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by tim

Chapter 30

From the last chapter:

"There you are Brian, and you seem to be holding that young man's hand quite affectionately!" smiled Aaron. "Everyone was wondering where you had gone off to."

"I had to go make love to my beautiful new lover!" replied Brian as he smiled. "Aaron, this is Ivan. He wants to return to Orgasmia with us and be my lover. Ivan, this is my nephew Aaron."

"Hello Aaron." said Ivan, as he shook Aaron's hand. "It is very nice to meet the nephew of such a wonderful man."

"Yeah, Uncle Brian is pretty special." laughed Aaron lightly. Then Aaron and Brian got to know Ivan better as they took him around to meet the rest of the group from Orgasmia.

The men from Orgasmia and their families spent the entire day enjoying the fair that had been set up in their honor. The banquet that was set up for the entire day had some of the best food that Aaron had had in a long time. The boys from Orgasmia that had lived in the Alliance before had always heard that food in Euro-Russia was much better than in the Alliance, but they weren't prepared for how much better it was. By the time everyone went back to the hotel for their final night in Berlin, they were stuffed with food and dizzy from the day's activities.

Even though Aaron was adopting Cutie, he let the boy stay in Spaz and Cary's suite with Noah that night. Cutie was surprised that all of the boys began undressing the moment they got to the suite, so he asked, "Is it bedtime already?"

"No, but we don't ever wear clothes back in Orgasmia." replied Noah. "We get to go everywhere naked all the time. Even the adults go naked all the time, and they're pretty fun to look at sometimes. I would never have sex with any of the adults though, I just like how their dicks are bigger than ours. The only one I want to have sex with anymore is you."

"What will we do naked until bedtime then?" asked Cutie.

"Well, as soon as you get your clothes off, we can watch TV with my brothers." replied Noah. "TV here in Berlin is really pretty good."

Cutie went ahead and stripped, and the two boys joined the others in front of the television. When Spaz had undressed and joined the boys, William climbed down out of Pete's lap, and climbed up into his daddy's lap. Spaz lightly caressed William's genitals as the boy happily cuddled into his chest. When William looked up and smiled at his daddy, Spaz leaned down and gave him a gentle kiss. After about ninety minutes, Noah noticed what time it was.

"My brothers are going to be going to bed in about a half hour." whispered Noah into Cutie's ear. "Why don't we go to the bedroom now and make love before they get there?"

"I think I'm going to like having a really horny boyfriend!" replied Cutie softly as he smiled.

The two boys then got up, and held each other's hand as they went to the boys' bedroom. Noah and Cutie laid down on one of the beds, and began kissing passionately as they embraced. Cutie couldn't believe how well Noah was kissing him now, and was happy that his boyfriend liked kissing so much. After about ten minutes of just kissing, the boys finally broke it.

"What do you want to do tonight?" asked Noah.

"I thought maybe we could both take turns putting our stiffies inside each other for a little while, then suck each other until we cum." replied Cutie. "It makes a person's stiffy taste really different after it's been inside you for a little while."

"Okay, that sounds fun!" smiled Noah. "Can I put my stiffy inside you first?"

"Sure!" smiled Cutie.

Cutie went ahead and got Noah's dick very wet and erect with his mouth, then laid back on his back and lifted his legs straight up in the air. Noah eagerly knelt between Cutie's legs, and placed his erection at Cutie's pucker. Then Cutie reached down to help guide Noah, as Noah pushed his stiffy into another boy for the first time.

"Wow!" exclaimed Noah. "My stiffy feels really good inside you Cutie."

"It feels good to me too Noah." replied Cutie as he smiled. "Go ahead and push it into me as far as you can, then slide it back and forth inside me a little bit. Don't do it too much though. I don't want either of us to cum until our stiffies are in each other's mouths."

Noah left his erection inside Cutie for about five minutes, pushing it back and forth briefly several times. Then Cutie had him pull his dick out, and the two boys traded places. After Noah got Cutie's dick wet with his spit, Cutie knelt between Noah's legs and gently pushed his dick into Noah as far as it would go. Noah smiled up at Cutie, as he felt Cutie's stiffy slide in and out of him slowly.

As Cutie pushed his dick all the way into Noah and kept it there, Noah said, "I really like having your stiffy inside my butt like that. It feels really good!"

"Wait until you taste my stiffy after it's been inside you though." replied Cutie. "You're going to love this!"

Then Cutie pulled his dick out of Noah, and got into a sixty nine position. Noah looked at Cutie's dick, and saw slight traces of his poop on it. Then he felt Cutie swallow his dick, so he pulled Cutie's hips down until his dick was in his mouth. At about that time, Pete came in and laid down on the other bed. Noah could see Pete out of the corner of his eye, laying on his side and watching them. Noah soon forgot about that though, and began concentrating on Cutie's dick. It tasted a little different at first, but once Noah got into making love to Cutie, he began to enjoy the different taste of Cutie's dick.

As Pete watched the two younger boys, he felt his dick begin to stiffen. Pete reached down and began to slowly stroke his erection as he watched the other two boys make love. After a few minutes, Steven came in and sat down on the bed next to Pete. He looked down at Pete stroking himself first, then looked over at Noah and Cutie making love.

"I wish I was old enough to have sex too!" said Steven dejectedly.

"You can still have fun without being able to cum Steven." replied Pete. "I'd be willing to bet you could have a dry cum at your age."

"What's a dry cum?" asked Steven.

"That's when your stiffy feels like it's cumming, but nothing comes out." replied Pete.

"Could you help me do that Pete?" asked Steven. "Please?!"

"You are my brother so I really shouldn't, but I can't stand to see you so sad." replied Pete. "I'll do it for you this time, but if you can dry cum, we'll need to find you a boyfriend to do this stuff with. I'll need you to do something for me though Steven."

"What's that?" asked Steven.

"I'm going to suck your dick for you, but those guys have me so horny that I was working on my own stiffy when you came in." said Pete. "I need you to do the same thing to my dick that I do to yours, okay?"

"Sure, you have a really cool stiffy Pete!" replied Steven excitedly. "I'd love to do stuff with it!"

"Okay, just don't scrape my stiffy with your teeth little brother!" laughed Pete.

Pete laid Steven down on the bed, then turned around the other way. Pete smiled at Steven's cute little dick, then took it into his mouth. Steven looked down and saw his dick going into Pete's mouth, so he opened his mouth eagerly and engulfed Pete's erection with it. Pete caressed Steven's dick inside his mouth with his tongue, until he felt it stiffen completely. Then Pete began caressing the shaft firmly with his lips. Steven felt Pete's lips slide back and forth on his erection, so he did the same thing to Pete.

Meanwhile, Noah and Cutie both began moaning, and they both knew what that meant. The two boys began sucking on each other hungrily, wanting to swallow each other's cum. Noah was the first to begin cumming, and Cutie sucked as hard as he could, trying to suck all of his cum out. As Noah writhed and moaned from his orgasm, he began sucking even harder on Cutie. As Noah's orgasm was ending, Cutie began filling Noah's mouth with his cum. Noah swallowed all of Cutie's cum like it was the best thing he'd had all day. Once the two boys were done cumming, they relaxed in each other's arms as they watched Pete and Steven.

"Wow!" exclaimed Cutie. "You don't see two brothers going at it like that very often!"

"I heard Pete say he was going to try to make Steven have his first dry cum." replied Noah.

"Sweet, I love watching kids have their first dry cum!" exclaimed Cutie.

Pete could feel his orgasm starting to build, but Steven didn't seem too close yet. Pete wet his index finger, then reached around and pushed it into Steven's butt. This made Steven wriggle quite a bit as Pete sucked him. Then Pete found Steven's prostate, and the younger boy almost jumped off the bed. Pete managed to hold onto him though, and the two boys continued what they were doing to each other.

When Pete began moaning, Noah said, "Pete's going to cum soon Steven. You better get ready to start swallowing."

Steven was so wrapped up in Pete stroking his prostate that he didn't even hear Noah. When Pete began cumming in Steven's mouth, it took Steven by surprise at first. A little bit of Pete's cum did get out of Steven's mouth before he began to swallow. Once Pete stopped cumming, Steven let his dick out of his mouth.

"I think I have to pee Pete!" moaned Steven.

"That's your first dry cum about to happen Steven!" said Cutie. "Go ahead and try to pee in Pete's mouth!"

Steven did as Cutie said, and a few moments later, he began to shake and writhe quite a bit. Pete held onto his little brother tightly, as he sucked on Steven's dick as hard as he could. Steven's dick suddenly felt like it was exploding inside Pete's mouth, and he moaned out loudly. Pete sucked Steven's dick and rubbed his prostate as he rode Steven's first dry orgasm out to the end, then Steven almost collapsed on the bed.

After a few moments, Steven smiled as he softly moaned, "Is it always going to feel that good?"

Pete kissed his brother gently, then smiled as he said, "The first time is always a little more intense, but it will still feel really good from now on. I love you little brother, and I'm glad I could make you have your first dry cum. You did a pretty good job of making me cum too. Did you like it?"

"It caught me off guard at first, but after I tasted your cum for a few moments, it tasted kinda neat!" smiled Steven.

"I'm glad you liked it then." smiled Pete.

Then Pete laid back and wrapped Steven in his arms, and Cutie and Noah laid back down in each other's arms. Within a few minutes, all four boys were snoring softly, and sleeping happily. Spaz checked in on the boys while carrying a sleeping William in his arms, and smiled at the four boys snuggling together as they slept.

Once morning came, everyone got dressed and headed toward the air base. The plane looked as though it would be pretty packed this morning, as they were also taking the people from Jarrel's dimension back, as well as picking up a few new citizens. Once the plane dropped everyone off in Orgasmia, Jarrel and his people would get on a bus to return to their dimension. The flight back to Orgasmia was very happy, and as soon as the plane passed through the portal, everyone from Orgasmia began removing their clothes. It had been a fun trip, but everyone was very happy when the plane pulled up to the terminal in Orgasmia City. Brian and Aaron gave Jarrel and Raven a hug when they had gotten off the plane, and told them that they were welcome to visit Orgasmia anytime, once their interdimensional travel had been perfected.

"So son, what are you and your family doing this afternoon?" Aaron asked Spaz.

"Cary and I wanted to go by the preserve when we get home to our car." replied Spaz. "His men were suppose to try to bring in another three planeloads of animals from the southern continent."

"That sounds like a good idea." replied Aaron. "I think Mongo and I will take the boys out there too. I can't wait to see the look on Cutie's face when he sees them. No one has told him about our prehistoric friends yet. I do want to call Butch and Cosmo out at the hotel first though, and see how they did."

Aaron did get a report from his two boys when he got home, and Butch told him they had a surprise for him that evening. Then Aaron and Mongo led their family out to the car, but didn't tell Cutie where they were going. After Aaron parked behind Spaz and Cary's car, he turned around to look at Cutie. Cutie was already staring out his window with his mouth gaping open, and his eyes opened as widely as possible.

"What do you think of our friends here Cutie?" snickered Aaron.

"Those are DINOSAURS!!!" exclaimed Cutie. "They can't be though! Dinosaurs are suppose to be extinct!"

"There are a few dimensions where they aren't extinct son." smiled Aaron. "Orgasmia happens to be one of those dimensions. Let's get out and go say hi. I'm sure Topper misses my boys."

When Aaron and his family caught up with everyone near Topper, William had himself draped across Topper's head, kissing his friend and telling him that he loved him. Noah was already perched up on Topper's back, giggling like mad.

"Come on up Cutie!" giggled Noah. "Topper loves boys!"

Topper then licked William's crotch lightly, and scooped his lower horn between William's legs. William grabbed ahold of Topper's upper horns, and giggled loudly as Topper lifted him high into the air.

"I love you so much Topper!" giggled William.

Spaz laughed as he helped Cutie up onto Topper's back with Noah. Cutie immediately gave Noah a kiss, then rubbed Topper's back. "His hide feels very nice against my bare butt!" giggled Cutie.

Aaron looked around the large open field, and noticed a few more different types of smaller dinosaurs, and quite a few of them. "Well Cary, I guess your people are getting pretty good at rounding up dinosaurs." said Aaron.

"Yeah, they did pretty good this time." replied Cary. "I guess as more of our friends make it here, the others will be more anxious to join them."

Aaron, Mongo, Spaz, and Cary watched the boys play with their friends for a couple of hours while they looked over some of the other animals. Sara watched her nest like a good mother, as a few of the boys petted her. When it was time to go prepare supper before Butch and Cosmo got home, the boys had to be dragged away from their friends as usual. Topper made sure to give William's face a good licking before they left, as he seemed to have grown very fond of the younger boy.

Aaron and Mongo got to working on supper as soon as they got home. Aaron didn't know why, but he had a nagging feeling that he should prepare more food that evening than he knew they would need. As Aaron and Mongo were setting the table, Butch and Cosmo came in with four boys following them.

Hi dad, I'd like you to meet someone." said Butch, as he and Cosmo smiled. "These are mine and Cosmo's sons. The two oldest boys are Adam and Christopher. Even though they're only six and seven, they already think of themselves as boyfriends. Then we have Angelo, the four year old. Finally, the youngest boy is Peter, and he's two."

"They are very beautiful boys Butch." said Aaron. "Are you sure that you and Cosmo are ready for a family like this though?"

"The past few days have made us more sure of this than anything in our lives dad." replied Butch. "I know we're still pretty young, but these boys already feel like they've always been our sons."

"Well, if you're sure about it, that's all that I ask." smiled Aaron. "Mongo and I will help you boys with your family in any way that you need. Now, I guess we'll have to set a few more places for supper."

You can just set places for Adam, Christopher, and Angelo." said Butch. "Peter will sit on my lap, and I'll feed him off my plate. He is such a precious little angel dad."

"He looks like it." smiled Aaron.

Aaron and Mongo smiled as they looked at all of the boys sitting around the table at supper. He almost wished that his house could hold all of the boys that were here now, but he knew that things would soon become too crowded, and it wouldn't be fair to the boys to have such a crowded house. Aaron didn't know it, but Butch had started thinking the same thing as he noticed how well his and Cosmo's sons got along with all of their uncles. By the time bedtime had come along, Butch and Cosmo went to Aaron and Mongo to have a talk.

"I know that Cosmo and I had planned on having our own house when we got married dad." said Butch. "We've been talking about it this evening though, and we were wondering if maybe we could all go to the housing department together, and see if they have a bigger house."

"I suppose that's possible son." replied Aaron. "After all, I am the Council President now, as well as Brian's nephew. Are you sure that you want our families all living together though?"

"Oh come on dad!" smiled Cosmo. "We saw you and Mongo both smiling at how our sons got along with all of their uncles this evening. I'll bet you want this just as much as we do!"

"I can't get anything past you two, can I sons?" laughed Aaron. "What about it Mongo dear, do you want a bigger house, filled with boys?"

"That would be the best kind of house there is!" chuckled Mongo.

"Okay then Butch and Cosmo, have Mongo come down to the Citizen's Services Building with you tomorrow, and we'll all check on a larger house." said Aaron.

Butch and Cosmo hugged both of their dads, and kissed them on the cheek. Then they went to their bedroom, to get their sons off to sleep with them. Since Adam and Christopher were already making love when they got there, Butch and Cosmo decided to join them. As the two boys continued making love in a sixty nine position, Butch gently slid his cock into Cosmo. The two youngest boys watched in fascination as Butch's cock slid in and out of their other daddy. When Butch finally cummed inside Cosmo, Cosmo was almost ready to cum himself. Butch barely had time to get Cosmo's cock into his mouth before Cosmo filled it with his cum. By that time, Adam and Christopher had had their fill of making love for the night, and joined the other two boys in watching their daddies. When Butch and Cosmo were finished, they both gave all of their sons loving good-night kisses on their lips, and cuddled with their sons as everyone drifted off to sleep.

The next day when Aaron got to his office, there was a pile of compliments on his desk about the good job Butch and Cosmo had done while they were in charge of the adoption shelters. That made Aaron smile as he went to the morning council session. Aaron first informed the council of the outcome of the treaty signing ceremony in Euro-Russia. The council then discussed setting up a permanent shelter facility in Orgasmia. The council had been kept informed of the job Butch and Cosmo did while Robert and Terrence were gone, and suggested to Aaron that he ask one of his sons to accept an assignment at the facility, as the other would have to remain in school.

Next, Brian outlined a commercial air service program with Euro-Russia. After a lengthy discussion about the deal that had been proposed by the Euro-Russian Premier, and what it would mean to Orgasmia and Euro-Russia, not to mention the balance between the dimensions, the council recommended that a vote be put off until the following day. The final business of the morning was the routine discussion of prospective new citizens. Once that was taken care of, Aaron went back to his office to wait for Mongo, Butch, and Cosmo.

They finally showed up right at lunch time, so Aaron suggested that they all go down to the cafeteria first. After a nice lunch, the four went up to the housing department together. Once they were called in, Aaron explained the situation completely to the housing counselor handling their request.

"Well Aaron, since you are the Council President now, that does entitle you to a little more now in the way of housing and services." said the counselor. He then looked through the files on his monitor, and said, "These are the two largest unoccupied homes in Orgasmia City. With the number of people in both families, either one should be sufficient. This first house I'm showing you will leave you with a little room for expansion of your families though."

The house that the counselor showed everyone looked more like a colonial style mansion to Aaron. Mongo thought it was very beautiful, but was worried that he might need help with housekeeping in a house of that size. Aaron, Butch, and Spaz could see how much he liked it though, and vowed to help Mongo with keeping the house in shape. After a brief discussion, it was decided to take the new much larger house. The counselor asked if they would be ready to move tomorrow, and after everyone said yes, he keyed all four of their fingerprints into the new house. Now Mongo and the boys had to get home and prepare everyone for the move, as soon as he picked the kids up from Topper the babysitter. Aaron gave Mongo a kiss, and said he would join them as soon as he could.

When Aaron got home that afternoon, everyone was excitedly packing. Boy came up and asked, "Are we really going to live in that big mansion on the other side of the school?"

"Yes son, that will be our new home starting tomorrow." replied Aaron. "That way Butch and Cosmo's family can live with us too."

"Cool!" exclaimed boy. "That's even closer to Thomas's house!"

"Yes, the housing counselor made sure that we understood that." chuckled Aaron.

With everyone working together, both families were ready to begin moving first thing in the morning by the time evening rolled around. Aaron had to attend the morning council meeting the next day, so Mongo would get started on moving everything to their new home. Aaron promised he would get away from the office as soon as he could to help.

By the next morning, most of the councilmen had had a chance to talk to Jarrel and Raven over their monitoring consoles. Jarrel and Raven assured them that as long as they were running commercial flights to Euro-Russia for peaceful and friendly reasons, they didn't see any reason why it should upset the dimensional balance. Aaron and Brian were already sure of that though, or they wouldn't have proposed it in the first place. That morning, the council overwhelmingly approved scheduled commercial flights to the six cities in Euro-Russia that had been requested. Aaron immediately got in touch with Rudi and Gerhardt to give them the good news. Service was now set to begin on the day of Rudi and Gerhardt's wedding. Rudi promised Aaron that he would have beautiful facilities set up for Orgasmia Airlines at all six airports by that day. After calling the airline to have them begin scheduling and promoting flights to Euro-Russia, Aaron left the office to help his family move.

Before going on home, Aaron stopped by transportation to see if they had a truck or van he could borrow for the afternoon. That turned out to be a good thing because the move was going slower than Mongo had thought it would. When he saw Aaron pull up in a van though, Mongo breathed a sigh of relief. Now they might be able to get everything in two more loads. Everyone formed a human conveyor belt to the van, and had it filled in just a few minutes. After the first load was dropped off, and the second load was picked up, Aaron looked around the now empty house to make sure he hadn't forgotten anything.

Mongo came up and put his arm across Aaron's shoulder and said, "It's kind of tough saying good-bye to your home."

"This was my first home here in Orgasmia." said Aaron. "I wouldn't trade what I have that requires a new home for anything, but I will kind of miss this house."

"Well, our new memories we make in the new home will more than make up for that." said Mongo. "I kind of felt that way when I moved out of my old apartment and in with you, but I had a blast in this house. Now I'm sure that we'll have even better times in our new home."

"You're right dear." smiled Aaron. "I can't wait to fill our new home with even more children too! You do know that as testing in the Alliance continues, they will be sending us mostly younger boys, right?"

"Having teenage sons is fun, but raising little boys will be even more fun." smiled Mongo. "Even though I love all of our boys the same, little Ray is our most precious son of all."

"Just wait until he starts walking and talking!" laughed Aaron. "We'll see if you still feel that way then!"

"I'm sure that I will my love." replied Mongo. "Holding that sweet little boy in my arms makes me feel better than almost anything else, except making love to you of course."

"I know, I was just trying to scare you." laughed Aaron. "Let's go ahead and get to our new home now, and break it in properly."

As soon as they got to the new house, Aaron said, "Okay boys, this house has a lot more bedrooms than our old house did. If you want to share a room with someone, there's nothing wrong with that. You don't have to unless you want to though, at least not unless our families start growing more. Mongo and I will take the first floor master bedroom, and Butch and Cosmo will take the second floor master bedroom. Everyone else, first called is first dibs. Have fun picking your rooms."

"I'm afraid you'll have a lot more spare rooms than you thought dad." said Butch, as Aaron's boys ran off to find their rooms. "Cosmo and I talked to our boys on the way over the last time, and they like sleeping with us too much to take another room right now. I just have this really hilarious vision in my head of me and Cosmo ten years from now, sleeping with four teenage boys cuddled in our bed with us."

"Well, hopefully they'll get more comfortable on their own before that happens." laughed Aaron. "Otherwise you two may have to get a bed custom made to hold all of your family. I'm glad you told me that though. Now I'm going to have to sneak in your room with a camera some night soon to get a picture of that!"

Aaron actually had himself unpacked enough to make good on that promise that night. As soon as Mongo removed his cock from Aaron, Aaron struggled to hold all of Mongo's cum inside him. Mongo was still ready with the bedpan, as he asked, "Do you really think you can keep it all in there Aaron? I put a bit more than usual inside you tonight."

"I know, but I want to keep as much of you as I can inside me tonight." moaned Aaron as he struggled.

"Okay, but I'll be ready with the bedpan just in case." replied Mongo.

After about twenty minutes of struggling, and clenching his sphincter closed, Aaron's rectum stopped trying to flush Mongo's cum out, and accepted the excess fluid as a part of Aaron's body now.

"I think I did it dear." smiled Aaron, as he got up and enjoyed the feeling of Mongo's cum sloshing around inside him. "You did fill me up pretty good tonight, but I think it's all going to stay in now!"

"That's great my love." said Mongo, after giving Aaron a nice kiss. "I'd much rather have my cum inside you than pour it down the drain." Then Mongo leaned down and kissed Aaron's lower abdomen playfully, and said, "Hi all my little sperms. Have fun in there."

Aaron laughed as he said, "Now I think I know why you like kids so much dear. Well, I think it should be safe now to get my camera out, and take a little picture. Butch and his family should be asleep by now."

Aaron got the camera and quietly went upstairs. Then he slowly and quietly opened the door to Butch and Cosmo's room. Aaron smiled brightly as he set the camera for the lowest possible light, then took the most adorable picture he had ever seen. Peter had climbed up and wedged himself between Butch and Cosmo, and as he snored softly, his little hand was draped gently over Butch's sleeping cock. Butch had one arm around Angelo, and the boy was cuddled tightly into his side with a look of blissful sleep on his face. On the other side of the bed, Christopher was sleeping on top of an equally sleeping Adam, and both boys were cuddled tightly into Cosmo's side. Christopher's snoring lips were resting against Cosmo, very close to one of his nipples.

Aaron quietly closed the door, then checked the picture to make sure it came out. The picture looked very beautiful, so he quietly took it back downstairs to share with Mongo. As Mongo stared lovingly at the picture, Aaron said, "You can see the love that that family has for each other. Those sweet little boys deserve to have daddies like Butch and Cosmo."

"I've never seen anything more beautiful in my life Aaron!" replied Mongo softly.

Then Aaron and Mongo laid down on the bed in a loving embrace, and kissed passionately until they fell asleep. The next morning, Aaron loaded the picture into his computer, and printed a large copy of it to give to Butch and Cosmo, so they could see that they were the most beautiful family in the world.

"I had no idea that Peter feels me like that when we sleep." said Butch.

"It's probably just a comfort thing that he doesn't even realize that he does." replied Aaron. "William has to have the side of his face snuggled against either Cary's or Spaz's crotch while he sleeps, or he can't sleep. If it were me, I wouldn't worry about it, and just keep letting him do it until he grows out of it."

"Well, I guess there are worse things he could do." snickered Butch.

Let me emphasize that there is nothing sexual about the way Butch and Cosmo's family sleeps as far as any of them are concerned. They just find it incredibly comfortable. Please send all comments to: Also, don't forget to visit me at: Thanks for reading, and I'll see you in Chapter 31.