by tim the story guy

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by tim

Chapter 9

Wes was awoken that evening by a knock at his door. "Who's there?" called out a groggy Wes.

"It's Robert." replied Robert. "Can I come in and talk?"

Wes let Robert in and said, "The authorities here are looking for you Robert. I could get in a lot of trouble for not reporting you."

"You really don't want to do that though, do you Wes?" asked Robert coyly. "The only reason that they are looking for me is because I came here to convince everyone that homosexuality is wrong. God wants me to save these people here before it's too late. How do you feel about it Wes?"

"I,... well,... I." stammered Wes. "I guess you're right Robert, homosexuality IS wrong. What can I do to help you?"

"Well, I need a place to stay first Wes." said Robert, as he smiled menacingly. Then I will need someone to take my message to your Council of whatever you call it."

"You mean Concerned Citizens?" asked Wes.

"Yeah, that's it." replied Robert. "What do you say Wes, will you help me?"

"Sure Robert, besides, we have to do something about there not being any clothes here." said Wes.

Robert smiled evilly as the nanites he had been injecting into people all day seemed to be working. He still wanted to belt Wes for having to suck his cock, but now Wes seemed like a pretty bearable person to Robert. Besides, sucking Wes's cock didn't seem as bad now as it first did. Robert didn't want to put that thing in his mouth again, but he didn't feel quite so hateful about it now. It also gave Robert an idea now. Robert knew that it would soon become more difficult to approach people to inject them than it had been today, but if he could act like he enjoyed sucking their cocks, it might make it a little easier. Robert was sure that this plan would allow him to inject every man and boy in Orgasmia.

As Aaron and Mongo were getting ready to go to bed for the evening, Aaron got a call from Terrence. "Hi Terrence." said Aaron. "What can I do for you this evening?"

"Have you noticed anything unusual this evening Aaron?" asked Terrence. "Anyone that seems to be acting strangely?"

"No, but I haven't been out this evening." replied Aaron. "Just a moment Terrence." Then Aaron turned to Mongo and said, "Terrence wants to know if we've seen anything unusual this evening dear."

"I haven't really noticed anything." replied Mongo. "Is something wrong my love?"

"I don't know babe, hold on just a minute." said Aaron. Then Aaron turned his attention back to Terrence and asked, "Is there something wrong Terrence?"

"Well, the Council had an assignment for Wes this evening, but no one can get ahold of him or his contact." replied Terrence.

"Did you want me to handle the assignment?" asked Aaron.

"No, but thanks for offering." replied Terrence. "We already put someone else on it. We would like to know what happened to Wes and his contact though. Besides that, we've received a few reports of people acting strangely. Things like people who would normally jump at the opportunity for a little pleasure, now suddenly seem uninterested. It's almost like they're turning straight, except you can't change who you were meant to be like that, can you?"

"Not from what I know." replied Aaron. "Back in my dimension we had these so-called christian groups who would try to brainwash gay people into believing that they were straight, but there was never any case of their brainwashing being permanent. People would eventually come back around, and realize how miserable these groups had made them, and how much of their lives had been wasted in vain. The only thing those groups ever accomplished was causing a lot of pain and suffering."

"Not one case of that being permanent?" asked Terrence.

"Nope." replied Aaron. "People who were brainwashed by them could go for years saying how they had been saved, and that they had been changed, but they would always realize at some point that it was just a lie. Not even the leaders of these groups ever turned straight. Even they would eventually fall from grace, and once again be who they were meant to be."

"Well Aaron, you've given me some hope this evening." said Terrence. "Maybe this is just a bug that's going around."

"Don't let your guard down Terrence." said Aaron. "It may be a bug by the name of Robert. There are so many things in other dimensions that we just don't know about. What if Robert knows how to physically alter the brains of those he comes in contact with, or something like that? I trust that man less and less every minute. I'll see if I can get in touch with Wes, and let you know what's going on."

"I trust your intuition completely Aaron." said Terrence. "If you think Robert may be dangerous, that's enough for me. Please be very careful Aaron, and I'll let our Leader know what we think may be happening."

"Okay Terrence, and you be careful too." replied Aaron. "I'll call you back if I find anything out."

As soon as Aaron hung up the phone, he dialed Wes's number. Aaron was about to give up when the phone was finally answered. "Hi, this is Wes." said Wes. "What can I do for you?"

"Hi Wes, this is Aaron." replied Aaron. "How are you doing tonight?"

"I felt a little tired earlier, but I'm fine now." said Wes. "What's up Aaron?"

"I just got another call." said Aaron. "The Council had been trying to get ahold of you, but you didn't answer. I was worried that something might be wrong."

"I'm sorry Aaron." replied Wes. "Like I said, I was feeling bad earlier so I took a nap. I must have slept right through their call. There's no need to worry though, I'm feeling fine now."

"That's good." said Aaron. "If you're feeling okay, why don't you come on over? Mongo and I wouldn't mind helping you feel even better."

"What do you mean by that Aaron?" asked Wes.

"I meant having sex Wes." replied Aaron. "It's really fun when all three of us guys get together for a little pleasure."

"I don't do that kind of thing Aaron." said Wes. "How could you have sex with another man? That's just wrong!"

"Is Robert there Wes?" asked Aaron.

"No, he's not!" lied Wes. "Besides, Robert is a great man. I wish you'd get over the problem that you have with him, because he's done nothing wrong. Everyone just wants to persecute him because he's right about so many things. I'm hanging up now Aaron, and don't call back until you realize how wrong it is to be a faggot!"

Aaron had to fight back the urge to cry as he hung up the phone. He knew that wasn't really Wes who was saying those things to him. Aaron was now convinced that Robert was doing something horrible to everyone he came in contact with, so he called everyone to the living room.

When everyone was in the living room, Aaron asked, "Does everyone remember Robert? He was the man Wes brought over here this morning."

Everyone answered yes, so Aaron continued, "Robert is a very dangerous man. I want everyone to watch out carefully for him, and if you see him, don't let him come near you. I just got off the phone with Wes, who now thinks that homosexuality is wrong. This is way too quick to be a case of brainwashing. I know that Robert has physically altered Wes's brain somehow. I don't know how that is possible, but people from other dimensions might have that kind of ability. It's the only explanation for such a sudden and drastic change. I will see if I can talk to Terrence and our Leader, and see if we can come up with a safe way to handle Robert, but we have to find out how he is doing this first. In the meantime, do not let him have any contact with you. I normally don't advocate violence, and there are no weapons here in Orgasmia, but do whatever you can to keep him from making any physical contact with you. Get a long stick and tie a knife to the end of it if you have to, but do not let that man touch you in any way. This is very serious, and so am I. I don't want any of you to end up like Wes."

"We're scared dad." said Cosmo. "Shouldn't we just stay inside until this is over?"

Aaron went over and wrapped Cosmo in his arms, and felt the boy trembling with fear. Then Aaron tipped Cosmo's head up until their eyes met. "I didn't mean to frighten you boys so much, but Robert is very dangerous." said Aaron. "You have five brothers, plus myself and Mongo to protect you Cosmo. You do have to be careful about who is around you though. If you boys would feel safer staying in the house, then I will deal with Citizen's Services about it. I brought you boys here so you wouldn't have to be afraid again, and I'm going to make sure that you don't have to be."

Aaron then hugged the boy tightly, and leaned down to give him a loving kiss on the forehead.

"If they want to stay inside for right now, maybe we should teach them how to defend themselves tomorrow." said Mongo. "It's my day off tomorrow, and I had to learn a lot of ways to defend myself before I came here."

"That's a great idea babe." replied Aaron. "I may have to go see Terrence or the Council tomorrow, so I would love for you to help with this."

"Can we all sleep in the same room tonight?" asked Butch. "The smaller boys would feel much safer that way."

Aaron wrapped his arms around Butch and gave him a gentle kiss on the forehead, then said, "I think that's very sweet Butch. You really care a lot about your brothers, and they need a nice strong young man like you for a brother. Go ahead and move enough beds into mine and Mongo's bedroom, and we'll be a nice, cozy, loving family tonight."

The boys and Mongo began moving enough beds down to the master bedroom, while Aaron called Terrence back. "Hi Terrence, I wanted to let you know what I think is happening." said Aaron.

"Did you get in touch with Wes?" asked Terrence.

"Yes I did, and he's scaring the hell out of me." said Aaron. "Wes now truly believes that homosexuality is wrong. I'm also sure that he's hiding Robert at his house. I think that Robert has somehow physically altered Wes's brain to make him believe that, but I don't have any idea how he would do it. That makes Robert a very dangerous man. I've already instructed my family to take any steps necessary to defend themselves against him, even if it means violence. We have to find a way to stop him immediately."

"I know you wouldn't be talking this way unless you were convinced of what you were saying Aaron." said Terrence. "I wish we had listened to you this morning, and treated Robert like the dangerous person that he is then. I need you to come downtown tomorrow, so you can talk to our Leader with me. I'll have Wes's house put under close surveillance, until we figure out what to do. We're going to have to find out how he is doing this though."

"Is there any way we could make an announcement to all of the citizens right now?" asked Aaron.

"It's so late right now that I'm afraid no one would hear it." replied Terrence. "We'll get the word out in the morning, as soon as the Council convenes though. Could I have you downtown by nine o'clock?"

"I'll be there." replied Aaron. "We have to do something, and the sooner, the better."

Aaron and Mongo's bedroom was very crowded that night, as it now contained three more beds. Aaron and Mongo shared one bed, Butch and Cosmo shared another, Spike and Shortstuff were sharing the third bed, which left Spaz and Twinkie together. The first pair to begin making love were Butch and Cosmo. Butch knew that Cosmo needed his love to comfort him, and he would do anything for his lover. Aaron and Mongo were holding off, but when they noticed Butch and Cosmo making love, they decided that the boys needed to feel and witness love tonight more than any other night. Aaron relaxed his throat and straightened it as much as he could, then began to go down on Mongo's cock. All of the boys stared in amazement as they watched all of Mongo's huge cock slip into Aaron's throat. When the boys saw Aaron's lips around the base of Mongo's cock, they began to make passionate love to their lovers or bedmates.

All four couples were quickly in the throes of passion, as they felt a desperate need to feel the love of the person they were with tonight. As Aaron plunged Mongo's cock all the way in and out of his throat over and over, Butch and Cosmo were involved in a passionate sixty-nine. Spike and Shortstuff were desperately kissing and stroking each other, while Spaz had his cock buried deeply inside Twinkie's butt. Moans of pleasure and ecstasy filled the room, as everyone wanted nothing more than for their mate to feel their love that night. After feeling Aaron swallowing his cock for ten minutes, and listening to the boys making love, Mongo was ready for his orgasm. Aaron realized how close Mongo was, and took Mongo's cock all the way into him one more time. Aaron could feel his stomach expand as Mongo shot his cum directly into it. Mongo's cock throbbed and spasmed as it was lodged securely in Aaron's throat and esophagus. Aaron went back and forth slightly on Mongo's cock, and caressed Mongo's churning balls until his orgasm finally began to subside. Aaron had to back off Mongo's cock to breathe though, so he took the last several shots of Mongo's cum in his mouth.

As soon as Mongo's cock was clear of Aaron's mouth, Mongo switched around and hungrily engulfed Aaron's cock. By this time Spaz, Butch, and Cosmo were all three moaning loudly as they approached their orgasms. Spaz thrust his cock as deeply as he could into Twinkie, and then began shooting his cum deep inside the squirming boy. Twinkie began moaning from feeling Spaz's cum shooting into him. As soon as Spaz's orgasm was over, he and Twinkie switched places. Then Butch and Cosmo began cumming into each other's mouths. Both boys swallowed as if their lover's cum was the most delicious thing they had ever tasted. That's because to both of them, it was.

After about five minutes Aaron, Twinkie, Spike, and Shortstuff all felt their orgasms approaching. In a moment of perfect timing, they all began cumming at once. Aaron shot his cum into Mongo's hungry mouth, as Twinkie shot his cum deeply into Spaz, and Spike and Shortstuff covered each other's bodies with their cum. After all of the orgasms were over, the only sound that could be heard was heavy breathing as everyone fell asleep in their lover's arms.

Aaron awoke the next morning in Mongo's arms, and looked around the room. He smiled at the sight of his six boys sleeping peacefully in each other's arms. Although he hated to do it, Aaron arose from Mongo's arms and called out, "Wake up you beautiful boys! My beautiful lover is going to start teaching you to defend yourselves while I go downtown."

All of the boys began waking up and smiling at being in the arms of another boy. They now wanted their dad to stop the madman that was trying to change all of this. After breakfast they all gave Aaron a short but sweet kiss on the lips and told him to be careful today. After being wished good luck by his lover and six beautiful sons, Aaron headed downtown. He and Mongo switched vehicles for the day in case Mongo had to take the boys somewhere, but only for their safety. As Aaron drove by Wes's house, he noticed several guards who were very well concealed, keeping an eye on the house. Aaron continued on downtown to the Citizen's Services Building.

"It's good to see you Aaron." said Brett, as Aaron entered the building. "A lot of people are very scared or nervous this morning."

"Just watch out for the man that caused the commotion here yesterday." replied Aaron. "He's very dangerous, so don't take any chances if you see him."

"Okay Aaron." replied Brett. "Thanks for the warning, and good luck today. Terrence is waiting for you on the eighteenth floor, just outside the Council chambers."

Aaron went to the elevator, and encountered a guard there. The guard had Aaron scan his finger on a portable scanner before allowing him onto the elevator. It seemed as though the Council was already taking security precautions, which Aaron thought was a good idea. Upon arriving on the eighteenth floor, Aaron came across more security as soon as he got off the elevator. As soon as he scanned his finger, the guards pointed Aaron to where Terrence was waiting for him.

"I'm sure glad to see you Aaron." said Terrence. "Two Councilmen didn't show up today, and one of the ones that did is acting very strangely. He may be relieved of his duties by the Council as soon as the session starts. Let's go on in, and remember that if you do address any of the Councilmen, please say sir. Are you nervous Aaron?"

"Does a bear shit in the woods Terrence?" joked Aaron nervously.

Terrence smiled a wide smile and chuckled, "You'll be just fine Aaron."

Terrence and Aaron entered the Council chambers, and had a seat at the front of the gallery. The eleven Councilmen who came in today entered the room, and everyone rose. Once the Councilmen were seated, everyone in the gallery took their seats.

"Are you feeling okay today, Councilman Ned?" asked the person who was seated at the Council President's seat.

"I'm feeling fine today." replied Councilman Ned. "It's the rest of you that have something wrong with you Mister President. How can you sit around and defend homosexuality, when everyone should know that it's wrong?"

"That's quite enough Councilman Ned!" said the Council President. "I'm going to have to ask that you step down as a Councilman."

"I won't do it Mister President!" replied Councilman Ned. "As a matter of fact, I have several people who are willing to support me in taking this Council over, including two other current Councilmen!"

"Guards!" commanded the President. "Have Councilman Ned removed from the building, and strip him of his status as a Councilman! Also remove the Councilman status of the two Councilmen who didn't show up today." Then the President looked out to the gallery and said, "Terrence, you spoke to me last night about what is happening. Please tell the rest of the Council what we are facing."

"Yes sir Mister President." replied Terrence, as he stepped up to the microphone. "Sirs, several of you have had a vision of a grave danger that Orgasmia will be facing. That grave danger is here today, and the future of our society is now in serious jeopardy. Our citizens are being attacked by an evil enemy, and their minds are being drastically altered. You just witnessed an example of that in Councilman Ned's sudden change of behavior today. I want to turn the microphone over to Aaron now. Our Leader himself has had a vision of Aaron as the only one who can save our society, and he has more information on this threat than anyone else right now."

"Please come to the microphone Aaron, and tell the Council what you know." said The President. "The Leader has also mentioned you to me as well, so I know Terrence is speaking wisely of you. Please help us Aaron."

"Yes sir Mister President." said Aaron, as he nervously stepped up to the microphone. "Sirs, I want the Council to know that I will do whatever is asked of me to preserve our society the way it has been since the Great War. Two nights ago a man named Robert was brought to Orgasmia. Yesterday morning I was visited by Robert and Wes, who was Robert's first contact. Wes was fine that morning. Later that morning he became ill, but by that evening he had recovered. The only problem was that he suddenly felt that homosexuality was wrong, and stated that he would support Robert in bringing an end to our society. This happened way too quickly for Wes to have been brainwashed by Robert. I believe that Robert has done something to physically alter the minds of quite a few of our citizens yesterday. This isn't the fault of our citizens though. They were just unfortunate enough to have come in physical contact with Robert. I believe that is how Robert is doing this. He is doing something to our citizens just by having physical contact with them. What I don't know though, is exactly how it is being done, or if it is reversible. There are many things we need to find out such as, how do we protect ourselves from him, how do we subdue him safely, how is he physically altering our citizen brains, and can we reverse the damage that he's done. That's about all I know sirs."

"Then we have no choice." said the President. "We have him under surveillance, and we have to move in and incapacitate him now. He has to be taken alive and well though, so that we might be able to persuade him to undo what he's done. I know that it will be dangerous for any of the guards who move in on him, but we have no other choice."

The Council President called the surveillance team on the radio, and told them to move in, but make sure they take Robert alive. After several minutes of silence in the Council chambers, the surveillance team called back to say that Robert had slipped away from them overnight. Robert had begun to build a network of followers yesterday, and now he would be hard to find.

"Terrence, please approach the microphone." said the Council President. "I am going to make an announcement to all of our citizens now. We have to warn our citizens who have not been in contact with Robert to watch out carefully for him. We also have to convince those who have come in contact with him to come in for an examination, regardless of whether or not they agree with him. Those who have been affected by him have to be isolated for now. I need you to take Aaron upstairs now to see our Leader. He will know what our society will require of you next. Good luck and have a safe journey, Aaron and Terrence."

"Thank you sir Mister President." replied Terrence. "We will not fail Orgasmia."

"Let's hope not." replied the President.

Terrence began leading Aaron up to see the Leader of Orgasmia. From the eighteenth floor they had to walk up a stairway to the nineteenth floor, then take an elevator to the top floor. This was the only way to get there, due to security. Aaron and Terrence did have to pass several checkpoints, which was an unusual security measure, but was understandable under the conditions.

Once they were in the elevator, Terrence said, "You look nervous Aaron."

"I'm scared shitless Terrence!" replied Aaron.

"I wish I could help you Aaron, but I am too." said Terrence. "Very few of our citizens ever get to meet our Leader, unless they're a Councilman. I have talked to him a few times, and he is a very kind and gentle man. Please remember to address him as Your Honor though, unless he specifically requests you to address him differently."

Terrence and Aaron stepped out of the elevator, to be met by the Leader's personal assistant and guard. "He's waiting for you two in his chamber Terrence." said the man. "Good luck to both of you, and may God be with you."

Terrence led Aaron into the chamber, where the Leader stood in the middle of the room with his back to the door. "It's Terrence and Aaron, Your Honor." said Terrence. "We're reporting as requested."

The Leader turned to face Terrence and Aaron, and they could see the look of worry and concern on his face. They could also see that the Leader had shed a few tears for his loyal citizens of Orgasmia. The Leader then straightened out his expression, and held his hand out to Aaron as he said, "It's good to meet you Aaron. I wish it could have been under more pleasurable circumstances though."

"It's a pleasure to meet you Your Honor." replied Aaron. "I too wish it could have been under better circumstances."

"What can we do Your Honor, to serve our fellow citizens of Orgasmia?" asked Terrence.

"First of all, let's drop the Your Honor crap." replied the Leader. "My name is Brian. Could you both please call me that? I'm about to send two fine people on a very dangerous mission, and formality just doesn't seem right at the moment."

"We'll do whatever you ask of us Brian." said Aaron.

"Yes Brian, we will." said Terrence. "Our lives would mean nothing right now if it hadn't been for Orgasmia."

"Very good my friends." said Brian. "Could we possibly have a little bit of pleasure with each other first. It might help for what is coming next."

Aaron took one look at Brian and became erect. Orgasmia's Leader was a very attractive man as far as Aaron was concerned. Brian smiled when he saw Aaron's erection, then led the two men over to a very soft and padded mat in one corner of the room.

"How do you two want to do this?" asked Brian.

"I really want to suck your beautiful cock, Brian." replied Aaron.

"Great!" said Brian. "You can suck my cock Aaron, while I suck Terrence and he sucks you."

The three men laid down on the mat and took each other's cocks into their mouths. Aaron gently took Brian's cock into his mouth, and massaged it passionately with his lips and tongue. Brian moaned softly as he swallowed Terrence's respectable cock. Terrence took Aaron's cock into his mouth as though he had been looking forward to it since they had first met. In truth, Terrence had wanted to pleasure Aaron since their first meeting, but felt that it might not be appropriate. Aaron's cock not only felt appropriate in his mouth now, but it felt pretty damn good too! The three men sucked and moaned for the next ten minutes, then began cumming for each other. Aaron swallowed Brian's cum hungrily as he shot his cum into Terrence's eager mouth. Brian shot as much cum as he could into Aaron's mouth, as he tasted the creamy nectar that shot from Terrence's cock. After all of the men had finished their orgasm, Brian stood back up.

"That was great!" exclaimed Brian. "It would be a pleasure for me to be with either of you attractive men anytime! We'll have to get together again when this is all over. I'm glad you enjoyed pleasuring my cock Aaron, I was kind of hoping that it would be your lips that pleasured it."

"You have a great cock Brian." replied Aaron. "Mongo and I would be honored for you to visit us when this is over."

"It's a date then!" said Brian, as he smiled warmly at Aaron. "We have to invite Terrence too though. But right now it's time for you and Terrence to see exactly how Orgasmia is able to monitor and travel to other dimensions. This is usually reserved for Councilmen and myself, but when this is over you will both be asked to join the Council. Provided all goes well, of course. Let's go take a look at where we need you guys to go tonight."

Robert has some serious issues, doesn't he? And now because of him, it looks like Aaron and Terrence are going to have to play secret agent. Please send all comments to: Thanks for reading, and I'll see you again in Chapter 10.