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by tim

Chapter 14

The next few days in Orgasmia were filled with tension. The people who had been injected by Robert were getting tired of being told to stay indoors. As Jerry neared the completion of the antidote, the Council came up with a plan to figure out who needed injections of the antidote. Aaron hated deceiving the population of an entire city, but he was the one who suggested the idea. Announcements were made that an election would be held to choose the leader of Orgasmia. Robert would unwittingly help the Council, as they planned to run him in the election against Brian. Of course the election was nothing but a scam, but anyone who voted for Robert and his homophobic views would be singled out to receive the antidote. Also, everyone in Orgasmia City would be required to vote, regardless of their age. Aaron and the Council felt that was the best way to find those who Robert had infected.

Aaron and Terrence also took turns monitoring the young man Aaron had found in their old dimension. They found out that the man was named Travis, and had committed no real crime. The police did however frame Travis on a burglary charge just because he was gay, and they didn't like him because of that. Terrence spent the most time watching Travis, and imagining that they could be together. Terrence wanted to reach through the monitor and touch the handsome young man. Travis seemed to be solidly built and strong, but gentle and compassionate at the same time. He also noticed that Travis seemed to stay in his cell almost all the time, foregoing any chance for recreation. It seemed that Travis feared the other inmates, although he could probably defend himself okay. Then Terrence had a chance to get a look at Travis's manhood, and immediately began drooling over it. Travis's cock was uncut, and although it wasn't huge, it was by no means small either. To Terrence it looked perfect, just like everything else about Travis. The only concern for Terrence was how would a white man from Alabama take to a black man like Terrence expressing an interest in him. Terrence wasn't too concerned about that though. After all, Travis did seem like a sensitive, caring, and open person to him.

Mongo had begun sleeping with Aaron again, even though he wasn't completely comfortable with it. He even let Aaron go as far as caressing his body, except his crotch or butt, because Aaron did seem like such a nice guy. Aaron also showed genuine affection for Mongo, which was something that Mongo did like, deep down inside. Although Mongo didn't know it, that deep down feeling he had was the defect that Jerry had engineered into the nanites without the knowledge of his government.

Finally the day came to test the antidote to the nanites. As promised, the first one to receive the injection would be Billy. Everyone who had gathered to watch the test waited nervously for the antidote to take effect. The first thing that happened was that Billy experienced a moderate headache. Jerry informed everyone that the headache was expected, as it was a sign that the antidote had begun attacking the nanites inside Billy. The antidote also contained an antibiotic that would help Billy's body to expel the nanites. The antibiotic did have the effect of making Billy very tired though. Everyone watched as Billy decided to take a nap, still giving no sign as to whether or not the antidote would work. Jerry stayed right at Billy's side though, wanting to be the first person Billy saw when he awoke. A few hours later, Billy finally awoke from his nap.

When Billy's eyes had fluttered open and he saw Jerry, Billy cried out, "I'm so sorry Jerry! I'm sorry for the way that I've treated you. I love you so much, but I wouldn't blame you if you didn't love me anymore."

Jerry held his arms out to Billy, and Billy sat up into Jerry's arms. "I could never stop loving you Billy." said Jerry comfortingly. "I know it wasn't you that said and did all those things. It was the nanites that our government put inside your body. They're gone now though, and I want our love to pick up exactly where it left off!"

The two men then shared a passionate kiss as the other witnesses smiled, and even applauded. It was now official that the antidote would reverse everything that had been done by the nanites. After checking Billy, Orgasmia's medical director decided to let voluntary injections of the antidote begin immediately. Aaron immediately wanted to run home and get Mongo and Wes, so those he cared most about would soon be back to normal. Mongo trusted that Aaron knew that this was the right thing to do, but Wes had to be coaxed by Aaron and Mongo both. Aaron finally returned to the medical director and Jerry with his mate and his best friend. When Mongo and Wes were injected, they both went through the same process that Billy had earlier. Aaron knew things would return to normal in Orgasmia when Mongo sat up from his nap and wrapped his arms around Aaron. The joy that Aaron felt was enough to make him and Mongo both cry together. While Wes stayed behind to apologize to the Council for everything that had happened, Aaron and Mongo went home to their loving family and Cary.

Once they had gotten home, Mongo said, "I am so happy that your love for me was strong enough for you to not give up. I said some things to you and the boys that I can't help but to regret, but I now know that you will always love me."

"My love for you is so strong now Mongo, that I have come to a decision." replied Aaron. "I want to commit myself to you, and I hope you feel the same way about me. I want you and I to be the only ones to bring each other love and pleasure from this point on. If I can get the Council to institute marriage in Orgasmia, I want us to be the first two to be married. Will you marry me Mongo, and share the commitment that I want to have with you so badly?"

"Loving and pleasuring only you for the rest of my life would make me happy beyond my wildest dreams my love." replied Mongo.

As soon as the rest of the family heard that, a celebration of Aaron and Mongo's love began. Cary and Spaz smiled knowingly at each other for most of the evening. They were both coming to know how Aaron and Mongo felt. Cary had come from a pretty monogamous society to begin with, and Spaz had dreamed for the past year of finding a man who would be open enough to love him, in spite of his age. Cary and Spaz both knew that they now had what they wanted for the rest of their lives as well. Before Aaron and Mongo retired to their bedroom for a more private celebration, Cary wanted to make an announcement.

"I want everyone to know how I feel about Spaz." said Cary. "I know that he is still pretty young, but he has so much love to share with me, and he fills my heart with joy when I am with him. I've talked to Spaz quite a bit over the past few days, and I know that he wants the same thing that I want. If it's okay with you Aaron, and Mongo as well, I would like to marry your son Spaz. We both already know that nothing could possibly make either of us happier than to share the rest of our lives together."

"It would be an honor to allow you to marry my son Cary." replied Aaron. "I know that if he wants someone older than himself, that he'll never do better than to commit his love to you. I am very happy for both of you." Then Aaron hugged his son tightly, and wished him and Cary a happy life together.

That night, Aaron couldn't wait to make love to Mongo again. The two men undressed themselves slowly, then laid on the bed in each other's arms. Aaron began kissing Mongo tenderly, then started working his way down Mongo's chest. Aaron lovingly licked and kissed on Mongo's chest and nipples for several minutes, then began working his way down further. Aaron took several long and passionate licks on Mongo's huge cock, then took the head into his mouth. Aaron straightened out his throat, then began going down further and further on Mongo's cock. After about five minutes, Aaron felt that he was ready. Aaron fed the head of Mongo's cock into his throat, then went down further and further. Mongo panted heavily as he felt his cock start into Aaron's esophagus. Aaron began plunging the head of Mongo's cock in and out of his stomach. That was enough for Mongo to begin cumming directly into Aaron's stomach. Aaron moaned as he felt his lover's cum fill his stomach. As soon as Aaron could feel the flow of Mongo's cum begin to slow down, he began to pull off. The last few spurts of Mongo's cum was left in Aaron's esophagus as he pulled off. By the time Mongo's cock was out of Aaron's throat, Aaron was completely breathless. He was also happier than he had ever been in his life.

Then it was Mongo's turn to pleasure Aaron. When Mongo finally got to Aaron's cock, he sucked on it slowly and gently. Mongo wanted Aaron's pleasure to last as long as possible, to make everything up to the only man he had ever truly loved. Aaron moaned over and over as Mongo worked on just the head, then just the shaft. When Aaron began writhing on the bed, Mongo began taking all of Aaron's cock deeply into his mouth and throat.

"Oh God baby, I love you so much!" gasped Aaron. "I love you with every ounce of my soul. I could never live without you!"

Mongo then sucked hungrily on Aaron's throbbing cock. Mongo needed to taste the sweet seed of his lover now. Aaron began calling out Mongo's name louder and louder as he approached his orgasm. After a few more minutes, Mongo got what he wanted, as he felt Aaron's cum blasting into his throat. Aaron moaned deliriously as Mongo eagerly drained his cock. When Aaron finished cumming, Mongo climbed back up and wrapped Aaron in his strong and warm arms. Aaron and Mongo fell asleep happy that everything was returning to normal.

The next day Aaron went in to work to find that Wes had returned to his normal self as well. Aaron gave his friend a warm hug, even happier that Orgasmia would soon once again be the place he fell in love with. Then Aaron and Terrence got together to continue watching Travis in their old dimension. They were joined a short time later by Wes.

"I have a feeling that this will be your first assignment when you feel up to it Wes." said Aaron. "We also have to figure out how to get him. He's in a jail in our old dimension right now."

"Hmm, he's a nice strong looking hunk of a young man." remarked Wes.

"I think Terrence has already called first dibs on him though!" joked Aaron.

"Oh come on Aaron!" protested Terrence as he smiled. "You make me sound like a love struck puppy dog!"

"If the collar fits......" replied Aaron, as all three men laughed together.

As the three men watched the jail cell in Birmingham, Travis was beginning to get desperate. He knew that the other inmates were planning something really bad for him. "I've got to do something!" said Travis to the bars of his cell. "I shouldn't even be here, and I have a good idea that the others are going to get together to rape me. I can't do anything while I'm sitting in this cell though. I have to find a way to get out of this cell while I still can." Then Travis had an idea. "Maybe if I can fake a heart attack, they will take me to the hospital in town. I'll have to get out of that ambulance before it gets to the hospital though, or they'll know I was faking it. If they only send one guard with me though, I should be able to overpower him. If I do it just as they're taking the dinner count this evening, they should only send one guard with me. This is my only chance."

Wes, Terrence, and Aaron had heard every word of Travis's plan, and knew they would have to act today. Aaron had the computer plot the most likely course from the jail to the nearest hospital that could handle a cardiac emergency, then had the computer calculate the closest point to that route where they could open a portal. The computer picked a location that was right on the route it had plotted from the jail to the hospital, then gave the corresponding location in Orgasmia to open the portal. Then the three men gathered all of their surveillance and reports, and called a special meeting of the Council. Based on the recommendation of Aaron and Terrence, the Council approved the plan to rescue Travis from his dimension. Preparations were made for Wes to take the same vehicle that Aaron and Terrence had used to get Jerry, Billy, and Cary, to rescue Travis. Wes would go to the location of the portal, then wait for Aaron to call him on the radio and tell him the ambulance was approaching the location in Birmingham where the other end of the portal would open. This would be risky, but hopefully Travis would be able to overpower his guard like he said he would. As the time approached for Wes to go, Aaron and Terrence gave him a hug and wished him good luck. Wes took Terrence to his house, to await his and Travis's return, then drove to the location of the portal.

It was now time for Travis to put on the performance of his life, because his life now depended on it. As the guard approached Travis's cell, Travis dropped to the cell floor. He grasped his chest and began crying out in as much agony as possible. Travis also clenched the muscles in his face as tightly as he could. Travis's cellmate was completely convinced that the young man was suffering a serious heart attack.

"Guard!" called out Travis's cellmate. "Come here quick! I think this guy is having a heart attack or something!"

The guard came down to the cell, and immediately called for the cell to be opened. He had witnessed several heart attacks before, and this one looked bad. Travis tried as hard as he could to raise his anxiety level, so that his heart would race. Travis was successful, because the guard was now convinced that the young man's life was in danger. He immediately called for an ambulance, and a single guard was assigned to accompany Travis to the hospital. The plan had worked beautifully.

When the call came from Aaron to go, Wes opened the portal and drove in. Wes came out of the portal on the other side to see the ambulance approaching in the distance. Wes felt it would be best to give Travis as much help as he could, so Wes swerved in front of the ambulance to stop it. When the ambulance stopped very suddenly, Travis felt that this was the chance he had been waiting for. When the guard was knocked off balance, Travis wrapped his cuffed arm around the guard's neck. As Travis tried to choke the guard unconscious, the officer tried to go for his gun. Travis released his grip enough to kick the gun from the officer's hand, then applied even more pressure to the choke hold. As the guard lost consciousness, the rear door of the ambulance was flung open.

"Are you Travis?" asked Wes urgently.

"Yeah, but how did you know?" replied Travis.

"There isn't any time for that now!" said Wes. "Come with me if you want to live, and get out of this mess for good!"

"Can you get the keys from the guard and uncuff my wrists really quick?" asked Travis.

Wes spotted the keys dangling from the officer's belt, and quickly got the handcuff key. As soon as Travis was uncuffed, the two men sprinted for Wes's car. Wes swung around the other way, and left a cloud of tire smoke as he sped back to the portal with Travis. Wes didn't realize it, but he had been holding his breath since getting in the car and swinging around. As Wes sped into the portal, he was finally able to breathe normally again. Then it was time to explain things to Travis.

"Okay Travis, I imagine you're a little confused right now." said Wes. "My name is Wes, and I came from another dimension to rescue you. We have been watching you and your situation, and we felt that you were in danger. We decided to rescue you and bring you here, where you will be safe."

"Where is here?" asked Travis.

"This dimension is called Orgasmia." replied Wes. "There is nothing in this dimension except gay males, most of whom were in danger in their old dimension because of their sexual orientation. The men that we bring here are those who we feel will be much happier and safer in an environment of nothing but gay males. Here you will be free to live your life any way you wish, and experience more pleasure than you've ever dreamed of."

"So, I'm in another dimension now?" asked Travis. "What if I don't want to be in another dimension? What if I want to be in Birmingham?"

"If you decide that Orgasmia is not where you want to live the rest of your life, we can return you to your old dimension." replied Wes. "Did you like it in Birmingham though? Do you want to go back, and be an escaped felon that will be tracked down by every law enforcement agency in your dimension? We can offer you a safe place to live Travis, and I can guarantee that you will never be bored. We also know that you are not a criminal Travis. You were set up by the law enforcement in your dimension for the simple fact that you are gay. You don't ever have to worry about that again if you don't want to. The choice is going to be completely up to you though Travis. You will stay with me until you reach a decision, and if you stay in Orgasmia, we will set you up in a new life that you can enjoy for a very long time to come."

"Okay Wes, that sounds like a really good deal." said Travis. "I will definitely think about where I would rather be. To be honest though, I wouldn't look forward to going back to where I came from."

"I think you will love it here Travis." said Wes. "There is one thing that I forgot to tell you though. The people of Orgasmia do not wear clothes. I'm sure you noticed that I was naked when I picked you up, and that's how everyone is here normally."

"Hell Wes, that sounds like fun!" replied Travis enthusiastically.

As Wes drove to his house, Travis stripped in the seat next to him. By the time Wes pulled up in front of his house, Travis was completely naked and smiling madly. Wes led Travis up to his door, and the two went on in.

"Travis, I would like you to meet Terrence." said Wes. "Terrence was one of the people who were monitoring your situation, and I feel he has taken quite an interest in you."

Terrence held his hand out to Travis and said, "Hello Travis, I'm so glad we could get you safely out of your old dimension."

As Travis shook Terrence's hand gently, he looked down at Terrence's now stiffening cock. It was such an exciting site to Travis, that his own cock began to stiffen as well. Then Travis looked up and his eyes met Terrence's, which were now filled with love for the man he felt as though he had already met.

"I've never met a black man like you Terrence." said Travis. "You seem to be a very special and unique person. You are also a very good looking naked man. Can we get to know each other better?"

"I've watched you for several days now Travis." replied Terrence. "I already feel as though I know you, but I would love to get to know you better. When you were naked in your cell yesterday, I thought that I was seeing the most beautiful man I have ever seen. Now I know that's true."

Wes then showed Travis to his room, and Travis and Terrence went in together. The two men smiled at each other, then laid down on the bed together.

"When I saw you sitting in that horrible jail cell Travis, I knew I was falling in love with you." said Terrence. "Nothing in the world would make me happier than to make love to you. Everything about you seems so perfect."

"I've never been in love with someone from another race before Terrence, but you're so attractive that I want to make you happy right now." replied Travis. "Thanks for bringing me here to you."

The two men then pressed their lips together passionately. Terrence and Travis's tongues caressed each other tenderly, as they explored deeply inside each other's mouths. Then they took turns sucking on each other's lips. Terrence began to work his way down Travis's body. He had a great time sucking hungrily on Travis's large nipples. Terrence loved the fact that everything about Travis was large, but solidly built and not really plump. Everything that is except for his cock. At about seven and a half inches erect, Travis's cock was perfect as far as Terrence was concerned. After resting the side of his head on Travis's torso for a few minutes, Terrence worked his way down to that perfect cock. Terrence then began eagerly sucking on Travis's cock.

After a few minutes, Travis said, "I want to feel your cock inside me now Terrence. Please put your cock inside me and make love to me."

Terrence lifted Travis's legs, and began licking at Travis's pucker. After getting Travis's hole wet enough to just poke his tongue inside it, Terrence reached for a bottle of lube that he had placed in the room earlier. Terrence made sure that Travis's hole was nice and slick, then he lubed his stiff nine inch cock. Terrence knelt between Travis's legs, and placed his cock against his pucker. Terrence looked lovingly into Travis's eyes as he slowly pushed his cock into him. Travis moaned softly from feeling Terrence's cock enter him, and begged Terrence to fill him. Terrence carefully pushed his cock all the way into Travis, then leaned down and placed their lips together. Terrence kissed Travis passionately as he began to thrust in and out of him slowly. As Travis began moaning contentedly, Terrence began to pick up his pace. Soon both men were grunting and moaning in pleasure, as Travis's rectum began clenching Terrence's cock. Within a few more minutes, Terrence began approaching his orgasm.

"Oh God Travis!" gasped Terrence. "I'm going to cum so hard inside you!"

"Make me feel your cum shooting into me." panted Travis in reply.

Terrence grunted loudly as he began cumming into Travis. Travis moaned as he felt Terrence's hot cum shooting against the sides of his rectum. As Terrence's cum slowed, so did his thrusts into Travis. Finally Terrence was drained, so he pulled his cock slowly out of Travis. Travis sighed as he felt the head of Terrence's cock leave his rectum. As soon as Terrence laid back on the bed, Travis got up and knelt between his legs then looked pleadingly into Terrence's eyes.

"I would love to have your perfect cock inside me." said Terrence euphorically.

Travis lubed Terrence's hole gently, then quickly lubed his uncut cock. Travis pulled his foreskin back, then placed the head against Terrence's pucker. Terrence smiled as he felt Travis's cock slide smoothly into him. Travis leaned down and kissed Terrence lovingly, as he began to thrust in and out of Terrence's butt. After several minutes of intense love making, Travis began panting into Terrence's mouth. Terrence's rectum grasped at Travis's cock on each out stroke, which quickly brought Travis to the brink of his orgasm. Travis grasped at Terrence's sides as he began shooting his cum deeply into Terrence.

"Oh God yes Travis!" gasped Terrence. "Your cum feels so good shooting into me!"

Travis thrust into Terrence hard with each shot of cum from his cock. When Travis was finally drained of his cum, he laid down next to Terrence. The two men gently put their arms around each other.

"That was the most pleasure I have ever felt in my life!" moaned Travis softly. "I love you Terrence, and I want to be here with you."

"I love you too Travis." replied Terrence. "I have from the moment I saw you, and what we just did was the most special thing I have ever experienced. I would love for you to stay here with me."

Then the two men embraced each other tightly, and shared another passionate kiss.

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