by tim the story guy

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by tim

Chapter 7

The boys were in too much of a state of shock to say anything from the airport to Aaron's house, and Aaron thought it was best to let things try to sink in before he started explaining again. Aaron pulled into his driveway, and noticed Mongo looking out the window. Aaron smiled as he herded the boys out of the vehicle, and to the house. Aaron scanned his finger at the door, and stepped in with six nervous boys following him.

"Hi babe, I'm home!" Aaron said to Mongo. "It's so sweet that you were worried about me. Mongo, I'd like you to meet Butch, Spike, Cosmo, Spaz, Twinkie, and Shortstuff. Boys, this is my mate, Mongo."

The boys were naturally staring directly at Mongo's twenty inch penis, which Mongo began displaying proudly to them.

"Holy shit!" exclaimed Spike. "That's the largest cock I've ever seen in my life!"

"Yeah." said Butch. "We use to hear stories about a guy who disappeared one time that had a cock that large, but we always thought it was just a myth! I guess it really might have been true."

"The stories were true boys." said Mongo. "I was the guy who disappeared from your dimension five years ago."

As soon as Mongo sat in the middle of the sofa, he was surrounded by the six boys. Two boys squeezed in on each side of him, and the other two sat on the table in front of him. Aaron chuckled as he settled for the lounge chair, and watched the boys admire and pet Mongo's cock. After a few minutes, Butch noticed that Aaron was the only one sitting alone.

"Hey Shortstuff, why don't you go sit on Aaron's lap?" asked Butch. "We don't want him to think we're ungrateful!"

Shortstuff, who was the smallest of the boys, went over and jumped up into Aaron's lap. Aaron smiled as he began stroking the boy's soft hair. After a few more minutes, Aaron cleared his throat.

"Okay boys, I want to go over everything one more time, now that you know I was telling you the truth on the plane." said Aaron. "There are hundreds of different dimensions that exist along side each other. The dimension that I've brought you to is called Orgasmia. Orgasmia can track and visit most of the known dimensions, including the one that you and my mate come from. Your dimension is based on the premise that homosexuality is a criminal act, punishable by immediate execution. If I hadn't been sent to get you boys when I did, you all would have most likely been executed by now. Life in Orgasmia is based on the pleasure that only a man can give another man. There are no women in Orgasmia, so clothes have been deemed unnecessary."

"If there aren't any women, how do you keep your civilization from dying out?" asked Spike. "Has everyone here been kidnapped from somewhere else?"

"It's not a matter of us kidnapping you boys." said Aaron. "You don't have to stay here if you don't want to, but you will eventually end up being killed if you return home. We rescue males from other dimensions who are treated badly because of their sexual orientation."

"So we really don't have much choice if we want to live?" asked Cosmo.

"I'm afraid that would be pretty accurate Cosmo." replied Aaron. "If you go back, you have nothing to look forward to except your eventual execution. I shudder to think of boys as sweet as you are, being placed in front of a firing squad and torn to pieces for something you have no control over. I would love for all six of you to decide you want to stay here, so I can care for you and watch you grow into being happy young men. The dimension I came from wasn't nearly as horrible as yours, and I didn't have much trouble deciding that I wanted to stay here for the rest of my life. That decision is yours though, and I don't even want you to decide right now. I want you to think about it first. While you are thinking about it, remember that if you do stay here all of your wants, needs, and desires will be taken care of for you."

"So, whatever we decide, it will be forever?" asked Twinkie.

"Yes son, your decision will be for the rest of your life." replied Aaron. "But your life will be much happier and longer here in Orgasmia."

"Why is this place called Orgasmia?" asked Spaz. "Were all the other names taken or something?" That question got a laugh from all the boys, and a chuckle from the adults.

"Orgasmia's name was inspired by the most important aspect of our lives here, sexual pleasure" replied Aaron. "You boys will find that out soon enough though."

"I knew it!" said Spike. "That means that we are going to become sex toys for the men here, right?"

"I'm afraid not Spike." replied Aaron. "As younger citizens you have an absolute right not to have older citizens making sexual advances toward you, and I've never seen that right violated yet. If you do make sexual advances toward an older citizen, we have special considerations for the older citizen to follow while having sex with you. I promise that you will never be made to feel like a sex toy. This will all be explained further to you if you decide to stay with us. Are there any other questions?"

"Yeah." said Shortstuff, as he looked up at Aaron. "I'm staved! When is supper around here?"

"Did you do anything about that while I was gone Mongo?" chuckled Aaron.

"I didn't know what to expect, so I thought we would go out tonight." replied Mongo.

Aaron and Mongo then herded the boys out to the vehicle, and went to a nice restaurant in the entertainment district. The boys were awed as they looked out the window, especially when they passed by the amusement park. None of them even knew the concept of amusement parks and rides, and Aaron promised to fix that if they stayed. Aaron, Mongo, and the boys had a very good dinner. Even the food here tasted better to the boys.

"Are you sure that no one is trying to influence our decision Aaron?" asked Butch.

Aaron smiled at the boy and said, "I didn't say we wouldn't try to influence you a little, but the decision is still yours. We're just showing you what we have to offer if you stay here."

"Hmmm." replied Butch. "Let's see what you have to offer. So far we've seen sights that we've never even dreamt of, some of which looks incredibly fun. Everything is better here, right down to the food. And you're giving us someone who will care for us in an environment were we are encouraged to be who we are, when back where we came from our own families were probably the ones who turned us in. I'd say your trying to influence us big time!" All of the boys began to snicker or giggle at Butch's comments.

Aaron reached out and took ahold of Butch's hand, and looked into his eyes as he said, "That may be so Butch, but it's only because you boys deserve much better than what you were getting before. You deserve a chance to live and be happy, like all boys are suppose to be. If your families are the ones who turned you in, they don't deserve to have wonderful boys like you. Mongo and I would be proud to be your family now. If you boys stay with us, I guarantee you will stop even thinking about where you came from."

Once dinner was over, Aaron and Mongo took the boys home. Aaron answered even more questions from all of the boys when they got home, but the tone of the questions was changing. The boys now seemed interested in what they would experience if they stayed, and Aaron and Mongo answered their questions completely. Finally it was time to decide room assignments. Butch volunteered right away to share a room with Cosmo, and Spike's maternal instincts took over as he wanted Shortstuff with him. That left Spaz and Twinkie to share a room together.

As soon as the boys were alone together in their rooms, Cosmo asked Butch, "Do you realize that we're free to do things now that we've mostly had to settle with just thinking about before?"

"I hope you're talking about what I think you are Cosmo." replied Butch. "That's why I wanted you to be with me. I've always had my eye on you more than our other friends. When I saw the look on your face on that plane, when you were getting ready to cum, I knew I wanted to be with you someday. Will you have sex with me tonight Cosmo?"

Cosmo laid down on the bed with Butch and said, "I can't think of anything right now that would be more fun, especially since we don't even have to try to hide what we're doing. I'd love to have sex with you Butch, and the wilder, the better!"

All of the boys had the same idea that night, although they approached it differently. Butch and Cosmo were loud and wild that night, and both boys had more fun than they'd ever had before. Spike on the other hand was very gentle as he had sex with Shortstuff. Their sex was very subdued and romantic, and both boys enjoyed it tremendously. Once Spaz and Twinkie got started, they didn't want to stop. The two boys tried every position that they'd ever heard about, and a few that they were sure they had made up. Whenever they would approach their orgasm, they would stop to let it die back down, then do something different. Spaz and Twinkie ended up having sex together well into the night before they would finally allow themselves to cum.

As Aaron and Mongo made love that night, they could hear the sounds of young sex coming from upstairs. This made both guys incredibly horny toward each other. After trying several positions, Aaron came up with a new idea for them. Aaron knelt between Mongo's legs and prepared his cock to go inside his lover. Mongo sighed contentedly as Aaron pushed his cock into Mongo. Once Aaron was as deeply into Mongo as he could get. He guided the end of Mongo's cock into his mouth. As Aaron thrust in and out of Mongo passionately, he pleasured Mongo's cock with equal passion. Mongo looked up at his lover and smiled as he moaned softly. Aaron was doing the most incredible things to him right now, but then again, making love to Aaron always seemed incredible. Aaron was the first man Mongo ever met who could satisfy him in every way imaginable, and Aaron gave Mongo the most pleasurable feelings he had ever felt.

Aaron sucked hungrily on Mongo's cock, as he continued to drive his cock in and out of his lover. As Aaron approached his orgasm, he became even more passionate and forceful. Mongo was moaning loudly as Aaron began shooting his cum into Mongo. Mongo then began cumming into Aaron's mouth. Aaron swallowed normally, which allowed quite a bit of Mongo's cum to run down his chin and chest, and back onto Mongo. Once Mongo's orgasm was over, the two men gently licked each other clean of Mongo's cum. Then they fell asleep in each other's strong arms.

In the morning Aaron began his duties of taking care of six boys, as well as his mate. As he prepared breakfast for everyone, he tried to multiply everything he was use to doing by eight. Aaron felt that way he was sure to make enough for everyone. Mongo was scheduled to go back to work today as his mandatory one month vacation came to an end. It would be five months now before his next one month vacation, so he would have to get use to not being with Aaron in the daytime during his four day work week.

As Mongo came in and set the breakfast table for Aaron, he said, "I think on my next day off I'm going to get a car and go back to driving again. The bus ride to work is going to be twice what it was before, and that's after I walk downtown. That means I'll have to strap my cock to my leg while I drive, but I've done that before."

"Well dear, if you still have your cock strap why don't you drive my vehicle today?" asked Aaron. "If me and the boys go anywhere, it'll probably just be downtown. Then you can get home early enough that we can get you a car tonight."

"That's an excellent idea my love, as long as you're sure you won't need the vehicle." replied Mongo.

"I'm sure babe." replied Aaron with a smile.

At that time, the boys began coming into the room. The first to arrive was Butch and Cosmo with their arms around each other. "Something sure smells good this morning!" said Butch.

Aaron turned and smiled at the two young lovers, then asked, "Are the other boys awake yet?"

Butch gave Cosmo a quick kiss on the lips, then replied, "Yeah, but we practically had to drag Spaz and Twinkie out of bed. I think they were up half the night having sex!"

Aaron went over and gave each boy a kiss on the forehead and said, "Well then, you young lovers have a seat at the table. Breakfast will be ready soon."

Butch and Cosmo had a seat next to Mongo, then gave each other a passionate kiss. Mongo smiled as he watched the two boys, who were obviously in love now. The other boys then came in, and found seats at the table.

Mongo turned to Butch and Cosmo and said, "You boys are so lucky right now. You don't have to worry anymore about expressing your love for each other, or giving pleasure to each other. I remember how rough it was for me at your age. I knew I was different too, and I was petrified that I would be found out and put in front of the firing squad. I was so lucky to make it out of that hell we came from alive."

"We were lucky to make it out too, I guess." said Spike. "Aaron got us just as the cops showed up looking for us. If it hadn't been for him, we'd all be dead now. We'll never be able to thank him enough for the risk he took for us. It was a really close escape, and he could have been killed trying to help us."

"We all talked it over this morning." said Butch. "We decided that not only do we want to stay, but we want you and Aaron to be our dads."

"We would love that very much!" said Aaron, as he started putting breakfast on the table. "As soon as breakfast is over, we'll all take a walk downtown if you're sure you want to stay."

"There's no where else we'd rather be right now." replied Spike.

After Aaron, Mongo, and the boys enjoyed a good breakfast, Mongo gave Aaron a passionate kiss in front of the boys. Then he got his cock strap and and left for work. After Aaron put all of the dishes in the dishwasher, he went to each boy and asked them if they wanted to stay in Orgasmia for the rest of their lives. When each boy answered yes, Aaron gave the boy a hug and kiss on the forehead. Then Aaron gathered the boys together to take them downtown so they could become Orgasmia's newest citizens. When Aaron and the boys entered the Citizens Services Building, they were immediately greeted by Brett.

"Oh my!" exclaimed Brett jokingly. "We're being invaded! We give up Aaron!" Then Brett laughed as he said, "It's good to see you again so soon Aaron."

Aaron gave Brett a friendly hug and replied, "It's good to see you too my friend. I have six young men this morning who would like to become citizens."

"Okay Aaron, you know where to take them first." replied Brett. "Terrence had a feeling you would be here this morning. He said he would meet you while the doctors take a look at the boys."

Aaron took the boys on up to the second floor as soon as Brett had made temporary ID's for them, then checked them in with medical services. Shortly after all the boys were taken back to the examination rooms, Terrence appeared.

"Hi Aaron, I'm glad to see you made it in and out okay." said Terrence. "Plus you got the boys too. That makes the council very happy. I heard from the pilot that it was kind of close."

"Let's just say I've never had quite that much excitement in my life before!" chuckled Aaron.

"Well, I knew I was right about you all along Aaron." said Terrence. "I knew you would be the only one who would remain calm enough to get the boys and get out of there alive. I'm so glad you proved me right Aaron."

"Me too my friend." replied Aaron, as he gave Terrence a friendly hug.

"So, will you and Mongo have any problems caring for all six boys until they're old enough to be on their own?" asked Terrence.

"This is the perfect situation for us Terrence." replied Aaron. "I think we will do great!"

Terrence and Aaron continued to talk while the boys were being examined, and got to know each other much better. Terrence told Aaron not to be afraid to ask for anything, that he had a lot of pull with the council. One by one, the boys started coming back out, until the doctors had finished with all six of them. Then the doctor in charge wanted to speak to Aaron.

"I have a nutritional program for all of the boys here." said the doctor. "They mostly need all the same supplements, but there are a few differences for each boy. There are three boys who will need medications to clear up untreated medical conditions from their old dimension. There's nothing too serious though, and it should be cleared up easily. Just get this list of supplements and medications for them."

"Thanks doctor, I'll take care of it right away." replied Aaron.

The next stop after saying good-bye to Terrence was educational services, to take care of the boys educational needs. The nearest school was only about six blocks from their house, and the boys would have a few days to adjust to their new lives before starting. Then Aaron and the boys stopped by housing services to get the boys fingerprints keyed into their new home. Then Aaron took the boys to the cafeteria for lunch, before heading up to the third floor.

"I just want to let you boys know what will be happening next, so you don't freak out about it." said Aaron. "Next is orientation, where you will be learning all about the history and customs of Orgasmia. This part will include training in freely expressing pleasure with others."

"Do you mean we get to have sex as a part of the class?" asked Spaz, with an impish smile on his face.

"Yes, although you will only be required to pleasure other younger citizens." replied Aaron. "I don't know if you boys will be the only younger citizens or not, but the class is only made up of nine people. If there are older citizens there, you can pleasure them if you desire to. That is completely up to you though, and it will not be asked of you."

"Will we be able to choose who we want to have sex with?" asked Butch anxiously.

"The orientation counselor usually picks your partner for you, so he'll know that you can freely express pleasure to others." replied Aaron. "That isn't a problem is it?"

"I just think we should be able to choose our partner." said Butch. "That's not unreasonable, is it?"

"Could you come with me for a moment Butch?" asked Aaron. Aaron led the boy away from the cafeteria table so the others wouldn't hear them, then asked, "You're in love with Cosmo, aren't you Butch?"

"I guess I am." replied Butch. "When we started on the run, we were all just six friends. The more we were together though, the more that changed. I really don't want to make love to anyone but Cosmo now."

"You're really thinking of this the wrong way though Butch." said Aaron. "What you do today will be pleasure, not making love. Did it feel good yesterday when I sucked you to an orgasm on the plane?"

Butch smiled bashfully and replied, "Yeah, it did feel pretty good."

"That's because I wanted you and Cosmo both to feel good." said Aaron. "It doesn't mean that I've fallen in love with either of you. I love Mongo very much, and he loves me just as much. When me and Mongo make love, it goes far beyond pleasure. You don't see me being upset because you boys were admiring and caressing his cock last night, do you? That's because I know Mongo was getting a lot of pleasure from the attention you boys were paying him, and I want Mongo to feel as much pleasure as he can. That's how much I love him, and he would enjoy seeing me feeling pleasure too. Have you told Cosmo exactly how you feel about him?"

"A little bit." replied Butch.

"Talk to him before the class then, and tell him exactly how you feel." said Aaron. "I guarantee if he feels the same way, you guys won't have any problem today no matter who you give pleasure to. That's how we can tell when the love between two people is real here in Orgasmia. They don't feel this way in other dimensions, and that's what leads to so many problems in relationships. People can go for years thinking that they're in love, when all they ever really felt was pleasure. Other dimensions cannot distinguish between love and pleasure like we can. They will thoroughly explain the difference to you today though, so listen really carefully in class."

"Thanks Aaron, that really helped a lot." said Butch. "I'm gonna go out there and tell Cosmo exactly how much I love him!"

Aaron smiled and rubbed Butch on the head as he said, "That's great Butch, and I hope you two boys live a long and pleasurably happy life together."

By the time Aaron and Butch returned, it was time to head up to the third floor. Butch and Cosmo stayed a little behind the group, so Aaron couldn't tell what they were saying. When the two boys got to the elevator though, they were hugging and kissing quite a bit. Aaron assumed things went very well between the two boys. Aaron left the boys at the third floor, then went to get the things the doctor had ordered for them while they were busy. Then Aaron called Mongo at work, and found out his lover would be getting through at work at the same time the boys class would end. Aaron agreed to wait with the boys for Mongo to pick them up, then they would go see about getting Mongo a car. After taking his time running errands, Aaron went back to the Citizens Services Building.

"Hi Aaron!" said Brett. "You may have to wait a little bit for the boys. Their class seems to be running a little long."

"Is there a problem?" Aaron asked nervously.

"Oh no!" replied Brett. "There's no problem at all. From what I hear, they're having the most fun of any orientation class we've had in a long time. Stefan will probably want to personally thank you!"

"Oh no!" chuckled Aaron. "I'll have to hear this story from those six horny little sex demons I brought in!"

Aaron and Brett both shared a good laugh before Aaron made his way to the third floor to wait for the boys. About fifteen minutes after the class was suppose to be over, all six boys came out to the waiting room giggling and laughing. They were followed by a very satisfied looking Stefan.

"I want to thank the person responsible for those six lovely boys being here today." said Stefan as he shook Aaron's hand. "I have to add that I'm a little envious of you for being assigned to be in charge of them. I would trade places with you in an instant if I could!"

"So, you think they'll make fine citizens then?" snickered Aaron.

"Those boys are exactly why we're here!" exclaimed Stefan. "You take good care of them Aaron, and if they get to be too much for you and your mate just give me a call. I'll lend a hand any way that I can!"

Aaron thanked Stefan with a warm hug, then herded the boys toward the elevator. Aaron and the boys stepped out of the building at the same time as Mongo pulled up. After Aaron and the boys had piled into the vehicle, they were off to pick up a car for Mongo. Once Mongo had picked out the car he wanted, everyone headed home.

As soon as they were in the house, the boys asked Mongo to start making supper while they did something special for Aaron. The boys prepared the couch, then had Aaron lay on his back with his butt sticking just over the end of the couch. Once the boys had Aaron hold his legs up in the air, they went to work on him.

"Are you sure all of you boys want to do this?" Aaron asked breathlessly.

All six boys answered yes at once. Then Aaron felt a tongue licking his pucker, a mouth caressing and sucking his balls, another mouth pleasuring his cock, a pair of lips sucking on each nipple, and Spike's lips pressed gently against his own. Once Mongo had dinner started, he came out to see why Aaron was moaning in so much ecstasy. Mongo saw Spaz at Aaron's butt, Cosmo sucking his balls, Butch pleasuring his cock, Shortstuff and Twinkie sucking his nipples, and Spike kissing him gently.

"Oh my God!" said Mongo, as his breathing became a little heavier. "If Aaron isn't enjoying that, it's because he's dead!"

Mongo sat in the chair across from the hottest scene he had ever seen before, and his cock began to stiffen. Spike looked over and saw Mongo sitting in the chair and watching them.

"Shortstuff, Twinkie, go pleasure Mongo's cock!" said Spike.

Before Mongo knew what was happening, Twinkie had taken the head of his cock into his mouth and Shortstuff was passionately licking the shaft. After a few minutes, Shortstuff looked up at Mongo and showed his teeth. Mongo nodded at the boy in anticipation. Shortstuff began biting and chewing at Mongo's shaft, but not hard enough to leave any marks. Mongo moaned at the pleasure of having his cock worked on by these two boys.

"Oh God!" panted Aaron into Spike's mouth. "I'm going to cum!"

Once Aaron began to cum, Butch and Cosmo shared the creamy fluid between them. Aaron had a large orgasm because he had not yet cum that day, and Butch and Cosmo took turns sucking the cum from his cock. When Aaron's orgasm was over, the boys stroked his body as they watched their two friends work on Mongo.

"Oh God, I'm about to cum!" moaned Mongo. "All of you boys better get over here now. It's going to take all of you to handle my orgasm!"

Shortstuff stopped his biting to move his lips close to the head of Mongo's cock, so he could take over for Twinkie.

"I'm not kidding!" moaned Mongo. "All of you boys might want to get your lips on my cock so you can take over for the one ahead of you!"

"He's not kidding." moaned Aaron. "He can easily pump out a half liter of cum, or more!"

The boys began lining their lips up on Mongo's cock as Mongo began shooting. Twinkie's mouth was immediately filled with cum, followed almost as quickly by Shortstuff. Then Spike moved up to take a mouth load of Mongo's cum, followed by Spaz, Cosmo, and Butch. When Spike saw that Mongo was going to fill Butch's mouth too, he moved in to get some more of Mongo's cum. The first mouthful had tasted very good to Spike, and he looked forward to getting some more of it. Mongo's orgasm was beginning to fade by the time Spike got his second turn, but there was enough left to fill the boy's mouth again. Then Spike went over to sit next to Aaron on the sofa.

Aaron put his arm around Spike and said, "You like Mongo's cum don't you?"

"It tastes really good!" replied Spike after swallowing the last of Mongo's cum.

"You know you boys didn't have to do this, right?" asked Aaron.

"We know." said Spike. "We wanted to give you two some pleasure to thank you for saving our lives. It's not like we felt we owed it to you though, we just wanted to do it."

As Mongo got up to finish making dinner, Aaron kissed Spike gently on the lips and said, "Thank you Spike, and thank your friends for me too."

After everyone ate the dinner Mongo prepared, which was great, they spent the evening talking, and hooking up computers in the boys rooms. Now that the sexual tension was out of the way, everyone spent the evening bonding as a new family. The boys did tell Aaron about their adventures in orientation, and Aaron couldn't wait to share the story with Mongo that night.

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