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by tim

Chapter 11

The next morning, after waking up with Terrence, Jerry made a call to his connections with the resistance. Aaron urged him to do it from the pay phone on the corner, just in case Jerry's device did not wipe out the audio bug on his phone. The resistance agreed to help Jerry, Aaron, and Terrence in exchange for a copy of the research work needed to reverse the nanites that had been injected into so many people, and a pledge to destroy the alien space craft that started everything. They knew the weapon they had would do the job, and they would help the three get close enough to use it no matter what it cost them.

Once Jerry had led Aaron and Terrence to meet his contact, he got out of his car and went up to Aaron's car. "Don't forget to be at my lab with the pizza at twelve thirty." said Jerry. "And be as annoying as you can be. That will help distract them when we make the switch. I hope we get through this okay."

"Well, I have a family waiting at home for me, so I'm way ahead of you on that hope." replied Aaron.

Aaron and Terrence had a fun morning visiting with the members of the resistance. Aaron began to realize that some of the people in this dimension were very good people, and he hoped that he would be able to prevent Orgasmia from going to war with them. The members of the resistance were very interested in hearing about Orgasmia. They did have to finally get down to the business of planning the mission to the spacecraft, and teaching Aaron and Terrence how to use the weapon though. It was agreed that the resistance would hide Aaron and Terrence tonight, while Jerry pretended that nothing was out of the ordinary. That would arouse the least suspicion. Then in the morning, Jerry would rejoin Aaron and Terrence to complete the mission. After Jerry showed up in the morning though, they would immediately have to pick up Billy and leave town. The government would begin to get suspicious the moment Jerry didn't show up for work.

Finally it was time to carry out the first part of the plan. Aaron dressed in a pizza delivery uniform, then he and Terrence called for a pizza delivery and went to wait at the laboratory. Once the delivery person arrived, Terrence took the bag and told the delivery person to wait there while they checked the bag. Terrence took the bag around the corner, and switched bags with Aaron for an identical bag the resistance had supplied to them. Then Aaron took the pizzas into the lobby of the laboratory.

Aaron walked confidently up to the desk in the lobby and announced, "I have two pizzas for Jerry Albright. Where do ya want them buddy?"

"I don't know anything about any pizzas." replied the guard at the desk.

Aaron raised his voice a little more and said, "Then maybe you can call Mr. Albright. All I know is that I have two pizzas that if they don't get to Mr. Albright in the next five minutes, my boss won't get paid for them. My boss hates not getting paid for the pizzas. Are you trying to get me in trouble with my boss?"

"Don't get yourself all worked up!" replied the guard. "I'll call Mr. Albright out to the lobby."

Jerry came out after a few moments and said, "Wait right here. I want to take these to my office in the bag so they don't start to cool down. I'll bring the bag right back."

Aaron stood in the lobby and looked up at the roof while he whistled the most annoying tune he could think of. Jerry came back after five minutes, and handed Aaron the bag as he said, "Here's your bag. Thanks for getting the pizzas here hot."

Jerry started to turn away, then the guard stood up and said, "Wait just a minute you two!" Jerry and Aaron both felt their hearts jump, and tried not to panic. "Didn't you forget to pay for those pizzas Mr. Albright?" asked the guard. "I wouldn't want to see the pizza guy get in trouble with his boss."

"Thanks man, I appreciate that." said Aaron, as his heart started beating normally again.

"I'm sorry about that." said Jerry, as he took out his wallet and handed Aaron some cash. "Here you go. Just keep the change."

"Thank you sir." said Aaron.

Aaron then turned and walked out the door. He got in the car as he held onto the bag tightly and said, "Let's go Terrence. I'll feel much better when we get out of here!"

Aaron told Terrence what had happened while they drove back to meet the resistance again. Terrence tried hard not to laugh, although he eventually failed. Then Aaron said, "I'm glad you find my near fatal near heart attack so amusing!"

"I'm sorry my friend, I couldn't help it." replied Terrence. "It was kind of funny though."

Aaron and Terrence made it safely back to the resistance, and pulled a copy of Jerry's research out of the bag marked for them. Then he locked the rest in his car's trunk, along with the weapon that the resistance had promised them. Aaron and Terrence's new friends entertained them as best they could that night. One of the guys came up to Aaron and Terrence and said, "Hi guys, my name is Cary. I'm going to be going with you in the morning to help get you close enough to the space ship to destroy it. There is one little problem though. This is a suicide mission for whoever takes it, but I don't want to die. I'd rather go back with you guys if you can pick me up after you destroy the ship."

"What do you have in mind Cary?" asked Aaron.

"Well, I thought you could drop me off a little closer to where I will be making the distraction so you guys can sneak up close enough to the ship. Once the ship has been destroyed, I'll run in the direction that you guys went, then you can come back that way and pick me up."

"I guess we can fit you in the car well enough for that." said Aaron. "Are you sure that you want to go back to where we came from Cary?"

"I'll prove it to you." replied Cary.

Cary leaned in toward Aaron, and pressed their lips together. As Cary was kissing Aaron, he also unbuttoned Aaron's shirt. After a few minutes, Cary began working his way down Aaron's chest with his lips, while also unfastening Aaron's pants. Cary finally made it all the way down to his knees, and gently took Aaron's cock out of his underwear. Aaron gasped lightly as Cary's mouth warmly engulfed his cock. Aaron then gently ran his fingers through Cary's hair.

"That feels pretty good Cary." moaned Aaron. "You definitely know what you're doing. I guess now I can't let you go on a suicide mission."

Cary continued sucking Aaron's cock, but now with even more enthusiasm. Terrence came up behind Aaron, and took a small tube of lube from his pocket.

As Terrence was lubing his cock, he whispered into Aaron's ear, "I've been wanting to do something ever since I met you Aaron. Would you mind if I put my cock inside you?"

"Please do!" moaned Aaron.

Terrence pulled the back of Aaron's underwear down, and placed his nine inches between Aaron's cheeks. Once Terrence had his cock lined up, he pushed it firmly into Aaron. Aaron moaned even louder as he felt Terrence's cock go all the way into him. Once Terrence had all of his nine inches in Aaron, he began thrusting in and out at a good pace. Cary sucked Aaron hungrily as he watched Terrence's chocolate colored balls smack into Aaron's lightly tinted balls.

"Does that feel okay Aaron?" whispered Terrence, who then began to nibble on Aaron's ear lobe.

"It feels much better than okay." moaned Aaron breathlessly.

After a few minutes, Aaron began to pant as Cary sucked his cock like he wanted it badly, and Terrence thrust forcefully in and out of Aaron's ass. Cary sucked hard on Aaron's cock, wanting to feel Aaron's warm cum flowing down his throat. After a few more minutes, Aaron began to groan loudly, then gave Cary his wish. Aaron's cock throbbed as it shot it's cum into Cary's hungry mouth. At the same time, the muscles in Aaron's rectum clenched around Terrence's cock. That was all it took for Terrence to shoot his cum deeply inside Aaron.

Once Aaron and Terrence had finished their orgasms, Terrence asked, "Can we pleasure your cock now Cary?"

"I would normally love that, but Aaron's cock was so good that it made me cum in my pants." replied Cary.

"In that case, can I clean you off Cary?" asked Terrence.

"That would be great." replied Cary as he smiled.

Terrence got on his knees in front of Cary and pulled his pants down. Cary's genitals and underwear were covered with Cary's cum. First Terrence meticulously cleaned all of the cum from Cary's cock and balls, then he sucked all of the cum that he could from Cary's underwear. When Terrence had Cary cleaned up, the three men took turns sharing warm kisses with each other. Then Aaron promised they would not let Cary die carrying out the mission, but instead they would take him to Orgasmia with them.

That night was restless for the three men, but they slept as well as they could. The next day meant preserving their home for Aaron and Terrence, and a new and less painful life for Cary. The men were awoken the next morning by other members of the resistance. They had been awoken that morning by Jerry, knocking frantically on their door.

Jerry ran into where the three men had been sleeping and yelled in a panicked voice, "I think they're onto me already! I got a knock on my door this morning by the police, so I snuck out a window. They had already gone through my car! I'm sure glad you guys kept my research."

"All four of you need to leave now!" said the resistance leader. "They can't find you here, or us for that matter. Don't worry, this was only a safe house for us. Your mission is much more important now!"

Aaron, Terrence, and Cary got ready to leave as soon as they could. They left Jerry's car there, and everyone got into Aaron's car.

"It's going to be a tight fit in here when we pick up Billy." said Jerry.

"I don't know if that's a great idea anymore." said Aaron.

"We have to get Billy, or the deal is off!" said Jerry. "Now, get ready to make a right turn in four more blocks."

Aaron did as Jerry told him because they needed Jerry too much. After a few more turns, and about ten minutes, Jerry told Aaron to pull over in front of an apartment building. Jerry went up to his friend's door and knocked.

"Jerry!" exclaimed Billy. "What brings you by this way? Shouldn't you be at work?"

"I'm going in later today." replied Jerry. "My department is all caught up, so I have to take advantage of it while I can. I was wondering if you could take a look at something for me Billy."

"Well, I do have to work today, so you better make it quick." said Billy.

"Don't worry, this will only take a second." replied Jerry.

Jerry led Billy out to the car, then around to the side Terrence was sitting on. Then Jerry opened the door and had Billy look in. Billy leaned down to look into the car, and came face to face with a carbon copy of himself. Jerry was just going to go ahead a shove Billy into the car, but Billy was so shocked that he raised up quickly and knocked himself out on the door frame of the car.

"Someone help me get him in the car!" called out Jerry.

Terrence lifted the seat forward, and Cary helped get Billy into the back seat. Aaron took off as soon as he could, before anyone became suspicious. About one block from Billy's apartment though, a police car began to follow Aaron.

Cary saw the police car and said, "Oh Shit! It's the damn cops! If they run a make on this car, our mission will be history! Can you get into the trunk from the back seat?"

"I guess so." replied Aaron, as he tried not to drive suspiciously. "Why?"

"Don't worry, just drive." said Cary. "I'll take care of this!"

Cary looked around and finally found a release that allowed access to the trunk from the back seat. Cary then climbed into the trunk. As the police officer was getting ready to call in a make on Aaron's car, Cary opened the trunk and fired their weapon at the police car. Not only was the police car and it's occupant practically vaporized, the disrupter rifle left a large crater in the street. Cary then closed the trunk and climbed back into the back seat.

"Holy fuck!!!" exclaimed Aaron as he drove. "You just killed that police officer!"

"Please keep calm Aaron, it had to be done." replied Cary calmly. "If that officer would have ran a make on this car, he would have been ordered to kill all of us before we could even get out of the car. He would have coldly slaughtered us, and we all would have died for nothing."

"I'm sorry Cary, it's just that I'm not use to things like that." said Aaron. "How could you kill him, just like that?"

"Trust me Aaron, I hate having to do things like that." said Cary. "It's never easy to deal with afterward, but our government here has forced us into this. They would kill all of us if they could catch us, so it's a matter of self-defense for us. You are going to have to get use to it soon too Aaron. There are always police and military personnel at the space ship, and one of them is assigned to do nothing but monitor your home dimension. If they find a way to travel to other dimensions, it will mean the end of everything you know Aaron. You have to be able to destroy the ship, and everyone inside it."

"I,... I guess I wasn't thinking about what had to be done." said Aaron. "I'll be ready to do what we have to when we get there. How about you Terrence?"

"Well, like you just said, we have to do this no matter what we think about what we're doing." replied Terrence. "It's for the sake Orgasmia, after all."

Aaron finally got to the city limits, and continued toward the space ship. By this time he'd had plenty of time to think about what Cary had done, and he now knew that Cary was right. Sometimes you had to do things no matter how you felt about it. Aaron looked in the mirror at Cary, and could tell that the violence that he was a part of was bothering him.

"Hey Cary, I promise you'll never have to be a fighter again when we get to Orgasmia." said Aaron. "We even have people that will help you to forget all about the crap you have to go through now, if that's what you want."

"That would be so wonderful Aaron." said Cary, as he tried to smile. "I would love to forget about this place permanently."

"Then I'll do whatever I can to make that happen." said Aaron. "You are a good person Cary, and you deserve whatever you want."

"I'm glad I got this assignment, and was able to meet you Aaron." said Cary, now with a full-blown smile. "I don't care how dangerous this mission still is, it's worth it just to know someone like you."

"That's a beautiful smile Cary." said Aaron. "I hope my mate isn't jealous when we get home."

Aaron had now driven almost thirty minutes since leaving the city behind. Around the next turn up ahead was the entrance gate to the space ship compound. Just before the curve was a trail off to the left.

"Pull off on that trail and let me out." said Cary. "I'll get the distraction set up, then run down the trail the same way you went. About a mile down the trail is a smaller trail to your right. It isn't a very long trail, and at the end is a berm with a fence on top of it. Turn your car around first, so it's facing the main trail, then take the disrupter rifle to the top of the berm. You should be within range from there. Set the rifle to full power and give the ship a three second blast, then get behind the berm as quickly as you can. If you don't, the blast could kill you. Hopefully you won't have to wait more than a few seconds for me when you get to the other trail. If I'm not there within thirty seconds, then they probably got me. Don't wait any longer than that. I don't want you to get caught too, and I would probably be dead by then anyway."

"Then you better meet us because I would be pissed if that happened." replied Aaron.

As Cary got out of the car, Aaron gave him a passionate kiss. After the kiss, Cary vowed that he would meet them. Then Aaron drove down the trail to where Cary told them to go. Aaron pulled off onto the smaller trail, and drove up to the berm. After Aaron turned the car around, he looked over at Terrence.

"Well my friend, we have to do this." said Aaron in a somber tone.

"Then let's get it over with." replied Terrence.

"Okay." said Aaron. "Are you and Billy okay back there Jerry?"

"I'm fine, and I admire the guts you guys have, to do what has to be done." replied Jerry. "Billy is still out though. That must have been a shock to see a double of himself."

"It still makes me shiver!" chuckled Terrence.

Aaron and Terrence got the rifle out of the trunk and set it on full-power, then carried it up the berm. Aaron peeked over the top of the berm through the fence, and saw the most incredible sight he ever saw. Aaron thought it was almost a shame that they had to destroy the space ship he was looking at now. Then Terrence lifted the rifle onto his shoulder.

"Okay Aaron, here's how we'll do this." said Terrence. "I'm going to have to concentrate on hitting the same spot for three seconds, so I need you to time me. Just put your hand on my face while you time three seconds, then take your hand off. Then we'll get down the berm, throw the rifle in the trunk, and get the hell out of here."

Aaron put his hand against Terrence's face and said, "Okay, I'll start timing when you start firing."

Terrence saw men near the space ship begin to scramble, so he knew that Cary's distraction must have worked. As the men ran toward the main gate, Terrence squeezed the trigger. Three seconds later, Aaron removed his hand from Terrence's face. Then both of them quickly started back down the berm. As Aaron and Terrence got about halfway down the berm, a blast went over their heads that seared the tops of the trees around them. They very quickly made it the rest of the way down, threw the rifle in the trunk, and jumped into the car. Aaron silently prayed that Cary would meet them at the trail, but he was not there when Aaron and everyone else arrived.

"Fuck!!!" shouted Aaron, as he began counting quietly to thirty. When he reached twenty without any sign of Cary, Aaron began crying lightly to himself. A few seconds later though Aaron finally spotted Cary running toward them.

"Thank you God." said Aaron, as a tear ran down his cheek. Then Aaron opened his door and leaned his seat forward, as he yelled out, "Move your ass mister!"

Cary made it to the car and jumped into the back seat. Then Aaron slammed the door shut and hit the gas.

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