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by tim

Chapter 23

From the last chapter:

"My name is Jarrel, and my associate here is Raven." said one of the men. "Where do you gentlemen come from in such a strange looking vehicle, and what is it that you want?"

"Hello Jarrel, my name is Brian, and my associate is Rudi." replied Brian. "Rudi and I have come from two different dimensions to seek your help in a matter that we feel could cause an interdimensional rift. May our delegations please have a few moments of your government's time?"

"If you have come from other dimensions, could you please explain to us the physics that would allow such travel?" asked Jarrel.

Brian went ahead and explained the workings of interdimensional travel, and Jarrel and Raven seemed to accept his explanation. They invited Brian, Rudi, and the other delegates inside to discuss their request for help.

"So, let me get this straight, if you'll pardon the expression Brian." said Raven. "You come from a dimension where all females have destroyed themselves, and have left nothing but homosexual men. You had already developed interdimensional travel by that time, so you began to keep your dimension going by replenishing your population with abused and mistreated homosexual males from other dimensions. Is that correct?"

"Yes Raven, that's exactly right so far." replied Brian. "It is the only way that our dimension can survive."

"Why didn't you use your power to resupply your dimension with females?" asked Jarrel.

"Our population has consisted of nothing but gay males for over one hundred years now." said Brian. "At first our people did not trust females, after they nearly destroyed our dimension. Now we have been without them for so long that we really cannot mate with anyone besides other males. I hope that doesn't pose any moral objections to us."

"Not at all Brian." replied Raven. "Homosexuality is quite widely accepted in this dimension. Almost one quarter of our population is homosexual, including myself. It is just another character trait that is welcome and accepted here in the name of diversity. I believe that your rescue of abused or mistreated homosexual males is a very admirable and noble cause, but you have to remember that bringing large numbers of people from one dimension to another could cause an interdimensional rift."

"We had no other choice though." said Aaron. "All of these boys would have been executed by their government because they were gay, and we could provide them with safe and loving homes."

"I'm not saying that you were wrong." replied Raven. "For any government to so coldly execute young boys is unconscionable, and I would have done the same thing. I can remember the first boy I felt an attraction to as a young boy myself, and I can remember how beautiful and right it was. I myself am very glad you rescued these boys, and I'd love the chance to meet some of them someday. You should have used more caution though. You left that dimension so that one side would falsely blame the other."

"In their defense though, the Western States Alliance would have never believed Aaron and Brian if they had claimed responsibility for the mass disappearances." said Rudi. "They would have looked for any way to blame us, as they want to control our entire dimension. If that happens, millions of innocent people will be executed at their hands."

"And you cannot defeat this Western States Alliance on your own?" asked Jarrel.

"We possibly could, but not at this time." replied Gerhardt. "They outnumber us greatly right now. Although our technology is on course to compensate for that, we cannot do so yet. Szymon and Pierre have both infiltrated their camps, and can tell you of their hatred of us."

"They intend to take over our nation, then execute our people who don't share their beliefs." said Szymon. "Once they do that, their intentions are to take over the rest of our world."

"Even though they have no hostilities with the other nation in your dimension?" asked Jarrel.

"They have hostilities with all people of our dimension." replied Pierre. "Those hostilities have just not been realized yet, except with us and their own people. I have met citizens of theirs who long for the chance to someday be as free as the rest of our world is."

"I must say that their government does sound as though it is made up of some truly terrible people." said Raven. "Where do the fears of an interdimensional rift come into play though?"

"None of this would be happening had it not been for our actions." replied Wes. "When we brought such large amounts of people to our dimension at one time, that created an imbalance between the dimensions. The elements that hold all dimensions together can accept those imbalances though, as long as they are not compounded by other factors. When the blame for the disappearances was wrongly placed on the people of Euro-Russia, that became a complication. Now the balance between dimensions will be further complicated by events that would not have happened had it not been for us. If the alliance had waited before trying to attack Euro-Russia, those people would have been better equipped to successfully defend themselves. All of these factors will cause an imbalance between the dimension that is so large, that the elements that hold our dimensions together will begin to unravel now. The damage could be enough to destroy all dimensions."

"Your dimension is more advanced though Brian." said Jarrel. "You could help easily defeat them. Why would you need our help?"

"If we were to help defeat the Western States Alliance, it would be at the cost of many lives." replied Brian. "That would only serve to complicate matters, and could do even more harm to an already dangerous imbalance. With your help, casualties would be kept to a minimum, and their world can return to the way it was before we interfered in it. Then we can make sure they know exactly who is responsible for the disappearance of the boys they intended to murder. That should be more than enough to offset what has been done, and we desperately need to do more than enough to correct the imbalance that has been created."

"Why is that?" asked Raven.

"Because the murder of innocent young boys is set to continue in that dimension." replied Aaron. "We cannot in good conscience allow that to happen. Those boys deserved to be love and nurtured, not brutally murdered for something they cannot control."

"We have studied and researched the possibility of traveling between dimensions ourselves." said Jarrel. "We were at a standstill though, until you gentlemen showed up. From what we learned from you, we should be able to easily accomplish interdimensional travel now. We also have already theorized that the imbalances you fear are a real possibility. It would be in our interests as well to grant your request for help. We may be able to help Euro-Russia defeat the Western States Alliance without much more violence at all. Our people abhor violence, and we have developed non-violent ways of quelling aggression. We feel that we should begin on this right away though, and our methods of traveling to other dimensions will take weeks to develop properly. Those are weeks that we cannot afford to spend right now."

"We would be happy to serve as your agents to travel between dimensions in the interim." said Brian. "We can provide you with the equipment to keep in communication with us and Euro-Russia, and provide all your transportation needs until your interdimensional travel methods are fully developed. There is one thing I want to mention first though. When you begin to travel between dimensions, you will quickly realize that it is also possible to travel through time."

"That could be even more dangerous that traveling to other dimensions though." said Jarrel. "I certainly hope that your people have not attempted that!"

"We also realize the extreme danger in time travel." replied Brian. "We would never consider developing that technology, and we hope no one else does either."

"Then I would say we are in complete agreement on that." replied Jarrel, as he smiled.

"Would you like to visit our dimension now?" asked Aaron. "We can show you where the portal between our dimensions is located, and we can bring the communications equipment back with you that you will need."

"What do you say Raven?" asked Jarrel.

"It sounds like an incredibly exciting idea!" replied Raven. "When can we go?"

"We can be ready as soon as you are." replied Brian with a smile. "There is one thing that I want to warn you about first though. Our citizens wear no clothes. The male body is a very beautiful thing, and we do not believe in covering it. We are only clothed now out of respect to your dimension."

"There is no need for that." said Jarrel. "We are very accepting of people's differences and beliefs here. If you are more comfortable with no clothes, by all means make yourselves comfortable. We have no regulations here regarding the covering of bodies. Half of the people here feel comfortable wearing clothes, but quite a few people in our dimension wear little, or even no clothing."

The men from Orgasmia wasted no time in disrobing themselves, as Raven and Jarrel watched in interest, especially Raven. Once the men from Orgasmia had made themselves naked and comfortable, they thanked their hosts for being so accepting and open minded.

"Trust me, it's out pleasure!" laughed Raven. "You men all look very nice, and you should have never covered your beautiful male bodies. I very much look forward to witnessing and experiencing your customs when we visit your home dimension with you. Would it be disrespectful to begin sharing your customs with you now?"

"It would be an honor for us if you wished to do that." replied Brian, as he smiled again.

As soon as Raven completely disrobed himself, the men from Euro-Russia followed him. Raven's eyes went wide with admiration when he saw Gerhardt's large cock.

"Well, I guess I might as well join in!" laughed Jarrel.

"Gerhardt, your penis is very large and beautiful." said Raven. "May I look at it closer?"

"It would be an honor and a pleasure." replied Gerhardt, as he got up and walked over to where Raven was seated.

"It's just that all men in this dimension are genetically predispositioned to be about the same size down there." said Raven, as he gently examined Gerhardt's cock. Raven gently stroked Gerhardt's cock as it began to stiffen and grow. "This is very wonderful and beautiful Gerhardt." said Raven, as he pulled Gerhardt's foreskin back and forth over the head of his cock.

Raven held Gerhardt's erect cock against the side of his face for a few seconds, then gave it a brief and tender kiss. "Thank you so much for sharing that with me Gerhardt." said Raven. "You have the most beautiful and exciting penis that I have ever seen, and it was a pleasure for you to grant me physical contact with it."

"If you liked his cock Raven, I'm sure you will enjoy meeting my husband." chuckled Aaron. "He is so large that when his cock goes all the way into my throat, the head of it goes into my stomach."

"You must be kidding Aaron!" exclaimed Raven. "If that is the case, it will be a pleasure that I won't forget to meet him!"

The men all laughed together in friendship, as they all got up to go and board the bus to take them to Orgasmia. Jarrel made a report to his government first, and then they were ready to go. Jarrel and Raven were awed as the bus opened the portal to Orgasmia and drove through. They soon got their first looks at the people of Orgasmia, and as Brian had said, they were all very much naked. It was an experience for them to see so many men and boys walking around naked so casually. The bus finally got downtown, and everyone went to Brian's chambers first to discuss their official plans. After a lengthy discussion, Aaron had some men begin loading communications equipment onto the bus they would return in, while all the men went to Aaron's house to get better acquainted.

On the way to Aaron's house, the group came across a pair of boys pleasuring themselves in the grass beside the sidewalk. The two boys, who looked to be about fifteen or sixteen, were eagerly pleasuring each other's cocks with their mouths at the same time. Aaron noticed that Jarrel had taken an interest in the sight of the two boys.

"Are you gay as well Jarrel?" asked Aaron.

"Not technically." replied Jarrel. "I am not attracted to adult males, and I have an adult female mate that I am very much attracted to. I have however found myself attracted at times to the thought of younger males, especially those who have just reached puberty."

"I have a feeling you will love my sons then!" laughed Aaron. "Most of them love to make adult male newcomers feel welcome by pleasuring them. I'm sure they would be eager to provide you with a pleasure that you'll never forget!"

Aaron and the group entered his home to find Mongo and the boys sitting together in the living room. Mongo was holding Ray, and Twinkie and Spaz were also there with their husbands.

"Hello everyone, I've brought a couple of very special guests home with me." said Aaron. "This is Jarrel and Raven from the dimension we just visited. Jarrel and Raven, the man holding my baby son is my husband, Mongo."

Mongo handed Ray to Boy, and stood up to welcome their guests. As Mongo's hand went out to the two men, Raven's eyes bulged and became riveted to Mongo's cock.

"I can't understand why everyone has that reaction when they meet me!" laughed Mongo. "I'm going to assume that you're attracted to men, Raven. Maybe you would like to shake this rather than my hand then."

Mongo reached down and picked up his cock, then handed it to Raven. Raven held Mongo's cock tightly against his body, and immediately became erect. Mongo's cock was laying against Raven's entire torso, and Raven had never imagined feeling such a thing. The boys were all watching and cheering the two men on, as they wanted to see Raven take the head of Mongo's cock into his mouth.

Aaron laughed gently as he reached down and stroked Raven's cock, then said, "If you wish to pleasure my husband's cock, go ahead. He'll enjoy having you do that. Then in the meantime, I'll pleasure your cock."

"In front of your boys?" asked Raven breathlessly.

"As you can already tell, they love to watch men pleasuring each other." laughed Aaron.

Raven looked down at the head of Mongo's cock, just below his chin. Then Raven bent his head down slightly, and kissed the head of Mongo's cock. The boys were cheering the two men on wildly now, so Raven opened his mouth as wide as he could. As Raven took as much of Mongo's cock into his mouth as he could, Aaron knelt down and swallowed Raven's cock.

"That feels very good Raven." said Mongo, as he rubbed and kissed the top of Raven's head.

As Raven felt Aaron giving his cock more pleasure than he had felt in a while, he sucked hungrily on Mongo's cock. The boys had noticed that Raven's partner Jarrel had been left speechless by the site, so Cosmo went over and guided the man over to where the boys were sitting. Robert laughed as he took Ray from Boy, so Boy and Thomas could join in on the fun. The boys began licking and sucking Jarrel all over his body, taking turns with Jarrel's cock. Boy looked up at Jarrel's face, and saw a hunger that was not being fulfilled. Boy then went to where Jarrel's head was resting, and put his dick against Jarrel's lips.

"That is such a beautiful young penis!" moaned Jarrel softly.

As Jarrel took Boy's dick into his mouth, Butch knelt between Jarrel's legs and slid his cock into Jarrel. The other boys continued to eagerly lick and suck at the rest of Jarrel's body. Jarrel was in another world for the next ten minutes, as he had never imagined so many boys pleasuring so much of his body. When the boys realized that Jarrel was on the verge of a massive orgasm, Thomas began sucking very hard on his balls. Cosmo grabbed Jarrel's cock, and aimed Jarrel's orgasm onto his chest and stomach. That way all of the boys could share licking his cum from his body. As Jarrel had the most massive orgasm of his life, he sucked hard on Boy's now throbbing dick. He was rewarded with Boy's cum shooting into his hungry mouth. As Jarrel sucked the last precious drops from Boy's dick, the other boys began sharing his cum off of his chest and stomach. Butch smiled down at Jarrel, as he began emptying his cum deeply inside the man. Jarrel smiled back at Butch, and then his cock erupted for the second time. The boys held Jarrel down as he tried to writhe on the couch, and Thomas took Jarrel's shooting cock into his mouth. The other boys finished cleaning Jarrel, as Thomas sucked the last of the cum from Jarrel's balls.

Back over where Aaron, Raven, and Mongo were pleasuring each other, Raven was also having the most massive orgasm of his life. He sucked hard on Mongo's cock as Aaron drained his cum from him. As Raven's orgasm was finishing, Mongo's was about to begin. Aaron moved up to Raven's stomach because he knew Raven would not be able to take all of Mongo's cum. Raven swallowed as much cum as quickly as he could, but it still flowed in a stream down his chest and stomach. Aaron lapped up Mongo's cum from Raven's stomach as fast as he could. Once Mongo's orgasm had finished, he pulled his cock from Raven's mouth and began cleaning his own cum from Raven's chin and neck, while Aaron was busily cleaning Raven's stomach and chest

"I have never swallowed so much semen in my life!" moaned Raven softly, once he had been cleaned off. "It tasted so exciting!"

At this time Rudi and Gerhardt had just finished making love to each other, and everyone else was applauding the scenes of pleasure they had just witnessed. Jarrel was laying back upright, trying to hold all of the boys in a massive group hug.

"Aaron, I love all of your boys." said Jarrel softly. "They have just given me more pleasure than I could have ever imagined, and I will never forget one moment of this."

"Let me introduce the boys to you then." said Robert. "The one holding the baby right now is my husband, Twinkie. Over with Cary is his husband Spaz. The one who dragged you over here is Cosmo, and then we have his boyfriend Butch, who's cock you felt inside you. The beautiful young boy you sucked to an orgasm is Boy, and his boyfriend Thomas was the one who sucked the last part of your second orgasm from your cock. The other two boys who helped Cosmo clean your cum off you are Spike and Shorty. Finally, the baby my husband is holding is Aaron's youngest son, Ray."

"I can't believe that you and Cary have such young and beautiful husbands." said Jarrel. "You must see yourselves as two very lucky men."

"We're more than just lucky." replied Robert. "We are so blessed that they would be our husbands."

While the boys went on upstairs to take care of the ones who had not yet had an orgasm, the men sat together downstairs and talked more. Jarrel and Raven were now getting a clear idea of what technology to use to restore the interdimensional balance. Once they had made definite plans of when to start, it was time for Jarrel and Raven to return home. Wes and Terrence volunteered to take them back, and they would be the only two needed to help Jarrel and Raven set up their communications equipment.

Once those four were gone, Aaron turned to Rudi and Gerhardt and asked, "Would you two be interested in sharing one more night of hospitality with us? We could make it interesting for you, and go see some dinosaurs in the morning." Then Aaron looked to Brian for approval.

"Okay, okay!" laughed Brian. "We can go see them. We're not getting too close though, and everyone will have to do exactly as I say at all times."

"In that case, we would love to spend another night here!" replied Gerhardt excitedly. "We will need to get in touch with our home though, and give them a report on our progress."

"You can do that from right here at my home office." said Aaron as he smiled.

"Geez Aaron, I have to teach you to lighten up!" laughed Brian. "Even I don't have an office at home!"

And now for...

Jurassic Orgasmia

The next morning, Aaron had gotten Robert to watch his sons for him. Aaron, Mongo, Spaz, Cary, Rudi, and Gerhardt met Brian bright and early at the airport. The plan was to fly to the southern part of the southern continent, and land at a beach there where there was plenty of open land nearby. That would put them in an area where there would be a greater concentration of herbivores, and not quite as many carnivores. The carnivores tended to be more heavily populated nearer to the jungle areas. There was still a chance that they could run across some carnivorous species though, so Brian wanted everyone to be very careful and alert. The pilot finally found a good spot to land before getting too low on fuel to make it home, and everyone cautiously stepped off the plane onto the beach. Cary had brought along a couple of very high powered rifles just in case, as he had been teaching Spaz to shoot. The group then set out toward the open plain nearby, with Spaz and Cary flanking both sides of the group, with their rifles in hand. As they neared the clearing, Brian heard some rustling in the brush just ahead of them.

"Keep quiet and still everyone." said Brian, in a low tone. Brian carefully went ahead of the group, and carefully peered through the brush. Then he motioned for everyone to join him slowly. "Okay everyone, they are herbivores." said Brian. "You still want to be careful though. Their club-like tails can do an awful lot of damage it they hit you with them."

The group looked into a small clearing just off the plains ahead, and saw a mother Stegosaur with two smaller ones.

"Oh my goodness!" exclaimed Gerhardt softly. "They are so beautiful. Even more so than in any books I've seen!"

"Shh, I think they know we're here." said Brian. "Get ready in case we have to move back quickly."

The mother Stegosaur did see the humans, but they seemed to be keeping their distance from her family, and the humans seemed more afraid of them than they did of the humans. The mother Stegosaur decided that the strange creatures were no threat to her family. After everyone had seen enough of the Stegosaur family, they moved carefully around the clearing, making sure to keep their distance. Brian finally led everyone out onto the plain, and several different species could be spotted right away. Brian did not see any carnivores amongst the animals on the plain, as they would usually make their presence known very quickly.

"You can see several smaller species moving around in the shorter grass near the edge of the plain." said Brian. "These guys are fairly harmless, but they probably won't let you get too close once they spot you. Out toward the middle of the plain are a few herds of medium sized animals. Among them are a group of Triceratops. Those are about the most docile of all dinosaurs, but if you cause them to feel threatened, their horns can be lethal. The herd of extremely large animals are Brachiosaurs. The only larger animal you would ever see would be a Brontosaurus, but you can tell when they're around long before you see them. All of the animals seem to be very relaxed, so it may be safe to go out among them. Remember to keep your eyes and ears open though."

As the group went out onto the plain, the smaller animals did run away a little, then turned to watch the strange creatures. The herd of Triceratops that Brian had pointed out did seem to notice the group, but they did not act like they felt threatened.

"Do you think it would be safe to get closer to them Brian?" asked Gerhardt, as he pointed at the Triceratops.

"Like I said, they are very docile." replied Brian. "They may let us approach them. Whatever you do though, do not make any threatening or aggressive movements!"

The group slowly and cautiously approached the herd of animals, who did not seem to be frightened of them. They continued to move carefully until they were what Brian though to be amazingly close to the animals. Gerhardt moved in the closest of all, until he was standing within arms reach of the animals.

"I think they actually like us." said Gerhardt softly.

The animal Gerhardt was standing next to took a mouthful of dry grass, then looked up at Gerhardt as it chewed. Gerhardt reached out and softly stroked the shield toward the back of the animal's head, which it seemed to like very much.

"They do like us." said Gerhardt softly in disbelief. "They know that we won't hurt them, and they seem to enjoy having contact with us."

Spaz carefully put his rifle over his back, and approached another one of the animals. It looked at Spaz, and indicated that it was okay with his presence. Spaz reached out and gently stroked the animal on it shoulder. Spaz looked directly into it's eye as he petted it, and the animal almost seemed to smile at Spaz. Then the animal lightly licked Spaz's leg. Spaz laid his head against the animal as a gesture of friendship.

"They are so beautiful." said Spaz softly. "They really do seem to genuinely like us too. When you see something like this, it makes you wonder why man can't live with these animals."

Aaron stooped down in front of his son's friend and petted it's nose as he replied, "That because not all dinosaurs are as beautiful and friendly as these wonderful animals are."

"They are quite magnificent, aren't they?" said Cary, as he pressed his body against one of the animals' sides, and rubbed it's back gently."

"I know we couldn't live with all dinosaurs, but it would be nice if we could bring animals like this to Orgasmia." said Spaz, as he nuzzled his head into the animal's side.

The animal turned it's head from Aaron, and gently ran it's tongue up the back of Spaz's leg, resting it's tongue on Spaz's butt.

"I think this one is falling in love with you son." laughed Aaron softly. "He better hope that Cary isn't the jealous type."

"Oh God, his tongue feels so incredible there!" exclaimed Spaz softly.

The animal finally removed it's tongue from Spaz's butt, and turned it's head back toward Aaron. Aaron petted the animal on the nose again as he chuckled, "I think my son is falling in love with you."

"If he can't tell that from the way my boner is poking into his side right now, I don't think he'll ever figure it out." laughed Spaz, as he hugged his new friend tightly.

"You better not be over there fooling around on me, no matter how cute he is." chuckled Cary, as he petted his friend on the back.

"He licked my butt first." laughed Spaz. "I can't help it if he has incredibly good taste."

"Your butt is what has incredible good taste." laughed Cary. "That's why he was licking it."

Spaz finally took his erection out of the animal's side, then came around beside Aaron and sat down right in front of it. Spaz leaned down and kissed the gentle animal on the nose, then said, "I wish I could take you home with me big guy, but I'm afraid you'd never get through the door of our plane."

The animal put it's head down, and sniffed at Spaz's erection. Then it gently licked Spaz there, and nearly made Spaz pass out. Spaz bent down and put his face against the dinosaur's, and gently caressed the other side of its face.

"Oh God, that was incredible!" gasped Spaz softly to his friend. "I love you. There has to be some way he can come home with us dad!"

"Even if the council would consider placing more harmless animals in Orgasmia, we would have to do a lot of research first son." replied Aaron. "I know this grass looks the same as the grass we have at home, but it could be completely different. This part of the planet hasn't evolved the same as some other parts of the planet has. Besides, I'm sure he eats more than just this grass. We would have to know for sure that we have vegetation that would suit his needs."

"Then if all that checks out okay, can he come live with us?" pleaded Spaz.

"I'll check with the council tomorrow, okay son?" laughed Aaron.

Spaz rubbed the side of his face against the dinosaur's and asked, "Would you like to come live with us sometime boy? I could see you every day, and we could love each other forever."

Spaz could swear that the Triceratops gently shook it's head yes. As the group became more and more affectionate with the Triceratops, and they became more affectionate with the humans, the other smaller animals came out to join the group. It seemed as though the Triceratops' had convinced some of the other animals to be more friendly and affectionate with the humans. Gerhardt had four different types of dinosaurs around him, all wanting his attention and affection now. He felt like a little boy in a toy store. Before the group realized it, it was time to head back to the airplane if Gerhardt and Rudi wished to return home today.

"Please, let's spend a few more hours with these wonderful creatures." begged Gerhardt. "Rudi and I can return home tomorrow."

As soon as Brian had said okay, everyone felt the ground shake. All of the animals with Brian and his group perked to attention.

"What was that?" asked Spaz softly but urgently.

Then the ground shook again. The animals seemed to go back to their affectionate behavior somewhat, but still remained alert.

"I'm not sure, but I think we may be meeting a Brontosaurus very soon." said Brian. "If it were a Tyrannosaurus, these guys would have run over us to get out of here."

The ground continued to shake at a regular interval until they saw the head of the huge Brontosaurus poke up above the trees. The smaller animals seemed content to stand their ground until they knew where the huge animal was going to go. Everyone watched as the Brontosaurus passed across the end of the plain, and back into the trees.

"That was incredible!" exclaimed Gerhardt softly. "You can still feel the ground shake!"

"I think that one would definitely be out as a pet." quipped Spaz.

The group laughed lightly, then spent a few more hours with the smaller dinosaurs. When they were finally ready to leave, the dinosaurs almost acted like they didn't want to see them go. Spaz's friend followed them to the edge of the plain.

Spaz kissed the animal on the head and said, "I promise I'll come back to see you Topper."

Spaz rubbed Topper's head lightly for a moment, then the group headed back to the plane. Everyone talked excitedly about the trip all the way back to Orgasmia.

This one is probably shorter than I wanted it to be but the last few paragraphs were written after learning of the death of my youngest brother. I wanted to get it posted though, because I may need to take a brief break. I will get back to my writing as soon as I can though. Please send all comments to: Thanks for reading, and I promise to return with more soon.