthusiastically.

Bobby then climbed up on the bed, and straddled Aaron's face. Then Bobby looked down and smiled at Aaron. Aaron smiled back at the young man, then took his cock into his mouth. Aaron massaged Bobby's cock passionately with his lips and tongue, eliciting a low groan from Bobby.

"Damn Wes!" panted Bobby. "Aaron's almost as good as you are! The only difference is, I always knew how much you really loved me."

Aaron smiled as his lips were wrapped around Bobby's cock. Then Aaron continued to suck on Bobby's cock, as Wes continued to slide in and out of his butt. Wes's cock constantly hitting his prostate had Aaron approaching another orgasm himself, as Bobby and Wes were getting close to cumming into Aaron at both ends. About five minutes after Aaron started sucking Bobby's cock, Wes shot his cum into Aaron's butt. The feeling of Wes's cum flooding into him, set off Aaron's second orgasm. Aaron's cum shot onto Bobby's back, making Bobby cum into Aaron's warm mouth. As Aaron was sucking as much cum from Bobby's cock as he could, Wes began to lick Aaron's cum from Bobby's back. Once all three men had been satisfied, they slumped into a pile on the bed to recover.

"That was incredible Aaron!" said Bobby. "You can pleasure me any time you want to!"

"I've never been in a more pleasurable butt than yours Aaron." said Wes. "Not to mention how good your cum tastes. You are an incredible person Aaron."

"You two are the ones who are incredible!" said Aaron. "And this place is incredible too! That was the first time I've ever had a cock in my mouth and in my butt at the same time, and I hope it's not the last!"

"We're glad that it made you feel so good then Aaron." said Wes as he smiled.

"I know you want me to take my time making a decision, but I'm almost there." replied Aaron. "If I like what I see today as much as everything else I've seen, there's no way I can think of going back!"

Bobby and Wes both smiled, as they hugged their new friend between them on the bed.

"Then let's have some breakfast and get ready to show you what your life could be like!" said Wes.

Aaron smiled at that thought, but he had no idea what was in store for him today.

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