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by tim

Chapter 18

By the time Aaron had led Boy out to his car, Boy had already removed all of his clothes and left them strewn along their path. Aaron got into the car with his now naked new son, and began to drive back to where Spaz, Mongo, and Cary were.

"We have to make a stop before we head home Boy." said Aaron. "One of the men who rescued you tonight was shot, and he is suppose to marry one of my sons on Monday."

"I'm sorry to hear that someone got shot because of us." said Boy.

"I don't want you to worry about that." said Aaron. "Everyone who went on the rescue mission knew that it might be dangerous, and they readily accepted that. Besides, the doctor says that Cary will be okay. Anyway it doesn't really matter. You are my son now too, and I love you as much as I do any of my other sons."

Then Aaron leaned down after stopping the car, and kissed Boy gently on the forehead. Boy smiled madly after Aaron's kiss, which made him even more adorable to Aaron. The two then got out of the car, and went inside to see Cary and the others.

When they found them all together, Aaron said, "Mongo, I would like you to meet our new son. He's also your new brother Spaz. Everyone, this is Boy."

"Spaz!" yelled out Boy.

"Boy!" returned Spaz.

"Do you guys already know each other?" asked Aaron.

"You could say that." replied Spaz. "Boy is actually my real brother from back home! I didn't know that you were gay too though my brother."

"I didn't either." said Boy. "I'm kinda glad that I am now though, if it means being with my big brother again."

"I take it you haven't become sexually active yet then?" asked Spaz.

"Oh heck no, big brother." replied Boy. "That's only for older boys, and I'm still only eleven. I did get to see two boys suck each other's dicks tonight though. It was kinda interesting, and looked like it might be really fun."

"Well little brother, there's no need for you to rush things." said Spaz. "When the time is right for you to start having sex, you'll know it."

"I know." replied Boy. "It still might be fun to see what it feels like to suck another boy sometime though."

"I'm sure you'll like it when it finally happens." smiled Spaz at his little brother. "Anyway dad, the doctor says Cary can come home with us, as long as he takes it easy. Isn't that great news?"

"It's the best news that I've heard tonight!" replied Aaron.

After Aaron spoke with the doctor, he and his family got in his and Mongo's cars and headed home. Cary was sure to be well taken care of by Spaz, and everyone enjoyed meeting Spaz's little brother. The next morning, as plans for the marriage ceremony were being made, Terrence called Aaron.

"Hi Aaron." said Terrence. "It seems as though I have been given the responsibility of placing the boys we picked up last night, and I'm calling everyone now. I know your house may be a bit crowded right now, but you should have more room when Spaz and Cary, and Robert and Twinkie start out their new lives together. I was wondering if you might consider taking one more child. We have quite a few very young boys, and you are the best qualified that I know to take one of them."

"You don't even have to ask that my friend." replied Aaron. "I would be happy to give a home to one more child."

"Good, then can you come by the school right away?" asked Terrence. "We have to thin this crowd out a little bit as soon as we can."

"I'll be right there." chuckled Aaron.

Aaron packed Mongo and the boys, with the exception of Spaz, into his car and headed toward the school. Aaron wanted his other boys there in case they knew someone at the school. That was not the case though, so the choice was left up to Aaron and Mongo. All of the baby boys looked pretty much the same, until they both spied the same little boy. The boy was one year old, according to his chart, and had Aaron's eyes and Mongo's smile. They both fell in love with the beautiful little boy, and decided that he would be their newest son. Terrence thanked Aaron again, and then gave him a list of supplies that he might need for a one year old boy. The boy's name had not been known, so Aaron and Mongo decided to call him Ray. It was a perfect name, because the boy was a beautiful ray of sunshine to them. Besides, they didn't want to tag the boy with the name "Sunshine."

Aaron and Mongo's first stop was at the store, to buy cloth to make diapers for Ray. As babies had been a rare commodity in Orgasmia up until now, there were no actual diapers for baby boys. While Aaron and Mongo shopped for Ray, the other boys went off to find things they might like. They also each came back with some kind of toy for Ray. Mongo thought feeding time for Ray might pose a problem, but Aaron was able to find things in the store that he could adapt to feed Ray with. After picking up a few grocery items, Aaron and his family headed for home. The first order of business at home was to teach Mongo how to feed a baby. Shortly after that, it was time to teach Mongo how to clean and diaper a baby. Ray seemed very cooperative with the process, and almost seemed happy to have two daddies caring for him now.

Twinkie also seemed interested in learning how to take care of a baby, even though he and Robert would soon be starting a life of their own. Robert did notice this, and he thought he might have an idea of what to do about it.

"Hi, my love." said Robert to Twinkie. "When we are married Monday, would you like to look into adopting one or two of the younger refugee children?"

"Do you think I'm ready to be a daddy?" asked Twinkie. "I'm still pretty young myself."

"With me to help guide you though, I think you'll make a wonderful daddy." replied Robert. "You are very mature for your age."

Twinkie seemed very excited, so Robert mentioned his plan to Aaron. Aaron promised to help Robert and his son become parents as soon as the wedding was over.

The big day finally arrived, and the first wedding in Orgasmia was about to take place since the old rulers had killed each other off in the great war. Aaron, Cary, Robert, and Terrence stood at the front of the hall as wedding type music played, and waited to be joined by their soon to be husbands. Each one was escorted into the hall by a person of their choosing. Mongo and Travis looked a little nervous, but Spaz and Twinkie both looked so happy that they might burst at any moment. Each couple had been given the choice of writing their own vows, or having the ceremony performed with standard vows that had been created by the marriage commission. Aaron and Mongo, and Cary and Spaz wrote their own vows for the ceremony. The other two couples decided to go with the standard vows, as it would allow the commission to fine tune them for future ceremonies if needed.

The ceremony took about an hour, with four couples being wed, and when it was over Aaron went to Spaz and Twinkie. He gave each of them a warm kiss on the cheek.

"I want you boys to know that you will always be my sons." said Aaron. "You're about to go to your own homes now with your husbands, and start a new phase of your lives, but our door is always open to you and your families. It was a great joy for me to take both of you as my sons, and I hope you both know that same joy as your families form. That reminds me Robert, Terrence wants you and Spaz to follow him back to the school after the ceremony. It seems as though your family life will begin right away."

Both boys thanked Aaron and Mongo as their fathers, followed by their new husbands. Aaron told Cary and Robert both that he was sure they would take very good care of his sons. After that, Robert and Twinkie followed Terrence and Travis to the school. The other two couples were going to begin their honeymoon celebrations right away. Cary and Spaz decided to spend their honeymoon camping near the mountains in the northern part of Orgasmia. Aaron and Mongo talked Brian into watching their sons for a week, except for Ray who they were taking with them, and were going to the resort city of Celestia on the eastern side of Orgasmia. That was also where Terrence and Travis were heading after taking care of helping Robert and Twinkie to start their family. Robert and Twinkie decided that they would stay in Orgasmia City for their honeymoon.

By the time they had gotten to the school, Twinkie had talked Robert into two sons. He wanted one son in the one year old or under group, and another son around two or three. They both spotted a very cute and precocious two and a half year old boy as soon as they arrived, and fell in love with him immediately. With their first son chosen, Robert and Twinkie began looking at the younger boys. This decision was much more difficult for them, but they finally spotted a ten month old boy who looked perfect for them. They both knew that they had found their second son.

"Okay Robert, you have made a couple of very good choices." said Terrence. "There is one problem with the younger boy though. He does have a brother here, who we have to have in here most of the time to keep the baby from crying. The other boy is five years old, and I don't know if you want to take on a boy that old with your husband being so young."

"Can we talk to the five year old boy?" asked Robert. "I don't see any problem with that though, as long as he is okay with us adopting him and his brother. I know we were only looking to take on two children, but one more won't be any problem."

Terrence called the boy named Speedy in to talk to Robert and Twinkie. Speedy seemed a little nervous at first, but was soon laughing and joking with Twinkie. By the time Robert had seen enough, Speedy seemed thrilled to have a daddy who was only nine years older that he was. They found out that Speedy had been named when he was two, which was not uncommon in his old dimension, because his parents began having a hard time keeping up with him. It seemed as though Twinkie being so young himself might come in handy. Speedy's brother had been named Chick, because his parents thought that the boy looked more like a girl when he was born, with the exception of having a penis. The two and a half year old boy had been named Loopy shortly after learning to walk, because when he didn't get his way he would roll around on the floor. After talking to Terrence about what they would need, Robert and Twinkie left the school with their three new sons, Speedy, Chick, and Loopy. Robert definitely wanted to talk with the three boys later about changing their names.

Once Robert and Twinkie had gotten their new family to their new home, Twinkie and Robert sat next to each other on the sofa with Chick in Twinkie's lap. Loopy, who had quickly gotten use to nudity, then jumped into Robert's lap and began to cuddle into his chest. Speedy had still had on a pair of briefs at the school, but finally decided to go along with the customs of Orgasmia. After taking off his briefs, he also climbed into Robert's lap. Robert and Twinkie spent the next few hours cuddling with their three new sons. After tucking their sons into bed that evening, Robert and Twinkie spent their honeymoon night making love more passionately than they had yet. Robert used his cock so delicately on Twinkie that his young bride never wanted them to stop.

Brian did manage to survive his week with Aaron and Mongo's sons, but he was happy when the honeymoon was over. Not that he didn't like children, but the boys did have a tendency to see what they could get away with while their dads were absent.

"I don't know how you handle it Aaron, when the boys start to do that." said Brian.

"It's easy." replied Aaron as he chuckled. "I don't let them get away with anything. If you're interested, I can teach you how to do that and still not have them hate you."

"Maybe some time in the future." replied Brian, before making his escape.

When Brian had left, Aaron called the boys down to scold them for behaving that way for the Leader of Orgasmia. They all apologized so sincerely though that Aaron and Mongo couldn't be mad at them. Aaron did make them promise to apologize to Brian at some point in the near future though.

Aaron and Mongo were also visited that evening by Wes and Bobby. While Aaron and Mongo were away, Wes and Bobby had adopted three sons of their own. The boys ages were sixteen, thirteen, and three. The thirteen year old had made a fourteen year old boyfriend at the school, who had been adopted one day before he was. As a coincidence, the boyfriend lived just down the street from Wes. Neither boy had ever had any sexual experience though, so the boy's new sixteen year old brother had started teaching him the art of making love on the day they were adopted. Wes and Bobby were also now ready to be married, and Bobby wanted Aaron to escort him down the aisle to Wes. Aaron was happy to agree to that, and the ceremony would be the next day.

Cary and Spaz also came by that evening to tell Aaron and Mongo about their honeymoon. Cary had still been under orders to take it easy, so he was unsure of how the camping trip would go. Cary was proud of how Spaz stepped in and handled all of the heavy work on the trip, and he was even more proud of how well Spaz had learned to take charge of their love making. Spaz did so well that Cary didn't have to do much at all, and he still came back home drained of a lot of cum. Aaron told his son that he did very well in learning how to care for his husband, and he was very proud of him.

Robert and Twinkie also brought their three boys over to Aaron and Mongo's house for a visit that evening. Twinkie was very proud of his three sons, as he showed them off to his dads. It seemed as though Aaron and Mongo were now grandparents, and they both went on about how beautiful Twinkie and Robert's sons were, especially the youngest.

It seemed to Aaron that the boys who had been adopted so far were already quickly and happily adjusting to their new lives, which made Aaron feel good about Orgasmia's future. It also made Cary sure that they had done the right thing, even though he had been shot in the process. Robert could have never imagined that a completely gay community could be so loving and nurturing back in his old dimension, but he was now proud of his orientation, and to call Orgasmia his home. He knew that these gay or soon to be gay children could have never been as happy and healthy in their old dimension as they were now. Robert now knew that to pay for what he had done, he should dedicate his life in Orgasmia to finding children who needed to be in this environment. Aaron told Robert that he was very proud of him now, and proud to call him his son in law.

At the next Council meeting, Aaron proposed adding another seat to the Council. Aaron's proposal was approved unanimously, so now they had two seats to fill. Aaron nominated Wes and Robert to fill those two seats. The Council understood Wes's nomination right away, and Wes was approved immediately. Aaron had to explain Robert's new calling though, before the Council would consider him. Aaron was able to get just enough votes for Robert to win the seat. Wes and Robert was called downtown and told of their approval to join the Council of Concerned Citizens. As soon as that was done, the Council was adjourned for the afternoon. Wes and Bobby were getting married that afternoon, and Aaron was escorting Bobby down the aisle.

Wes and Bobby used the standard vows for their wedding, which had already been modified from last week. The ceremony was very nice, although Bobby was erect for most of it for some reason. When Wes and Bobby shared their ceremonial kiss, it was enough to make the entire crowd erect. The wedding official finally broke them up after five very hot minutes. Everyone knew that Bobby was ready to settle down now, as you could see the look of longing in his eyes when he looked at Wes. That look was equaled by the look of complete satisfaction in Wes's eyes over having Bobby as his mate now. Wes and Bobby didn't see the need for a honeymoon trip, especially now that Wes was a councilman, so they had planned a hot night at home alone.

The next day at the Council meeting, Aaron proposed turning over the creation of an adoption board to Robert, seeing as he wanted to work closely with children's causes. The Council voted in favor of Aaron's proposal. Wes didn't want to rush things, but after the rescue of the children from the other dimension, Wes felt that changes were needed in the first contact program. First contacts would still report directly to the Council, but Wes felt that they should be a part of Orgasmia's security force. He also wanted all first contacts to undergo training, so they would be more ready to handle tough situations in the field. Aaron was impressed by Wes's very first proposal to the Council, and it was passed unanimously. Aaron suggested that Cary be chosen to head up the training of all first contacts, as well as become their overseer. That suggestion was motioned and passed right away.

After the meeting was adjourned, Aaron showed Wes and Robert to their offices . Both men now had plenty of work to keep them busy. Robert immediately began to plan the adoption board, and their procedures for placing children in homes. He immediately figured that a facility was needed to house boys who had not yet been adopted, as he planned to try to find as many as possible to bring to Orgasmia. Robert had no idea yet how easy that would prove to be.

Wes immediately called Cary, so they could get together for a talk. A training program and facility had to be planned for training all first contacts. Cary wanted them to be ready for anything, even if ninety nine percent of all first contacts were routine. This was exactly what Wes had in mind as well. A well trained group of men who would be ready for anything, even if it never happened.

The next day, Robert sat in his office monitoring his old dimension just for fun. It seemed as though the destruction of the alien spaceship had halted his old government's forward progress, and some of the technology they had been using had been lost forever. Cary's friends in the resistance had also been busy. They had produced Jerry's antidote themselves, but took it one step further by adding the ability to immunize anyone against further nanite injections. That one made Robert chuckle out loud, until he discovered something disturbing. His old government had also developed genetic testing to determine sexual orientation. The big difference was that they planned on testing the entire population. The resistance may have figured out how to keep them from making people heterosexual, but they would have a much tougher time battling the lifetime imprisonment of homosexuals. What really upset Robert is that a fairly good sized chunk of the island they would use as a prison was set aside just for youthful offenders. Everyone from the age of five on up would be tested, and ANYONE who tested as homosexual would be imprisoned for the rest of their lives.

Robert took this information to Aaron, and the two of them decided that something would eventually have to be done. This would be a bit different than the last rescue mission though. For one thing, they were talking about invading an island in another dimension now. The logistics of such an operation would be a nightmare, but Cary would be able to help them with that. One other thing to consider was that this would have to be a one time only operation. The island would have to be made unsuitable to use any further when they left. Aaron called Cary to his office and told him what he had talked about with Robert. This would take a lot of planning and training before Cary felt a team would be able to safely complete this mission.

While Cary was taking care of planning and training for the mission over the next few weeks, Robert was monitoring the situation in his old dimension. Once the island prison was ready for use, a steady stream of gay males began being held there. They immediately ranged in age from five on up, with many of the inmates being under eighteen. This situation was able to help the resistance expand, as people were becoming less tolerant of their government when more and more of their friends and family were detained. Once a person was detained for homosexuality, the government would not allow any further contact from that person.

As Cary's training of a rescue team and planning of a rescue mission were taking shape, he and Aaron began hoping that the resistance would grow strong enough to make the mission unnecessary. They were getting more and more support every day, and would soon grow strong enough to defy the government. One day though as Robert, Cary, and Aaron were watching, the government carried out an assault against the resistance. The government's troops far outnumbered the resistance, and were better armed. The resistance members who did not escape the assault were slaughtered mercilessly. Fortunately though, quite a few did escape, and went into hiding. Aaron now knew though that Cary's plan would need to be put into use, as conditions at the island prison began to grow worse.

Cary's plan called for an all out assault against the prison. Several smaller planes would be equipped to fire weapons and missiles, which were still available in the old armory, and those planes would take the lead. They would be followed by a team of the largest cargo planes in Orgasmia, which would be modified to land on water. The smaller planes would go in and take out the administrative wing of the prison, as well as return fire from any guards on the ground. As soon as that had been done, the cargo planes would land in the water. They would get as close to the inmate section of the prison as possible, and security forces would immediately immobilize any ground fire. Then the inmates would be taken to the planes, and everyone would hopefully get out unharmed. Then the smaller planes would level what was left of the prison. This plan would depend on catching the prison off guard, and destroying their ability to call out for help. Cary knew that if this mission went as planned, a lot of his old government's people at the prison would not survive. His plan was basically an act of war, but his old dimension would be unable to follow them if they made their escape successfully. At the next Council meeting, Cary's plan was apprehensively approved.

As the evening of the raid came, the prison had now been made home to over three thousand inmates. Almost two thousand of the inmates were under eighteen, as the government in the other dimension was trying to make a statement to it's people. The large cargo planes would be packed like sardine cans, but they could not leave any civilians behind at the prison. Before the mission began, Cary addressed all of the people he had trained for this. He wanted all of them to remember their training, so they would all return safely. Aaron also spoke to them, and wished them good luck with their mission. What they would be doing tonight would provide a better life for thousands of people. He also wanted to see all of them return safely. After all of the planes had left for the portal, Aaron and Cary sat down at the radio to wait for their return.

The lead plane opened the portal close to the water, so they would come in under the enemy's radar. The planes then all flew as close to the surface of the water as they could, until they arrived at the island. The larger planes fell back a little, to give the smaller planes a chance to do their jobs first. Inside the prison, it was almost an hour after lock down. This meant that most of the guards were now in their quarters, resting for another day of torturing and humiliating their inmates. No one even gave a thought to look out their windows, to see what was about to happen.

The lead plane was now setting his sights for his first missile. It would be the roof of the main administration building, in an attempt to sever all communications between the island and the mainland. The pilot of that plane, who was Cary's prized student, was now sweating like mad in his cockpit. His finger was on the trigger of starting something that they would have no choice but to finish. The pilot wasn't sure if he could do it or not though, so he thought about what Orgasmia meant to him since the time he first came there. In an instant, the pilot's finger squeezed on the trigger.

The first missile blew the entire upper half of the administration building off, completely destroying all of the island's communications transmission devices. The pilot didn't want to think about how many people might have just died in the explosion, as he now set his sights on his next target. The assault from the smaller planes was devastating, but many guards were still able to make their way outside. The planes then turned their rifle fire on the guards, who were now firing at them. The cargo planes would be landing very soon now, so the smaller planes worked as quickly as they could to silence as much of the rifle fire from the guards as they could.

The security teams on the cargo planes still met with some fire from the ground, but it was not as much as they expected. The smaller planes had apparently done their jobs very well. They had no doubt thought about their boyfriends or mates back home, and what Orgasmia had done for their lives. The rest of the rifle fire from the ground was silenced within fifteen minutes, and the security teams began the task of cramming all of the inmates onto the cargo planes. Most of them were so scared and confused by all of the explosions and gunfire, that they offered no resistance at all. If all continued to go well, they would soon be safely back in Orgasmia.

Cary had wanted the raid to last no more than ninety minutes, but as he sat by the radio it was now going on two hours. Aaron could see tears begin to form in Cary's eyes as he wondered what he had just done to the people he had trained. As Cary began to feel things were looking really bad, he heard a voice over the radio.

"Eagle One to Eagle's Nest." said the voice. "Come in Eagle's Nest."

Cary spoke excitedly into the microphone as he replied, "This is Eagle's Nest. Please give me a report Eagle One."

"Our mission was accomplished completely." replied the pilot on the radio. "The prison was completely destroyed, we left no civilians behind, and all planes are returning safely."

"Thank you Eagle One." said Cary, as he tried to control his emotions. "You and your team did an excellent job, and you should be proud of yourselves. Eagle's Nest out."

Cary then turned to Aaron as tears of joy and relief ran down his face. Aaron took his friend and son in law into a warm hug, and congratulated him for a job well done.

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