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by tim

Chapter 10

The Leader took Aaron and Terrence to a small room to one side of the main chamber, and sat in front of a set of monitors. "Every Councilman has a set of monitors like this in their office." said Brian. "With these monitors we can monitor other dimensions. All we do is tune in to their dimensional frequency, then monitor their electronic video transmissions. We can pick up video signals in the air, as well as signals from any type of surveillance camera. It doesn't matter if they scramble their signals or not, because our computers have every known password combination that there is. We can unscramble or decode their signals in a matter of seconds. Here's a signal from a security camera in the bar where we did most of our monitoring of you Aaron."

Aaron watched as Brian pulled up the security camera inside the bar he use to frequent back in his old dimension. Then Brian entered a few more commands into his keyboard. A video from inside a laboratory came up on one screen, and a video from inside what looked like someone's apartment came up on another screen.

"We are very lucky with this dimension." said Brian. "They have more surveillance cameras in this one than any dimension I've ever seen! They even have the homes and apartments of their more important people monitored. Wait, here he comes!"

A man appeared on the monitor from inside the apartment, with a towel wrapped around his waist. He had apparently just got out of the shower. The man went across the room to his sofa, and looked down to the coffee table at what seemed to be a photo album. A sad look crossed the man's face as he dropped the towel, and sat down naked on his couch. The man picked up the album, and began looking through it. Aaron noticed that the man seemed to be struggling to keep from crying. After a few minutes the naked man said, "Why?," then laid down on his sofa and fell asleep.

"He looks so sad." remarked Aaron. "Who is he?"

"His name is Jerry Albright." replied Brian. "He is a scientist in the same dimension that Robert Prescot is from. We haven't had much time to monitor them since Robert showed up, but this man had caught our attention before, and he's on the team that developed nano technology in their dimension. We think that is how Robert is affecting people here so quickly. We don't know how, but he may be injecting people with some type of nano probes that attacks the victim's brain. We believe that somehow these probes are attaching themselves to people's brains, and suppressing their natural sexual behavior. He's using technology from his dimension to make our citizens believe that they are straight."

"Do you think that he may be willing to help us?" asked Terrence.

"If we can't catch and stop Robert, Jerry may be our only chance." replied Brian. "That brings us to your mission. I need both of you to travel to this dimension, and convince Jerry to come back with you and help us. You'll have to be very careful though. Their dimension is very heavily monitored, and even the mention of homosexuality has been outlawed there. If you were to get caught,... well, I don't even want to think about that. You would be subjected to their treatment of homosexuals which would drastically change you forever, and you may never get back home. You have to promise me that you'll both be careful not to get caught."

"I'll do whatever it takes not to get caught." said Aaron. "I have to make it back to Mongo and the boys!"

"We'll both be very careful Brian." replied Terrence. "When do we leave?"

"We're having a car prepared for both of you that will travel through the portal." said Brian. "We want you to leave tonight. There's one more thing. After you convince Jerry to come back with you, we need you to destroy their capability of seeing into our dimension. We know that they can, because there's no other way they could have known about us. If they can see into our dimension, then sooner or later they will be able to travel to our dimension. When that day comes, we will once again be at war. We haven't gone through that in so long, that I'm afraid of what the outcome would be."

"We will do whatever we can to defend Orgasmia." replied Aaron.

Brian gave Aaron and Terrence the rest of the information they needed, including the location of the portal and how to go through it. He also gave them the location of someone in Orgasmia that could make clothes for both of them for their mission. Aaron and Terrence had gotten so use to being naked all the time, that they were not looking forward to wearing clothes again. They knew that they would have to though, to complete their mission. After the clothes had been made and the car had been picked up, Terrence and Aaron went back to get Mongo's vehicle. Then they both went to Aaron's house to get ready. Once they were there, Mongo took Aaron aside to ask him what was going on.

"Terrence and I have to do something tonight to help things get back to normal in Orgasmia." replied Aaron. "We think that Robert has injected Wes and the others with nano probes that are attacking their brains. We have to go to Robert's dimension to find a way to stop him, and to return our people to normal. We also have to make sure that no one like Robert can ever do this again."

"I'm afraid for you babe." said Mongo, as he hugged Aaron tightly. "This sounds really dangerous."

"It may be dangerous my love, but I swear that I will come back safely." replied Aaron. "The thought of never seeing you and the boys again would kill me. If something were to happen though...."

"Please don't say that Aaron!" cried Mongo. "I can't lose you!"

"I'm going to come back Mongo, I promise, but we have to be prepared for anything." said Aaron passionately. "The Leader has already promised me that he would change your status so you can take care of the boys if anything were to happen to me. I'm not normally a violent person Mongo, but Robert has to be stopped permanently if I don't come back to do it. Also, if I don't come back, everyone will have to start preparing to possibly go to war with Robert's dimension. Make sure our boys know what this means."

"You better come back to us Aaron." wept Mongo.

Then Mongo pressed his lips against Aaron's, and the two men shared a long and loving kiss. Both men cried lightly as they held onto each other, preparing themselves for Aaron's mission. The boys hadn't been told how dangerous Aaron's mission might be as they shared dinner together. As it began to get dark though, and Aaron and Terrence began to get dressed, the boys began to realize that Aaron might be in danger while he was away. When they began asking Aaron not to go, Aaron sat all of the boys down together.

"I love Mongo and you boys, but I have to do this." said Aaron. "I'm going to do everything I can to make sure that I come home again, but if I don't do this, our lives may never be the same again. I'm doing this for you boys, and everyone else in Orgasmia. Mongo is going to talk to you again after Terrence and I have left. I want you to listen to him carefully, and do whatever he tells you. I couldn't be more proud of you boys if you were my real sons, and I love all of you very much."

Then it was time for Terrence and Aaron to leave. They drove to the location of the portal in silence, concentrating on their mission. They had to do whatever they could not to stand out, or the mission would end in disaster. Then, they finally approached the portal.

"Are you ready to do this Aaron?" asked Terrence nervously.

"We don't have any choice Terrence." said Aaron. "We have to do this, and we have to be successful. Try not to be too nervous Terrence, it might give us away."

"Okay then Aaron." replied Terrence, before taking a few deep breaths. "Let's do it!"

Terrence then drove into the portal, and he and Aaron disappeared from Orgasmia. As soon as they came out on the other side of the portal, Terrence wrote down their exact location. Now they had to get directions for the address Brian had given them. Aaron and Terrence hoped that Jerry wouldn't be too hard to find. Soon it was time for their first test, as Terrence pulled up to what looked like a convenience store. Aaron got out of the car and went in.

"What can I do for you tonight, young man?" asked the clerk.

"I was hoping that you could help me out." replied Aaron. "I've come from out of town with a friend of mine, to see another friend. We're kind of turned around though, and I was hoping you might be able to help us find out where we're trying to go."

Aaron then gave the clerk the address he was looking for, and the clerk pulled out a map. After searching for a few minutes, the clerk located the street that Aaron was looking for. Aaron thanked the clerk for his help, and gave the man a friendly wave good-bye. Terrence and Aaron finally found the right street, then began looking for the address that Brian had given them. After they found the address, Terrence and Aaron went to the door of the apartment that Jerry was suppose to live in. Aaron rang the bell, and the man they recognized as Jerry answered after a few moments.

"Are you Jerry Albright?" asked Aaron.

"Yes." answered Jerry. Then he turned to Terrence and asked "Who's your friend Billy?"

"My name isn't Billy." said Terrence. "You must have me confused with someone else. We'd like to talk to you though, if you're not busy."

"Sure, come on in." replied Jerry. "Not many people want to talk to me anymore."

"Would it be possible for us to go for a walk?" asked Aaron.

"I guess so." replied Jerry nervously, as he checked to make sure he had his keys. Once they had begun walking outside, Jerry said, "Okay, I may only be a scientist, but I'm still very important to the government. If you try anything funny, they will track you down no matter where you go."

"We weren't planning on trying anything Jerry, we just want to talk." said Terrence.

"I don't know either of you, although one of you looks a lot like Billy." said Jerry. "How in God's name do you know me? What do you guys want?"

"Your government sent someone to hurt our people, and destroy our way of life." replied Aaron. "We were hoping you might help us."

"Why would I help you?" asked Jerry.

"Because it is your work that they are using against us." replied Aaron.

"Okay, who are you, and where are you from?" asked Jerry. "If I don't like your answer, I'm calling the police!"

"My name is Aaron, and this is my friend Terrence." said Aaron. "We've come from another dimension called Orgasmia, because your government sent a man named Robert Prescot to our dimension. He's injecting our people with nano probes that's attacking their brains and changing who they are. We need you Jerry. Please help us."

"Tell me the truth now, you guys." replied Jerry. "Our government has only been thinking about that. If they had the ability to send people to other dimensions, do you think I would have cooperated with them?"

"They don't have the ability to do that." replied Terrence. "We do though, so they tricked us into coming to get Robert."

"And why would Robert be attacking your people?" asked Jerry.

"Because Orgasmia is comprised completely of gay men." replied Aaron. "It's who we are, and it's our way of life. Your government doesn't have the right to meddle in our affairs the way they are doing."

"How did you know about this place, or Robert?" asked Jerry, as he was beginning to believe them.

"We can monitor other dimensions, as well as travel to them." replied Terrence. "Our society is nothing but gay men, so we monitor other dimensions for gay men who are mistreated by the societies they live in, then bring them to Orgasmia."

"If that's true, then why didn't you take me instead of Robert?" asked Jerry nervously.

"That's your boyfriend that you keep looking at in your album, isn't it Jerry?" asked Aaron. "Did they catch him, and inject him with the probes?"

"We weren't hurting anyone!" said Jerry, as a tear formed at the corner of his eye. "We couldn't help the way we felt! They were only suppose to use the nanites on criminals, not on gay people. I would have never developed them if I had thought they would do what they did!"

"Do you wish you could un-invent them Jerry?" asked Terrence.

"I developed a way to reverse what the nanites did to people, but the government cracked down on my research." said Jerry. "They thought that they destroyed all of my work on reversing nano technology, but I had duplicated everything. It doesn't do me any good though. If I tried to work on it again, the government would find out and stop me. I think they have my laboratory bugged."

"They have your laboratory, your car, and your apartment bugged Jerry." said Aaron. "How do you think I knew about the album?"

"It's really true then?" asked Jerry, on the verge of crying.

"We're sorry we came for Robert, and not you Jerry." said Aaron, as he put one arm around Jerry. "That was a horrible mistake, but we're here now Jerry. We can help you, and you can help us. We'll do whatever we can to make it up to you. You'd love Orgasmia Jerry."

"What's it like?" asked Jerry. "The government says that it's an awful and evil place."

"It's beautiful Jerry, or at least it was until Robert showed up." said Terrence. "It's always so nice outside that no one ever wears clothes. We're free to make other men feel as good as we can, and to feel good ourselves. The people of Orgasmia are so filled with love that it will amaze you when you see it!"

"That would be a good reason why the government would want to destroy it then." said Jerry. "Our government can't stand pure beauty and pleasure. We can stop Robert, but we have to be very careful. He can inject anyone on contact. The nanites are being produced inside his body, and injected through small sharp probes in the palms of his hands. The government implanted a lot of nasty stuff inside Robert, but it was all still experimental. He's a freak now, and he has to be destroyed."

"Do you keep your research at your apartment?" asked Aaron.

"They would execute me if they found it there." replied Jerry. "It's all very well hidden at my laboratory. The problem will be getting it out, seeing as I'm so well monitored by the government."

Just then, Aaron saw a pizza delivery car go past them, and it gave him an idea. "Does anyone at your laboratory ever have pizza delivered?" asked Aaron.

"Yes, and it's always a big hassle." said Jerry. "Why would you want to know that?"

"Could your research fit in a pizza bag?" asked Aaron.

Jerry began to smile widely as he realized what Aaron was suggesting, but he soon began to frown again. "I can't do it unless Billy can go too."

"Is Billy your boyfriend?" asked Terrence.

"He was, until the government got ahold of him." replied Jerry. "At least he never married, so there's still a chance though. He can't know where we're going though, or he'll do what he can to keep us from leaving here."

"Okay then, mum's the word when we pick up Billy." said Aaron. "Now there's just one more thing."

"What's that?" asked Jerry.

"We have to make sure that your government can never monitor us again." said Aaron.

"That's easy." said Jerry. "The only reason that they are able to do that is by using alien technology. It was one thing that we could never duplicate. Well, that and their propulsion system."

"Alien???" asked Terrence and Aaron in unison.

"Yes." replied Jerry. "An alien space craft crashed here about twenty years ago. Our scientists went completely through it, seeing what we could copy for ourselves. That's why our technology has advanced so much, and why we use it so irresponsibly. They had a system on board that could monitor other dimensions, but we could never separate it from the ship. The ship is now a government installation, and that's where they monitored your dimension from. It's located about thirty minutes outside the city, but it's very hard to get into. It would almost be easier to blow up the entire ship."

"Is it possible to do that?" asked Aaron.

"Rumor has it that a government resistance group has adapted an alien weapon that might be powerful enough to do it." replied Jerry. "They think that the government is wrong about using alien technology the way they have, and that they're also wrong about their religious beliefs. Their movements are watched by the government very closely, so even though they would like to blow the ship to a billion pieces, they could never get close enough. Billy was going to join the group before he got convicted for homosexuality, and the nanites wiped out his memory about the group. I still know how to contact them though, and know one has ever figured that out."

"Could we get close enough to blow it up?" asked Terrence.

Jerry smiled and replied, "Piece of cake!"

As they were walking back toward Jerry's apartment building, Jerry said, "You should get your car off the street until tomorrow. You can stay with me tonight."

"Your apartment's bugged Jerry." said Aaron.

"Yeah, but I've been working on a little something that I'd like to try out." said Jerry, as he took a device out of his pocket that looked like a beeper. "This will fry out any video or audio transmitting circuits within one hundred yards. If they're bugging me secretly, they won't come out to fix it until the apartment is empty. Maybe one of these, plus a copy of my research on reversing nanites, will be enough for the resistance to trade us for a disrupter weapon."

"Let's hope so!" said Terrence.

"Okay guys, tomorrow is a big day." said Jerry. "Let's get some rest."

"And hopefully by this time tomorrow, we'll all be safely back in Orgasmia." said Aaron.

"I can't wait for Billy and I to see it!" said Jerry.

As soon as Jerry stepped back into his apartment, he waved the small device in his pocket around the room. Then he invited Aaron and Terrence in. "Let's just hope that worked." said Jerry. "I did in the laboratory. Go ahead and have a seat. Are you guys hungry?"

"We ate with Aaron's family before we left Orgasmia." replied Terrence. "I'll take some water though."

"I'll take some water too." said Aaron.

As Jerry carried two bottles of water back into the living room, he asked, "You have a family Aaron? Why don't you tell me about them?"

"Well, first there's Mongo." said Aaron. "He's my mate, and he's about the sweetest and most handsome guy you'd ever want to meet. He's also hung like an elephant!" After everyone stopped snickering, Aaron continued, "Then there's my boys. They really are great kids too. There's Butch, Cosmo, Spike, Shortstuff, Spaz, and Twinkie."

"Wow!" exclaimed Jerry. "You must have your hands full with six boys! I hope Mongo helps you with them."

"Yeah, Mongo's great about that." replied Aaron. "He loves them very much too." As Aaron was talking, he had picked up Jerry's album and begun looking at it. Then Aaron pointed to a picture and asked, "Is this Billy?"

"Yeah." replied Jerry, as he looked dreamily at the picture. "I still love him so much. That's why he has to be the first one we reverse the nanites on."

"How did you guess which one Billy was?" asked Terrence.

"Because, he looks exactly like you in every way Terrence." replied Aaron. "Look!" As Terrence stared at the amazing picture, Aaron said, "They could easily pass for each other!"

"I know they could." said Jerry shyly. "I guess that might come in handy tomorrow. Well, I guess it's time for bed, but I don't know what we will do for sleeping arrangements."

"Would you mind if I slept with you Jerry?" asked Terrence softly.

"I,... um,..." started Jerry.

"If you'd rather not, I understand." said Terrence.

"No, it's not that." replied Jerry. "You kind of shocked me is all. I'd love to sleep with you Terrence!"

Terrence and Jerry left Aaron on the couch as they went into Jerry's bedroom. Terrence was relieved that he could finally remove his clothes, at least for a little while. Jerry stared at Terrence's body as Terrence stripped in front of him. Terrence was at last completely naked.

"You look like him in EVERY way Terrence!" gasped Jerry, as he looked longingly at Terrence's cock.

Terrence stretched out on the bed and asked, "Is that a good thing Jerry?"

"A very good thing!" replied Jerry, as he laid naked beside Terrence.

Terrence wanted this as much as Jerry now seemed to, so he wrapped Jerry in his arms. Jerry had longed for the touch of another man for so long that his lips immediately pressed against Terrence's. Terrence gently pushed his tongue past Jerry's lips, and caressed the inside of Jerry's mouth with it. Then Jerry's hands began to explore Terrence's dark body. After a few minutes Jerry had Terrence moaning softly, so he wrapped his hand gently around Terrence's cock.

"I want us to pleasure each other Jerry." whispered Terrence into Jerry's ear.

Jerry tried to bend down so he could get to Terrence's cock, but Terrence would have none of that. He grabbed the lower half of Jerry's body, and pulled him around so that they were laying in opposite directions. Jerry knew what that meant, so he began to lap at Terrence's cock with his tongue as he engulfed it with his mouth. At the same time, Terrence slowly and gently took Jerry's cock into his mouth. The two men spent the next few minutes doing nothing but moaning around each other's swollen cocks. Then Terrence began to caress Jerry's cock with his lips.

"It's been way too long!" moaned Jerry, before doing the same thing to Terrence's cock.

The two men sucked each other's cocks passionately, hoping that it wouldn't be over too soon. As the men had been going on for about ten minutes, it did prove to be too long since Jerry's last time. Jerry could hold back no longer as he grunted loudly, then began filling Terrence's mouth with his cum. Terrence ran his tongue around Jerry's cock as he swallowed hungrily, and devoured every drop of Jerry's cum. The strong but delicious taste of Jerry's cum was enough to bring on Terrence's orgasm. Terrence gasped loudly as his cum shot into Jerry's mouth. Jerry sucked hard on Terrence's throbbing and shooting cock, making Terrence moan from pleasure.

As soon as Terrence's orgasm was over, Jerry turned back around. The two men hugged each other tightly, and fell asleep with their lips pressed firmly together. They breathed into each other's mouths as they slept peacefully.

So far, so good. The tough part will come tomorrow though. Please send all comments to: Watch for Chapter 11, and see what happens next.