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I apologize for the delay between chapters. Due to the sudden death of my youngest brother as the last chapter was being finished, I needed to take a break. I would like to tell everyone of an incident that happened during that time. I travel with my older brother to the funeral, and we checked in at the Fairfield Inn by Marriott in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. My brother, his son, and his girlfriend checked in to a double room, and paid with cash. I checked in to a single room by myself after being quoted a lower rate, and paid with my check card. When I received the charge slip when checking out, I had been charged the same rate as my brothers party. The hotel would not return my call until I contacted Marriott headquarters. Then the hotel manager told me that it was their policy to charge one person in a single room the same rate as three people in a double room. I just want everyone to know how Marriott treats their guests in times of grief.

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by tim

Chapter 24

From the last chapter:

The ground continued to shake at a regular interval until they saw the head of the huge Brontosaurus poke up above the trees. The smaller animals seemed content to stand their ground until they knew where the huge animal was going to go. Everyone watched as the Brontosaurus passed across the end of the plain, and back into the trees.

"That was incredible!" exclaimed Gerhardt softly. "You can still feel the ground shake!"

"I think that one would definitely be out as a pet." quipped Spaz.

The group laughed lightly, then spent a few more hours with the smaller dinosaurs. When they were finally ready to leave, the dinosaurs almost acted like they didn't want to see them go. Spaz's friend followed them to the edge of the plain.

Spaz kissed the animal on the head and said, "I promise I'll come back to see you Topper."

Spaz rubbed Topper's head lightly for a moment, then the group headed back to the plane. Everyone talked excitedly about the trip all the way back to Orgasmia.

When Terrence realized how late it was going to be when Aaron and his party returned from South America, he brought the six year old boy who he had told Premier Galliani about, plus the boy's best friend. Both boys looked forward to having a mommy again. When Aaron finally got home, Terrence took Gerhardt and Rudi aside.

"Gentlemen, this is the boy I had told Leona about, the one who wants a mommy." said Terrence, as he introduced the boy. "His name is Mouse because I guess he was a quiet boy. This other boy is his best friend Spanky. I guess Spanky was quite adept at making mischief. I'm sure that Leona may want to change both their names, and both boys have said they would be fine with that. Mouse and Spanky, this is Gerhardt and Rudi from Euro-Russia, in you old dimension. Their Premier cares very much about the boys like you in the Western States Alliance, and she has said that she wants to adopt both of you, and love you as your real mommy would. Would you like for their Premier to be your mommy?"

"Do the people in Euro-Russia have horns?" asked Spanky. "My daddy always said that people from Euro-Russia had horns, and they liked to eat children."

"I'm afraid your daddy was terribly misinformed." replied Rudi as he smiled. "The people of Euro-Russia are very kind and friendly. We know nothing but love and compassion under normal circumstances. As for eating children, children are very special and precious to us. We would die to protect all of our children, and would never dream of harming a child. That much I can prove to you now."

Rudi took Spanky into an embrace, and gave the boy a warm and loving kiss on the lips. Then Rudi looked lovingly into Spanky's eyes, as he softy stroked the top of the boy's head. "Did that make you feel as though I love you, or that I would like to eat you?" asked Rudi.

"That felt really nice Mister Rudi." replied Spanky. "That was the first time anyone made me feel that loved. Can you do that again?"

"I would love to do that for you." smiled Rudi. "You are a very nice and beautiful boy."

Rudi gave Spanky another very loving kiss on his soft little lips, and caressed Spanky's back gently. Then Rudi handed Spanky to Gerhardt, who gave Spanky the same kind of affection. Rudi held his arms out to Mouse while Gerhardt gave Spanky a kiss, and Mouse smiled shyly as he stepped into Rudi's embrace. Rudi and Gerhardt both gave Mouse the same warm and loving kiss that they had given Spanky. Both boys giggled delightfully after Rudi and Gerhardt had finished showing them affection.

"Just so you boys know, it is very common for a father to kiss his son like that to show them that they are loved." said Gerhardt.

"We think we'll like it in Euro-Russia then!" giggled Spanky.

"That is very good, because I'm sure that your new mommy Leona will love you even more." smiled Rudi. "Would you boys like to go see her tomorrow?"

"Yeah!" replied both boys eagerly.

"Well, my work here is done." said Terrence, as he too smiled. "Tell Madam Premier to make sure that she gives both boys plenty of love. I'm sorry that we don't have any clothes for them, but we thought they would be spending the rest of their lives here. The next time we have a raid, we will have you along with us, and you can take as many boys as you like directly back to Euro-Russia."

"Don't worry about the clothes Terrence." said Rudi. "Both boys are very adorable the way they are right now. We'll let Leona decide if she wants to clothe their precious bodies."

Rudi and Gerhardt kept the two boys with them that night, and slept with Mouse and Spanky comfortably nestled between them. The next morning, Rudi and Gerhardt woke up very carefully, as to not disturb the two sleeping boys. Rudi laid on his back next to the sleeping boys, while Gerhardt carefully slid his cock into Rudi.

"Oh Ziggy, that feels so nice." moaned Rudi softly.

The boys continued to sleep through most of Gerhardt and Rudi's love-making, until the two men became louder than they realized. As soon as both boys were awake, they became fascinated by Gerhardt's cock sliding in and out of Rudi's butt. Gerhardt was also passionately stroking Rudi's cock for him. By the time they realized that the boys were watching, it was to late for them to stop what they were doing.

"Ooh!" exclaimed both boys, as Rudi's cock erupted on his chest and stomach. Then they watched Gerhardt pant and moan as he shot his cum deeply into Rudi.

"Did your cock do what Rudi's just did, except inside him?" asked Spanky in amazement.

"Yes!" panted Gerhardt.

The boys then watched as Gerhardt licked Rudi's cum from from his chest and stomach, then swallowed it eagerly. As soon as Gerhardt laid next to Rudi to recover, the boys jumped on top of both men for a good morning kiss. By the time the boys had their fill of affection from the two men, it was time to get cleaned up for breakfast. As soon as breakfast was over, Aaron and Brian would escort the two men and two boys back to Euro-Russia.

As soon as the plane passed through the portal, everyone began to get dressed except the boys, who had no clothes. By this time though, they had become so use to being naked that they didn't care. The plane was cleared to land at the air base in Berlin, then Gerhardt took Mouse's hand while Rudi took Spanky's hand. Aaron and Brian followed as the two men led the naked boys from the plane to the waiting car. Once at the main government building, Gerhardt and Rudi led the two boys to the Premier's office.

Leona looked up at her visitors and exclaimed, "Oh my goodness! Boys, please come to me. You are such beautiful young boys! To think that those animals were going to riddle your beautiful young bodies with bullets!"

Leona wrapped her arms around both boys, who didn't know what to think, but liked the attention. As she hugged both boys tightly, she gave each one a gentle kiss. "Would you boys please allow me to be your mommy?" asked Leona.

"I'd like that a lot!" chirped Mouse.

"Me too!" replied Spanky.

"Aaron and Brian, I can't thank you enough for bringing me two such wonderful young boys!" said Leona. "I will certainly love and cherish them both. I'm afraid now though, we have business to discuss. My operatives have told me just this morning that the Western States Alliance Army is preparing for a massive assault one week from today. Are your friends going to help us?"

"Yes Madam Premier, they will." replied Brian. "We should go to the air base right away to contact them about this!"

"Rudi and Gerhardt have the authority to handle this." replied Leona. "Please go and make sure that help arrives in time Rudi."

"Yes Madam Premier, I will take care of this." replied Rudi.

"Okay Rudi and Gerhardt, let's go and I'll show you how to contact them any time you need to." said Brian.

The four men quickly made their way back to the air base, and Brian showed Rudi and Gerhardt the settings to contact Jarrel and Raven. Then they tried to contact them. When Jarrel came on the screen, Rudi said, "Hello Jarrel, this is Rudi from Euro-Russia."

"What can I do for you my friend?" replied Jarrel.

"We have just learned that our enemy plans a massive assault that could quickly turn things in their favor." said Rudi. "They are planning to launch the assault against us one week from today."

"That's sooner than we expected, but we can be ready for them." replied Jarrel. "Are our friends from Orgasmia with you?"

"Yes Jarrel, Brian and I are both here." replied Aaron.

"Okay Aaron, can you send us a bus and six heavy transport vehicles in twenty four hours?" asked Jarrel. "We will have quite a bit of equipment that will need to be transported to Euro-Russia."

"We can do that." replied Aaron. "What will you need in the way of planes to get to Euro-Russia?"

"If you have large cargo aircraft, two of those and a passenger aircraft should be fine." replied Jarrel.

"Then we will have those waiting when you get to Orgasmia tomorrow." replied Aaron.

"Thank you very much Aaron." said Jarrel. "And Rudi, do not worry. We will make sure that their assault is completely ineffective."

"Thank you so much Jarrel." replied Rudi.

Once the conversation with Jarrel was over, Brian said, "Well, we have much to get ready by tomorrow, so we should be getting back. You can expect our planes to return with our friends in thirty two hours."

"Thank you so much Brian." said Rudi.

"And thanks for the dinosaurs too Aaron." said Gerhardt.

"It was our pleasure." replied Aaron with a smile. "Maybe the next time you visit, we may have some much closer for you to see."

Aaron and Brian then got back aboard their plane, and took off back to Orgasmia. Once they landed in Orgasmia, Brian and Aaron began arranging the transportation that Jarrel had requested. The planes were already set up, but the trucks that Jarrel needed would have to be set up for inter-dimensional travel. Brian ordered a special crew of mechanics to begin work on converting the trucks right away.

The fleet that Jarrel had requested was ready to go right on time, so they headed to the portal to Jarrel's dimension. Once there, Jarrel and Raven had the trucks loaded quickly. Then Jarrel, Raven, and fifty hand picked men and women boarded the bus. Once back in Orgasmia, the convoy headed directly to the airport. Aaron and Brian met them there, so they could wish Jarrel and Raven good luck.

"Who needs luck?" asked Jarrel as he laughed, then headed aboard the plane.

The next day was finally business as usual, or at least as usual as could be expected in Orgasmia. Robert was still gathering information on the next round of planned executions of boys. The Alliance wasn't taking any chances this time. They had set up a facility that they felt was impenetrable, and would gather all their victims before murdering any of them. It was expected to take about one month to accomplish this across the entire alliance. Robert would have to keep a close eye on the progress of the war though, because their new execution facility was on the rugged coastline near the Bering Straits Bridge. If Robert could plan this just right, and the war worked in his favor, most of the one million boys they estimated to hold there could go directly to Euro-Russia. Robert knew that the kind hearted people of Euro-Russia could provide most of the boys with safe and loving homes.

The Council also had a backlog of prospective new citizens, which Wes took to get his facilitators busy on right away. The final order of business was a proposal by Aaron, as promised to Spaz, to send a research team to South America to investigate bringing some of the fairly harmless herbivores to Orgasmia. They would have to research the food source there, then see if it were compatible to vegetation in Orgasmia. For some of the Councilmen, this was the first time they had heard that dinosaurs existed in their world. A vote was postponed until the next council meeting, so the Councilmen could consider what this would mean.

At the council meeting the next day, Wes reported that his facilitators were getting started on the backlog of new citizens. Brian reported that he had been in contact with Jarrel in Euro-Russia. Everything was now being set up, and they felt that they would be able to repel any attack by the Western States Alliance. Also, if they could meet up with Robert in time, the Euro-Russians would gladly take in any boys from the Alliance. Finally came the time to vote on Aaron's proposal. By a narrow margin, Aaron's proposal was accepted. This was under the condition that Cary's security department would provide very strict security for the research team that would travel to South America. Spaz hugged and kissed his dad repeatedly that evening when he was told the news. He wanted to go back with his husband, so he could see his friend Topper again.

By the time the research team was ready to leave for South America, the council had heard from Euro-Russia. The planned assault by the Western States Alliance was crushed the moment it started. Not one Euro-Russian was even injured, although the Alliance did suffer a few unavoidable casualties when their planes suddenly fell from the sky. Robert would have to work closely with Jarrel, Raven, Rudi, and Gerhardt now, so as not to push the Alliance back across the bridge too soon. He wanted that event to coincide with their next assault on the Western States Alliance.

The plane carrying Cary, Spaz, the security squad, and the research team landed in the same spot as before. Cary carefully led the group through the small stretch of brush between the beach and the plains. Cary heard some rustling in the brush off to their right, and the security team went on the alert. Cary had studied dinosaurs quite a bit in preparation for the trip, and recognized the small animals that came from the bushes as Compsognathuses. Cary immediately drew his rifle, but did not fire.

"Are they dangerous?" asked Spaz, as he too drew his rifle.

"They normally feed on animals smaller than themselves, but they have been known to hunt in packs, and take down much larger animals." replied Cary. "As long as we have them outnumbered, they shouldn't try anything with us. I need everyone to keep moving very carefully toward the open plain. I want half of the security squad to take the lead, and the other half to take the rear."

The Compsognathuses looked the people over for a few seconds, then scurried back into the bushes to look for smaller prey that didn't outnumber them. Cary and Spaz led the first group of the security squad, as the entire group continued toward the plain. Once the group made it there, Spaz began looking around for the herd of Triceratops. The Triceratops herd had been resting in the taller grass when they heard the people enter the plain. One of the animals stood to investigate the noise. Upon remembering their friends, the entire herd rose and began heading toward the group. Spaz immediately spotted Topper, and went out to meet him.

Cary smiled at Spaz as he said, "This looks like a good spot for our research. I want our security squad between the research team and the edge of the plain. Our friends out on the plain will let us know if anything dangerous approaches from the other direction. We need as much information on the vegetation of this part of the world as we can get, especially anything that you notice any of the dinosaurs grazing on. As you can see from my husband, most of the herbivores on the plain are very docile animals. As long as you don't threaten them, you'll have nothing to worry about."

By this time Spaz had reached Topper, and gave his friend a warm hug. Topper almost seemed to smile as he came in contact with his human friend. Topper gave Spaz a good sniff, then stuck his tongue out and gently licked Spaz, starting at his chest and working down. Topper's tongue felt very nice against Spaz's skin, so he let his friend continue. When Topper's tongue came in contact with Spaz's genitals, Spaz immediately became erect. By this time, Cary had caught up with Spaz and Topper, and was now taking pictures of the two friends. All it took was a few licks from Topper's tongue for Spaz to begin moaning softly as his body shuddered. Cary smiled and clicked away as he watched his husband 's orgasm. Topper then looked up at Spaz, and Spaz gently licked his cum from Topper's head. Then Spaz hugged and kissed his friend.

"I love you Topper." said Spaz softly, as the animal nuzzled gently into Spaz's side.

Cary finally approached the two and said, "I guess I don't mind sharing you with such a good friend. You may want to teach him to clean you off though."

Then Cary knelt down and lovingly cleaned the cum from Spaz's cock. Spaz and Topper were practically inseparable after that encounter. Topper would follow Spaz everywhere, ocassionally playfully licking at Spaz's butt.

One of the researchers remarked to Cary, "If I didn't know better, I would swear that animal thinks of Spaz as a female Triceratops! The bond between the two of them is incredible!"

"I don't know much about the anatomy of a Triceratops, but I doubt Spaz would want to let Topper try to mate with him!" laughed Cary.

"It would be quite intense for the boy." replied the researcher. "I would estimate that animal's penis to be roughly the same size and shape as that of a full grown horse. That would probably be more intense and traumatic than Spaz would want."

Cary did relay that information to Spaz, who's eyes went wide with shock. Then Spaz laughed as he said, "I think Topper and I will just stick with being friends for now."

"I don't blame you there my love." laughed Cary.

The other animals did seek out attention from the group of people, although not quite as affectionately as Topper had been with his friend. The humans found the animals that surrounded them to be very friendly, inquisitive, and docile. They were beginning to hope that the vegetation here would be nutritionally compatible to the vegetation of Orgasmia. Even the security detail near the perimeter of the plain got in on it, when they were approached by a young Stegosaurus.

"Watch out for it's tail!" said one security officer to his friend, as the animal approached them.

"It's okay." replied the other officer. "I've been told that he will only use it if he feels threatened."

The officer slowly stooped down to the level of the young animal as it's mother watched from the edge of the clearing, then held his hand out in a friendly manner. The Stegosaurus sniffed the man's hand, then moved in a little closer. The animal enjoyed the contact, as the security officer lovingly stroked it's head. The Stegosaurus was now completely at ease around the human visitors, as his mother and the rest of her family came out to join them. Cary and the researchers noticed that as they continued their work.

"It's really a shame." said one of the researchers. "If it weren't for the carnivores, our two species could be the greatest of friends. They look like such loving and loyal animals."

"Yes, until you meet a Tyrannosaurus or Raptor." laughed Cary.

"Please don't say those two words." chuckled the researcher. "We certainly wouldn't want them to show up. Except for the Compsognathus we encountered earlier though, I haven't seen any signs to indicate other carnivores in this area. It would be nice if we could transport all of the herds of this plain to Orgasmia, as long as they could consume our vegetation."

"That could be a problem with the Brontosaurus we saw here the last time." smiled Cary.

"Well, you've used an outdated name for the animal, but I always liked Brontosaurus better myself." replied the researcher. "So, you actually saw one of those the last time?"

"Yes, it traveled across that far end of the plain." replied Cary as he pointed.

"It must have been very impressive!" remarked the researcher.

"It was, especially the way it shook the whole plain when it walked." replied Cary. "By the way, what is the current name for a Brontosaurus?"

"The currently used name is Apatosaurus." replied the researcher. "Like I said though, I was always fond of the term Brontosaurus. The actual translation of that word means thunder lizard, and I think it's a fairly adept description."

"Me too!" laughed Cary.

The more Spaz and Topper played together, the more Spaz acted like a little boy again. Cary took plenty of pictures of them, as well as the other animals. He knew that whenever Aaron presented a proposal to bring some of these animals to Orgasmia, he would need quite a bit of help to convince the council. At one point during the day when Spaz had to pee, Topper patiently watched as his friend relieved his bladder. Then Spaz got a chance to see Topper relieve his bladder. Spaz got down on all fours to watch closely, and Topper did not mind being examined by his friend. It almost looked like Topper knew what his friend wanted to see, as he unsheathed his organ while urinating. Spaz rubbed Topper side gently as he stared wide-eyed at the large organ. When Topper had finished his business, Spaz stood back up and hugged his friend.

"You ARE hung like a horse, aren't you buddy?" laughed Spaz.

Topper replied by gently licking Spaz's crotch once.

"I would almost like to do that Topper, but you would kill me with that." said Spaz warmly, before covering his friend's face with kisses.

By the end of that first day, Topper had coaxed Spaz into climbing up onto his back for a ride. Topper's hide rubbing against Spaz's bare butt felt very good to Spaz. As Cary clicked away, he realized that Topper would have to come back to Orgasmia with Spaz somehow. The boy and the Triceratops had now become inseparable best friends. The group would spend the night aboard their plane that night, and return to the plain bright and early the next morning to finish their work.

Topper did not want to let his friend return to the plane though. He seemed to know that Spaz would have to return home soon, and he didn't want to be separated from him until then. Cary reluctantly agreed that he and Spaz both would spend the night with Spaz's friend out on the plain. That night, Spaz and Cary snuggled up against Topper's side underneath the stars. Cary looked deeply into Spaz's eyes, then their lips met. Topper watched, and seemed to smile, as Cary and Spaz made love while nestled up against him.

The next morning, Cary and Spaz awoke to Topper licking them both to an erection. Cary and Spaz hugged each other tightly, and kissed passionately while Topper gently stimulated both of them with his tongue. Cary and Spaz both had a massive morning orgasm, and Topper almost smiled as though he were satisfied with what he had done for them. Spaz would spend the rest of their time there, perched atop Topper's back. At about mid-day, the lead researcher came up to Cary.

"I don't see too much difference nutritionally between the vegetation here, and in Orgasmia." said the researcher. "It may look different due to evolution being slower here, but the genetic structure is fairly similar. I think the herbivores of this plain could adapt easily to Orgasmia."

"I know someone who will be happy to hear that!" smiled Cary, as he pointed to Spaz and Topper.

"We may even be able to do something about the Brontosauruses, if we can find their herd." said the researcher. "They may not be able to get on a cargo plane, but a large enough ship would work. Brian may know where to find one of those, as there use to be plenty of them when women ruled our world. Besides, I would love the opportunity to see a Brontosaurus."

Just then, the ground began to shake as if on cue. "I think you may get that wish." replied Cary.

The smaller animals moved away from the far end of the plain, and once again didn't seem too concerned. Cary scanned the trees at the far end of the plain, and this time saw several heads poke up over the trees. The ground shook quite a bit, as a herd of eight of the huge animals moved out onto the edge of the plain. This time, they seemed to be content to stay there.

"Oh my God!" exclaimed the researcher. "They are more beautiful and impressive than I could have ever imagined! I have to see if they will let me move closer without feeling threatened."

The researcher then began to slowly move closer to the herd, as they stood there and lazily grazed at the vegetation around the edge of the plain. The researcher moved closer and closer, without realizing how close he was getting. Cary thought it was much too close for comfort, but he didn't want to spook the huge animals. Then one of the larger adults lowered it's head to look over the human that had approached them. The researcher now knew that he had moved closer than he had wanted to. Cary held his breath as he watched.

"You could kill me in an instant with one of your huge legs, but you don't want to, do you?" the researcher asked the animal.

The Brontosaurus pointed it's head downward, so it could sniff the human with the nostrils at the top of it's head. Then the animal looked at the human as though he had been accepted by the herd. The researcher reached out slowly, and softly caressed the animal's massive head.

"You are a very large, beautiful, and gentle creature, aren't you?" asked the researcher, who was falling in love with the contact with the herd of huge beasts.

Several of the Brontosauruses sought the attention of the human, as they peacefully grazed at the edge of the plain. When they had finished, they carefully moved around the human, so as not to harm him, and moved back into the trees. The researcher was awestruck at the shaking of the ground so close to the herd. Once the animals had left, he rejoined the group.

"That is something that will live with me forever!" exclaimed the researcher. "They are the most magnificent animal I could ever dream of seeing, much less have physical contact with! I think I could die a very happy man at this moment. You could actually hear the rocks they had ingested before grazing, grinding the food in their stomachs! I never knew for sure that it was true that they did that, but it is!"

"Well, let's hope you live long enough to help Aaron and me bring some of these animals to our home." laughed Cary. "I can't believe how such a large creature could be so gentle though. It was an amazing sight, although a bit scary at first."

"You're telling me?!" replied the researcher as he laughed. "I almost peed when I realized how close I had gotten to them!"

As the research team prepared to head back to the plane to go home, Spaz had to say good-bye to his gentle friend again. "I have to go again now Topper." said Spaz, as he hugged the animal lovingly. "We'll come back soon though, and you and your friends can come to live with us. Then I can be with you all the time, forever. I love you Topper, and I can't wait to come back and take you to my home. We can find you some nice girl Triceratops to take along with you too, so you can start a family in your new home." Then Spaz kissed the animal lovingly on the lower part of it's jaw and said, "I love you Topper, and I promise I'll be back really soon."

Topper followed the group to the edge of the plain, then gave Spaz one last lick. Topper's tongue started at Spaz's butt, forcing itself between his cheeks, then licked all the way up to Spaz's neck. Spaz turned slowly to let Topper's tongue trace around to the front of his neck, then he bent his head down. Spaz gave Topper's tongue a deep and passionate kiss, letting just the tip of it enter his mouth. Spaz sucked on the tip of Topper's tongue as he gently caressed the sides of his head. Then Spaz broke the contact and stared deeply into Topper's eyes.

"I am so in love with you Topper, you big romantic guy!" smiled Spaz. "I just hope Cary isn't the jealous type of husband, because I love showing you how much I love you."

Cary smiled as he put his arm around Spaz and said, "I think you have more than enough love in that big heart of yours to share with me and your friend. I'm not going to be the least bit jealous of Topper. He's a lucky Triceratops, just like I'm a lucky man."

The two then waved good-bye to Topper as they headed toward the plane. The trip home was spent telling Cary how he and Aaron had to talk the council into bringing their dinosaur friends to Orgasmia.

Robert was still working with everyone in Euro-Russia, coordinating their efforts for an assault from two dimensions. The Alliance would be allowed to hold a certain position inside Euro-Russia until Orgasmia was ready to strike. As soon as the round up of gay boys had been completed by the Alliance, Orgasmia would send in it's assault team to the execution center, as Euro-Russia drove the Alliance back across the Bering Straits. Once all the boys who had been rounded up, which would be close to one million, had been taken to safety across the straits, the bridge would be secured by Euro-Russia. That was provided that the bridge was not destroyed by the Alliance.

As Robert worked on the details of that plan, Aaron began to prepare his proposal to bring dinosaurs to Orgasmia. He would call on Cary and the research team to speak to the council, while showing the Councilmen some of the less risqué pictures that had been taken. After several days of preparation, Aaron made his pitch.

"Dinosaurs are not bad." said Aaron to the council. "They are animals, just like us. Just because some are herbivores and some are carnivores, that doesn't make them bad. They are only following the course that nature had set for them. A long time ago, this continent use to be covered with dinosaurs. Because people feared the carnivores, they wiped out all dinosaurs on this continent, regardless of whether they were carnivores or herbivores. That wasn't nature, it was a mistake made by mankind. As you can see from the photos you've been shown, and the testimony from those who were there, we had nothing to fear from the herbivores. They are very gentle and docile creatures, and it would have been to our benefit not to have exterminated them from this continent. I want to fix that mistake now. All of the building blocks are still there for these creatures who should have been our friends to thrive on this continent once again. I don't want to bring back all dinosaurs mind you. I know that the carnivores would once again be in direct competition with mankind, and someone would have to lose. The settlements in Africa before the Great War is proof of that. It would be a great benefit to us to bring back our friends the herbivores though, and let them thrive again on a continent that was their home long before man arrived. I hope you will vote with me in favor of this plan."

Aaron was shocked when the vote came out unanimously in favor of his plan. An area just outside Orgasmia City, that resembled their home on the plain in South America, was chosen as the site to reintroduce dinosaurs to the continent. The plan was turned over to Aaron to implement as soon as possible. When Aaron told Spaz about the vote, Spaz covered his father with kisses. Spaz cried from joy as he thanked Aaron for making it possible to let his friend come to live with them.

After talking to Brian, Aaron chose a crew to go and get some of the largest ships that had ever been built. Those that hadn't been destroyed in the Great War were mothballed in ancient cities to the north, on the coast. Aaron wanted to bring all of the dinosaurs to Orgasmia on ships, thinking it would be less stressful to them, but Spaz would not let up until he agreed to bring the first herd of Triceratops to Orgasmia aboard cargo planes. Besides, some of the animals would require building a dock in South America that could withstand incredible weight. Aaron agreed to send the cargo planes the following day, along with the equipment to clear a trail between the beach and the plains.

Spaz giggled like a little boy as the plane he and Cary were on set down near the beach. The plane was backed close enough to the beach for it's rear ramp to set down on dry land, then anchored in place. Clearing a trail to the plains turned out to be tough work. They had to avoid the small clearings that were home to the Stegosaurus, then build a barricade to keep the Compsognathuses from ambushing any people or animals using the trail. During the week it took to clear the trail, Spaz spent most of his time with his friend Topper. Everyone on the work crew would take the opportunity to watch the boy and Triceratops, who were both obviously in love with each other. The sight made everyone smile as they watched the two play with each other. Topper seemed to take great delight in making his friend feel good on occasion, and watching Spaz and Cary together.

Then on the day that the trail would be finished, Cary stumbled across a sight that stopped him dead in his tracks. Spaz was laying on his back beneath Topper, and the animal had unsheathed it's penis. Then Spaz began to lovingly lick his friend's exposed organ. Topper now looked more happy and stimulated than Cary had ever seen him, as Spaz continued to arouse his friend. Spaz couldn't fit the organ in his mouth, so he put as much love and passion into using his tongue on Topper's penis as he could. Cary could see how much the animal was enjoying what Spaz was doing, and his cock was hard as steel too. Cary stroked himself faster and faster as Topper became more aroused. When Topper began to ejaculate, Spaz had no idea what to expect. As Topper covered Spaz from head to toe with a thick layer of semen, Cary had a massive orgasm from stoking himself. As Spaz walked toward the nearly finished trail, covered with semen, he came across Cary who was laying on the ground to recover from his orgasm.

"I guess I'll know better than to do that again without being prepared." said Spaz, as Topper's semen dripped from his lips.

"I think you look beautiful like that!" said Cary breathlessly, as he got back to his feet.

Cary then took Spaz tightly in his arms, and pressed their lips together. They kissed passionately as Topper's semen smeared over both of them, and ran into their mouths. When Cary and Spaz went to the ground in a sixty nine position, Topper came over to watch. It didn't take Spaz long to have the most massive orgasm of his life into Cary's mouth. Once Spaz was finished, Cary had a second powerful orgasm. As Cary and Spaz laid in the grass on their backs resting. Topper gently licked both their chests.

It took about an hour for Cary and Spaz to recover enough to go to the stream they had been using for bathing, and bathe their bodies off. Then Cary radioed for the other two cargo planes to join them. After having an early dinner, Cary and Spaz sat in an embrace, and kissed deeply while waiting for the planes to arrive.

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