by tim the story guy

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by tim

Chapter 2

As soon as breakfast was finished, everyone put on their sandals so they could head downtown. Wes had a spare pair of sandals that he eagerly let Aaron use, so he wouldn't feel out of place. Then they stepped outdoors into the city. Aaron was completely amazed as they headed downtown.

"I can't believe how many people there are here!" exclaimed Aaron. "I wouldn't have ever believed there were ever this many gay men and boys in the world!"

"You have to remember that we have brought people here from more than one dimension." replied Wes. "There are hundreds of different dimensions that exist along side the one you are from. Your particular dimension just happens to be one of a few that treats their gay males badly though, so a lot of our citizens come from there."

"Is that where you're from Wes?" asked Aaron.

"No, I'm from a different dimension than you and Bobby are from." replied Wes. "In the dimension that I'm from, homosexuality is much more widely accepted, although not nearly as much as here in Orgasmia. It's a dimension where intelligence has been nurtured to the point where many of society's problems have been eliminated. People like me of average intelligence though are considered handicapped, and usually become social outcasts. That's why I was brought here, and eagerly decided to stay."

"I'm glad you did too." said Aaron, who then turned to Bobby. "So, you're from my dimension, huh?"

"Yep, I sure was!" replied Bobby.

"I'm sorry about what happened to you there." said Aaron. "No society should ever treat their children that way. Where were you from Bobby?"

Bobby smiled as he replied, "Thanks Aaron, I appreciate your feelings. Fortunately I'm much better here in Orgasmia than I was back at home. Things were so bad back in Chicago that when I began to realize where I was, I never wanted to ever go back. I have nothing back there that I miss that much. I hope if you stay, you become as happy as I am now."

"Thanks Bobby." replied Aaron, as the two looked at each other.

"Do you mind if I kiss you Aaron?" asked Bobby. "You're a very warm and caring person, and I have an incredible urge to kiss you."

Aaron looked toward Wes, who was smiling brightly, then replied, "I would like that very much Bobby."

Bobby and Aaron put their lips together, and shared a very warm and tender kiss as other men passed by them. Wes patiently waited and smiled, as Bobby probed the inside of Aaron's mouth with his tongue. Aaron was totally engrossed in the kiss, because he hadn't kissed another guy so passionately in a few years. After several minutes, Bobby finally broke the kiss, leaving Aaron breathless.

After Aaron caught his breath, he exclaimed, "Wow! That was one of the best kisses I've ever had Bobby! You're a very affectionate and attractive young man."

"Thanks Aaron." replied Bobby. "I really like you too, and I want to see things go your way. You deserve a lot more happiness than you've had to this point in your life." Then Bobby turned to Wes and exclaimed, "Damn, Wes! He's a hell of a fine kisser!"

After the three men shared a laugh together, they continued on. After they traveled a few feet further, they passed by two boys in their mid teens who were engaged in a very passionate kiss.

"Can I make you feel good Rafael?" one boy asked the other.

"Sure Sergei, but I have to pee first." replied the other boy.

"I've always wondered what it would feel like to have someone pee on me Rafael." said Sergei. "Would you mind showing me?"

"Of course not Sergei, you can ask me to do almost anything!" replied Rafael.

The three men tried not to act like they were watching as they walked by the two boys, but they couldn't help but to watch the boy named Sergei drop to his knees in front of Rafael. Rafael took ahold of his dick and aimed it at his friend. Sergei closed his eyes and basked in the pee that Rafael was now covering him with. The look of lust in both boys faces grew as Rafael continued showering Sergei. As the flow of pee began to dwindle from Rafael's dick, Sergei attacked it hungrily and engulfed it with his mouth. The three men continued on, leaving the two boys to their pleasure.

After they were out of sight of the two boys, Bobby looked down at Aaron's now erect cock. "It looks like those two kids got you kinda worked up Aaron!" observed Bobby. "When we get to the bench on this next street corner, do you mind if I suck your cock?"

"I guess I'm going to have to get use to the idea of public sex." thought Aaron to himself. Then he replied, "Sure Bobby, I'd love to let you make me cum!"

When they got to the bench, Aaron sat down and spread his legs apart. As cars on the street and guys on foot passed by them, Bobby got down on his knees in front of Aaron. Bobby gently took Aaron's cock into his mouth, and began to passionately caress it with his lips. The sight of his two friends having so much fun caused Wes to become erect, so he stepped up next to the bench and Aaron's leg.

"Remember Aaron, you never have to do anything that you don't want to." said Wes, as he pointed his erect cock toward Aaron.

Aaron leaned forward as Bobby sucked his cock, and took Wes's erect cock into his mouth. Aaron sucked Wes's cock intensely, as he felt Bobby's lips and tongue stimulate his own cock beyond belief. Aaron no longer cared that they were in plain sight of other people, as he was caught up in a level of ecstasy that he'd never known before. Bobby and Aaron sucked lustily on the cocks in their mouths for the next ten minutes before their orgasms began. Aaron began shooting his cum into Bobby's mouth first, and Bobby sucked hard to take all of Aaron's cum from him. This caused Aaron to pull Wes deeply into his mouth, and suck as hard as he could. Wes immediately began exploding into Aaron's mouth.

As soon as Aaron's and Wes's orgasms had ended, the three men sat on the bench to rest. Bobby sat in the middle, and his cock was as hard as a rock. All three men then noticed that the two boys they had seen earlier had been watching them, and jacking each other off furiously. Wes took ahold of Bobby's cock and began stroking it, while Aaron took Bobby's balls and began fondling them. The three men watched the boys, as Aaron and Wes brought Bobby close to his orgasm. Bobby leaned back and began panting heavily.

"I'm gonna cum now!" shouted out Bobby euphorically.

As Wes engulfed Booby's cock with his mouth, they heard the two boys cry out to each other.

"I'm gonna cum again Sergei!" moaned Rafael.

"Me too Rafael!" moaned Sergei.

As Bobby began shooting his cum into Wes's hungry mouth, he and Aaron watched the two boys stroke their cum out of each other. This caused Bobby's orgasm to be massive, and Wes drank every drop of it. Bobby and the two boys moaned as their second orgasms of the day were released from their balls. When all three orgasms were over, the two boys walked over and stood in front of the three men. The boys had covered each other's bodies with their cum.

"You three guys were so hot together!" exclaimed Sergei. "If I didn't have to go home to get cleaned up, we'd love to hang out with you today!"

"I didn't think we'd be able to cum again after cumming a few minutes ago!" said Rafael. "I can't believe how hot you got me and my friend!"

"It was our pleasure boys." replied Wes. "As a matter of fact, you boys getting our friend so hot back there was what started this."

"Would you guys like to lick the cum from our bodies?" asked Sergei. "We would usually do that ourselves, but we'd like to give you the pleasure of doing it if you want to."

Wes smiled at the boys, and pulled Sergei closer to him. Wes then began to gently lick Rafael's cum from Sergei's smooth body. When Bobby and Aaron saw that, they both began to lick Sergei's cum from Rafael's darkly tanned body. Soon, both boys had been cleaned of the cum on their bodies.

"Can we party with you three guys sometime?" asked Rafael. "We'd love for all five of us to get together and have some fun!"

"It would be our pleasure!" replied Wes. "You are two very fine looking young men. My name is Wesley Edison, just look me up in the phone book and call me anytime."

"We will!" exclaimed both boys in unison. Then they happily skipped off down the street, holding each other's hand.

After the three men had rested a while, they got up to continue their walk. Before they got going though, they looked across the street at two middle aged men on the bench there. The men smiled as they briefly watched the two men engaged in anal sex.

"I think I'm beginning to understand why this placed was named Orgasmia!" chuckled Aaron. "I'm just afraid that I'll be all cummed out within a few years if I stay though!"

The three men shared a loud laugh together before Wes replied, "We've discovered that there are ways to extend the male sex drive here. It's not uncommon for men here in their eighties and nineties to cum just as hard as a man in his twenties!"

"Holy shit!" exclaimed Aaron. "I definitely like the sound of that!"

The men shared another laugh, then began walking toward downtown. The first place Wes showed Aaron was a very modern and beautiful twenty story building.

"I guess this building is what you would call the capitol of Orgasmia." said Wes. "Really though, just our administrative duties are handled here. You will have to come here if you decide to stay with us Aaron. Let's go on in for a few minutes. They do have a resource room for newcomers who are trying to decide whether or not to stay."

The men walked into the building, and were greeted by a very handsome young man. "Hi, my name is Brett, and welcome to Orgasmia Citizen Services." said the young man. "How can I help you today?"

"My friend Aaron here came to us last night." said Wes. "We wanted to show him the Prospective Citizen's resource room."

Brett warmly took ahold of Aaron's hand and shook it as he said, "Welcome to Orgasmia Aaron. I hope whatever decision you reach, that you have a very happy life. There is one thing that I like to tell all newcomers I meet though, just in case their first contact hasn't gotten around to it yet. You are a very special person Aaron. I haven't looked at your file, but you were brought here for a good reason. We only bring guys here who we think will benefit from the change in their life, and who will fit in well with the customs of Orgasmia. I hope the information you find here will help you to make the decision that is best for you, no matter what that decision is."

Brett then leaned in and gave Aaron a quick kiss on the cheek, which had become a common greeting in Orgasmia, then continued, "Once again, welcome Aaron. I hope your stay here is very pleasurable for you, regardless of how long it is."

Brett then sat back at his reception desk, and let the three men continue on. Wes and Bobby guided Aaron down the first hallway on their right, and took him to the resource room at the end of the hallway. Aaron found a lot of interesting information, from the evolution of society in Orgasmia to how the lack of hatred in Orgasmia has helped to advance their society and technology. He also read stories about some of the citizens of Orgasmia, and how their lives had changed by coming here. Some of the stories of their lives before Orgasmia were very frightening, and made Aaron shudder. He also found out about quite a few different parallel dimensions, some of which sounded very awful to him. The worst one was a dimension in which anyone that was found to be homosexual, was executed immediately by that society's government. A good number of Orgasmia's citizens were from that dimension, and Aaron's heart went out to them. By the time they left the Citizen's services building, Aaron was close to reaching a decision.

Wes did want to show Aaron around the city though, before Aaron made a decision. Wes, Aaron, and Bobby walked to the city bus station downtown. Wes looked up the route that would take them to see the most of the city, and decided on the route that covered the commercial and entertainment districts.

"Okay everyone, let's go!" said Wes, as he led his friends to the bus.

The three men boarded the bus, and took two rows near the front. Wes sat with Aaron, with their naked thighs pressing together, and Bobby sat behind them.

"By the way Wes, why do you ride the bus so much?" asked Aaron. "Couldn't you drive if you wanted to?"

"I could drive, but you meet so many interesting people on the bus." replied Wes. "Besides, when I'm told to meet a newcomer, that's usually how we get them."

Aaron had to admit to himself that the atmosphere on the buses here was much more friendly and pleasant than what he was use to. Aaron sat back and put his arm around Wes's shoulder, then waited for his tour of the city.

"Besides, when he needs to go to a store, he usually has me drive over." snickered Bobby from behind them.

"That's only because I enjoy your company so much Bobby." said Wes.

"Yeah, plus you like to massage my leg while I drive!" replied Bobby.

"And we both know how much you enjoy that!" quipped Wes.

"It does feel pretty damn nice." said Bobby.

Aaron loved how his two new friends kidded back and forth between each other, and he was now hoping for a friendship like that with them. The bus finally pulled out of the station, and the tour began. When the bus left downtown, it first went through a residential area. Aaron was beginning to notice that all of the streets in the city were lined with trees, and all of the buildings looked very nice regardless of their age. The bus finally left the residential area, and pulled out onto a main thoroughfare.

"There are a lot of industrial businesses in this area." said Wes. "A lot of our citizens work in this area to provide everyone in Orgasmia with the kind of life they have become accustomed to. In just a little while, we'll begin to see a lot more stores than shops."

Aaron could see that the buildings in the area were industrial in nature, but they didn't look like any factories he had ever seen. They were all nice, clean, and modern, and looked like places that people would enjoy working in. People laughed, joked, kissed, and aroused each other as they got on and off the bus, and Aaron was having a great time just watching everyone. As the bus approached the end of the industrial area, an elderly man got onto the bus. He didn't act very elderly though, and everyone said hello to him, including the younger passengers. The man's name was apparently Earl, and Earl walked back toward where they were sitting. Earl seemed to be around 60ish, looked to be in great shape for his age, and had a pretty respectable cock for an older man. Earl ignored the attentions of the other passengers, and walked back to the row Bobby was sitting in.

"Hello Bobby, you mind if I sit with you?" asked Earl.

"Not at all Earl." replied Bobby happily. "You know you're welcome to sit with me any time!"

As Earl sat down, Bobby caressed his five and a half inch flaccid cock. "Well, thank you Bobby." said Earl. "You're about the nicest young man I know."

"So are you Earl!" replied Bobby, which got a snicker from Earl. "You also have the nicest cock I've ever seen on an eighty year old man."

"Let's not age me too quickly Bobby!" chuckled Earl. "You know that I won't be eighty for another month yet!"

Aaron turned in his seat to look at Bobby and Earl, and exclaimed, "You're 79!? That's remarkable! I would never have guessed you were more than 60!"

"I see someone has been taking charm lessons from my young friend here." said Earl.

"I'm sorry Earl." said Bobby. "This is Aaron. He came to us just last night, and is deciding whether or not he'll stay. Aaron is also very fun to have sex with, and if he stays with us I don't think anyone will be able to keep up with him. Aaron, this is Earl. He is about the greatest person here in Orgasmia. Everyone loves Earl, and I've had the privilege of pleasuring him many times. Earl may be almost 80, but he still has about the finest cock in the land!"

"That's why you've pleasured me so many times Bobby, you're the nicest young man I've ever met." said Earl. "That, and the fact that you make me feel so damn good when you do!"

Bobby began playing gently with Earl's cock as he asked, "Would you mind if I sucked on you right now Earl? I love your cock so much!"

"Why not!" replied Earl. "I love having an orgasm around noon, and I'd let you do that for me anytime!"

Aaron watched intently as Bobby took Earl's cock into his mouth, and began lovingly sucking on it. By the time it had disappeared into Bobby's mouth, Earl's cock was up to seven inches and it was still only semi-erect.

"Exactly how big is your cock when it's completely erect Earl?" asked Aaron.

"It's a shade over eight inches Aaron." replied Earl. "Would you like to try it sometime?"

Aaron watched the impressive shaft of the older man's cock sliding in and out of Bobby's mouth for a moment, then replied, "I actually think I might enjoy that Earl."

"Bobby sweetie, do you mind letting your friend get a little taste of me?" asked Earl. "It'll only be for a moment, then I'll let you finish making me cum."

Bobby raised up off of Earl's cock and replied, "Okay Earl, but hurry back. I love you." Then Bobby gave Earl a warm and passionate kiss.

Earl then stood up, so that his rock hard shaft was right in Aaron's face. Aaron gazed at the eight solid inches of flesh, and the firm, plump balls hanging beneath it.

Aaron's mouth watered slightly as he said, "That would look good hanging from a twenty year old man Earl."

Aaron placed one hand on Earl's firm butt, and took Earl's cock into his mouth. When the head of Earl's cock hit the back of Aaron's mouth, Aaron swallowed and felt the cock slide into his throat. Aaron slid Earl's cock all the way out, and all the way back in a few times. As Aaron pulled off of Earl's throbbing cock he sucked gently on the head with his moist lips, and licked at the piss slit with his tongue.

Aaron backed all the way off Earl's wonderful cock and licked his lips, then said, "Please promise me that you'll let me do more with you sometime Earl. I would love to have sex with you in every way imaginable!"

"My God!" said Earl breathlessly, as he sat back down. "You can plan on it Aaron! Bobby was right that you are damn good, and I would love to find out how good. You're staying with Wes right now, right?"

"Yes I am." replied Aaron. "Will you come to see me tonight Earl?"

"Nothing could keep me from it Aaron." replied Earl, as Bobby continued sucking his throbbing cock.

As Bobby sucked lovingly on his cock, Earl leaned forward. Aaron brought his face closer to Earl's, until his lips pressed against Earl's. As Bobby sucked Earl's cock, Earl and Aaron shared a very passionate kiss. It was so passionate that Aaron's cock began to stiffen again. When Wes saw that, he leaned down and began sucking Aaron's cock once again. Aaron and Earl decided to continue their kiss as they both had their hard cocks pleasured. The two men began moaning into each other's mouths at the same time, in approach of their orgasms. Earl began filling Bobby's mouth with his cum at the same time that Aaron began shooting his cum into Wes's mouth. Once their orgasms were over, Earl and Aaron separated breathlessly.

"I can't wait for tonight Aaron!" said Earl.

"Me either Earl." said Aaron.

At about that time the bus pulled up to what seemed like a huge mall. Earl announced that this was his stop, so he said his good-byes to Aaron, Bobby, and Wes.

"This is the largest mall in our city, and probably our entire world!" said Wes. "Once you're processed in as a citizen, we can come back. Now this bus will continue on to our entertainment district."

"What could be more entertaining than a bus ride around here?" chuckled Aaron.

Wes laughed lightly before he replied, "We have about anything you could think of around here to have fun! Just wait until you see for yourself."

The entertainment area was located near the outskirts of the city. The major streets in the area were broad and winding, and lined with even more trees. The wider streets had grassy medians to help people who were crossing the streets on foot. Aaron could see that the area did indeed have just about everything. Beautiful lakes, golf courses, indoor and outdoor entertainment and shopping facilities, and a nature preserve area on the back side of the southernmost lakes. Aaron was impressed with the large stadium and arena complex. There were several parks featuring outdoor activities for all tastes, including a rather large amusement park. All of that was topped off with a wide variety of clubs and restaurants. It took the bus quite some time to get from one end of the area to the other. Wes decided they would get out at the last stop, and take another bus route back. This route would have them transferring to another route, but it would give them a chance to see even more of the city.

As they were waiting for their bus, Aaron said, "I have to tell you that I'm very impressed with everything that I've seen so far Wes. I don't know if there's too much more thinking to do about my decision. What I left behind really sucked, but you're offering me a life that any man like me would die for. I really think that I want to stay here."

"If you're sure about that Aaron, I promise that you'll never regret it." replied Wes.

"All right dude!" exclaimed Bobby, as he hugged Aaron excitedly. "You're going to love it here Aaron. This place was made for people like us, that's why they went to so much effort to bring us here!" Then Bobby kissed Aaron warmly on the lips. Aaron ground his naked body into Bobby's as he returned the kiss with just as much warmth.

"Here comes our bus guys." Wes said as he smiled.

The three friends boarded the bus, and it traveled back into the entertainment district. When it got to the middle of the area, it turned onto a different major street. The bus finally made it to a very nice residential area. As soon as it did, the bus stopped to take on a passenger. Aaron was left breathless by the man who stepped onto the bus. The man's looks were average to good, but what struck Aaron was the man's cock. It was so long that the man had to carry it with one hand to keep it from touching the floor occasionally. A few passengers immediately made room for the man to have a section of the front seats to himself. Aaron watched spellbound, as the man set his cock down to his side in the empty seat next to him.

Wes almost began to laugh when he noticed Aaron staring at the man. Then Wes said, "That's Mongo. He's really a very nice guy, but most people are intimidated by his unusually long cock. I measured it for him once at twenty inches. If you'd like to say hi to him, I assure you that he doesn't bite. Although he can easily suck his own cock." Then Wes snickered lightly.

"You wouldn't mind if I went to say hi to him?" asked Aaron.

"Hell no!" exclaimed Wes. "I actually wish that you would if you like him. Mongo seems to have a hard time making friends, through no fault of his own. I'll even introduce you to him!" With that, Wes waved at Mongo and said, "Hi Mongo, how are you today?"

"I'm good Wes, how are you?" asked Mongo.

"I'm doing great Mongo." replied Wes. "I'm out today showing a newcomer around Orgasmia. Mongo, this is Aaron. Aaron, this is my friend Mongo."

Aaron then got out of his seat, and went to shake hands with Mongo. After the handshake, Aaron asked, "Do you mind if I sit with you Mongo?"

"Not at all Aaron, just let me pick this thing up!" said Mongo, as he lifted his cock out of the seat next to him. "I wouldn't want you to sit on it,... yet!"

When Aaron sat down, Mongo said, "I hope you don't mind if it lays in your lap Aaron. If I let it hang down in front of me, it'll drag on the floor of the bus."

"Please, by all means lay it in my lap!" said Aaron breathlessly. "I wouldn't want to be responsible for your cock dragging on the floor of the bus!"

Mongo smiled and laid his cock gently in Aaron's lap. Then he put his arm around Aaron and said, "I like you Aaron. Not many people would put up with having my grotesque cock laying in their lap just to talk to me!"

"I don't think it's grotesque at all Mongo." said Aaron. "You have an extremely large, and very beautiful cock!"

"Now I'm really beginning to like you Aaron!" said Mongo warmly. "I have to warn you though that I've never found anyone who can handle my cock inside them in any way."

Aaron's breathing became labored, as he laid his head gently on Mongo's shoulder and said, "I'd still like to get to know you much better Mongo. Would you please be my friend, and come visit me tonight?" Then Aaron began to gently stroke the huge cock that laid in his lap.

"Oh God Aaron!" said Mongo softly. "I can feel love in your hands Aaron. I've never felt that before! Are you staying in Orgasmia permanently?"

"Yes, I am Mongo." replied Aaron.

"Are you staying with Wes tonight?" asked Mongo.

"Yes, please come and see me there Mongo." begged Aaron.

"You can plan on it Aaron." panted Mongo. "God, your hand feels incredible on my cock!"

Aaron nestled into Mongo's side as he continued to gently caress the gigantic cock in his lap. Soon Mongo was purring into Aaron's ear like a kitten. Aaron and Mongo were both smiling a contented smile. Bobby and Wes were now sitting together because Wes knew there would be no splitting Aaron and Mongo up until they got downtown. Wes and Bobby smiled over the fact that Aaron was making Mongo happy. They knew that Mongo was about the least happy person in Orgasmia.

"Do you think that's why the Council of Concerned Citizens brought Aaron here?" asked Bobby to Wes.

"It could be Bobby, but you never really know what they saw." replied Wes.

Aaron and Mongo continued to talk on the way downtown, while Aaron petted and stroked his cock. "What dimension are you from Mongo?" asked Aaron.

"It wasn't a very nice dimension for me." replied Mongo. "In my dimension, the perfect male cock was considered to be five inches erect. Anything that was seven or more inches long was considered to be freakish. Men would go to great lengths to make sure that they didn't grow more than five inches, including having their cocks surgically reduced. In extreme cases, the surgery could be court ordered. Also, any kind of deviant sexual behavior was not tolerated. The only way that sex was allowed was between a man and a woman. The woman had to be laying on her back, with the man on top and his penis in her vagina. Anything else was considered deviant, and could subject the offender to sexual reconditioning."

"Oh my God, that sounds so awful Mongo!" said Aaron. "I'm glad you were never caught with your beautiful cock."

"I was caught." replied Mongo. "I was ordered by the court to have the surgery to reduce my cock. On the day I came here, I had until the next day to report to the hospital. If I didn't, I would have been arrested."

"I'm so glad that you're here then Mongo." said Aaron. "And I'm glad that I was able to come here to meet you."

"I'm glad we met too Aaron." said Mongo, as he smiled and stroked the top of Aaron's head.

All throughout Aaron and Mongo's conversation, Wes and Bobby watched them and smiled. Aaron and Mongo had such a great time talking that they arrived back downtown before they even knew it, even though they had been talking for over an hour. Before leaving the bus, Aaron and Mongo shared a very warm and passionate kiss.

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