by tim the story guy

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by tim

Chapter 27

From the last chapter:

"What was that?!" moaned Ramble.

"Congratulations little brother, that was your first dry orgasm!" smiled Butch. "You both did very well too!"

Then as Butch and Cosmo gently played with their soft little dicks, they gave the boys in their laps a soft kiss on their lips. Butch and Cosmo carefully laid Ramble and Button down on the bed, and placed the boys into an embrace. Then Butch and Cosmo laid down in the same position. Within a few minutes, all four boys were snoring softly with smiles on their faces.

After waking up Pete and his brothers the next morning, Cary went in to wake the other four boys. "It's time for breakfast guys!" said Cary, as he shook each of the boys gently. "Come on and eat breakfast, and Spaz has a surprise for Ramble and Button while I'm at work today."

"What kind of surprise daddy?" yawned Ramble.

"He's going to take you boys to meet some really cool friends of his." replied Cary, who then leaned down and kissed Ramble and Button lightly on the cheek. "And today, I'm going to see about making arrangements to bring even more of Spaz's friends here."

Once Cary left the room, Butch leaned over and kissed Ramble and Button softly on their lips. Then Butch leaned back and smiled as he asked, "We're going to have to teach Cary how to kiss his sons properly, aren't we? How are you this morning little brother?"

"We're fine Butch." smiled Ramble. "Last night was the most fun we ever had."

"Just wait until Cosmo and I teach you everything we know then!" laughed Butch.

"Could you kiss our dicks for us too big brother?" asked Ramble sweetly.

"Well, you guys do have very cute dicks." replied Butch. "I guess I could do that, but if you and Button are lovers now, don't you think you should kiss each other's dicks?"

"Okay!" sang Ramble and Button together.

Butch and Cosmo laughed as Ramble turned around, then the two boys sucked each other's dicks until they got hard. After that, both boys lifted up, and kissed each other's dicks lovingly.

"Now we have stiffies!" giggled Ramble. "Can we go to breakfast like that?"

"I'm sure the other boys will love to see that!" laughed Butch.

Cary and Spaz smiled as they saw their two boys walk into the kitchen with their stiff little dicks leading the way. After a rousing breakfast with eight boys and his young husband, Cary kissed Spaz and left for work.

Does Daddy Cary always go to work naked?" asked Button.

"Everyone is always naked around here son." replied Spaz. "It doesn't matter if they're at home or work. We don't believe in ever covering our bodies here in Orgasmia."

"Yeah, being naked all the time is fun!" said Noah loudly.

"It does have it's moments." snickered Spaz. "Now, is everyone ready to go see our friend Topper?"

"Yeah!" shouted most of the boys enthusiastically.

"Okay." replied Spaz. "First though, we have to stop downtown and get a car for our family."

"Have you ever driven a car before Spaz?" laughed Butch.

"No, but Cary says I can handle it." replied Spaz. "He said just take it really easy until I get use to it, and to make sure to leave the guidance computer on, just in case. Since I'm married, they'll let me drive here at fifteen."

"Do you think it would work like that if I married Cosmo?" laughed Butch.

"I don't know." replied Spaz. "I guess you guys would have to check with Citizen's Services on that. If they would let you adopt after you're married though, I don't see why they wouldn't let you drive."

"Adopt?!" replied Butch quizzically. "Would they really let a married couple our age adopt kids?"

"Cary said that adoption is open to ANY married couple right now, as well as single people over eighteen." replied Spaz. "I guess your dad or dads have to decide if you are responsible enough to handle all adult responsibilities before they consent to let you get married. If you're serious though, you guys should talk to Aaron and Mongo. I'll bet they would let you guys get married."

"Do you think we would make good dads, Cosmo?" asked Butch.

"I don't know, but I'd love to marry you and find out Butch!" replied Cosmo, before leaning over and giving Butch a passionate kiss in front of everyone.

Once the kiss was over, Butch smiled and said, "Cosmo, I love you more than anyone I've ever known. I've loved you since we were little kids playing together, and I always hoped we would have the chance to make love someday. Since we began expressing our love, it's only grown stronger. If our dads will let us, will you marry me Cosmo?"

"I love you just as much Butch." replied Cosmo. "I would be proud and happy to marry you, and become your loving husband."

Spaz smiled as he got up and hugged his two friends, as Butch and Cosmo shared another passionate kiss. After a few minutes, Butch and Cosmo broke the kiss, and all of the boys were staring and smiling at them. That made Butch and Cosmo both laugh.

Then Butch turned to Ramble and asked, "Ramble, would you like to be your big brother's best man when I marry Cosmo?"

"That would be sweet!" replied Ramble.

"How about you Spaz?" asked Cosmo. "Out of all of my brothers, you are the one I would most like to be my best man."

"It would be an honor Cosmo." replied Spaz as he smiled. "Now, let's get going everyone. I feel a big party coming on tonight after Butch and Cosmo talk to Aaron and Mongo!"

Spaz was a bit hesitant at first, when he got behind the wheel of the new vehicle. Once he realized that the guidance computer wouldn't allow him to make a mistake though, he seemed a little more at ease. All he had to do was point the vehicle where he wanted it to go, and it could keep him out of any trouble. When Spaz pulled over at the dinosaur preserve and everyone piled out, Spaz began looking for his friend. Topper usually saw him coming, and would meet him near the road, but today he just stood in the middle of the field and looked at the ground and then at Spaz. Spaz and the boys approached Topper slowly, and saw that there was another Triceratops with him, squatting in the tall grass. Then when they got to Topper, Spaz could see that he and the apparently female Triceratops had built a nest in the grass.

Spaz hugged Topper and said, "Oh my God Topper! Are you going to be a daddy?!"

Topper smiled at Spaz and grunted, and the other boys began stroking his side. Topper and the boys looked on as the female Triceratops laid one, and then another large egg. If a Triceratops could be happy, then Topper was the happiest Triceratops in the world now. The boys congratulated Topper and his mate, as Topper licked all of the boys playfully. Most of the boys laughed as they became erect, when Topper was apparently interested in licking all of them in the genitals one time. Then Topper finally went over and nuzzled his mate, who was now laying in the grass next to her eggs.

The boys gathered around Topper and his mate, and began petting and hugging the two large animals. Everyone was very excited that their herd of Triceratops friends was now beginning to grow. Topper was very happy when Spaz finally lifted William, Ramble, and Button up onto his back, as he seemed very fond of the smaller boys. All three boys giggled when they noticed that they had sprouted stiffies because of the feel of Topper's hide against their bare butts.

While the boys were enjoying the day with their large friends, Cary was receiving word from a group he had sent to the ancient northern cities. They had found a vessel suitable for transporting the larger animals from the southern continent. In their opinion it would require about one month to prepare the ship for the journey, and filter enough fuel to fill her tanks. They informed Cary that it was the best they could do so far though, as this was the most seaworthy ship they had encountered yet. Cary told them to do their best then, and he would see them when their mission was complete. Then Cary began to make plans to bring more of the smaller dinosaurs to Orgasmia aboard the large cargo planes they had used before.

In the meantime, Aaron and Brian were planning a trip to Euro-Russia. Robert and Terrence both wanted to go, but it looked like one would have to stay behind to take care of all the boys they had just brought to Orgasmia. While Brian was trying to devise a fair way to decide who would go, Aaron came up with an idea.

"You know what Brian, with as well as the hotels have been trained at caring for the boys, I think I know someone who could watch them in Robert and Terrence's place for a short time." said Aaron. "I know you're going to think that they're just kids, but I think that two of my sons, Butch and Cosmo, could do it. They are very responsible for their age."

"Are you sure Aaron?" asked Brian.

"If they were to ask my permission to marry each other tonight, I wouldn't hesitate in letting them." replied Aaron. "They are very responsible young men."

"And I would love to be a fly on the wall of the honeymoon suite if those two brothers got married!" laughed Brian. "If you think they can do it, I'll trust you on it Aaron."

Spaz and the boys had a wonderful day with Topper, his mate, and their friends. Topper did get around to riding the boys around the open field on his back, but only after Spaz and Pete promised to take good care of his mate Sara. Eventually though it got so late that it was time to go home. Everyone said good-bye to Topper and Sara, and gave both of them hugs and kisses, then headed back to their vehicle.

"Hi dear." said Spaz to Cary, as he and the boys came in. "I hope you didn't start supper yet. We have to go to Aaron and Mongo's tonight. I can't tell you because it's a surprise, but Butch and Cosmo have something important to ask their dads."

"I was going to tell you the same thing my love." replied Cary. "Aaron has something very important to ask them."

Cary and Spaz laughed for a few seconds, then shared a kiss. After that, they herded their six boys and Butch and Cosmo out the door toward Aaron's house. Once they got to the door, Spike answered and let everyone in.

"Hi guys, dad and dad are in their room." said Spike. "Judging from the moans I heard at their door, they'll be a few more minutes."

"Great!" laughed Butch. "That means they'll be in a good mood."

"Oh God honey!" moaned Aaron, as he laid on his back with Mongo's cock going in and out of him. "You're going to make me cum without touching myself again!"

"I've been working on that problem dear." grunted Mongo, as he slid his cock in and out of Aaron. "Let's slide over to the edge of the bed."

Mongo held most of his cock inside Aaron, as he slid his husband to the edge of the bed. Mongo carefully lowered his feet to the floor, then pulled Aaron's butt out over the edge of the bed. When Mongo lowered his knees down to the floor, about eight inches of his twenty inch cock stayed inside Aaron. Then Mongo began thrusting up and down, sliding his cock in and out of Aaron. Aaron moaned in pleasure as Mongo leaned over, and took Aaron's hard cock into his mouth. This felt so incredible that Aaron had to hold his orgasm until Mongo flooded his insides with his cum. Both men began moaning loudly as Mongo approached his orgasm. When Aaron felt his rectum filling up with Mongo's warm cum, he could no longer hold back. Mongo swallowed Aaron's cum hungrily, as his cock filled Aaron with cum. Mongo was still cumming a little when Aaron's orgasm ended, so Mongo reached over for the bedpan that they now kept beside their bed. When Mongo's orgasm finally ended, he pulled out of Aaron, and placed the bedpan under Aaron's butt. The pressure from the enema that Mongo had just given Aaron with the cum from his cock was tremendous, but Aaron strained as he held it inside him as long as possible.

"Hold it in as long as you want dear." said Mongo comfortingly. "I'm ready whenever you are."

Aaron had found that he enjoyed the sensations of holding all of Mongo's cum as long as possible, but he finally weakened to the point where Mongo's cum shot from Aaron's rectum. Aaron kept clenching until the flow stopped, keeping as much cum inside him as possible. Mongo then cleaned Aaron's butt with a towel, and cleaned both their cocks while Aaron recovered on the bed. By the time Mongo had emptied and cleaned the bedpan, and put it back beside the bed, Aaron was ready to get up. Mongo pulled Aaron up to his feet, and gave his husband a passionate kiss.

"I love you so much dear." smiled Mongo, after breaking the kiss. "It looks like you kept quite a bit inside you this time too."

"Yeah, I can feel your love sloshing around inside me." replied Aaron as he smiled. "It feels more wonderful than anything in the world too."

Aaron and Mongo then left the room with one arm around each other, and rejoined their family. By this time, Spike and Shorty almost had dinner ready, as they were becoming budding young chefs. Aaron immediately fell for Ramble and Button, and remarked that Ramble looked quite a bit like his brother Butch. Dinner turned out quite well, and everyone thanked Spike and Shorty, even after finding out what their secret recipe was for the salad dressing.

"The salad took the longest to make." said Spike. "Shorty and I both had to cum four times to make sure it was covered nicely."

"Do you mean that all of us just ate your cum on the salad?!" asked Noah with a shocked tone.

"Yeah, didn't you like it?" laughed Spike. "And be honest, cause we saw how fast you ate your salad!"

"I guess it tasted pretty good." replied Noah. "We even fed it to the little kids though!"

"Hey Ramble, Button, and William, did you guys like the salad?" asked Shorty.

"It was the best salad we ever had!" replied Ramble.

"Yeah, it was really good!" replied Button.

"It was good, but there wasn't enough!" replied William, as the adults snickered lightly.

"Does it matter to you guys that the dressing was cum that came from mine and Shorty's dicks?" asked Spike.

"The dressing was the best part!" replied William.

"You mean we ate your guys cum on the salad?" asked Button as he smiled.

"Cool!" replied Ramble.

"All I can say is that if you boys bottle your cum as salad dressing, it would be a hit." said Aaron. "Your special dressing was very tasty. Next time though, you should give people the choice of whether or not they want to eat your cum, okay boys?"

"Okay dad, we're sorry." replied Spike.

"So, who wants us to make the same salad tomorrow?" asked Shorty.

The adults laughed as all the boys raised their hands, then they joined the kids with their hands in the air. When everyone went into the living room, Butch said, "Hey dad?"

At the exact same time, Aaron said, "Hey Butch?"

The two laughed at their timing, and then Butch told his dad to go first. "Okay son." said Aaron. "I was thinking today how responsible you and Cosmo have been acting lately, and I was wondering, would you be interested in doing something? Robert and Terrence both want to go to Euro-Russia when we go, but someone has to oversee the kids at the hotels. I thought that you and Cosmo might be able to handle that, if you're interested in being around other kids all day."

"That would be so cool dad!" replied Butch. "We're so happy that you trust us so much, and we'd love to do it! Now, I wanted to ask you and Mongo both something."

"Go ahead son." smiled Aaron.

"Dad and dad, I know that I'm not really THAT old yet, but I feel very confident in being able to do the right thing most of the time. There is someone who I love very much, and I want to spend the rest of my life with him. Dads, I've asked Cosmo to marry me, and he has accepted as long as you will allow it."

"That is a very serious question son." said Aaron. "If we agree, we'll have two of our sons getting married at the same time."

Then Aaron and Mongo began whispering a discussion into each other's ear. Butch and Cosmo nervously held hands, while their dads discussed it. Then Butch looked over at Cosmo as Cosmo looked at him. The two boys slowly drew together, and shared a very deep and intimate kiss. Aaron and Mongo interrupted their discussion to watch the boys for a few moments, then quickly concluded it. Aaron and Mongo were smiling at the boys when Butch and Cosmo broke their kiss.

"Son, Mongo and I hope that both of you boys will be very happy as husbands." said Aaron, who then leaned over and gave each boy a kiss to the forehead. "We will take you boys down to apply for marriage in the morning, if you like."

The boys were happy, overjoyed, ecstatic, and delirious, all rolled into one. They thanked both of their dads over and over, and promised they would be perfect husbands to each other.

Then Cosmo laughed as he said, "Spike and Shorty, we want you guys to make the salad for the reception!" That caused everyone in the room to laugh.

The next day, Aaron and Mongo accompanied Butch and Cosmo to the Citizen's Services Building. It looked as though marriages were now starting to catch on in Orgasmia, as they had to wait about an hour for the interviewer. The interviewer looked skeptical at first, but after Aaron and Mongo explained why they agreed to let the boys get married at their age, the interviewer approved it. Then the boys would have to go to housing and citizen's duty planning. The boys were too young to be given any kind of duties in society yet, but they did express an interest in having a family. They were told if they were approved for adoption, which they probably would be with Aaron's recommendation, that at least one of them would have to remain in school. They were given an appointment with an adoption counselor for the day after their planned wedding day, and needed to have at least one letter of recommendation by then. They would also move into their own house that day, so the adoption interview was scheduled for early that morning.

Once they were through, Aaron kissed his sons on the forehead and congratulated them. He had no doubts about how much Butch and Cosmo loved each other. After telling the boys what time to meet with Robert the next day so Robert could show them what to do, Aaron went off to find Robert and Terrence to let them know they could both go to Euro-Russia in two days. Robert and Terrence were happy about the news, once Aaron assured them that Butch and Cosmo could handle the job.

The next day, Butch and Cosmo showed up bright and early for training by Robert. The two boys seemed to catch on extremely fast, which put Robert's mind at ease. As a matter of fact, Butch and Cosmo being kids themselves might actually help them relate to the kids housed at the hotels better.

The rest of Aaron's family, along with Mongo, joined Spaz and his family for a day at the dinosaur preserve. Mongo had never had the chance to get out there yet, and once he saw the beautiful animals, he was captivated. He was amazed at how gentle the animals seemed around all of the boys who seemed to love them so much. Topper especially seemed to love the boys who came to see him and his new mate Sara. It really amazed Mongo when he saw William laying on Topper's head, with his legs straddling Topper's lower horn. The little boy softly snored while Topper gently licked the bottoms of both of his tiny feet repeatedly. Apparently the boy was not ticklish there. William finally yawned himself awake, then rolled over with his butt pointing up in the air while he hugged Topper's head.

"I love you Topper." purred William softly.

When William finally climbed down off Topper's head, Topper gently licked William's round little butt. That made William giggle madly, and it made Topper smile. After watching the boys ride around on Topper for a while, Mongo almost didn't want to tell the boys when it was time to head home. He had to though, because the men who were going to Euro-Russia who had families had decided to take them on this trip. Mongo and the kids would have to be fitted for clothes that evening, so they would be ready the next morning.

Spaz woke up the next morning to the now almost comforting sensation of William snoring softly while snuggled against his cock and balls. Spaz smiled as he turned his head to the side, then pulled his husband's face to his to kiss Cary awake. Once Cary woke up, he began kissing Spaz back. After a few moments of passionate kissing, they heard William giggling.

William smiled as he looked up at his daddies and said, "I like seeing my daddies kissing. It means my daddies love each other."

Then Spaz felt William's naked little body crawl up his, until William's face was right in front of his and Cary's. As Spaz felt William's little dick rub gently against his chest, William asked, "Can I have a kiss now daddy?"

"You bet you can, you sweet little angel!" smiled Spaz.

Spaz put his lips against William's, and gave the boy a very sweet kiss until the boy had had enough. Then Cary asked, "Where's my kiss from my sweet little angel?"

William happily turned his face toward Cary and puckered his lips, and Cary gave him the same kiss Spaz did. Then William said, "Thanks for the kisses Daddy Spaz and Daddy Cary. They felt really nice."

"I know something else that would feel nice." smiled Cary.

Cary then picked William up off Spaz as the boy laughed, and laid him face up on the bed. Then Cary pressed his mouth against William's tummy and blew really hard, making a nice tummy raspberry. As William giggled and Cary blew, Spaz laughed and got up.

"I'll go wake the rest of the boys, while you two boys play." laughed Spaz.

First Spaz went into Ramble and Button's room and leaned over their bed. After shaking both boys gently, Spaz gave them both a very nice kiss on their lips.

"That was a nice wake-up kiss daddy." said Ramble. "I love you."

"I love you too, my little angels." replied Spaz. "I'm glad you liked the wake-up kiss. You can expect that every morning now, thanks to your brother William. He just showed me how nice it is to kiss my beautiful sons first thing in the morning."

Then Spaz went to Noah and Steven's room, and woke them the same way. Both boys enjoyed the kiss from their daddy very much. Finally it was time to wake Pete. Spaz leaned over Pete, shook him gently, then placed his lips against Pete's. Pete began kissing Spaz back the instant he woke up, and wrapped his arms around his dad. Pete and Spaz held their kiss quite a bit longer than the other boys had. When Spaz finally ended the kiss, Pete was smiling brightly.

"I think I'll like having a dad that's only a year older than me!" said Pete happily. "Especially one that's such a good kisser! Can we do something more sometime dad?"

"I'm married son." replied Spaz. "Kissing you is one thing. I gave all my sons a nice loving kiss this morning. Having sex with you would be completely different though."

"Back in our old home, I always imagined that my dad loved me so much that we could make love." said Pete. "I knew it could never happen though. My dad never showed those kinds of feelings. Hell, he never even allowed me to see him with nothing less than his shirt off, and he always seemed uncomfortable with that. I wanted my daddy to love me so much that it hurt sometimes, but he never would even show me any affection. When you kissed me, it brought all those feelings back about how great it would be to do that with my daddy. You and Cary are my daddies now, and I would love for one or both of you to love me that much."

"I do love you son, but it could only happen with your other dad's full knowledge and permission." replied Spaz, as he smiled and briefly stroked Pete's erection for a few seconds. "You'll have to be the one to ask him son, and you should include him too if you really feel that way. It wouldn't be right for me to ask." Then Spaz gave Pete another quick kiss, as Pete briefly touched Spaz's erection.

When everyone got to the kitchen, they had a quick breakfast, then headed to the airport. The boys seemed nervous about going to their old dimension, even though they were going to a different country that accepted the love between males. The adults couldn't wait to get to Euro-Russia to see their friends though. This trip included Brian, Terrence and Travis with their family, Robert and Twinkie with their family, Wes and Bobby, Spaz and Cary with their family, and Aaron and Mongo with their family, minus Butch and Cosmo.

Butch and Cosmo got to the hotels right after breakfast. The boys at the hotels had started getting use to their new home by this time, and the hotels seemed like a very happy place. Robert had explained how to handle things if anyone came in with approval from the adoption board to pick out a son or sons. That was a good thing, because there was already several men waiting at Robert's office at the hotel when Butch and Cosmo got there.

"Okay everyone, since there are two of us here today, this should go a little faster than usual." said Butch. "We'll start with the men or couples who were first, and everyone else can take a number so we can get to you in order. Cosmo and I will try to make the wait as short as we can, but it depends on how long it takes you men to find your new sons. We don't want you to rush yourself, as we want you to make a good match with your new son or sons."

Butch took the first man, and looked at his papers. He was in his early thirties, and had always wanted to adopt a son. The authorities in Aaron's old dimension where he was from would never allow it though, because the man was single, and they suspected him of being gay.

"Let's go see if we can find you a family." smiled Butch. "You look like you have a lot of love and caring to give some lucky boys. It says that you wish to have a family of four boys."

"Yes." replied the man named Carl. "I was raised in a family of four boys, and it was perfect as far as I was concerned, at least until my family suspected I was gay."

"Well, that's certainly not a problem here!" laughed Butch.

Butch took Carl out to begin meeting boys, while Cosmo helped another couple of a man in his late twenties and his husband in his late thirties. They were looking to adopt a pair of younger boys, so Cosmo took them to the nursery section first.

As Butch led Carl out, he asked, "You do know that if you're looking for one of your sons as a prospective mate, you can't do anything unless he's completely willing, right?"

"Yes, that was explained to me carefully by the adoption counselor." replied Carl. "I would like to find one special son who might be capable of sharing intimate feelings."

"I'm sure we can find someone like that Carl." said Butch. "Some of these boys have always wanted a relationship with a nice older man. You look very nicely hung too Carl. That should be a big help."

Carl and Butch did meet a pair of brothers that seemed to get along well with Carl, although their were no sexual feelings between them. One boy was eleven, and his brother was six. Carl put an arm around the eleven year old boy's shoulder in a fatherly manner, and asked, "What is yours and your brother's name son?"

"We don't like our names." replied the boy. "They aren't very flattering, and we're looking for a daddy who will give us better names."

"Hmm." replied Carl as he thought, and looked at the black haired boy with hazel eyes. "You look like an Adrian. Do you like that name better?"

"That's a beautiful name sir!" replied the boy as he smiled. "It almost sounds like something out of a poem. Would you be our daddy?"

"You and your brother are very adorable and nice, and I'd love to be your daddy." replied Carl. "Now for your brother's name. Why don't we call him Julian?"

"Do you like that name little brother?" asked Adrian.

"That's a very beautiful name." replied the six year old boy sweetly.

"Come here then Julian, and let your new daddy give you a nice hug." said Carl. As Carl hugged the beautiful smiling boy, he said, "I can't believe those monsters were going to aim a rifle at this boy, and tear his beautiful body to pieces with bullets!"

"Yeah, it did kinda suck." replied Adrian. "It would have really hurt to see them kill my little brother that way. We love all of you people for coming to rescue us."

"Would you like for your new daddy to carry you in his arms too Adrian?" asked Carl.

Adrian immediately jumped up into Carl's arms. Since he was much larger than his brother, Adrian had to hold onto Carl and support most of his own weight in Carl's arm. That allowed Carl to have a boy in each arm, and a smile on his face.

As Butch accompanied Carl to one of the other shelters to find two more sons, Julian asked, "Can we go to the park across the street daddy? It looks like a lot of fun!"

Carl kissed the adorable little boy on the forehead, and replied, "We'll go there the moment we find you and Adrian two more brothers."

At the next hotel, Carl and Butch walked around for a while, and talked to several boys between fourteen and sixteen. None of them seemed to stand out though. Carl never saw the boy who followed the attractive man who was carrying two boys. Butch thought he noticed the boy several times though. As Carl was about to give up and go on to the next shelter, he turned around and saw the very nice looking boy. The boy had a medium build, with blonde hair, blue eyes, and very soft features. His dick was currently hanging limp at four inches, over a set of hairless and plump balls.

"Are you following us son?" asked Carl as he smiled.

"I'm sorry sir." replied the boy. "You just seemed to like kids, and I was wondering if there was any way you could like me. I seem to make most of the men who come through here kinda nervous."

"I don't see why you would make them nervous." replied Carl. "You are a very good-looking boy, and you seem to be very nice. What is your name, and how old are you?"

"My name is Flash, and I'm fourteen." replied Flash. "I'll tell you why most men are nervous around me if I can whisper it in your ear."

Carl set Adrian down, then motioned for Flash to whisper to him. Flash put his lips up to Carl's ear, and whispered very softly, "Most men can tell that I'm looking for a daddy who will love me differently than his other sons. I've never had sex before, because I'm looking for a very nice daddy to make love to me for the first time. I guess by now you can tell that I think you look nice because of my stiffy."

Carl looked down and saw the most beautiful six and a half inch erection he had ever seen before. Carl reached down and gently stroked Flash's erection, causing Flash to smile. Then Carl gave the boy a soft and brief kiss on the lips before standing up.

"Why don't you look me over carefully Flash, and see if you would be interested in me being your special daddy?" asked Carl warmly.

"Can I go get my seven year old brother first?" asked Flash. "His name is Dewy, and he's the one sliding down that slide over there right now."

"Adrian, why don't you run over there and get that boy named Dewy?" asked Carl. "In the meantime, Flash can see if he wants me to be his daddy."

Adrian ran over to get the boy playing on the slide, and Flash stepped up to Carl to look him over. First Flash reached behind Julian, and gently squeezed Carl's nipples. They felt nice and firm, which made Flash smile. Flash ran his fingers down Carl's chest and stomach, until they reached Carl's cock. Circumcision was not widely practiced in Flash's dimension, except as punishment, so he was intrigued by Carl's cut cock. He also liked Carl's balls, which he felt carefully in his hand, one ball at a time. Then Flash wrapped his hand around Carl's cock, and gently squeezed it as he stroked it a few times. By this time, Carl's cock was erect, and stood out at eight inches. Julian looked down and giggled as the other boy examined his daddy's stiffy.

"Is that too big for you son?" asked Carl, as Adrian returned with Dewy.

"No daddy, your cock looks very exciting to me!" replied Flash.

Flash leaned in and parted his lips slightly with the head of Carl's cock. Then Flash kissed it as he ran his tongue over the slit. When Flash backed away from Carl's cock, he went around behind Carl, and spread Carl's cheeks apart. Carl smiled as Flash ran his fingers along the bottom of Carl's crack, resting one finger on Carl's pucker. Flash massaged the pucker with one finger, as Carl moaned very softly.

"He's giving you about the most thorough and exciting examination I've ever seen!" smiled Butch.

When Carl felt Flash push one finger into him up to the second knuckle, Carl moaned, "Oh God yes! And he's about to make me cum!"

When Flash heard that, he moved back around and took just the head of Carl's cock into his mouth.

"That boy has your big stiffy in his mouth daddy!" giggled Julian.

Flash stroked Carl's cock as he held the head in his mouth, and was rewarded a few seconds later with the taste of Carl's cum flooding his mouth. By the time Carl's orgasm was over, Flash had drawn a crowd of young onlookers. They all cheered and applauded as Flash licked the cum from the end of Carl's cock, and from around his lips.

Then Flash looked up and said, "I love you. Would you please be my daddy?"

Carl knelt down carefully, and gave Flash a passionate kiss while still holding Julian. Then Carl broke the kiss and replied, "Nothing would give me greater pleasure, my beautiful son and lover."

Carl followed Butch back to the office at the first hotel, carrying Julian in one arm and Dewy in the other, with Flash and Adrian following him, as they talked and got to know each other. Butch felt very good as he signed the four boys over to Carl, and wished them all luck. As Carl led his new family to the park across the street, Butch smiled as he called for the next number. He knew that he and Cosmo would enjoy this job for the next three days. Cosmo would come back at the end of the day, to point out the four boys he had his eye on for when they were approved for adoption. The four boys ranged in age from two to seven, with two of them being brothers. Butch agreed with Cosmo's choices completely, and had the four boys housed in a reserved room together. The three older boys were very excited about having two boys for their daddies, so Butch and Cosmo checked them out for an overnight stay at Aaron's house that night. When Butch and Cosmo bathed the two year old boy that night, the other three boys wanted their young daddies to bathe them too. Butch and Cosmo smiled at each other and kissed, as they lovingly bathed all four of their giggling future sons.

Earlier that day, after the plane had passed through the portal to Euro-Russia, Brian had everyone except Ray put on the clothes that had been made for them. The pilot from Orgasmia contacted the air base in Berlin, and was given instructions to taxi to where a welcome celebration had been prepared for them.

Sounds like Butch and Cosmo are serious about being daddies once they are married. We'll get to the welcome celebration in Euro-Russia in the next chapter, I promise. Rudi will have very good news for his friends in Orgasmia. Please send all comments to: Also, don't forget to visit: Thanks for reading, and I'll see you in Chapter 28.