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by tim

Chapter 20

Thomas showed up bright and early the next morning, so he and Boy could look around downtown. The two boys held hands all the way downtown, and were given words of encouragement from almost everyone who passed by them. Neither boy was use to this in their other dimensions, but they were happy with their new found freedom. By this time, Thomas was sure that he would never go back to his family in his old dimension. By the time the boys reached downtown, they had built themselves up to kissing passionately on busy street corners. This would also cause them to have full blown erections, which they were now very proud of. The boys got several appreciative glances for their displays of affection. One time they even drew a crowd after an extremely passionate kiss. After the kiss was over, the boys held each other's forearms and dueled each other with their erections. The boys' makeshift swordplay had them giggling uncontrollably. Boy's erection was a little longer, but Thomas won due to his better control. The boys received a standing ovation for that display.

The first groups of kids from Mongo's old dimension were ready to begin orientation, but Aaron knew that Boy would want to process in with Thomas. Aaron called Thomas's dads to arrange for them to apply for Thomas's processing. Then all he would have to do is pull a few strings so the boys could go through orientation together. Aaron would keep this as a surprise for Boy. Also, other men and boys from Robert's dimension were now deciding that they wanted to make Orgasmia their home. It seemed as though processing and orientation would now go on until late in the evening for some time. If the last two groups of refugees were spread out to other cities in Orgasmia, everyone felt confident that they would be able to house and care for everyone. The smaller agricultural cities had been begging for new citizens for some time anyway.

Later that afternoon, Boy and Thomas stopped by Spaz and Cary's house. Boy wanted to show off his new boyfriend to his real brother. As the boys and Cary sat around and talked and had fun, the conversation turned to something Thomas had talked to Boy about.

"If I hadn't been rescued, would it have hurt a lot when they killed me?" Boy asked Spaz.

"I don't even like to think about that, but I'm sure it would have." replied Spaz. "I saw a friend of mine executed once. It was one of the government's programs to scare kids into staying straight. It was horrible watching them stand him up facing the firing squad, then forcing him to watch as the squad aimed at him. The look on his face when the order to fire was given was one that gave me nightmares for months."

By this time Spaz was starting to cry, and Cary wrapped his arm around his young husband. Spaz finally dried his eyes and continued, "I can only imagine what it was like for him to have to look right at the people who were going to murder him, and watch them as they did it. To see those rifles fire, then to feel the bullets ripping into his body must have been horrible. The only thing they did by forcing kids to watch that was to drive those of us who were gay even further into the closet. I'm just glad that so many kids have been rescued from those murderers."

Boy and Thomas were shocked by the picture that Spaz had painted. It took Boy a few minutes to reply, "I'm glad we were able to get out of there too. To be safe here with my brother and my new boyfriend is the greatest thing in the world. It would be even better if we could stop things like that from ever happening again though."

"Well, that's what my wonderful husband, our new dad, and Robert are trying to do." replied Spaz, as he squeezed Cary's hand.

The next day, Aaron put the boys down to process in together, then he began sorting requests for citizens from other cities in Orgasmia. After he knew how many people needed to go where, he would be able go to the shelters and begin asking for volunteers. Terrence stopped in that morning and saw what Aaron was doing, so he pitched in to help. By afternoon, Aaron and Terrence were ready to go out to the shelters. They had over eight hundred requests for men to go to the other cities, and over one thousand requests for boys. Aaron knew it was going to take a few days to fill all the requests, and send all those men and boys where they needed to go.

Jerry had been working on a project that he didn't want to talk about, but he would put that on hold to help the medical staff process everyone. Aaron had also talked to Wes about helping with orientation classes. Everyone was now ready to begin processing as many new citizens as they could. The ones who were going to another city would be able to wait until they got there for housing and duties. When Robert announced that the government in his old dimension had been overturned, and all sentences under the old government were overturned as well, the response was not what was expected. Aaron was surprised that only less than two hundred people expressed any interest in returning home. Robert was less surprised, considering how gay people had always been treated there.

Meanwhile, back in Mongo's old dimension, the authorities there were still conducting an investigation into the disappearance of so many dangerous boys. Sure, there had been scattered disappearances on a small scale, but nothing like this. They were most afraid that this might signal some kind of insurrection against their society. There were two other primary societies on the planet, with most of the nations of the world now united under the three main societies. If one of the other two armies of the world were taking these people who had committed capital offenses, they had to know so they could stop it before the other army might use any information they recovered against them.

Plans had been in the works for years to seize control of the other two primary societies, but those plans had always been looked upon as risky. If their fears now were correct though, that risk might now be outweighed. Whoever it was had already infiltrated their society, and released some very dangerous criminals. Also, whoever it was was getting dangerously close to being able to strike them at will. Many people in Mongo's old society were beginning to think that the time had come to put their plans into action. The first part of the plan called for an all out invasion of the weaker of the other two societies. Once Euro-Russia had been conquered by the Western States Alliance, the powerful Afro-Asians would finally be evenly matched. Who knows, it may have even been the Euro-Russians that had been responsible for the disappearances. After all, they always had been slightly on the radical liberal side.

The floating bridge across the Bering Straits would be the key to this operation. The other side would have to be immobilized on the other side of the straits, and the bridge would have to be well protected. Then the Western States Army would pour over the bridge into Euro-Russia, with no one to stop them until they had built up a massive force on the other side of the straits. The Western States Alliance felt they had a very good chance of taking over Euro-Russia. For years now, the Western States Army had been amassing troops and equipment in what was once northwestern Canada and Alaska. They hid everything well, in anticipation of the invasion of Euro-Russia.

The next day in Orgasmia, Boy and Thomas would officially become citizens today. Boys that were Thomas and Boy's age were taught everything except free expression of pleasure. Even that had changed somewhat for older boys and men. Those who said that they were committed to another person weren't being asked to do anything except with the person they were committed to. This was the direction that Aaron and the council felt Orgasmia should be going in, instead of the direction the former President wanted to take them.

Boy and Thomas were the hit of their orientation class, especially when Thomas decided to sit in Boy's lap. Boy's erect dick fit comfortably inside Thomas, so Thomas would wiggle in Boy's lap and giggle as he felt Boy's dick move around inside him. The instructor, who was Stefan, knew that these two boys were advanced in their sexual awareness compared to other boys their age, so he asked them to give a demonstration to the other boys at the end of the class. Boy and Thomas were all too eager to make love in front of the entire class. They started off with Boy showing the class what he was doing to Thomas during the class, except in a much more conventional position. The entire class gathered around closely, and watched in awe as Boy's dick slid in and out of Thomas. After a few minutes of that, Stefan had Boy pull out of Thomas. Then he cleaned Boy's dick off for him, and had the two boys demonstrate a sixty-nine position. By the time Boy and Thomas both reached their dry orgasms, all of the boys in the class were sweating and breathing hard.

Now all of Aaron's sons were full citizens again, seeing that Ray was automatically granted citizenship due to his age. This called for a celebration, so Aaron suspended the next day's council meeting to take his family to the park in the entertainment district. The boys who had been coming to Orgasmia had discovered the amusement park, and it was now filled with screaming and laughing boys. Mongo sat out the rides this time so he could watch Ray, and watch Aaron and the boys having fun. The boys were all having so much fun that they didn't want to leave that evening, but Aaron did have to work in the morning.

The next morning, Aaron was greeted by Robert at the door to his office. Aaron asked Robert in, and asked, "What can I do for you this morning Robert? You'll have to make it quick though, we have to be in the council chambers soon."

"I have some rather disturbing news." replied Robert. "Mongo's old dimension is at war!"

"Oh my God!" exclaimed Aaron. "Can you brief everyone at the meeting this morning? I will call on you first."

Aaron and Robert made their way quickly to the council chambers, and once the meeting had been called to order, Aaron called on Robert to speak.

"The dimension that we rescued the children from who were going to be executed is in a state of war." said Robert. "That dimension is basically divided up into three nations; the Western States Alliance, Euro-Russia, and Afro-Asia. We rescued those children from the Western States Alliance, which is the most advanced and conservative nation in that dimension. Early this morning, the Western States Alliance began an assault on Euro-Russia across what they call the Bering Straits. Troops and equipment are now pouring across the eighty plus mile bridge there, and into Euro-Russia. If the Western States Alliance is successful, they will control sixty percent of that dimension's population. The population of Euro-Russia is ten percent greater than the population of the Western States Alliance, but the Western States Alliance is more advanced except in their beliefs. If the Western States Alliance is successful, the executions of gays will begin again, but on an even larger scale."

"How are gay people treated in Euro-Russia?" asked Brian.

"In Euro-Russia, people are much more open minded about sexual orientation." replied Robert. "Homosexuality is widely accepted there as a normal sexual preference. About fifteen percent of their society is openly gay. With the Western States Alliance genetic testing though, it wouldn't matter if they were open, or in the closet."

"That would mean a lot of executions unless we get them out of there, wouldn't it?" asked Terrence.

"It would be even worse than before." replied Robert.

"Do you know what led to this war?" asked Aaron.

"I'm afraid we did Aaron." replied Robert. "The Western States Alliance has no concept of inter-dimensional travel. When they had to point the blame of the last disappearances at someone, the blame was directed at Euro-Russia. I'm afraid that's not all of the bad news though. When the Western States Alliance conducted the last round of testing, it was only in one region of the Alliance. They are now making preparations to test the entire Alliance."

"We have to do something before that happens!" said Brian. "Does anyone have any ideas?"

As everyone looked as though they were wracking their brains for ideas, Robert said, "I do have one idea, but it might be risky. I have found a dimension out there that has had peace and cooperation amongst the different nations for centuries now. Their society is the most highly advanced of all of the different dimensions, but they have not yet developed the concept of inter-dimensional travel. I propose that we form an alliance with them, and see if they will send advisors into Euro-Russia. If they can bring Euro-Russia up to their level of advancement, that would throw the plans of the Western States Alliance into turmoil. It would however open two more dimensions up to the concept of inter-dimensional travel. I don't know if Euro-Russia could adopt the technology very quickly, but I'm sure the other dimension could. I'm also sure that we do not have the resources to rescue the numbers of men and boys that we would be talking about here."

"So, we either proliferate inter-dimensional travel, or millions could be killed because of us?" asked Aaron.

"That's not a totally correct assessment of the situation Aaron." replied Robert. "The Western States Alliance has apparently been planning for an invasion for years. If they weren't doing this now, I don't think they would have held off much longer. We might have hastened this action, but we weren't the outright cause of it."

"But we don't seem to have much choice now." said Brian. "Who would we have contact this more advanced dimension?"

"First, we need to bring representatives of Euro-Russia here, and as quickly as possible." said Robert. "Then we would send a delegation of ours and Euro-Russia's representatives to the other dimension to ask them for their help. By my estimates, Euro-Russia can only hold out against the Western States Alliance for no more than two years before falling to them. Also, the Western States Alliance will take about two weeks to begin genetic testing of their entire alliance. We need to do this now if we agree to this plan."

"Then we need to send our delegation to Euro-Russia tonight." said Aaron. "I propose that the delegation consist of myself, Robert, Cary, Terrence, and Wes, along with a security detachment to protect us on the trip. How do you think our delegation will be received?"

"Euro-Russia will be skeptical at first, but when they see that we come from a completely gay society, and that we can travel between dimensions, they will know that we did not come from the Western States Alliance." replied Robert. "I think at that point, they will be willing to accept any help that we can offer them. We will have to take equipment so they can keep in contact with their delegation when they leave with us, but once they come here, they will accept that we are being totally honest with them. Hopefully we should return here in twenty four hours, more or less."

"Is everyone in agreement with Robert's plan?" asked Brian. After everyone nervously raised their hand, Brian continued, "Then the council is adjourned until our four councilmen and Cary return from Euro-Russia. Let's make the preparations to leave as soon as possible."

"Let's???" replied Aaron. "If I didn't know better, I could swear it sounds like you plan on going!"

"That's because I do." replied Brian. "If what we did even hastened this war, then I should go to represent Orgasmia as it's leader."

"We're not even sure how we will be received." said Robert. "My guess is that things will go well, but they could jail us as a bunch of nuts!"

"Our people need their leader safe and sound Brian." said Aaron. "If anything were to happen to all of us, it would throw our world into turmoil."

"Then let's keep our fingers crossed." replied Brian. "I am going, and that's that."

"Yes Brian, as you wish." replied Aaron. "I do wish you would reconsider though. It seems like the last few times we've went to another dimension on some kind of mission, we've had to make narrow escapes."

"Good, it'll be good for the circulatory system." said Brian as he smiled.

Aaron went ahead and called Cary to tell him about the mission, then asked him to swing by and pick up Twinkie so they could all talk at his and Mongo's house. Everyone was waiting for Aaron and Robert when they got there, and wanted to know what this was all about. Aaron and Robert explained the situation fully, as their families listened in shock.

"I know that Cary and I promised that we wouldn't be going on any more missions, but we caused this mess." said Aaron. "Even if it would have happened eventually anyway, we bear some of the responsibility for things happening the way they are now. We have to make this right, and it's going to take the best people Orgasmia has to do it."

Then Aaron took Mongo aside. He had a message for his husband from Brian, and it would be best if no one else heard it for now. "Mongo, Brian wants me to ask a favor of you." said Aaron, once they were alone. "I'm sure we will all be back here by tomorrow night, so I don't want this to worry you. If anything were to happen to us though, Brian wants you to be Orgasmia's new leader. He's going to leave instructions behind, making that an official order if,.... Well, we'll be back, so don't worry too much about it."

"Why me?" asked Mongo.

"Brian seems to know what I have known all along." replied Aaron. "He knows that you are compassionate and smart enough to lead our people."

"I'll try not to let him down if,.... if,...." started Mongo. "There's no if about it Aaron, you better come back to me!"

Aaron and Mongo kissed deeply as they shared a hug for the next several minutes. As Aaron pulled back from Mongo, he said, "I promise that I'll come back to you and my family."

As soon as Aaron and Mongo rejoined the others, Spaz stood up and said, "Dad, Twinkie and I want you to make sure to make it back, and please make sure our husbands do too."

Aaron gave his two married sons a hug, and promised them that everything would be okay. Everyone then shared a meal at home together before the mission would begin. Food was not the only thing at the table that afternoon, as there was also enough love to fill everyone. Then the time finally came for Aaron, Robert, and Cary to head to the airport. Once everyone was there, Brian briefed everyone on the trip. Once in the air, Cary would give his security people their instructions. Everything that they needed for the trip was finally aboard as the sun began to set, so everyone got onto the plane and prepared for takeoff. The plane was only about half filled, as they would need room for the Euro-Russian delegation to come back with them.

The flight to the portal for this trip would be the longest any of them had ever made, so everyone settled back and tried to relax. Cary was in the back of the plane, outlining to his people what was at stake and what would be expected of them. They were trying to stop a war now, so the last thing they needed was for either side to be hostile toward each other. They did however need to protect Orgasmia's delegation at all costs. As the plane finally neared the portal after an eight hour flight, everyone began donning the clothes they would need to wear on this trip. Brian's outfit he had made was very conservative but nice, and was embellished with a crest that signified him as Orgasmia's Leader.

"I would hate to think what you could have come up with if you'd had more time!" chuckled Aaron to Brian.

"You like this?" asked Brian with a smile. "I guess it's not too bad for such short notice."

Everyone sat down and buckled in as the pilot announced the portal would be opening in a few minutes. The plane would pass into the target dimension near the capital of Euro-Russia, which was the city of Berlin in the area that was once known as Germany. Brian looked out the window, and saw the portal opening up.

"Here we go everyone!" exclaimed Brian. "Good luck to all of us!"

The plane passed through the portal uneventfully, and the pilot announced that they would begin their decent. At first, everything seemed very peaceful, almost too peaceful. In a few minutes though, the plane was intercepted by two small tactical military jets. The pilots of the military planes looked the larger plane over thoroughly, then called to Orgasmia's pilot.

"Come in unidentified plane!" said one of the military pilots over the radio. "You are in the airspace of Euro-Russia! You will follow us to the military air base outside of Berlin! Do you read me?"

"Yes, I read you." replied Orgasmia's pilot. "We will cooperate fully, as we are on a peaceful mission. I am carrying a diplomatic delegation that would like to speak with your leaders."

"We hope you are telling the truth, as we are in a state of war right now!" responded the Euro-Russian pilot.

Orgasmia's plane was led to a large air base, then escorted by ground personnel to where the Commandant of the base wanted them. Everyone waited on board the plane until they were approached or contacted. Aaron finally saw one man in uniform and one man in a suit approach the plane. A ramp was then wheeled up to the plane.

"I'm going to go ahead and make first contact with these people." said Aaron. "Please wish me luck, and let's hope they don't shoot me!"

Aaron opened the door, and calmly made his way down the ramp. The security team on board then took their positions at the front of the plane. Aaron got to the bottom of the ramp, and calmly approached the two men.

"I should have gone out there instead of Aaron!" said Robert worriedly. "Aaron is much too important to be taking this kind of a risk!"

"Aaron is the most diplomatic of our group though Robert." replied Brian. "You may be the brightest, and most compassionate towards children, but Aaron could charm the stripes off of a zebra!"

"You're right sir." said Robert, as he hugged Brian. "I just hope Aaron will be okay."

"I am Commandant Zeigler." said the man in uniform. "Who are you, and where are you from?"

"My name is Aaron, and I come from a place you have never heard of before." replied Aaron.

"I don't know about that!" chuckled Commandant Zeigler. "I've been all around the world, and I know of almost every place there is!"

"We don't come from this world though." said Aaron. "Take a close look at our plane. Does that look like any technology that you have ever seen?"

"That is a very unusual looking aircraft." replied Commandant Zeigler. "It doesn't look as though it is capable of space travel though. If you are from another world as you claim, how did you get here?"

"We've come here from another dimension, to help you with your war against the Western States Alliance." replied Aaron. "They cannot be allowed to win this war!"

"I think I like you already!" laughed Commandant Zeigler amiably. "Not only are you amusing, but you are cheering for the good guys!"

"I'm sorry, I wasn't trying to be amusing." replied Aaron. "This war is very serious business. If they were to win, which I pray that they don't, millions of people stand to die even after the war is over. I'm afraid that this war is because of something we did that they blame on you though. We rescued a large group of children from them that they had planned on murdering, and now they blame you for that."

"You're the ones?!?!" exclaimed the man in the suit. "We heard about that, and were just as stumped as they were. Our reaction though is dramatically different. I personally would like to shake the hand of the people who did that! That doesn't explain your belief of being from another dimension though, which I think is what Commandant Zeigler finds so amusing."

"I assure you that our being from another dimension is a fact, and not a belief." replied Aaron.

"In that case, we may have to lock you up as raving lunatics, although I hope that isn't necessary." said Commandant Zeigler. "As I said, I like you already. By the way, my rude comrade who forgot to introduce himself is Vice Deputy Sarhankov of the Euro-Russian government."

"Commandant Zeigler, I assure you and Vice Deputy Sarhankov that I am not a raving lunatic." replied Aaron. "As most people know, space and time is relative but separate. When you combine the two, you get alternate dimensions. My people conquered space centuries ago, and we conquered time a little over a hundred years ago. Once we combined the two, we were able to travel to other dimensions than our own."

"If you've conquered time as you say, then you can travel through time as well, right?" asked Vice Deputy Sarhankov.

"Time travel is possible, but the outcome could be disastrous." said Aaron. "A large enough rift in the space time continuum could destroy the universe and all dimensions. No one with enough intelligence to do it would ever consider taking such a risk. How can I convince you that I'm telling you the truth, and we want to help you?"

"I will have commandant Zeigler go over your plane, while I talk to everyone in your group separately." replied Vice Deputy Sarhankov. "If they back up your story precisely, and Zeigler is convinced your aircraft isn't from this world, we will believe you then."

"Please try not to break any equipment on the plane then Commandant." said Aaron. "Quite a bit of it is equipment that we brought to you as a gift, and you'll find it very useful. Not to mention that it will also help corroborate my statement. I'll have everyone go ahead and come off the plane now."

Aaron motioned for everyone to join him below, and not to bring anything off the plane with them. Everyone on the plane thought this was a bit odd, and they began to fear the worst. Everyone nervously lined up on the tarmac as they got off the plane.

"Okay everyone, we have nothing to be afraid of so far." said Aaron. "Our hosts have been friendly so far, although a bit skeptical. I can't really say that I blame them for that. The man staying with us on the tarmac is going to ask each of us a few questions. I want everyone to cooperate fully, and don't try to hide anything. We want to keep no secrets from our new friends."

While Sarhankov began talking to the men from Orgasmia, Aaron nervously watched Zeigler going over their plane, inside and out. Aaron couldn't hear what the Vice Deputy was talking to his people about, but after questioning several people he didn't look upset yet. Aaron had a harder time reading the Commandant though, as the man continued carefully looking the plane over. After about an hour, Sarhankov finally walked back over to Aaron.

"Well Aaron, I've asked all the questions I need to." said Sarhankov. "Now we need to wait for Commandant Zeigler to finish his inspection."

A few minutes later, Aaron and Sarhankov were rejoined by Zeigler. "The inspection of your aircraft has left me with more questions than answers Aaron." said Zeigler. "I need you to follow me and answer a few of those questions please."

Aaron and the rest of the group tried to remain calm as Zeigler led Aaron back aboard the plane. None of them knew what to expect next.

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