by tim the story guy

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by tim

Chapter 4

As Aaron approached the next counter with Mongo, he was very nervous. He was sure that this was where he would find out Orgasmia's darkest secrets, only to find it was too late to escape. Mongo could tell by the look on Aaron's face what was going through his mind right now, and couldn't help but laugh.

"You look about the same as I did when I came through here." said Mongo. "I had convinced myself that I would be given some kind of assignment like going back to other dimensions to make sure they were worse than here, or going back to steal the testicles of baby boys for some bizarre sacrifice ritual to keep everyone here virile."

That cause Aaron to laugh, and broke the tension. "I guess I just keep thinking that this seems to be too good to be what it really is."

"Well Aaron, you can rest assured that no one has kept anything important from you." said Mongo. "In time you will come to accept this as being a gay man's paradise."

Aaron stepped up to the counter, and handed the young man there his ID. Mongo stayed in the waiting area as the young man led Aaron back to a testing room, then had Aaron sit in front of a computer terminal.

"Okay Aaron, just relax and take your time with this." said the young man. "What we're going to do here is get a little information about what you did in the dimension you came from, and about your likes and dislikes. Some of the question you will be asked may seem kind of personal, but I assure you that your answers will not be public knowledge. This is merely to help us place you properly in our society. It's very important that you be as honest as possible, so you will be placed in a position that you will enjoy and thrive at. As soon as you are finished, a placement counselor will come to talk to you, so just stay right here. Do you have any questions?"

"No, but I could really use a drink of water right now." replied Aaron.

The young man smiled brightly at Aaron and said, "I'll be right back with a nice cold bottle of water for you then."

The man left Aaron there to get started, and returned a few moments later with a deliciously cold bottle of water. Aaron finished entering his personal information, then answered quite a few questions about what he use to do for a living. The next part of the questionnaire was very strange though. It asked Aaron about almost everything, from his favorite color to his favorite sexual position. Some of the questions were kind of tough, and a few of them caused Aaron to blush. He did answer everything as honestly as he could though, and finished with the examination in about an hour.

Soon after he finished, a man came in and said, "Hi Aaron, my name is Bruce. Could you follow me to my office?"

Aaron got up and followed Bruce, and couldn't help but to admire Bruce's butt as he walked. The way his cheeks rubbed together as his legs moved was very stimulating to Aaron. Bruce led Aaron into an office, then closed the door.

"Okay Aaron, go ahead and have a seat." said Bruce, who then noticed Aaron was getting stiff. "Why is it every time someone follows me, they get an erection?"

"It could be because you have a very nice and sexy butt." replied Aaron without thinking.

"Thank you Aaron." said Bruce. "I'll have to take your word for it, seeing as how I can't see it the same way that you can. Would you like to have a little pleasure before we get down to business?"

"Are you serious?" asked Aaron, still not use to the forwardness of the people of Orgasmia yet.

"Why wouldn't I be Aaron?" asked Bruce. "You are a very nice looking man, and it would bring me a lot of pleasure to feel your beautiful cock inside me."

When Bruce noticed that Aaron looked interested, he reached into his desk drawer and pulled out a bottle of lube. Bruce handed the bottle to Aaron, then bent over the edge of his desk, with his butt pointed out at Aaron. Aaron took one look at Bruce's sexy butt, then lubed his cock. Aaron placed the head of his cock at Bruce's hole, then gently pushed it into him.

"Oh yes Aaron!" moaned Bruce. "Your cock feels very good inside me. Please fuck me Aaron!"

Aaron placed his hands gently on Bruce's back, then began thrusting firmly in and out of Bruce's ass. Bruce used his rectal muscles to milk Aaron's cock as it thrust in and out of him, making Aaron's cock feel very good.

"Oh God Bruce!" moaned Aaron. "You're butt feels so good, the way it's massaging my cock!"

"That's because you have a perfect cock Aaron." moaned Bruce in reply. "It feels so good inside me."

Aaron continued sliding his cock back and forth in Bruce's nice ass, and in a few more minutes he could feel himself building to an orgasm. The closer Aaron got to his orgasm, the louder he moaned. Finally Aaron began shooting his cum into Bruce, as he firmly stroked Bruce's shoulders. When Aaron's orgasm was over, he gently pulled his cock out of Bruce. Bruce and Aaron both had a seat, with Bruce's cock now very hard.

Aaron looked at the erect cock and asked, "How can I pleasure you now Bruce? Would you rather put your cock inside me, or have me pleasure you with my mouth?"

"If you'd like to pleasure my cock with your mouth, we could get down to business while you do it." replied Bruce.

Aaron knelt in front of Bruce, as Bruce picked up a computer printout. As Bruce was about to get started, Aaron engulfed his cock in his mouth.

"Okay Aaron, let's get started." said Bruce, who then gasped as Aaron's mouth came in contact with his cock. "That feels so good Aaron! Now, let's see. These results don't reveal any specific answers to the questions we asked you. It only shows the computer interpretation of the results. Oh Aaron, you are bringing me so much pleasure right now!" Aaron was now sucking slowly and passionately on Bruce's cock as Bruce continued, "There are no duties in Orgasmia that are the same as what you use to do. The computer did match the talents of that type of work, and your personality, to duties that are available here though." By this time Bruce was panting slightly as he talked. Bruce continued, "There were also some special considerations entered in to the system as to why you were chosen to be brought here. Aaron, you feel so fantastic. You have a wonderful style of giving pleasure with your mouth. The computer says, uhhh,... uhhh,... your duties here, ohhh,... ohhh,... should be as,... Oh Aaron! I'm cumming!"

Bruce moaned in pleasure as he shot his cum into Aaron's mouth. Aaron began sucking hard on Bruce's cock, drawing as much cum from it as he could. Bruce's body convulsed slightly from his orgasm, as Aaron held him down in his chair. Aaron swallowed Bruce's cum until his orgasm finally subsided. It was Bruce's first orgasm of the day, so it was on the massive side. Aaron sucked lightly and licked at Bruce's cock, cleaning the remaining drops of cum from it. Then he got up and placed his lips against Bruce's, giving Bruce a short but nice kiss.

"Oh Aaron!" panted Bruce. "That felt very nice. You are bound to be well-loved here in Orgasmia." then Bruce caught his breath and continued, "Now, as I was saying, the computer has placed you quite highly. You are to be a full-time facilitator, with some duties as a first contact."

"Facilitator?" asked Aaron.

"Yes." replied Bruce. "That means that you will take care of people coming to Orgasmia that are not yet ready to live on their own. That mostly means taking care of our younger citizens when they arrive here. There are two types of facilitators, full-time and temporary. A temporary facilitator normally only takes care of one or two children at a time, and doesn't always have an assignment. They usually perform other duties in the meantime. A full-time facilitator always has citizens assigned to his care. For that reason, they are classified a little higher as far as entitlements go. Once you are settled in, another full-time facilitator will come in and go over everything with you before you are given your first assignment. It says here that you wish to live with another man. I remember Mongo very well, and he's lucky to have you. He will have to move in with you, as he is currently classified a few steps lower than you. The type of housing he is currently entitled to will not be sufficient for a facilitator. Do you have any questions Aaron?"

"About a million, but I'm sure some of them will be answered before the day is over." chuckled Aaron.

After Bruce had finished laughing along with Aaron, he said, "Okay then Aaron, your next stop will be with the housing department. All of your information is in the computer, so all they have to do is match you with the available housing for your classification. After you're done there, all you will have to do is attend an orientation lesson, and then you will be done."

Both men then stood as Aaron hugged Bruce and said, "Thanks Bruce, it was a pleasure to meet you today." Then Aaron gave Bruce's butt a gentle squeeze.

"It was definitely a pleasure Aaron!" replied Bruce, as he ran his hand down Aaron's back. "You're a very attractive and pleasurable man Aaron, and as I said, Mongo is a very lucky man to be with you already. I know you will have a happy, pleasurable, and fulfilling life here in Orgasmia."

Aaron then went back out front to meet Mongo. Aaron gave Mongo a warm and passionate kiss, which Mongo was eager to return.

After the kiss ended, Mongo said, "It looks like you had fun back there!"

Aaron looked downward as he replied, "Maybe a little bit."

Mongo held Aaron's head up and kissed him again, then said, "You have to learn not to feel guilty over feeling pleasure Aaron. Do you still love me?"

"Oh yes Mongo!" replied Aaron.

"Then that is what's important between us." said Mongo. "If you have a moment of pleasure with someone else, that's great as long as you love me. So, who was your counselor?"

"A guy named Bruce." replied Aaron.

"Well then, I know you had fun!" laughed Mongo. "You have taken my size better than anyone else here, but Bruce was a close second. Is he still as much fun to play with?"

"I had a lot of fun with him." said Aaron sheepishly.

"That's great then." said Mongo. "Bruce is a very nice man, and a lot of fun to have sex with. So, what are you going to be doing here?"

"I'm a full-time facilitator, and Bruce said I may also make some first contacts." replied Aaron.

"That's fantastic Aaron!" exclaimed Mongo. "I can finally move out of the tiny place where I live. It's very nicely furnished, but not big enough to have parties with my friends."

"I'm sure our new place will be much larger then." said Aaron.

"It'll have to be!" laughed Mongo. "If you're a full-time facilitator, you'll always have from four to six kids in the house!"

Aaron's eyes grew wide, and Mongo began laughing very hard. Every time he tried to stop, he would look at Aaron and start again. Finally Aaron gave in, and began laughing too. Then he picked up Mongo's cock and held it, as the pair made their way toward the housing counter. Once they reached the housing counter, Mongo had a seat as Aaron went to the counter. A sign told him to place his right index finger on the scanner and have a seat, so Aaron followed those instructions. In just a few moments, a very good looking middle-aged man came out.

The man walked up to Aaron and said, "You must be Aaron, and if the files are correct, Mongo here will be living with you, right?"

Aaron turned in his seat to Mongo and asked, "Does everyone in Orgasmia know you?"

"I'm sure there must be a few people I haven't met!" chuckled Mongo.

The man smiled at the exchange, and said, "If both of you will follow me, we'll try to get you on your way as soon as possible. By the way, my name is Jorge."

Everyone went back to Jorge's office and had a seat. "I see you are going to be a full-time facilitator, and you will also have Mongo as your live-in mate. First I will show you the largest house that is open in your classification."

Jorge punched a few buttons on his computer, and pulled the picture of a house up on his screen. Aaron and Mongo looked over the picture on the screen, but didn't seem too thrilled.

"The house you're showing us is nice, but it doesn't seem to have a lot of style." commented Aaron.

"Okay then," said Jorge, "the next house I'm going to show you doesn't quite have the same floor space, but it is well within the specifications for a facilitator and is much more pleasing to the eye."

Aaron took one look at the house, and was immediately interested. Then he looked a little closer at the statistics. The house he was looking at now was on the same street as Wes's house!

"What do you think, Mongo?" asked Aaron.

"I like it!" replied Mongo. "That is one of the nicest looking houses I've seen here!"

"Like all of the houses that we list as open, this one does have basic furnishings." said Jorge. "You are always free to make changes though, to suit your personal tastes."

"We like this one!" said Aaron excitedly.

"Okay then, we can have you all set in just a few moments." said Jorge. "First I'll need Aaron to scan his right index finger. That will signify him as the primary occupant of the house. It will also close all of our entrance codes to the house." As soon as Aaron had scanned his finger, Jorge punched a few buttons, then said, "If you're ready to move within forty-eight hours Mongo, you can scan your finger into the house codes now. Once you do that, you will not be able to enter your current residence after forty-eight hours."

"I can be moved by then." replied Mongo, who then scanned his finger.

"Very good, gentlemen." said Jorge. "You are now set to enter your new home. When you have a new citizen in your care Aaron, you will have to bring him here to scan his finger for entry to the house."

"Okay, but what if I'm assigned a young girl to take care of?" asked Aaron jokingly.

Mongo and Jorge both cracked up immediately. The two men laughed so hard that Aaron had to join them.

"I like you Aaron!" laughed Jorge. "You have a great sense of humor! Well, all you have left to do here is attend an orientation lesson. That will be up on the third floor, and they have a waiting area there for Mongo. It should take approximately three hours. After that, you may want to make your first stop the transportation shop. There is one about four blocks south of this building. Please keep in mind the number of young citizens you may be caring for."

Aaron and Mongo thanked Jorge, then made their way to the elevator. Aaron was getting nervous again as the elevator took them to the third floor. Mongo saw this, and nuzzled into the back of Aaron's neck.

"There's nothing to worry about babe." said Mongo softly. "In a few hours, YOU'LL BE ONE OF US FOREVER! HA! HA! HA!" Mongo could immediately tell that his little joke didn't help much, so he tried not to laugh as he said, "I'm sorry babe, I was just joking with you. You're about to find out that this really is paradise, or at least as close as anyone can get." Then Mongo turned Aaron around and kissed him softly on the lips as the elevator door opened.

Mongo and Aaron stepped out of the elevator, and up to the counter. Mongo was shown to a waiting area, and Aaron was taken back to a classroom type of room. Then he was told that orientation lessons consisted of nine new citizens per class. They were waiting for two more people, who should be there soon. As soon as two more people arrived, a man came in and stood at the front of the room.

"Hello everyone, my name is Stefan." said the man. "I will be your orientation counselor for today. Why don't we start by everyone introducing themselves to the group?"

Aaron watched as everyone introduced themselves. First there were two kids named Derek and Chase. They were followed by Rudi, Chan, Michael, and Boris. After Boris, Aaron introduced himself. Then Aaron was followed by Galleck and Christof. Once everyone had introduced themselves, Stefan stood back up. Aaron smiled as he saw Derek and Chase reach back and caress each other's butts occasionally.

"We have a lot of ground to cover in the next two and a half to three hours." said Stefan. "We will be using the computers at your tables, as well as the holographic projection chamber at the front of the room. You'll also find out what this nice big padded table at the front of the room is for later. First we will cover the history of Orgasmia as we know it, and then move on to the structure of our government and society. Then we will move on to how things work here in Orgasmia. Finally we will cover the most important part of life in Orgasmia. The behavior of our citizens, and their freedom to express themselves and pleasure in our society."

Aaron learned a lot over the next few hours. From as far back as the citizens of Orgasmia had been recording history, they had been able to travel between dimensions at will. As a result, their dimension had always been more advanced than any other. Also, up to about one hundred and fifty years ago, there had been females in Orgasmia, although it was not called Orgasmia at that time. The females were the ones who held most of the power then, but almost destroyed this and all other dimensions in a very nasty war. The men at that time went into hiding, and came back out after all of the dust had settled from the war. The women had managed to wipe out all human life that was not in hiding, and did so just before causing irreparable harm to all dimensions. The men who had survived nursed themselves back to health, and began rebuilding Orgasmia as it is now known. They knew they would have to restock the population from other dimensions, but saw no reason to restock the female population. By that time the men had grown accustomed to seeking pleasure with other men, and found that there were plenty of men who loved men in other dimensions who were terribly mistreated. At that time, the future course of Orgasmia had been set.

The men of Orgasmia set up a central government for the entire dimension, and pulled the entire population together in a lush area of the planet where the temperature was constant for the entire year. Orgasmia became comprised of three major cities, with Orgasmia City being the center of government, and where most new citizens were brought to for processing and orientation. There were also four smaller agricultural communities in Orgasmia. Two on the northern edge of their civilization, and two on the southern edge. The survivors decided that Orgasmia would be governed by a central person who was appointed by a citizens panel. This Panel of Concerned Citizens also took over the duties of finding gay males in other dimensions who they felt would be much better off, and more productive, if brought to Orgasmia.

At the time of the Great War, this dimension had been on the verge of a technological boom. The surviving men were able to continue that, and had made Orgasmia into their idea of paradise. As a way of forgetting about the pain of their past, the men also became obsessed with pleasure. As the new society grew, so did the obsession with pleasure until it had reached the point where it is now.

Technological and intellectual advances have given Orgasmia many benefits. The average lifespan in this dimension is a little over one hundred years at this time, and keeps increasing as time goes on. Also men are able to remain sexually virile until the end of their lifespan. Although accidents do sometimes happen, they happen much less frequently in Orgasmia. Whenever an accident does happen, it is investigated to the point where it can be prevented from ever happening again. For instance, automobiles on Orgasmia are equipped with computers and sensors that communicate with other vehicles around them. If the probability of a collision is detected, the vehicle's computers take control to avoid any collision. Complete auto-pilot systems for vehicles are also in the works. These advances also flow over into entertainment for the citizens of Orgasmia, and as Aaron learned about that, he knew he would never suffer from boredom.

After Aaron had learned of things he could never have even dreamt of, it was time to learn how he would be expected to behave.

"The first thing that everyone here has to know and accept, is that pleasure is very important to the citizens here." said Stefan. "We do know about things such as love and commitment, but they have different meanings here in Orgasmia. Other dimensions tend to equate pleasure to love, but any intelligent civilization knows that those two things are very different. There is no reason that you cannot love someone, but still experience pleasure with any citizen of Orgasmia. That is the lifestyle that most of our citizens have come to adopt. The best way to differentiate between love and pleasure is to ask yourself, "Can a person love an orgasm?" Sure, it feels very good. It's suppose to feel good! But can an orgasm provide you comfort as you rest in it's arms? Will an orgasm always be with you to help you and enrich your life? Only a person can do those things, so you should only equate love with people, and not any momentary pleasure you might experience."

Stefan took a moment to take a breath, and get a drink of water. Then he continued, "Now is the portion of the orientation that most people should look forward to, but some dimensions have conditioned them to think that freely expressing pleasure is wrong. As our past has taught us, expressing pleasure is never wrong, and should be given freely to any citizen who you find that induces pleasure in you. I will be calling people up here at random, except for Derek and Chase, in order to demonstrate their ability to openly express pleasure. I will only ask Derek and Chase to demonstrate this with each other, because of their age. Why don't we just start with Derek and Chase, seeing as how they've been trying to arouse each other through the entire orientation?"

Derek and Chase almost jumped out of their seats to join Stefan at the demonstration table. "Okay, when I call you up here, I'm going to give you a position to carry out. I would like to see everyone exhibit as much pleasure as they can while giving their demonstration. Derek and Chase, I want you to get up on the table and perform the sixty-nine position on each other."

Derek and Chase eagerly hopped up on the table, and took their positions. The boys engulfed each other's cocks immediately, and sucked hungrily on each other's shafts. Each boy seemed to take great joy in sucking the other boy's cock in front of the class.

"This is very good!" said Stefan, as he walked around the table and examined the boys. "These two boys have apparently not had a chance to learn any of their dimension's bad habits yet. Notice how they seem to love the pleasure they are feeling from each other, but do not seem to be attaching that to the other person too much. I'll bet I could pick out any boy here in Orgasmia, and Derek or Chase either one would be sucking their cock just as passionately."

As if to prove Stefan's point, Derek reached out as Stefan passed between the table and the rest of the class. Derek grabbed Stefan's cock in a tight grip. Stefan realized that it would do no good to try to break free from the boy's grip, so he stood there as Derek began stroking his cock. Derek sucked Chase's cock madly as he stroked Stefan's now stiff cock. Both boys were now quickly approaching an orgasm, and almost everyone in the room was breathing heavily. Then the boys began bucking as they shot their cum into each other's mouth. Both boys sucked hard on each other's cock, until both orgasms had ended. Both boys then got off the table as Derek continued to stroke Stefan's cock.

"Now that I've drained the cum from Chase, I want to suck your cock Stefan!" said Derek.

"Are you sure you want to do that Derek?" panted Stefan.

"I've always wanted to suck an adult's cock, and yours looks very nice!" replied Derek.

Stefan quickly hopped up on the table and laid down, and Derek wasted no time in swallowing his stiff cock. Everyone looked on in interest, as Stefan's cock went in and out of Derek's mouth.

"This young man is going to make a wonderful citizen," moaned Stefan, as his cock began to throb in Derek's mouth. "Not only does he enjoy pleasure,... he enjoys giving pleasure to others as well." Then Stefan gently stroked the back of Derek's head as he said, "Your mouth feels very good Derek. It's going to feel so good cumming for you."

After a few more minutes, Stefan began moaning loudly. Derek sucked hard on his cock, knowing that his mouth would soon be flooded with Stefan's cum. Stefan began to buck into Derek's mouth, as he began shooting his cum into the hungry boy. Derek eagerly swallowed every drop that came from Stefan's cock. As soon as Stefan had recovered enough, he sat back up and kissed Derek gently.

"You are a very sweet and loving young man Derek." said Stefan softly, as he broke the kiss. "That felt absolutely wonderful." Then Stefan got off the table and said, "Next, I would like to have Galleck and Rudi come to the table." Once they had joined Stefan, Stefan said, "I need one of you to lay on your stomach, and the other one to use this lube." Stefan held out a bottle of lube, then continued,"Once you have yourself lubricated, I want you to mount the person laying on the table, and pleasure their rectum with your cock. After the first person has their orgasm, then you will switch places."

If Aaron thought it was hot watching the two men take turns fucking each other, the next demonstration would be even better. After Stefan critiqued Galleck and Rudi's demonstration, telling both of them that they needed to work on showing the pleasure they felt in their expressions, he called Chan, Boris, and Christof to the front of the room. He had each man lay off to each other's side, forming a triangle on top of the table. Then he had Chan take Boris's cock into his mouth while Boris pleasured Christof, and Christof took Chan's cock into his mouth. The three men took great pleasure in sucking each other's cocks at the same time, and it was a very stimulating sight to watch as well. After about ten minutes of intense pleasure, all three men were writhing in ecstasy on top of the table as they began cumming in each other's mouths.

"That was very good Chan, Boris, and Christof." said Stefan, as the three men slowly got off the table. "All three of you looked as though that were very pleasurable. That usually happens with that particular demonstration though."

That left Aaron and Michael, as Aaron nervously got up and went to the front of the room. Stefan told Aaron to relax, and lay on his back on the table. Then Stefan had Michael kneel between Aaron's legs and lube his cock, in preparation for entering Aaron. Aaron let out a sigh and relaxed, as he felt the head of Michael's cock come in contact with his hole. Aaron's cock stood up proudly, as Michael pushed his cock into Aaron. Both men smiled at the feeling of Michael's cock inside Aaron.

Aaron then moaned out, "Stefan, could you please come up here where I can pleasure your cock."

"I hadn't planned it that way Aaron, but it sounds very good!" replied Stefan.

Stefan once again climbed up on the table, and straddled Aaron's head. When Stefan put his cock near Aaron's mouth, Aaron quickly engulfed his shaft. Everyone watched on as Aaron took Michael's cock in his butt, and Stefan's cock in his mouth.

"Oh yes!" panted Stefan. "Aaron will do very well here too. He has a cock in both ends of him now, and looks like he is feeling as much pleasure from it as Michael and me are!"

Stefan looked down at his cock going in and out of Aaron's mouth, and noticed that Aaron looked as though he were in another world. "You really are enjoying this very much, aren't you you sweet man?" asked Stefan softly.

Aaron moaned joyfully around Stefan's cock in response. Within a few minutes, Michael and Stefan were both moaning and panting as Aaron sucked hard on Stefan's cock, and his rectum clenched at Michael's cock. Stefan and Michael both began cumming into Aaron at the same time, then Aaron began cumming on Stefan's back without having his cock touched. All three men moaned loudly as they were drained of their cum, and everyone in the room stared intently at them. When Michael's orgasm had ended, he leaned forward and licked Aaron's cum from Stefan's back.

"Oh my God!" gasped Stefan, as his cock began to soften in Aaron's gently sucking mouth. "I have never seen two men more suited for life in Orgasmia! Aaron and Michael, both of you seem like you've been here for your entire lives!"

"Thank you sir." said Aaron softly, as Stefan's cock slipped from his mouth.

"Please call me Stefan." said Stefan, as he bent down and kissed Aaron quickly but softly on the lips. "Thanks for cumming on my back too. That was so hot!"

"It was a real pleasure!" said Aaron as he smiled.

Stefan bent down and sucked the cum off the head of Aaron's cock, then said, "So was that Aaron, you beautiful man!"

Aaron finally got up, and made his way back to his seat. He was accompanied by applause from the entire class.

Stefan took a few breaths and said, "This has been one of the best orientation classes I have ever conducted. I have no doubts that you will all be fine citizens, and help Orgasmia prosper. We are very lucky to have chosen fine men like you to join us, and I am happy that all of you have decided to make this your home. It has been a pleasure for me to get to know all of you, especially you Aaron! You are all excused. Please go out and seek pleasure every day."

Aaron went back out and found Mongo in the waiting area. A group of younger citizens had him cornered, and were petting and admiring his huge cock. Aaron chuckled as Mongo looked helpless to the attention of the boys, a few of whom were now giving the huge cock a few gentle licks. Aaron decided to step in and save his mate from the group.

"Just wait until you boys are old enough to feel that inside you!" said Aaron proudly. "It's an experience that you'll never forget!"

"No way!" said one of the boys. "You've taken that huge cock inside you?!"

"Several times!" bragged Aaron. "He always leaves me wanting more too!"

"Damn!" exclaimed another boy. "We'll all have to practice a lot before we can take anything like that!"

"Well, you young men all have fine cocks to practice on each other with." commented Aaron. "In the meantime, me and my mate have to be going. We have many things we need to do today."

"Thanks for letting us play with your cock Mr. Mongo!" said all the boys in unison.

"I was my pleasure you fine young men!" replied Mongo, as he got up to join Aaron. "You young men have fun with each other, okay?"

"Yes sir, Mr. Mongo!" replied the boys.

Aaron chuckled softly as he and Mongo walked to the elevator. Once the doors were closed, Aaron planted his lips tightly against Mongo's. Aaron kissed his mate passionately until the doors opened again.

As they walked to the entrance of the building, Aaron said, "You could have warned me what the orientation would be like towards the end!" Then he smiled at Mongo.

"You were already nervous enough as it was!" chuckled Mongo. "Did you have fun my dear?"

"It was very interesting." replied Aaron as he smiled. "When we get home I'm going to be in need of a little pleasure from my wonderful mate though. Now, let's head on over to the transportation shop and see what they have there."

Aaron and Mongo held each other and kissed, holding Mongo's cock up between them, as they walked the four blocks to the transportation shop. Aaron found a large, but good-looking SUV there. It would comfortably hold up to nine people, and they had one charged up and ready to go. Once Aaron had scanned his finger for the vehicle, he and Mongo were ready to go. Aaron got in behind the wheel, as Mongo went around to the passenger seat.

"This is much more comfortable than the bus." said Mongo. "Now my dear, let's go to our house so I can pleasure your beautiful body!"

Well, Aaron is now a full-fledged citizen, and had a lot of fun in the process. I have a feeling that the fun is only starting though. Please send all comments to: Thanks for reading, and I'll see you again in Chapter 5.