by tim the story guy

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by tim

Chapter 16

Twinkie had wanted to make love to Robert that night, but Robert was far to exhausted to have an erection for the boy. Twinkie had to settle for cuddling with his exhausted man all night, which was enough to bring a slight smile to Robert's face. Meanwhile in Aaron and Mongo's room, Mongo had his hands full. Aaron was seething over what the Council President had deemed community service, and Mongo had never seen Aaron so upset. Mongo tried to comfort Aaron, but Aaron just couldn't let it go.

"Aaron, this is going to tear you apart inside." said Mongo. "I agree that Robert doesn't deserve this, but ranting about it isn't going to help. I think you should see the Leader again, and challenge the Council President. Take his power away if he's going to misuse it like this. That's also the best way to help our friend Robert. If you want me to go with you to help, I'm there for you and Robert both. We have to put a stop to this tomorrow though. What if Twinkie were to see how Robert is being punished? He has grown kind of fond of Robert, you know."

"I know, I can see it in his eyes when he looks at Robert." replied Aaron. "I don't know how he would react, but probably not well. I can't blame him either. Orgasmia is suppose to be a refuge for men and boys who have been mistreated because they are gay, and that asshole President is doing just that to Robert. Our President is no better than the worst dimensions out there. I will get him removed from his position if I can my love, and thanks for being there."

Instead of saying you're welcome, Mongo placed his lips against Aaron's. The two men locked themselves in a passionate embrace for the rest of the night. The next morning, Aaron once again went with Robert as he went to serve his punishment. Aaron also sent word to Brian to meet him on the corner where Robert had been restrained.

Twinkie was feeling kinda bored that morning. He had wished that Robert had been more energetic last night, but he could wait for that. Twinkie finally decided that he needed to take a walk downtown, so he slipped out without Mongo being aware.

"Oh shit!" exclaimed Mongo, when he had discovered that Twinkie had slipped out. "Cary! Watch the boys while I go after Twinkie. We can't let him see what they're doing to Robert!"

"Okay Mongo, see if you can catch up to him." replied Cary. "We'll be fine here."

Mongo got in his car and took off, but if Twinkie had gotten enough of a head start, he could be downtown by now. Aaron had just finished comforting his friend when another man came along to use Robert's service. The man lubed his ten inch erection, then shoved it into Robert hard, causing him to suck in his breath to keep from crying out. Then Aaron finally saw Brian approaching.

"Don't worry my friend, I'm putting a stop to this now!" said Aaron. "This makes us look as bad as the dimension you came from." Aaron went to Brian and said, "I want a stop put to this now Brian. The Council President has overstepped his bounds, and I want him removed from his position. This is not punishment or community service!"

"I agree with you completely Aaron, and I'm calling a special meeting of the Council in one hour." replied Brian. "I think we have another problem right now though." Then Brian pointed in the direction of Robert.

"What's going on Robert?" asked Twinkie, in a confused tone.

"Just wait your turn kid." said the man who was roughly thrusting in and out of Robert. "He'll be tied up here all week, at least that's what the announcement said."

"Please help me son, it hurts." cried Robert.

"That's just about enough!" screamed Aaron. Aaron then grabbed the man and pulled him away from Robert. The man hit the ground with one punch from Aaron, then scampered up and ran off. "I want a piece of that President of ours right now!" screamed Aaron.

"Please calm down Aaron." said Brian. "I think your son needs you right now. I'll get security here right away and have Robert released."

"Is this why we couldn't make love last night Robert?" asked Twinkie, as his voice hitched. "What are they doing to you?"

"You weren't suppose to see this!" cried Robert. "Please don't hate me son."

"Twinkie, this isn't Robert's fault." said Aaron, as he put his hand on Twinkie's shoulder. "Our President decided to punish Robert by locking him up like this so men could come by and do whatever they wanted. It was wrong of our President to do that though, and I'm putting a stop to it now."

A security team loyal to the Leader finally showed up and let Robert loose at Brian's instruction. Then Brian ordered the President to be escorted to the special meeting of the Council. Robert stooped down in front of Twinkie.

"Please don't hate me Twinkie." said Robert. "I have never met anyone quite like you before."

"I could never hate you Robert." said Twinkie. "It wasn't your fault, and I love you very much."

By that time Mongo had pulled up in his car, so Robert said, "Why don't you go on home with Mongo, and when I get checked out I'll come right home to you. I'll show you how much I love you too."

Twinkie threw his arms around Robert, and pressed his lips to Robert's. The two shared a warm and loving kiss as Brian, Aaron, and Mongo looked on. When Twinkie broke the kiss, Robert looked down and smiled.

"I can see by your beautiful little erection that you can't wait for me to come home." said Robert. Robert reached down and gave Twinkie's erection a gentle squeeze and said, "I can't wait either, you sexy and wonderful boy."

As Robert and Twinkie parted so Robert could go with Aaron and Brian, his hand lingered on Twinkie's throbbing cock for as long as possible. As Robert came up to Aaron and Brian, he held his hand to his face and took a deep whiff.

"I could have never imagined a more wonderful smell than that." said Robert in a daze.

Aaron smiled at Robert and said, "Welcome to the family Robert. Now, let's take care of some business."

The Council President didn't care too much for being escorted to the meeting, and he cared even less when Aaron was the first one recognized to speak.

"Before Orgasmia became what it is today, the leaders here ruled without compassion." said Aaron. "This dimension was nearly destroyed because of that. Then came our purpose, and a great society was born. Gay men from other dimensions were mistreated on a routine basis, and we had the power to do something about it. We became a safe haven for men and boys who's right to exist were threatened by others. But now we are on a course to do the same things as these dimensions that gay men and boys are trying to escape from. Some of us seem to think that it's okay to mistreat others, which makes us no better than the dimension we take others from. If this is allowed to continue, we no longer have any reason to exist. What almost happened to us this time is sure to happen eventually someday, and we will deserve it. Robert did us a great favor. He helped us by showing us were our weaknesses are, and not all of them are related to security. By doing this, he exposed himself to who he really is. He helped us, and now he needs our help. Instead though, we humiliate him worse than anyone should ever be humiliated. Not only that, a young boy who witnessed this disgraceful treatment of Robert now believes that Orgasmia is no better than where he came from. We can't allow that to happen. Our President overstepped his bounds, and violated every principle that Orgasmia was founded on. I don't want him punished, but I do want him removed from the Council before we leave here. I call for a vote on this matter."

The President knew thing didn't look good when half of the Council applauded Aaron's speech. "I object!" said the President. "I did nothing unlawful according to our law."

"Mister President, what you did to Robert DOES violate every principle that Orgasmia was founded on." said Brian. "Will everyone in favor of a vote to remove the President, please raise your right hand."

Every hand except for the President's went up, so a vote was taken. Aaron didn't know this, but the Council would also vote on who would replace the President. If only one name were nominated, the candidate would immediately assume the office of President. If more than one name were nominated, an election would be held in one week. The votes were gathered, and then handed to Brian. Brian looked over the ballots for a minute, then stood up.

"By a unanimous vote, the President is ordered removed from his office." said Brian. "A meeting will be held tomorrow to determine whether he should be removed from the council as well. Also by a unanimous vote, except for one ballot where no choice was indicated, our new Council President is Aaron Baker. Congratulations Aaron, and I hope you serve your office well." Then Brian smiled at Aaron and continued, "I personally have no doubt about your ability Aaron."

Aaron was stunned, as Terrence came up and patted him on the back in congratulations. Aaron had been in Orgasmia a very short time compared to the other members of the Council, but they felt so highly of them that they made him the President. The outgoing President didn't look too impressed, but that was likely due to his political career being over now.

"This special meeting of the Council of Concerned Citizens is now adjourned." said Brian. "We will proceed with swearing in Aaron as our President tomorrow morning at nine o'clock. Go home and celebrate with your family Aaron. I know they are going to be so proud of you."

Aaron met Robert outside the council chambers. Robert had been checked out by the medical staff, and was told to take it easy sexually for a while. When he informed them that his boyfriend was an average hung fifteen year old boy, the doctor told him he should be fine with that. Aaron then told Robert about the meeting, and Robert picked his friend up in a hug.

"With a President like you Aaron, I know Orgasmia is the only place I want to be now." said Robert.

"I imagine that it helps that I have a son like Twinkie." said Aaron as he smiled.

"Yes, and I'm so glad that you understand how I feel about him." said Robert.

"Then let's get home to our family Robert." said Aaron. "I'm sure everyone will feel like celebrating tonight."

Mongo, Cary, and the boys were overjoyed by the news that Aaron was now the Council President. It was the second highest position in all of Orgasmia, and everyone knew that Aaron was perfect for the job. Everyone except for Aaron, that is. Aaron was as nervous as he could possibly be. Everyone took a shot at bolstering Aaron's confidence though, even though Robert and Twinkie had to do it between rounds of kissing. Finally Mongo came up and sat with his lover.

"Not too long ago Aaron, I didn't feel like I could ever have a normal relationship." said Mongo. "I would look at other couples and wish more than anything that I could have what they had. No one could ever get over my appearance though, so I was never with the same person more than once. When I was about to give up on ever having what I wanted, along came the greatest man I ever knew. He taught me that I was right to never give up on my dream. He taught me that I could do or have anything I wanted if I just kept working at it. Now I'm telling that man the same thing. You have helped so many people here in Orgasmia in the short time you've been here. You can be anything you want Aaron, including President. Not only that, I and a lot of other people believe you will be the best President ever. With your insight and compassion, Orgasmia will survive forever, as I hope our love does."

"Thanks Mongo, I needed that." said Aaron, who then took Mongo into a hug. The two men then walked in each other's arms to their room.

Robert and Twinkie saw that through their kissing, and Robert said, "Let's go to our room Twinkie. I want to make sweet and gentle love to you all night long. I can't wait to feel your young, smooth body entwined with mine, with both of our bodies tingling with passion."

"Just being with you turns me on incredibly Robert." said Twinkie. "Making love like that to you will be something I can't even imagine. Let's go now, my lover."

The two went to Robert's room, and laid down in each other's arms. Robert took Twinkie into an embrace, then began running his hands up and down Twinkie's body. Robert stared into Twinkie's beautiful and sparkling eyes and said, "You are the only one that I ever want to do this with again Twinkie. No one could ever compare to you."

Robert pressed his lips against Twinkie's eager lips once again. The boy's lips were so soft and expressive that Robert couldn't get enough of them now. Robert knew that kissing men wasn't right, and kissing women wasn't right, but kissing this boy was more than right. It was perfect. Robert felt Twinkie's tongue press against his lips, so Robert sucked the tongue into his mouth. Twinkie now had one hand on Robert's butt, and the other one wrapped around his stiffening cock. Robert moaned softly into Twinkie's mouth as he felt Twinkie's hard cock pulse in his hand. Robert had to have more than that though. Robert broke the kiss, and slowly turned Twinkie around on top of himself. The object of Robert's desire was now directly in his face, as he gently took Twinkie's cock into his mouth. As far as Robert was concerned, he was now making love to the best cock in Orgasmia, as well as the most attractive guy. Robert then felt Twinkie's lips hungrily engulf his cock.

Robert backed off long enough to say, "Take it really slow and gentle baby. I want this to last as long as possible."

The pair then settled into nursing each other's cocks gently, just enough to keep them erect. Twinkie knew that he had never been in love before now, and he wanted to remain in love with Robert for the rest of his life. Robert had wondered lately why God had kept him in the dark for so long. As he made love to Twinkie, he realized the answer to that question. God had known all along what he was doing.

Robert taught Twinkie well how to control his passion that night, as the two made slow and gentle love for almost an hour. By that time though, their cocks now felt different than they ever had before. It was as if the most important event in history was now rapidly approaching. Twinkie began breathing in short and shallow breaths, and Robert hoped his lover would not pass out. Twinkie was also hoping the same thing. His cock now felt almost uncontrollable, and he had never felt so much pressure built up in his balls. Robert had had many orgasms before, and he knew that this would be his most intense orgasm ever.

Twinkie finally could not hold back any more, as Robert began to suck him harder. "Oh God Robert!!!" screamed Twinkie at the top of his lungs. "I love you more than anyone in the world!!! Here comes my love for you!"

Robert held Twinkie tightly, as Twinkie's body was rocked by the most massive and intense orgasm he had ever experienced before. Twinkie almost thrashed his way out of Robert's grip several times, but Robert held onto the shaking boy. Robert could not believe how much cum Twinkie was shooting, but he enjoyed every drop of it as much as he could. As Twinkie's orgasm subsided, his body stopped shaking so much. They were both relieved that Twinkie did not pass out from the intensity of his orgasm, because Robert's orgasm was coming on fast now. As the cum began shooting from Robert's cock, his body bucked up and down on the bed. Twinkie had to hold onto Robert tightly, but he managed to keep Robert's cock in his mouth. Robert was cumming so hard and fast that Twinkie had to swallow faster than he thought possible to keep up. Twinkie did keep up though, and enjoyed all of Robert's cum.

After Robert's orgasm had finished, the two rested in each other's arms quietly for a few minutes. Then Robert laid on his stomach, and had Twinkie climb on top of him. Robert smiled and sighed as he felt Twinkie's perfect cock slide gently into him. It took Twinkie quite some time to build up to another orgasm, but Robert didn't care how long it took. Twinkie had the only cock that felt good inside him, and he hoped it would take forever. It didn't though, and as soon as Twinkie had cum again inside Robert, he begged Robert to put his cock inside him. Robert laid Twinkie on his back, then put the boy's legs on his shoulders. Robert could not believe the beautiful smile on Twinkie's face as his cock slid into the boy. It took Robert a while to cum again too, but that was fine with Twinkie.

After Robert had cum again, Twinkie said, "Please don't take your cock out of me yet Robert. Just slide around until you are laying behind me. I need to feel your cock inside me."

Robert did as Twinkie had asked, and finally spooned up behind Twinkie with his cock still buried deeply in the boy. Twinkie smiled after a few minutes, as he heard Robert begin to snore softly. Twinkie then fell asleep with a smile, as he knew Robert's cock would be in him all night.

The next morning Twinkie awoke with a smile still on his face, and Robert's cock still buried deeply in him. His butt naturally felt a little sore now, but his insides felt awesome. Twinkie reached around, and gently squeezed his lover's balls to wake him.

"I'm sorry Twinkie, I didn't mean to fall asleep with my cock inside you." said Robert, as he awoke.

"Don't be sorry my love, it feels awesome to wake up with your cock inside me." said Twinkie.

"It may feel awesome, but I'm afraid I will have to bathe your butt in extremely cold water to get it to close this morning." chuckled Robert.

"You mean it might stay open after you take your cock out?" asked Twinkie. "That's so cool! I wish I could see that!"

"I'll see if I can take a picture then my love." chuckled Robert.

Robert pulled himself out of Twinkie, then took a picture of the boy's gaping hole. Robert then carefully carried the boy to the bathroom, as not to spill anything out of the open chute. As soon as Robert set Twinkie on the toilet, Twinkie's rectum began to empty. After that, it was time to shower. Robert did have to use plenty of cold water on Twinkie, but he finally managed to get his hole to close. Twinkie was looking forward to having Robert take care of him like this all the time.

Robert and Twinkie finally joined everyone else for breakfast. As soon as breakfast was over, everyone would head downtown to see Aaron sworn in as the President. Aaron decided it would be wise to eat a light breakfast that morning.