by tim the story guy

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by tim

Chapter 8

As Aaron and Mongo laid in bed that night, Aaron said, "It seems as though their orientation today was one for the record books. Stefan asked Spike to lay on his back on the table, then he had Spaz put his cock inside Spike. Then Cosmo asked if he could let Spike suck him. Just before Spike took Cosmo's cock into his mouth, he asked Stefan to pleasure his cock. That's when Stefan lost control of the orientation. As Stefan leaned down to suck Spike's cock, Butch came up and kneeled in front of Stefan. As Butch started pleasuring Stefan's cock, the only other boy in the class that wasn't one of ours came up and started sucking Butch's cock. Then Twinkie came up behind Stefan and put his cock inside him. By this time the two men in the class couldn't take any more, so they got up on their desks in a sixty-nine. Shortstuff was the only one not doing anything, so he climbed up on top of the two men doing the sixty-nine and put his cock into the top man. The man started bouncing Shortstuff up and down on his butt, so he could feel Shortstuff's cock going in and out of him while his friend sucked him.

From there the boys get kind of fuzzy about who did what with who. All of the boys ended up cumming three times each, and lucky Stefan got to cum six times. Every one of our boys ended up making Stefan cum for them. By the way, Spaz and Twinkie want to invite the other boy named Kenji over sometime. I told them that it would be fine."

"It sounds like you got them out of their dimension just in time!" laughed Mongo. "It sounds like their hormones were ready to explode all over the place!"

"I hope they mellow out a little bit." chuckled Aaron. "If not, we'll be raising the horniest young men this place has ever seen!"

Then Aaron and Mongo spent the next thirty minutes making passionate and erotic love. As they were falling asleep in each other's arms, Aaron and Mongo smiled at the sounds of the boys upstairs, pleasuring each other into the night.

The next day Aaron wanted to show the boys around Orgasmia while Mongo was at work, and the boys wanted to go to the place Aaron had called an amusement park. Aaron wanted to wait for Mongo's next day off, but Mongo told him to go ahead and take them. He had already been there a few times, and all of the motion didn't feel that good on his cock. Aaron and the boys had a blast that day. The rides and entertainment they had in Orgasmia were nothing like Aaron had ever experienced in his dimension, and the boys had never experienced that type of thing at all.

Butch, Spike, and Cosmo's favorite ride was the reason the park seemed so incredibly large to Aaron. It was a coaster ride that launched itself at such a high velocity that each car had to be covered by an aircraft type canopy. The ride ran the entire length and across the back side of the park, and ran on a magnetic track with levitated trains. Aaron thought the ride attendant was joking with him when he told Aaron that the ride reached a speed of 400 miles per hour, but by the time it was over Aaron had learned not to doubt anything he was told. After that ride, Aaron decided he liked the simulation rides there better. Shortstuff and Twinkie liked anything that spun them around wildly. The more different directions they were spun at once, the more they tended to like it. Aaron wisely passed on a few of those, as some of them looked as though they were designed by the Marquis de Sade. Shortstuff and Twinkie though were laughing maniacally as they could barely sit upright to eat lunch. After lunch Spaz discovered his favorite ride. A small twelve seat coaster style car was lifted to the top of a six hundred foot tower on a small section of track. Once at the top, the track and car rotated around and then pivoted down to join the rest of the track. Then the brakes would release and the car would careen downward into an underground tunnel. Spaz liked the huge drop so much that it caused him to have an erection without touching himself.

As they got off the ride, Aaron reached down and took ahold of Spaz's cock and laughed as he said, "I take it someone really liked that!"

"Let's do it again!" exclaimed Spaz, with a glazed look in his eyes.

As they waited in line again, Twinkie helped relieve Spaz's earlier condition. No one said anything as Twinkie hungrily sucked Spaz's cock as they waited. Aaron and the boys had a great time until it was time to leave, so they could get home at the same time as Mongo.

Showing the boys around would have to wait for tomorrow now. Aaron had to take them to the mall tomorrow anyway, to see if the boys could find anything there that they wanted. Tonight Aaron wanted to take everyone out to dinner again, and then he wanted to go to the stadium. Aaron had found out that baseball had been imported from his dimension, and there was a game tonight at the stadium. From what Aaron was told the rules were a bit different, in order to protect the players uncovered genitals. The only protective equipment that was used was protective padding for the catcher, and a helmet for batting. Aaron was looking forward to seeing the game played here though.

Dinner was great as usual, with the boys playing around with each other during the meal. They did have a good example in Aaron and Mongo though, who acted like they couldn't wait to make love later on. All through dinner the boys would take turns playing with each other's cock while they ate. Aaron and Mongo smile as they realized the boys were having a great time.

After dinner was over, everyone headed over to the stadium. The baseball game was actually very interesting, and Aaron liked it better than the way the game was played where he was from. Finally though, the very exciting day came to an end.

That night Aaron once again begged Mongo to put his cock as deeply inside him as it would go. Mongo kept a very close eye on his lover as they made love, but as long as Aaron didn't show any signs of pain, Mongo loved being able to sink all of his cock into Aaron. The feelings were so intense and pleasurable for Aaron that he made love by pure instinct. Mongo was definitely enjoying that, especially when Aaron lightly nibbled on Mongo's tongue while it was in his mouth.

While Aaron and Mongo were in the middle of making love, Butch walked into their room. He'd had a question that he wanted to ask, but when he saw that all of Mongo's cock was completely inside Aaron, he forgot everything else. Butch stared in amazement at how Aaron could take such a huge cock inside him so well, and before long all of the boys were watching Mongo make love to Aaron. By the time Mongo had cum inside Aaron, Butch could no longer remember what he wanted to ask. All of the boys paired off and quickly went back upstairs.

Butch began to passionately make love to Cosmo, but before too long Cosmo was begging Butch to let loose and make love to him wildly. Butch began thrusting his cock harder and faster in and out of Cosmo, as Cosmo smiled from the pleasure he was feeling. After Butch had cum inside Cosmo, he rested gently on top of his lover.

"I'm so glad we got out of our dimension when we did Butch." said Cosmo softly. "With the way I feel about you, we would have been caught and executed for sure."

Butch smiled as he replied, "I'd much rather make love to you than face a firing squad, but if we did go like that, I would want it to be in your arms."

After Cosmo made love to Butch, the two boys kissed and cuddled as they listened to their friends having sex in the other rooms.

The next day Aaron and the boys once again had fun. The mall here was nicer than anything Aaron had ever seen before, and offered every type of service and goods imaginable. First the boys all got their hair trimmed and got new sandals, then they looked over things to get to entertain themselves. Aaron had to explain what some things were, but there were some that he had to ask about himself. Aaron and the boys had so much fun that day at the mall that the boys were starting to forget some of the horrors of the dimension they had come from. Aaron hoped that in time their old lives would become such a distant memory that they would no longer be able to remember.

That evening Aaron invited Wes and Bobby over for dinner, and an evening of friendship. Bobby said he would stay, but Wes had an assignment that evening so he had to leave after dinner. Wes did enjoy meeting Aaron's boys though, and commented that Aaron was a very lucky man.

A little while later in another dimension, a man was waiting at a bus stop that had never existed before tonight. He had been waiting for this moment for several weeks, as he now looked forward to completing his assignment. In this dimension, technology had been advanced much faster than what should have been normal, due to the crash of an alien spacecraft on the planet twenty years earlier. Nano technology and inter-planetary communication had quickly become commonplace, and they had discovered ways of monitoring other dimensions as well. They still couldn't travel between dimensions though, as the aliens didn't have any expertise in that area.

There was one other very important fact about this dimension. Those in charge in this dimension were very conservative, and very religious. They felt that the rapid advancement of their civilization was an order from God to play God themselves. They had adapted the nano technology they had learned from the aliens to alter the human mind. Anyone convicted of a crime here was injected with nanites that attacked their brain, and drastically altered their behavior. Once this had proven successful with criminals, they adapted it to use on anyone who they felt committed any type of sin. In this dimension, homosexuality was one of the worst sins that could be committed. Millions of people had been cleansed of that sin through nanites. The discovery of biological markers that identified homosexuality in unborn children should have proven to them that it was a biological condition, and not a sin. That was not the case however. They saw that as God's way of identifying future sinners so they could be terminated before being born.

Now those in this dimension were appalled by the discovery of an alternate dimension in which homosexuality was embraced and celebrated. They knew they couldn't go there, but what if they could lure the other dimension called Orgasmia into coming here? A candidate was picked for the assignment, and set up as being an undiscovered gay male. This candidate was also surgically altered so that his body could produce and inject nanites into another person that would suppress their homosexuality. They felt that God had charged them with this mission, and failure to complete it would doom their society.

Robert Prescot was that candidate, and now he waited anxiously at the bus stop that had miraculously appeared from nowhere. They couldn't have picked a better person for this assignment, as Robert had been brainwashed by this dimension's theological/political dogma from an early age. Now he just hoped that this plan would work, because he had allowed himself to be turned into a freak to complete this mission. Robert grinned evilly as he saw the headlights of a bus approaching him, then donned a look of despair as the bus came to a stop in front of him.

It would be really sadistic of me to stop here, wouldn't it? heh-heh. Please don't hurt me, I was just kidding.

As the bus stopped in front of Robert, he glumly climbed aboard. He was acting like he was so depressed that he didn't even notice anything unusual. Robert was proud of his performance, as the bus driver seemed to be completely fooled by him. At the next stop a naked man got on the bus, and came back to sit next to Robert.

"Hi, my name is Wes." said Wes. "Do you mind if I sit here?"

"What's going on here?!" asked Robert, as he feigned a shocked expression. "Why are you naked? Where am I? I don't understand what's happening!"

"You're okay Robert." replied Wes. "You're amongst friends now. I come from a dimension called Orgasmia, and that's where you're at right now. You were in terrible danger in the dimension that you're from, so we brought you here."

"Do you mean that I'm in another dimension?" asked Robert, as he continued his act.

"Yes Robert." replied Wes. "In our dimension we can travel to other dimensions, to rescue men who need our help."

"Well, I do need help." replied Robert. "In my dimension they don't allow homosexuality. If I had been caught they would have altered my mind and body to eliminate my gay behavior."

"Yes, we know that." said Wes. "That's why we brought you here, where you can be safe and happy."

Robert was very happy now too. All of the things he had done that disgusted himself at times were now paying off. He'd even had to learn how to have sex with other men, with the help of his government's secret police, in order to carry out this mission. These people here didn't seem to know anything except what Robert's government wanted them to know. They really thought Robert was gay now, and in terrible danger. "This is going to be easier than I thought, except having sex with other men here." thought Robert to himself.

Robert and Wes continued to talk as the bus headed downtown. It took all of Robert's training to keep from losing his temper as Wes tried to arouse Robert. Robert remembered his training though, and remembered that he had to convince these people that he was gay. As Wes continued trying to arouse Robert, Robert visualized being with the most attractive woman he could think of. When Wes noticed that Robert was finally getting an erection, he opened Robert's pants for him. Then Wes leaned down and licked at Robert's cock. Robert's first instinct was to be repulsed, but he fought back that reaction and asked Wes to suck his cock. Robert knew that he would have to let men have sex with him, and he would have to do these things with other men too. Fortunately he had been well trained before the mission. Robert's training was the first time his government had endorsed and even encouraged homosexual acts. Robert was now ready to use that training to convince his hosts that he was gay, then when the time was right, he would begin to carry out his mission. The complete eradication of homosexuality in this dimension!

As Wes continued to suck Robert's cock, Robert imagined himself in an orgy with a dozen beautiful women. Robert couldn't wait to inject this Wes person with the nanites that would alter his mind and control his being, but it wasn't time yet. This Wes person was personally making Robert sick. "How could this man enjoy sucking my cock so much?!" thought Robert to himself. "I'm going to have to force myself to cum in his mouth, and he's probably going to love it!" Robert didn't even want to think about how he was going to have to eagerly suck Wes's cock after he had cum.

Wes felt Robert's cock throb in his mouth, and began sucking even harder and with passion. Wes couldn't wait until he had completely pleasured Robert to the point of cumming, as Robert gently stroked the back of Wes's head. When Wes heard Robert begin to breathe heavily, Wes sucked on Robert's throbbing cock as hard as he could.

"Oh God, I'm going to cum now for you Wes!" gasped Robert.

Wes swallowed hungrily as Robert's cock spasmed and shot into his mouth. Wes savored every drop of cum that Robert's cock could produce. When Robert's orgasm subsided, Wes gently nursed his cock until it had become flaccid again. When Wes leaned back up he placed his lips against Robert's, smearing some of Robert's cum on his own lips. After a few moments, Robert broke the kiss. Then he leaned down and put his lips near Wes's cock.

"I have to have your hot cock, throbbing in my mouth now!" lied Robert convincingly.

This was the part of the mission that Robert was least looking forward to, but he acted like he was eager to suck Wes's cock. Robert had been trained by some of the most talented women in his dimension at the art of sucking a man's cock, and now he was putting that training to use. Within moments, Robert had Wes squirming and moaning in his seat. Wes mistook Robert's training as a sign that Robert truly enjoyed giving pleasure to a man's cock. When Wes's cock began to throb more intensely, Robert readied himself for the disgusting taste of a man's cum in his mouth. Robert visualized the most enticing delicacy he could think of, as Wes's cum shot into his mouth. Robert swallowed all of Wes's cum, then leaned back up and licked his lips, as though he wanted more. Robert smiled at Wes because he was very proud of his performance.

"I think you'll be very happy here in Orgasmia Robert." said Wes. "I think you'll fit in just fine."

"I hope so Wes." replied Robert. "I can't go back to where I came from!" Then Robert continued to himself, "At least not yet. Not until all of you faggots have been saved from yourselves!"

Once Wes and Robert got back downtown, Wes took Robert home with him. Wes asked Robert if he would like to have sex again, but Robert told Wes that he was tired from his experience. He also said that he wanted to wake up fresh the next morning in his new home.

After Wes left Robert alone, Robert started shaking off what he had done earlier. Sucking Wes's cock to an orgasm was almost enough to make Robert sick of himself, and it was very hard for him to hold himself together up to this point. Then Robert reminded himself that his Reverend President himself had told him that this was God's work that he had been sent to do. God would not mind that Robert had to sin in order to complete his mission, because Robert would not allow himself to convert to homosexuality. God's will would be done, and the faggots in this dimension would be saved from their sins. Robert repeated the prayers that he had been brainwashed with, over and over until he fell asleep.

The next morning Wes took Robert to Aaron and Mongo's house so he could meet his two best friends. Robert was having a hard time adjusting to being naked all the time, but he had to fit in. Wes and Robert got to Aaron's house, and Wes introduced Robert to Aaron and Mongo. Mongo was about to go to work, and today was the kids' first day of school, so Aaron quickly introduced Robert to the kids. When Robert saw six young boys living with two gay men, a sudden expression flashed across his face without him being aware of it. Aaron did notice however, so he quickly got the boys out the door to school.

"I guess we better go too." said Robert. "I want to become a citizen here today, so we should be busy."

Wes could see that something was bothering Aaron though, so he said, "Why don't you wait outside for me Robert? I have to talk to Aaron for a second."

Robert went ahead and waited outside. After seeing those kids living with two men, Robert had to accomplish his mission for their sake. He was eager to get started on injecting the people here, just as soon as he was one of them.

"What's wrong Aaron?" asked Wes. "You had a very disturbing look on your face for a moment."

"Something isn't right about Robert." said Aaron. "I don't think he is who the council thinks he is. I can't explain it, it was just an expression he had for a few seconds. Please be careful with this one Wes. I care about you and everyone in Orgasmia, and something in the back of my head is telling me that this one is trouble."

Wes gave Aaron a hug and said, "Thanks my friend. I know you are concerned about me, and I promise that I will be careful. Robert does come from a very bad dimension though. Over just the past twenty years, it has become the second worst dimension there is. That may have something to do with what you saw in Robert."

"I hope you're right my friend." replied Aaron. "Just be careful."

After Wes and Robert had left, Aaron called Terrence. According to the rules for facilitators, if a facilitator wants to keep his charges from any particular person, the facilitator's contact had to be informed so he could then inform the council. Aaron knew that he did not want his boys around Robert.

Robert knew that Aaron had become suspicious somehow, so Robert demanded that they stop back at Wes's house to have sex before going wherever they had to go today. Wes looked forward to another sexual encounter with Robert. That would give him a good idea if Aaron was right or not.

Terrence was much closer to the council than Wes was though, so he took Aaron's call a little differently. "Are you sure about the feelings you got from Robert?" asked Terrence.

"You should have seen him Terrence." replied Aaron. "When I was introducing my boys to him, he flashed a really quick look of disgust across his face. It looked like the fact that Mongo and I are raising six boys was almost repulsive to him. Then he had another really quick look on his face. I don't really know what it was, but it almost looked like he was thinking that he would stop what we were doing here. I just have this horrible feeling that something is wrong, and it's not just from my head either. I can feel it in my heart and soul as well."

That was not what Terrence wanted to hear. Terrence knew that several of the council members had experienced a vision of Orgasmia facing a great peril. He also knew that was why Aaron was brought here. Aaron had been seen by several council members as the only one who could save Orgasmia from extinction. Now Terrence had to go see the leader right away. Terrence got permission from the council to see the leader, then got into the private elevator to the top floor. When Terrence got out of the elevator, he was met by the leader of Orgasmia.

"What can I do for you today Terrence?" asked the leader.

Terrence reverently kissed the leader's hand and said, "Your Honor, the vision has begun."

"I wished as hard as I could that it wouldn't start this soon." said the leader. "Do we know what the great peril is, or who it is coming from?"

"It's coming from the man who was brought to Orgasmia last night." replied Terrence. "His name is Robert, but we don't know what his plans are yet."

"Then we only have one choice." said the leader. "We must have Robert detained as soon as he comes here. I will have our best men take care of this. If Robert has come here on purpose, then his dimension knows about us somehow. We must make sure they never have the knowledge to travel here. You have performed a great service to our society Terrence, and you and Aaron shall be joining the council soon."

"I would do or sacrifice anything for Orgasmia, Your Honor!" replied Terrence.

"Go in piece Terrence, and watch out for Aaron." said the leader. "His purpose for being brought here is not over yet."

"I will, Your Honor." replied Terrence. "Thank you."

Shortly after Terrence had seen the leader, Orgasmia's best guards began to assemble in the lobby of the Citizen's Services Building. Everyone who was in the building was evacuated from the first floor, as the guards waited for Wes to bring Robert to them.

Wes and Robert walked into the building, and immediately knew something was out of the ordinary. "I hope you're right Aaron." thought Wes to himself.

"Is this normal?" asked Robert nervously.

"No, but we should go find out what is happening." said Wes.

Wes began to lead Robert toward the guards, but Robert grabbed Wes by the shoulder and said, "I guess I'll have to do this the hard way."

Robert took off running as soon as the nanites that he injected into Wes froze Wes in place. Robert made it to the door and disappeared into the city as the nanites quickly made their way to Wes's brain.

One of the guards who knew Wes shook him and asked, "Are you okay Wes?"

By the time the paralyzing effects of the nanites wore off, Robert was long gone. Wes shook his head and replied, "What happened? Why do I have such a bad headache?"

The guard replied, "Maybe you should go home and get some rest Wes. You don't look like yourself. If Robert shows up at your house, please call us immediately. We're going to search downtown now, he couldn't have gotten very far."

Wes walked home slowly, holding onto his pounding head. He didn't know what had happened to him, but he was beginning to wish he had taken Aaron's warning more seriously now. When Wes finally stumbled into his house, he collapsed unconscious onto his sofa.

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