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by tim

Chapter 12

As Aaron began to speed away toward the next road over from where they had come in, Billy began to wake up. "What happened?" asked Billy groggily.

"You had a little bit of a shock, then you hit your head." said Jerry softly. "It's okay though Billy. I'll take care of you. I'll make your head as good as it was a long time ago."

"I think I was having a strange dream, because I thought I saw myself!" said Billy.

"That would have been me." said Terrence, from the front seat. Then Terrence turned around to offer Billy his hand and said, "My name is Terrence. I guess we look quite a bit alike."

Billy stared at Terrence wide-eyed and said, "We don't look quite a bit alike Terrence. You're my exact double! It's just like looking in my mirror at home. By the way, where are we Jerry? Who are these people?"

"I guess that's going to take some explaining." replied Jerry. "The guy sitting next to you is Cary, and he's with the Resistance. You met Terrence, and the guy driving like a bat out of hell is Aaron. Aaron and Terrence are from another dimension called Orgasmia. We just blew up the space ship because the government was going to use it to try to destroy other dimensions."

"What?!!" exclaimed Billy. "Do you realize what you've done to me?! You've made me an accomplice to this insane plot! Do you realize that they still execute traitors, which is what you've made both of us?"

"It'll be okay Billy." replied Jerry. "They'll never be able to follow us where we're going. Then we can be like we use to be once."

"What do you mean by that Jerry?" asked Billy. "How do you think we use to be?"

"I know that there's still a part of you somewhere that still loves me Billy." said Jerry. "There has to be."

"Are you guys hearing this?" asked Billy. "You're being led to your deaths by this faggot!"

"It was our plot Billy." said Terrence. "We talked Jerry into this, but only because we can make him, Cary, and you happier than you've ever been before."

By this time Aaron was on the main road, and speeding back toward the city. Aaron thought they might make it back to the city without being spotted, but then he noticed a vehicle closing in from behind them. "What is that behind us Cary?" asked Aaron.

Cary looked back, then replied, "That would be the Army. I was hoping we would be outrunning them, but I guess our luck isn't that good."

"I hate the thought of doing this, but the rifle is still in the trunk Cary." said Aaron. "See if you can just take out the road behind us first though. I don't want any of us to have to kill any more unless we have no other choice."

"I'll see what I can do my friend." replied Cary as he smiled.

"How many people have you killed so far today?" asked a worried Billy.

"There was the police officer earlier, after we picked you up." replied Terrence. "Then there was whoever was in the space ship when it blew up."

"Well, considering the time of day it is, that may be around twenty to thirty people." said Billy grimly. "There's no way they will even try to take us alive now."

By this time Cary had climbed into the trunk and activated the rifle. Cary popped the trunk open, and aimed at the road behind them. The blast was just enough to take out the width of the roadway. Then Cary pulled the trunk lid down, and climbed back up into the car.

"Hopefully that will slow them down." said Cary. "Just stand on the pedal as hard as you can Aaron."

"Cary, we need you to guide us to the quickest way to where we have to go through the portal back to Orgasmia." said Terrence.

Terrence gave Cary the location of the portal, and Cary said it wouldn't be any problem. Before they got to the city, Cary had them take a right turn. Then they would travel five miles and take a left turn. That would bring them into the city at the closest point to where they had to go through the portal. Everything went okay until they made the left turn to go into the city. As soon as Aaron made the turn though, he noticed several vehicles behind them, and closing quickly.

"I'll be right back." said Cary. "Jerry, if we can't lose them right away, have Aaron make a right turn on Renaissance Avenue."

"Okay Cary, but make sure you hang on to something." replied Jerry.

As soon as Cary opened the trunk, he noticed the Army vehicles firing a missile at them. Cary immediately set the rifle to disburse a wide stream, and aimed at the incoming missile. The missile exploded just in front of the Army vehicles, which made them slow down for just a moment. The army quickly regrouped though, and was once again closing in. "I'm sorry about this Aaron." said Cary to himself. Then he concentrated the weapon stream again, and aimed at the lead vehicle. The blast stopped or destroyed about half of the vehicles behind them, but the others made it around and picked up the chase. They were further behind this time though, as Aaron approached his next turn. As Aaron turned onto Renaissance Avenue, a police car fell in behind them. Cary fired at the lead Army vehicle, which was ready to turn behind them, then looked ahead to see how close they were. Cary saw another police vehicle trying to cut them off on a cross street, so he ducked back inside the car.

"See if you can beat that police car up ahead of us Aaron." said Cary. "Push the pedal down as far as it will go, and we'll all cross our fingers! It will be just like playing chicken, so don't back off."

Aaron pressed down on the pedal as hard as he could, then hoped they could beat the police car to the intersection. In the meantime, the other police car was pulling up right behind Aaron's car. Everyone held on tightly as they didn't know if they would beat the other police car.

"You people are crazy!!!" screamed Billy. "We're not going to make it!"

'Hold on everyone!" shouted Aaron.

Aaron cleared the intersection just ahead of the other police car, but the two police cars collided very hard. That left one last Army vehicle, which was still way behind them, but closing in.

"The next street is where we need to go through the portal!" said Cary. "Turn right when we get there!"

As soon as Aaron sung around the turn he yelled out, "The rifle! If we try to go through the portal with the rifle, it may explode! Get rid of it Cary!"

Cary scrambled back to the trunk and opened it again. He took one last shot at the road in front of the Army vehicle, then tossed the rifle out beside the road.

"Get him back in here now!" screamed Terrence. "We have to activate the portal!"

Jerry grabbed Cary's feet and pulled him back into the car, as Terrence began activating the portal. The second Cary was safely inside the car, Aaron drove into the portal. The Army vehicle had dodged Cary's last shot, and tried to follow Aaron in. The Army vehicle exploded as soon as it reached the portal, sealing it behind Aaron and the others. Aaron took his foot off the pedal, and in a few seconds he was safely back on the familiar streets of Orgasmia.

Aaron and Terrence both took a few seconds to breathe a sigh of relief. As Aaron took off to head for home, Terrence said, "Welcome to Orgasmia everyone. You'll be safe and happy here for the rest of your lives."

"I'm not the least bit happy!" screamed Billy. "I was kidnapped, and then turned into a traitor! I thought you were my friend Jerry!"

"I'm more than your friend Billy." replied Jerry. "You use to be my lover, and I know that a small part of that is still alive in you. I designed the nanites that way on purpose, and no one ever caught on. I can make things the way they use to be, but you have to trust me Billy."

Aaron drove on toward his house. He figured that they would rest there for a while, then check with the council on getting Jerry started. He also hoped that Robert had somehow been stopped. The streets were eerily quiet as Aaron drove home, and what few people they did spot seemed to be wrapped in hastily formed togas.

"I thought you said that the people here went nude all the time." said Jerry.

"They do." replied Terrence. "I don't know what's wrong!"

"I think I do." said Jerry sadly. "The nanites work on the parts of the brain that controls sexual identity and inhibitions. Not only do they make the person think that they're not gay, but they also make them less uninhibited. I'm sorry I ever had anything to do with that research."

"Well Jerry, as long as you think you can reverse what they do, that's all that matters." said Aaron.

They finally did see two normal citizens of Orgasmia on the way to Aaron's house, which made Aaron and Terrence feel better. It also made Cary and Jerry drool as they stared out the window. Then Aaron finally pulled into his driveway. Everyone followed Aaron to the door, as he scanned his finger to get in. Once Aaron was inside, he came face to face with Mongo, who was dressed in one of the crudely fashioned togas.

"What's going on Mongo?" asked Aaron. "Has Robert gotten ahold of you too?"

"Robert has made me see the truth." replied Mongo. "He also warned me to watch out for you if you come back."

"He didn't touch the kids, did he?" asked Aaron.

"They've locked themselves in one of the rooms upstairs, and they won't come out." said Mongo. "I suppose you have corrupted them, haven't you?"

"Please don't say things like that Mongo!" begged Aaron. "Don't you remember how we love each other, and our wonderful boys?"

"If you're going to act like a faggot, I'm going to Wes's house to stay." said Mongo. "Maybe I can get Robert to make you see the light before it's too late!" Mongo then stormed out of the house, leaving Aaron crying.

Jerry patted Aaron on the back and said, "Don't cry Aaron. That wasn't really Mongo saying that. I promise I'll make things better between you two. I'll tell you what, let's go see your boys. That might help until I can make Mongo right again for you."

"Yeah Aaron, your boys need you now more than ever." said Terrence. "I'll bet they're up in their room, scared to death right now."

"Oh God, I almost forgot about them." replied Aaron, as he tried to straighten himself out. "We can't go up there dressed like this though, that will scare them even worse. I need everyone to take off their clothes first."

"What?!" exclaimed Billy. "I can't do that!"

"Don't worry about it then Billy, I'll explain things to them." said Aaron. "You will have to get use to the idea of nudity here though Billy. Once things are back to normal, that's the way it is here."

Everyone except Billy went ahead and removed all their clothes, and Aaron made sure the security locks on the doors were still activated. Then everyone followed Aaron upstairs. He found all of the boys locked in Spike's room, so he knocked on the door.

"Who is it?" called out Spike.

"It's me Spike." said Aaron. "Terrence and I made it back okay. Please let us in."

The door slowly opened up a crack, and Spike peaked out at Aaron. When he saw that it was Aaron, and that Aaron seemed okay, Spike flung the door open and launched himself into Aaron's arms.

"We're so glad you're back dad!" sobbed Spike into Aaron's shoulder. "Please don't leave us again!"

Aaron kissed Spike lightly on the lips and said, "Don't worry son, things will be okay soon."

Then Aaron carried the boy back into his room. All of the other boys mobbed Aaron immediately, and Aaron felt very good to be needed. Terrence, Jerry, and Cary smiled at the love between Aaron and his boys. Aaron finally got enough breathing room to introduce everyone.

"Okay boys, I'd like you to meet everyone." said Aaron. "On my left is Cary. We could have never made Orgasmia safe from the other dimension if it hadn't been for him. On my right is the other new naked guy, Jerry. He is the one who invented the nanites that are infecting so many people now. He knows it was wrong though, and he's here to help us. The guy beside him who is dressed is Billy. Billy use to be Jerry's boyfriend until he was injected by the court system in his dimension. He's okay though because he knows that he has to stay here now. Does anyone know what happened that changed everything so quickly?"

"Yeah, we kinda know what happened." said Spike. "Wes is holding a huge orgy at his house. I guess Robert talked him into it, so he could come in contact with as many people as possible. When Mongo found out that Robert was there sucking anyone who wanted him to pleasure their cock, he said that Robert had to be stopped. Mongo left to go over there, and when he came back, he passed out. When he woke back up, he was different. We got so scared that we locked ourselves in here, and we haven't been out since."

"I'm sorry you boys had to go through that." said Aaron. "Come on downstairs and I'll make you something to eat. You guys must be starved."

"Yeah, we are getting kinda hungry." said Butch.

"How about the rest of my wonderful sons?" asked Aaron.

"Yeah!" replied all the boys together.

"Okay, but let me introduce you to our guests first." said Aaron. "Jerry, Cary, and Billy, I would like you to meet my sons." Aaron lined the boys up, and went down the line as he said, "We have Butch, Cosmo, Spike, Shor..."

"He's decided he just wants to be called Shorty from now on." interrupted Spike.

"Okay." chuckled Aaron softly. "I like that better anyway. As I was saying, we have Shorty, Spaz, and Twinkie."

"What's the matter, were all the other names taken?" snickered Jerry. That got a chuckle from all of the adults.

"I think I like him already." said Spaz, which got an even bigger laugh.

"They came from a dimension where proper names are made up mostly of nicknames." Aaron finally replied.

After the introductions, Aaron led everyone downstairs. Then he and Terrence began preparing everyone a meal. While the food was cooking, Terrence called the council to find out that only seven councilmen and the Leader had not been affected by Robert. They were now staying at the Citizen's Services Building, and no one was being allowed in except on official business. Terrence told them they would be there as soon as they had their meal. By the time the meal had ended, the boys had begun to relax, and were acting more like themselves again. Aaron, Terrence, and Jerry had to go see the Leader after eating, and Jerry didn't think it was wise to leave Billy behind.

Aaron went up to Cary and gave him a kiss, then said, "I trust you to watch my boys for me while we are gone. We don't force younger people into doing anything here, but if I know them and they start to like you, they will probably approach you. If you do anything, just be gentle with them. And don't let anyone in here except us. Is that okay Cary?"

"I'm honored that you trust me that much Aaron." replied Cary. "I won't let you down."

With that, Aaron and the other men were off toward downtown. They had to go through a ton of security when they got downtown, but that was to be expected. They finally made their way up to the Leader's chambers though, to find that Brian looked very worried.

"I'm so glad that you guys got back okay." said Brian. "Things are going downhill here much faster than I thought they would."

"I have an idea about how to stop that." replied Aaron. "We found out where Robert is, and how he is injecting people so quickly. First though, I want you to meet Jerry Albright. He does have a way to reverse what has been done by Robert."

"That is the best news I've heard today!" said Brian excitedly, as he held his hand out to Jerry. "I will call our medical director up here right away Jerry, and all of our resources will be at your disposal. The sooner we help you reverse this process, the better."

"It will be a pleasure to do this." replied Jerry. "It will help me atone for producing this technology in the first place. I just want you to know that I was tricked into doing it. I never imagined they would use it the way that they have, and I'm very sorry for all the damage that it's done."

"As long as your on our side now, that's all that matters Jerry." said Brian. "I don't believe in punishing people for their past as long as they've learned from it, and are prepared to make up for it."

"Now for my plan." said Aaron. "Robert is currently hiding out at Wes's house. Wes was his first contact, and Robert has really managed to brainwash him by now. They are having an orgy, and Robert is injecting people as he performs oral sex on them. We need several of our security people that no one there will know. Then we will send Billy in to proposition Robert. Billy isn't from Orgasmia, so Robert will have no way of knowing that Billy has already been injected. As Robert is getting ready for what he thinks is his next victim, we will move in and quickly cover his hands, then restrain him. Jerry said he can also undo what has been done to Robert, so he can no longer pose a threat to us."

Then Aaron turned to Billy and asked, "Will you please help us Billy? We can help you to be happy too Billy, but you have to trust us. Jerry says there is something deep down inside you to help you realize that we are telling you the truth. We didn't come in search of your people, they came in search of us. You have to know what is happening right now is wrong, and we really need your help."

"Please Billy, will you help us?" begged Brian.

Then Jerry put his arm around Billy's shoulder and said, "You use to be very happy all the time Billy. We use to be inseparable, and you thought it was the greatest thing in the world. Even if we can never be together again Billy, I would just love to see you as happy as you use to be. Please help us, and let us help you."

A single tear ran down Billy's cheek as he said, "Okay, I'll do it. Then please help me."

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