by tim the story guy

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by tim

Chapter 6

Aaron showed Brian and Jeremy to one of the bedrooms upstairs, and got them settled in for the night. When Aaron started to leave them, they were once again locked in a deep kiss.

"You guys have fun tonight." said Aaron. "And try to keep in mind how beautiful what you are doing really is."

When Aaron had left, Jeremy turned Brian around on top of him so they were in a sixty-nine position. Jeremy then took his best friend's cock into his mouth, and began to massage it tenderly with his lips. Brian gazed at Jeremy's cock for a few moments. Brian had never even considered touching another guy's cock before, but he began to realize how beautiful his best friend's cock was. Brian opened his mouth and watched in amazement as his lips engulfed Jeremy's cock. Brian closed his mouth around Jeremy's cock, and concentrated deeply on how it tasted. Then Brian began to passionately suck Jeremy's cock. Jeremy could not believe this was happening to him as he hungrily sucked Brian's cock. It was hard enough for him to believe that Brian had let him suck his cock, but now Brian was sucking his cock as though he loved it! Jeremy now wanted to show Brian how much he loved him, so he began to alternate between sucking Brian's cock and his perfect balls. Within ten minutes Jeremy and Brian were approaching their orgasms, but they didn't want it to end yet. The two reluctantly parted before cumming, and laid in each other's arms. Brian began to cry though, so Jeremy kissed him tenderly on the lips.

"What's wrong Brian?" asked Jeremy.

"You don't deserve me Jeremy!" sobbed Brian. "My girlfriend and her family almost killed you tonight, and it would have been my fault! I would have killed myself if that had happened."

"It didn't happen though, and now we're together in each other's arms." said Jeremy. "This is more than I could have ever dreamed of Brian. I can't even tell you how happy you're making me by both of us making love to each other. You do like what we've done so far, don't you?"

"I always thought that I loved my girlfriend Jeremy." said Brian. "Now I know that what me and her did was just sex, and it could have been with anyone and felt the same. When we were making love just now, it made my whole body tingle and feel alive dude! We weren't just having sex Jeremy, it was making love. No one will ever make me feel the way you do now!"

"Then I don't want you to say I don't deserve you anymore Brian." said Jeremy. "You make me very happy, and we both deserve to be happy for a change. If we go back to where we came from, they will kill both of us now dude. Will you think about staying here with me forever?"

"I'll stay with you no matter where you want to be Jeremy." said Brian. The two guys then wrapped each other in a passionate embrace and kiss.

In the master bedroom, Mongo was now ready to make love to Aaron. "I suppose you want my cock in you past the line again, right?" asked Mongo sweetly.

"Oh God yes!" replied Aaron. "This time though, don't stop until I tell you to!"

"Okay babe." replied Mongo softly. "Don't try to be a sadist though."

Mongo began slowly pushing his huge cock into Aaron. Aaron was panting heavily as Mongo buried his cock into Aaron up to the line. As Mongo approached the furthest he had ever been inside Aaron, Aaron's eyes began to bulge slightly. Aaron still did not say a word though, so Mongo slowly kept going deeper. After a few more inches, Mongo wanted to stop. Aaron's eyes pleaded with him to keep going though. Mongo could not believe it when he had put his cock into Aaron as far as it would go.

"I can't believe you just took all of my cock inside you babe!" panted Mongo. "That should be impossible! Are you okay?"

"I think... your cock... is in my... small intestines!" gasped Aaron. "Please... make love... to me gently. I don't... want you... to rip me there!"

Mongo very gently and carefully slid his cock back and forth inside Aaron, as he leaned down and kissed Aaron deeply. Aaron couldn't believe what he was feeling at the moment. It felt like everything inside him was being gently massaged now. There would be no way he would be able to hold his orgasm back for very long. Mongo had never felt his entire cock in anyone's butt before, but he was very gentle with Aaron. He didn't want to take any chance of hurting the man he loved so much. Within a few minutes, Mongo was approaching what felt like the most massive orgasm of his life. Even though Aaron had not touched his own cock, he had built up to an intense orgasm.

Aaron began to writhe underneath Mongo as he shot his cum between them. Aaron was now in the midst of the largest orgasm that he'd ever had before. When Mongo felt shot after shot of Aaron's warm cum shooting between them, he groaned loudly and began filling Aaron's intestines with his cum. Mongo pumped so much cum into Aaron that he could feel Aaron's abdomen expand slightly from his cum. Aaron had cum so hard and so much that he was on the verge of passing out from his orgasm. When Mongo's orgasm finally ended, it left him breathless as he began to slowly pull his cock out of Aaron. Mongo's cum was so deeply inside Aaron that none of it came back out of Aaron's butt. Mongo knew that he needed to clean himself off now, but he didn't have the energy to do it. Instead, he placed his cock between their cum soaked bodies and collapsed on top of his mate. Aaron had just enough strength to put his arms around Mongo and smile. After laying together for two hours, Aaron and Mongo finally regained enough strength to go take a shower together.

The next morning at breakfast, all four guys sat very close together. Aaron and Mongo couldn't help but smile at how nice Brian and Jeremy looked together naked.

"Did you guys have a pleasurable night?" asked Aaron.

"It was so perfect and beautiful!" exclaimed Jeremy.

"What all did you guys experience together Brian?" asked Aaron.

"We started off by sucking each other at the same time." said Brian. "Neither of us were ready to cum yet though, so we held each other and talked for a while. Then we took turns putting ourselves inside each other, and making love. We still stopped before cumming though, so we could clean ourselves off a little and do some more sucking. We finally ended up having our orgasms at the same time in each other's mouths. It was the most wonderful time I've ever had making love to anyone! I love Jeremy very much now."

"We are still thinking about it right now, but we might both stay here." said Jeremy. "If we go back, there's a good chance that Brian's ex girlfriend's family will kill both of us. I think we would rather remain here and love each other for the rest of our lives."

"That's awesome guys!" replied Aaron. "There are a lot of things you need to know about Orgasmia though. I'll let Wes explain everything to you when we see him later. In the meantime, how would you two lovers like to help me and Mongo?"

"Sure!" replied Brian. "Anything for the two guys who helped us discover how beautiful life can be!"

"Okay, here's the plan then." said Aaron. "I have to pick up a ton of stuff for the house today, and Mongo has to move his stuff over here as well. I called a service to try to get some help, but they are booked up for today. If you guys could help Mongo pack everything at his place up while I go to the store, we could move him over here after I finish. That way we can get everything done today."

"We'd love to help!" replied Jeremy.

The four guys then finished breakfast, and took off for Mongo's house after removing the very back seats from Aaron's vehicle. Aaron then dropped Mongo, Jeremy, and Brian off at Mongo's, and went on to the store. Aaron wanted to make sure he got everything he needed this time, so he got a clerk at the store to assist him. The clerk was able to help Aaron greatly when he found out Aaron was a facilitator. He also suggested that Aaron pick up computer systems for himself, and each of the upstairs rooms that would house the boys in Aaron's care. After a few more hours of shopping, the clerk even helped Aaron load everything into his vehicle. Aaron then dropped everything off at his house with Wes's help, and Aaron and Wes headed back over to Mongo's house. After everyone had finished the lunch that Aaron and Wes had picked up, it looked like they would have to make two trips to get everything. Brian stayed with Mongo, while Jeremy went with Aaron and Wes to help then unload the first load. Then they returned to Mongo's house for the last time to pick up Mongo and Brian, and the last load. It was almost evening by the time they were finished unloading the last of Mongo's stuff at Aaron and Mongo's house.

As everyone relaxed in the living room, Wes asked, "So Jeremy, how are you and Brian doing after last night?"

"Me and Brian had an unforgettable time last night, and we've decided that we're lovers now." replied Jeremy.

"Well then Brian, how are you adjusting to the fact that you're gay?" asked Wes.

"It still sounds kinda weird to hear that." replied Brian. "It's the truth though, I am gay. It's not scary though, like I thought it would be. As a matter of fact, I'm happy about being gay right now. The most important thing is how happy me and my lover Jeremy are. If we went back, we would both be killed, and that wouldn't make us very happy at all! I want to live here with Jeremy."

"There are a lot of things you need to know about Orgasmia first though Brian." said Wes. "You've come a very long way since I picked you up last night, but Orgasmia is going to be different than anything you've ever known. I can tell that you and Jeremy pleasure each other very much, and you guys are very much in love. In Orgasmia though, you have to be comfortable with the idea that all men should be able to freely express pleasure to each other."

"Do you mean that I have to be willing to have sex with any man that wants to do that with me?" asked Brian.

"Not exactly Brian." replied Wes. "Some men just don't cause pleasurable feelings in some men like they do in others. It's still a matter of personal taste, and you don't have to do anything with someone that you don't find pleasurable. You do have to get use to the idea though that Jeremy is not the only man capable of causing you to experience pleasure though."

"But he's the only guy that I love!" replied Brian.

"That's great too!" said Wes. "Love and pleasure are not the same things though. Just because you experience pleasure with someone else, it doesn't mean that you love them. For example, Aaron and Mongo love each other very much, but I could take Aaron's cock into my mouth right now, and it would be very pleasurable for him. Mongo would sit there and be happy that the man he loves is being pleasured, and they would still love each other just as much after I made Aaron cum. Love should be reserved for the special man in your life, but pleasure should be expressed freely and without reservations."

"So, it's not really a matter of being a slut, just the joy of pleasure?" asked Brian.

"That's about it." chuckled Wes. "Although some men find great pleasure in being what you call a slut!"

"I have an idea." said Mongo. "Aaron, go ahead and lay here in the floor, and I'll lube my cock for you. Then Wes can kneel over your face with his cock. You guys will see how much Aaron enjoys having my cock inside him, while he is pleasuring Wes's cock at the same time."

The three men got into position, and Mongo slipped his lubed cock gently into Aaron. Aaron moaned softly, then took Wes's cock into his mouth. Wes let out a very contented sigh.

"You guys see what we're talking about now." said Wes, as Aaron gently sucked his cock. "Aaron and Mongo love each other very much, but Aaron is taking great pleasure in taking my cock in his mouth while Mongo makes love to him. Me and Aaron don't love each other like Aaron and Mongo does, but this is very pleasurable to both of us."

"Wow!" exclaimed Jeremy and Brian together.

"Brian, I want you to come here in front of me where I can pleasure your cock." said Wes. "I'd like Jeremy to get between me and Mongo, and pleasure Aaron's cock."

Brian got up and stood in front of Wes as Jeremy knelt down between Wes and Mongo. Jeremy watched as Wes took Brian's cock into his mouth, and Brian gasped in pleasure. Then Brian got to watch as Jeremy leaned down, and took Aaron's cock into his mouth. All five guys were now moaning or grunting as they took each other toward their orgasms. Aaron was the first to cum, as Jeremy sucked hard on his shooting cock. Then Brian moaned incoherently as Wes sucked his cock to it's orgasm. As soon as Wes had hungrily swallowed the last of Brian's cum, his own cum began to flood Aaron's mouth. As Aaron swallowed Wes's cum, he clenched his rectal muscles around Mongo's cock. Mongo grunted as he began to shoot his cum into Aaron. Aaron stained to hold Mongo's cum inside him, then Wes turned Aaron over and placed his lips around Aaron's hole. Aaron relaxed and let Mongo's excess cum flow into Wes's mouth.

"I've got to cum too, you guys!" said Jeremy, as Wes finished swallowing Mongo's cum from Aaron's butt.

"Okay then." said Wes. "Aaron, go ahead and pleasure Jeremy's cock for him, but don't swallow his cum."

Aaron knelt in front of Jeremy, and passionately sucked his swollen cock. Jeremy began moaning right away, as he had already been very aroused by what had happened so far. Brian came up behind Jeremy and massaged his shoulders, as Aaron took Jeremy to his orgasm. Within a few minutes, Jeremy was shooting his cum into Aaron's mouth. Aaron held all of it in his mouth as Wes had instructed.

"Okay Brian." said Wes. "If you want Jeremy's cum, it's waiting for you in Aaron's mouth!"

Brian smiled at Jeremy and then Aaron, then placed his lips around Aaron's. Aaron opened his mouth, and let Jeremy's cum flow into Brian's mouth. Brian hungrily took the cum of his lover from Aaron's mouth, and quickly swallowed it. Brian licked the inside of Aaron's mouth clean of Jeremy's cum, then sat back down next to his lover.

"Okay now, did anyone not find that to be extremely pleasurable?" asked Wes. When he got no response, he asked "Do you and Jeremy still love each other Brian?"

Jeremy and Brian looked at each other and smiled, as they both replied, "Oh yes!"

"This is what Orgasmia is about Brian." said Wes. "Can you freely and eagerly embrace this kind of life?"

"If my Jeremy wants to stay here, I'll look forward to every day here!" replied Brian. "At least it won't be boring!"

That made everyone laugh very hard. Before everyone got up to go out for dinner in Aaron's vehicle, Jeremy said, "I'm so glad that you're gay Brian. I've loved you forever."

Brian and Jeremy locked themselves in an embrace, and had to be lead out to the vehicle. Throughout dinner, Brian and Jeremy alternated between kissing and eating. Aaron dropped them and Wes off at Wes's house, then he and Mongo went home to begin putting everything away. Most of it would have to wait for tomorrow though, as Aaron and Mongo needed some love making time that night as well.

The next day, Aaron and Mongo awoke to a very important day. As Aaron and Mongo were about to take a lunch break, Aaron had to answer the doorbell. Aaron opened the door to a very nice looking black man.

The man grabbed Aaron's hand and shook it as he said, "Hi Aaron. My name is Terrence, and I am your contact for the Council of Concerned Citizens. May I come in?"

"Sure Terrence, make yourself comfortable." replied Aaron. "Me and Mongo were just about to have a bite of lunch. Would you like anything?"

"Just a bottle of water will be fine." replied Terrence.

Aaron got the bottle of water for Terrence, then quickly ate the snack that Mongo had made them. After the snack was finished, all three men made themselves comfortable. Mongo sat next to Aaron, and laid his cock in Aaron's lap.

Terrence smiled at the two men, then said, "I guess by now you've realized that we have your first assignment for you. This one will actually keep you fairly busy, and it's what we had in mind for you when we brought you here. We have been keeping an eye on a group of six young men, who are all aged fourteen and fifteen. They are living in a dimension where homosexual acts are punishable by immediate execution without any trial. They are a very close group of friends, and they have just been discovered by the authorities in their dimension. We have to act now, and very quickly. We have an airplane standing by for you at the airport, and you have clothes on board the plane. They are at an airport in their dimension right now, trying to find passage to a mythical island in their dimension, which I'm afraid doesn't exist. We have to get to these boys at their airport before the authorities in their dimension catch them. Here are their pictures." Terrence handed Aaron the pictures of six very cute boys, which Aaron looked at carefully.

"You have to get to the airport immediately Aaron." said Terrence. "These boys lives are in immediate danger. Set your vehicle on emergency mode, and you should be at the airport in about twenty minutes. When you get to their dimension, you will have to be dressed. Go to their charter services area. The boys should be in that area. Then tell them that you'll take them to the island they want to go to, but you have to go now. Once you are in the air again, you can start to explain everything to them. You will have all six young men in your care when you return. Do you have any questions Aaron?"

"Are you sure I can handle this?" asked Aaron nervously.

"We talked to Wes this morning." said Terrence. "He thinks very highly of you, and he thinks you can do this with no problems. Time is very important Aaron, please get started now!"

Aaron kissed Mongo good-bye, and headed to the door with Terrence. As Aaron was getting in his vehicle, Terrence said, "We thought you and Mongo would make a good couple. I guess we were right. Good luck Aaron."

Aaron set the vehicle on emergency mode, and took off. His vehicle's computer cleared all the lights well before Aaron got to them, and had other vehicle's computers keep their vehicles out of Aaron's path. Aaron made it to the airport in fifteen minutes, and went to the main information counter. They immediately guided Aaron to the plane that was waiting for him. Five minutes after arriving at the airport, Aaron was in the air and on his way to one of the most horrible known dimensions. Aaron could tell the instant the plane passed through the dimensional portal, as he could see static outside the plane and he felt a little light headed. Aaron's pilots were the best in Orgasmia though, and they handled the passage between dimensions easily. Aaron thought they might have a problem getting clearance to land in this dimension, but the pilots were ready for any complications. Aaron got dressed, and got ready to find the boys he was sent for. As soon as the plane pulled up to a terminal, Aaron made his way out to the charter services area. He looked around for a group of boys who were trying to get a flight, but didn't see them. Finally he thought he spotted one of the boys standing guard outside a restroom. Aaron cautiously approached the boy, who looked frightened.

"Are you with the group of boys who have been looking for a flight to an island?" asked Aaron.

Aaron didn't look like a cop to the boy, so he whispered, "Yeah mister. Can you help us?"

"I can take you boys in my plane, but you have to get your friends out here so we can go right now." said Aaron. The boy looked at Aaron suspiciously, so Aaron leaned down and whispered very quietly, "You don't have to worry son, I'm gay too. Let's go now."

The boy scurried into the bathroom, and came back out a few seconds later with his friends. Aaron told the boys to follow him, then led them toward his plane. Just as Aaron and the boys were about to board the plane, a cop spotted them on the other side of the crowded terminal.

"Stop those boys!" yelled the cop.

"Get on the plane now!" shouted Aaron. "Run!"

Aaron ran behind the last boy, and slammed the door of the plane shut as he ran on board, "Let's get out of here now!" yelled Aaron to the pilot.

The pilot immediately got the plane moving, and headed toward the runway. The tower refused to give them clearance for take off, but Aaron's pilot wasn't about to let that stop him. He cut off several larger planes, and made his way to the runway. The plane roared as it quickly built up enough power to take off, then began to tear down the runway. Several police vehicles tried to cut the plane off, but the pilot dodged them all, and finally began to lift the plane into the air. Once in the air, the pilot headed toward the portal as fast as he could. Aaron collapsed into a seat, and tried to relax a little. Once the plane had reached it's altitude for the portal, the co pilot came back to the cabin.

"The pilot wanted me to tell you thanks Aaron." chuckled the co pilot. "He loves those close, quick get aways."

Then it was the kids' turn. "I guess your name is Aaron, huh?" said one of the kids. "My name is Butch, and I guess I'm the group's leader. Why would you take the risk that you did back there Aaron. You risked your life to take six gay kids to an island, that for all we know may not even exist!"

"It's time for me to be honest with you and your friends Butch." said Aaron. "The island you want to go to doesn't exist, but I am taking you boys somewhere safe. Me and my plane are from another dimension, and that's where I'm taking you boys. You would all die if you stayed in this dimension any longer. Here comes the portal now. You boys may want to have a seat."

As the plane passed back into Orgasmia, Aaron began to remove his clothes. The boys were a little afraid of the strange man who was talking about dimensions, and stripping naked in front of them.

"What the hell is going on Aaron!" demanded Butch.

"Just relax Butch, and I'll explain everything." replied Aaron. "I'm from a dimension called Orgasmia. We can monitor and travel to other dimensions, including yours. You boys were in grave danger, and we had to come get you to save your lives. Orgasmia is a dimension made up of nothing but gay males, so you boys will be safe and hopefully very happy here. It's even better than that mythological island you wanted to go to. I was assigned to be your first contact and your caretaker when we land in Orgasmia. I will do everything I can to make sure you boys are happy with your new lives."

"You want us to be happy, and you don't even know us , huh?" asked Butch. "You know what would make me happy Aaron? I would be happy enough to believe everything you just told us if you'll suck my dick in front of all my friends here!" Several of the boys giggled at Butch's demand.

"Would that really make you happy Butch, or are you just trying to prove something to your friends?" asked Aaron.

"That would make me really happy Aaron." replied Butch. "It would also make Mister Happy happy too!"

"Then come over here and drop your pants Butch." said Aaron.

Butch stood in front of Aaron and dropped his pants, still not thinking Aaron would do it. Aaron grabbed Butch's hips, and pulled the boy's dick into his mouth. Butch let out a gasp as he felt Aaron's lips on his dick. Aaron sucked gently on Butch's dick, as the boy began to moan softly.

"Oh my God!" exclaimed one of the other boys, as he rubbed his own crotch. "I can't believe he's sucking Butch's dick! I wanna be next!"

"You always wanna be next Cosmo." said the boy Aaron had met outside the bathroom. "If we had gotten caught and taken to the firing squad, you would have said, I wanna be next!"

All of the boys except Butch and Cosmo laughed at that remark. Cosmo looked a little hurt, while Butch looked like he was going to cum soon. Aaron held on to Butch to hold him up, as he began to suck harder on the throbbing dick in his mouth. After another minute, Butch began grunting in short bursts, then began cumming in Aaron's mouth. Aaron sucked on Butch until his cum had completely stopped, then he sat the boy in the seat next to him to relax. Then Aaron turned to the boy named Cosmo, who still looked a little hurt.

"Do you still wanna be next son?" asked Aaron sweetly.

"Really?" asked Cosmo, as his expression perked up some. "You'll suck my dick too Aaron?"

"It'll be a pleasure Cosmo, just come over here and take your pants down." replied Aaron. "In the meantime, the rest of you boys may want to take off everything but your shoes. The only thing anyone in Orgasmia wears are sandals. There are no other clothes, so you might feel a bit overdressed like that."

Aaron turned back around to find that Cosmo already had his pants down, and was eagerly waiting for Aaron to suck his dick. Aaron chuckled very lightly, then took the quivering boy's dick into his mouth.

"Holy shit!" exclaimed Cosmo. "This feels so incredible!"

The more Aaron sucked on Cosmo's dick, the shakier and weaker the boy's legs became. Aaron was completely holding Cosmo up by the time the boy began writhing and twitching in his arms.

"Oh!.. Oh!" gasped Cosmo, as he began cumming in Aaron's mouth.

Aaron drained Cosmo of his cum, the same way he had drained Butch. By the time Cosmo's dick had been emptied of it's cum, he could barely make it to slump in the seat across from Butch. The two boys sat there and smiled at each other. Then the pilot announced that they would be landing soon.

"Why aren't you boys undressed yet?" asked Aaron. "We're almost there!"

The boy from outside the restroom said, "My name is Spike, and I'm taking over for the group, seeing as how you've incapacitated Butch. I think we'll just keep our clothes on for now. For all we know, you may just want to parade us around naked, like some kind of trophy. Is that what this was Aaron, a trophy hunt?"

Aaron had never met a group of boys who were as cynical as these boys. But then again, they could have been immediately executed for being gay, so that might make one cynical.

"Spike, I promise that you boys are not a trophy." said Aaron. "We need to bring people like you and me here to Orgasmia. It's the only way that we can keep our population levels level. I know you're having a hard time believing me, but I haven't lied to you yet, and I'm not about to start. When we land you'll see that I'm telling you the truth."

Aaron had the boys take a seat and buckle up for the landing. Once the plane was on the ground, it taxied to the terminal. As Aaron led the boys to the door, the pilot came to meet him.

"It was a real pleasure, and a heck of a lot of fun to fly with you Aaron!" said the pilot. "Maybe we can do it again sometime."

Aaron and the pilot chuckled as Aaron shook his hand. Then Aaron led the boys out into the terminal. The terminal in Orgasmia was much nicer looking than anything the boys had ever seen in their dimension, and not one person there out of the hundreds they could see were wearing any clothes. The boys immediately felt out of place, and scurried off into a corner to hide in. Aaron waited for them to come back out, and when they did they were also naked.

"I'm sorry we didn't believe you Aaron." said Spike. "We'll try to remember that we're not in Bum Fuck Egypt anymore."

"That's okay boys, I don't blame you for being skeptical." said Aaron. "When I first got here, I thought I had died!"

"Well, I guess I should introduce you to the three guys you haven't had a chance to meet yet, seeing as how it looks like we'll be here for a while." said Spike. "We have Spaz, Twinkie, and Shortstuff."

Suddenly, it struck Aaron. "Everything in your dimension is named after slang or a nickname, isn't it?" asked Aaron.

"I don't know." replied Spike. "I don't have any idea what those things you mentioned are."

"That's okay, it's not important anymore Spike." said Aaron. "Let's go on home now boys."

Aaron led the boys on out to his vehicle, and started toward home. Mongo was going to be in for quite a treat when he met these boys, and he was sure the boys would be amazed by his mate too.

Okay, before anyone thinks that the thought of a boy being executed by a firing squad for being gay sounds silly, there are places that exist in this world where that could happen. I guess Aaron has his hands full now, huh? Please send all comments to: Thanks, and I'll see you again in Chapter 7.