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by tim

Chapter 19

As the planes began landing, Aaron and Cary realized that Orgasmia was in serious need of housing for the newest arrivals. A thought then occurred to Aaron, there were a few large hotels in Orgasmia City. Those could be used temporarily as shelter for the incoming refugees. Now it was just a matter of getting over three thousand people from the airport to the entertainment district , where the only hotels were located. That would require the use of almost every bus in the city. Aaron had had a staging area set up on the tarmac of the airport in preparation for the return of the mission, and as people began getting off the cramped planes, that's where they were directed to. Finally, all the planes had been emptied, and Aaron once again stepped up to a microphone to address a crowd of confused people.

"Hello everyone." began Aaron. "The first thing that I want everyone to know is that you are in a place right now where you will be safe and happy. If we had left you where you were, you would have spent the rest of your lives imprisoned on that island for something that you had no control over. My name is Aaron, and I am the President of the council that governs this place. You are now in another dimension, and this land is called Orgasmia." Aaron had to wait for the crowd to quiet down a little, then he continued, "I assure everyone that this is no joke or trick. We are the only dimension so far that can travel to other dimensions, and we use this knowledge to rescue men and boys like yourself. Everyone in this dimension is a gay male, so you will never know harassment or discrimination again as long as you choose to remain here. We will not hold anyone here against their will, but if you have us take you back, you will be treated there the same as you were before. We would like you to take some time to consider whether or not to stay, and see what we have to offer you. Everyone who has ever decided to stay has been happy to come to that decision. Right now we are going to get all of you onto these busses that have just pulled up, and we will take you someplace comfortable for you to rest and recover from your ordeal. The rooms you will be staying in for now hold two people each, so if you want to pair up with someone, please find them and stay with them. If not, we will pair people off on a first come, first served basis. We will have people come to you in the morning to talk with you, and answer any questions you might have. Whenever you are ready, you can go ahead and board the busses. When we get to the hotels, we will separate you by age groups."

When Aaron was done, everyone began boarding the busses as asked. There was some murmuring, as it still hadn't sunk into some people as to what exactly was happening, but the process was still pretty orderly. Finally, a long line of busses pulled out of the airport and headed toward the entertainment district. By the time they got there, everyone who had been staying at a hotel in Orgasmia City had been moved to one of the smaller hotels. Some of the people had paired themselves off by then, but most of them were placed in rooms by the hotel staff. A person's roommate depended on who they were standing next to in line if they hadn't paired off. The men were placed first, then came the teenagers and younger boys. Fortunately there was room now in the school shelter, which was why minors were placed after the men. Anyone left over would have to go to the school shelter. This process continued until the early hours of the morning.

The next morning, while Aaron slept in, Brian made an announcement to all of the citizens. He called for volunteers to talk to the refugees throughout the day, and also asked for volunteer facilitators for the adult refugees. The boys who came in would be handled by Robert's newly and hastily formed adoption process. Even though it was put together quickly, Brian told Robert that he had done a very good job at it. Robert smiled as he sat down at his monitor to check the reaction of his old government to last night's raid.

The government was immediately pointing it's finger at the resistance. No one in the resistance could be found, but they did quickly record a taped response to the raid. Their spokesman said that although they had nothing to do with the raid, they wished that they had. They wanted to congratulate whoever did it, and a few of them suspected that their friends from another dimension who blew up the alien spacecraft might have had something to do with it. The government wasn't impressed by the taped statement though, and wanted to begin hunting down the remains of the resistance. The public response was what surprised Robert though. The citizens of his old dimension would provide no help to their government to hunt down the resistance, and they were growing more anti-government by the moment.

If the government were finally overturned, Robert knew that some of the refugees would choose to return. He couldn't blame those that had family left behind, but he knew that himself and some others would never leave Orgasmia. Life here was simple and pleasurable, and that had a great appeal to those who had not been treated well in the past. Robert hoped that the government was overturned, after turning him into a monster and a freak the way they had. Robert was sure that they had known something about him long before he knew himself.

The turnout from Brian's announcement that morning was great. Most of the people in the city seemed interested in helping the refugees in some way, and a lot of new friendships were formed that day. When Aaron finally woke up and saw the outpouring of help, it made him proud of the place he now called home. The citizens of Orgasmia were busy all day, showing their new friends around and answering all of their questions. Aaron decided to stay around the house that day though, to make up for lost time with Mongo and his boys. While Aaron was busy feeding Ray, Boy came up to him to talk.

"Were all of the people who came here last night treated bad like we were dad?" asked Boy.

"Yes Boy, they were being treated pretty badly." replied Aaron. "They weren't about to be executed, like you and your friends were, but the conditions in the prison they were being held at were bad enough that it soon would have begun killing them."

"So then, this is the main purpose of Orgasmia?" asked Boy. "To rescue people who are being treated badly because of who they are?"

"That is one of our most important duties here in Orgasmia." replied Aaron, as Ray burped in his arms. "We all came from pretty much the same circumstances, and we have to help those who we can help."

"That's cool!" replied Boy. "When I grow up, I want to help people like you do dad."

"It will be an honor for me to pass that duty down to you when you're ready son." replied Aaron proudly.

"I love you dad, and I love my other dad, and all of my new brothers too!" exclaimed Boy. "Especially Ray. As his next oldest big brother, I want to make sure he's always happy." Then Boy reached down and gently stroked Ray's head.

"I'm sure as Ray grows up, he will love his big brother just as much," replied Aaron as he smiled.

Aaron and Boy continued to finish feeding Ray, and then they both cleaned and diapered him together. Aaron couldn't stop smiling, as he knew that Ray would always have his big brother Boy around to watch out for him. As Aaron set Ray down for a nap and sent Boy out to play, he gave Boy a warm hug and a soft, fatherly kiss on the lips. Aaron couldn't have ever dreamt of a more perfect family.

The next day was back to business as usual, or at least as close as possible. During the morning council meeting though, Brian did try to give commendations to Aaron, Robert, and Cary for their work with Robert's old dimension. All three of them declined, saying that any commendations should go to the brave men who went on the mission. Brian at least insisted on dinner at his home, which was acceptable to the three men. After business was taken care of, Terrence gave everyone an update on the refugees. Volunteer facilitators and prospective adoptive fathers had been coming forward in bunches, but there was still a long way to go. Terrence and Travis had themselves taken in a pair of men, who seemed very close to each other, and they were even going to adopt three boys.

After Aaron congratulated his friend, it was time for a report by Robert. The citizens in his old dimension were now calling for the resignation of their so-called President, and the old government was not being held in high regard. Robert speculated that if they were able to overturn their government, the leader of the resistance was likely to become the front runner in any battle for the Presidency. Everyone was happy about that thought.

The next day after the council had adjourned for the day, it was still early enough that Aaron decided to take his family to the small park near their house. Aaron and Mongo stretched out on the soft grass under a beautiful tree with Ray between them, as the other boys ran off to play. Aaron and Mongo smiled at the sight of the boys romping in the grass, with their dicks bouncing up and down in front of them. After a while, Boy broke off of the rest of the group. After several minutes of wandering through the park, he came across a boy laying in the grass, who had apparently fell asleep under the shade of a tree. The boy seemed to be about his age, and had fairly pale skin with tan marks around his arms. This told Boy that the other boy was fairly new to nudity. Boy sat down next to the sleeping boy and began to notice how beautiful the boy was. Boy got so caught up in the other boy's beauty, that he didn't notice him beginning to wake up.

"Do you like what you see?" asked the other boy playfully.

Boy took his time answering the other boy, as he looked the boy over from head to toe. The boy had caramel brown hair which was medium length, very deep eyes along with soft facial features, and a very nice medium frame with the slightest hint of a belly. The boy was pretty hairless, except for his arms and legs, and some peach fuzz around the base of his dick. His dick was about four inches flaccid, and cut. Boy didn't notice it, but he was running his tongue across his lips.

"I'm going to assume you do!" giggled the other boy. "My name is Thomas, and I'm eleven. A really nice guy down the street and his boyfriend are adopting me. I was in the group that came here a couple of nights ago. It really sucks that they were going to keep me in prison for the rest of my life because they thought I would become gay." Then Thomas started laughing.

"Why are you laughing?" asked Boy.

"Little did they know that I already liked boys!" snickered Thomas. "There sure were some cute ones in prison, but they watched us like hawks. What's your story?"

"My name is Boy, and I'm eleven too." replied Boy. "I came here several weeks ago in another large group. This group was all kids though, and they were going to execute us."

"Execute you?!" exclaimed Thomas. "How could anyone execute a cute boy like you? How were they going to do it?"

"Executions in my old dimension are by firing squad." replied Boy sullenly. "They didn't care that we were just kids. We were gay, and that was good enough for them."

"You mean they were going to tear up your beautiful body with bullets?" asked Thomas in shock.

"That's what their plan was." replied Boy.

"I'm glad they didn't get the chance." said Thomas.

"Yeah, me too." said Boy. "It all worked out good though. The great and brave people here rescued us, and now I have the coolest dads and a whole bunch of great brothers."

"You can scoot a little closer and lay back if you want." said Thomas. "I won't bite,... unless you want me to!"

That one made both boys giggle. Then Boy scooted closer and laid back.

"I might do this though." said Thomas softly.

Thomas reached over and began to softly stroke Boy's dick. It felt so nice to Boy that he had to feel Thomas's dick in his hand too. After a few minutes, both boys were breathing heavily as they looked at the other boy's dick in their hand.

"Can you even cum yet Thomas?" asked Boy.

"Nope!" replied Thomas. "How about you?"

"Me neither." replied Boy.

"Who says you have to cum to have fun making love anyway?" asked Thomas. "If you want me to, I can show you a few really cool things to do." That got the biggest smile from Boy that he had smiled all day.

Aaron could still see the other boys running around occasionally, but he had now lost sight of Boy for well over an hour. Aaron was beginning to become concerned, when Boy finally appeared from his left side. Boy had a smile that covered his whole face, and he was accompanied by a boy Aaron had never seen before.

"Hi dad!" sang out Boy. "Dad, this is my new best friend, Thomas. Thomas, these are my dads, Aaron and Mongo. The baby is my cool little baby brother, Ray."

"Hi sirs, it's nice to meet you." said Thomas politely, as he held his hand out to Aaron.

"Hi there Thomas." replied Aaron. "Any new best friend of my son's can just call me Aaron." Aaron then chuckled as he noticed that Thomas's gaze had rested upon Mongo's cock. "This is my husband, Mongo." continued Aaron. "He has the largest one in Orgasmia."

"I'm sorry sirs, I didn't mean to stare." said Thomas apologetically.

"That's quite okay Thomas." smiled Aaron. "Mongo actually likes the attention these days. Isn't that right dear?"

"Yeah, I use to be ashamed of it, but Aaron changed that forever." replied Mongo. "Now I couldn't be any prouder of the largest cock in Orgasmia. People always look at it and compliment me about it now. Heck, you can even touch it if you want to!"

"Really?!" exclaimed Thomas, as his eyes widened.

Thomas excitedly reached down toward Mongo's cock. It was so big that Thomas could not wrap his hand all the way around it. Thomas petted it instead, and after a few moments, he exclaimed, "Wow! I've never dreamt of seeing anything like that! That is so cool!"

"Thanks Thomas." said Mongo.

"So Thomas, how long have you been with us here in Orgasmia?" asked Aaron.

"I came here several nights ago with all the people that were in prison." replied Thomas. "Wait a minute! I remember you now sir! You're the one who spoke to us when we got off the plane. You're the President!"

"Yes, and the President orders you to call him Aaron." chuckled Aaron.

"Sure sir! I mean Aaron!" replied Thomas. "This is way too cool! I make a really cool boyfriend, and his dad is the President! My friends are going to be so jealous!"

"I figured you boys were more than just new best friends." said Aaron. "Boy looked just like a boy who has had sex for the very first time."

"You can tell?!" asked Boy.

"Sometimes you can tell easier than others." chuckled Aaron even harder. "Especially when you get hard every time you look at Thomas. It's okay though son. This is a very special time in your life. I can guarantee you'll never forget it. And it also looks like you have made a very nice boyfriend too."

"Thanks dad!" said Boy.

"Thanks Aaron!" said Thomas.

"So, it's really okay for me to have a boyfriend, even though I'm just eleven?" asked Boy.

"Do you remember when your brother told you that you would know when the time was right?" asked Aaron. "Well, if this is the time, then I couldn't be happier for you."

"It is dad." replied Boy as he smiled at Thomas. "Everything about today has just seemed so right!"

"Well then Thomas, welcome to the family!" said Aaron, as he gave Thomas a friendly hug.

Thomas stayed with Boy for the rest of the day, although Aaron did make him call home to check in as soon as they got to Aaron and Mongo's house. As soon as that was over, Boy and Thomas went upstairs to make love again. Everyone in the house smiled, as they could hear the two boys in the throes of passion all the way downstairs. Aaron was especially happy. He had got to do something that he never thought would be possible before he came to Orgasmia. He got to watch his son fall in love for the very first time. It was just one more gift that Orgasmia had given him. When Aaron and Boy took Thomas home that night, Aaron watched as the two boys shared a passionate good night kiss.

The next morning, Terrence saw Aaron and said, "You sure do seem happy this morning my friend."

"That's because I am!" replied Aaron cheerily. "Every day that I wake up in Orgasmia is a reason to be happy."

"I couldn't agree more." chuckled Terrence. "I have a feeling that there might be a little more to it than that though."

"Well, maybe a little more." said Aaron as he smiled. "Yesterday I got to watch Boy fall in love for the very first time. It was almost like going through the first time I fell in love myself. That boy gave me a feeling that I've never felt since then, until yesterday."

"Well then, I can't wait to experience that myself!" replied Terrence. "Two of the three boys that Travis and I are adopting are nine and ten."

"Then you get to go through it twice my friend!" said Aaron.

"So do you though." replied Terrence. "Don't tell me that you've forgotten about your little bundle of joy named Ray."

"Nope, I haven't forgotten my beautiful little baby boy." replied Aaron. "It will be a while before I have to worry about that with him though."

"Anyway, Robert called just before you came in." said Terrence. "He wants us to come over to his office right away, and here we are shooting the breeze."

Aaron and Terrence merrily went to Robert's office and went on in. Robert smiled as he saw his friends and shook their hands,

"You guys are just in time!" said Robert. "Come over to my monitor and watch this!"

A man stepped up to a podium on Robert's monitor and said, "Ladies and gentleman, please hold all of your questions until after the address, Now, here's the President of Earth."

Another man stepped up to the podium, and Robert recognized him as his old President. The man said, "Good morning to everyone around the world, and God bless you. I am coming to you this morning for the last time as your President. As of midnight tonight, I will step down and resign my office. My Vice President will assume the duties of the office until a special election can be held one month from today. I just want everyone to know that the things I did while in office were done out of the moral obligations that have been taught to our people for many years. I may have failed to recognize that our faith and ideas have been changing lately, and for that I ask that everyone accept my apologies. It has been an honor to serve so many years as your President, and I hope for the best as our society moves forward from these tense and uncertain times. Thank all of you very much, and God bless you."

As the questions from those at the address began, Robert said, "I can't believe that elections will resume again. They haven't had one of those in over ten years. When this President won his second term, he suspended any further elections."

"I didn't realize that your entire world was run by one government." said Aaron.

"Yes, that happened shortly after the alien spacecraft became stranded on our world." replied Robert. "The other countries around the world soon realized that they were no match for America when we began to use alien technology to conquer the world. The war only lasted three years due to China and Russia getting together to resist us. In the end though, they could not fight alien technology."

"Shit!" exclaimed Aaron. "I never realized that Robert! So, your government controlled the entire world, and could see what everyone in the world was doing?"

"Pretty much." replied Robert. "Why do you think that I'm not proud that I use to be a part of that? There were always pockets of resistance though." Robert smiled at that thought as he continued, "I was so happy to hear what we heard this morning. Who knows, the next President may be the leader of the resistance! The resistance knows that it's too late for things to be the way they use to be, but they do want to give more authority to individual states around the world. They also want to stop the monitoring of all citizens."

"Well, I hope they do change things for your old dimension." said Terrence.

"That would be nice." replied Robert. "Even if they do though, there's no way I would ever leave here. For the first time in my life, I feel like a real person. I can't even remember when I've been as happy as I am now, especially with my beautiful husband." Robert then gave Aaron a wink.

"Well, I'm glad you've been made to feel so at home Robert." said Aaron. "I know that you know how important it is to make our newcomers feel just as at home."

Well, it seems as though things are changing quickly, and for the better. How many people from Robert's dimension will stay though? After all, they were all imprisoned for something they had no control over. Please send all comments to: Thanks for reading, and I'll see you again in Chapter 20.