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by tim

Chapter 22

From the last chapter:

Aaron looked into Brian's eyes and said, "I love you uncle Brian. I'm so glad you brought me here to be with you. If you had told me that story at the beginning, I would have stayed even if I had been straight!"

"That was the back up plan if you HAD turned out straight!" snickered Brian.

Brian and Aaron both burst into laughter at that remark, then hugged each other warmly. "It's nice to have a family again." said Aaron softly, as he held onto Brian.

Once they got back to the plane, everyone helped unload equipment. Brian told Rudi and Gerhardt that when they did go to Orgasmia, not to be shocked that everyone would be naked. Brian also told them that it would be a good idea to let any prospective delegates know that as well. The men from Orgasmia finally had everything unloaded and hooked up, then they taught Commandant Zeigler's second in command and one of his senior officers how to use the monitoring equipment. The two men smiled when they figured out that the equipment could be used to monitor their own dimension as well. Eight hours after Brian had spoken with the Premier, Orgasmia's pilot requested permission to take off from the air base in Berlin with four Euro-Russian delegates on board. As the plane lifted off the runway, accompanied by a salute from the people on the ground, Brian and Aaron breathed a sigh of relief. It felt good to be on their way home, with their mission accomplished so far.

Passing through the portal back to Orgasmia was quite an experience for the men from Euro-Russia. What happened afterward was even more of an experience. As soon as they had passed through the portal, most of the people from Orgasmia began removing their clothes. Within a half hour, the only people who weren't naked were the men from Euro-Russia. This was enough to make Rudi and Gerhardt both hard as steel, but the other two delegates seemed somewhat nervous.

"We did tell you what to expect on this journey." said Rudi to the other two delegates. "You know that the place we are going is comprised of nothing but naked men and boys, so you will have to get comfortable with it. Join in with Zeigler and me, as we share these people's customs with them, and it may help put you at ease somewhat."

Then Sarhankov and Zeigler began removing their clothes as well. The other two Euro-Russian delegates didn't know what to think as Gerhardt and Rudi now proudly displayed their erect cocks, but they knew they were now the only two men on the plane that were clothed. Finally the other two men, who were named Pierre and Szymon, began nervously working at removing at least most of their clothes. Their modesty prevented them from removing their boxers though.

Aaron finally came up to them and said, "In my dimension, most European men think nothing of nudity. They may not go around naked all the time, but it doesn't bother them when they are. I think the last of the clothes you are wearing may be preventing you from being completely comfortable with this situation."

Pierre and Szymon nervously stood up, and removed their boxers. As they slowly sat down, they were fully aware that Aaron was now looking appreciatively at their uncut cocks.

"You two should be proud of what you have." said Aaron, trying to make them feel at ease. "You both look very nice this way, and you have nothing to be ashamed of. As a matter of fact, you may be the envy of quite a few men in Orgasmia."

"You like?" asked Szymon, as he adjusted his cock so it was more visible from where he was sitting.

"You have a very fine cock." replied Aaron. "If I weren't married to a wonderful man back in Orgasmia, I would offer to make you feel very good right now."

"You mean here, in front of everyone?" asked Szymon in a surprised tone.

"Public displays of affection and pleasure are very common in Orgasmia." replied Aaron. "I'm sure you will see that pretty quickly, and I hope it won't make you feel uncomfortable."

Then one of Cary's men who was sitting across the aisle from Szymon and Pierre said, "I would love to make you feel more comfortable, if you would like."

Szymon gulped loudly, then nervously replied, "Okay."

Aaron moved out of the way as the man got up and offered his hand to Szymon as he said, "My name is Peter. You have a very beautiful uncut cock, and it will be a pleasure for me to make you feel better."

Szymon shook Peter's hand and replied, "I am Szymon, and this is Pierre next to me. I recently broke up with a long time girlfriend back home in Warsaw."

"Well Szymon, you may not be gay, but that doesn't mean that I can't make you feel very comfortable." smiled Peter.

Peter then knelt at Szymon's feet. As Pierre and Szymon both watched Szymon's cock, it began to disappear inside Peter's mouth. Szymon's flaccid seven inch cock didn't stay flaccid for very long. As it grew to it's erect nine inches, Peter adjusted his technique. Soon, all nine inches of Szymon's cock was going into Peter's mouth, and Szymon let out a deep sigh as he felt Peter's throat massage the head of his cock. Pierre breathed heavily as he watched Szymon have his cock sucked by a man for the very first time. Pierre also began getting very erect. As Peter continued sucking passionately on Szymon's now throbbing cock, he moved between the seats so that he was kneeling in front of both men. Szymon stroked the back of Peter's head, as Peter made his cock feel better than it had in a very long time. Pierre was now leaning down, so he could watch closely as Peter pleasured Szymon's cock. Szymon was now breathing in gasps, as he gently pushed on Peter's head, driving his cock as deeply as he could into Peter's throat. Peter's throat muscles had completely relaxed, and he enjoyed Szymon's cock driving deep into his throat as he massaged the shaft with his lips. As Szymon began to shake and moan, Peter took over. He drove Szymon's cock deep and hard into his throat, burying his nose in Szymon's pubic hair. Szymon let out a loud moan, filled with pleasure, as his cock began erupting into Peter's mouth. Peter hungrily swallowed every shot of cum that blasted from Szymon's cock, as Szymon writhed in his seat.

As soon as Szymon's orgasm ebbed to a stop, Peter drew off of his now deflating cock. Then Peter leaned over the other way, and took Pierre's seven and a half inch erection completely into his mouth. Pierre immediately sat back and sighed deeply, as he stroked the back of Peter's head. As Szymon laid in his seat recovering from his orgasm, Pierre was now reeling from his cock being in another man's mouth for the first time. Peter sucked lovingly on Pierre's cock, caressing every inch of it with his tongue while it was engulfed in his mouth. Peter's tongue traveled from the base of Pierre's cock to the head up one side, then back down the other. Pierre moaned continuously as he sensuously stroked Peter's head and neck. Peter pushed his tongue under Pierre's foreskin, then massaged the head underneath while his lips lovingly stroked Pierre's cock. Pierre began to pant and moan repeatedly, as his cum flowed massively into Peter's mouth. Peter sucked and swallowed, until he had drank every drop of Pierre's cum.

Once Pierre's cock began to soften, Peter let it slide slowly from his mouth. Peter then pulled Pierre's foreskin back, and gently kissed the beautifully resting head. Peter leaned over, and repeated the kiss to Szymon's cock. "It was a great pleasure for me to make both of you feel so good." said Peter, as he smiled up at Pierre and Szymon. "I certainly hope that I get the chance to pleasure both of you and your beautiful cocks again."

"Us too!" replied Pierre and Szymon, breathlessly and in unison.

Pierre then slid over, and the two men had Peter sit between them. Although they were both drained and could not even become erect, they each took one of Peter's hands and had him hold their flaccid cocks. All three men smiled as they sat like that and talked for the next several hours. By the time they had reached Orgasmia, the Euro-Russian delegation was so comfortable that they left their clothes with those from the men of Orgasmia, to be cleaned and readied for the next trip. Gerhardt and Rudi laughed softly when Pierre and Szymon told them that they would spend the next few hours with Peter, while Aaron showed them around Orgasmia. So with that, Aaron, Gerhardt, and Rudi were off on a tour of Orgasmia. The first stop though would be Aaron's house, to tell Mongo and the boys about the trip.

Cary and Robert accompanied the three men there, so they could see their young husbands. Aaron also dragged Brian along, so he could introduce his boys to their new grand-uncle. Needless to say, Aaron's sons were excited when they found out that the leader of Orgasmia was their grand-uncle, and that their dad would someday take over that role. It was a joy for Gerhardt and Rudi to meet Aaron's family, and they were accepted easily by the boys when they found out that the two men were lovers.

Meanwhile, Peter spent his time with Pierre and Szymon teaching them things about pleasure that they had never imagined before. Peter and his two new friends had such a great time that before it was over, Pierre and Szymon happily worked together to make Peter cum. They didn't let Peter cum inside either of them, but it still felt good to Peter.

Meanwhile, Gerhardt has asked if Aaron had a globe. He knew that the people of this dimension were much different than his own, but he still wanted to see what continent he was on. Aaron didn't have one, and had actually never seen one while in Orgasmia. He still figured that they must be near the tropics, somewhere in the western hemisphere. Brian could have answered when Aaron looked to him, but he felt it would be best to show his guests how different this dimension was before he told them.

"There is a globe at the Citizen's Services Building." said Brian. "It's normally off limits for most people, but you are very special guests, so I would love for you to see it."

Brian, Aaron, and Mongo lead Gerhardt and Rudi downtown to the Citizen's Services Building. Then Brian took the lead and led everyone to the private archive vault. They went up to the covered globe, under a light in the corner of the large vault. Most everything in the vault was either covered, or stored in cabinets.

Before Brian uncovered the globe, he said, "There is a very good reason that we keep this down here, where we can restrict it's access. This will be the first time that Aaron or Mongo has seen this too, but I trust them completely. Quite a few different events have happened to the world since it first formed. Some of the events are imperceptible to those not directly involved in them. Some events though are immediately known across the entire planet, and they play a significant role in shaping our world. One such event was the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs. There are a few dimensions where that event never happened. That asteroid had a much larger impact on the shape of the northern continent of the western hemisphere than most people know. The reason I know this is because we are in one of those dimensions where that never happened."

Brian pulled the cover off the globe, to show a North American continent that looked drastically different than what everyone expected. Gerhardt and Rudi looked at the globe in amazement, while Aaron and Mongo both gasped.

"As you can see, the southeastern corner of the continent we are on looks much different than what you expected." said Brian. "The huge gulf that you expected to see there is nothing more than a large inland sea, but still not nearly the size of the gulf you expected. There is a large and wide land mass that goes from what Aaron knows as Florida, down here to what he knows as the Yucatan Peninsula and up to the area known as Texas. The area that Aaron knows as the Caribbean Sea is much smaller than what you expected, and is actually no more than a gulf itself. We are located right in the middle of the area that you didn't expect to see, about one hundred and fifty miles south southwest of this point, which Aaron knows as the city of Key West. That is about the same location of our city of Celestia." Brian was pointing to Celestia on the globe when he finished.

"Are you saying there are dinosaurs around here?" asked Aaron. "I've never seen any."

"Oh my goodness no!" laughed Brian. "Dinosaurs and humans discovered long ago that they couldn't live together. The dinosaurs that use to live on this continent were all killed off by humans in an attempt to protect themselves. The dense and impassable jungles between the two continents are just as impassible for dinosaurs as they are for people, so that's why all of the dinosaurs on our side of the planet live in the southern continent."

"So, did I drop our hanger on a tyrannosaurus earlier?" asked Gerhardt.

"If you sent it to this dimension, the only thing in that area are one hundred and fifty year old ruins." replied Brian. "The only place where people tried to live with dinosaurs were a few cities on the coast of the continent Aaron knows as Africa. With people gone everywhere but here though, the dinosaurs have most likely taken back over. They wouldn't be able to get back into Europe though. Mountains and deserts keep Europe clear of any dinosaurs, so there is pretty much nothing there now."

"What happened to all of the people?" asked Rudi.

"The only ones who survived the great war were the men who went into hiding, then took refuge in this area. Men from around the world had heard that we had gone into hiding from women here, so while the women destroyed all men and women everywhere else, quite a few men hid and then came here when it was over. Once the war had ended, the men rebuilt their society the way they thought it should be, and continued the work they did with traveling to other dimensions. This time though, they had a good reason to go to other dimensions. With nothing but men here now, and none of them wanting women here, they had to begin rescuing gay men and boys who were mistreated in other dimensions."

"Why do you hide the globe down here?" asked Aaron.

"It was brought down here during the early days of the new society of men." replied Brian. "Some of the men they brought here couldn't accept what this represents, and didn't take it well at all. The earliest leader decided that it should be kept down here, and this is where it has been since."

"Why did you have to show us this before telling us where we were?" asked Rudi.

"Because, we are in the what would be the Western States Alliance in your dimension." replied Brian. "Well, actually I guess we're in their gulf, but you get what I'm saying. I felt it would be wiser to show you where we are, and how different this dimension is. Even though we're not them, it would have affected your judgment of us."

"I suppose it might have, even though we would know better." said Rudi. "I guess I would have done the same thing."

"Can we see some dinosaurs before we go?" asked Gerhardt. "As a young boy, I was fascinated by anything concerning dinosaurs."

"Like I said dinosaurs and humans don't mix very well I'm afraid." said Brian. "The herbivores wouldn't be too bad, but quite a few dinosaurs are carnivores. Humans have no defense against them. To them, we're just another warm blooded source of food."

"You said that humans lived with them in Africa though." said Gerhardt. "So, why can't we just see them?"

"I actually said that humans TRIED to live with them in Africa." replied Brian. The two major human settlements there were believed to have spent massive amounts of the money they used then, just on dinosaur loss prevention. The death rate from dinosaurs eating them was still over five percent per year. Outside those settlements, you were four times more likely to be eaten by a dinosaur. It gave them the lowest life expectancy rate on the planet."

"We could be very careful though." said Gerhardt. "We only have to go where there is a good chance that we will only come across herbivores. It would mean so much to me."

"I'll think about it Gerhardt, but we have to complete our mission first." said Brian. "Once we have helped you get the war under control, maybe, but I'm not promising. Not too many of the few people who knows of the dinosaurs likes to take any chances of being eaten by them."

"Thank you so much Brian, it would mean quite a bit to me." replied Gerhardt.

"Did anyone make it out of Africa or Europe to come here after the war?" asked Rudi.

"There were quite a few men who came from Europe." replied Brian. "There were almost as many male survivors there as there was here. There were only a small handful or survivors that came from Africa though. Less than one hundred."

"No one ever mentioned this in my history lesson, but what was the population of the world after the great war?" asked Aaron.

"The population of the planet went from about fifty million, down to a little over five thousand." replied Brian. "The women of the old society were very proficient killers."

"If women were in charge and did that, I could see why the people who were left would have wanted nothing but men in their new world." laughed Gerhardt. "Even though the women of our dimension are much more peaceful, I still prefer the company of other men more. I enjoy the company of my beloved Rudi more than anyone."

"I love you too Ziggy." replied Rudi.

"Ziggy?" asked Aaron with a snicker.

"It's Rudi's pet name for me, and he's the only one allowed to use it." replied Gerhardt. "It really turns me on when he calls that out as we make love."

"Yes, I will be laying on my back, with Gerhardt's big cock slamming in and out of me, screaming Ziggy, Ziggy!" laughed Rudi. "I love that more than anything in the world. I could never take anything like Mongo's cock though. I admire you Aaron, for being able to handle that."

"It's easy to handle that, considering how much I love him." replied Aaron, as he slipped his arm around Mongo.

"Don't let him fool you!" laughed Mongo. "Aaron is the first person who has EVER taken my cock all the way inside him!"

"All of this talk is making me want to go back to your house Aaron!" said Gerhardt, as he pointed down at his now stiffening cock. "I can't wait to feel this inside my Rudi now!"

"You guys go ahead back to Aaron's then." laughed Brian. "I have a few things I need to do around here before we go to the other dimension. Besides, none of us have slept in a while, so it would probably be best to do that first thing tomorrow morning."

The two couples stopped quite a few times on the way back to Aaron's house, so they could share a few passionate kisses with their lovers. Gerhardt and Rudi loved the fact that Mongo and Aaron were married, as they were close to legalizing same sex marriage in their world. Gerhardt and Rudi were planning on having the first gay marriage as soon as the law was passed. By the time they had arrived back at Aaron's house, the boys had prepared a dinner for their fathers and their guests. After a wonderful dinner, and watching the boys playfully kissing and touching each other throughout the meal, It was time for the four men to retire to Aaron and Mongo's room.

Aaron and Rudi laid down on the bed, then turned their heads to each other and smiled as Mongo and Gerhardt prepared themselves. As Gerhardt prepared to push his ten inch erect cock into Rudi, and Mongo lined his cock up to Aaron's pucker, Gerhardt breathlessly asked, "Are you going to put all of that into him Mongo? That would have to go all the way through his rectum and colon both!"

"That's why I can only do that for a few moments at a time, even though Aaron loves it very much." replied Mongo softly. "I can't take any chance of hurting him with my cock. The rest of the time I won't go too much further than the line that has been tattooed on my cock."

"I was wondering what that line was for." said Gerhardt, as he smoothly slid his entire cock into Rudi.

By this time, Aaron and Rudi were holding each other's hand, and Rudi squeezed Aaron's hand tightly as Gerhardt's cock got all the way into him. As Gerhardt intently stared at Mongo's cock sliding into Aaron, Aaron pulled Rudi's face to his and shared a deep kiss with him. Once Gerhardt had watched all of Mongo's cock disappear into Aaron, he looked up and smiled as he saw Aaron and Rudi sharing a kiss. Mongo and Gerhardt then began thrusting in and out of their lovers. After a few very deep thrusts, Mongo pulled his cock out to the line, then carefully thrust in and out of Aaron. When Aaron and Rudi broke their kiss, Mongo and Gerhardt lowered themselves down into their lovers arms. Once Mongo and Gerhardt had finished making love to Aaron and Rudi, and Aaron had finished letting Mongo's excess cum out of him, Mongo and Gerhardt took their cocks into their mouths, and finished making love to them. The four men slept comfortably together that night.

The next morning, everyone got ready to go to the other dimension that they had to visit. Orgasmia's delegation would consist of Brian, Aaron, Terrence, and Wes, along with Cary and his security team. Robert had some work to do with the children of Orgasmia, and he couldn't get away for this trip. Then there was also the four man delegation from Euro-Russia that would go along. Everyone's clothes had been delivered to the Citizen's Services Building, so that is where they all met. This time they would have to take a bus, as due to the other dimension's advances in air travel, they would have no place to land their plane.

The men all boarded the bus, then began to dress as the bus headed toward where they would open the portal. Brian had spent the last evening plotting where to open the portal, and directions to their central government's headquarters. The driver drove through the portal, then followed Brian's directions. Once they arrived at what Brian had determined as the central government's headquarters, they waited to be greeted. Two officials of the governing body finally came out to investigate the odd looking vehicle that had shown up, so Brian and Rudi went out to greet them.

"My name is Jarrel, and my associate here is Raven." said one of the men. "Where do you gentlemen come from in such a strange looking vehicle, and what is it that you want?"

"Hello Jarrel, my name is Brian, and my associate is Rudi." replied Brian. "Rudi and I have come from two different dimensions to seek your help in a matter that we feel could cause an interdimensional rift. May our delegations please have a few moments of your government's time?"

"If you have come from other dimensions, could you please explain to us the physics that would allow such travel?" asked Jarrel.

Brian went ahead and explained the workings of interdimensional travel, and Jarrel and Raven seemed to accept his explanation. They invited Brian, Rudi, and the other delegates inside to discuss their request for help.

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