by tim the story guy

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by tim

Chapter 3

After spending a few hours walking around downtown, Wes, Bobby, and Aaron made their way back to Wes's house. Seeing as how two people were already planning on coming over, Wes decided it would be a good time to show Aaron what a party in Orgasmia was like. As Wes was calling a few more of his friends, Rafael and Sergei called. When they found out that Wes was planning a party that evening, they begged him to invite them too. They had heard about some of the parties on Orgasmia, and had always wanted to be invited to one. Wes finally gave in and invited the two boys, who were now excited beyond words. Wes did speak with the man who was responsible for taking care of Rafael and Sergei though, and assured him that everyone would be told to respect the age of the two boys.

The first to arrive at Wes's house was Mongo. He wanted a chance to get to know Aaron a little better before the other guests arrived. Aaron didn't understand why that was important as he gave Mongo a warm kiss, but he would understand by the time the evening was over.

As Aaron and Mongo were sitting on the sofa together. Mongo asked Wes, "Have you started Aaron on any kind of vitamin program, to get him use to life in Orgasmia yet?"

"I'm sorry Mongo, I completely forgot to do that this morning." replied Wes. "In any event, we'd still need to go easy on him until his system makes the adjustment."

Mongo turned to Aaron and said, "In that case, I'd like to pleasure you before anyone else arrives Aaron, so you have a chance to recover."

Aaron kissed Mongo once more and replied, "I'd love that Mongo."

Aaron relaxed on the sofa as Mongo leaned over and took Aaron's cock into his mouth. Mongo stroked the full length of Aaron's cock with his lips, and caressed the head with his tongue. Aaron gently stroked Mongo's head as he moaned lightly, concentrating on caressing Mongo's ear lobes one at a time. This caused Mongo to maneuver around until his gigantic cock became free. When Aaron noticed that, he took Mongo's cock into his hands. Aaron stroked the huge cock longingly a few times, then pointed it up alongside Mongo's head toward his face. Aaron leaned forward until he could take the head of Mongo's cock into his mouth. Aaron was comfortably able to get the head, plus a few inches into his mouth. Mongo groaned lightly around Aaron's cock as he continued to suck it. As Aaron and Mongo sat on the sofa enjoying the taste of each other's cocks, Rafael and Sergei arrived at the door.

"The party has started already, huh?" asked Rafael.

Then the boys noticed the size of Mongo's cock as Sergei exclaimed, "Oh my God! I've never seen a cock that huge before! That thing has to be over twenty inches long!"

"That's Mongo." replied Wes. "Without a doubt, he has the largest cock you will ever see."

The two boys walked over to the sofa, mesmerized by the huge cock that finally disappeared into Aaron's mouth. The boys sat down in front of the sofa, and began petting the part of Mongo's cock that Aaron couldn't reach. The two men continued to pleasure each other as the two boys enjoyed the feel of Mongo's cock. Rafael was the first to lean forward and lick as much of Mongo's shaft as he could. Then Rafael pulled back and let Sergei have a turn. As Rafael watched Sergei lick Mongo's cock, he absently began fondling Mongo's billiard ball sized balls. Mongo was now getting very close to cumming, as he began to suck Aaron's cock intensely. Aaron began to pant around the head of Mongo's cock, as he ran his tongue around it madly. As Rafael began to lick Mongo's huge balls with his soft little tongue, Sergei had settled on one spot on the huge cock. He opened his mouth widely, and took as much of the shaft as he could between his lips. Sergei felt the gigantic cock pulse in his mouth for a few moments, then began to very lightly chew on the shaft.

That was all it took for Mongo, as he began to grunt loudly around Aaron's throbbing cock. Wes knew of the unbelievable orgasms that Mongo was capable of, so he came over and placed his mouth next to Aaron's. Mongo's first blast of cum nearly filled Aaron's mouth, so he began swallowing as quickly as he could. He could still not keep up with the flow of Mongo's cum though, so Wes moved in and sucked up any cum that escaped from Aaron's mouth. The boys continued to stimulate the shaft of Mongo's cock, as they felt his cum surge through it. By the time Aaron and Wes had drained Mongo's cock, they must have swallowed over a cup of very delicious cum. As soon as Mongo's massive orgasm had ended, Aaron began shooting his cum into Mongo's mouth. Mongo sucked hard on Aaron's cock, until he had sucked as much cum as he could out of it. Aaron laid back on the sofa and moaned as Mongo swallowed the last few drops of his orgasm.

Mongo finally leaned back upright and planted a hungry kiss on Aaron's lips, as Rafael and Sergei continued to pet his softening cock. When Mongo broke the kiss, he softly said, "That was the most pleasure I've felt in a very long time Aaron." Then Mongo pulled each boy up to him one at a time and kissed them warmly, letting them taste the remains of Aaron's cum on his lips. After he had kissed both boys, Mongo said, "You boys were very sweet to help me feel so good. I take it you both like my large cock?"

"It's incredible sir!" exclaimed Rafael, as he continued to gently pet the large shaft. "We've never seen anything like it!"

Rafael then picked the large shaft up out of his lap so he and Sergei could examine it closer. Both boys took turns leaning in and kissing the tip of the head. As Rafael took Mongo's cock and handed it back to Aaron to snuggle, more of the party guests began to arrive, including Earl. Earl made his way around the room, kissing everyone there as he gave their butts a light squeeze. That had become Earl's standard greeting, which is why everyone thought so highly of him. Earl had saved Bobby for last, and wrapped one arm around him after giving him his greeting.

Wes stood up and said, "May I have everyone's attention please. There are a few people here who have never been to one of my parties before, so I'd like to introduce them. First we have Rafael and Sergei." The two boys stood briefly and waved to everyone as Wes continued, "They are both very young, so please treat them with the respect that is expected when dealing with our younger citizens. Also, they are into watersports. Next is our man of honor tonight, Aaron." Aaron also stood to give everyone a friendly wave as Wes continued, "Aaron just came to Orgasmia last night, and has already decided to make this his home. I would like everyone to get a chance to give Aaron a warm welcome to our world, but remember that he is new so he will not have as much stamina as the rest of us. Aaron mostly enjoys having a cock in both ends of him at the same time."

As the party started, everyone began to find a partner for their first round of pleasure. Rafael and Sergei wanted to get together with Mongo, but he had other plans.

"I'd love to feel my cock inside you if you can handle it Aaron." said Mongo. "Is there anyone in particular you would like to pleasure with your wonderful mouth while I do?"

"Let's check with Earl, I guess." replied Aaron.

Aaron had never been a part of an orgy before, but he was beginning to get the feeling that they were commonplace in this dimension. He and Mongo went to find Earl, who was talking to a few guests but had not settled on his first partner of the evening.

"Hi Earl." said Aaron nervously.

"Don't tell me, let me guess." replied Earl. "You want me to join you and Mongo so I can put myself in your butt while you pleasure his cock, right?"

"Not exactly." replied Aaron. "I was actually thinking of taking your cock in my mouth, while Mongo puts himself inside of me."

"I wouldn't miss that for the world!" replied Earl light-heartedly. "I'll go find a pillow for you to rest your head on Aaron, and we can have some fun on the soft carpeting over by the sofa."

Mongo and Aaron picked out a spot while Earl was getting a pillow for Aaron. Mongo soon realized as they were getting ready though, that he would need some help to enter Aaron this way.

Mongo looked over toward Rafael and Sergei, who were almost ready to settle for making love to each other, and said, "Hey boys, would you mind helping us out over here? I'm going to need someone to hold Aaron's legs up for me while I put my cock inside him. If you want to do that, I'll suck your pretty cocks for you while I'm inside Aaron."

The boys flew to the aid of Mongo and Aaron, eager to be involved in some four way action. Rafael held up one of Aaron's legs while Sergei held up the other one, so Mongo could see if this would work. Mongo was satisfied that it would, as Earl returned with a pillow.

"Here Aaron, put this under your beautiful head." said Earl. "I see we have a couple of young helpers now. This is looking like more fun all the time!"

"Okay Aaron, before we start I want to show you something." said Mongo. "You see this line tattooed around my cock?"

"Yeah." replied Aaron. "I was meaning to ask you about that."

"The line was tattooed on my cock by the medical board here in Orgasmia." said Mongo. "This is as far as they want me to go into an adult butt. They don't want me to take any chances of hurting anyone with it. I will go a little further into you, but only if you ask me to. If you do, please pay close attention so you can tell me when to stop. I wanted you to know that so you wouldn't be too nervous about my cock being inside you."

"Thanks Mongo." said Aaron. "That does make me feel much better, and it makes me feel really special towards you."

Mongo smiled and said, "Thanks Aaron. I'm beginning to fall in love with you already, and I was hoping you would have some feelings for me too."

"Here Mongo." said Earl, as he handed him a bottle of lube. "I picked this up when I was getting the pillow. I figured you would need lots of it to get inside Aaron."

"Thanks Earl." replied Mongo, as he took the bottle of lube.

As Mongo lubed his gigantic cock and prepared to put it inside Aaron, Earl straddled Aaron's face and looked down into his eager eyes. "You're really looking forward to this, aren't you Aaron?" asked Earl.

"Very much!" replied Aaron, before opening his mouth to take Earl's cock into it.

"Okay Aaron, here we go." said Mongo. "You boys make sure to hold his legs up, then get close enough to me so I can pleasure your cocks."

Aaron grabbed Earl's butt, and pulled the elderly man's eight inch cock into his mouth when he felt the head of Mongo's cock at his ass. Mongo began leaning in toward Aaron, until he felt the head of his cock slip into Aaron's hole. When Aaron felt that, he clamped down onto Earl's cock with his lips.

"Yeah, you can always feel Mongo when he gets his cock inside you!" chuckled Earl lightly.

Mongo slipped his cock into Aaron slowly, until the line on his cock was at Aaron's hole. Then Mongo repositioned himself and leaned forward again, to take Rafael's cock into his mouth. As Mongo sucked on Rafael and slowly went in and out of Aaron, Aaron sucked hungrily on Earl's respectable cock. Sergei watched all of this in awe, as his cock bobbed up and down constantly without being touched. For Sergei, this wasn't a sign that he was about to cum, only that he was very excited about something. Mongo watched Sergei's cock bob up and down, as he sucked Rafael's cock and thrust in and out of Aaron. Aaron's cock was once again as hard as a rock as he sucked Earl's cock, and felt the pleasure of Mongo's huge cock inside of him.

Aaron let go of Earl's cock momentarily, and begged,"Please put your cock further inside me Mongo!"

Mongo let go of Rafael's cock long enough to reply, "Okay, but remember to tell me when to stop, and don't try to take all of it."

Mongo went back to sucking Rafael's cock as he pushed his cock slowly into Aaron past the line. Aaron carefully felt Mongo's cock go deeper into him, and stopped him when Mongo went in four more inches past the line. Aaron now had about fourteen inches of Mongo's cock inside him, and it was causing feelings he had never felt before. Mongo was now slowly and carefully going in and out of Aaron, while Rafael's cock was throbbing madly in his mouth. Aaron was now sucking Earl's cock as if his life depended on it.

"Oh God!" moaned Earl. "Aaron really does love this intensely, and I can feel it in every muscle in his mouth!"

As Rafael began gasping and cumming into Mongo's mouth, Aaron was desperately trying to hold back yet another orgasm. As soon as Rafael had finished cumming, Mongo turned and trapped Sergei's bobbing cock in his mouth. Mongo began expertly sucking on the boy's cock. This cause Sergei to let out a low moan, then he leaned over and placed his lips against Rafael's. The two boys kissed passionately as Mongo sucked on Sergei's cock, and slowly went in and out of Aaron's clenching butt. Aaron continued to hungrily suck Earl, who was now on the brink of ecstasy.

"Oh God!" moaned Earl. "I'm going to cum now Aaron. Get ready to swallow all of the cum I have for you!"

As Earl's cock began shooting it's cum into Aaron's mouth, Aaron's cock began shooting cum all over Earl's back. When Mongo saw Aaron cumming on Earl's back without being touched, his cock began shooting a tremendous load of cum into Aaron. This caused Mongo to suck even harder on Sergei, who began to cum into Mongo's mouth. When everyone's orgasm was finished, Earl and the boys sat on the sofa to cuddle and kiss as they relaxed for a few minutes. Mongo had told Aaron to try to hold his cum inside him until he could turn over. Once Aaron had turned over, Mongo put his mouth over Aaron's hole. When Aaron felt Mongo's mouth over his hole, he relaxed and let Mongo's cum flow back out of his rectum. Mongo sucked gently at Aaron's pucker, swallowing his own cum so it wouldn't spill onto Wes's carpet. Aaron was able to keep about half of Mongo's cum inside him, which was still more than enough to be felt sloshing around in his rectum. When Mongo had Aaron cleaned up, Earl and the boys vacated the sofa in search of more sex. Mongo and Aaron sat on the sofa to relax, and Mongo laid his cock over in Aaron's lap.

"I know how much you enjoy my cock in your lap." said Mongo.

"I love having you lay that wonderful behemoth in my lap Mongo." replied Aaron. "I wish I could sit like this with you all the time."

As Aaron and Mongo talked, they shared the sofa with two of Wes's friends. One was sitting on the sofa with his legs parted wide, and the other was in the floor in front of him, passionately sucking the man's cock.

"I'm glad you enjoy being with me like this Aaron, usually once I put my cock inside someone they tend to be afraid of me." said Mongo. "I do love you though Aaron, and I'm happy that you could take so much of me so well."

"Your wonderful cock felt very good to me Mongo." replied Aaron. "I have to admit though, I've never felt so full in my life as when you're inside me. I do believe I love you too Mongo, and I can't wait to feel you inside me again."

"I'm so happy that you said that Aaron." said Mongo as he smiled a broad smile. "I was trying to work up the nerve to ask you if you wanted to tell your processor tomorrow that you would like to live with me."

"I would love to do that Mongo." said Aaron as he nestled into Mongo's side.

Aaron was now happier than he could remember being in a very long time. Mongo seemed to have genuine affections for him, and he could see himself being happy with Mongo for a long time into the future. Aaron looked around the room, which was heavy with the sounds and scents of sex. Earl and Bobby were on the floor in a corner, engaged in a very heated sixty-nine. The boys were now kissing each other deeply as they had their cocks in both ends of Wes. Wes was thoroughly enjoying what the two boys were doing to him.

After snuggling with Mongo and watching the action for a while, Aaron asked, "Is the sex here always going to be like this Mongo?"

"You have to realize that Orgasmia is a very pleasure oriented dimension." replied Mongo. "Most of the men and boys here have led a traumatic life before coming to Orgasmia, and now they are finally free to express pleasure openly and freely. Even those who live together still have sex with others, because it is very pleasurable. Love is different though. You could have sex with twelve different men in one night, but as long as you only love me it doesn't matter to me. Your love is the only thing that's important to me now, and I love you so much that I want you to have as much pleasure as you can have."

"I think I might get use to that, but it still seems strange." said Aaron.

"Then just think of how strange it felt to lack the pleasure that you desired so much before coming here." replied Mongo.

"You have a point there." said Aaron as he smiled. Then he leaned over and kissed Mongo very deeply. Aaron and Mongo didn't realize how long they had been kissing until they were joined by Rafael and Sergei.

"Hi guys." said Sergei. "We were wondering, by any chance do one or both of you have to pee?"

"I'm pretty sure I could use a good pee." said Mongo.

"Same for me boys." said Aaron. "Why do you ask?"

"Because I finally talked Rafael into letting himself be peed on, and I was wondering if we could all go to the bathroom together." said Sergei. "I want me and Raffy to get into the tub and kiss, while you two cover us with your pee."

Mongo was the type who would do anything sexually, so it was no problem at all for him to agree. The boys request did seem kind of strange to Aaron at first, but he figured he might as well get use to letting go of all of his inhibitions. There was no better way to do that than to pee on two kissing boys. Sergei, Rafael, Mongo, and Aaron all went to the bathroom together, and Sergei and Rafael stepped into the tub. Then the two boys embraced in a deep and passionate kiss. Mongo and Aaron took ahold of their cocks and aimed them at the two boys, then let their urine flow. The two boys were in such a state of ecstasy from feeling the two men peeing on them, that they became consumed by lust. So consumed, that it looked as though they were trying to swallow each other's tongues as the men peed on them. Once the golden shower was over, the two boys parted lips breathlessly.

"Oh my God!" exclaimed Rafael. "I had no idea that it would be so exciting and erotic! Can we pleasure your cocks for you, as a way to thank you?"

"Sure boys!" replied Mongo, as he stepped up to the tub in front of Sergei.

"I don't know if I have any more cum left, but we can try it I guess." replied Aaron, as he stepped toward the tub in front of Rafael.

Sergei took as much of Mongo's cock into his mouth as he could, but there was still a fair bit of it that didn't fit. Sergei didn't care as he deliriously sucked on as much of Mongo's huge cock as he could. Rafael took all of Aaron's cock into his mouth, and began to suck hungrily on it. Aaron could hear low groans coming from Mongo, as he looked down at the urine soaked boy that was sucking his cock. Aaron couldn't believe it when his cock started to harden inside Rafael's mouth. It took a little longer than normal, but Aaron finally felt himself begin to climax toward another orgasm. Before he could get there though, Rafael pulled away from his once again throbbing cock.

"Hey Serge, can we switch?" asked Rafael. "I've been looking forward to feeling that huge cock of Mongo's in my mouth all evening! I have Aaron almost ready to cum for you."

"Sure Raffy!" replied Sergei. "You're not going to believe how awesome his cock feels in your mouth!"

The two boys switched, and Sergei ravenously devoured Aaron's cock. Rafael looked as though he were in Utopia as he stretched his lips around Mongo's throbbing cock. Within a few moments, Aaron had reached the brink of his orgasm.

"Oh my God!" panted Aaron. "I'm going to cum again for you, you sweet boy!"

Aaron's knees shook as Sergei hungrily swallowed his cum. When the boy had drained Aaron of his cum, he went to help Rafael with Mongo's cock. Sergei did what he did earlier to make Mongo cum, and softly chewed on the shaft of the man's cock.

"You boys both better get ready near the head of my cock." moaned Mongo. "I'm ready to cum, and just one of you won't be able to handle all of it!"

Both boys had their lips at the head of Mongo's cock, with Rafael ready to take the first shot of cum. Aaron reached over to fondle Mongo's oversized balls, and could actually feel them churning. As Aaron caressed and pulled on Mongo's balls, Mongo began shooting into Rafael's mouth. Rafael's mouth was quickly filled to capacity with cum, and was replaced by Sergei's mouth. After both boys mouths were filled twice each, Mongo's orgasm finally began to subside.

When it was finally over, Rafael exclaimed, "Holy crap! I've never swallowed so much cum at once in my life!"

"Me either!" exclaimed Sergei. "That was the most incredible thing I've ever experienced!"

"I'm glad you boys are happy." chuckled Mongo. "When you're done cumming for each other and cleaning up, come see me and Aaron so we can suck your lovely cocks."

"We sure will!" replied Rafael excitedly. "Thanks for everything tonight, you guys!"

Mongo and Aaron did suck the boys to an orgasm later, along with several other of Wes's friends. Aaron was only able to cum once more that night though, and he saved it for when he and Mongo were in bed alone. Mongo stayed overnight, so he could sleep in the arms of the man he now loved. Before sleeping though, Mongo brought Aaron to a final orgasm of the day, then Aaron brought Mongo to yet another massive orgasm. It was still too much for Aaron to handle alone, so he and Mongo fell asleep in a pool of Mongo's cum with smiles on both their faces.


The next morning Aaron awoke with Mongo's arms around him, and Bobby's lips around his cock. Mongo was awaken by Wes's mouth around the end of his cock. Aaron and Mongo shared a deep kiss while their friends eagerly worked them to a morning cum. Aaron shot his load first into Bobby's warm mouth, then Bobby went to help Wes with the massive load that Mongo shot just a moment later.

"Good morning my friends." said Wes, after swallowing the last of Mongo's cum. "I know how much Aaron loves to be awaken by some morning pleasure."

"You and Bobby are the greatest Wes." said Aaron. "And thanks for the orgy last night. It was the best time I've ever had!"

"Well, there will be more like that after today." replied Wes. "So, are you sure you want to stay here permanently Aaron?"

Aaron looked at Mongo sweetly and said, "There's no way I could ever leave the man I want to spend the rest of my life with. I look forward to waking up in the morning now, and seeing Mongo's beautiful face."

With that, Aaron and Mongo shared another deep and passionate kiss, while Wes and Bobby looked on them and smiled. After a wonderful breakfast, it was time for Aaron to complete the journey that would keep him in this dimension, and change his life forever. One person could accompany Aaron during his processing, so he naturally asked Mongo to be with him. Wes did start Aaron on a basic vitamin regimen before Aaron and Mongo left, although the screening doctor Aaron saw today would probably change that. Then it was time for Aaron and Mongo to head out to the Citizens Services building. They were once again greeted by Brett as they entered the building.

"Hello gentlemen." said Brett. "It was Aaron, right?"

"That's right my friend." replied Aaron.

"So Aaron, have you reached a decision already?" asked Brett.

"Yes I have." replied Aaron nervously. "I want to spend the rest of my life here with the most wonderful people I've ever met."

"That's fantastic!" exclaimed Brett. "I know you'll never regret your decision Aaron. Just follow me over to my computer for a moment, so I can make you a temporary ID to wear around your neck, then I'll send you guys up to the second floor to begin your processing." When they got over to Brett's desk, he asked, "What is your last name Aaron?"

"It's Baker." replied Aaron.

"Okay then, let me type in Aaron Baker." said Brett. "Okay, there you are. Your friend with you is Mongo. I remember him from his processing two years ago."

"No one ever forgets meeting me." chuckled Mongo.

"I should say not." replied Brett. "And your a very lucky man Aaron, to have made friends with him so quickly. Okay Aaron, wear this temporary ID around your neck until you get a permanent one today, although you'll never need it. Everything here works on fingerprint scanners now. Just go over to that first set of elevators and get out on the second floor. The man at the desk there will help you get started. Good luck to you fellow, citizen of Orgasmia!"

Aaron and Mongo went to the elevator that Brett had pointed to, and went to the second floor. The man at the desk immediately said, "Hello Mongo, I see you have someone with you who is ready to process in today! Can I see your temporary ID young man?" The man took Aaron's ID and scanned it, then said, "Okay, I need you to place your right index finger on the scanner. That will verify that you are the same person who was brought here the night before last, and permanently log you into our computer system. Are you going to be living with Mongo by any chance, or by yourself?"

"Mongo and me do want to live together as a couple." replied Aaron.

"Okay, since Mongo is a special case here, the screening doctor will want to see both of you together." said the man. "Just go to the counter all the way down at the end of the room, and they'll get you started Aaron. Good luck."

Aaron and Mongo went all the way down to the counter marked "Medical Screening" and Aaron handed the man there his ID. "Okay Aaron and Mongo, would both of you follow me please?" said the man.

The man led Aaron and Mongo back to an examination room, and had Aaron have a seat on the very comfortable examination table. "Okay you guys, take off all your clothes, and the doctor will be right in." said the man as he snickered. "That's just a little joke around here to make you feel more comfortable."

Aaron reached his hand out to the man for a handshake, and said, "Thanks man, I needed that!"

A few moments after the man had left Aaron and Mongo, another man entered the room. "Hi guys, I'm doctor Smith and I'll be Aaron's screening doctor. I see that you want to live with Mongo here. I assume that you've already pleasured each other?"

"Yes, and it certainly was a pleasure!" replied Aaron.

"That's great." said Doctor Smith. "Not too many people have systems that are capable of handling Mongo's extreme size. He did inform you of the line that has been tattooed on his cock, right?"

"Yes, but I did have him go into me a few inches further last night." said Aaron.

"Okay then Aaron, after I draw a blood sample I'll need to examine your rectum first." said Doctor Smith.

The doctor took two vials of blood from Aaron, then had him lean over the end of the table and hold onto the two hand grips on the side of the table. The doctor raised the table until Aaron's feet were just off the floor, then placed Aaron's legs into the leg rests. The position was very comfortable for Aaron.

"Are you comfortable Aaron?" asked Doctor Smith.

"Yes, this is more comfortable than I thought it would be." replied Aaron.

"Good then!" said Doctor Smith. "Now, just relax yourself as much as possible Aaron. Feel free to watch, Mongo. Just stay back so you don't get in my way."

The doctor put on a pair of gloves, then examined and prodded Aaron's opening carefully. Next, he put a good drop of lubricant on Aaron's pucker and pushed one finger into Aaron. The doctor carefully examined inside Aaron with his finger, before taking it back out. Then the doctor took out a long, blunt instrument that looked like it expanded.

"Okay Aaron, I'm going to place this inside your anus then expand it." said Doctor Smith. "You will feel your sphincter stretching out a bit, so try to stay relaxed. I need to open your sphincter so I can see inside your rectum."

Doctor Smith put the instrument inside Aaron, then began to expand it. By the time the instrument locked into place, Aaron's anus had been opened up enough to put a soda can into it.

Aaron was gripping the hand grips tightly as Doctor Smith asked, "Are you okay Aaron?"

"I don't think I've ever been opened up that much back there, but I'll be fine." grunted Aaron.

The doctor then turned on his light, and looked inside Aaron. "Is this your cum inside Aaron, Mongo?" asked Doctor Smith.

"Yes. It's from last night." replied Mongo.

"You must have put quite a bit into him for there still to be that much in there!" remarked the doctor. "I'll have to flush this out, so I can see the tissue inside him. You can always fill him up again later."

The doctor got a bottle of saline solution, and flushed Aaron's rectum as Mongo watched his cum being flushed out of Aaron. Then the doctor took a blunt probe, and moved Aaron's rectal tissue around as he examined carefully inside Aaron. After five minutes of probing, Doctor Smith was satisfied with what he saw. He took the instrument out of Aaron's anus, then lowered the table a little bit.

"Okay Mongo, I need to examine Aaron's sphincter as you're penetrating him, to make sure that you're not doing any damage to him." said Doctor Smith. "Go ahead and put some lubricant on your cock, then put it inside Aaron's rectum until you get to the line."

Mongo lubed his cock, and Aaron prepared himself to feel Mongo inside him. Mongo placed his cock against Aaron's pucker, and gently but firmly pushed it into Aaron. Aaron gasped as he leaned over the table and felt Mongo's cock go into him. Once Mongo had pushed his cock into Aaron to the line, Doctor Smith carefully examined the juncture between Mongo's cock and Aaron's anus.

"Could you pull your cock out about two inches Mongo?" asked Doctor Smith.

Mongo did as the doctor asked, and the doctor examined how far Aaron's sphincter was pulled out by Mongo's cock. He felt around Aaron's sphincter and Mongo's cock for a moment.

"I'm satisfied that Aaron can safely handle your cock Mongo." said Doctor Smith. "Would you like Mongo to replace his cum inside you now Aaron?"

"I would love that!" moaned Aaron.

"Okay then." replied Doctor Smith. "Just ring that buzzer on the wall there when you guys are finished then. You may want to take care of Aaron's erection too, before we continue with the examination Mongo. Just take his legs out of the leg rests after you finish your anal intercourse, and help him to lay on the table."

The doctor then left Mongo and Aaron to pleasure each other before they continued. Mongo began to thrust in and out of Aaron's butt, as Aaron once again begged him to go a little bit past the line on his cock.

After about five minutes, Mongo moaned, "You feel so good around my cock Aaron! Here comes my cum for you!"

Mongo panted heavily as he pumped his massive orgasm into Aaron. Aaron moaned comfortably as he felt his insides filling with Mongo's cum. When Mongo's orgasm finally finished, he pulled his cock out of Aaron. Then Mongo got down close to Aaron's butt, and spread his cheeks open. Mongo watched his cum flow from Aaron's anus, as he lapped it up with his tongue.

"Please keep as much of your cum in your mouth as you can Mongo." panted Aaron. "I want you to share it with me."

Mongo lapped at Aaron's pucker until his cum stopped flowing out, which once again left quite a bit still inside Aaron. Mongo held a mouthful of his cum in his mouth, as he removed Aaron's legs from the leg rests. As soon as he helped Aaron lay down on the table, Mongo placed his lips against Aaron's. Mongo's cum flowed freely between their mouths, as Mongo let Aaron have as much of his cum as he wanted.

As soon as they had finished sharing Mongo's cum, Mongo looked down at Aaron's cock and said, "The doctor was right Aaron, you do have quite an erection going on there!"

"It's not my fault that everything around here is so damn stimulating!" snickered Aaron.

"Well, I can help you with that!" replied Mongo.

Mongo leaned down and took Aaron's throbbing cock into his mouth. Aaron gazed up at the ceiling of the examination room and panted as Mongo lustfully sucked his erect cock. Mongo erotically worked on Aaron's shaft and head with his lips and tongue, until Aaron was panting heavily.

"Oh God Mongo!" moaned Aaron. "I'm going to cum for you my love!"

Mongo sucked hard, as Aaron's cum blasted into his mouth. Mongo drained Aaron's cock until he had Aaron writhing in pleasure on the table. Once Aaron's orgasm had completely ended, Mongo rang the buzzer and went over to kiss Aaron until the doctor returned.

When the doctor returned, Mongo and Aaron were still locked in a deep kiss. The doctor said, "I see you two guys had a very pleasurable time! Now, let's finish the examination so we can get Aaron on with his processing."

As Aaron laid on the table, the doctor thoroughly examined his genitals and groin. Then he listened to Aaron's heart and breathing.

After taking Aaron's blood pressure and a few other vital statistics, Doctor Smith said, "Okay Aaron, you can get dressed now." Then he chuckled as he continued, "I'm sorry Aaron, I just can't resist that joke."

"So doc, am I going to be able to take all of the sexual stimulation around here?" asked Aaron.

"Well, let me tell you a little bit about physical conditioning here in Orgasmia." said Doctor Smith. "All of our citizens lead a very healthy and invigorating lifestyle here. With that, and the medical advances we've made here, our citizens live a longer and healthier life than in any other dimension. There's also no reason that you can't lead a healthy and robust sex life until the day you pass from this dimension. Based on your current physical condition and the results of the blood work we've finished on you, I'm going to start you on a regimen of vitamins and supplements that will have you as healthy and sexually robust as anyone else here. There were no other problems with your blood work that I can see. You are a very healthy young man, which will help you adjust to your life here easily. Just stop by the desk out front to pick up the list I've made for you, then you can report to the counter marked Citizen's Duties Placement. They will explain your role in our society, and help place you into a position that is best suited for you."

As Aaron left the Medical Screening counter with his list, he breathed a sigh. The first part of his processing was now over, and he was closer to being able to live his life with Mongo. Now it was time to find out his role in keeping Orgasmia working flawlessly.

Sorry about the length of that one everyone. I did go back and put in a little break after the orgy, so everyone would have a chance to relax (or other things). On a positive note, the cum did flow like a river there, huh? lol . Please send all comments and descriptions of how much you cummed to: I'll see all of you in Chapter 4.