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by tim

Chapter 31

From the last chapter:

Then Aaron and Mongo laid down on the bed in a loving embrace, and kissed passionately until they fell asleep. The next morning, Aaron loaded the picture into his computer, and printed a large copy of it to give to Butch and Cosmo, so they could see that they were the most beautiful family in the world.

"I had no idea that Peter feels me like that when we sleep." said Butch.

"It's probably just a comfort thing that he doesn't even realize that he does." replied Aaron. "William has to have the side of his face snuggled against either Cary's or Spaz's crotch while he sleeps, or he can't sleep. If it were me, I wouldn't worry about it, and just keep letting him do it until he grows out of it."

"Well, I guess there are worse things he could do." snickered Butch.

Aaron could tell last night that Mongo wanted more younger sons. Since the new house still had plenty of room, Aaron wanted to give his mate everything he wanted, so he made an appointment for that afternoon at the adoption board, then called Mongo to come downtown that afternoon. With the space in Aaron's home, the adoption board agreed to four more children for now, as long as Mongo was willing to stay home to care for them. Mongo smiled as he agreed to that condition. After the appointment, Aaron and Mongo went on out to the shelter to look into expanding their family. Robert was glad to hear that the adoption board had approved Aaron and Mongo for four more boys. He had three brothers there who couldn't stand the thought of being split up, and Robert and Terrence were determined that they would not do that to them. The three boys were one, four, and seven, and Mongo immediately fell in love with all three of them. As they were talking over a fourth new son with Robert, Aaron noticed a little boy crying in the corner.

Aaron went over to the boy, and gently asked, "What's wrong son?"

"Everyone is getting new daddies, and I'm afraid I won't!" cried the little boy, who seemed to be about three or four.

"Why would you think some nice man wouldn't want to adopt you?" asked Aaron.

"There's already been a lot of daddies in here, and no one has taken me home yet!" cried the boy.

"I hate seeing a beautiful little boy like you cry." said Aaron. "Would you like me and my husband to be your new daddies?"

"Really?!" asked the boy, as he tried to dry his tears. "If you'll be my daddy, I promise to always be good."

"From looking at you, I don't think you could be anything else other than a good boy." smiled Aaron. "Come on son, let's get you out of here, and take you to your new home."

"Thank you so much daddy!" shouted the little boy, as he wrapped his arms tightly around Aaron's legs, and hugged his new daddy.

Aaron picked the little boy up in his arms, and hugged him as he carried him to his new family. Then Aaron kissed the boy lightly on his forehead, and asked, "Do you have a name son?"

"My name is Angel." replied the little boy. "I'll be four in another month, and my old parents gave me that name before the men from the government came and took me away. I begged them not to let them take me, but my parents said that the men said that I was ho,... ho..."

"Homosexual?" asked Aaron.

"Yeah, that's what they said I was." replied Angel. "Then my parents said that they didn't want me anymore, and the men had to take me away. The other boys that the men put me with said that they were going to kill all of us, and I was really scared."

"You never have to be scared of that again Angel." said Aaron. "My husband Mongo and I will never let anything bad happen to you now." Then Aaron turned to everyone and said, "I'd like everyone to meet our fourth new son, Angel. Angel, the man with the other three kids is your other new daddy, Mongo. The three kids are your new brothers. Two of them have never been named, and the oldest one says that he doesn't like his name, so he wanted to pick a new one. Have you picked anything out yet son?"

"Yeah daddy." replied the seven year old boy. "I want to be called Sparky. That is a very good name where we're from, and only the luckiest boys are called that."

"Okay Sparky, if that's what you want." smiled Aaron. "Do you want us to name your brothers, or do you want to give them names from your dimension?"

"I do want them to have names from our old dimension, but daddy Mongo says he can do that." replied Sparky.

"Okay, since the four year old looks like he's going to break a lot of boys hearts when he finally picks a boyfriend, I'm going to name him Valentino." said Mongo. "That's the name of a movie star back in the early days of movies in our dimension. He was very good looking, and a real ladies man."

"It's a damn small dimension honey!" laughed Aaron. "We had an actor named Valentino in my dimension too! How about our youngest new son?"

"Since he's only one, and trying to walk already, I think we'll name him Scooter." replied Mongo.

"That's a good name for him!" laughed Sparky.

Aaron and Mongo then took care of the paperwork with Robert, and headed home with their four new sons. When they got home, everyone was excited to meet four new boys. Later that evening, Spaz and Cary also came by with their family. The second that Ramble and Button came through the door, they wrapped their hands around each other's dicks, and gave each other a passionate kiss. Steven looked almost jealous when he saw the younger boys being affectionate with each other. Ever since his brother Pete made him have his first dry orgasm, Steven had been looking for another boy to make love to.

Once Ramble and Button were done with their show, Aaron introduced his newest sons to everyone. When Aaron introduced Sparky, Steven could feel his dick stiffen without even looking at it. Sparky saw that, and smiled at Steven.

A little while later, Steven ended up alone with Sparky and said, "I know there's three years difference in our age, but you look very nice Sparky."

"Thanks Steven." replied Sparky. "Older boys usually don't want to hang out with me, so I'm glad you like me."

"I'd like to hang out with you Sparky." said Steven. "There are other things I would like to do with you too."

"What's that?" asked Sparky.

"Let's go to your room, and I'll explain it there." smiled Steven.

The two boys went to Sparky's room, and Steven asked, "Do you mind if we lay on your bed, and put our arms around each other?"

"Why do you want to do that?" asked Sparky.

"Because I want to hug you while I kiss you." replied Steven. "Would it be okay for us to kiss each other on the lips?"

"Sure, that sounds like fun!" replied Sparky. "I've been wanting to do stuff like that with an older boy ever since we got picked up in our old dimension."

Steven and Sparky laid down on the bed together, and Steven put his arms around the younger boy. Sparky almost didn't know what to think when they put their lips together, and Steven started gently sucking on his lips. Sparky did like it a lot though, and did everything he could to let Steven know that. When Steven stuck his tongue into Sparky's mouth, Sparky began sucking on it instinctively. After about ten minutes, Steven reluctantly broke the kiss.

"Sparky, I want to do something that's even more fun than kissing now." said Steven.

"More fun than what we just did?!" exclaimed Sparky excitedly. "Let's do it then!"

Steven had Sparky turn on his side to face him, then Steven turned around the opposite way and said, "I'm going to take your dick into my mouth, and make love to you Sparky. I want you to put my dick in your mouth too, and do what I do to yours."

"Okay Steven." replied Sparky. "If we put each other's dicks in our mouths, will this make us boyfriends?"

"I'd love to have you as my boyfriend, if that's what you want Sparky." replied Steven.

"Cool, that would be fun!" said Sparky.

Then Sparky eagerly took Steven's dick into his mouth, and waited for Steven to show him what to do. Steven couldn't believe how willing the seven year old was to have sex, and knew Sparky must have picked it up from the older boys at the shelter. Steven took Sparky's limp dick into his mouth, and began sucking on it very lovingly. Even though Steven knew that Sparky couldn't do anything yet, he enjoyed making love to the younger boy's dick. Sparky eagerly began doing exactly what Steven was doing. He loved how older boys dicks got stiff, and Steven's was getting very stiff in his mouth right now.

After almost ten minutes, Steven knew that he would need some help with his dry orgasm. Steven took ahold of Sparky's hand, and put one of Sparky's fingers in his own mouth. Once the finger was wet with Sparky's spit, Steven took the boy's finger and placed it at his own pucker. Sparky now knew what Steven wanted him to do, so he pushed his finger into Steven as far as it would go. Sparky soon figured out that if he rubbed his finger over a certain place in Steven's rectum, it made the older boy gasp. It seemed like fun, and Sparky was hoping Steven would put his finger inside him too. Steven didn't know if the young boy would like that, and he didn't think to ask. After a few minutes, Steven began to approach his dry orgasm. Sparky knew something that felt good was happening to Steven, so he sucked more passionately on Steven's dick, while thrusting his finger into Steven even harder at the same time. When Steven began to moan and writhe, his dick began twitching wildly in Sparky's mouth. It was all Sparky could do to keep Steven's dick in his mouth until Steven stopped writhing, but he did it.

After Steven finished his dry orgasm, and enjoyed the feelings it produced for a few moments, he pulled off Sparky's dick and said, "You can take your finger out of me now Sparky. Also, my dick is getting a little tender. If you want to, you can let it rest a few minutes, and suck it some more. I'm going to keep sucking your beautiful little dick though. It tastes really nice. Just let me know when you've had enough."

"Okay Steven." replied Sparky, after letting Steven's softening dick slip from his mouth. "I think I love you Steven. Could you put your finger inside me like I did to you?"

"I know I love you Sparky, and I'll do anything you want me too." smiled Steven.

Steven wet his finger really good, and slipped it into Sparky's rectum as he continued sucking Sparky's dick. It did take a little getting use to for Sparky, but after a few minutes, he was really beginning to enjoy Steven's finger inside him. Steven sucked the beautiful little flaccid dick like he never wanted to stop, because he pretty much didn't. He couldn't believe how good Sparky's dick felt in his mouth. After about ten minutes, Sparky took Steven's dick back into his mouth. Steven couldn't believe it when his dick stiffened up again, and hoped that Sparky could suck him to a second dry orgasm. Steven was making him feel so good that that's exactly what Sparky wanted to do too. About five minutes later, Sparky's finger was once again back inside Steven, and Steven began approaching another dry orgasm a few minutes later. Once Steven had had his second dry orgasm, he pulled his dick out of Sparky's mouth. Sparky finally told Steven that his dick was starting to get tender too, so Steven turned back around, and took Sparky back into his arms.

"I'm so in love with you Sparky." moaned Steven. "Would you please be my boyfriend?"

"I'd love to be your boyfriend Steven!" replied Sparky.

The two boys kissed passionately for the next five minutes, until they heard their dads calling them to supper. Aaron and Spaz could tell what the two boys had been doing, and that they seemed to be in love with each other. That made Aaron and Spaz both smile.

As everyone came into the dining room, Aaron asked, "Spike and Shorty, do you two boys have a quart jar filled with cum in the fridge?"

"That's for the salad we're making for the wedding reception tomorrow." replied Spike. "That's what Butch and Cosmo said they wanted, and it took us a while to save up that much! Don't worry though dad, we'll also offer a salad with regular dressing, and the two will be clearly marked."

"Okay boys, as long as the reception guests know that they'll be eating semen if they have the special salad." chuckled Aaron. "Knowing how things go here in Orgasmia, it will probably go quickly. A lot of people here love teenage cum, although I don't know how well it will hold it's flavor."

"Spike seems to think that if we keep it in the fridge, stir it once a day, and keep it from drying out, it should taste the same as fresh cum." replied Shorty.

"Let's hope so." laughed Aaron. "Now, how are you and your cousin Steven getting along Sparky."

"We think we're in love, and we want to be boyfriends." replied Sparky bashfully.

"That's great son, Spaz and I thought we saw the look of two boys in love." said Aaron. "As long as it makes both of you happy son, that's all that matters."

"Really?!" replied Sparky. "That's great dad, thanks! I wasn't sure how you would take that."

"I'd never be anything but happy if you're in love, and the other boy loves you too." smiled Aaron.

After dinner, the adults and older kids discussed Butch and Cosmo's wedding the next day. Butch and Cosmo were both excited, as it would make their family legal now. Then the next day Butch would begin working at the shelter with Robert and Terrence, and Cosmo would go back to school, now that it would finally be reopening the following week.

The wedding the next day was beautiful, Ramble walked with his brother Butch up the aisle. Then Spaz accompanied his brother Cosmo up the aisle, and presented him to Butch for the ceremony. The official who was performing the ceremony had been asked to come up with something special by Butch, and he did a very fine job of it. The ceremony talked quite a bit of the beauty of such a deep commitment between two boys of Butch and Cosmo's age. When the vows were completed, and Butch and Cosmo were pronounced husbands, they shared a very warm kiss in front of the guests. Aaron turned out to be right about the reception, and Spike and Shorty's special salad was gone very quickly. Several of the guests complimented the two boys on how great it tasted, and wanted to know if their special dressing would ever be available to the public. Spike laughed as he replied that he and Shorty would have to spend all their time jacking off to do that, and that it was just for private special occasions for now.

The next big wedding was that of Rudi and Gerhardt's, in Euro-Russia. Aaron and his family was going to attend, as well as Brian and Ivan, Robert and his family, Cary and his family, and Terrence and his family. Wes had wanted to go, but he had a very important first contact to make on the evening after everyone left for Euro-Russia. Aaron was very surprised at how packed the first flight to Berlin was going to be. It seemed that there was a lot of interest in visiting other dimensions.

After the flight attendant gave his safety speech, he said, "There are also a few things that we would like to remind you of about interdimensional travel. We know that everyone has come here from other dimensions, but very few of the adults on board came in by plane. When we make the announcement that we are about to pass through the portal, everyone will be expected to return to their seats, and fasten their safety belt. Once we have passed through the portal, everyone who is not dressed by then will need to do so. Clothing is customary in public in the dimension we are flying to, so you will not be allowed to disembark in Berlin unless you are clothed by that time. Thank you everyone, and enjoy your flight to Berlin in Euro-Russia."

The mood on board the plane was excitement, as most passengers were excited to be visiting Berlin for the first time. Although Aaron and the others had been there before, they were excited about seeing their friends Rudi and Gerhardt get married. Once the plane had landed in Berlin, Aaron was amazed again at the number of people going to visit Orgasmia. Leona had done a very good job of preparing for this service, as Orgasmia Airlines seemed to have the nicest facilities at the airport in Berlin. The most noticeable thing was the sign at the check in counter, telling people that they were traveling to a male only society, and no one in Orgasmia wore clothes. Even so, there were still women and girls preparing to travel there with their families.

Then the wedding guests from Orgasmia were met by Rudi and Gerhardt at the airport. Rudi and Gerhardt showed everyone to the transportation to their hotel, which would be the same one they stayed in the last time. This time there were quite a few people at the hotel who were with boys that Aaron recognized as wearing shirts from Boy City. As Aaron and his family was entering their suite, a man and a boy with a green shirt were entering the room next door.

"I see you've been to Boy City." said Aaron to the man. "My name is Aaron, and I'm from Orgasmia."

"Yes, I've heard of Orgasmia." replied the man. "It sounds like a wonderful place to visit on my next vacation. My name is Jean, and I'm from a small town about sixty kilometers outside of Paris. This is my new son, who wants a French name, so I'm naming him Arien."

"Hello sir, it's nice to meet you." said Arien to Aaron.

"We shall look forward to visiting your dimension on my next vacation." said Jean.

"Well then, we'll make you and your new son feel as welcome as possible." replied Aaron.

"I hate to rush, but my new son is quite eager to make love to his new father." said Jean. "It was very nice meeting you Aaron, and I'll see you again when we come to Orgasmia for a visit."

"It was nice meeting you and your son Arien too Jean." replied Aaron. "You two have a wonderful time tonight, and I hope he makes you feel very good Arien."

"Thank you sir." replied Arien, with an impish smile. "I'm sure my new father will make me feel VERY good!"

Aaron and his family got ready to go out with everyone to dinner that night as guests of Rudi and Gerhardt, who also had four boys ranging from age four to twelve with them.

"We couldn't wait until after the wedding." smiled Rudi. "These are our new sons. They wanted Euro-Russian names, so that was the first thing we did. The twelve year old is Uri, the ten year old is Gunther, the seven year old is Gregori, and the four year old is Hans. They are four very sweet little boys, and they have already taken over a part of mine and Gerhardt's hearts."

"I can see why, they are very adorable." replied Aaron. "Hello boys, I'd like you to meet my boys. Mongo and I have Spike, Shorty, Cutie, Boy, Sparky, Valentino, Angel, Scooter, and Ray. Twinkie and Spaz are also my sons, but they're married now. I have two more named Butch and Cosmo, but they didn't come on the trip. Butch had to take care of our shelter back on Orgasmia because Robert and Terrence both came, and since he and Cosmo are married now, Cosmo and their boys wouldn't come without him."

"I'd like you to meet mine and Cary's sons too." said Spaz. "We have Pete, Noah, Steven, William, Ramble, and Button."

Everyone else went ahead and introduced their families, but Rudi and Gerhardt's sons knew that there was no way they would ever remember them all. Rudi had everyone seated in a separate banquet room, and the dinner was very hectic. The staff didn't seem to mind though, as they loved seeing so many boys in their restaurant. They even offered to make something special for the infants in the group, that they would be able to swallow and digest.

The wedding the next day was very nice, although not as nice as Butch and Cosmo's wedding. Right after the reception, everyone had to run off to the airport to make the flight back to Orgasmia. Rudi, Gerhardt, and their family would be going back with the guests from Orgasmia, to spend their honeymoon there. The flight back to Orgasmia looked like it would be packed too.

As they were waiting for the plane, Uri went to Rudi and asked, "Father, are they serious that people won't be wearing any clothes where we're going?"

"Yes son, that's correct." replied Rudi. "Orgasmia is made of completely of homosexual men and boys, so they see no need to wear clothing. They ask that the people who visit them from our dimension please understand and accept that before boarding the plane."

"But there are women and girls who are going there to visit with their families." said Uri.

"And they will also have to understand that no one there will be wearing any clothes." replied Rudi. "It is their custom there, and as good guests, we should try to accept their customs while visiting."

The plane finally pulled up, and all of Rudi and Gerhardt's sons thought it was the nicest looking plane they had ever seen. The flight attendants once again gave the interdimensional travel speech once everyone was on board, then the plane began to taxi for take-off. Most of the passengers didn't know what to expect when the plane passed through the dimensional portal, and it was a little unnerving for a few passengers. After the plane passed through the portal, the attendant got on the intercom and told all of the passengers that at this time, clothing was now optional. Then everyone was reminded that none of the citizens of Orgasmia would be wearing clothes when they landed. The men and boys from Orgasmia immediately began taking off their clothes, and Rudi and Gerhardt followed suit. Rudi and Gerhardt's sons looked at their now naked dads for a few minutes, then began taking off their clothes too. By the time the plane landed in Orgasmia, about half of it's passengers were naked.

Once everyone had stepped out into the beautiful terminal, Aaron turned to Rudi and Gerhardt's boys and said, "Welcome to Orgasmia. We have almost anything here you can think of, except clothes, and a few things that you probably never dreamt of seeing before. We'll take you out soon to see our dinosaurs if any of you boys are interested."

"Dinosaurs?!" exclaimed Uri. "But they're extinct!"

"Not here." replied Aaron. "The meteor that wiped them out in your dimension never hit the earth here."

"Do you mean that you have real live dinosaurs here?" asked Gunther.

"Yep, and there are suppose to be more coming tomorrow." replied Aaron. "Our people said that they're going to try to get some Stegosaurs to get on the plane tomorrow."

"Did you ever get any of the Brontosauruses here?" asked Gerhardt.

"I'm afraid not yet." replied Aaron. "We had to send a team up north to find a ship for them. They should start on their way back in about a week though, and we're just about finished with a dock here, and in the southern continent. Hopefully in three to four weeks, we'll be able to bring them here too."

"Well, the other animals that we saw are very exciting too, especially the Triceratops." said Gerhardt. "I look forward to seeing them again."

"Our Triceratops have adjusted to their new home so well that they're starting to mate now." said Aaron. "We should have baby Triceratops running around here in Orgasmia soon. I hope every species in the herd we're bringing here will replenish the herbivore population on the entire continent someday."

"Well then, we should get to the hotel so we can start bright and early tomorrow." said Rudi.

"You are not staying at any hotel!" replied Aaron. "Mongo and I, along with Butch and Cosmo's family have moved into a much larger house, and we have plenty of guest rooms for your family. Besides, I would feel terrible if your family didn't stay with us."

"Okay Aaron, we accept your gracious hospitality." smiled Rudi.

Aaron went ahead and got enough transportation to take his and Mongo's, and Rudi and Gerhardt's family to his house. Dinner that evening was very nice, as everyone got to know each other better. Gerhardt and Rudi's family also finally got to meet Butch and Cosmo's family. When Spaz and Cary showed up with their family right after dinner, their kids joined the others in the back yard. Pete had already been looking at Uri several times, since first seeing him in Euro-Russia.

"Hi Uri, I know we're from different dimensions now, but I'd like it if we could still be friends." said Pete. "We'll probably have communications relays set up in both dimensions soon, so we can call each other on the phone anytime. Besides, now that we have commercial flights between our dimensions, we can still get together every once in a while too."

"I think that would be nice Pete." replied Uri. "I'd love to have friends in this dimension too."

"So Uri, are you sexually active yet?" asked Pete.

"I've done things a few times, but mostly with myself." smiled Uri. "Why do you ask?"

"Because now that we're friends, I was wondering if you'd like to have some fun with me." replied Pete.

"Then let's go up to our guest room now, while everyone is playing out here." Then Uri looked down at Pete's dick and said, "You look very nice Pete, and I'm sure it will be fun to do things with you."

The two boys got up to the guest room that Rudi and Gerhardt's sons were sharing, and laid down on one of the beds. Pete pressed his lips against Uri's, and the two boys kissed while their hands made their way to each other's dicks. After several minutes, Pete broke the kiss.

"Your dick is a little larger than most twelve year old boys." said Pete. "It's about the same size as mine already. I like that."

"I'm glad you like it, because your hand felt really nice Pete." replied Uri.

"Would you like to see how my mouth feels around it?" asked Pete.

"Oh yes!" replied Uri.

Pete smiled as he turned around, then both boys gently took each other's dicks into their mouths. Uri moaned softly as he began to gently suck on Pete's dick, and Pete was enjoying Uri's dick very much. After about five minutes of passionate sex, Pete backed off Uri's dick.

Would you like to put your dick into my butt Uri?" asked Pete. "I love having another guy's dick in my butt, but it's been a while since I've been able to find someone to do it."

"If that will make you feel good, I'd love to." replied Uri. "I've never done that before though, so you may have to help me with it."

Pete turned onto his back, then made sure that Uri's dick was wet enough. Once Pete had Uri kneel between his legs, he put his legs up on Uri's shoulders, and helped Uri guide his dick to his pucker. Uri pushed in nice and steadily when Pete told him to, and gasped as he felt his dick slide deeply into Pete.

"Oh God, that feels so good Uri!" exclaimed Pete, as he smiled brightly. "Go ahead and thrust it in and out of me until you cum Uri!"

Uri began thrusting in and out of Pete like Pete had told him to do, and found that Pete liked it when he did it a little on the hard side. Once Uri got a good pace going, he leaned down and kissed Pete briefly on the lips.

"After I cum in you, I want you to put your dick inside me too Pete" said Uri breathlessly. "It will be my first time, so make sure that you don't hurt me."

Uri kept thrusting until he felt his orgasm coming about five minutes later. Uri moaned loudly as he felt his cum shooting into Pete. When Uri's orgasm was over, Pete had him lay on his stomach. Pete wet one finger, then stuck it into Uri's butt. Once Uri was use to that, Pete wet another finger on his other hand, and stuck it in with the first finger. It took Uri a few more moments to get use to that, but once he did, Pete began gently prying his hole open. Once Pete had Uri opened up enough, he stuck his tongue into Uri's rectum, and removed his fingers. Uri moaned in pleasure as Pete gently pushed his tongue in and out.

After a few minutes, Pete removed his tongue from Uri's rectum, and said, "I think you're ready now. Go ahead and turn over on your back. Once Uri had turned over, Pete placed his dick at Uri's pucker, and began pushing gently. Pete gradually increased the pressure until his dick began to slide into Uri. Then Pete stopped pushing, and let the pressure slide his dick into Uri gently. Uri gasped slightly, as he was penetrated for the first time. Pete stopped until Uri was use to it, then slowly slid the rest of his dick into Uri. Uri's rectum rubbing his dick felt better than anything Pete had ever felt, as he began to thrust in and out of Uri.

"This is better than I could have imagined!" gasped Uri, as he smiled at his cute friend.

Pete leaned down and began kissing Uri, as his dick continued sliding in and out of him. After about five minutes, Pete moaned, "I'm going to cum inside you Uri!"

Both boys moaned as Pete cummed. When Pete's orgasm was over, he pulled his dick out of Uri, then the two boys kissed passionately until they heard some of the other boys coming toward the room. That night before Pete went home, he pulled Uri off to the side, then knelt down and gently kissed Uri's dick. Uri returned the kiss to Pete's dick, then the two boys shared another kiss on the lips.

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