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by tim

Chapter 25

From the last chapter:

Cary then took Spaz tightly in his arms, and pressed their lips together. They kissed passionately as Topper's semen smeared over both of them, and ran into their mouths. When Cary and Spaz went to the ground in a sixty nine position, Topper came over to watch. It didn't take Spaz long to have the most massive orgasm of his life into Cary's mouth. Once Spaz was finished, Cary had a second powerful orgasm. As Cary and Spaz laid in the grass on their backs resting, Topper gently licked both their chests.

It took about an hour for Cary and Spaz to recover enough to go to the stream they had been using for bathing, and bathe their bodies off. Then Cary radioed for the other two cargo planes to join them. After having an early dinner, Cary and Spaz sat in an embrace, and kissed deeply while waiting for the planes to arrive.

Once the other two planes had landed, Cary thought he would have a hard time figuring out how to get the herd of Triceratops to get on board the planes. Spaz laughed as he watched Cary try a few different approaches.

"Well my dear young husband, why don't YOU give it a try?" said a frustrated Cary.

Spaz ran out and hopped on Topper's back and said, "Hey boy, do you want to come home with me now? We can be together all the time!"

Topper then circled the entire herd, grunting and squealing. When it looked as though all of his friends were following him, Spaz pointed Topper toward the trail.

"I'll be damned!" exclaimed Cary, as the entire herd followed Topper toward the trail.

When the herd made it to the beach, they looked somewhat confused and nervous. Then Spaz pointed Topper at one of the planes and said, "We have to get on those to go home boy!"

Topper reluctantly started up the ramp that Spaz had pointed him to, and the rest of the herd began boarding the planes a few at a time. Within about thirty minutes, the entire herd had finally been coaxed by Topper and Spaz to get on the planes.

"I would have never believed that if I hadn't seen it!" exclaimed Cary. When he got onto the plane, Cary went back to the cargo hold and said, "Okay Spaz, we're ready to take-off now. I want you to come up here out of the hold now."

"But Cary, I have to ride back here!" begged Spaz. "Topper and the others might get nervous if I don't!"

"I'm afraid they might anyway, which is why I want you up front." replied Cary.

"Can I at least stay back here until we level off?" begged Spaz. "I need to keep Topper from getting scared. Then he can tell the others that it's okay."

"Get Topper to the front of the hold then, and stay right by the door." said Cary. "If it looks the least bit dangerous back there, get up here on the double! Do you understand?"

"Okay my love, I promise." replied Spaz.

The herd did seem a little nervous as the planes started to take-off, but Spaz kept Topper calm, and it seemed to help the rest of the herd, even the animals on the other planes. When Cary looked back in the hold after they were well under way, Spaz had his head resting against Topper's side, and was gently petting him. Topper looked very happy.

"There's nothing sweeter than a boy and his dinosaur!" chuckled Cary as he smiled.

It was a long trip back to Orgasmia, and Spaz went back and forth between the front of the plane and the cargo hold several times. By the time the planes approached Orgasmia, Cary finally came up with a plan to get the herd to where they wanted them after they landed. The planes would taxi to the most remote part of the airport, then Spaz and Topper would lead the herd to their new home. Spaz liked that idea quite a bit because it would give him about a ten mile ride on his friend's back. Cary walked along with the herd, and smiled as he kept an eye on Spaz and Topper. By the time the herd was where they wanted them, it was getting late. Cary had radioed for someone to meet them at the relocation site, but gave Spaz a few minutes to say good night to his friend anyway. By the time Spaz and Cary left to go home, it looked like Topper and the herd were very happy with their new home.

While Cary went to the council meeting the next day so he could give his report on the first relocation of dinosaurs to Orgasmia, Spaz went back out to see his friends. The animals looked very happy this morning, so Spaz decided he would spend the whole day with them. Topper was very happy to see his young friend, and spent several minutes at first just gently licking Spaz all over.

"I love you too boy." said Spaz, as he gently kissed his friend on the face.

The council meeting was very interesting, but not because of Cary's report. As soon as Cary was finished, Robert stood up.

"Gentlemen of the council, I have some very disturbing news this morning." said Robert. "The Western States Alliance did not see themselves suffering any kind of defeat to Euro-Russia. As a result of their recent defeat, they have stepped up the gathering of gay children and teenagers in their territory. Executions are planned to begin one week from today, and we are looking at a little over one million boys aged sixteen or under. The thought of that many boys being executed by firing squad makes me very sick and upset. I have already been in touch with Jarrel and the leaders of Euro-Russia this morning. Jarrel has promised that he will have a plan to push the Alliance across the Bering Straits before the executions begin. I will need to work with Cary around the clock until we have our end of the rescue mission in place."

"Can you do that Cary?" asked Aaron.

"Just try to stop me!" replied Cary. "Let's go Robert, we have some boys to save!"

Back at Topper's new home, Spaz had just had his cock licked to a nice orgasm by his friend, and was now resting against Topper's side as the animal laid contentedly in the open field. Spaz breathed deeply and smiled, as he felt Topper's side rise and fall in a contented rhythm.

"I love you so much Topper." said Spaz, as he gently rubbed the sheath that protected Topper's penis. "It's not even because you make me feel good sometimes either, although that is fun."

Topper grunted his response, as he enjoyed the attention of his boy.

"It's because you have such a gentle and peaceful soul." said Spaz. "Yours is one of the most beautiful souls on the planet Topper. I'm so glad that you wanted to come here and be my best friend. I should bring my brother Boy out here to meet you too. You'd love him as much as you love me."

"Spaz!" yelled Boy's voice off in the distance. "Where are you Spaz?!"

"Wow Topper, isn't that a coincidence!" said Spaz, who then raised his hand as high as he could and yelled out, "I'm over here with my friend!"

A few moments later, Spaz and Topper were joined by Boy and Thomas. "Wow!" exclaimed Boy. "Most people are afraid to get too close to them right now, but he looks really friendly!"

"He is friendly." smiled Spaz. "He's my best friend, and I love him very much. Topper, this is my brother Boy, and his boyfriend Thomas. Boy and Thomas, this is Topper."

Topper then lifted his head toward the two boys like he expected them to pet him. "Go ahead and pet him guys." said Spaz. "He really likes that. If you're lucky, he might show you how much he likes it too."

Boy and Thomas both petted Topper gently for a few moments, then Topper gently stuck out his tongue and licked Boy's genitals a few times. Then he reached his tongue over and did the same thing for Thomas.

"Oh man!" exclaimed Boy. "That felt really cool!" Then Boy reached out and petted Topper some more, followed quickly by Thomas.

"I think Topper likes you guys too!" laughed Spaz lightly. "He likes to make people feel good when he likes them." Then Topper grunted very lightly at Spaz, who replied, "Do you want to get up boy?"

When Topper grunted lightly again, Spaz stood up and let his friend get to his feet. Topper then looked at Boy and Thomas, and lightly nodded his head upward.

"He wants to give you guys a ride." said Spaz. "Would you guys like that?"

"You bet we would!" replied Boy excitedly.

Topper smiled as Spaz helped the two smaller boys climb up on his back. Then he gently took them around his new home. He almost acted like he was showing off his new friends to the other animals. Boy and Thomas laughed and giggled as Topper took them around and around his home. Spaz smiled as he watched his brother and his brother's boyfriend ride around on his best friend.

Meanwhile, Robert and Cary began planning an assault on the Bering Detention and Execution Facility. The facility had been built on the coastline, but it was very rugged terrain, and the waters there were icy cold. That would deter any escape attempts, as anyone going into those waters would not last long. Cary and Robert had their monitoring equipment focused on the facility now. They were both amazed at the number of boys being held there, most of whom looked as though they knew their lives would soon be over. Since the facility was built as a temporary facility though, Cary knew they would find a weak spot.

After a few hours of intense searching, Robert spotted a cove where the terrain wasn't quite as rugged. He and Cary determined that they could bring their large cargo planes into the cove, which was also nearest to the guard quarters and administration. Their assault would have to be quick and forceful, and timed very well with Euro-Russia. Then Cary and Robert went into conference with Jarrel, Raven, and Gerhardt, and a coordinated plan began to be developed.

Spaz was once again laying back against Topper's side. Topper's hide felt very smooth and nice against Spaz back, and Spaz loved running his hand gently over Topper's side. Topper laid there and watched, as Boy and Thomas engaged in a sixty nine. After Topper would reach out with his tongue and gently lick the butt of the boy that was on top for a few minutes, the boys would trade places so Topper could get at the other boy's butt for a few minutes. Boy and Thomas both enjoyed the feel of Topper's tongue as they pleasured each other's dicks. Topper really seemed to enjoy seeing the two boys have their first orgasms inside each other's mouths. Then Spaz switched places with Boy and Thomas. As Boy and Thomas laid back against Topper's side and watched, Topper began gently licking Spaz's cock. After ten minutes, Spaz moaned softly in pleasure as Topper licked him to an orgasm, while Boy and Thomas watched in awe.

When early evening approached, Aaron went in search of the three boys. He had a pretty good idea of where he could find them. As Aaron approached the three boys, he smiled at the sight of all three of them laying against Topper's side and softly snoring. He almost hated to wake them, but it was time to get home for supper. After the boys had been awoken, Topper followed Aaron and the boys back to the road. All three boys gave Topper a hug and kiss, before telling him they would see him tomorrow and got in Aaron's car. On the way to Aaron's house, Aaron explained to Spaz that Cary would most likely be working through the night, and he could spend the night tonight with his brothers if he wanted to. Since Twinkie and his sons would be there too, Spaz eagerly agreed to stay at Aaron's tonight.

Robert and Cary worked through the night with their friends in Euro-Russia, and had the basis of their plan worked out by morning. Jarrel and Gerhardt would have their forces drive the Western States Alliance Army back to the bridge and hold them there. When Orgasmia began their assault of the detention facility, Euro-Russian troops would quickly push across the bridge and secure it. They would have to take quite a few prisoners in the process, but they could be returned home later. The Euro-Russian troops would then make it to the detention facility as Orgasmia finished securing all the guards and facility personnel. One hundred thousand boys would be taken aboard Orgasmia's cargo planes, while the rest, over nine hundred thousand boys, would be taken back across the bridge to safety in Euro-Russia. Premier Galliani promised that all of the boys would be loved and cared for by the people of Euro-Russia. Cary and Robert could only hope that this plan would go as well as it looked on paper.

When Spaz, Boy, and Thomas got ready to go out and see their friends the next day, quite a few of the boys in Orgasmia followed them. Once they saw Spaz, Boy, and Thomas greet Topper and begin playing with him, the boys began to venture out amongst the herd. Topper's herd seemed very happy and excited to have so many boys come out to play with them, and all of the animals in the herd had soon made several good friends amongst the boys. It seemed that this was exactly why they had followed Topper and Spaz to a new home. Topper seemed to smile as he watched the members of his heard playing gently with all of the boys who had come to see them.

Spaz kissed Topper on the side of his face and said, "It looks like you and all of your friends are going to be very happy here boy. All of us love you and your friends very much." After that day, the numbers of boys coming out to play with the dinosaurs would increase every day.

After almost a week of planning, it was now time for Orgasmia to begin it's assault. The first wave of small planes went in, and cut off the guards and administration as quickly as they could. The boys at the facility knew that they would begin to be executed the next day, and the explosions and gun fire scared them quite a bit. Not one missile came close to where the boys were being housed though, as the pilots from Orgasmia hit their targets very precisely. When the ground forces from Orgasmia went in off the first cargo plane, there were still some guards who wouldn't give up without fighting. They were quickly eliminated, as Cary's forces had trained very well for this. Cary wanted the top administration safely detained though, as he wanted to make sure they knew exactly who was responsible this time. By the time the detention facility had been secured, Euro-Russian troops had secured the bridge, and were now streaming across with every transport vehicle they had available, to take the boys to safety in Euro-Russia. As the front line of troops fought through very light resistance between the bridge and the detention facility, Cary had the facility administration gathered outside the administration building.

"My name is Cary Dobson, and my people and I have come here from a place called Orgasmia." said Cary. "I know you have never heard of our country before, but I assure you that we do exist. We were also responsible for rescuing the first group of boys that you were going to coldly murder. If it were up to me, you and your leaders would be rounded up and executed for the horrible crimes you have committed. My leader wants you to take a message to your leaders though. Your nation is under constant surveillance by my nation. We can strike at you anytime we wish, and without the help of Euro-Russia. The only reason we have joined with them now is that you savagely attacked them for no reason, and we feel they deserve the opportunity for you to pay for that. Also, since you do not know how to love and care for the boys in your nation the way you should, all the boys in this facility will be removed from your care. Since there are over one million boys here now, Euro-Russia will be helping us provide love and care for your children. Now I am going to leave you with a warning. You cannot, or never will be able to defeat us or Euro-Russia. If you ever make any attempt to execute any more boys in your nation, we will come back and finish our job here. We will never allow one more boy to be executed by you monsters. God may be the one who eventually makes you and your leaders pay for what you have done, but if you give me any reason whatsoever, I will be happy to come back here to hasten your meeting with him."

Once Cary's speech had ended, he had his forces lock up all facility personnel in a section of empty cells so they could complete their mission. Then a group of four boys who were being taken to the planes heading to Orgasmia stopped at Cary. The boys seemed to range in age from eight to fourteen.

The oldest boy in the group asked, " Mister Cary, does this mean that my brothers and I are not going to be killed because we like other boys?"

Cary smiled down at the nice looking boy and asked, "What is your name son?"

"My parents named me Pansy, because they said they could tell I liked other boys too much." replied Pansy. "These are my brothers Not Again, You Make Me Sick, and Why Us God?"

Cary was stunned. Then he said, "Pansy, your new name is Pete. Not Again, your name is now Noah. You Make Me Sick, your new name is Steven. Why Us God?, your new name will be William. Your old parents should be ashamed of naming you boys the way they did, but I want you to be my sons now. And Pete, you can love any boy you want, and I will never do anything but love, help, and support you. Would you guys like to be my sons now?"

The four boys smiled at each other, then Pete replied, "Sure dad! Thanks for the really cool new names for me and my brothers!"

The four boys engulfed Cary in a group hug as he stood there naked. Then Cary felt the side of one boy's head resting against his crotch. Cary looked down to see the youngest boy William snuggling up against his cock.

"William, I'm your dad now." said Cary. "Besides, I have a husband back at our home that I love very much."

"He doesn't want to have sex with you dad." giggled Pete. "For one thing, you're our dad now. And besides, he's still too young for that. He just likes feeling another guy snuggled into the side of his face. He usually falls asleep like that every night against mine. It's the only way he can fall asleep."

"I guess in that case it's okay William." smiled Cary.

"Thanks daddy." chirped William. "Do you go around naked all the time?"

"Everyone in Orgasmia does son, even boys like you." replied Cary.

"Do you mean we get to go around naked all the time?!" exclaimed Noah. "That's so cool!"

"Speaking of cool, let's get on the plane now." said Cary. "Even though it is summer here now, it's still a little chilly to be naked!"

The boys all laughed as they dragged their new daddy down to the waiting planes. Once all of the planes from Orgasmia had been crammed full with one hundred thousand boys, which took every plane that Orgasmia could prepare, the people from Euro-Russia took over. A line of vehicles now stretched back ten miles onto the bridge, waiting to take the rest of the boys to their new home. The tremendous fleet of planes then took off one by one, heading back to Orgasmia.

As the planes began to warm back up to a more normal temperature, Cary's new sons began losing their clothes. As soon as William was naked, he hopped into Cary's lap and began giggling. Then William snuggled his head tightly against Cary's chest and said, "I'm going to like having you as our new daddy!"

"When he gets like that, he usually likes you to do this." said Pete, as he stroked Williams genitals lightly. "It's nothing sexual to him, it just makes him feel comfortable."

Then Pete stopped and motioned for Cary to take over. Cary caressed the boy very lightly, which made William snuggle into his lap even more. Cary gently caressed the boy for the next fifteen minutes, until William began softly snoring in his lap.

"If you got him to nap, that means you did really good dad." smiled Pete.

"Your youngest brother is very adorable Pete." smiled Cary. "But all of my new sons are very good looking."

"Thanks." giggled Pete. "William is my baby brother though. I've always taken care of him from the time our parents figured out he would be like the rest of us, and stuck him with that awful name. He is the sweetest little boy you would ever want to meet."

"Well, you're a very nice young man for taking such good care of him and your brothers too." replied Cary. "By the way, how old are you guys?"

"I'll be fifteen in a few months." replied Pete. "William just turned eight."

"I'm twelve!" said Noah proudly. "I had sex for the first time just before they took us away!"

"He's kinda proud of that!" giggled Pete.

"I can tell!" laughed Cary. "I hope it felt really good Noah, and I hope you get the chance to do it again soon. How about you Steven?"

"I'm too young to have sex yet." replied Steven. "I'm only ten."

"I think dad kinda meant to ask how old you were there brother." snickered Pete.

"That's okay Steven, it's good to know that you haven't had sex yet."

"I will though as soon as I can make that white stuff come out." replied Steven. "I can make it get stiff, but I just can't make that white stuff come out."

"There's no rush for that Steven." said Cary. "It will happen when you get a little older, when it's time for you to start doing that. Just concentrate on being a beautiful little boy for now."

"Wow, dad thinks I'm beautiful!" exclaimed Steven. "Thanks dad!"

"You're welcome, my beautiful son." smiled Cary.

"Back at the prison, you said you had a husband." said Pete. "Do you call your female mates husbands where you're from?"

"No son, there are no females where I'm from." said Cary. "When we marry our male mate, we call him our husband. That makes me his husband as well."

"Wow!" exclaimed Pete. "Everyone in your country is like us? What is your husband like. Will he be our daddy too?"

"I guess he will be your daddy too." replied Cary as he smiled. "His name is Spaz, and he's very good looking. He's fifteen now, so you'll be the same age as him soon Pete. He likes dinosaurs a lot."

"What boy doesn't?" laughed Pete. "It's too bad they're extinct!"

"Who says they're extinct?" replied Cary, as he noticed they were about to open the portal to Orgasmia. "You boys may want to hold onto something."

"What was THAT?!" asked Pete, after they had passed through the portal.

"That was the portal between your old dimension, and the dimension that Orgasmia is in." replied Cary. "There are many different dimensions that exist side by side, and the people of Orgasmia can travel between the different dimensions. So, we came to this dimension to rescue you boys. All of the men and boys in Orgasmia are gay, and we rescue gay men and boys in other dimensions that are being mistreated because they're gay. Also in our dimension, dinosaurs aren't extinct."

All of the boys looked at Cary with shocked expressions, except William who was still taking a nap. Then Pete began laughing.

"That was a good one dad!" laughed Pete. "You had me going there for a while! Now really, what was that back there?"

"I was serious son, it was a dimensional portal." replied Cary sincerely.

"Okay, I'll tell you what." said Pete. "If you can show me a real live dinosaur after we land, I'll believe you."

"That shouldn't be a problem." replied Cary. "That's probably where Spaz will be. Dinosaurs seem to be extremely popular with boys."

Brian and Aaron met the planes as they began to land. Even with all of the busses in Orgasmia, it was going to take quite a while to get this many boys to the hotels. Then each room would be packed as tightly as they could get it. Cary's plane was the first to land, and he immediately took his sons to meet Brian and Aaron. By that time, William was awake, and excitedly holding his daddy's hand.

"Brian and Aaron, I would like you to meet mine and Spaz's new sons." said Cary. "The cute little guy holding my hand is William, then from oldest to youngest we have Pete, Noah, and Steven."

"I'm twelve, and I had sex for the first time just before we were picked up!" said Noah proudly.

"He is very proud about that too!" laughed Cary.

"Congratulations then Cary." chuckled Brian. "You have four very fine looking sons there!"

"Did Spaz go out to visit Topper today Aaron?" asked Cary.

"What kind of a crazy question is that?" laughed Aaron. "You know he's there waiting for someone to drag him away. Then again, so are all of my kids except Ray. You can use my vehicle if you'll get my kids and drop them off at home so Mongo can feed them."

"Okay Aaron, thanks!" replied Cary. "Come on boys, let's go see some dinosaurs!"

As Cary pulled up to the field outside of town, he immediately spotted Spaz, Boy, and Thomas riding around the field on Topper. Cary sons were left speechless by what they saw, except for William.

"Look! Look!" said William excitedly. "It's real live dinosaurs! They're so cool!"

Cary laughed as he took William's hand so he wouldn't get away, then led the four boys out to Topper. "Hi Topper, are you taking care of Spaz and the other boys?" asked Cary, as he petted Topper gently.

"Would he mind if I petted him daddy?" asked William.

"I'm sure he'd love it son." smiled Cary.

William reached out and petted Topper very gently, and Topper replied by lovingly licking the small boy's chest.

"Who are the boys, my love?" asked Spaz, while Topper continued licking a madly giggling William.

"These are our new sons dear." replied Cary. "Come on down here and meet them."

Spaz slipped down off Topper's back, and went to where the four boys were now taking turns petting Topper and being licked.

"Okay, the oldest one is Pete, and he'll be the same age as you in two months." said Cary. "Then we have Noah, who's twelve and had sex for the first time just before they were picked up."

"It was fun too!" added Noah.

"Then we have Steven, who's only ten and can't make white stuff yet." chuckled Cary. "Finally, the adorable little eight year old who is falling madly in love with Topper is William."

"Watch what Topper wants me to do everyone!" said William excitedly.

William straddled Topper's lower horn with his legs, then laid against Topper's head and stretched out to grab his two upper horns. Topper then lifted the naked giggling and laughing boy high into the air, and gently lowered him back to the ground.

"I think Topper loves me." giggled William. "I know I love him!"

"I think you did a great job picking out our sons." smiled Spaz, as he embraced Cary with a kiss.

Don't worry everyone. After this chapter the dinosaurs will remain friendly and affectionate, but they will calm down some and stop being such pervs. I'm not guaranteeing anything about the boys though. Please send all comments to: Thanks for reading, and I'll see you in Chapter 26.