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by tim

Chapter 28

From the last chapter:

Carl followed Butch back to the office at the first hotel, carrying Julian in one arm and Dewy in the other, with Flash and Adrian following him, as they talked and got to know each other. Butch felt very good as he signed the four boys over to Carl, and wished them all luck. As Carl led his new family to the park across the street, Butch smiled as he called for the next number. He knew that he and Cosmo would enjoy this job for the next three days. Cosmo would come back at the end of the day, to point out the four boys he had his eye on, for when they were approved for adoption. The four boys ranged in age from two to seven, with two of them being brothers. Butch agreed with Cosmo's choices completely, and had the four boys housed in a reserved room together. The three older boys were very excited about having two boys for their daddies, so Butch and Cosmo checked them out for an overnight stay at Aaron's house that night. When Butch and Cosmo bathed the two year old boy that night, the other three boys wanted their young daddies to bathe them too. Butch and Cosmo smiled at each other and kissed, as they lovingly bathed all four of their giggling future sons.

Earlier that day, after the plane had passed through the portal to Euro-Russia, Brian had everyone except Ray put on the clothes that had been made for them. The pilot from Orgasmia contacted the air base in Berlin, and was given instructions to taxi to where a welcome celebration had been prepared for them.

"Aaron! Brian!" exclaimed Rudi as he smiled. "I see that you have brought your wonderful families with you! Madam Premiere will be very pleased. She is also very excited for you to see what we now call Boy City. It is the complex where the boys from the Alliance are being cared for until they are adopted. We also must discuss the peace treaty that has been proposed by the Western States Alliance, as it concerns Orgasmia as well."

"Well my friend, we can't wait to find out what that is about then." replied Aaron, as he gave Rudi a friendly hug. Then Aaron gave Jarrel and Raven the same hug and said, "I can't thank you enough for helping us and our friends in Euro-Russia. You have helped ensure the stability of all dimensions, which you will soon find out is quite a few."

"Since we are so new to inter-dimensional travel, how many dimensions has Orgasmia discovered so far?" asked Jarrel.

"So far our computers have a database on over seventeen hundred different dimensions." replied Aaron, who had been doing his homework. "To this point though, our citizens have only come from twelve different dimensions. There are quite a few various good reasons for that."

"I would love to hear some of those stories sometime Aaron!" replied Jarrel.

"It would be a pleasure!" smiled Aaron.

The mates and families of the men from Orgasmia were introduced to everyone, as they enjoyed the celebration that was going on. Leona finally arrived with her two new sons, and Aaron introduced everyone to her.

"After the celebration, I am anxious for you to see our adoption facility." said Leona to Aaron and Brian. "The boys there are so filled with love, and starved for affection. They are very wonderful children, and I'm afraid that our citizens will be clamoring to adopt them. Even if that is so, we will still need your help with our treaty with the Alliance. Let me call Rudi and Gerhardt over, so we can discuss that."

Once Rudi, Gerhardt, Aaron, Brian, and Leona were seated at a table, Rudi said, "The Western States Alliance is very concerned that we may try to take over their territory, after pushing their troops back across the straits so quickly. Of course we have no interest in doing so, but we have withheld that information from them for the time being. We have been in discussions with them to establish a peace treaty from the moment we took all of the remaining boys from the detention facility. We told them in no uncertain terms that their barbaric practice of murdering boys because they are homosexual was what got them into this mess, and we would continue to prevent them from doing so at all costs. In consideration to us for signing a peace treaty with them, the Western States Alliance has agreed to halt the execution of homosexuals. They will instead be sent here, and that is where you come in. The next round of testing will also include voluntary testing for those males over sixteen years of age. Then anyone who tests positive as homosexual will come here to Euro-Russia. This could mean millions of gay men and boys coming here, and we need your help."

"We will certainly help as much as we can." replied Brian. "Our land leaves much room for the growth of our society. If we do take any more boys to Orgasmia though, we must have a share of gay men as well, to help care for those we already have, as well as any others who come to us."

"That is not a problem." said Leona. "Our estimates are that as many as two million males over the age of sixteen may opt for the voluntary testing, as a way to escape the oppression of the Alliance. Those numbers could be even higher by the time it's over. I'm sure quite a few men would be interested in the option of going to Orgasmia, especially after the stories I've heard from Rudi and Gerhardt."

"Then we would love to provide as much help as you need." smiled Brian. "Our primary purpose is to never turn down a gay man or boy who needs our help."

"That is very good." smiled Leona. "All we need to do now is sign a joint statement that says Orgasmia has pledged to help Euro-Russia fulfill our treaty with the Alliance. Millions of people will be grateful to you for helping to halt the executions."

After the statement was signed by Brian and Aaron, there was even more cause to celebrate. The party lasted until the evening, at which time the people from Orgasmia began looking tired from their trip. Leona ordered that they be given the best accommodations, at the finest hotel in Berlin. Aaron's boys were in the process of getting ready for a bath, when they noticed the beautiful wrought iron balcony in their suite. When Aaron went to check on them, they were on the balcony. Spike was half dressed, and Shorty and Boy were completely naked.

"Aaron smiled as he asked, "You boys do know that the laws here might be somewhat different than back home, right?"

"I don't think anyone minds dad." laughed Spike. "A police officer just passed below us and waved at us. Then he told Shorty that he looked very nice."

"Do you think I should chase him down and get a date for tonight?" asked Shorty as he laughed.

"Besides, we're not hurting anyone." smiled Spike. "We just came out to enjoy the beauty of the scenery. I'd always heard that Berlin was the most beautiful city in the world."

"It is beautiful, and you boys add to that beauty very much." replied Aaron warmly. "I guess it's okay for you to be comfortable on the balcony here, as long as no one complains."

"Yay!" exclaimed Spike, who immediately stripped off the last of his clothes, and tossed them back into the room.

Aaron laughed lightly, and gave his three sons a gentle kiss. Then he went back into the suite to Mongo and Ray. Cary, Spaz, and their family had the suite on one side of Aaron's suite, but the other suite was being occupied by a young man from London in Euro-Russia. He came out onto his balcony at that time, and smiled when he looked over at the three naked boys.

"I've always heard the scenery in Berlin was the most beautiful in the world, and I guess they weren't joking!" chuckled the young man. "Hi boys, my name is Simon, and I'm from London."

"Hi Simon." replied Spike, as he boldly stood in plain view of the young man. "My name is Spike, and these are my brothers, Shorty and Boy. We got you beat on hometowns though. We're from another dimension called Orgasmia."

"I would say you do then." laughed Simon.

"So Simon, you like the scenery, huh?" asked Spike.

"It gets more beautiful by the moment." smiled Simon.

"Would you like to kiss the scenery?" asked Spike seductively.

"What would your parents say if they saw us?" asked Simon as he smiled.

"Both my dads would be happy that I was having fun and feeling pleasure." replied Spike.

The two balconies were close enough together that Spike could safely cross from one to the other. When Simon saw that his dreams were about to come true, he reached his hand out to Spike to help him across. Spike smiled as he jumped down from the balcony, and into Simon's arms.

"Hi Simon, like I said, my name is Spike" said Spike, as he smiled into Simon's eyes. "I'm fifteen, usually horny, and I like older men just as much as boys my age. My parents brought me here with them, as guests of the Premiere. She wanted to thank my dad Aaron, and several other adults in our group for helping Euro-Russia defeat the Western States Alliance, and saving all the boys they were going to execute. I don't have a lover yet, and I'm in no hurry to find one, although my brother Shorty wishes that he could be my lover. I do have fun when we have sex, but I'm not ready for a lover yet. I still like having sex for fun, and I'd love to have sex with you. Now, tell me about yourself."

Simon was almost stunned by Spike's openness, but he did manage to reply, "My name is Simon, and I'm twenty six. I live in London, which is in the far western part of Euro-Russia. I've always known that I'm gay, but as my lovers and I have gotten older, I've had more and more desires to be with a younger boy again. I came here to Berlin to visit Boy City, and hopefully find a boy to adopt, and to have as my lover. I would love to find a boy who's either fourteen or fifteen, and show him how gently I could make love to him as his father. I think you are very sexy Spike, and I would consider myself a lucky man to have sex with you."

"Cool, maybe I can also give you a few pointers on how to find and love a boy at Boy City." replied Spike, as Simon gently caressed his butt.

"You have a very nice young butt Spike." smiled Simon. "How would you feel about having an adult cock in it?"

"I love any kind of sex you can imagine Simon." replied Spike. "Anal sex is incredibly enjoyable, especially when I have a nice cock inside me. Let's go into your room, and you can make love to a boy in any way you've ever dreamed of."

"Let me kiss you first Spike." said Simon. "That way your brothers over there will know that you will be very well taken care of while you're in my suite."

Simon gently pressed his lips against Spike's, and Spike returned the kiss lustfully. That caused Simon to kiss the boy more passionately than anyone he had ever kissed. Simon and Spike shared a very erotic kiss as Shorty and Boy cheered them on. Then Simon led Spike into his suite.

Back in Orgasmia, Butch and Cosmo had finished bathing their future sons, and really enjoyed it when all the boys except the two year old called them daddy. The boys decided that since they never wanted to go back where they came from, they wanted their new daddies to give them new names. They didn't want what was considered normal names in the Alliance though. The boys all wanted more ancient names. Butch and Cosmo discussed it for quite a few minutes, as all the boys took turns sitting in their daddy's laps, and gently playing with their own dicks. By the time Butch and Cosmo had finished their discussion, the six and seven year old boys had sprouted little stiffies. Butch smiled as he pointed to the oldest boy, and motioned for him to sit in his lap again.

"Okay son, since you are the first of our new sons to be born, your other daddy and I have decided to call you Adam." said Butch. "Do you like that name Adam?"

"I love it daddy!" exclaimed Adam. "Thank you so much!" then Adam gave both his daddies a quick kiss on the lips and hopped down.

Next was the six year old, who because he liked kissing his seven year old brother, thought of he and Adam as boyfriends. He was also the actual brother of the two year old boy.

"Okay son, I think you'll like your new name." said Butch, once the six year old boy was seated in his lap. "Since you seem like the adventurous one of the group, we are naming you Christopher. Do you like that name Christopher?"

"That's a beautiful name daddy." replied Christopher. "I love you and daddy Cosmo so much!" Then Christopher gave both his daddies a gentle kiss on the lips and hopped down. As soon as Christopher joined Adam, they both began playing with each other's stiffies and giggling.

Butch had the four year old boy sit on his lap and said, "Hi little son."

The boy smiled brightly as he looked up at Butch and replied, "Hi daddy!"

"I love your smile very much son." said Butch. "I'm glad that I never see you without it. It makes you look like such a precious little angel, that your daddies have decided to name you Angelo. Does that sound like a good name Angelo?"

""It's a very nice name daddy." replied Angelo. "Thank you."

"Your welcome Angelo." said Butch, as he gave the boy a very sweet kiss. Then Angelo got another kiss from Cosmo.

Christopher then came back over, and sat his brother in Butch's lap. "Daddy, what are you going to name my baby brother?" asked Christopher.

"Your daddy Cosmo and I had to discuss this one." replied Butch. "We settled on the perfect name, but it's a lot like the name of one of your Uncle Spaz's sons. We finally decided that no other name would fit him though. Your baby brother is so cute and adorable, we never want him to grow up. That's why we're naming him Peter."

"Hey, your name is Peter now!" said Christopher to his brother. Then Christopher reached in and tickled Peter on the belly and said, "Say Peter."

"Pee-ter!" giggled the little boy squirming in Butch's lap.

Then Christopher pointed to Butch and said, "Say daddy."

Peter looked up at Butch adorably and said, "Dah-dee!"

Butch tried to hold back a tear of joy as he looked at Christopher and said, "You little guys have just made me the happiest guy in the world! Your daddy Cosmo and I are going to take such good care of you!"

Back in Euro-Russia, Aaron had joined two of his sons on the balcony and asked, "Where is Spike?"

"The man in the room next door came out on his balcony, and Spike told him he looked nice." said Shorty. "Then the man invited Spike over to his balcony, and they kissed. Spike asked the man to have sex with him, so they're in his room right now. You can hear them every once in a while, and Spike sounds like he's having a lot of fun!"

Aaron stayed out on the balcony, and did hear some faint moaning from a very happy sounding Spike. Aaron sat with the boys on the balcony, and waited for Spike to come back. He wasn't upset at Spike having sex with the man, but he would at least like to meet any adults that his boys wanted to have sex with first. The moaning finally died down, and a few minutes later, Spike and a very handsome young man appeared on the balcony. Neither of them had noticed Aaron yet, so the man wrapped Spike in a hug and kissed him passionately.

"What we just did was the most wonderful thing I've ever felt Spike." said Simon, after they had broke the kiss. "You are a very wonderful and beautiful boy!"

Then Simon finally turned and saw Aaron. When Simon began fumbling to form any words at all, Aaron said, "You can relax. My son loves sex, and it sounded like you made him feel pretty good. I just wish he had called me to meet you first, but I'm not upset. My name is Aaron, and I'm Spike's dad."

Aaron held his hand out between the balconies, and gave Simon a warm handshake. As Simon shook Aaron's hand, he said, "I am sorry sir. I should have insisted that we both talk to you first. I just wasn't sure what your customs are. Oh yes, my name is Simon."

"Well then Simon, it sounds like time to get to know each other." smiled Aaron. "Then you will know that I wouldn't have been upset to know that you and Spike wanted to have sex. Why don't both of you come on over. Please use the front door though."

"Okay sir." laughed Simon nervously.

A few moments later, Aaron let Simon and his naked son in through the door. Aaron showed Simon to a seat, then asked if he wanted any kind of refreshment. Simon said that his favorite was apple juice, so Aaron called room service. Then he called Mongo out to join them. Mongo had just gotten Ray to sleep, so he came out with the baby in his arms. Simon took one look at Mongo's cock, and his eyes nearly bulged out of his head. Simon finally noticed that everyone saw him staring at Mongo's cock when Spike began to snicker. Simon then looked very embarrassed.

"Don't be embarrassed Simon." laughed Aaron. "Everyone reacts that way when they see my husband's cock."

"I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable Simon." said Mongo. "If Aaron had told me we had company when he called me out, I would have dressed for it. Normally though, I hate wearing any kind of clothing. I only do it when I visit other dimensions."

"I'm not too uncomfortable now, it's just that's the most incredible thing I've ever seen." said Simon. "It must feel as though it weighs a ton!"

"Well, I'd say it's about ten pounds erect." replied Mongo. "Go ahead and pick it up and feel it, if you want."

Simon looked to Aaron, who chuckled as he said, "Go ahead Simon, it won't hurt anything to take a look at it."

Simon picked up Mongo's cock with both hands, and felt it's weight resting in his hands. Then Simon stroked it gently, to get a feel for it's girth. "And you make love to Aaron with this incredible cock Mongo?" asked Simon.

"Yes." replied Mongo. "My mate loves it very much, and that makes me very happy with my cock."

"I must say Aaron, I am very impressed with your resilience!" laughed Simon. "You are very lucky to have a husband with such an awe inspiring cock though."

"Thank you very much Simon!" replied Aaron as he smiled.

At that point, the drink cart arrived at the door. The refreshments that Aaron had ordered were the only ones on it, so the room attendant left the cart with Aaron. Aaron wheeled the cart on into the suite, and served everyone what they wanted to drink. Then Aaron and Mongo sat on the sofa across from the sofa Simon was seated on. Simon was soon joined by Spike, then by the other two boys.

"So Simon, about our customs in Orgasmia." said Aaron. "Boys Spike's age are not forbidden to have sex with an older male. Most men in our world would not mind their son having sex, as long as it's the boy who initiates the sexual contact. That is one custom we follow closely. Knowing Spike as I do, I'm sure that it was his idea. If a boy does have sexual contact with an adult though, it is usually customary for the boy to first bring the adult to his father. If the boy really wants the contact, and the adult he has chosen does not look like a danger to the boy, there is never any problem with it. You do look like a very nice and loving young man Simon, and I hope that Spike knows that I would have seen that, and approved."

"Your people are very open about sexual issues between males, aren't they Aaron?" asked Simon.

"Well, our population does consist entirely of gay males." laughed Aaron.

"But you and your mate have a baby." said Simon.

"Yes, thanks to genetic testing in the Western States Alliance, we have been blessed with a beautiful gay baby son." replied Aaron. "They tested ALL males under sixteen, even infants."

"Do you mean they were going to put that sweet and helpless little baby in front of a firing squad?!" asked Simon in shock.

"I'm afraid that was their plan." replied Aaron. "That's why I and your leaders have insisted that in order for there to be any peace treaty, they must now send all gay males here to Euro-Russia. We will watch them closely from now on, and if they make plans to violate that section of the treaty, we will move swiftly against them."

"Do you mean that you are your people's leader Aaron?!" asked Simon, in even more shock.

"I am the President." replied Aaron. "There is one other leader above me, and that would be my Uncle Brian."

"So, I just had sex with the fifteen year old son of the President of Orgasmia?" asked Simon.

"Yeah, so you should feel honored!" giggled Spike. "Especially since you made me feel so good. You have a very nice cock Simon."

"And it felt very nice inside you Spike." smiled Simon.

"Simon also did the most enjoyable things when he sucked my cock!" exclaimed Spike to the room. "I've never felt anything that felt so good!"

"Cool, can you have sex with my cock Simon?" asked Shorty.

Simon looked in disbelief to Aaron and Mongo. "Simon, Shorty obviously wants it." said Aaron. "If you wish to pleasure his beautiful young cock, go right ahead."

"I can't believe I'm going to do this!" exclaimed Simon softly, as he looked at Shorty's cock.

"I think I can cum again now Simon." said Spike. "Would it be okay for me to put my cock inside you while you pleasure Shorty?"

"I so wish you would." replied Simon softly.

Aaron and Mongo smiled and kissed, as they watched Simon pleasure Shorty's cock, and Spike thrust himself in and out of a now naked Simon. The boys and Simon all three looked like they were having a great time. After several minutes, the boys both began moaning louder and louder. Then as Shorty shot his sweet cum into Simon's mouth, Spike began shooting his cum into Simon's rectum. As Simon sucked the last of Shorty's cum from his cock, he moaned from the wonderful sensation of young cum in both ends of him. Shorty and Spike were both smiling brightly when it was over.

"You brought two of my sons great pleasure this evening Simon, and I thank you for that." said Aaron.

"Simon, you know how to pleasure a boy so well that you're going to make some boy very happy when you go to Boy City tomorrow." smiled Spike.

"I hope so." replied Simon. "And I should thank you and your brother for proving that I have a lot of love and pleasure to offer my new son when I find him."

Back at Aaron and Mongo's house, Butch and Cosmo didn't have much luck getting the boys to sleep in their own bed that night. In the end, they couldn't resist their begging and pleading. Once Butch and Cosmo had pushed the two beds in their room together, everyone climbed onto the one huge bed.

"If you boys are going to insist on sleeping with us tonight, there's something you're going to have to get use to." said Cosmo. "Your daddies can't go for one night without making love."

"Yeah, if you guys are going to sleep with us, I hope you don't mind watching!" laughed Butch.

The boys had no problem with that, as they watched their two teenage daddies kiss each other passionately. When Butch turned around on top of Cosmo, the two boys began playfully licking at each other as the younger boys watched. Then Butch and Cosmo lovingly swallowed each other's cocks. Peter and Angelo laid on their tummies as close to their daddies as they could on one side, and watched them make love as they giggled. Christopher and Adam were on the other side of Butch and Cosmo, watching them make love as they gently played with each other.

"Our daddies look like they're having fun, don't they?" asked Christopher.

"Yeah, it does look kinda fun." replied Adam, as he looked down at Christopher's dick. "Do you want to try it?"

"Sure, as long as you don't pee in my mouth!" giggled Christopher.

Adam laughed as he turned around, then the two boys matched Butch and Cosmo's sixty nine. The boys couldn't explain why, but they had fun as they sucked on each other's dicks. Butch and Cosmo both glanced over occasionally, and saw Christopher and Adam sucking each other's dicks as they laughed and giggled. Both boys were really enjoying how their brother's dick felt in their mouth. A little while later, the boys heard both of their daddies begin moaning. Christopher and Adam stopped sucking each other, and turned back around to watch their daddies. All four boys watched as their daddies began writhing and sucking hard on each other. When Butch thought Cosmo's orgasm was over, he pulled up and stared at his lover's cock. Then two more shots of cum shot out of Cosmo's cock as it twitched. All four boys clearly saw that, then they watched Butch lick the fluid from Cosmo's cock, where it had landed.

"Oh my God!" exclaimed Christopher. "Our daddies peed in each other's mouths!"

"Wow!" exclaimed Adam.

The other two boys found it extremely funny, as they giggled madly while watching their daddies. Butch finally turned back around, and embraced and kissed Cosmo. Then all four boys climbed back up in the bed.

Butch smiled at Christopher and Adam and said, "That wasn't pee sons. Your other daddy and I had an orgasm. That's when your dick feels so good that the balls below it make this really creamy and good tasting fluid called cum, and it shoots out of your dick. You boys won't be able to do that for a while yet though. You have to be in your teens before your balls can make cum."

"It still felt really nice when me and Christopher had each other's dicks in our mouths." said Adam.

"That's because doing that is suppose to feel really nice." smiled Cosmo. "There's nothing wrong with you two doing that either, if you both want to do it. Just don't expect anything to come out unless you accidentally pee in each other's mouths."

"Eww!" giggled Christopher. "That's yucky daddy!"

"It may seem yucky to some people, but some guys enjoy having another guy pee in their mouth." said Butch. "You should never do anything like that though unless you want to. If any guy ever tries to force any of you to do things like that, we want to know right away. Okay?"

"Okay daddy." answered everyone but Peter.

"Okay then, let's all get some sleep now." smiled Butch.

As Butch turned and gave Angelo and Peter a long and loving good-night kiss on their lips, Cosmo turned the other way and gave the same kiss to Christopher and Adam. Then Butch and Cosmo switched places, and Butch kissed Christopher and Adam lovingly while Cosmo kissed the other two boys.

"I liked how you kissed us good-night daddies." said Adam. "Our old daddies never kissed us like that. It felt nice."

"Then that's the good-night kiss you boys will get every night from now on." smiled Butch. "Your daddy Cosmo and I love you boys very much." The boys all snuggled as closely as they could to their daddies, and the six boys drifted happily off to sleep.

The next morning, as Cosmo and Butch fed their sons breakfast and got them ready to go to work with them, Aaron was getting his family ready to go out to breakfast. Then everyone would get together and meet with Leona, Rudi, and Gerhardt, and they would all go to visit Boy City. When Aaron's boys got together with all of their cousins that morning, they told all of the boys about meeting Simon.

"Damn!" laughed Pete. "It sounds like you guys got the nice room! I'll bet Noah comes visiting you guys tonight if your friend Simon doesn't find a son today."

"I had sex for the first time just before we got picked up, and it was fun!" added Noah.

That made everyone laugh as they were finishing breakfast. When Leona met the group, she had brought a couple of gifts that they would need for the day. Aaron thanked Leona sincerely for the double baby carriage for the two infant boys, and the stroller for Robert and Twinkie's two and a half year old boy, whom they never could talk out of the name Loopy. They did change the name of their youngest son to David though. So Twinkie went ahead and laid David in the carriage next to Ray, and the two baby boys got along right off the bat. Then it was off to Boy City.

As the group walked into the open complex, Leona said, "The first building to our right here is the administrative office. That's where prospective parents will stop first, to register with the adoption board. We are being very liberal with adoption standards. Prospective single parents of either sex are encouraged to come here, as we have over nine hundred thousand boys here to place. Our only concern is that people aren't taking boys from here to hurt or exploit them, and we have screening processes that can determine if they have those intentions."

"What if a man wants to find an older boy to adopt as a prospective lover and mate?" asked Spike.

"Well, I've never known of a case where real loves hurts anyone involved in the relationship." smiled Leona. "If that is truly what they are looking for, we have no problem with that. We also have ways of telling if a man will be gentle and loving with a boy if that is his intention."

"That's good, because we met a new friend named Simon last night." said Spike. "He's a very gentle and loving man, and he has a lot of love to share with the right boy."

"Then we should be able to help place him and a boy together who will make both of them happy." replied Leona. "All of the boys here are now wearing color coded shirts, to show us and prospective parents what that boys needs are in finding a parent. We have quite a few boys here who are in need of the love and affection of an older man, to make up for never having that from their real fathers."

At that point, Simon came out of the office smiling, and saw his new friends. Spike waved to Simon enthusiastically, so Simon came over to the group.

"I can't believe how well it went in there!" said Simon as he smiled. "They know of my intentions, and were completely supportive of them! They told me that I'm to look for a boy out of the group of boys wearing green shirts, and they wished me luck in finding a special son that I could share my love with." Then Simon noticed the premiere with the group and said, "Madam Premiere, I didn't know you were with them. I'm so sorry for intruding."

"You must be Simon that my friends were just telling me about." said Leona as she smiled. "If you are a friend of theirs, then consider yourself a friend of mine as well. In which case, there's no need to apologize, as you aren't intruding. Would you like to walk with us Simon, as you look for a son?"

"It would be an honor, Madam Premiere." replied Simon.

Then the tour continued, as Leona said, "The boys here appear to be allowed to run around and play unchecked, but that is so that prospective parents can see the true nature of the boy they wish to adopt. In reality, we have over two thousand workers here, providing guidance and care for the boys. The boys are never out of sight of adult guidance, but those adults stay out of sight so the boys can be observed by prospective parents."

"What do the different colored shirts mean?" asked Aaron, as he watched a large group of boys, happily playing together.

"As Simon has already said, the green shirts are boys who are in need of special fathers, who will show their new sons love and affection." replied Leona. "Most of them have expressed an interest in having a father who will also be their mate. The children in the red shirts are those who, because of their energy and enthusiasm, will require two parents. It doesn't matter if it's a homosexual couple or heterosexual couple, as long as the boy has two parents. The blue shirts represent boys who have very general requirements. They are suitable for adoption by anyone except single gay men who have been asked to look for sons wearing green shirts. The boys in white shirts are those who require special needs. Prospective parents of those boys are asked to inquire as to the needs of the specific boy they are interested in, to make sure they can handle those needs. Finally we have the boys in yellow shirts. Those are boys who we have determined are in an emotionally fragile state. They require parents with a strong balance of patience, love, compassion, and understanding. They are the ones that we most want to match up with the right parents."

The group continued on, and everyone was amazed by the sight of so many happy boys in one place. They had never seen such a wonderful sight in their lives, and knew that their friends in Euro-Russia were doing a spectacular job of caring for all of the boys.

"What kind of facilities does it take to run a place like this?" asked Brian, as they continued walking along the street.

"This section of town already had a large hospital, so that it now used as our medical facility for the boys." replied Leona. "We also have almost one hundred separate nutritional facilities. With this many boys, the lines can still be long at times. We do expect the population of Boy City to drop by at least half though, then stabilize there. At that point, our facilities will be perfectly suited for the numbers of boys they serve. We are also preparing to open the largest school in all of Euro-Russia, so the boys educational needs may be met. The housing facilities are somewhat cramped right now, but should be very comfortable when the population drops to expected levels."

As the group passed by a very happy sounding park filled with boys, Simon noticed a boy with a green shirt, sitting alone on a bench under a tree. The boy didn't look as happy as most of the others, so Simon went over to talk to him. The adults held the rest of the group back, to give Simon and the boy some privacy.

"I do hope they bond." smiled Leona. "It's always such a wonderful event to witness."

"Hi, I'm Simon." said Simon, as he approached the boy. "Do you mind if I sit with you?"

"Go ahead." replied the boy unenthusiastically. "My name is... Never mind, I hate my name."

"Well, I have to have something to call you." smiled Simon. "Why don't you tell me what your name is, and if it's that bad, we can come up with something else."

"My parents were very upset when they realized that I might eventually be gay." said the boy. "They named me Faggot because they said I deserved that name."

"Oh my God!" exclaimed Simon. "That is horrible! A nice looking boy like you certainly does not deserve to be humiliated that way. Would you mind terribly if I called you Thad instead? It's short for Thaddeus, which I always thought was a very wonderful name."

"I kinda like that." the boy almost smiled. "It certainly is much better than the name my parents gave me. Do you really think I look nice Simon?"

"I wouldn't have said it if I didn't mean it Thad." replied Simon, as he lightly rubbed Thad's head. That got a full smile from Thad.

"Oh my God, they are bonding!" exclaimed Leona softly. "This is going to be so wonderful!"

"You would make a nice father Simon." said Thad. "I'll bet you already have a dozen boys lined up wanting to be your son though."

"You're the first boy I've talked to today Thad." replied Simon. "You're also the most wonderful and attractive boy I've seen yet. The moment I saw you over here, I knew that I had to talk to you."

Thad smiled as he leaned into Simon and said, "I wish I had a father just like you Simon. You're doing something very wonderful to my fourteen year old body right now." Then Thad discretely placed Simon's hand on his stiffening cock.

"May I kiss you Thad?" asked Simon.

When Thad nodded yes, Simon gently placed his lips against Thad's. Then Simon kissed Thad with a great deal of warmth and affection. When Simon broke the kiss after almost a full minute, Thad had a very beautiful smile on his face.

"I'm looking for a son that I can share my love, my life, and my heart with Thad." said Simon softly. "Will you please be my son Thad?"

Thad threw his arms around Simon and said, "I would love to be your son dad! You have just turned this into the happiest day of my life!"

Simon hugged Thad tightly and replied, "And you have made this the happiest day of my life too son."

Then Simon turned his head, and placed his lips against Thad's lips again. This time Simon kissed his new son passionately, and Thad eagerly returned the kiss to his new dad.

Simon finally backed his lips away from Thad's and said, "I am going to make such beautiful and gentle love to you tonight son. Would you like that?"

"I would love to make love to you dad!" exclaimed Thad softly.

Since neither one wanted to break their hug yet, Simon got up with Thad still in his arms. Then Simon wrapped his hands underneath Thad's soft butt, and carried his new son back to the group. "I would like everyone to meet my new son Thad!" smiled Simon proudly.

"To watch you two bond like that was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen." said Aaron as he smiled. "I would wish you two luck, but you seem to have so much love right now that you don't need luck."

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