by tim the story guy

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by tim

Chapter 5

Aaron and Mongo made a stop at Wes's house to let him know where they would be living, then drove four more blocks to their new home. The house was even nicer looking than the picture they saw, and the inside of the two story house seemed to have plenty of room. Aaron and Mongo both wanted to change a few things, but it was very livable right now. They realized though that they would have to call Wes back and tell him they were going to get some groceries and household items, and they would return in about two hours.

Aaron and Mongo had fun shopping together, and was beginning to realize that their life together would be wonderful for both of them. One problem they did have at the store though was that everyone was constantly stopping them so they could take a good look at Mongo's cock. A few people even wanted to feel and stroke it.

Mongo finally turned to Aaron and said, "I know you're new here Aaron so I have to ask, you're not jealous are you?"

"Do you only love me Mongo?" asked Aaron.

"Very much so Aaron!" replied Mongo as he smiled. "I love you more than I could have ever imagined."

"Then let them admire your beautiful cock, as long as I can make love to you anytime I want." said Aaron.

Aaron was starting to adjust to life here in Orgasmia, and knew to expect things to be different than what he was use to. As long as he could see the love in Mongo's eyes when their eyes met, Aaron was happy. He was beginning to accept that everything else was just pleasure, and that pleasure and love were two different things.

Aaron and Mongo finished their shopping, and Aaron scanned his finger for what they had picked up. Aaron petted Mongo's cock as he drove all the way back to their new home. His vehicle's computer only had to take over once, and that was enough to get Aaron's attention. Once Aaron and Mongo had returned home and put everything away, they sat together on the sofa.

"We haven't done anything together since I saw the doctor this morning." said Aaron.

"Yeah, and I was wondering when we would be doing something about that!" replied Mongo.

"How about right now?" asked Aaron, as he moved his face closer to Mongo's.

Mongo cupped Aaron's face in his hands as their lips met. Aaron put both arms around Mongo, and began kissing him very deeply. Mongo and Aaron shared a beautiful kiss for several minutes before Aaron pulled away slightly. Aaron held Mongo's cock up, then started leaning closer to it. Mongo sighed as Aaron's mouth engulfed the end of his cock. Aaron gently sucked Mongo's huge organ, trying to make it feel as good as possible. Then Aaron decided that he wanted to try something, so he had Mongo swing his legs up onto the sofa. Then aaron laid stomach down between Mongo's legs. Aaron began sucking Mongo's cock again, and straightened his throat out as much as possible. Aaron knew that he could get the head of Mongo's cock into his throat, but he wanted to see how far inside him he could get it. Aaron swallowed when he felt the head of Mongo's cock hit the back of his mouth, then he felt it slip into his throat. Aaron then began to push up toward Mongo's crotch as he kept swallowing as best he could. Mongo began to moan in amazement as he watch more and more of his cock slide down Aaron's throat.

Aaron now had so much of Mongo's cock in his throat that he could no longer breathe. He knew that he would have to be quick now, or run the risk of passing out on Mongo. When Aaron felt Mongo's cock sliding into his esophagus, he pushed down on it as quickly as he could force it into him. Aaron now had most of Mongo's cock inside him, but it had hit some more resistance. Aaron gave one more hard push before he would have to get Mongo's cock out of his throat to take a breath. Mongo's cock slid the rest of the way into Aaron's throat, so Aaron went back and forth a few times before beginning to pull off of Mongo's cock.

"Oh God Aaron!" shouted Mongo loudly. "The end of my cock feels very strange right now! I can't even describe it!"

Aaron began pulling the huge cock out of his throat, and clamping his esophagus shut as Mongo's cock exited it. He now knew that the last resistance was Mongo's cock on the verge of entering his stomach. That's why Mongo's cock had felt so strange. Finally just the end of Mongo's cock was in his mouth, and Aaron could breathe through his nose again. Aaron bathed and soothed the end of Mongo's cock as Mongo began to pant heavily. Mongo began flooding Aaron's mouth with his cum, and Aaron swallowed as much as he could. This was one of Mongo's most massive orgasms though, so quite a bit of his cum ended up on the sofa. After Aaron had swallowed as much cum as he could, and Mongo's orgasm finally subsided, Mongo laid back on the sofa.

"My God!" gasped Mongo. "I've never felt anything even close to being like that! What happened Aaron?!"

Aaron smiled at Mongo as he replied, "I use to have a friend who worked as a sword swallower for the circus. He showed me the trick for doing it one time. You relax your throat as much as you can, then straighten it out as much as possible. Then the sword will travel down the entire length of the throat and esophagus. That feeling on the end of your cock was it entering my stomach! I never had the nerve to try that with a sword, but I knew that I had to try it with your cock."

"I'm glad you did Aaron!" replied Mongo. "No one has ever come close to going that far down on me before! That was the first time I ever felt a guy's lips around the base of my cock! Now I have to make you feel really special Aaron."

Aaron was all for that, so he laid back over the end of the sofa. Mongo turned around and laid stomach down, with his face hovering over Aaron's cock. As Mongo engulfed Aaron's cock, Aaron heard the doorbell. He looked over at the entrance monitor and saw that it was Wes and Bobby at the door.

"Come on in you guys!" called out Aaron. "The door is open!"

Wes and Bobby came in, and Wes said, "Damn! You got started without us!"

Wes and Bobby went over to the sofa and stroked the back of Mongo's head as a greeting, seeing as how Mongo's mouth was occupied by Aaron's cock. Then they went to the end of the sofa, and leaned down to give Aaron a hug and kiss on the cheek.

Wes looked around and said, "You got a very nice house today Aaron! What duties were you assigned to get a house like this?"

"I'm a full time facilitator." moaned Aaron, as Mongo continued to lovingly suck his cock.

"Very good assignment!" said Wes.

"Yeah, as long as you don't mind having a house full of teenage boys!" added Bobby.

"Me and Mongo will care for them like they're our own." moaned Aaron. Then Aaron leaned his head all the way back and down, and continued, "Why don't one of you stand over here so I can pleasure you while Mongo makes love to my cock?"

"Okay!" replied Wes. "Bobby, why don't you slide your cock into my butt while Aaron pleasures my cock?"

Bobby didn't have to be asked twice as Aaron handed him a bottle of lube from the coffee table. Then Wes stood with his cock in Aaron's face, while Bobby lubed his cock and moved behind Wes. While Mongo continued to suck Aaron, Aaron took Wes's cock into his mouth. Then Bobby placed his cock at Wes's hole and forcefully pushed it in. Wes began to moan as Aaron sucked his cock, and Bobby began thrusting in and out of his ass. Mongo was loving the feeling of Aaron's cock in his mouth, as he looked up and saw Wes getting sucked and fucked at the same time. The sight caused Mongo to begin sucking harder on Aaron's cock, who in turn began sucking harder on Wes's cock. Bobby also began thrusting in and out of Wes with more force, causing Wes to begin moaning even louder.

Aaron was holding his cum back for now, so the first to cum was Bobby. Bobby bucked and grunted as he filled Wes's insides with his cum. As Bobby's orgasm began to fade, Wes began shooting his load into Aaron's mouth. That was what Aaron was waiting for, so he then released his cum into Mongo's mouth. When all the orgasms had finished, Wes and Bobby found themselves chairs to sit in as Aaron went to get a wet towel to clean the sofa with.

"I can't believe what Aaron did to me before you guys got here!" said Mongo. "He said he use to know a type of person he called a sword swallower. I don't know exactly what a sword is, but it must be rather long because Aaron took my cock all the way into his stomach!"

"Holy shit!" exclaimed Bobby. "That takes talent!

Everyone was laughing at Bobby's remark as Aaron cleaned the sofa with the wet towel. As soon as Aaron had the sofa cleaned and sat down, the doorbell rang again. This time Aaron went to answer the door.

"Hello." said the man at the door. "Are you Aaron Baker?"

"Yes, can I help you?" asked Aaron.

"My name is Zach, and I was sent over to help you get ready for your duties as a facilitator." replied the man at the door.

"Come on in then Zach." said Aaron. "The two guys in the chairs are my friends Wes and Bobby."

"Hi Zach, it's good to see you again." said Wes. Then he said to the others, "I was the first contact for Zach's last boy. How is he doing, Zach?"

"Phillipe is doing just fine." replied Zach. "He's finally adjusting to being here, and he's coming out of his shell nicely." Then Zach looked to Bobby and said, "Hello Bobby, it's nice to meet you."

"It's nice to meet you too Zach." replied Bobby.

"Then this beautiful man on the sofa is my mate, Mongo." said Aaron.

"Hello Mongo." said Zach. "I take it that you'll be living here too then."

"Yes." replied Mongo. "Aaron and me fell in love with each other almost as soon as we met!"

"That's good!" replied Zach. "It's always good for boys to have two male influences in their lives."

"Okay Zach, why don't you have a seat on one end of the sofa?" asked Aaron. "I'll sit between you and Mongo, and we can get started."

"Okay." replied Zach, as he had a seat. "First of all, you'll usually have from four to six people in the house to care for. Usually it will be boys in their lower or mid teens. Their first contact may or may not fill them in on what is going on, so your first job is to make sure they know what is happening. Then you will give them the information they need to decide if this is where they want to spend the rest of their lives, but don't ever pressure anyone in your care to stay. It has to be completely their decision. If they decide to stay, you will then be responsible for getting them processed in. After that, all you have to do is care for them, and make sure they attend school until their eighteenth birthday. The educational process is accelerated here, so usually by the time they are eighteen they already have the equivalent of a college education. Sometimes though, a citizen may need to attend school for a little bit longer than that. Would you like to show me around the house Aaron?"

The first stop was the dining room and kitchen. Zach looked around for a little while, and said, "You have a pretty good start here Aaron. I would suggest that by tomorrow or the next day you make sure that you have enough plates and silverware to do you and Mongo, and up to six others. You may also want to stock up a little more on food items. I do realize that you will be learning as you go, and it will take some getting use to to judge how much food four to six teenage boys can eat. I would suggest trying to keep about twice as much of everything on hand as you have now."

"Okay Zach, thanks." replied Aaron.

Aaron and Mongo had already decided that the downstairs bedroom was the master bedroom, so the next stop was upstairs. There were three more bedrooms upstairs, each one having two beds. Zach looked over all three bedrooms, the linen closet, and the two bathrooms, then said, "You'll want to make sure you have clean linen for all six beds up here, just in case. Also make sure you have plenty of toilet paper and cleaning supplies for both bathrooms up here, and the one downstairs. Also you may want to have plenty of toiletry items on hand. Stuff like soap, shampoo, new toothbrushes, toothpaste, mouthwash, and some shaving supplies. Some teenage boys do need to shave from time to time, and still others like to do it even if they don't really need to. Also you're going to need a lot more towels than what you have, take it from painful experience."

"Okay, thanks again Zach." replied Aaron.

"Do you have any questions so far Aaron?" asked Zach, as they started back downstairs to the living room.

"What do you do if a boy is unable to decide for himself if he wants to stay here?" asked Aaron.

"In that case we do have adolescent counselors at the Citizens Services building." replied Zach. "Sometimes a boy has been treated so badly in his other dimension that he has lost the ability to make decisions. It takes a trained professional to help a boy like that. That was the condition that Phillipe was in when Wes brought him to me, but he is happy and doing fine now."

Once they were seated in the living room again Zach said, "We only have a few more things to go over, unless you have any more questions Aaron. You have already been assigned at contact with the Panel of Concerned Citizens. His name is Terrence, and he will contact you with your first assignment. You probably won't hear from him tomorrow, but you should expect to hear from him anytime after that. That means you may be very busy tomorrow, especially if Mongo still has to move in. I would suggest trying to get a service to help with that, while you take care of the things I've mentioned. You also have duties as a first contact, and Terrence will also be your contact for that. If someone is to be brought to you by another first contact, they will let you know before it happens. You may very well be the first contact for the people who will be in your care though. When they call you, they will give you all the information you need to make the first contact."

"I have one tonight, if you'd like to tag along and see how it's done Aaron." said Wes.

"That would be a great idea Aaron!" said Zach.

"Okay, if Mongo can go with us." replied Aaron.

"Sure!" replied Wes. "We can all head over to my place to get ready for it in a little while."

"Do you have any more questions Aaron?" asked Zach.

"I think I'll be okay." replied Aaron.

"I'll write down my number as I leave." said Zach. "If you have any questions at all, call me instantly. Welcome to Orgasmia Aaron. I hope you are very happy and successful here."

Zach then wrote down his number by Aaron's phone, and took off. Wes then told everyone they should go get ready for his first contact, as it would be starting to get dark outside soon. Everyone headed over to Wes's, and Bobby said he had to be getting home. Wes, Aaron, and Mongo began heading toward the downtown bus station.

On the way there Wes asked, "Do you remember that bus I met you on Aaron?"

"I don't think I'll ever forget that bus Wes!" chuckled Aaron.

"Good!" replied Wes. "Our contact tonight will be from your old dimension, so we'll be on the same bus again. The entrances to the different dimensions are spread out all over, so each bus down here has access to a different dimension during their evening routes. We also have ways of doing it with airplanes out at our airport, but I prefer the buses."

"I was wondering about that!" said Aaron.

"When you are assigned a first contact, your contact will go over that information with you too." said Wes. "I know Terrence, and he's pretty good about that."

The three men finally got downtown, and waited for their bus. Aaron went over to the vending machines and scanned his finger three times to get everyone a bottle of soft drink. When the bus pulled in, the three men climbed aboard led by Wes.

"Hi Hank." said Wes. "How are you tonight?"

"It'll be smooth sailing once I get out and back in the portal." replied Hank.

"You remember Aaron, from the other night?" asked Wes.

"Well, hello Aaron!" said Hank. "You look like you're adjusting to life here pretty good already! How are you?"

"I'm fine Hank." replied Aaron. "I'm going with Wes tonight, to learn how to make a first contact. The guy behind me grabbing my butt is my mate, Mongo."

"Hi Mongo." said Hank. "Long time, no see!"

"Hi Hank." said Mongo. "Still doing fine, I see."

The three men took their seats, and the bus pulled out after all the passengers were on board. Wes, Aaron, and Mongo would be getting off the bus at the last stop before the portal, then they would wait for the bus to return. That way only Hank and their contact would be on the bus when it came back. After a lengthy ride, the bus finally made it to the last stop. Wes said good-bye to Hank, and that they would see him in a few minutes.

As they were waiting for the bus to return, Aaron asked, "Why do we get off and wait for the bus to come back?"

"The Panel of Concerned Citizens has decided that it's best for as few people as possible to be traveling between dimensions." replied Wes. "Besides, if our contacts saw more than one naked person on the bus, it might spook them."

Wes, Aaron, and Mongo continued to wait for the bus. After a while, it seemed to Wes that the bus was taking longer than it should have to return. Right as Wes was starting to become concerned though, they finally saw the familiar headlights approaching. The bus pulled up to a stop in front of the three men, and the door opened.

As Wes climbed aboard, he said, "You had me worried for a minute there Hank!"

"I'm sorry about that Wes." replied Hank. "I kinda ran into complications."

Then Hank pointed back into the bus. Sitting about halfway back were two scared looking young men. Wes knew that he was only suppose to have one contact that night by the name of Jeremy. The only other thing he knew was that Jeremy was suppose to be in some kind of danger due to his sexual orientation. Wes told Hank not to worry, that he would sort this out, then he went back and sat behind the two young men. Aaron and Mongo got on the bus and sat in front of them.

"I'm getting kinda scared Brian." said Jeremy. "Do you think we should get off this bus at the next stop?"

"I think I should be more careful about letting you talk me into going to the park late at night!" replied Brian. "I knew I should have stuck to my girlfriend, and been satisfied with that!"

"This isn't my fault!" pleaded Jeremy. "Let's just get off the bus dude!"

Wes knew it was time to step in. He usually let his contacts introduce themselves, but he didn't feel like he had that option right now. "That might not be the best idea right now Jeremy." said Wes.

"What do you mean mister?" asked Jeremy. "And how did you know my name? Why is everyone on this bus naked? What's going on here?"

"My name is Wes, and I was sent to meet you Jeremy." said Wes. "We had no idea that you would be with someone tonight. Jeremy, you and Brian aren't in Denver anymore."

Brian and Jeremy now both looked very scared as Jeremy asked, "Are we in Hell now?"

"No! Not at all!" chuckled Wes. "This place is much more like Heaven than it is like Hell!"

"Oh God, I knew it!" Brian almost cried. "How did we get killed tonight? I don't remember anything about it!"

"You mean that me and Brian died together?" asked Jeremy fearfully.

"I assure both of you that you're not dead." said Wes. "You've been brought to another dimension. It was only suppose to be Jeremy, but something got crossed up! We'll figure out what to do about this situation though."

"Do you mean that I wouldn't have seen my buddy anymore after tonight if I hadn't been with him?" asked Brian.

"That would have been up to Jeremy, but that's how it was suppose to happen." replied Wes. Why don't we switch seats around while I try to explain this to both of you? Mongo, come back here and sit where I'm sitting. Then Brian can sit with Aaron, and I'll sit with Jeremy."

Both young men gulped as Mongo got up, and they saw his huge cock again. In their eighteen years of life, neither of them had seen a cock as huge as Mongo's. Aaron smiled warmly at Brian as he sat down next to him. Although Brian thought that he normally preferred girls, he couldn't help but to look carefully at the naked guy sitting next to him. Finally everyone was comfortable in their new seats.

"Like I was saying Jeremy and Brian, you are in another dimension right now." said Wes. "You'll never make it back to Denver on your own, but if that's where you want to be, we'll get you back there. For now though, welcome to Orgasmia."

"What is Orgasmia?" asked Brian.

"If you're gay, it's a very wonderful place!" said Aaron. "I came here three nights ago from Baltimore, and I love it here already!"

"I'm not really gay though!" said Brian. "I was just curious because Jeremy is my friend. Tonight would have been the first time I'd ever done anything like that if things hadn't got messed up!"

"That's probably why we were just suppose to meet Jeremy." said Wes. "We had information that his life was in danger because of his sexual orientation."

"Wh,... wh,... what do you mean my life was in danger?" asked Jeremy.

"Just wait one moment, okay son?" asked Wes.

Wes then went to the front of the bus to use the mobile phone on the bus. While wes was talking on the phone, Jeremy and Brian noticed that several more naked guys had gotten on the bus.

"Why is everyone naked, and why aren't there any girls on the bus?" asked Brian.

"Orgasmia is a dimension that is made up of only gay men." replied Aaron. "There are no clothes here in Orgasmia."

"So, we're kinda sticking out right now, huh?" asked Jeremy.

"You could say that!" chuckled Aaron.

"You guys don't have to take your clothes off unless you want to though." added Mongo.

"Aw heck, why not!?" said Jeremy, as he began to take off everything except his shoes.

"When in Rome..." added Brian, as he joined Jeremy.

By the time Wes returned, Jeremy and Brian were both naked. "Well, I see you guys are getting a little more comfortable!" remarked Wes as he sat back down. "I got a little more information from my contact. After I told him the situation, he said to go ahead and tell you everything. It seems as though Brian's girlfriend found out what you two were up to tonight. Her and her brothers were waiting at Jeremy's house for him to return tonight. Brian was suppose to get cold feet, leaving Jeremy alone at the park, but that didn't happen for some reason. Maybe there was something we missed about Brian. Anyway Brian, your girlfriend's brothers would have beaten Jeremy very badly tonight. I'm afraid he would not have survived the attack. So tonight it was either this, or Jeremy would have been killed. We usually don't go into this much detail, but my contact thought you guys needed to know this."

"Oh my God Jeremy!" cried Brian. "I didn't know dude! You're my best friend, and I don't want anything to happen to you!"

"You guys are safe here though." said Wes. "We can offer Jeremy a home where he will be happy and safe for a very long time!"

"I can't leave him here though!" said Brian. "He's my best friend! I guess right now he's my only friend. I sure can't go back to my girlfriend and her family now!"

"Yes, but this is for Jeremy's best interests." said Aaron. "You wouldn't be willing to stay in a place with nothing but gay men, would you Brian?"

Brian gazed into the confused eyes of his best friend, and replied, "Right now I would do anything for Jeremy! I don't want to see one hair on his head get hurt!"

"There would be quite a few things you would have to be willing to accept about Orgasmia." said Wes. "Things that might seem very strange, or even uncomfortable for you at first. Are you sure that you would go through anything for him Brian?"

Brian looked deeply into Jeremy's eyes for a few moments, then asked, "Can I sit back beside Jeremy again?" Everyone rearranged themselves to their original positions, then Brian took ahold of Jeremy's hand and said, "I would do anything for you dude. I thought I loved my girlfriend, but I was only trying to fool myself. I love you Jeremy, and I don't want to see you get hurt. I'll do anything to keep that from happening!"

Jeremy began to cry as he buried his face into Brian's shoulder. Brian gently wrapped his arms around Jeremy, as Wes patted both young men on the back and said, "We'll all go back to Aaron's house for tonight, and talk about what is going to happen next. We'll help you two as much as we can, and we won't pressure you into doing anything you don't want to do."

Brian and Jeremy comforted each other until the bus arrived downtown, then everyone began to walk back to Aaron's house. Brian held Jeremy tightly as they walked naked along the street. Wes knew this would be a long night for the two young men.

About halfway to Aaron and Mongo's house, Jeremy asked, "How much further is it? I really have to pee!"

"Go right ahead then." replied Wes. "Just make sure you aim it into the grass beside the sidewalk."

"I'll take care of that." replied Brian, as he took ahold of Jeremy's cock and pointed it toward the grass.

Jeremy closed his eyes and smiled, as he began to pee into the grass. Brian kept Jeremy's cock pointed toward the grass until Jeremy had finished emptying his bladder, then he shook the drops off the end of it.

Jeremy smiled as he said, "That felt really nice Brian!"

"It was my pleasure dude!" replied Brian with a smile.

The five guys finally arrived at Aaron and Mongo's house, as Aaron scanned his finger at the door to let everyone in. Brian and Jeremy sat close together on one end of the sofa, as Aaron and Mongo sat close together on the other end. Wes pulled a chair up so it was right in front of Brian and Jeremy, then had a seat.

"Okay guys, let me tell you everything you need to know about Orgasmia." said Wes. "Orgasmia is an alternate dimension from where you guys came from. There are hundreds of dimensions that exist along side each other, and Orgasmia can travel to most of them to help men and boys who we think will benefit from our help. That's why Jeremy was brought here. We knew that he was in serious danger, and we wanted to offer him a life where he would be safe and happy. Seeing as how you are both together right now you can either go back to your dimension, or stay here. We will leave that decision completely up to you. Please remember though that you could both be in danger in your old dimension now."

"What is it like here?" asked Jeremy.

"There is nothing here in Orgasmia except for gay men and boys." replied Wes. "If Brian stays here, he will have to get use to the fact that he will have to enjoy having sex with other men from now on. Once you have decided to stay, you can't go back to your old dimension again. That's why it's important that you know you want to stay here permanently. If not, we can take you back to where you came from. Orgasmia is a society that is based on the pleasure that men can provide to other men. Sexual pleasure is a very important part of life here in Orgasmia. Here in Orgasmia, men are expected to freely express pleasure to other men. You will not only be expected to enjoy having sex with each other, but with different men as well."

"Yeah, but this gay sex idea is kinda new to me." said Brian. "The only reason I've even considered it is because I love Jeremy!"

"We have love here too." chuckled Wes. "Mongo and Aaron are very much in love with each other, and are living together as mates. You will find out though that love and pleasure are two completely different things. I'm sure Aaron or Mongo either one would find it very pleasurable to have sex with either of you young men. I know I would as well, but no one is going to force you into anything. You can take as long as you need to decide if you want to stay here. I think it is important right now though for you two to discover the pleasure that you can bring each other, before we try to get you use to freely expressing pleasure to everyone. This night should be only about the two of you, and being free to pleasure each other completely."

"I would love to make love to Brian!" said Jeremy. "I was going to consider myself lucky if I could talk him into a little casual sex tonight though. You know, just a little fooling around between us guys."

Brian's battle with his inhibitions was just about over now, as he gazed into Jeremy's eyes. Finally Brian replied, "I would love for us to make love Jeremy. I may have just wanted to fool around a little earlier, but I think I'm falling in love with another guy for the first time in my life. I WANT us to make love now!"

Jeremy smiled brightly as his face drew closer to Brian's. Brian and Jeremy locked themselves in a passionate kiss, while the other three guys looked on and smiled. "This might work out fine!" thought Wes to himself.

I hope everyone enjoyed that. Now Aaron knows the types of things he may have to deal with when it's his turn to make his first contact though. Please send all comments to: Thanks for reading, and I'll see you again in Chapter 6.