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by tim

Chapter 32

From the last chapter:

"This is better than I could have imagined!" gasped Uri, as he smiled at his cute friend.

Pete leaned down and began kissing Uri, as his dick continued sliding in and out of him. After about five minutes, Pete moaned, "I'm going to cum inside you Uri!"

Both boys moaned as Pete cummed. When Pete's orgasm was over, he pulled his dick out of Uri, then the two boys kissed passionately until they heard some of the other boys coming toward the room. That night before Pete went home, he pulled Uri off to the side, then knelt down and gently kissed Uri's dick. Uri returned the kiss to Pete's dick, then the two boys shared another kiss on the lips.

The next day, Pete convinced Spaz to take them to the dinosaur preserve with Aaron and Mongo's family, and Rudi and Gerhardt's family. It didn't take much convincing, as Spaz loved visiting his prehistoric friends. Everyone met at Aaron's house that morning, and Pete gave Uri a very close hug and kiss in front of everyone.

When the boys broke their kiss, Uri said, "I hope you know that you're making me fall in love with you Pete." Then Uri reached down and gently stroked Pete's dick.

Pete reached down to Uri's dick as he replied, "I've waited so long to hear someone say that to me Uri. I hope this works out between us, because I know I'm falling in love with you."

Spaz and Rudi looked on as they smiled, but they were also concerned. After all, the two boys did live in different dimensions. Spaz knew that he had to have a talk with Rudi and Gerhardt though, but that could wait until the boys were preoccupied by the dinosaurs. Everyone piled into all the vehicles that were available to them, but it was still a tight fit with several boys sitting in each other's laps. That included Uri getting into the same vehicle as Pete, and grinding his butt into Pete's crotch. Pete smiled as he felt his dick stiffen in the crack between Uri's cheeks, so he reached around and began gently playing with Uri's dick. This kept the boys sitting around them entertained until they reached the preserve.

Gerhardt was once again excited to see live dinosaurs, and now they didn't have to worry about being attacked by carnivores. When Gerhardt spotted the animal that he recognized as Topper, he went to the gentle beast and gave him a warm hug.

"It's good to see you again Topper." said Gerhardt, as Topper sniffed at his crotch.

Topper then gave the man a single lick, and looked up at him happily.

"You remember me, don't you my friend?" smiled Gerhardt.

After Topper and Gerhardt got reacquainted, Spaz introduced him to Sara and the eggs that were almost ready to hatch. After a while, Steven and Sparky sat up against a tree and began kissing. Pete and Uri could see them from where they were leaning back against Sara's side, away from Topper and most of the other people. Uri and Pete couldn't help but to let their faces drift closer together. After about five more minutes, Spaz came around to the other side of Sara, and saw Pete gently making love to Uri. Pete's dick was slowly going in and out of Uri's ass, when they noticed Spaz.

When it looked like the boys were going to stop what they were doing, Spaz said, "Please don't stop boys. If you two love each other, there's nothing wrong with what you're doing. If I had known I would be interrupting you, I would have given you your privacy."

Pete realized that his dad was okay with what he and Uri were doing, so Pete continued what he had been doing as he replied, "Thanks dad. I do love Uri, and it means a lot that you think it's okay."

"Of course it's okay." smiled Spaz. "When you two boys have finished making love, we can talk some more. Uri's parents and I will help you boys as much as we can."

After a while, Uri and Pete finally joined their dads to talk. "The biggest problem that I can see with you two boys being in love is the fact that you live in different dimensions." said Rudi. "We will help you try to overcome that though, within reason."

"We just want you boys to know that we love you, and your happiness is very important to us." said Spaz. "We can tell that you two boys do love each other, and we want to help you do so as easily as possible. Cary and I will sit down with Rudi and Gerhardt this evening, and discuss what we can do to help you boys express your love to each other."

"Uri my son, Pete is a fine boy, and you two look very beautiful together." smiled Rudi. "It may mean quite a bit of traveling, but we want to help you boys develop your love for each other."

"Thanks dad, I love you so much." replied Uri as he beamed.

"I just wish I had got the chance to see what Spaz did!" laughed Rudi. "I imagine you boys would look very good making love to each other."

The rest of the day was very nice, with visiting the animals that Gerhardt seemed so fond of, and watching all of the boys have fun together. Topper played with the boys as if he thought he was just an overgrown puppy, and Gerhardt was amazed at how gentle Topper was with the smaller boys.

When everyone got back to Aaron's house late that afternoon, Rudi had a message to contact Leona back in Euro-Russia. Aaron showed him how to do so from his home computer, then gave Rudi some privacy. About fifteen minutes later, Rudi called Gerhardt in to join the conversation.

"Hello Gerhardt." said Leona. "As I have told Rudi, we have quite a few people traveling between here and Orgasmia now. Businesses here are even beginning to arrange business dealings with Orgasmia. Our two people have become good friends now, and that friendship will be a great benefit to both of our nations. We really need to put an ambassador in place in Orgasmia, and I would really like that to be Rudi. I know this affects both of you though, now that you are married. Please remember one thing though, Rudi is the most trusted person in my government. It will be difficult replacing both of you here, but I really want Rudi to be the ambassador to the best friends we have ever had."

"Do the leaders here know that you want to appoint an ambassador to Orgasmia?" asked Gerhardt.

"I have talked quite a bit with Aaron and Brian about that today." replied Leona. "They think that it's a good idea too, just as I do. Would you and Rudi please do this for me?"

"You know how I feel Rudi my love." said Gerhardt. "It depends on what you would like to do now."

"I do know that you would like to live here, at least for now Gerri." replied Rudi. "I think our boys could adjust to this well, especially Uri."

Then Rudi turned back to the monitor and said, "I would be honored to accept such an important appointment, Madam Premier. Once Gerhardt and I have finished our honeymoon, we will return home to prepare to come back to Orgasmia as soon as possible."

"Thank you so much Rudi." replied Leona. "I didn't want to trust something this important to anyone except you."

When Rudi and Gerhardt rejoined the others, Aaron and Mongo were preparing supper together. Spaz and his family were waiting for Cary to join them, and William had climbed up into Spaz's lap. Spaz gently rubbed his youngest son's genitals, and William smiled as he laid against Spaz's chest.

"It is a very special site to see you comforting your young son like that Spaz." smiled Rudi.

"Yes, William doesn't connect anything sexual to this, and I am happy to do it for him." replied Spaz.

Then Rudi and Gerhardt looked around the room, and saw several sets of boys kissing and caressing each other. Among them was Pete and Uri, so Rudi went over to the two boys.

"I have some very important news when everyone is all together son." said Rudi. "I believe that before you and Pete hear it, you may want to go to the guest room and make love. It will make what I have to say even better."

Uri smiled brightly, as he jumped up, then drug Pete off to the boys guest room. The two boys were gone for nearly thirty minutes, and when they came back, they both had traces of each other's cum around their lips. Then Aaron and Mongo came out of the kitchen, and informed everyone that supper would be ready in about fifteen minutes, after it had had a chance to simmer. Rudi and Gerhardt asked everyone to have a seat, and went to stand next to Uri and Pete.

"Our Madam Premier has asked me to be the new ambassador to Orgasmia." said Rudi. "We would have a Euro-Russian embassy right here in Orgasmia City, and live here with the citizens of Orgasmia. I have accepted her request."

"I love you so much daddy!" exclaimed Uri tearfully, as he jumped up to hug and kiss Rudi.

"Gerhardt and I love you very much too son." smiled Rudi, when Uri had finished kissing him. "This may not be why I have accepted this assignment, but it is certainly one thing that makes it very much worth it. To see you so happy makes us feel very warm inside. Now I want you to be the best boyfriend and mate that you can be to Pete. I know he loves you every bit as much as you love him son."

Dinner that evening was a very happy event. Aaron and Mongo were happy that their friends from Euro-Russia would soon be living in Orgasmia, and Pete and Uri were happy that they would soon be together all of the time. Spaz was only too happy to let Pete stay at Aaron's house that night, with his boyfriend Uri.

The next day when everyone went out to the preserve to see Topper and Sara, they found Topper standing over Sara and their nest. Topper seemed restless about something, so Spaz and Gerhardt approached the animal first. Once Topper knew it was his friends, it seemed okay for everyone else to approach. As the boys came up quietly, Spaz saw the reason for Topper's mood. His and Sara's two eggs were getting ready to hatch. Everyone softly stroked Topper, as they witnessed the first dinosaurs to be born in Orgasmia. Topper and Sara carefully examined the two babies, then Topper turned proudly to his friends. He and Sara seemed to have two healthy baby Triceratops to raise now. Everyone took turns congratulating Topper and Sara, as they looked in awe at the two newborn animals. Spaz did tell everyone to give the babies a few weeks before anyone tried to pet them, as he didn't want Topper or Sara to become defensive toward humans. He was sure that Topper and Sara would let everyone know when it was okay to admire the babies more closely.

That night, Spaz once again let Pete stay with Uri, since his family would return to Euro-Russia the next day. It would be two weeks before they came back to stay, so Spaz wanted Pete to have a chance to say good-bye to his boyfriend properly. When bedtime came, Pete and Uri didn't care that Uri's brothers were watching them as they shared a passionate embrace. After being locked in a kiss for over five minutes, and caressing each other's bodies, Pete slowly rolled onto his back. As soon as Pete motioned for Uri to kneel between his legs, Uri knew what Pete wanted. As Uri's brothers watched, Uri lubed his dick and gently put it into Pete. The sight of Uri making love to Pete had all three of Uri's brothers breathing heavily. Pete smiled at the three boys as his boyfriend thrust in and out of him. Then he placed Gunther's hand on Gregori's dick, Gregori's hand on Hans's dick, and Hans's hand on Gunther's dick. Gregori and Hans were too young to become erect yet, but Hans seemed to take great joy in making Gunther erect. Gunther might have been too young to orgasm yet, but he was enjoying the attention to his dick anyway. As Uri continued making love to Pete, Gregori and Hans took turns making Gunther feel good.

By the time Uri had cum inside Pete, and the two boys switched places, Gregori and Hans were taking turns sucking playfully on Gunther's dick. As Pete made love to Uri, Uri had Gunther roll slightly on his side. Then Uri plunged his finger inside Gunther while Gregori sucked his dick, and Hans played with his balls. A few moments of that made Gunther have his first dry orgasm. As Gunther stopped writhing after his dry orgasm, Pete began moaning as he shot his cum inside Uri. When the other three boys went back to Gunther's bed together, Pete laid down in Uri's arms, and the two boys drifted off to sleep.

Spaz soon thought Pete would drive him mad by the time Rudi and his family returned to Orgasmia. Fortunately Orgasmia's communications system had now been integrated into the inter-dimensional link with Euro-Russia, so Spaz was able to tell Pete to call his boyfriend every day. Near the end of the two weeks that Rudi and his family were away, Spaz took all of the boys out to see their dinosaur friends. Spaz was surprised when he saw William sitting in the grass near Topper and Sara, and Topper nuzzled his two babies over to William. William giggled with glee as he petted the two baby dinosaurs, with Topper's approval. Within a few minutes, the two animals were playing with William as if they were puppies. Spaz went to Topper and gave him a warm hug. After that, Topper didn't mind if the boys wanted to pet and play with his babies, as he could sense that the boys loved them very much. As the boys took turns getting acquainted with their new friends, Spaz took a walk around the preserve. His best count came up with twenty active nests, guarded closely by soon to be dinosaur parents. That made Spaz feel very good about reintroducing the animals to Orgasmia.

When the day that Pete was waiting for finally arrived, Spaz had to take him to the airport to meet Uri's plane. Spaz smiled as he watched the two boys after Uri's two week absence.

"They look lovely like that, don't they." smiled Rudi, as he gave Spaz a hug for a greeting. "It was almost painful to see them parted."

"Yes Rudi, I guess we might as well get use to the idea that we'll be family eventually." laughed Spaz. "Speaking of families, your husband might be interested to know that our dinosaurs are beginning to mate much more frequently now. I counted twenty active nests the other day. Before you know it, they will cover the countryside outside the city."

"I shall look forward to seeing that!" smiled Gerhardt, as he came up behind Spaz and Rudi.

"And how would you two like to see your new house?" asked Spaz. "Aaron pulled a few strings, and was able to get you the house next door to mine and Cary's family."

"I don't know about everyone else, but I'm sure that Uri will be thrilled with that!" laughed Rudi.

Spaz went ahead and took his friends to their new home, so they could begin settling in. As Gerhardt and the boys unpacked, Rudi took his first call in his new home. It was Aaron asking him to come downtown, so he could introduce the council to the new Euro-Russian ambassador to Orgasmia. Then he wanted to take Rudi by to see their new embassy. The building had actually been used for another purpose before, but was ideal for the Euro-Russian embassy.

Also during that afternoon council session, Jerry Albright wanted to address the council. Jerry had been happily working in Orgasmia's medical research department since coming to Orgasmia from Robert's old dimension. He and Billy had gone ahead and got married, and were both happy in their new home. Since it had been a while since Aaron had heard from Jerry, he knew that Jerry must have come up with something big. As soon as Aaron introduced Rudi to the council, and the council officially welcomed him to Orgasmia, Aaron recognized Jerry to stand and speak.

"Gentlemen of the council, I have come here with very exciting research that I've been conducting." said Jerry. "We all know that the influx of refugees from the Western States Alliance will eventually taper off. By that time though, the people of Orgasmia will have become accustomed to raising families. I have come up with a process of developing a human egg, using the latent female genes found in most males. All of my theories on this have been researched extensively, and we should be ready for testing in about six months to a year. If this process works like I'm sure that it will, it will someday be possible for two men to bear a child that is completely a product of both male mates. I have been told that before the process goes any further, I will need council approval. That is why I have come to you today."

"What about the possibility of the child being born female?" asked one of the councilmen. "It has been well over a century since there have been any females in Orgasmia, except for our recent visitors from Euro-Russia. That's all they are though, visitors. Any child born here would be a citizen here, regardless of their gender."

"Since both DNA strands that would produce the child are actually male, the child would be male as well." replied Jerry. "There would be no female DNA to influence the development of the child in that direction. The only exception that I can see is if someone has undergone gender reassignment to transform from female to male. Despite their outward appearance, their DNA would still be female. We could test for that possibility though, before someone is allowed to go ahead with the procedure."

"What about the fact that the child may not be born homosexual?" asked another councilman. "Would it be fair to raise a heterosexual child in an environment of nothing but other males?"

"Is it fair for other civilizations to raise a homosexual child in the hopes that their heterosexual influence will change them?" asked Jerry. "I firmly believe that if we stopped making distinctions between homosexuals and heterosexuals, the child would accept their environment as absolutely normal, and not even think that they might be heterosexual. As an example, before coming here, had any of you ever performed a sexual act on a heterosexual man? The heterosexual man usually finds it very pleasurable at the moment, but his upbringing will keep him from enjoying it. If no one thought in those terms anymore, I don't think anyone would pay much attention to whether they were having sex with a man or woman. It may take some re-education of all of our citizens, but the benefits would make it worth it."

"But what if you are wrong?" asked another councilman.

"I know that I'm not." replied Jerry.

"Well, I need more than that." said the same councilman. "Unless you could provide proof, I could not vote in favor of continuing this research."

Aaron could see that this wasn't going Jerry's way, so he called for a vote to table the research until Jerry had a chance to provide the proof that the council requested. He knew that if he didn't do that, the council was likely to vote to end the research altogether. When Aaron caught up to Jerry outside the council chambers, Jerry looked somewhat defeated.

"Why didn't you at least stick up for me Aaron?" asked Jerry.

"I did stick up for you Jerry." replied Aaron. "I believe that you know what you're talking about, but the council was close to killing your research altogether. I bought you some time to keep it alive my friend."

"But what will I do now?" asked Jerry. "How can I provide proof of human emotions and conditioning of a condition that doesn't exist?"

"It may not exist here, or in the dimensions that we're from, but who says that it doesn't exist somewhere?" replied Aaron. "I would suggest that you get in touch with our friends Raven and Jarrel. If anyone could help you answer your questions, I'd be willing to bet that they could. If you and your husband want to visit my house tonight, we can contact them from there."

After leaving Jerry, Aaron went ahead and showed Rudi his new embassy. The people of Orgasmia had done a wonderful job of preparing it for Rudi, and his soon to arrive staff. Rudi complimented Aaron on the work that had been done, and Aaron gave Rudi a lift home. After spending a few minutes with his son Spaz and Spaz's family, Aaron headed off to his house. He was somewhat surprised to find Jerry and Billy already there waiting for him. Aaron chuckled as he showed Jerry and Billy inside. Aaron shared a kiss with Mongo, then began to set the table while Mongo finished dinner. Jerry and Billy smiled as they shared dinner with Aaron and his family, and Aaron thought he saw something in their smile.

"It's more wonderful to share dinner with a family like mine than anything I've ever imagined." said Aaron, near the end of dinner. "I'd love to have children that are mine and Mongo's, but the children we have taken in are just as much ours as our own could be. I wouldn't trade this for anything."

"Billy and I have talked about adopting, and we probably will." replied Jerry. "We also want children that are our DNA though. To have boys that are a piece of both of us would be so wonderful."

"Then don't give up on your dream Jerry." said Aaron. "The council may seem tough at times, but you've seen what can happen when mistakes are made. They just want to make sure they're not making a mistake. Like I said though, I believe you. I know exactly what you meant about the look of pleasure on a straight man's face when I'm making him feel good. There were a few of those before I came here. I've always thought everyone was too hung up on the difference between gay and straight. If everyone in all dimensions realized that we are all people, and nothing else really matters, there would be no need for a place like this. I'm damn glad we have Orgasmia though, because some dimensions will never understand that."

"It's so good to hear someone say what I feel Aaron." said Jerry. "I'm glad that you believe in me."

"Of course I do Jerry." replied Aaron with a smile. "I always have. If it hadn't been for you, everything I love would have been destroyed. Now, let's go contact Raven and Jarrel."

Aaron got ahold of his friends from another dimension in just a few moments, and explained the situation to them. Then Raven and Jarrel talked to Jerry for over an hour. Jarrel finally said, "I think we might be able to help you Jerry. The conditions you say are possible do exist, and we've tried to learn from them. Our society hardly ever thinks in terms of sexual orientation anymore. We know of people who can help you with this."

"That's great!" replied Jerry. "I know that with your help, I can convince the council that I'm right! What do we need to do?"

"You will need to come to our dimension for about a month." replied Jarrel. "The people that I spoke of are not of this planet. I haven't told anyone in your dimension this until now, but we have developed the ability to travel to other stars in the Universe. There is quite a bit out there that would amaze you Jerry, so prepare to be amazed."

"If I need to be away from Orgasmia for a month, can I bring my husband?" asked Jerry.

"Of course you can." replied Jarrel as he smiled. "We wouldn't dream of keeping someone parted from their mate for that long. You will both see things you've never dreamt of."

Jerry turned to Billy and asked, "What about it my love? Would you like to travel to other planets?"

"I would go anywhere with you Jerry, if it means that we can have our own children someday." replied Billy, as he hugged Jerry.

Then Jerry turned to Aaron, who was in a state of shock. "Can you get us to Jarrel's dimension Aaron?" asked Jerry.

"Yeah, no problem." replied Aaron in a stunned tone. "Why didn't you tell us that you could travel to other planets Jarrel?"

"I'm sorry we kept that from you Aaron." replied Jarrel. "We don't want to unduly influence other dimensions to technology that they wouldn't possess otherwise. It could upset the dimensional balance. I hope you can understand that, and why we kept that to ourselves."

"I guess I understand Jarrel, but it is a big shock." replied Aaron. "I guess I would have done the same thing in your position though. When do you want Jerry and Billy there?"

"Well, we have a mission planned to the planet they need to go to taking off in twenty four hours." replied Jarrel. "I really need them here as soon as possible. If you can get them here within the next few hours, that would be great."

"Okay Jarrel, I'll do what I can." replied Aaron. "I'll drop them off where we first met you and Raven." Aaron then ended the conversation, and turned to Jerry and Billy and said, "I better get you two to your place to get ready. Let me call the transportation department for an inter-dimensional vehicle first."

Aaron took the two men to their home to get ready, then picked up a vehicle for the trip to Jarrel's dimension. About forty five minutes later, Aaron was pulling up to the building where they first met with Jarrel and Raven. Jarrel and Raven both came out to meet Aaron, and be introduced to Jerry and Billy.

"I feel kind of jealous of you two." said Aaron. "You are going to get to see things that most of us never will. Take care of yourself and Billy, and I hope you have an exciting trip Jerry. I'll see you in about a month, with the proof that the council wants."

"Thank you so much for believing in me Aaron." said Jerry. "I promise I won't disappoint you."

"Well Jerry and Billy, if you two are ready, we need to prepare you for your first trip to other planets." smiled Jarrel. "I promise that we'll take good care of them Aaron."

"Thanks Jarrel, that means a lot to me." replied Aaron.

Then Aaron gave Jerry and Billy a hug, and headed back to Orgasmia. Needless to say, Jerry and Billy were as nervous as they had ever been, as Jarrel led them inside to begin preparing them for what to expect over the next month.

Well, that ends Book 1. I don't know how long it will be before I begin Orgasmia 2: Dinosaurs and Spaceships. I will try to get back to it as soon as possible though. Please send all comments to: Also, don't forget to visit me at: Thanks for reading, and I'll see you again in Orgasmia 2.