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by tim

Chapter 26

From the last chapter:

"Watch what Topper wants me to do everyone!" said William excitedly.

William straddled Topper's lower horn with his legs, then laid against Topper's head and stretched out to grab his two upper horns. Topper then lifted the naked giggling and laughing boy high into the air, and gently lowered him back to the ground.

"I think Topper loves me." giggled William. "I know I love him!"

"I think you did a great job picking out our sons." smiled Spaz, as he embraced Cary with a kiss.

After gathering up Aaron's kids, Cary and Spaz headed everyone to the road. Topper followed the group, and gently licked William all the way there. This made William giggle like crazy, because Topper's tongue tickled. When the group made it to the road, and William turned to say good-bye, Topper licked him once more from his feet to his head.

"Topper really does like you William!" snickered Spaz. "I think he wants a good-bye hug and kiss."

William stretched his arms around Topper's head as much as he could, and nuzzled the side of his face into the side of Topper's face. Then William turned his head and gave Topper a very nice kiss on his cheek.

"I love you Topper." said William. "I'll come back and see you as much as I can."

Then all of Topper's other friends gave him a nice good-bye hug. Topper looked very happy to have so many boys as his friends. Once they got to Aaron's house, Mongo asked Cary, Spaz, and their new family to stay for dinner. Cary and Spaz agreed, and after dinner, he introduced Mongo to the boys. By this time William was in Cary's lap and nuzzling into Cary's chest, so Cary gently stroked his genitals.

"The oldest boy is Pete, and he's fourteen." said Cary. "Then we have Noah who's twelve, and had sex for the first time just before they got picked up."

"And it was fun too!" said Noah.

"Right, and it was fun too." laughed Cary. "Then we have Steven who is ten and hasn't had sex yet because he's not old enough to make white stuff. Finally, the adorable little boy in my lap is William. He likes cuddling like this just because he likes the contact, not for any sexual reasons."

"I'm your daddy too now William." said Spaz. "Would you like to sit in my lap?"

"Sure!" said William. "I like having two daddies now!"

William then jumped out of Cary's lap, and jumped up into Spaz's lap. As soon as William nuzzled into Spaz's chest, Spaz began to gently caress the boy.

"That feels nice, daddy Spaz." cooed William.

"Make sure you don't play with him daddy Spaz, he doesn't like that." said Pete. "Just caress him like you are now."

"I'll try to remember that." smiled Spaz.

By the time Cary and Spaz got ready to go home with their family, William had dozed off in Spaz's lap. Spaz put his hand underneath William's butt gently, and picked him right up against his chest.

On the walk home, Pete said, "You'll like having William sleeping with you."

"I thought he usually slept with you Pete." replied Cary.

"He does, but you and Spaz are his daddies now." replied Pete. "The only reason he slept with me is because our real daddy would have never allowed such a thing. Now that you and Spaz are his daddies, I'm sure he will want to be with you until he grows out of this stage."

"But what if Spaz and I want to make love?" asked Cary. "We are married, you know."

"Just lay him on the bed beside you until you're done." replied Pete. "I'm sure he'll be fine until then. Just make sure that when you finish, he's cuddled with one of you like I told you about earlier. Are either of you more comfortable sleeping on your back than the other?"

"Spaz usually sleeps on his back while I cuddle into his side." replied Cary.

"Then I guess you're the lucky daddy Spaz!" smiled Pete. "Cary will show you what to do when you all get ready to go to sleep for the night."

That night, after Cary and Spaz finished a passionate sixty nine with William snoring softly beside them, Cary had Spaz lay on his back.

"This is the only way that William will sleep all the way through the night my love." said Cary.

Cary gently picked William up, then laid the boy between Spaz's legs. Then Cary laid the side of William's head directly on Spaz's groin. The sleeping boy instinctively snuggled the side of his face into Spaz's genitals, then smiled as he continued to snore softly.

"I know at some point I'm going to have an erection like this." said Spaz.

"Yeah, Pete said it's pretty much unavoidable." replied Cary. "Pete said his erections never bothered William at all though, so yours shouldn't either my love."

Then Cary snuggled into Spaz's side, while their youngest son slept snuggled tightly against Spaz's groin. As Spaz began to drift off, he could feel his cock becoming erect. William just snuggled even tighter against Spaz's cock and balls, and Spaz enjoyed the feeling as he drifted off to sleep. The next morning, Spaz awoke surprisingly well-rested. As soon as he looked down at William snuggling against his cock and balls though, his cock began to stiffen.

"Oh-oh!" peeped William. "Daddy Spaz is getting a stiffy! Are you going to take care of it the way Pete usually does?"

"No son, that's what he married me for." smiled Cary. "I take care of most of daddy Spaz's stiffies for him. Now, why don't you run and take a shower while I take care of this?"

"That's no fun!" replied William. "Pete usually let's me watch him take care of his morning stiffy. It's really cool when that white stuff comes out!"

"Okay baby boy, why don't you just scoot over then, so I can take care of your daddy Spaz." laughed Cary.

As William watched, Cary moved down in the bed and took Spaz's cock into his mouth. Cary gently began to caress Spaz's cock with his lips, causing Spaz to moan softly.

"That looks like a lot more fun that the way Pete does it!" squeaked William, as he watched his daddy Cary make love to his daddy Spaz.

After about five minutes, Spaz began moaning louder. William watched in interest as his daddy Spaz approached his orgasm. Then he saw his daddy Cary begin to swallow something as his daddy Spaz writhed on the bed. Cary sucked lovingly until Spaz's orgasm faded away.

Then Cary sat up and said, "Okay son, your daddy Spaz is all taken care of now."

"I didn't get to see the white stuff though." said William. "It came out while his stiffy was in your mouth."

"That's because I like the way your daddy Spaz's white stuff tastes." smiled Cary. "Well my love, and my son, I have to get ready to go down to the Citizen's Services Building and see if Aaron and Brian ever got all the boys into rooms last night. They might still be at it this morning! Then I have to contact our friends in Euro-Russia to see how things went."

"I'll make breakfast while you shower then dear." replied Spaz. "Do you want to help with breakfast William? Then we can all go see Topper this morning!"

"Sure daddy Spaz!" replied William cheerfully.

Cary had the most wonderful breakfast he had ever had, with Spaz and his new sons. As he left to go check on everything, he gave Spaz a passionate good-bye kiss, then kissed each of his four sons on the cheek. The boys were now very happy to have two very loving dads. When Cary got downtown, he had a message from Aaron that they would finish having all of the boys who were brought in yesterday settled into rooms within the hour. Then they would go home to take a brief nap before coming downtown. Then Cary went to contact his friends in Euro-Russia.

"Hello Rudi, this is Cary." said Cary, when he had established a connection. "I just wanted to check and see how everything went after we left."

"Hello Cary." replied Rudi. "The people in charge of the detention facility were very unhappy as we cleared the facility of the last of the boys being held there. The convoy is safely in Euro-Russia now, and is making it's way to Berlin. We are preparing a facility here to check the boys over and house them, until they can be adopted into loving families. That should not take long, as we have many citizens interested in adopting boys from the Alliance."

"Have you heard anything from the leaders of the Western States Alliance yet?" asked Cary.

"Not yet Cary, but we are expecting to soon." replied Rudi. "We have taken all of our Alliance prisoners back across the bridge and released them, and the bridge is now secured by our forces. Our friends Jarrel and Raven are helping us install a defense system to prevent them from using the bridge without our approval."

"So then, I take it everything is back to the way it use to be?" asked Cary.

"Yes Cary, very much so." replied Rudi. "Our people are very happy and secure now, thanks to you and your friends. Plus, we now have almost one million new and loving young citizens. We wish for a group from Orgasmia to come to Berlin soon, so we can show you our appreciation."

"I'll give that message to Brian and Aaron as soon as I see them." replied Cary. "I'm sure that they would love to visit with you soon. And remember, you and Gerhardt are welcome to visit here anytime, as our guests."

"We will definitely take you up on that." replied Rudi. "We are going to adopt some of the boys who are on their way here, so Gerhardt and I will have a family to bring on our visit as well."

"I'm sure that you and your mate Gerhardt will make wonderful fathers to some very lucky boys." replied Cary. "You two seem to have enough love to share with a very large family of young boys."

"Thank you Cary." replied Rudi. "Jarrel has said that he will contact you in a week or so. He wants to make sure that everything is set up here so that we will never again have problems with the Alliance."

"That sounds great." said Cary. "That will give us the perfect opportunity to come and see our friends again. Well, I have to check with our housing facility to see how things are going there. I'm sure that Aaron will also want to speak with you later."

"Okay Cary." said Rudi. "Thank you again for everything you've done for us. We feel that we have made great friends with your people. Good-bye for now Cary."

After Cary's call to Rudi, he went out to the hotel district, where the newly arrived boys were being housed. He caught up with Terrence, and a very tired looking Aaron and Brian at the main housing facility.

"We're glad to see you Cary." said Aaron. "Brian and I have been up all night, so we need to go home and rest a little. Terrence could sure use some help here though. Most of the boys are very confused about what is happening right now, and all of the hotels are in quite a state of chaos."

"Yeah, I noticed the lobby was kind of hectic when I came in." smiled Cary. "I'll see what I can do to help Terrence, so you two can go get some rest. By the way, Rudi would like for us to go to Berlin sometime soon, so they can show us their appreciation."

"I'll call him and Gerhardt after Aaron and I get some rest." replied Brian. "In the meantime, we wish you two good luck with all of these boys. The nursery unit has been set up on the two lower floors of this hotel, and we have quite a few volunteers here this morning to help care for the younger boys."

"Okay, I'll see what I can do to help." laughed Cary.

After Aaron and Brian had left, Cary and Terrence went out to the lobby. Boys were running around all over the place, and about half of them seemed like they were beginning to get use to Orgasmia's customs, and shedding their clothes. Most of the boys seemed confused, and bent on creating as much of a disturbance as they could. Cary went to one side of the lobby with a megaphone, and sent Terrence to the other side with another megaphone, after telling him what to say.

"Boys! Please quiet down!" said Cary and Terrence together. "Please boys! We have some things to tell you. We're sure you will like it here when we're through."

The boys finally began to quiet down to look at Cary down in the lobby. One boy walked up to Cary and asked, "Are you going to kill us too?"

"No son, you're safe now." smiled Cary. Then he raised his megaphone and said, "I need all the boys in their rooms to come out onto the balcony overlooking the lobby. If you're in the lobby, just have a seat on the floor." Once the balconies on the upper four floors had been packed with boys, Cary continued, "As most of you boys know, you were scheduled to be executed at the prison you were being held at. That's why we came in and rescued you. You will be safe and very happy here for the rest of your lives, and we hope that's a very long time. I know right now it's kind of packed here, but we have men here who want to love you, and raise you into happy young men. We will get all of you into homes as quickly as we can. In the meantime we will have people here to help you with whatever you need. We just need everyone to behave responsibly until we get you into a home with a really nice dad, or a pair of dads."

"What about a home with a mom and a dad?" asked one boy up front in the lobby.

"There are no moms here." said Cary. "There are only men and boys in our world. In a home with two dads though, you will get just as much or more love than in a home with a mom and dad. All of you boys were imprisoned in you old home because you were genetically determined to be homosexual. That means you will only be attracted toward mates and lovers of the same sex, or other boys and men. This world is made up entirely of homosexual men and boys, so what would have had you executed in your old home, is perfectly normal and accepted here. If you are old enough now to have sexual urges, please feel free to express those urges. The only rule to remember is to never force anyone into doing anything they don't want to."

A boy on the the third floor balcony near Cary called out, "So, if I wanted to suck this boy's dick standing next to me, and he wanted to let me, we could do it right here in front of everyone?"

"If that's what you two boys want to do, go right ahead." replied Cary into the megaphone.

"Do you really want to do that to me?" asked the other boy.

"I've wanted to do that to someone for a few years now, but I was always afraid." replied the first boy.

"From what the naked guy says, there's no reason to be afraid anymore." said the second boy.

Cary and the entire lobby watched as the second boy dropped his pants, and the first boy began sucking his dick.

"Okay everyone, what they're doing now is something that they both want to do, and it's a very wonderful thing." said Cary. "If anyone wants to do anything like that with another boy, just make sure the other boy wants to do it too. Now let's continue. My name is Cary, and my friend is Terrence. We want to welcome all of you boys to your new home, Orgasmia. Like I said, we will find a dad or a pair of dads who will love you and take care of you. You will be free to express sexual pleasure with any boy or man you want, anytime you want, as long as the other boy or man wants to do that with you. You will go to school here, and finish your education, but we also have a lot of fun things here too, and you may like school here more than in your old home. When you're not in school though, we have what is called an amusement park right across the street from this hotel, and it is very fun. We are also building a dinosaur preserve right outside of the city."

Cary chuckled as quite a few of the boys oohed and ahhed, then he said, "You heard me right boys, a dinosaur preserve. Dinosaurs are not extinct here in Orgasmia. There is one more thing that I have to tell you, and it's going to be quite a bit different than what you are use to. No one in Orgasmia wears any clothes, except for sandals to protect their feet. Other than that, everyone here is always completely naked, just like Terrence and me."

The moment Cary said that, the boys began to cheer loudly. Then everyone in the lobby had clothes raining down on them from the upper balconies. In a very short time, every boy in the hotel was completely naked.

"I'm going to assume you boys are okay with that!" laughed Cary into the megaphone. "Before I go, I was told that quite a few of you boys didn't have breakfast this morning. We want everyone to try to eat regularly here, just like you would if you were still home. The kitchen staff here with try to have lunch ready as soon as possible, for those boys who missed breakfast. Then lunch will run until it's normal time. If the lines are too long, we will keep the kitchen and dining room open from breakfast, until dinner is over. Please make sure that you eat regular meals though. Now, Terrence and I have to visit the other hotels. The staff here has been through this before, so they will help you any way that they can. Terrence will also be back later, but he can't be at any one hotel all of the time. That's why you should let the staff at this hotel help you if they can. They know exactly what to do. Good-bye boys, and I hope you have a long and fun life now, filled with love."

Cary and Terrence then went on to each hotel, until they had addressed all of the boys who had been brought to Orgasmia. At every hotel, the boys there were happier and calmer when Terrence and Cary left them. Cary and Terrence also noticed that the park across from the first hotel had begun to fill up with boys, which made them both smile and laugh. Cary knew that this would be the most beautiful part of town for some time, as the streets would be filled with naked and happy boys. When they got back to the first hotel, where they would part for the day, the scene there was much more orderly and happy. Quite few of the older boys could be seen around the lobby and balconies, pleasuring each other. As Cary was leaving with a smile on his face, he even came across two younger boys having a very good time as they sucked each other eagerly.

"Are you two having fun now?" asked Cary.

The two boys reluctantly stopped sucking each other's dick to answer. Both boys seemed to be around eight or nine. One of the boys stiff little dick was at about three and a half inches, and the other one was about four inches and hard as a little steel rod. That boy was the first to answer, as he said, "Yeah Mister Cary, we're having more fun than we've ever had before."

The other boy said, "This is the first time we've done this, but we like giving each other stiffies with our mouths."

"I can see that." smiled Cary. "It also looks like you two guys might even love each other too. What are your names, and how old are you?"

"My name is Button, and I'm eight." replied the boy with the smaller dick.

"I'm Ramble, and I'm eight too." replied the other boy. "I think you're right Mister Cary. I like Button a lot, and we were really having a lot of fun!"

"I like Ramble a lot too." smiled Button. "I hope when we get a home, we can stay together."

"I have to admit, you two boys look like you belong together." said Cary. "Do either of you have any brothers that came here with you?"

"I don't have any brothers." replied Button.

"I have one, but he and five of his friends disappeared a little while before our government rounded up the first group of gay boys." replied Ramble. "I sure hope I see Butch again someday, but everyone has told me that he's dead now."

"Did you say Butch?!" asked Cary. "What were his friend's names?"

"I only knew two of them." replied Ramble. "Their names were Spike and Spaz."

Cary's smile was now getting wider by the moment. "What would you boys say if I made you the two happiest boys in the world today?" asked Cary.

"That would be great, Mister Cary." replied Button.

"It would be cool if you could, but meeting Button has been the only thing lately that has made me happy." replied Ramble.

"We'll see what I can do then." said Cary. "Would you two be happy if I made sure you stayed together?"

"That would be great!" replied Button, as he now smiled brightly.

"I guess that would be pretty cool." replied Ramble, a little more happily.

"Okay, how would you boys like to have a home today, with two dads who will love you?" asked Cary, almost giddily.

"Wow!" exclaimed Button. "That would be better than great!"

"I guess it's getting cooler by the moment." replied Ramble, as he now smiled slightly.

"How would you both like four brand new really nice brothers?" asked Cary.

"If you could do that, I would love you forever!" replied Button, as happily as he possibly could.

Cary almost giggled at Button's very nice smile, but he knew that Ramble's would soon be even nicer. "This one is just for Ramble now." said Cary. "How would you like me to take you to see your brother Butch? He's here and doing very well now."

Ramble cried as he launched himself up into Cary's arms, and began covering Cary's face with kisses. "I don't know what to say!" cried Ramble. "I thought I would never see Butch again, and you just gave him back to me! I love you so much Cary!"

Cary then took the two excited boys to find Terrence, and Terrence checked them both out into Cary's care. Button and Ramble were the two most excited boys on the bus, as they headed downtown with one of their new dads. Once they got there, Cary took the boys straight to Aaron's house, to what was sure to be a happy and emotional reunion between Ramble and Butch. Cary was not disappointed, as Ramble and Butch cried tears of joy in each other's arms the second they saw each other. Once the tears had dried, Ramble had the brightest and most beautiful smile that Cary had ever seen in his life. While Butch and Ramble introduced their boyfriends to each other, Cary called Spaz to let him know that he would soon be bringing two more sons home with him.

"I can't believe how lucky this is for those two boys!" said Aaron, as he rested a hand on Cary's shoulder, and they watched the extremely happy boys. "Ramble could have very easily ended up being sent to Euro-Russia, and even if he hadn't, it was pure luck that caused you to notice him and Button. This seems like the kind of thing that could only happen in some really good fantasy story!" Then Aaron and Cary laughed lightly together.

When Cary got ready to take his two new sons home, Butch asked if he and Cosmo could spend the night at Cary and Spaz's house. Aaron had no trouble agreeing to that. Once Cary and the boys got home, Cary introduced everyone to Button and Ramble. After a nice supper, Cary took his two new sons upstairs to get them situated in a bedroom. Of course Ramble would want his brother and his brother's boyfriend to sleep with him and his boyfriend that night.

"I don't mind Ramble." replied Butch. "I will probably be having sex with my boyfriend before we go to sleep though. Are you two going to mind seeing that?"

Cary snickered as he left the room, then Ramble replied, "That's great big brother! Me and my boyfriend will probably have sex too!"

"Sex?!" asked Butch. "You two guys are only eight!"

"Yeah, but me and my boyfriend love having sex." replied Ramble. "Let's show him Button."

Ramble and Button then laid down in a sixty nine position while Butch and Cosmo watched. Ramble stuck his tongue out, and got Button's soft little dick on it. Then he drew Button's dick into his mouth with his tongue. Button placed his lips around the end of Ramble's dick, and sucked it into his mouth like a noodle. The two boys started eagerly sucking each other's dicks, while Butch looked on in surprise. Once the surprise had worn off, Butch began giving the two eight year olds advice on how to make it feel even better. Once Ramble and Button were going really well, and writhing on the bed in pleasure, Butch and Cosmo laid down in their own sixty nine.

Ramble looked to the side and saw his brother begin to suck Cosmo's cock passionately. Butch was also watching his younger brother suck Button's cute little stiffy. Button also had a very good view of Cosmo sucking passionately on Butch's cock, as Cosmo too watched Button suck on Ramble's very cute dick. For the next five minutes, the boys watched each other having sex, as they all sucked passionately on their boyfriend's dicks. Butch was the first to begin grunting, followed a few seconds later by his orgasm flowing into Cosmo's hungry mouth. Once Cosmo was finished enjoying the sweet taste of Butch's cum, he released his cum into Butch's mouth. Butch lightly nibbled and sucked on Cosmo's cock, draining his boyfriend of cum.

The other two boys were moaning softly, as they continued making love to each other. Cosmo moved in very closely to where Button was sucking Ramble's dick, as Butch moved in to watch his brother suck his boyfriend's dick. Then Butch reached in and began playing with Button's little balls.

"Your boyfriend has some very cute little balls brother!" said Butch. "Can I see his little stiffy for a second?"

Ramble backed off Button's dick, and Butch took it between his thumb and forefinger. Butch gently squeezed and stroked the adorable little three and a half inch dick, then placed it back in his brother's mouth.

"No wonder you like sucking that brother." said Butch. "You have a very adorable little dick Button. How is Ramble's dick looking Cosmo?"

"Like four inches of solid steel." giggled Cosmo.

"Let's do something special for them Cosmo." said Butch, just before licking his finger good and holding it up for Cosmo to see. Cosmo got the clue, and licked his finger really good too. "Okay Button, I'm going to do something for you with my finger, and it's going to feel really good. Ramble, Cosmo is going to do the same thing to you that I'm doing for Button. You guys just keep sucking really good, like you love each other a lot."

Ramble sucked Button's dick as he watched Butch take his wet finger, and press it against Button's butt hole. As Ramble watched Butch's finger disappear inside Button, he felt Cosmo's finger plunge into him.

"You guys like that, don't you little brother?" asked Butch softly.

Butch and Cosmo then thrust their fingers in and out of the two boys for a few minutes, as Ramble and Button sucked each other more and more passionately.

"Go for his prostate Cosmo." said Butch.

As Butch pressed his finger into Button's undeveloped prostate, Cosmo found Ramble's. Butch smiled as he watched Ramble's eyes open widely. "You really like that, don't you?" Butch almost moaned to his brother.

After a few minutes of stroking the boys prostates, Ramble began to squirm uncontrollably. "Do you feel like you're going to pee Ramble?" asked Butch, to which Ramble nodded yes. "Good then little brother, don't fight it. Even if it feels like you're going to pee in Button's mouth, just let it happen. You'll really like this!"

"He's really going to start to squirm and twitch Button, but don't let his dick come out of your mouth." said Cosmo. "You're about to make him feel better than either of you ever imagined feeling."

As Ramble began to squirm and writhe quite a bit, Butch gently held him down. Button kept Ramble's dick in his mouth, even though it took some effort. Then Ramble began to moan very loudly, as his entire body bucked up and down. Finally it began to end, as Butch gazed into his brother's eyes.

"You can't stop now brother." smiled Butch. "You need to make your boyfriend feel the same thing."

Ramble eagerly took Button's dick back into his mouth, even though he was almost exhausted. Then Butch began to rub Button's prostate even harder. About a minute later, Button began his dry orgasm. Cosmo held onto Button, as Butch helped his brother keep Button's dick in his mouth. Finally, Button's dry orgasm came to an end, and both younger boys were exhausted. Butch picked Ramble up into his arms, and played gently with his brother's soft little dick, while Cosmo did the same to Button.

"What was that?!" moaned Ramble.

"Congratulations little brother, that was your first dry orgasm!" smiled Butch. "You both did very well too!"

Then as Butch and Cosmo gently played with their soft little dicks, they gave the little boys in their laps a soft kiss on their lips. Butch and Cosmo carefully laid Ramble and Button down on the bed, and placed the boys into an embrace. Then Butch and Cosmo laid down in the same position. Within a few minutes, all four boys were snoring softly with smiles on their faces.

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