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by tim

Chapter 17

Aaron and his rather extended family got downtown to find that Brian had planned on making a very big event out of Aaron's swearing in. Terrence was more that happy to help Brian plan the events for his friend's big day. Four blocks of the downtown area around the Citizen's Services Building had to be blocked off from vehicles, and a tall stage had been set up in front of the building. Aaron was very nervous, as it looked like most of the city was turning out for this. A group of musicians started the ceremony off with a song in Aaron's honor, then Brian stood to swear Aaron in. When Aaron took the oath, a deafening applause came from the packed streets. Then Aaron was expected to say something.

"I really don't have anything planned to say." Aaron said into the microphone. "I never thought of becoming the Council President, but I'm glad that everyone has that much faith in me. I love everything about Orgasmia, and I intend to do everything I can to make this the only place a gay man would ever want to live. Orgasmia has given so much to me in such a short time, and it will take me a lifetime to give that much back, but that's what I intend to do. I will do everything in my power to see that Orgasmia is able to offer to other gay men what it has given me, for a long long time into the future. I have several ideas on how to do that, including security for our world and the ability for the men here to create a family line to keep going. I believe that if we create future generations to work for, we will always do what's best for them. I want to thank everyone in supporting me in this, and for the faith you've shown in me. I love all of you out there, and I love Orgasmia!"

Applause erupted once again after Aaron's brief statement, then Brian announced that a celebration would be held in a nearby city park in honor of Aaron. All citizens were invited, and encouraged to come by and wish Aaron well. The park was packed all afternoon and evening, and Terrence had arranged for fireworks after sunset. Wes even stopped by the park to wish Aaron well, with Bobby close by his side.

After wishing Aaron well, Wes said, "I also have an announcement to make. I've asked Bobby to move back in with me, and he said yes. We want to be a loving and committed couple. Bobby has agreed to marry me once marriages begin."

"That's fantastic Wes!" exclaimed Aaron. "My predecessor hasn't done much on that, but that will be my first order of business tomorrow. I want to see marriages begin as soon as possible. I'm so happy for both of you."

After the day's festivities had wound down, and the fireworks were over, Aaron and his family went home for even more fireworks. Sounds of passionate love could be heard from the rooms of Aaron and Mongo, Cary and Spaz, and Robert and Twinkie.

After the latter pair were finished, Twinkie asked, "Robert, is there any way you would consider asking me to marry you?"

"Are you sure about that Twinkie?" asked Robert. "Marriage is an awfully big step in a relationship. It means that two people are committed to binding their lives together as one for the rest of their lives. I know how much I love you, but are you sure?"

"I don't think that I'll ever be this sure about anything else again in my life Robert." replied Twinkie.

"Aren't you afraid that you'll begin to wonder what you might be missing with someone else?" asked Robert.

"I don't care what it might be like with someone else Robert." replied Twinkie. "I've had sex with other people before, but with you it's way more than that. I don't care what it's like with anyone else as long as I have you."

"In that case Twinkie, would you please marry me and make me a very happy man?" asked Robert.

"Thank you so much Robert." said Twinkie. "Of course I will, and I'll make sure you never regret marrying me."

Twinkie and Robert then held each other in an embrace for the rest of the night. They were still smiling and had their arms around each other when they went downstairs for breakfast the next morning.

"Hi Robert." said Aaron, as he served them breakfast. "Now that I'm in charge of your community service, I only want you to do one thing to fulfill your debt to Orgasmia. I want you to work at the Citizens Services Building, and talk to all incoming citizens about the dangers of other dimensions, and why we have to keep up our guard when it comes to them."

"I'd be happy to do that Aaron." replied Robert. "Now I have a favor to ask you. I asked Twinkie to marry me last night, and now I would like for you to approve of our marriage."

"Of course I do Robert." said Aaron. "I can see it in both yours and Twinkie's eyes. It wouldn't be right to stand in the way of that."

Aaron got to work that morning, and began going through the papers that his predecessor had let pile up on his desk. Aaron finally found the papers he had been looking for, and began to make calls. By that afternoon, Aaron had lined up a marriage commission. Now all he had to do was get them together to work out the details like licenses, the ceremony, and credentials for the new officials to perform marriages. After speaking with his new commission that afternoon, Aaron prepared a statement for the citizens saying that marriages would begin the following week.

Aaron also found some other documents on his desk. These documents outlined the institution af an army to combat Orgasmia's enemies. Although the reasons the Ex-President outlined were crafted to appear noble, Aaron felt there was a much more sinister reason behind this. Since Orgasmia was currently the only known dimension that could travel between dimensions, Aaron felt that an army would be totally unnecessary. He felt that Orgasmia could be defended successfully with monitoring, and skillful intervention when necessary. An army could do much more harm than good in Aaron's opinion.

Aaron also found plans to closely monitor the citizens of Orgasmia. He could see no reason for this action at all. It was beginning to appear to Aaron that the Ex-President was making plans to take over. Aaron had no choice but to take these suspicions to Brian. If they were true, something would have to be done because the Ex-President would not just give up so easily. Brian looked at what Aaron brought to him.

"I can't believe this!" said Brian. "The only possible reason for all of this would be for him to be planning to take over. Do you know if any of these plans had been acted on?"

"I think he was beginning to build support for his armed forces." replied Aaron. "He seemed to have a few security officers that were very loyal to him."

"Well, I have security officers that are loyal to me too." said Brian. "I think it may be time for me to have him placed under arrest. It looks as though he may get his wish for reopening our jail."

"You should also have the security officers that are loyal to him picked up at the same time then." said Aaron. "If not, they may take it upon themselves to begin his revolution."

That night, the Ex-President of the council was picked up, along with twelve security officers who were loyal to him. The next morning, all but two of those officers disavowed any further loyalty to the Ex-President. The council decided to release them and reassign them to different duties. Then the two officers who remained loyal to the Ex-President were brought into the chambers along with the Ex-President.

"Can you tell us why you would want to do what you were planning on doing?" asked Aaron. "Everyone that comes to Orgasmia sees it as a paradise compared to where they originally came from. What you wanted to do would have made us no better than any other dimension. Do you miss your old life that much?"

"I just have a different vision of our future is all." replied the Ex-President. "Orgasmia was almost destroyed, and now you want to take in the person who did it. Orgasmia needs a strong leader, who may be willing to do some unpleasant things at times."

"Such as control the lives of every citizen here?" asked Brian.

"If that's what it takes." replied the Ex-President.

"If that is what it takes, we may as well give up now." said Aaron. "I personally don't believe that though. I guess now we have to decide what to do about this. All in favor of opening up Orgasmia's old jail, and placing the Ex-President and his two remaining loyal followers there until it can be decided that they are no longer a threat, please raise your right hand."

The vote by the council was unanimous, and the Ex-President and his followers were led away to jail. The council then took care of it's regular business. The marriage commission was officially opened, and was now ready for business. The councilmen also decided that in order to promote family units in Orgasmia, more attention should now be paid to finding gay kids who would not survive in their current dimensions. They would become a part of Orgasmia's new adoption program. After several new prospective citizens were approved to be brought to Orgasmia, the council was adjourned for the day.

Aaron, Mongo, Cary, Spaz, Robert, and Twinkie went to the commission that afternoon, where they met Terrence and Travis. The four couples decided to have their ceremonies together, and be one of the first in Orgasmia. The ceremony was set for the following Monday, and it would indeed be the first marriage in Orgasmia. Aaron did have to sign to allow Spaz and Twinkie to marry Cary and Robert, but the commission gave them no problems in allowing the two boys to wed. Robert and Cary both went to the housing commission and found homes for their new families on the same block as Aaron and Mongo's house.

It was decided that Aaron's family would take his last name, and that Aaron and Mongo would officially adopt the four remaining boys in their house. Spaz and Twinkie were both proud to take their soon to be husband's last names.

The next day, while Aaron was monitoring other dimensions, he made a startling discovery. While monitoring the old dimension of his sons, he discovered that they had now developed testing procedures to genetically determine someone's sexual orientation. Aaron immediately called Terrence in to watch with him as the officials in the other dimension ordered that all children from birth to sixteen years of age be tested. Any children who were found to be homosexual would be immediately taken to a central facility regardless of their age. Once all these children had been gathered together, the officials in that dimension would begin the process of exterminating these children. Aaron was enraged by what he saw. A plan had to be developed to save the children in that dimension.

Aaron and Terrence called Brian to Aaron's office, and the three began to develop a plan. When all of the children had been found, enough busses would be sent there to rescue all of the children. They would be accompanied by Orgasmia's top security officers. A special meeting of the council was called that afternoon to approve the plan, although they had no idea yet how many children that they would be talking about. Aaron and Terrence continued to monitor the progress of the other dimension, while Brian prepared the transportation and security team. Aaron and Terrence were appalled by the progress of the officials in the other dimension. Testing began almost immediately, and the gay children of that dimension began to be rounded up. Aaron and Terrence felt very bad for the children who were being rounded up because most of them seemed terrified of what was happening. Everyone in that dimension, even the younger children, knew that being discovered as gay was a death sentence.

Before leaving his office, Aaron linked his monitoring equipment through his computer so he could keep an eye on the situation at home. By the time Mongo talked Aaron into getting some rest that night, over three hundred boys had been rounded up in the other dimension. They ranged in age from infants to sixteen, which was the cutoff age for testing. Aaron knew that by morning they would need to have at least eight to ten busses for the rescue mission.

The next morning, Aaron kissed Mongo good-bye and asked Cary to accompany him to work. Aaron called Terrence and Brian before he and Cary sat down at the monitor. They were now monitoring the detention facility, which held a little over four hundred children now, most of whom knew that they were about to be executed because they either were, or would become gay. Once Brian joined everyone, Aaron stood up.

"Good morning Brian." said Aaron. "I want you to meet my friend Cary. Cary is very well trained in combat and covert tactics from his work in his old dimension. I would like for our security forces to be called in right away, so Cary can train them quickly to carry out this rescue mission. The way that testing has been going in the other dimension, they will be finished soon. I'm estimating that they will have detained about five hundred children by that time, and they will begin executing them tomorrow morning. We have to move tonight, so that not one child is killed by those monsters."

"What are we looking at, besides needing ten busses for this?" asked Brian.

"Their method of execution is by firing squad." replied Cary. "Those squads are being prepared as we speak, but they will not be ready for defense of the detention facility. It wouldn't take long for them to switch to that role though, so we have to surprise them, and move very quickly. Our security teams should still be ready to defend themselves against weapon fire though."

"I know we have tried to bury the relics of the past, but we will need to bring those out for this mission." said Aaron. "We need to arm our security forces with the weapons left behind by the former rulers of this dimension. Thanks to our Ex-President, I know that some of those still exist in a hidden armory."

"You are right Aaron." said Brian. "We still do have weapons from the previous rulers of this dimension. Every ruler in our new age has hoped that they would stay locked away forever, but these are extreme circumstances. I will have our security teams report to the armory to arm themselves, then you can have Cary train them on how to carry out this mission. Please do everything you can to make sure that we don't lose anyone, or any of the children in the other dimension."

"I will do my best sir." replied Cary.

"I will have ten busses ready for this evening." said Brian. "They should leave shortly after dark."

"We will be ready." said Aaron.

"I can't let you go on this one Aaron." said Brian. "You are our Council President now. We can't have you going on such a risky mission."

Aaron argued briefly with Brian, but it would do no good. Cary did successfully insist on going along though, over Aaron's objections. Aaron made him promise to watch out for himself though, so he could safely return to Spaz.

That night the fleet of ten busses made their way to the portal to the other dimension. They would be coming out about one mile from the detention facility, so they would have to get there as quickly as possible. Aaron and Terrence had determined the best way to enter the facility, and Cary led the lead bus to that point. The lead bus rammed it's way through the perimeter gate, then Cary jumped out and blew the door off the locked down portion of the facility. The security team quickly rushed in, and threw canisters of knock out gas into the guards section of the building. While there was confusion from that, Cary put on a mask and found the release for all of the cell doors. The security teams rushed into where the children were being detained, and guided them toward the waiting busses. The second security team went to the nursery area of the facility, and began carrying children to the busses who were too young to walk. As the second team was finishing their work, Cary and the first team began to sweep all of the cells to make sure that no one was being left behind. By the time they came out to get to the busses, the guards who were a part of the firing squads had finally assembled themselves. Once the team was outside, gunfire began to sound out. The security team quickly responded, and returned fire. Before they could though, one person went down. One of the security officers picked Cary up, and took him to the bus which carried a medic. The rest of the security team drew the gunfire away from the busses, then returned fire until no more shots were coming from the other side.

Five hundred and twenty four children were rescued from the detention facility that night, and only one person from Orgasmia had been hit. The medic worked on controlling Cary's bleeding as the busses quickly made their way back to the portal. Once they were back in Orgasmia, the medic called ahead to get a medical team ready for Cary. Aaron had been waiting for the rescue mission to return, and heard the call for medical assistance. He immediately went to where Cary would be taken, and left Terrence and Brian to handle the incoming children. Cary was immediately taken into the medical offices before Aaron could see him, so Aaron could do nothing but wait. He didn't want to do what he was about to do next, but he had to call home to let Spaz know what had happened.

Mongo brought Spaz to where Cary had been taken, and Spaz immediately went to Aaron's arms as he cried. "Please tell me that he is going to be okay dad!" cried Spaz. "I love Cary, and I can't lose him now. We are suppose to be married on Monday."

"I don't know what to tell you son." said Aaron. "I haven't been able to see him myself yet, and they're still taking care of him now. Cary is a fighter though, and he always has been. I'm sure he's fighting as hard as he can not to leave you." Then Aaron and Spaz sat down and held each other, as they waited for word on Cary.

The doctor came out after about an hour and said, "Well, Cary will be okay. We were very lucky that he was not hit in any of his major organs, seeing as how he was hit by two bullets. We did have to patch up a few major blood vessels, and clean the wounds, but he will recover from that. He'll just be really sore for a while. I have him resting in back now, if you want to go see him."

Aaron, Spaz, and Mongo went back to see Cary. Cary looked up when they entered the room and asked, "Is everyone else okay?"

"You were suppose to be my trainer for this mission, and you managed to be the only person who got hit." replied Aaron, as he smiled at his friend.

"I just thought I would show my trainees what would happen if they weren't careful." replied Cary.

"Well, don't ever do that again!" exclaimed Spaz, as he gently hugged Cary. "You scared me to death tonight."

"I'm sorry my love." said Cary. "I promise you, no more missions for me."

"Well, Mongo can stay with Spaz as long as he wants to be here." said Aaron. "Now that I know you're okay, I have to help Terrence and Brian figure out what to do with five hundred and twenty four boys. I'll bet they're pulling their hair out right now."

"All five hundred and twenty four, huh?" said Cary. "Damn, we're good!"

Aaron and Cary laughed briefly before Aaron left. Aaron then made his way to where the busses had taken the boys from the other dimension. Terrence and Brian finally spotted Aaron, and Brian said, "Damn Aaron, we're glad to see you. When we try to go onto any of the busses to explain what is happening, it's like taking our lives in our own hands. Most of the kids are really scared and confused right now."

"I can imagine they are." chuckled Aaron. "Is the auditorium door open?"

"Yeah, if we can ever get them in there." said Terrence. "I think they're all sure that it's some kind of trap though."

"I'll see what I can do." said Aaron. He then stepped onto the first bus and said loudly, "Hi boys, my name is Aaron. I know you're all very confused about what's going on right now, so I want to explain everything if you'll let me."

All of the boys on the bus began asking questions at one time, trying to be heard over everyone else. Aaron let them all go for a few seconds, then tried to get them to quiet down again.

"I can't answer your questions like this." said Aaron. "What I want to do is have everyone on all of the busses follow me to the auditorium. Then I can answer all of your questions at once."

"How do we know this isn't a trap?" yelled out one boy.

"You boys all know why you were being held by the place we rescued you from, right?" asked Aaron. "Why would we keep you from being executed, just to lead you into some kind of trap?"

The boys then quieted down considerably, and Aaron repeated the process for the other nine busses. Once that was done, the boys began following each other into the auditorium, one bus load at a time. At the same time, the security teams brought in the children that were too young to walk. Once everyone was in the auditorium, Aaron checked the microphone to make sure it was on.

"As I already told you boys, my name is Aaron." said Aaron into the microphone. "If anyone has any questions, please wait until I'm done talking, then ask them one at a time. You boys were being held in a detention facility because the people in charge of where you were from had developed a genetic test that determined that you are gay. As you know, the penalty for being gay where you are from is execution by a firing squad. That is why we rescued all of you from there. You are in another dimension right now. This world exists parallel to the world where you boys are from, and it's name is Orgasmia."

After quite a few of the boys had snickered or giggled, Aaron went on. "I know it may sound like a funny name to some of you who have become sexually active, but it's a name that should make you also feel more comfortable. Everyone in this dimension is gay, so you boys will never be punished for that again. We brought you here so you would not die for something you have no control over. We hope that you boys will live long and happy lives here, and we will do everything we can to make you happy. You will be raised by good and loving men who will encourage you to explore your sexual identity when you become old enough, and will do everything they can to make you safe and happy. You will never have to be afraid of who you are again." Aaron then stopped to see if anyone had any questions. Several hands went up, so Aaron picked one and said, "You in the second row, third on the left from the center aisle. And when you ask your question, go ahead and introduce yourself."

"My name is Corky." said the boy. "Why are you naked Aaron?"

"Hi Corky." replied Aaron. "There are no clothes here in Orgasmia. Our climate is so stable that you will never be uncomfortable about being naked. We feel that the male body is a very beautiful thing, and should never be covered."

Aaron then pointed to a boy in the forth row who had his hand raised. The boy stood up and said, "My name is Brat. So, are you saying that if we want to do something sexual with another boy, we're free to do it anytime, and we'll never be punished? What if we do something in front of another person?"

"Hi Brat, we need to work on changing your name." replied Aaron. ""Brat can be very negative sounding. You could go with Bart instead. To answer your question though, you can do whatever you want here within reason. Our society is very open about expressing sexual pleasure. You are likely to see two guys making love on almost any street corner here. Public displays of affection and pleasure are very common."

"In that case, there's something that I've been wanting to do for about a year now." said Brat. He then leaned down and deeply kissed the boy next to him on the lips. When he broke the kiss, he said, "I haven't even had the nerve to ask you your name, but you've turned me on for the longest time now. Every time I see you, I get so hard it hurts."

"My name is Pokey." replied the other boy breathlessly. "If you want to be boyfriends, it's fine with me."

Aaron then pointed to a young boy with his hand raised in the front row. The boy stood up and said, "My name is Boy. I guess my parents had no imagination. Why did those other people want to kill us?"

"Hi Boy." replied Aaron. "The people who are in charge in your old world can't accept the fact that sexual orientation is not chosen, even though they have genetic indicators now that can identify sexual orientation before a person is even aware of it themselves. It comes down to what they were taught to believe. It's comfortable to them, so they don't want to question it. They feel that it's easier to eliminate things they don't understand, rather than question their misguided beliefs. You never have to worry about that again though Boy. We will love you and take care of you here."

Boy's eyes were quickly melting Aaron's heart. Aaron knew that he wanted Boy to come and join his family now, and he would talk to Brian about that later. Aaron then pointed to a raised hand in the forth row.

"Hi, my name is Kiddo." said the boy. "Pokey is back here on his knees sucking on Brat's dick." That had all of the boys making some kind of noise. It took a few minutes for Aaron to get the boys to quiet back down.

"Hi Kiddo." said Aaron. "As long as it's something that Pokey and Brat both want to do, try not to disturb them. I'm sure they just want to have a little fun, and oral sex is very fun."

"You're right about that!" moaned Brat, as his cock approached it's orgasm.

Pokey was now sucking hungrily on Brat's cock, wanting to feel another boy cum in his mouth for the first time. All of the boys sitting around Brat and Pokey looked on, as Brat began panting heavily. Pokey sucked hard on Brat's now throbbing cock as he reached up and gently tugged on Brat's balls. Brat moaned loudly as he began shooting his cum into Pokey's mouth. Pokey swallowed until Brat's orgasm ended, then gently licked the cum from the tip of Brat's cock. Pokey then sat back up in his seat and smiled as he licked his lips.

"C'mon Brat, you two are boyfriends now so return the favor." said one boy sitting near them.

"Yeah Brat, we want to watch you suck Pokey's dick now." said another boy.

Brat took his shirt off, then kicked his pants the rest of the way off. Then Brat got down in front of Pokey, and took his pants down. Brat looked at Pokey's beautiful four inch flaccid dick for a moment, then stuck out his tongue. Brat placed his tongue along the underside of Pokey's dick, then slowly took it into his mouth. As Brat began sucking Pokey's dick, he felt it start growing to it's six and a half inches when erect. That made Brat suck passionately on Pokey's beautiful dick.

"Damn, you really like sucking his dick, don't you?" asked one of the onlookers rhetorically.

Brat actually loved sucking Pokey's dick, and he didn't care who was watching him do it. This was better to Brat than he ever could have imagined it being. When Brat heard Pokey begin to whimper softly, he drove his mouth down hard over Pokey's dick. Brat felt Pokey's throbbing dick slide into the back of his throat, and began sucking as hard as he could. Pokey wanted his first time in another guy's mouth to last longer, but he couldn't help himself right now. Pokey grabbed the back of Brat's head and thrust his dick down Brat's throat as far as he could. Brat let about half of Pokey's orgasm shoot directly into his throat, then he backed off so he could take the rest of it into his mouth. Brat had never tasted anything as good as Pokey's hot cum shooting into his mouth before, so he continued sucking long after Pokey's orgasm was over. Pokey finally had to remove his softening dick from Brat's mouth, as it was now getting too sensitive. Brat sat back in his chair, showing that his cock was once again hard. He gave it a few quick strokes, and shot another load of cum all over his chest and stomach.

Pokey looked over at Brat and smiled as he said, "I'll lick that off of you as soon as I recover."

"Thanks, I love you." replied Brat softly.

Aaron finally saw that everyone's attention was leaving the two boys in the forth row, so he continued, "Now, we are going to get all of you boys into homes as soon as possible, but with well over five hundred of you, it will take a few days. For now the security team who rescued you is setting up cots in the classrooms at this school, and they will stay here to take good care of you until we have you placed in homes. The school will be suspending classes until we have you all in homes. If there are no more questions for now, we need you to begin splitting up into groups of twenty. Due to space, that's how many we will have to put in each room. You will have more room though as we find you homes to go to. Boy, I want you to follow me."

Aaron led the nervous boy, who thought he was in some kind of trouble, out to find Brian. When Aaron finally found Brian, Brian said, "I'm very impressed by how you handled all of those kids Aaron. I'm afraid they were a bit too much for Terrence and myself."

"It was no problem at all." replied Aaron. "Kids have always liked me for some reason. Now I need to ask you for something though Brian. I'd like you to meet Boy. Boy, this is Brian. He is Orgasmia's leader."

"It's very nice to meet you Boy." said Brian, as he held his hand out to the now even more nervous boy.

"Now for the favor." said Aaron. "I want Boy to come and join my family. He is such a precious and beautiful boy that looking at him makes me want to protect and care for him."

"I don't see any problem with that Aaron." replied Brian. "Would you like to be a part of Aaron's family Boy? He already has four sons, so you would have plenty of brothers to play with. He actually has six sons, but two of them are getting married on Monday."

Boy was now smiling madly as he chirped, "I'd love for Aaron to be my daddy!"

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