by tim the story guy

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by tim

Chapter 21

From the last chapter:

"Well Aaron, I've asked all the questions I need to." said Sarhankov. "Now we need to wait for Commandant Zeigler to finish his inspection."

A few minutes later, Aaron and Sarhankov were rejoined by Zeigler. "The inspection of your aircraft has left me with more questions than answers Aaron." said Zeigler. "I need you to follow me and answer a few of those questions please."

Aaron and the rest of the group tried to remain calm as Zeigler led Aaron back aboard the plane. None of them knew what to expect next.

Zeigler led Aaron to the wings outside the plane first and said, "Although this one engine over here is very odd looking, I still recognize it as an engine. I don't know how it works, but it gives the appearance of an engine. This other engine is very odd though. Why is that?"

"That's not an engine." replied Aaron. "That's a projector array. It projects the dimensional portal that the plane flies through to pass between different dimensions."

"Ah yes, that would make sense." said Zeigler. "You claim to be from another dimension, so you would naturally have to have a way to travel between dimensions, right?"

"Right." replied Aaron softly.

Zeigler then led Aaron into the plane, and to one of the seats. "These belts appear to have no latches." said Zeigler. "Why is that Aaron? Do you tie them together?"

"We've found that latches tend to fail." replied Aaron. "Besides, if it's not safe for someone to unfasten their belt, a latch can still be unfastened at the wrong time. The tabs on the ends of the belt are electromagnetic. Once activated, they cannot be pulled apart until they are deactivated."

"Very clever Aaron." said Zeigler. "That is a very clever answer."

"If you'll allow me to go to the cockpit, I can prove that to you sir." offered Aaron.

"That's quite alright Aaron, but I would like both of us to go to the cockpit." replied Zeigler. Once in the cockpit, Zeigler continued, "My first years as an officer were spent as a pilot. Most of these instruments and controls seem quite ordinary, this over here however does not. What is this?"

As Zeigler reached for a control knob, Aaron replied, "That is the dimensional portal control sir. You might not want to mess with that too much."

Fortunately the plane was pointed at a small empty hangar building, because Zeigler went ahead and turned the knob anyway. Everyone outside the plane hit the ground as an intense flash of light opened in front of the plane. When the portal closed, it had consumed the small building.

"What in God's name was that!!!" screamed Zeigler.

"That was a dimensional portal sir." replied Aaron. "You just sent your hangar to another dimension. I hope it didn't cause any damage when it got there." Aaron then examined the settings of the controls and said, "It looks as though it went to our dimension. There is nothing there for the hangar to harm, but we can send it back to you when we return if you like."

"It just disappeared!" said Zeigler in shock. "It was there one moment, then POOF! It was gone!"

"Commandant Zeigler, we are being completely honest with you!" pleaded Aaron. "I left eight beautiful gay sons and a wonderful husband to come here to help you, and I don't even know you. I want to return to my husband more than anything in the world right now, but we have to help you stop the Western States Alliance. If they get away with this, millions of people will die! Millions of people who wouldn't have to die if it weren't for us! Please Commandant, let us help you!"

The Commandant could see that Aaron was on the verge of tears now, and something suddenly told him to trust Aaron.

"Now I know you are not from the Western States Alliance Aaron." said Zeigler compassionately. "Do you see Vice Deputy Sarhankov out there? I met him as a young flight officer. He's really a loving and wonderful man when you get to know him. We have been mates ever since that first time I met him, and our love is still as wonderful today as it was then. I know that you would never be allowed to have a wonderful husband and eight gay sons if you were from the Western States Alliance. It would have been such an abomination to them that they would have had all of you killed." Then Zeigler smiled for the first time as he said, "Eight gay sons, huh? You are a lucky man Aaron! I would give anything for that!"

"Well, we are planning another raid on the Western States Alliance when they resume genetic testing." replied Aaron. "Those boys will be so grateful to be rescued that they won't mind living anywhere else, including here. I know you would get a lot of joy out of raising eight gay boys who will love you for rescuing them from the fate that awaits them at home."

"You would do that for me, after I practically called you a liar?" asked Zeigler in amazement.

"I'm not going to hold that against you." smiled Aaron. "Before I was rescued by the dimension I call home, I would have thought the same thing as you. It would be an honor for me to present you with something that would bring you as much joy as eight gay sons would!"

"Thank you so much Aaron!" said Zeigler, as he hugged Aaron tightly. "Now, could you show me those belts! That would be an incredibly good thing for us to develop!"

"I would love to my friend!" replied Aaron happily. "We will help you any way that we can!"

Aaron and Commandant Zeigler spent so much time on the plane laughing together and exploring that everyone outside was becoming very nervous, even Sarhankov. Aaron showed Gerhardt, as they were now on a first name basis, everything on the plane. That included everything from belts to doors, to pressurization systems. As Gerhardt and Aaron had a drink together from the galley, Aaron began showing him the equipment they had brought as a gift.

Gerhardt ran to the door of the plane and called out, "Rudi my love, you have to come here and see this! This is the most incredible thing that has ever happened to our people!"

Sarhankov blushed as he made his way to the plane. Brian turned to Robert and exclaimed, "I can't believe it! Aaron is up there having a party with Zeigler, while we're down here worried sick!"

Robert and Cary both laughed as Robert replied, "That just sounds so much like Aaron!" Then Brian's expression changed as he joined in their laughter.

After another thirty minutes had passed, Aaron, Gerhardt, and Rudi came off the plane laughing together.

"Dimensional travel I can buy!" laughed Rudi, as he patted Aaron on the back. "Your husband having a twenty inch long cock though? You'll have to prove that one to me my friend!"

"I better keep my eye on Rudi when we go to your dimension Aaron!" laughed Gerhardt. "It sounds like he's developing a case of penis envy!"

"No Gerri, your penis is plenty for me!" laughed Rudi. "I'm just curious is all."

"Well, I'm glad Aaron is showing our new friends a good time." said Brian, as the group approached him still laughing.

"I am glad you have come to see us Brian!" replied Rudi. "If you can do for us what it looks like you can, I hope we are friends and allies for a very long time! Now, we need to get your group ready to address our Premier. She will be happy to meet you too."

Everyone congratulated Aaron as they prepared to go see the Euro-Russian Premier. The drive through the city of Berlin was beautiful. Although Aaron had been to the Berlin of his dimension, and it wasn't too bad, it was nothing like this! Here, there had never been a bombing of Berlin in the 1940's, as Adolph Hitler had never made his rise to power here. The city looked as though it had been well taken care of for centuries, and modernized over the years. The wide tree lined streets were beautiful. The cars carrying Sarhankov, Zeigler, and the men from Orgasmia pulled up in front of a very historic looking building.

"I take it you like our city?" asked Rudi, as he approached the group from Orgasmia. "I can't blame you. The first time I came to Berlin, I knew this was where I wanted to be. Now, let's go see our Premier."

Brian, Aaron, Terrence, Robert, Wes, and Cary were seated in a room outside the Premier's office, while Vice Deputy Sarhankov went in to announce them. He also asked her to believe whatever the strange visitors were going to tell her, even if it might seem impossible to believe. The sight of the hangar disappearing was still fresh in Rudi's mind. Rudi then went out to escort the group in.

"Madam Premiere, may I present Aaron, Terrence, Robert, Wes, Cary, and their leader Brian from the dimension of Orgasmia." said Rudi, who was still having trouble saying Orgasmia without wanting to giggle. "Gentlemen, I present our Premier, Leona Galliani."

"Madam Premier, I am Brian Baker, the leader of the dimension of Orgasmia." said Brian.

Aaron immediately had the most shocked look imaginable cross his face. He had run across pictures of his Uncle Brian as a small child, and was told that Brian had died when he only ten years old. Was this really his Uncle Brian, who was responsible for him coming to Orgasmia? Aaron concentrated hard on the pictures he had seen so many years ago. The resemblance was there, but how could this be? What had really happened to Brian when he was ten? Brian could see the look on Aaron's face now, and he knew that they would have to have a long overdue talk. Brian had wished that he could have brought Aaron to Orgasmia years ago, when he first found out about him, but he had to wait until Aaron was ready. Now it would be time to have the talk he knew was coming, as soon as he finished addressing the Premier.

"We come to you as friends, to help you win this war against the Western States Alliance." said Brian. "You're asking yourself, if we are from another dimension, why would we care about this war? That is because our actions have precipitated this situation. When we held a rescue mission for the condemned children of the alliance, they could not accept that it could have been anyone but your nation."

"You are the ones who did that?" asked the Premier.

"Yes Madam Premier, we are." replied Brian.

Premier Galliani got up from her desk and crossed in front of it to Brian. Then she gave Brian a warm hug, and a very nice kiss on the cheek.

"I've wanted to do that ever since I first heard about the raid!" said Leona. "What you did for those children was the bravest thing I have ever heard of. We were all very saddened to hear of the barbaric way the alliance treated their own children, and when we heard they had been rescued, I cried in joy for those children. Where are they now? Are they okay?"

"The children are safely in Orgasmia right now." replied Brian. "They're growing up happy, and learning, and falling in love just like they should be. Quite a few of them have been adopted by the wonderful people of my dimension, and they are a joy for all of us. Now though, there are even more children in the alliance who will be facing the same fate as those children did."

"I would love to adopt one or two of them myself, if that is possible." said Leona. "Gay or not, those children deserve to be loved!"

"I think that can be arranged Madam Premier." replied Brian. "What about it Terrence?"

"Madam Premier, I know a boy who you will fall in love with!" replied Terrence. "He's six years old, and has been crying that he wants a mommy since he arrived in Orgasmia. He's a very sweet and gentle child, and the most beautiful little boy you have ever seen. Everyone in Orgasmia has wanted to adopt him, but he insists that he wants a mommy. Would you consider being his mother?"

"How could anyone want to shoot such a sweet child?" asked Leona, as she wept lightly. "Of course I will be his mommy! I can't wait until you bring him to me! Now, what can we do to stop those barbaric murderers of the Western States Alliance?"

"I would like a delegation from Euro-Russia to accompany us back to Orgasmia." replied Brian. "Once we are there, we will go to the most advanced dimension known to us. We are sure that we can secure their help, and all of us together will be so formidable to the alliance that they won't stand any chance at all of winning this war."

"What if they won't help?" asked Leona.

"Even if they won't help, with our technology you could come in behind your enemies at will, and defeat them while they are still surprised." replied Brian. "With the help of the other dimension I spoke of though, there would be much less bloodshed. They could defeat the alliance without firing a shot!"

Leona went back behind her desk and sat for a few moments, looking very reflective. Then she said, "When I was a little girl, growing up in the hills of what use to be Italy, I would run up and down the hillsides imagining all sorts of things. Things that as adults, we unfortunately don't have the capacity to imagine anymore. You people have made me feel like that little girl again, and I will forever be in your debt. We will cooperate with our new friends from Orgasmia fully." Then Leone looked up at Rudi and said, "Rudi, my old friend. I suppose you and Gerhardt would like to be a part of the delegation that travels with these fine men, am I right?"

"It would be a thrill for us!" replied Rudi. "Thank you Leona, my dear and trusted friend."

"Don't forget to bring back my son that Terrence spoke of." said Leona. "Also, pick out a child who would make a compatible brother for him."

"It will be an honor to serve you in that way." replied Rudi.

"How long will it be until you and our delegation return to Orgasmia?" Leona asked Brian.

"We have to set up the dimensional monitoring equipment we brought for you, then teach a few of your people how to use it." replied Brian. "I would say six to eight hours."

"Let's call it eight then." said Leona. "You have eight hours to choose your delegation Rudi. Good luck to you and the delegation."

Leona seemed very happy as they left her in her office. Aaron however still seemed very stunned. When they got in the car to go back to the plane, Brian sat next to Aaron. Neither men knew what to say at this point, so Brian put his arm over Aaron's shoulder.

"I'm sorry nephew, we should have talked sooner." said Brian emotionally.

Aaron finally broke down, and cried heavily into Brian's shoulder. Uncontrollable sobs wracked Aaron's body as Brian held him tightly.

"I feel very bad for not telling you the moment you arrived Aaron, but there was a reason." said Brian, as he patted Aaron's back gently. "If I had told you then, you would have been different than you are now. I had to wait until you were ready to lead our people Aaron. It hurt me to wait so long, but I had to. We need you here Aaron, I've known that since you were growing into adolescence. You were the only one in the family that I kept track of after I came to Orgasmia Aaron, because we were meant to lead our people together. I've always loved you Aaron, my nephew, and it was tough waiting for the day when I could bring you here."

After several more minutes, Aaron finally began to stop crying. Once he had stopped, Brian took a handkerchief and gently wiped Aaron's face. Aaron finally looked up at Brian and asked, "Why was I told that you were dead?"

"Our family isn't exactly family of the year material, are they Aaron?" asked Brian as he smiled. "The truth is, I very nearly did die when I was ten. Your grandfather, and my father, was a horrible drunk at one time. He was extremely mean when he was drunk, and ended up in jail a few times because of that. Mom would always bail him out though, and he would go right back at it. He never did take it out on me, until he had caught me with a friend from school. We were just playing around with each other, you know, you show me yours and I'll show you mine. Well, there was a little touching too. My friend had a very cute little dick, and he asked me if I would play with it a little. Anyway, I was rolling his dick around in my fingers and stroking it really gently, and breathing really hard, when dad walked in on us. He just stared at us with a really mean look on his face until my friend pulled his pants up and ran out of our house crying. I wasn't going to cry though, because I knew he was drunk again. Crying would have only made him worse. The next thing I knew his fist had hit me in the head without him saying one word. I heard him cussing at me and calling me faggot as he continued to hit me."

"I never knew that grandpa was like that!" said Aaron in shock. "I knew he use to drink. Grandma said he gave it up years ago, after they had lost you."

"He might have." replied Brian. "He beat me until I was bleeding and unconscious. I guess he thought he had killed me, because somehow I got from our house to laying in the tall grass beside a very deserted street. I began coming around as a bus pulled up, and a great looking naked man got off. He looked me over for a second, then picked me up in his arms and carried me back on the bus. The next thing I knew, I was someplace I had never seen before, and everyone was a naked guy. The guy who picked me up explained that he had been sent to meet someone else, but they never showed up. When he saw me laying beside the street, he couldn't just leave me there, so he brought me back to his home in Orgasmia. He didn't even know if I was straight or gay, he just wanted to help me. I surprised him though when he finished cleaning me up. He started putting my clothes back on, and I wouldn't let him! Even though I was still hurting like hell, it felt good to be naked in a place where everyone else was too. After I rested a little while, and he watched me rest, I told him what had happened to me. Then he had a doctor come to see me, and nursed me back to health afterward. A few weeks later, after I had recovered from the beating dad gave me, the man who had told me his name was Earl had me lay down on my bed. He told me he needed to know something about me first, before he asked me what he was getting ready to ask. Then he said if I didn't want him to do what he was going to do, to tell him to stop. I almost swallowed my tongue when Earl leaned down and put my dick in his mouth!"

"I've met Earl before!" said Aaron. "I knew there was a reason I liked him!"

"Earl is a dear, sweet man." said Brian. "Anyway, Earl made me feel so good sucking my little ten year old dick. I couldn't cum at that age, but he made me stiff as a board! His mouth felt so warm, sweet, and gentle on my dick that he made me have my first dry orgasm. It was the most incredible thing I had ever felt before, so when I stopped shaking, I asked him to lay on his back. Earl told me that I didn't have to do what I was about to do, and that I should only do that if I really wanted to. I told him that I knew that, then I put his cock in my mouth. It was so big that I could barely manage to get the end of it in my mouth, but it tasted better than anything I had ever tasted before. After he had been moaning for a few minutes, his cock started cumming in my mouth. I wasn't ready for it, so most of it ended up on my face and chest. I swallowed as much of it as I could though. He licked the rest of it off me, and as he would get a small pool of his cum on his tongue, he would stick it out to me. Then I would suck on his tongue like a baby sucking a bottle, and he would lick some more off to give to me. We both had a lot of fun cleaning me up! Then he said that he was certain that I belonged in Orgasmia, and he asked me to stay. Once he told me that it was nothing but naked guys who liked to do what we had just done, I was hooked! He wouldn't have been able to take me home if he'd tried."

By that time, everyone in the car was breathing heavily. That caused Brian to laugh as hard as he could.

"If you liked that, remind me to tell you how Earl was the first guy to put his cock in my butt four years later!" laughed Brian. "I had to beg him for weeks to do that, but he HAD to be my first! Anyway, the rest is history. After I finished my education, I worked my way up to the council. Then the leader at that time picked me to be his replacement. I became the youngest leader in the history of Orgasmia by the time I was twenty five. God! Has it really been that long?! That's why I need you Aaron. I need you so we can lead our people together. I've been doing it for so long now that I need your help."

Aaron looked into Brian's eyes and said, "I love you Uncle Brian. I'm so glad you brought me here to be with you. If you had told me that story at the beginning, I would have stayed even if I had been straight!"

"That was the back up plan if you HAD turned out straight!" snickered Brian.

Brian and Aaron both burst into laughter at that remark, then hugged each other warmly. "It's nice to have a family again." said Aaron softly, as he held onto Brian.

Once they got back to the plane, everyone helped unload equipment. Brian told Rudi and Gerhardt that when they did go to Orgasmia, not to be shocked that everyone would be naked. Brian also told them that it would be a good idea to let any prospective delegates know that as well. The men from Orgasmia finally had everything unloaded and hooked up, then they taught Commandant Zeigler's second in command and one of his senior officers how to use the monitoring equipment. The two men smiled when they figured out that the equipment could be used to monitor their own dimension as well. Eight hours after Brian had spoken with the Premier, Orgasmia's pilot requested permission to take off from the air base in Berlin with four Euro-Russian delegates on board. As the plane lifted off the runway, accompanied by a salute from the people on the ground, Brian and Aaron breathed a sigh of relief. It felt good to be on their way home, with their mission accomplished so far.