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by tim

Chapter 29

From the last chapter:

Since neither one wanted to break their hug yet, Simon got up with Thad still in his arms. Then Simon wrapped his hands underneath Thad's soft butt, and carried his new son back to the group. "I would like everyone to meet my new son Thad!" smiled Simon proudly.

"To watch you two bond like that was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen." said Aaron as he smiled. "I would wish you two luck, but you seem to have so much love right now that you don't need luck."

The tour of Boy City continued, and Aaron could tell that all of the boys were being well cared for. Robert was amazed by the amount of organization they had accomplished in such a short time. When lunch time came, the group decided to take lunch with the boys of Boy City. Since there was a park across from the nutrition facility they stopped at, all the boys in the group were told they could go there after they had finished eating. The visiting group drew quite a bit of attention in the dining room, most of it to the boys in the group.

When Noah got up to go over to the park, a very good looking thirteen year old boy got up from where he had been watching Noah. The boy was five feet and two inches tall, had blonde hair, and very deep blue eyes. He also had a cute button nose, and nice full and pouting lips, although not too large for his face. The boy followed Noah into the park, then approached Noah as he watched a group of boys playing.

"Hi, my name is Cutie, but I think you're even cuter than I am." said the boy to Noah. "What's your name?"

"My name is Noah." replied Noah. "I'm twelve, and I had sex for the first time just before we got picked up!"

"You're getting even cuter by the second Noah!" giggled Cutie. "Would you like to have sex for the second time today?"

"Sure, I liked having sex!" smiled Noah.

"Cool, let's go over there where no one can see us." said Cutie, as he pointed to a thick stand of trees and bushes. "I can't wait to see your stiffy Noah."

Noah followed the boy into the small grove, and Cutie was right that no one would be able to see them. Cutie was surprised that Noah began removing his clothes right away.

"You must really want to have sex with me Noah!" said Cutie, as he started taking his clothes off too. "That makes me feel nice!" Then Cutie reached down and fondled Noah's already erect dick while his stiffened too. "You have a really nice stiffy Noah. Four and a half inches is just about perfect."

"Yours is nice too Cutie." replied Noah, as he gently played with Cutie's erection. "I like that it's about an inch longer than mine."

Then Cutie put his arms around Noah, and pressed their lips together. Cutie gave Noah a very warm kiss until Noah began kissing back. When Cutie broke the kiss and smiled at Noah, Noah said, "The other boy didn't kiss me like that the first time I had sex. I like kissing a lot!"

"Then you'll love this Noah!" replied Cutie.

Cutie put his lips back against Noah's, and began sucking on Noah's lips. Then he gently caressed the inside of Noah's mouth with his tongue. As Cutie pulled his tongue back out of Noah's mouth, he coaxed Noah's tongue to follow his. Once Noah's tongue was inside Cutie's mouth, Cutie began sucking it passionately. As Noah felt Cutie sucking his tongue, and rubbing his back and butt, his instincts began to take over. Noah sensuously caressed Cutie's backside, as he began sucking on Cutie's upper lip. The two boys passionately sucked each other's tongues and lips for several minutes, leaving each other breathless by the time they broke the kiss.

"Let's go ahead and lay down Noah!" panted Cutie.

As soon as Noah had laid down, Cutie laid down the other way. Then Cutie looked lovingly at Noah's erect dick and said, "Your stiffy is so beautiful Noah."

Cutie took Noah's dick into his mouth, and began gently caressing it with his lips. Noah smiled at Cutie's erection, and eagerly took it into his mouth and began sucking it passionately. After a few minutes of that, Cutie backed off of Noah's dick.

"I can tell you like sucking my stiffy Noah." said Cutie. "When you had sex for the first time, did the other boy put his stiffy in your butt?"

Noah backed off Cutie's dick and replied, "We didn't try anything like that."

"Can I put my stiffy in your butt then Noah, and have sex with you like that?" asked Cutie. "You'll really like it, I promise!"

"Sure, that sounds like fun!" replied Noah.

By this time, Cutie's erection was already pretty wet with Noah's spit, so he turned Noah onto his back. After Cutie lifted Noah's ankles up onto his shoulders, he put his dick at Noah's pucker. Then Cutie pushed his dick into Noah firmly, but not too quickly.

"Ohh!" groaned Noah, as his eyes went wide.

"Did I hurt you Noah?" asked Cutie sincerely.

"Not too much." replied Noah. "It's already is starting to feel better. Actually, I think I like having your stiffy in my butt."

Cutie smiled as he started thrusting his dick in and out of Noah, and Noah's smile got cuter and cuter as he was being fucked for the first time. Cutie looked down at Noah's dick, and it was bouncing up and down as Cutie thrust his dick in and out of Noah.

"Please don't cum while I fuck you Noah." moaned Cutie softly. "After I cum in your butt, I want to swallow your cum."

"I'll try to hold it Cutie!" moaned Noah. "I love you Cutie! Please make love to me harder!"

"I love you too Noah!" panted Cutie, as he thrust into Noah harder. "I wish we lived in the same place."

After another minute, Cutie began grunting as he panted. Then both boys moaned as Cutie shot his cum into Noah. As soon as his orgasm was over, Cutie pulled out of Noah, and engulfed Noah's dick in his mouth.

"I'm not going to last long!" moaned Noah.

Cutie responded by sucking hungrily on Noah's throbbing dick. In about one minute, Cutie began swallowing Noah's cum as if it were the best tasting thing he had ever swallowed. Once Noah had finished cumming, Cutie raised up on his knees and smiled into Noah's blissfully smiling face.

"That was incredible!" exclaimed Noah softly. "I really do love you Cutie."

Cutie got up, and as he helped Noah up, he said, "I love you too Noah. I wish we could be together."

Then the two boys hugged each other tightly, and shared a very tender kiss. As they kissed, Noah finally noticed that they were being watched by Aaron and Spaz. "How long have you and Grandpa Aaron been watching dad?" asked Noah in a scared tone.

"There's no reason to be afraid son." replied Spaz. "We came up when Cutie asked you not to cum while he was making love to you. We aren't mad at you for making love to him son."

"They looked so cute together son." said Aaron to Spaz. "We have to do something to help them. I'd hate the thought of seeing them stuck in different dimensions."

"You're right dad." replied Spaz. Then Spaz turned back to Noah and said, "When you boys get dressed, we need to see the Premier about keeping you together. Would you like to come live in Orgasmia if they'll let us take you back Cutie?"

"I'll live anywhere if I can be with Noah!" replied Cutie as he smiled.

"I have sex a lot now, and it's really fun!" declared Noah.

That caused Aaron and Spaz both to laugh, as they waited for the two boys to get dressed.

"You really do have an incredibly cute son there son." chuckled Aaron. "I just hope he won't have a problem expressing his love to his Uncle Cutie when we get back." Once the boys had dressed and followed Aaron and Spaz back to the rest of the group, Aaron went to Leona and said, "We have a bit of a problem. It seems as though one of Spaz's sons has fallen in love with a boy here, and we don't want to see the two boys separated. I was wondering if it would be okay if we took the boy back with us. I would give him a good and loving home with my family, so he'll be well taken care of."

"Since it's for you Aaron, you don't even have to ask." replied Leona. "We just need to stop by the Boy City office, and process the boy out, and he's all yours."

Cutie and Noah immediately hugged each other, and shared another kiss.

"I can easily see why you don't want to separate them now." smiled Leona. "They are very beautiful together."

Back in Orgasmia, Butch , Cosmo, and their boys were having a great day. Butch and Cosmo loved getting men and boys together as families, and the boys were telling all of their friends about their really cool teenage daddies.

A couple of older boys overheard them and one of them said, "It would be cool to have a daddy close to my age. Then I could really have fun with my daddy!"

"Are you talking about sex?" asked Adam.

"What else would I be talking about?" replied the boy. "Besides, aren't you a little young to know about sex yet?"

"Our daddies let us watch them last night." replied Adam. "Then I had sex with Christopher, but neither of us can cum yet. We can't even get stiffies all the time yet."

"That had to be cute!" replied the other boy as he smiled.

"I don't know if a teenage daddy would have sex with his son though, because teenage daddies have to be married." said Adam. "The only unmarried people who can adopt are adult daddies."

"Well, that might not be so bad either!" laughed the first boy. "I got caught by a cop playing with a friend's stiffy once. He was going to take us in as homosexuals and have us executed. Then he drove us out to a deserted spot in the country, and said he would let us both go if I let him put his stiffy in my butt. He had about an eight inch stiffy, so it kinda hurt when he pushed it all the way into me really fast. After he started fucking me though, it felt pretty cool. After he cummed in my butt, he told me that I was a nice fuck, and let us both go."

"Damn!" exclaimed the other boy. "Did he ever try to arrest you again?"

"He arrested me five times after that, before we were tested and rounded up." smiled the boy. "He let me go every time though, because I was a good fuck. I got to the point where I kinda looked forward to him arresting me, so he could fuck me with his stiffy."

Later that afternoon, a single man came in looking for a boy who might want a relationship with his daddy. Adam was in the office with Butch at the time, and remembered the boy he had been talking to earlier. Adam took his daddy Butch and the man out to meet the boy. The two got along together right away, and Adam was proud of himself.

When the man told the boy he wanted to adopt him, the boy asked, "Can you adopt my friend too? We've been talking ever since we talked to the younger boys earlier, and my friend would really like to have a man to have sex with him. That way you could have two sons to have sex with."

The man talked to the boy's friend, and ended up asking to adopt both of them. Then Butch talked to the first boy, who had sexual experience with adults. He promised to help his friend through it the first few times, and Butch was satisfied.

After the tour of Boy City wrapped up, Aaron stopped at the office with Leona, and in just a few minutes, Cutie was his boy. Then everyone went back to the hotel to get ready for dinner with Rudi and Gerhardt. The two men said they had news for their friends. Pete took a few minutes to talk to his brother's new boyfriend, and found out that Cutie was one year older than Noah, which made him thirteen. Pete thought that Cutie was also very well mannered and gentle, and he could tell that the boy already had feelings for his brother.

"I like you Cutie, and I hope you and my brother are very good boyfriends." said Pete. "There is one thing I have to tell you though. Ever since Noah's first sexual experience, he has been a bit preoccupied with it. It mentions it almost every time he speaks. Since your relationship has already included sex, I just wanted you to know that Noah may want to keep you very busy having sex with him. He shows all of the signs of having an abnormally active sex drive. I hope you will be able to handle that well, and make my little brother happy."

"Well, I love sex too, especially if it's with someone that I feel special about, like Noah." smiled Cutie. "If we ended up making love six times a day, I would be happy with that."

"Well, he just might hold you to that at some point!" laughed Pete. "As long as you're both happy though, that's all that matters to me."

"Noah's very lucky to have a big brother who cares about him like you do Pete." said Cutie. "Once my family began to think that I might be gay, they didn't care too much for me. I guess they didn't want to take any chances of being charged with aiding a homosexual."

"Well, you'll never have to worry about that again." smiled Pete. "Aaron and his family will love you like a real family should. Well, I'll see you again at dinner, and welcome to our families Cutie."

As Pete was leaving, he met his brother Noah at the door and snickered as he said, "You two better hurry Noah. We have to leave for dinner in about fifteen minutes."

The two boys immediately took each other in an embrace, and shared a deep and loving kiss. Then Cutie said, "We have fifteen minutes Noah. Do you want to have some fun?"

"I always like having fun!" giggled Noah.

Butch and Cosmo took their boys to the park across the road from the hotel for about two hours after they had finished their duties for the day. Then they took their family out to a very nice dinner. After that, they spent a nice evening getting to know their new family even better. Everyone but Peter got a chance to tell everyone about their lives up to this point. Since Butch and Cosmo were older, the younger boys held on to every word of their daddies adventures. The younger boys could tell that their daddies had been in love with each other long before they ever admitted it to each other. That especially made Adam and Christopher smile.

A little later when the two boys got together alone, Adam said, "I don't want to wait like our daddies did. I love you very much Christopher, even if we are only seven and six. I already know that I want you to be my boyfriend forever. Will you be my boyfriend forever Christopher? I don't even want to look at any other boys right now."

Christopher leaned in and kissed Adam very affectionately, then said, "I love you very much too Adam. I already thought we were boyfriends forever though. I know that I could never love another boy as much as I love you."

Then the two boys shared another, even more passionate kiss. That night as Butch and Cosmo laid down in the middle of the bed in each other's arms, Adam and Christopher laid down on one side in a very loving embrace, and Angelo and Peter laid down on the other side and watched their daddies intently as they smiled.

Butch smiled into Cosmo's eyes and said, "We seem to have the perfect family now my love."

"I couldn't imagine it being any better either my dear." replied Cosmo.

Once Butch and Cosmo finished making love that night, they each gave all four of their sons a deep and loving good-night kiss on their lips, and the entire family snuggled together as they drifted off to sleep.

Earlier in the evening back in Berlin, everyone met Rudi and Gerhardt at the restaurant. Each man had three boys with them, which they introduced as their new sons as they ordered their dinner. Then Rudi told his friends that same sex marriages had been approved by the Euro-Russian government, and he and Gerhardt had now set a wedding date. The adults from Orgasmia all congratulated their now engaged friends with a warm hug.

"We want to do something very special for our honeymoon." said Gerhardt. "Rudi and I want to bring our families to Orgasmia for our honeymoon. We were hoping that our friends could help us."

"We would be happy to send a plane here to pick your family up after your wedding." replied Brian. "Some of us may want to even attend your wedding in two weeks, as you two have become very good friends to us."

"That would be very nice." said Rudi. "Any of our friends from Orgasmia are welcome to attend our wedding. Now, there was something that our Premier wanted us to discuss with you as a possibility. We have commercial air travel between here and Afro-Asia, as they are very friendly people at times. We have never had commercial travel to the Western States Alliance, but hopefully after the treaty is signed tomorrow, that may happen someday. There is one other place that our citizens would be interested in being able to travel to. We were wondering if we could work out a commercial air travel schedule with our new friends in Orgasmia."

"Well, we have never had scheduled flights to another dimension, but then again, we've never had such close friends as you from another dimension either." said Brian. "I'm sure that all of us here on the council would approve it immediately, but we do have to discuss it with our other council members first. We will do whatever we can to convince them that this is a good thing to do. How many of your cities would you like to have air service from Orgasmia to?"

"Well, to start we were thinking of Moscow, Berlin, London, Paris, Rome, and Warsaw." replied Rudi. "We may wish to add Geneva, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Madrid, Athens, Vienna, Munich and Kiev later. All of these cities are already set up for international travel to Afro-Asia, and would not be difficult to adapt to interdimensional travel."

"I think we can adapt eight of our long range passenger jets for interdimensional travel quickly." said Brian. "That would give us two for reserve if we schedule one flight per day to those cities. If the other cities are strong possibilities, I would need to know now though. We will need to build more long range passenger jets to accommodate them."

"Then you may want to go ahead and do so if you think your council will approve scheduled commercial flights with us." replied Rudi. "I know that those other eight cities will definitely want air service to Orgasmia as soon as they can get it."

As the men ate, they watched their boys and worked out the details to begin commercial air service between Orgasmia and Euro-Russia. Aaron thought that the fact that Orgasmia had no monetary system would be a big sticking point in the discussion, but Leona and her government were willing to offer a generous travel credit to anyone from Orgasmia traveling to Euro-Russia. It would all balance out as Euro-Russian citizens would pay a fee to their government to travel to Orgasmia, then not pay any expenses on the trip. By the time dinner was over, a plan had been completely worked out for Brian and the others to take to the council, and Brian told Rudi that service could begin on their wedding day to the first six Euro-Russian cities if the council approved.

The next day in Euro-Russia was very exciting. It started off with a ceremony for officials who had come in from the Alliance to officially sign the treaty with Euro-Russia. Brian and Jarrel were also asked to participate in the signing of the treaty, as they had been partners with Euro-Russia in the short lived war, and Orgasmia would remain partners in carrying out the terms of the treaty. After the treaty was signed, Brian wanted to make sure to thank the Alliance representative for agreeing to end the executions of homosexuals, and allowing them to live someplace where they could live out their lives happily. The representative assured Brian that the Alliance had not changed their views on homosexuality, they were merely agreeing to the terms of the treaty because they knew they were no match for the partnership between Orgasmia and Euro-Russia. Then he vowed that they would happily send all homosexuals to Euro-Russia and Orgasmia from now on. It was not exactly what Brian had wanted to hear, but he was glad that no more boys or men would be murdered by the Alliance for being gay.

After the signing ceremony came a parade through Berlin, in honor of the treaty and Euro-Russia's friends from other dimensions. The people who lined the streets of Berlin cheered loudly for Jarrel and Raven, and for the people from Orgasmia. Without their help, the Euro-Russian citizens knew they could not have beaten the Western States Alliance. A ceremony and celebration had been set up at the end of the parade route, which included a fair which had been set up in honor of Euro-Russia's friends. Aaron knew that Orgasmia and Euro-Russia would now remain very close friends and allies from this day on.

As the celebration began, Brian was approached by a young man from Euro-Russia, who said, "Hello sir, my name is Ivan and I am from Moscow. It is my duty to make sure our visitors are well taken care of, and provide them anything they want."

"Thank you Ivan, I'm Brian from Orgasmia." replied Brian. "I'm okay for the moment, but some of my friends may need assistance."

"To be honest Brian, I would rather remain with you and make sure that you are taken care of." replied Ivan. "We have plenty of volunteers here who will make sure your friends are well cared for."

Then Brian noticed a very special look in Ivan's eyes, and said, "I am very flattered Ivan, but I am quite a bit older than you."

"I am eighteen, as that was the minimum age for volunteers for today." smiled Ivan. "You are not that much older than me. Isn't there anything I can do to make your day more enjoyable?"

Then Ivan's face began drawing closer to Brian's. As Ivan's lips came in contact with his, Brian felt feelings that he had not felt in a very long time. As the leader of Orgasmia, he had not taken the time to feel these things, but now those feelings of his earlier days in Orgasmia seemed to be returning. Ivan was filled with warmth and happiness when he felt Brian returning his kiss. While Ivan gently caressed Brian's back with one hand, his other hand slipped down and just as gently caressed Brian's crotch. Brian had always known that he would not forget these feelings forever, as his cock began to stiffen inside his pants. Brian pulled their two bodies together tightly, and kissed Ivan with a passion he had not felt in a very long time. Aaron smiled as he spotted his uncle kissing the good looking young man from Euro-Russia.

As Brian finally broke the kiss, Ivan smiled into his eyes and said, "I have come here today only to make you happy Brian. Ever since I saw your picture on our television, I have waited for today. I knew that they would call for volunteers for this day, and it was my wish to meet you and make you happy. If you would like, we could go someplace private, and I can give you something that I hope will make you very happy. I wish to give you myself."

"I haven't allowed myself to feel these feelings in a very long time Ivan." replied Brian. "As strongly as they have come back to me, I may fall in love with you. If that happens, would you be willing to care for my happiness for more than just today?"

"I will please you for as long as you want me to, even if it means leaving my home to travel to yours." replied Ivan.

Ivan then took ahold of Brian's hand, and let him to a small hotel near the celebration where today's volunteers were being housed. Once they were in Ivan's room, Brian and Ivan resumed their kiss. Then Brian began working on removing Ivan's clothes, as he kissed Ivan's body all over. Brian smiled as he uncovered Ivan's uncut nine inches, then took the foreskin between his lips and kissed it tenderly. After doing that for a few moments, Brian finished removing Ivan's clothes.

When Brian stood back up, Ivan said, "I loved how you kissed my cock Brian. It showed a great deal of love and tenderness. I hope to show you the same."

Then Ivan began removing Brian's clothes, as he covered Brian's body with kisses. When he got to Brian's eight inch erect cock, he moaned in pleasure. Ivan had never seen a circumcised cock before, and Brian's was very arousing. Ivan pressed his lips against the exposed head of Brian's cock, and kissed it very lovingly. Ivan parted his lips slightly, and let the head of Brian's cock just inside his mouth so he could caress it with his tongue.

Brian moaned deeply, then said, "I don't want this to be just sex Ivan. Let's lay down on your bed and make love."

Brian and Ivan laid down in an embrace, and kissed passionately for a few moments. Then Brian turned around, and began kissing his way down Ivan's body. Ivan pulled Brian's body close to his, and began kissing Brian's body too. The two men kissed and sucked at each other's nipples for a few minutes, then Brian continued down Ivan's body. After a brief stop at Ivan's navel, Brian finally reached Ivan's cock. It had been so long for Brian that he hungered for the beautiful adult cock in front of him, and swallowed all of it eagerly.

"I knew you wanted this!" moaned Ivan seductively, before wrapping his lips around Brian's cock.

The two men pleasured each other's cocks as if they never wanted to do anything else for the rest of their lives. Memories of past pleasures flooded Brian's mind, as his lips and mouth caressed the most exciting cock he had ever made love to. Brian's tongue drove underneath Ivan's foreskin, bringing another deep moan from the young man as he made love to Brian's cock. After several minutes, nothing had ever felt better to Brian except one thing.

Brian lifted off Ivan's cock and asked, "Can I put my cock inside you, and make love to you my love?"

"Nothing could possibly feel any better to me right now my love!" replied Ivan breathlessly.

As Brian got up and knelt between Ivan's legs, Ivan handed his hopefully new lover a tube of lube from the table beside his bed. Ivan smiled up at Brian, as Brian lubed his cock and smiled back at Ivan. As soon as Brian pushed the exposed head of his cock into Ivan, Ivan smiled even more brightly.

"Your cock inside me feels better than anything I've felt before my love!" exclaimed Ivan, while looking deeply into Brian's soul.

Brian smiled as he drove all of his cock into Ivan slowly and evenly. As Brian began driving in and out of Ivan, he leaned down to kiss the beautiful young man that he hoped would become his lover. Brian made love passionately to Ivan, as the two men kissed deeply. Brian's cock had never felt this good sliding in and out of another man before.

Ivan broke the kiss after about five minutes and moaned, "This has never felt so good and perfect as it does now Brian. Can I return with you to your home, so you can be my lover for the rest of our lives?"

"I would be very proud and happy to have such a beautiful man as you as my lover Ivan." replied Brian. "I hope you will return to my home, so we can be lovers for the rest of our lives. You have made me feel so good that I'm about to cum more than I ever have in my life Ivan!"

Brian then began moaning as his orgasm approached. As Ivan felt Brian's cum shoot into him, his moans joined Brian's. Both men writhed together on the bed, as Brian filled Ivan with a massive orgasm. Then Brian's orgasm finally began to fade.

"You shot so much cum into me my love, that I thought I would pass out from the pleasure of it!" panted Ivan. "It is something that I will cherish as a part of my body forever now!"

"I almost dread taking my cock out of you my love, because it feels better than it has in quite some time." moaned Brian. "I have to though, because I need to feel your beautiful uncut cock inside me now!"

Ivan smiled as he took ahold of Brian, and laid his lover down on his back. Brian had Ivan move his cock a little closer as he grabbed the lube, and very sensuously lubed Ivan's cock as Ivan smiled. Then Ivan moved back down, and began pushing his cock deeply into Brian.

"Oh my God!" moaned Brian. "Nothing has ever felt as good as your cock driving into me my love!"

"My greatest wish was to make you feel that good." smiled Ivan, as he began thrusting in and out of Brian. "I hope for a long life together, to make you feel this way millions of times."

Ivan then leaned down and drove his tongue into Brian's mouth, as he drove his cock in and out of Brian passionately. After only a few minutes, both men were moaning into each other's mouths as Ivan began shooting his cum into Brian. Brian put his arms around Ivan, and held Ivan tightly against him as he felt Ivan's warm cum shoot deeply into him. When Ivan's orgasm was over, Brian held the young man deeply inside him as they kissed and came down from their sexual high.

After about ten minutes, Ivan finally pulled his cock out of Brian, then the two men lovingly cleaned each other off as they kissed. Once they were dressed. Brian lovingly took Ivan's hand, and led his lover back to the celebration.

"There you are Brian, and you seem to be holding that young man's hand quite affectionately!" smiled Aaron. "Everyone was wondering where you had gone off to."

"I had to go make love to my beautiful new lover!" replied Brian as he smiled. "Aaron, this is Ivan. He wants to return to Orgasmia with us and be my lover. Ivan, this is my nephew Aaron."

"Hello Aaron." said Ivan, as he shook Aaron's hand. "It is very nice to meet the nephew of such a wonderful man."

"Yeah, Uncle Brian is pretty special." laughed Aaron lightly. Then Aaron and Brian got to know Ivan better as they took him around to meet the rest of the group from Orgasmia.

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