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by tim

Chapter 13

Jerry went with Brian and Orgasmia's medical director, to get started on reversing the effects of the nanites that had been injected into many of the citizens of Orgasmia. Billy went with Aaron and Orgasmia's top security team to Wes's house, to capture Robert and stop the spread of mind control that was sweeping the city.

When they got to Wes's house, the security officers went in first and began to mingle with other guests. Aaron told Billy what Robert looked like as completely as he could, then sent Billy in. Aaron waited outside because several people would recognize him if he went in. The security officers would signal him if all went well. Aaron wandered around outside the house until he came across Mongo. Mongo was not having a great evening, and was now on the verge of tears.

"Mongo?" asked Aaron cautiously. "What's wrong Mongo?"

"Why would you care after the way I talked to you earlier?" asked Mongo.

"Because I can't help myself, especially not after what we've been through together in such a short time." replied Aaron. "I know you're not feeling like yourself now Mongo, and I'm not going to give up."

"Why not?" asked Mongo. "I may be a little confused right now, but I still can't shake the thought that what you are doing with those kids is wrong. But why was I living there? Then I came over here and found the person who convinced me of how evil things around here are, and he was performing oral sex on anyone who wanted it. He's such a lying sack of shit Aaron, so how could I have listened to him? Why can't I shake the feelings I have right now about you being a homosexual?"

"It's because you are being influenced by something he put inside you Mongo." said Aaron. "If you've ever trusted me before, and you have, you have to trust me now Mongo. You are not yourself right now. The Mongo I love is a very loving and caring person. He knows that we aren't doing anything with our sons except letting them be who they were born to be. He knows that our love is the greatest thing in the world, and he would never turn his back on that. I can help you be the person you have always been Mongo, but for now you have to trust me. Can you trust me one more time Mongo?"

"I'm really confused now Aaron." said Mongo. "I trusted Robert, and he's a lying hypocrite. Then I said things to you that should have made you hate me, but you don't seem to be capable of hating anyone. I'll try to trust you Aaron, but I may need help. I can't seem to tell when someone is telling me the truth, and when they're lying to me right now."

"I will never ever lie to you Mongo." said Aaron. "If I ever break that promise, I hope I drop dead on the spot. I will help you be the person that you were before yesterday."

"Thanks Aaron." said Mongo. "I may not know how to feel right now, but I'm glad that you aren't giving up on me."

Mongo took Aaron into a hug, and Aaron enjoyed the strength of Mongo's embrace once again. Aaron knew his lover and mate would come back to him eventually, and now he was sure that Mongo would be able to wait for the help he needed. Aaron wanted to kiss Mongo, but he thought it would be best to leave that up to his mate.

"There is one thing that Robert may be on the right track about." said Aaron. "I know that Orgasmia was founded on the basis of freely expressing pleasure with others, but that was our weakness this time. I'm not saying we should all become monks, but a commitment between two people who love each other should mean a little more than it does now. I know I got caught up in freedom of pleasure too, but now I know that I should dedicate myself to the person that I love. Expressing pleasure freely may be okay if you haven't found your life's mate yet, but once that happens, it needs to mean more than it does now."

"I hope you can help me Aaron, because you seem like the smartest person I know." said Mongo. "If I am capable of loving another man like you think I am, then I'd be happy for it to be you."

At that time Aaron got the signal that Robert was in custody, so he and Mongo went inside. The security officers had put thick leather gloves over Robert's hands, and tied his hands behind his back. Aaron walked up to Robert, and grasped him roughly by his balls.

"We should cut these off you right here and now you asshole!" said Aaron. "You don't deserve to have any thoughts when it comes to loving other people."

"I wish I could have done more than what I did, but I have already hurt you faggots quite a bit." said Robert. "Just wait until the next time my people strike. We'll hit you so hard that you won't survive. My government probably already knows that you have me in custody, and they'll be able to come rescue me eventually."

"I wouldn't count on that Robert." said Aaron, as he smiled. "It felt so good to destroy the spaceship when I went to your dimension. And now we have the scientist who developed the nano technology that you've used against us. It was really good that he built them so that he would have a way to reverse them when the time came to do it. You're stuck here now until we're through with you, and we can undo all of the damage that you've tried to do."

Robert's eyes went wide with terror as Aaron told him that, and he suddenly looked like someone who had been completely defeated. Finally Robert said, "I don't know how yet, but someday I will get even with you people."

"I wouldn't count on that either Robert." said Aaron. "Before we left your dimension, we met the resistance movement. They are now better armed than your government, plus they have the research that they need to reverse what your government has done to your own people. If we do send you back there, it will be much different from when you left."

Robert went limp, and began to cry in anguish. The security officers had to physically carry him from Wes's house. Then they told everyone to go home and wait there. Orgasmia's government would let everyone know when they were able to return things to normal. Aaron then took Mongo and Billy back home, and called Terrence to let him know how things went at Wes's house. Aaron finally sat down with Billy, a confused Mongo, and an exhausted Cary.

"I want to thank you for watching my boys for me Cary." said Aaron, as he smiled. "I hope they weren't too rough on you."

"I may not be able to have another orgasm for a week, but I'll never forget the past few hours!" chuckled Cary. "The things they made me feel and taste have no comparison anywhere in the Universe!"

"So, I take it that you're happy to be in Orgasmia?" asked Aaron. That question even made Mongo laugh.

Cary finally replied, "This has always been where I've belonged Aaron, I just didn't know it existed before now."

"Do you have your eye on anyone special yet, or will it take quite a bit of looking around?" asked Aaron.

"There are plenty of special people here Aaron." replied Cary. "I guess Terrence is kind of hot, but then so is one of your sons, Spaz."

"I'm sure he would be happy to hear you say that!" said Aaron. "Spaz has always struck me as a boy who would be happy with an older and more experienced man. If that's what both of you wanted, I wouldn't have any problem with it."

The four men sat around and talked for a while longer, and were eventually joined by the boys. Terrence did call Aaron back after a while with some news.

"Hi Aaron, I just wanted to let you know what is happening." said Terrence. "The medical director said the research that Jerry has provided should be able to help him and Jerry develop a way to get everything back to normal. We should be ready to start that in three days. The Leader has also called a session of the council for tomorrow morning. Two of our councilmen will not be fit to resume their duties, and the Leader wants us to take their place on the council. Congratulations my friend!"

"I don't know what to say!" said Aaron. "It will be a great honor for me to be a part of the council, especially since I haven't even been here that long."

"You've always been meant to be here though Aaron." said Terrence. "Everything that has ever happened in your life has led up to this. This is your destiny my friend, and I wouldn't be surprised if it went a lot further than this someday. You also better figure out what to say, because anything you do say from now on will carry a lot more weight. The Leader trusts and respects you more than anyone he has ever known! I'll see you at nine A.M., Mister Councilman."

Aaron told everyone the news when he hung up the phone, and they all congratulated him. The boys were very excited that their dad was now on the Council of Concerned Citizens, and Mongo was very proud of Aaron. Mongo relaxed so much that he finally removed the toga that he had fashioned out of one of their sheets. That made Cary and Billy both gasp loudly, and take a deep gulp. Aaron chuckled at the reaction to his mate's size. That night, Mongo still could not bring himself to sleep with another man, so he slept on the sofa. Billy slept on the loveseat, which left Cary sleeping with Aaron. Although they slept very close together, both men managed to keep their hands to themselves. One reason that was possible was because Spaz had told Cary that they would make love all by themselves the next day if Cary did not make it too hard for Aaron to commit himself to Mongo. Cary found that he did have feelings for the boy because he had no problem controlling himself.

The next morning Aaron and Cary got up early so they could make breakfast for everyone. As they were making breakfast, Cary said, "I don't think I'm going to have to play the field here in Orgasmia Aaron. I think I have fallen in love."

"Is it anyone I know Cary?" asked Aaron, in a half-knowing tone.

"Your son Spaz is just so wonderful Aaron." said Cary. "I would already do anything for him, and I promise that I will never hurt him at all. I know there's a bit of difference in our age, but Spaz makes that seem so unimportant when he talks to me. I hope you understand, and will give us your blessing."

"I know you would love and protect him Cary." replied Aaron. "That's really who you are deep down inside. I know you were this great fighter back in your old dimension, but I think that was mostly out of protecting yourself and the ideas you believed in. I know you would rather be a lover though, because my friends and I owe you our lives, and so do the people of Orgasmia. It would be an honor for you to be my son's mate, and for you to protect and love him like you do so many others. Welcome to the family Cary."

Aaron and Cary shared a warm hug, then woke the rest of the house for breakfast. After the massive breakfast was consumed, Aaron pulled Spaz aside before going downtown.

"I just wanted to talk to you about your feelings for Cary, son." said Aaron. "Do you love him more than anyone else you know?"

"Well, I love you too dad." replied Spaz. "The feelings I have for Cary are quite a bit different though. I love him a lot, and I think I would do anything he asked me to. He makes me feel so good just by being in the same room, and every time he touches me, he makes me feel like singing."

"I would say you are seriously in love then son." said Aaron as he smiled. "Cary came to me this morning professing his love for you, and wanting to be your mate. If you believe that you can come to that decision, I will support whatever that decision might be. I've spent quite a bit of time with him over the past few days, and I believe that he is a very fine man."

"Thanks dad." replied Spaz. "I will let you know when you get home what kind of relationship I would like to have with Cary."

Aaron kissed Spaz on the forehead and rubbed his hair, then said good-bye to everyone else before heading out the door. Aaron headed downtown, and met up with Terrence before going up to the council chambers. The only councilmen present were those that had not been affected by Robert, and Aaron and Terrence were the only two citizens in the gallery. One of the councilmen called everyone to attention as the Leader of Orgasmia entered the chambers.

Brian sat at the head of the council table and said, "I know that we are a few councilmen short today, but we still must attend to the business of running our society. As most of you know, two of our councilmen will no longer be able to carry out their duties and must now be replaced. I present for your approval, Terrence Spencer and Aaron Baker. Will all in favor of installing these two men as our new councilmen please raise their right hand."

After every councilman had raised his right hand, Brian continued, "Congratulations Terrence and Aaron, please join us now at your positions at the table. Once our business has been concluded this morning, the senior councilman will show you your offices." After Terrence and Aaron were seated at the table, Brian continued, "Our next order of business is the matter of Jerry Albright and our medical board. An antidote to the nanites that have been injected into our people will be ready in two more days. We will need to get this antidote into people who may not necessarily want to take it due to their present altered state of mind. If anyone has any suggestions, please feel free to leave them with me at your convenience. Now, we have to consider what to do with Robert Prescot. We have had no need for our jail here in Orgasmia for quite some time now. Should the jail now be reopened just to house Mr. Prescot?"

Aaron raised his hand, and was immediately recognized by the senior councilman. "I think it would be best for Mr. Prescot to ultimately be returned to his own dimension. Right now he has been confined in a way that he is no threat to us, and to keep him here would only endanger us at some point in the future. I know some of you may not like the idea of him getting away with what he did, and neither do I. We have made sure though that he will have enough to deal with once he is returned to his own dimension."

"Does anyone have another opinion on this matter?" asked Brian.

Another councilman was recognized, so he said, "Aaron is right that some of us won't be happy with Mr. Prescot getting away with the damage he did to us. I'm not a violent man by any means, but someone has to learn a lesson here. I don't want to see us face any future danger from this man, but there has to be something we can do before sending him back to where he belongs."

Terrence then raised his hand and was recognized. "I agree pretty much with Aaron." said Terrence. "The sooner Robert Prescot is back in his own dimension, the better off we will be. I also agree that he should be taught that what he did was wrong though. Mr. Prescot used sexual pleasure to try to destroy our society, and I propose that that ability be taken away from him. Our history teaches us that when women ruled this society, they used chemical castration as a way to punish the males who didn't please them. I propose that we use that before sending Mr. Prescot on his way."

Aaron wanted to protest, but then he thought about what Robert had done to Mongo. When the council voted, Aaron and Brian simply withheld their votes. The final order of business was whether or not to end the curfew that had been imposed in Orgasmia while Aaron and Terrence were gone. It was decided that no further threat to Orgasmia existed, so the curfew was lifted. As the council was getting ready to be dismissed, Aaron summoned up his courage to say one more thing.

"I know that Orgasmia's society is based on freedom of pleasure, and that is one of the things that makes it so attractive for people like us." said Aaron. "That also makes us attractive to people like Robert, who would use that freedom to destroy our society. I would like for us to consider reinstating the institution of marriage in Orgasmia, and urge those who have mates to pledge themselves to that person. Those who are not ready to take a mate can continue with their free expression of pleasure in the manner that we are now use to, while those who have pledged their devotion to a mate can provide the stability that our society might need to repel any future attacks on our way of life. I don't expect a decision immediately, but I would like everyone to consider what I have proposed."

"Thank you very much Aaron." said Brian. "I know that none of us wants to think of anything like this happening again, but we now know that it can happen. I promise that the council will consider what you have proposed to us. It does make sense that we should have some form of stability to ensure the future of our society."

With that said, the council was adjourned. Terrence and Aaron were shown to their offices, then shown how to use the monitoring equipment at their disposal to monitor for possible candidates to be asked to join Orgasmia's citizenship. Back at Aaron's house, Cary and Spaz had just finished making love alone. Spaz could not believe the feelings that he now had for Cary, as he had never felt a love like this in his life. Cary could not have imagined himself falling so deeply in love with a boy since he was one himself, but he was still only in his early twenties, and this boy made him feel even younger. Spaz also made Cary feel as though all the fighting he had done to be who he is was now paying off. The pair laid in each other's arms on the bed, kissing very deeply.

Cary finally broke their kiss and said, "I had a talk this morning with your dad about us Spaz. I told him how much I loved you, and about how much I believe you love me too. I hope you do love me as much as I love you Spaz, because for the first time in my life, I want to settle down. I know that you're still very young, but I want to give you a life filled with love and devotion. I want you to be my mate for the rest of our lives Spaz. I will love and protect you with all of my heart."

"I don't care how young I am Cary, I now know what true love is." replied Spaz, after kissing Cary quickly on the lips. "I never dreamed I would feel the things I'm feeling now at this age, but you are the only person I can even think about right now. Pleasing you has become the most important thing in the world to me Cary, and I would love to be your mate so I could look forward to a lifetime of that."

Cary wrapped his hand gently around Spaz's young cock and said, "You have no idea how much you please me my love. Your dad is all for us being mates, and I look forward to spending the rest of my life like this with you."

Then Cary put his lips back against Spaz's. Spaz's hand immediately found Cary's cock again, and soon the pair were once again making passionate love. Cary and Spaz were both happier now than they had ever been in their lives.

Meanwhile, Aaron was getting use to his new job and office. He was also getting use to figuring out how to use the monitoring equipment in his office. It would be a few days before Orgasmia could get back to the business of rescuing mistreated gay people in other dimensions, but Aaron wanted to find people now so he would be ready to nominate them for citizenship right away. There was something about an image of a man in his early twenties, sitting sadly in a cell, that caught Aaron's attention. As Aaron watched, the young man began softly crying over and over, "It's not suppose to be a crime to be gay."

Aaron studied the young man carefully. His features seemed too boyish for his age, which led Aaron to believe that the young man was far too fragile to survive the environment he was in. Aaron knew he had to know more about the young man, such as, was being gay the only thing that led to him being imprisoned? Also, how would they even rescue the young man from his current environment? Aaron called Terrence to his office for advice.

Terrence walked into Aaron's office and asked, "You need help already Aaron? We aren't even back to business as usual yet!"

"I know, but I figured why wait until the last minute to get to work." replied Aaron. "I came up with something on my monitor that I wanted some advice on. That way when we do get back in business, we'll already be ready for action."

"Well, let's see what you have then." said Terrence.

Terrence looked into Aaron's monitor and went silent. He couldn't believe how attractive the young man Aaron had found was. Terrence tried to shake himself out of his gaze, but the sad young man had Terrence completely entranced. Aaron noticed his friend's reaction, and finally shook him out of his trance.

"Are you okay Terrence?" asked Aaron.

"Yeah, I don't know what came over me man." replied Terrence. "Do we know anything about the dimension that he's in?"

"I should hope so, he's in our old dimension." replied Aaron. "I have the computer working out his exact location. I hope you don't mind my observation, but you look like someone who has fallen in love at first sight."

"Is that even possible?" asked Terrence. "I have to admit though that there is something about him that I just can't shake."

"Stranger things have happened." said Aaron, as he smiled at Terrence. "Here comes the info from the computer. According to this, he is being held at a jail in Birmingham Alabama. The question is now, how do we get him out?"

Terrence and Aaron sat together in front of the monitor, trying to figure out a solution to this problem, and trying to gather information on the young man they were watching.

Well, it seems like things are going to return to normal. Except maybe for Robert. I guess we'll have to wait and see if their punishment is carried out against Robert before returning him home. Please send all comments to: Thanks for reading, and I'll see you in Chapter 14.