by tim the story guy

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by tim

Chapter 15

The next day, Terrence spent the day showing Travis around Orgasmia. Travis still could not get over the fact that most of the citizens of Orgasmia wore no clothes. This was enough to keep Travis's uncut cock erect all day, and Terrence took advantage of that. Terrence would take a few minutes to lovingly caress Travis's beautiful cock whenever he got the chance, and Travis tasted Terrence's cock several times that day as well. Travis was now getting very use to the feel of Terrence's big dark cock in his mouth, and the thought of having a beautiful black man as his boyfriend was turning Travis on incredibly. Terrence smiled more and more as he felt the feelings in Travis grow stronger and stronger.

Orgasmia had still put a hold on processing any new arrivals until after the elections the next day, so Travis told Terrence that he wanted to become a citizen as soon as he could. When Aaron saw the two men later that day, he smiled at how much they were already falling in love.

"If you two keep going, you may be ready to get married when Mongo and I do." said Aaron light heartedly. "That would be great to have a double wedding with you guys!"

"If Travis would marry me, I'd love to do that." replied Terrence, as he looked into Travis's eyes.

"There have been a few times I've asked myself what the man I married would be like if it were possible to marry another man." said Travis. "Every answer I've ever gotten has described you perfectly Terrence. This may be really soon, but I'd love to at least think about it."

Terrence and Travis joined Aaron and Mongo for dinner that night, along with Cary and Spaz. Aaron was also very happy about his son being in such a loving relationship as the one he had with Cary. Cary hadn't been in Orgasmia long himself, but it now seemed to him as though he had always been there. The three couples had a great time talking to each other after dinner, until it was time for them to retire to their rooms for a little privacy. The other five boys all got together in one room, so Terrence and Travis would have a private place to make love. As the three couples made love that night, they were treated to the sound of all five of the other boys having some fun with each other in the same room.

The next day was the day of the fake election, and it soon became apparent how busy Robert had been. Aaron was convinced that Robert enjoyed pleasuring other men more than he would ever let on, as about one quarter of the population of Orgasmia City seemed to have been infected by Robert. Aaron couldn't even dream of having oral sex with that many men and boys. As the antidote was distributed to the infected citizens, Aaron went to have a talk with Robert. Robert's ability to infect people had been eliminated by Jerry and a surgical team in Orgasmia, so Aaron had no reason to fear him.

"Hello Robert, I really need to talk to you before this whole thing is resolved." said Aaron.

"Why would you or anyone here care after what I did?" asked Robert. "Just send me back to where I belong."

"That's why I wanted to talk to you Robert." said Aaron. "The council's current plan is to castrate you, then send you back to your dimension. I guess they want to send a message back with you, but I'm afraid that it may be the wrong message."

"How can they do that?" asked Robert, as a look of fear crossed his face.

"I'll try to help you Robert, but you have to start being honest with yourself and me." said Aaron.

"What do you mean by that?!" asked Robert a little defensively. "I was doing a job here, that's all."

"And that's why the council wants to remove your testicles before sending you home." replied Aaron. "We both know that you're not being completely truthful though Robert. No one can suck as much cock as you have without enjoying it. I remember the first time I had another guy's cock in my mouth. I was fifteen and he was seventeen. Having his cock contact the inside of my mouth for the first time was the most exciting thing I had ever felt, but I was scared as hell at the same time. I had always been told that it was wrong for two guys to have sex like that, but I couldn't help myself. I knew that no one would be able to understand how I felt when I had sex with another guy, but by that time I couldn't understand having sex with anyone else but another guy. I know exactly how hard it is to know those kind of things about yourself. Just tell me one thing Robert. How did you feel when a guy would put his cock in your mouth by the time you were caught?"

"I kind of remember one in particular." said Robert shamefully. "I had just done about six or seven guys in less than an hour, then this kid came up to me. His dick looked so nice compared to the ones I had just sucked. As I was about to take him into my mouth, he looked down at me and smiled. He was so excited to have a man about ready to suck his dick for him. I don't know why, but I felt so guilty when I injected that kid. At least I gave him a really nice orgasm before the nanites began to kick in. He looked so happy about that. Please help me Aaron! I didn't mean for things to turn out this way!" Then Robert began to cry softly.

"Robert, I'm sure that if I could help undo all of the brainwashing you've been through, you would make a fine lover for some lucky guy." said Aaron, as he put his arm around Robert. "There is nothing at all wrong with the love that two men can share with each other. When you really love someone, it's a very beautiful thing, regardless what sex the other person is. I hope I can help you see that you're a victim of your government too. You've had these feelings for other men buried deep down inside you for your entire life, but you could never let them get anywhere near the surface. You don't have to hide who you are though now Robert, and I would love to help you."

"I can't believe you would do that Aaron." said Robert. "I tried to take away the man you love, and I made you put your life at risk. Why?"

"I just think there may be something inside you worth saving Robert." replied Aaron. "I don't want to see anyone take away any chance you might have to find out who you really are."

Robert cried heavily as he thanked Aaron, and Aaron took the man in a comforting embrace. He now knew that Robert could be helped, but it would be a difficult task to convince the council of that. Aaron did talk to Terrence about Robert that afternoon, but Terrence wasn't very interested in talking about Robert. Before Aaron went home that evening, he went upstairs to talk to Brian.

"I don't mean to bother you sir, but I have to talk to someone." said Aaron.

"It's never a bother to talk to you Aaron, and I thought we were past that sir stuff." replied Brian, with his usual smile.

"I hope you still feel that way before I leave." said Aaron. "I need to speak to you about Robert."

Brian's expression became somewhat puzzled as he asked, "What is it about Robert that you want to speak about?"

"I know that Robert did some terrible things, and he could have destroyed everything that we've built here, but I'm afraid we may do something just as bad in the name of revenge." said Aaron. "Maybe Robert should be punished by us, but we're planning on cutting his body open again and removing his testicles. I can't imagine anything that might warrant that kind of action. We're talking about removing a very important and personal part of his body, just to get even with him."

"That's why I had you brought here Aaron." said Brian. "I don't normally get involved in choosing new citizens any more, but I knew that there was something in you that Orgasmia needed. You are a very compassionate person Aaron, and if we don't have that kind of compassion here, then everything we've done has been for nothing. The former rulers of this world nearly destroyed it because they had no compassion."

"There is one more thing Brian." said Aaron. "Robert is gay. I had a very good talk with him today because I didn't see any way he could have had so much oral sex with the men here, and not have some feelings for it. He's very ashamed of what he did, and I think that if he had a chance to pleasure all those men again for the right reason, he'd like to do it again. Robert knows the only reason he used oral sex was because he really wanted to. He was just another victim of his government."

"That does complicate matters a bit." replied Brian. "Are you sure that Robert is gay, and that he would like to express his homosexuality?"

"I'm very sure about it Brian." replied Aaron. "I'm going to bring it up at the council meeting in the morning too. I should have objected when castrating Robert was first brought up, and there's no way I can let it go now."

"To be honest Aaron, I also felt like objecting but I wanted to see how far the council would take it." said Brian. "You are right that we have no right to cut off Robert's testicles, and I will support you tomorrow. If Robert would like to remain here, we'll find some other way to handle his punishment. If he wants to return home, then we have no right to play God before sending him back."

"Thank you Brian." said Aaron. "I knew that you would listen to me. I'll go tell Robert what we discussed, and see what he wants to do. He's been scared to death about being castrated by us, and I know this will help him think a little more clearly."

"You do realize that if he stays here though, no one will want to handle his case." said Brian. "If you ask him to stay, you and Mongo will have to take care of him."

"I wouldn't mind, and I hope Mongo won't either." replied Aaron.

When Aaron told Robert what he had discussed with Brian, Robert broke down and cried as he hugged Aaron. After a few moments, Robert composed himself and said, "I don't know how I'll ever make things up to Orgasmia, but I'll do anything I have to to do it! I have to admit though, I am relieved that your council won't be cutting off my balls any more."

Aaron reached down as he smiled, and gave Robert's testicles a single compassionate stroke, and said, "You shouldn't have to worry about losing these beautiful parts of your body. These are very special and personal to you, and we have no right to take them from you. I hope you have the chance to find a man here that deserves them too. That is, if you want to stay with us."

"I don't know, Aaron." said Robert. "If I stayed here, I would have a chance to meet a man for the first time in my life, and I'd never have to hide who I am again."

"Yeah, it may be rough, but I hope you'll consider it." chuckled Aaron.

The two men laughed as they shared another brief hug of friendship, and the Aaron had to leave for home. Mongo was more understanding of Robert's situation than Aaron expected, so now they had to figure out how to house Robert until he was ready to be on his own. That depended greatly on what the council would decide what to do about him. Before going to bed that night, Spaz wanted to have a talk with Aaron.

"Cary and I have been talking a lot dad." said Spaz. "I've decided that when you and Mongo get married, I want to marry Cary at the same time. I love you and my brothers very much, but I can't imagine ever being without Cary now. He is so gentle and loving with me when we make love that I never want anyone else but him now."

"I would be so proud to share mine and Mongo's wedding with you and Cary my son." said Aaron. "I don't think any man would ever take care of you as well as Cary, and I'll be happy that you are with him. I hope you and your husband to be have a long and pleasurable life together son."

"Thanks dad!" said Spaz, as he smiled widely. Spaz then gave Aaron a warm and loving kiss before returning to his soon to be husband. Now all Aaron had to do was convince the council that a fourteen year old boy was old enough to have a husband when they voted on having marriage in Orgasmia.

The next morning, Aaron took his place at the council table as the other councilmen came in and were seated. Everyone rose when the Leader was introduced, then took their seats when Brian was seated. Aaron was the first to be recognized, and reminded the council that their decision about Robert could only be made with him present. They would have to bring Robert to the chambers, then hold a vote on what to do about him. Once Robert had been brought to the chambers, the Council President stood up.

"Robert Prescot, you are guilty of treason against Orgasmia." said the President. "Your actions were designed to bring about the end of our society, and now you must face your punishment by this council. The sentence that has been proposed is for you to be castrated by surgically removing your testicles, then being sent back to the dimension that you came from. I must now call for a vote amongst the council. All in favor of surgical castration and banishment, raise your right hand."

Everyone's hand went up except for Aaron's and Brian's, but this time they were joined by Terrence.

Then the President asked, "Would those who did not vote in favor wish to withhold their vote?"

That was all Terrence expected Aaron and Brian to do, but he was surprised when Aaron stood up. "I do not wish to withhold my vote in this matter!" replied Aaron.

"What are you doing Aaron?!" asked a surprised Terrence.

"I'm doing what I should have done before." replied Aaron. "I object to this vote! This is not punishment for a crime. This is maiming a person and taking away their manhood, and we have no right whatsoever to do this to Robert. Removing his ability to inject nanites into other people was one thing, and even Robert is glad that we did that, but cutting off his testicles is playing God and we don't have the right to do it!"

"Your objection has been noted Aaron, but you are still outvoted on this." said the President. "We will have the castration performed this afternoon, and Robert will immediately be removed from this dimension. I hope that you will reflect on what you will be losing today Robert, and that it will keep you from ever behaving the way you did again."

"I'm afraid Robert won't be losing any parts of his body today, or ever." said Brian. "As the Leader of Orgasmia, I have the right to veto any vote that has been objected to. I agree with Aaron that castrating Robert and removing his testicles would be a cruel and barbaric act. I therefore veto your vote mister President."

"Exactly what do you people suggest we do about him then?!" asked the President gruffly.

"I suggest that instead of what you considered punishment, we keep Robert here to perform community service to Orgasmia." replied Aaron. "Robert has said that he will willingly repay his debt to Orgasmia because he himself is gay. Once his debt has been repaid to the council's satisfaction, then we can grant him citizenship."

"This is ridiculous!" remarked the President. "This man nearly destroyed us. What kind of community service could possible repay that debt?"

"It may be ridiculous mister President, but that's all you are going to get." said Brian. "I can never lift my veto under these circumstances."

"Robert has agreed to perform any community service that the council deems appropriate." said Aaron. "It will be up to you to decide what service he will perform, and when his debt is repaid."

When another vote was taken, the council agreed to the new sentence unanimously. Robert was ordered to remain under Aaron's supervision until his debt had been deemed repaid by the Council President. The Council President was determined that this would not be easy for Robert, but Robert would be keeping his testicles intact now, which he was very relieved about.

The next order of business was once again brought up by Aaron. Aaron proposed that marriage be instituted in Orgasmia, and that it be made available to any male of any age. If the person was so young that they were under the care of a facilitator, the facilitator would have to approve before the boy could be married. There was some discussion, especially about age, but the law was finally passed as proposed by Aaron, with Brian's blessings. The council would assign several marriage facilitators, and the ceremonies could begin immediately afterward.

After the council voted on a few new prospective citizens, the council meeting was adjourned. Brian told Aaron that he could go on home for the day, to get Robert settled into his new home. The boys were a little nervous having Robert around them at first, but Aaron called them all together and explained what Robert was going through. He then asked his sons to try to make Robert feel as welcome as possible in his new home.

Once the boys started doing that, Robert said, "You boys are all so sweet and nice. It means a lot to me that you would give me another chance."

"If we're that sweet, maybe you would like to suck me." said Shorty, with an impish smile.

Robert was shocked at the forwardness of Aaron's youngest son, as he looked to Aaron. Aaron chuckled as he said, "Go ahead if you want to Robert. I'm sure he would probably enjoy it quite a bit!"

When Shorty heard that, he stood on the couch next to Robert, with his dick pointing stiffly at Robert. Robert looked at the boy's dick for a moment, then gently took it into his mouth. As soon as Shorty moaned in pleasure, four of Aaron's other sons began lining up for Robert. Aaron chuckled at the thought of the boys welcoming Robert to the family.

After a few moments, Robert began thoroughly enjoying the taste of Shorty's dick. Robert sucked hungrily on the young dick in his mouth, as Shorty began to squirm from the pleasure of his throbbing dick in Robert's mouth. Robert was enjoying sucking this boy's dick more than he ever imagined he could, as he now couldn't wait to taste the sweet cum that he knew Shorty held in his balls. Robert held Shorty's crotch tightly to his face, as he sucked the boy as well as he could. Shorty finally began grunting, and thrusting his dick into Robert's mouth as hard as he could. Robert began sucking hard on Shorty's dick, and was rewarded with the sweetest cum he had ever tasted. Shorty moaned loudly, and almost collapsed as his dick spurt it's cum into Robert's mouth. When Shorty was drained, and could barely stand up, Robert laid the boy in the chair next to the couch.

Robert then saw that the other boys except for Spaz were patiently waiting for their turn as well. Robert had them all sit on the couch next to each other, then Robert knelt in front of the first boy and took another young dick into his mouth. Spike sighed contentedly as he felt Robert's lips and tongue caress his cock. The other three boys watched intently as Spike got his cock sucked, as they waited for their turn. After a few minutes, Robert felt Shorty crawl underneath him. Shorty had regained his strength, then crawled underneath Robert and began sucking his cock. Robert gasped as he felt the young boy's lips wrap around his cock. Shorty was still busily sucking Robert's cock as Spike began cumming into Robert's mouth. Robert swallowed all of Spike's cum, then moved on to Cosmo. Shorty followed Robert without letting go of the man's cock. As Robert sucked Cosmo's cock, Spike began rubbing Robert's balls in his hands. Robert was now holding back his orgasm as he pleasured Cosmo's young tool. Somehow Robert managed to hold back until Cosmo had cum into his mouth.

Next was Twinkie, who's dick was bobbing up and down on it's own as he waited anxiously for his turn. "Don't just suck my dick Robert." said Twinkie softly. "I want you to make love to it."

Robert smiled warmly at Twinkie, then gently took the boy's dick into his mouth. Robert softly caressed Twinkie's hips as he rolled his tongue over the head of Twinkie's cock. Then he fondled Twinkie's balls as he slowly slid his lips up and down his stiff cock. Twinkie was soon writhing and moaning softly as Robert made love to him passionately. After a few more minutes, Twinkie began grunting softly. Robert sucked hard as he felt Twinkie's cum shooting into his mouth. After the orgasm was over, Twinkie moaned, "I think I love you Robert."

Robert finally moved down to Butch, who was waiting for Robert with a smile. As Robert took Butch's cock into his mouth, Butch said, "Scrape your teeth lightly against my cock Robert."

As Robert did what Butch asked, the boy began moaning loudly. Then Robert felt Cosmo's finger enter his rectum as Twinkie took Shorty's place on sucking Robert's cock. When Robert sucked hard on Butch's cock, Butch said, "Bite down on it Robert, but not too hard."

Robert began to gently chew on Butch's throbbing cock, and then he could no longer hold back. Twinkie swallowed as fast as he could, as Robert's cock erupted in his mouth. As Robert felt the last of his orgasm being sucked from his cock, he felt Butch's cum shooting into his mouth. Once Butch's orgasm had finished, the boys all rested on the couch along with Robert.

When Aaron came back into the room, Robert smiled as he said, "You are the luckiest man I know Aaron, to have such great sons."

"Thanks Robert." replied Aaron. "I think they like you now."

Robert smiled at that thought, as he hoped that Aaron and his family could help him now. He knew that he could never return home, now that his feelings were becoming clear to himself. He just hoped now that the council wouldn't be too hard on him. Before going to bed that night, Robert stopped to talk to Aaron and Mongo.

"I wanted to tell you Aaron that I never had more pleasure from sex than I did today with your boys." said Robert. "I also wanted to apologize to you personally. I still don't know how you can care about me after what I almost did to both of you, as well as the rest of Orgasmia. Even when I was caught I said some very horrible things, and made threats against your world. I hope that the Robert Prescot who said those things never comes back again, and that you can help me to be happy for the first time in my life."

"We'll do everything we can to help you Robert." replied Aaron.

The next morning the Council President showed up at Aaron's door to start Robert's community service. He also showed up with a security escort, to help in case Robert didn't want to do what he was told. The President and his escort led Robert downtown, with Aaron following them to see what they were up to. A padded cart had been set up on one of Orgasmia's busiest street corners, and the security officer immediately bent Robert over the cart. Then Robert was secured to the cart with his head bent down low and his butt exposed over the back of the cart. Once that was done, the President sneered as he placed a bottle of lube near the back of the cart and uncovered a sign. The sign said that Robert was now available to relieve the sexual stress of any citizen of Orgasmia that cared to use him. Aaron was appalled at what was being done, and objected loudly over how Robert was being treated.

"May I remind you Aaron that you and Robert placed his community service at my discretion, and agreed to carry out any terms of that service." said the President. "Robert will be confined here every day from nine in the morning until six in the evening. He will be released only when I feel that his service has been fulfilled. If you wish, you may check on him once an hour to make sure that he doesn't require food or water, and that he doesn't need to have semen flushed out of his rectum. Have a nice day."

Aaron was hoping that everyone who passed by would see how barbaric this was, but the first man stopped at the cart within five minutes. He looked the situation over, then lubed his cock before thrusting it into Robert. Aaron went to the front of the cart to comfort his friend, who was being penetrated for the first time. As Robert's rectum was being used though, a boy of about sixteen came up and moved Aaron aside. The boy then held Robert's mouth open as he thrust his cock into Robert's mouth. As soon as the first man who was fucking Robert finished, another man came up to take his place. Robert winced as the second cock drove into him hard.

As soon as the boy had finished cumming into Robert's mouth, Aaron said, "I'm going to go get Brian. We can't let the council get away with this!"

"Please don't Aaron." grunted Robert in some discomfort. "I deserve this, and I'll take my punishment like a man. Just please stay with me to take care of me."

Aaron reluctantly agreed to keep quiet and take care of his friend. By the end of the day, Aaron counted over one hundred men and boys who had used the service that Robert had been ordered to provide. He had to flush Robert's rectum for him eight times that day. When the security officer came by to release Robert for the day, Aaron pleaded with him to put a stop to this.

"Be back here at nine o'clock." said the officer. "Don't make us come to get you either."

"Yes sir." replied Robert meekly. "I'll be here."

Okay, who knew that the Council President would come up with some way to publicly humiliate Robert? How far will Aaron let this go? Find out when I see you again in Chapter 16. Please send all comments to: Thanks.