Orgasmia 2:

Spaceships & Dinosaurs

by tim the story guy

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Orgasmia 2: Spaceships & Dinosaurs

by tim

Chapter 1

From the last chapter:

"I feel kind of jealous of you two." said Aaron. "You are going to get to see things that most of us never will. Take care of yourself and Billy, and I hope you have an exciting trip Jerry. I'll see you in about a month, with the proof that the council wants."

"Thank you so much for believing in me Aaron." said Jerry. "I promise I won't disappoint you."

"Well Jerry and Billy, if you two are ready, we need to prepare you for your first trip to other planets." smiled Jarrel. "I promise that we'll take good care of them Aaron."

"Thanks Jarrel, that means a lot to me." replied Aaron.

Then Aaron gave Jerry and Billy a hug, and headed back to Orgasmia. Needless to say, Jerry and Billy were as nervous as they had ever been, as Jarrel led them inside to begin preparing them for what to expect over the next month.


When Wes came home that evening, he hugged his husband Bobby and said, "I think you are ready for your first solo as a facilitator Bobby."

"Thanks dear, I'm glad you have so much faith in me." replied Bobby. "I just hope I don't let you and the council down."

"I'm sure you'll be fine, my love." said Wes. "I just got the approval for this first contact as I left the council, and we have to move quickly. Hank has a bus standing by for you, and knows the location of the portal. You are going to be picking up a man named Mike, and a boy named Stephen. Events tonight are taking them to a location where we can pick them up, but the local police are after them too. If you don't get there in time, they will be captured. If that happens, the boy will be dead in less than two days, and the man will most likely be killed soon."

"Don't worry dear, I'll get to them in time." replied Bobby. "It sounds like a simple assignment."

"There are no simple assignments dear." laughed Wes. "Hank is to take the boy directly to our main medical facility, and I will meet you there. We have to move quickly tonight on this."

"Okay my love, I'll see you when I return with our contacts then." replied Bobby.

Later that night, Wes knew that Bobby had an interesting first contact, when Bobby came back with a busload of people, instead of the two that the council had sent him after. Wes knew to hold off on a decision about what to do though, until he had a chance to speak with everyone on the bus. Once the boy who needed medical attention was off the bus, Wes was introduced to the man named Mike that Bobby had been sent after. When Mike started introducing everyone on the bus, it began to become apparent to Wes that the boys seemed to be willing to follow Mike anywhere, and all had good reasons for being on that bus with him.

Wes was also very surprised to see a boy on the bus whom he had made first contact with before. The boy was named Corey, and Wes had kept an eye on him occasionally. Wes knew that Corey was now infected with a virus called HIV, which was often fatal in Corey's dimension. He had planned on asking the council to recontact Corey at some point, but now Corey had saved him that trouble. The technology in Orgasmia would allow Corey to be treated, which was a good thing since Corey had infected all of his friends. Then Wes gave everyone the Welcome to Orgasmia speech, and had everyone follow him off the bus to be checked for the infection that Corey suffered from. Wes smiled at the fact that some of the boys had already made themselves naked before leaving the bus, and the rest of the group followed suit once they were inside the medical facility.

Wes was concerned that two of the boys were six and eight though. The six year old named Billy was there with two of his older brothers though. The eight year old named Chris was there alone, except for his friends, but seemed to want to be with his friends. Wes decided to trust the two men who were with the boys to help them understand what was happening, and to do what was best for them.

Once all of the group except Stephen was done at the medical facility, Wes told Bobby to take them to the mass intake facility that was kept operating in one of Orgasmia's hotels, and get them settled in. Mike decided that he needed to stay with Stephen though, and Wes understood that.

Once Bobby got everyone to the hotel and signed in, he said, "Like I said Denny, you're going to be up to your neck in boys tonight. You and Mike will be the only adults staying here, and the boys here love to be around adults. They all hope to find fathers, and move out of here. You'll have five rooms together at the end of one of the second floor hallways. The boys here normally bunk four to a room, and we've left one room for you and Mike to share for now, along with two boys. That will fit everyone into five rooms, since there are twenty of you total. I'm going to assume that Mike will want Stephen with you two tomorrow, so you'll need to pick one boy to share the room with tonight. I'll be back bright and early tomorrow morning, and maybe Mike and Stephen can join us here soon afterward."

Denny went to Chris and asked, "How are you holding up there Chris?"

"I'm a little scared, but mostly confused." replied Chris.

"Would you feel better with your friend Billy and his brothers, or would you rather be with me so I can explain things to you a little better?" asked Denny.

"I'd rather be with you sir." replied Chris.

"Then I'd like to have you call me Denny instead of sir, okay?" smiled Denny.

"Okay Denny." replied Chris, as he smiled too.

Once all of the boys had split up into groups of four, Denny led Chris by the hand to their room. Denny sat on the edge of one of the beds, and guided Chris to sit beside him. "I take it that you're going to need to talk about this Chris." said Denny.

"Will I ever be able to go home again?" asked Chris.

"That will be up to you Chris." replied Denny. "Mike and I are going to stay here and be married, if they allow men to marry here, and we'll finish raising any boys who stay as their fathers. From what I understand though, you can return home if you want to. Do you want to do that Chris?"

"That's why I'm confused I guess." replied Chris. "If I go home, my parents may start hitting me, and telling everyone that I'm gay."

"Are you gay Chris?" asked Denny.

"I don't know." replied Chris. "I know that all of my friends here are, and I love being with them."

Back at the medical facility, the doctors had finished with Stephen, and taken him to a room. Mike sat beside the bed, and held Stephen's hand gently. Mike was about to fall asleep, when he felt Stephen's hand move. Then Mike looked up and saw Stephen's eyes flutter open.

"Stephen, I love you so much!" said Mike, on the verge of tears. "How are you?"

"I'm really tired, but I don't hurt as much now." replied a groggy Stephen.

"I never meant for any of you boys to get hurt." said Mike. "I'm so sorry my little angel."

"It's okay Mike, it was my father who did it, and it wasn't your fault." replied Stephen. "I know how much you care about us boys, and I love you. Are we back at wherever you're staying now Mike? I had this really weird dream that we all traveled to another dimension together."

"It wasn't a dream Stephen, we ARE in another dimension now." said Mike. "They came especially for me and you, because the injuries your father caused would have killed you in less than two days, and I would have ended up being killed in jail. Those people can't get to us here though Stephen."

"We beat them then didn't we Mike?" replied Stephen, as he smiled faintly. "I knew we could do it somehow, although I never would have guessed this."

"Yes, we did son." smiled Mike. "You're going to have to rest now Stephen. You nearly died on us."

"I'm feeling better all the time though." replied Stephen. "I want us to stay here Mike. You can be my father, as well as father for any of the other boys who stay. It's better than what waits for us if we ever go home."

"You're right about that Stephen." said Mike. "I would love to be your father Stephen."

Mike had Stephen move over, so he could lay in bed next to him, then he held Stephen until the boy drifted back off to sleep. Mike joined him shortly thereafter.

Back at the hotel, Denny had finally finished talking to Chris. Chris was still somewhat confused, but he knew Denny and his friends all cared about him. He wasn't sure that was quite the case about his family back home. As Denny held Chris in a comforting way until the boy fell asleep, he could hear dozens of boys playing around outside in the hallway. Some of them were from his and Mike's group, and he could tell they were making friends there already. Things finally quieted down outside though, and Denny finally drifted off to sleep with Chris.

Mike and Denny received slightly different wake-up calls the next morning. Mike woke up to Stephen saying, "Dad, get up! I'm staving to death here! Can you see what time they serve breakfast in this joint?"

"I almost forgot that none of us have eaten in a while son." smiled Mike. "I'll get you whatever you want my son." Then Mike went out to get a nurse, to see if Stephen could have breakfast.

Back at the hotel, Denny was awaken by Chris calling out, "Daddy, I have to pee, and I don't want to do it in the bed!"

Denny chuckled as he let go of Chris, and watched the boy scamper off to the bathroom. When Chris came back, Denny had the boy sit back down beside him in the bed and said, "I really loved it when you called me daddy Chris. I never really thought about being a daddy before last night, but the thought just made me feel really good right now."

"That's good, because I'd love to have a daddy like you." replied Chris. "You made me feel so good last night by talking to me, and holding me until I fell asleep. My real daddy would never do that."

"Then I'll tell you what Chris, if you stay here, I'd love to be your daddy." smiled Denny. "You deserve a daddy who can make you feel loved and secure. I'll be the best daddy you could ever hope for too. If I'm not being the kind of daddy you want me to be, just let me know and I'll do whatever you want. If that's okay, just keep calling me daddy. Okay son?"

"Okay daddy!" giggled Chris. "Now, when is breakfast? I'm starved to death!"

Denny soon discovered that he had seventeen starving boys on his hands. He gathered them all together, and went to ask the boy named Butch who worked at the front desk where breakfast was being served. Butch happily directed them to the dining hall, and told them that breakfast was in full gear. When Denny led the boys into the dining hall, he had to stop and gasp. He had never seen so many happy and naked boys in his life. Once Denny and his boys sat down, they became surrounded by boys moving closer to their table.

All of the boys seemed very interested in Denny and his group, and Denny even noticed some of the boys having a little fun during breakfast. Denny decided that it would be best to remain seated at the table throughout breakfast, considering he had already been watched coming in. Then one of the boys came up and sat next to Denny.

"Hi, I'm Jocko." said the boy. "Are all of these boys your sons?"

"If they stay they will be." replied Denny. "Why?"

"Because I counted seventeen boys in your group." said Jocko sullenly. "The council would never let you have more."

"Well, I do have a future husband to help me with them." replied Denny. "He's at the hospital now with number eighteen. Besides, I don't know how many of these boys will end up staying here."

"Do you mean you would consider taking on even more boys?" asked Jocko.

"Mike and I would help any boy who needed our help." smiled Denny.

"Cool!" exclaimed another boy who sat down on the other side of Denny. "The kids you have now are cool, and I'd love to be a part of their family!"

"Well then, maybe we can talk about that later son." replied Denny. "What's your name?"

"I'm Pee Wee sir." replied the boy.

"Okay Pee Wee, but if you want to talk later you'll have to stop calling me sir." said Denny. "My name is Denny."

Pee Wee looked down toward underneath the table, then looked back up and smiled brightly as he replied, "Thanks Denny, I'd love to talk later!"

"As long as you know that's all it will be Pee Wee, even though you are a very good-looking boy." laughed Denny.

Denny and the boys finished breakfast, as the boys continued making new friends. Denny smiled as he watched the boys smile and laugh for the first time in a few days.

After Stephen and Mike had finished their breakfast, the doctor came by to see them. He looked Stephen over good, and ran what he described as a hand held imaging device over Stephen's body.

"Well, Stephen looks good this morning." said the doctor. "It looks as though we corrected all of the damage that was done to him, and he should heal quickly now. Do you feel up to leaving the hospital now Stephen?"

"Of course I do, but so soon?!" replied Stephen.

"Granted, in your dimension you would have been in the hospital for weeks, if you were able to survive." replied the doctor. "Our procedures are much more advanced here though. We didn't even have to cut you open to repair the damage that was done to you. And what is left is being repaired as we speak by nanites. Those are small microscopic machines that can do all kinds of jobs. After they do the job they were designed for, they go to your kidneys and harmlessly exit your body through your urine."

"Holy shit!" exclaimed Mike. "You guys ARE advanced! Does anyone ever get sick enough to die here?"

"There's not much that we can't treat anymore." replied the doctor. "The last we knew, our life expectancy here was at around one hundred and twenty years. I suspect that it has taken a jump by now though. It's now probably closer to one hundred and fifty years, because I see patients that old on a regular basis now."

"How would you like to be my son for that long Stephen?" asked Mike.

"I'd love to be your son for eternity dad!" replied Stephen.

"Well, by the time you two get to be that age, it may be two hundred years or more." said the doctor. "That would mean that Mike has only lived a little more than a tenth of his life span, and you have lived a little less than a tenth Stephen. Back in your dimension that would be like you two only being seven, with years lasting three years."

"Why are you so advanced here?" asked Mike.

"The gay male society is the most intelligent ever." replied the doctor. "Orgasmia hasn't seen any female influence in over one hundred years now. There is only one dimension that we know of that is more advanced, and we're catching up to them. They can travel to other solar systems, and we should be developing that capability soon. But we are a diverse society too. Even though we soon hope to be able to travel to distant solar systems, we live side by side with dinosaurs that have inhabited this planet for hundred of millions of years. They did go extinct in most dimensions, but the event that caused that never happened in this one."

"Wow!" exclaimed Stephen. "You mean we can see dinosaurs here?"

"Yes, they live right outside the northern edge of our city." replied the doctor.

"Yeah, but some dinosaurs were very nasty creatures." said Mike. "A lot of them ate meat, and were much quicker and more powerful than man is."

"That is true." replied the doctor. "However, dinosaurs did disappear from this continent long ago. Man realized that they were a prime source of food for dinosaurs, and began killing them off here. On continents that didn't do that, man was the creature who disappeared. Dinosaurs are the dominant species of all continents on our Earth except this one. We began to reintroduce dinosaurs to this continent though, but have only brought in the plant eating species. We do see a time when plant eating dinosaurs will once again roam this continent, living in harmony with our society."

"Spaceships and dinosaurs huh?" asked Mike rhetorically. "That is quite a diverse society!"

"One that I'm sure that you and your new son will grow to love quickly." replied the doctor. "I can tell by looking at both of you that you long for the life we can provide you here."

"You figured us out quickly!" laughed Mike. "I guess if Stephen can leave, we need to contact Bobby and let him know that."

"I'll take care of that for you Mike." replied the doctor. "Welcome to Orgasmia. I look forward to working with you once you're up to speed with us Mike."

After Denny and the boys got cleaned up after breakfast, Bobby showed up there. "Hey there Denny, are you and the boys ready to go out and see our city?" asked Bobby. "I just heard from the doctor. Stephen is ready to leave the hospital, so we have to swing by there and pick him and Mike up."

"Well then, let's get going!" replied Denny. "I know today will be exciting, but I somehow doubt it will top breakfast!"

"I hope the boys behaved themselves." said Bobby.

"They were fine." smiled Denny. "I think half of them would like to be a part of mine and Mike's family though."

"Only half?" laughed Bobby. "Some of them must not be feeling well then!"

Once Denny and Bobby were done laughing over breakfast, they herded the boys out to the bus Bobby had waiting for them. Bobby counted twenty nine boys instead of seventeen, but he didn't care that they ended up a dozen boys over. He did let Butch know about it before they left though. The first stop was the main medical facility, where they were rejoined by Mike and Stephen. Mike told Bobby that Stephen really wanted to see some live dinosaurs, so that would be their next stop. Denny and the rest of the boys had no idea what was going on though.

When the bus pulled up at Orgasmia's dinosaur preserve, and Denny looked out the window, he exclaimed, "Oh my freakin' God! Do you see what I do Mike?! I can't freakin' believe this shit! Are those things live?"

"Yes, they are live animals." replied Bobby. "Welcome to Orgasmia's dinosaur preserve! I'm going to open the door, but I want you guys to remember to approach the animals out there very gently, in a non-threatening way. They do behave docile toward humans, but you want to give them a chance to become familiar with you first."

"Before we go out there Bobby, exactly what kind of dinosaurs are there out there?" asked Denny, a little unsure of the situation.

"It's okay Denny, we have all of the smaller plant eating species out there right now." replied Bobby. "We won't be bringing any carnivores here, since they are very dangerous creatures. Soon though, we'll have a small herd of Brontosauruses here. We hope that will be enough for them to take hold in our preserve, as they are very difficult to transport due to their size."

Bobby gave the group a little over an hour to get to know the dinosaurs. Mike smiled as all of the boys had a blast. He didn't quite know what to think though when Billy and Chris came riding up on the back of a Triceratops.

"Relax Mike, that's Topper they're on." said Bobby. "Topper loves little boys, and wouldn't harm them for anything. As a matter of fact, I believe he would be very defensive toward anyone who threatened any small boys around him. He really is a gentle beast toward the boys though."

"It's just so remarkable Bobby." replied Mike. "The doctor told us about this place, but I still wasn't prepared to actually see it."

"There's a lot to see here Mike, which reminds me, we need to get going." said Bobby.

The next stop was The Citizen's Services Building. "Okay everyone, this building is the heart of Orgasmia. If you decide to stay with us, this is where you will come to be processed in as citizens. Our Council of Concerned Citizens also meets here. My husband Wes is a member of the council."

"So then, men can marry here in Orgasmia?" asked Mike.

"Absolutely Mike!" replied Bobby. "It's not like there are any women here to marry!"

"That's good because when Denny and I become citizens here, we want to be married." said Mike. "That will give any of the boys who stay here two parents."

"Okay, since you sound like you've reached a decision Mike, I'd like to show everyone our resource center on the first floor." said Bobby. Everyone went ahead and followed Bobby inside, and Bobby led them to the resource center. "Everything you will need to know about life in Orgasmia and our history can be found here. You will all want to spend a full day here, learning as much as you can about us if you decide to stay. The boys will be taught this in school here anyway, but Mike and Denny are a bit old for school. All you two will have will be our orientation. Even after you become citizens, you can come here any time you have a question. The answer is most likely right here. Now, who's ready for lunch?"

Every boy in the group immediately raised their hand, which made Denny and Mike chuckle. Bobby picked out a good restaurant near the entertainment district that would serve a menu appealing to thirty boys. On the way there, they passed by the intake center they were staying at, which was across from Orgasmia's version of an amusement park.

"So, when do we get to go to the park across from where we're staying now?" asked the younger Bobby.

"I can take you all there if we have time today." replied Bobby the facilitator. "Without me getting you in there though, you'd have to wait until you're citizens." At that point, every boy on the bus started begging Bobby to let them go to the park. "Well, I guess we could call it educational." snickered Bobby.

Meanwhile out in space, Jarrel found Billy and Jerry in the ship's lounge and asked, "So, how was your first day in space?"

"It's great so far Jarrel." replied Jerry. "You have a very nice ship here. It seems like we're not really that far from Earth."

"I assure you that we've traveled quite a great distance from Earth in only twenty four hours!" laughed Jarrel. "Anyway, we have our first stop coming up tomorrow. This civilization isn't quite what you're looking for, but it will be interesting for you to meet them anyway. They are the number one civilization when it comes to interplanetary travel, although we're catching up to them quickly."

"We'll look forward to meeting our first people from a planet other than Earth." replied Jerry.

Back in Orgasmia, Pee Wee had been among the dozen extra boys that Mike and Denny had picked up that day, as he wanted to talk to Denny again. He caught up to the two men at the park, as they waited out a ride that the boys wanted to go on.

Denny put an arm around the boy, and said to Mike, "Mike, this is Pee Wee. I met him this morning at breakfast. He wanted to talk to me later about becoming a part of our family."

"I would suspect most of the extra boys who came with us would like that as well, from what Bobby has said." replied Mike. "If all eighteen of our boys end up staying here, I don't know if they would let us take on any more."

"It wouldn't hurt to ask Bobby though, would it?" asked Pee Wee. "I'd love to be a part of your family. Besides, no other men here have taken much interest in having me as their son."

"Why is that Pee Wee?" asked Mike. "You look like a very nice boy."

"I am, at least that's what all my friends say." replied Pee Wee. "It's just that the group I came here with was so large, that a lot of boys are going without dads right now. I promise I wouldn't get in the way if you took me with your family."

Mike could see an almost begging look on the boy's face, and couldn't resist. "Okay Pee Wee, I'll see what Bobby has to say about it. You deserve to be part of a nice family here."

"We'll try to convince Bobby that we can care for any boy who wants to be a part of our family." said Denny.

"Thanks guys, I really would love to be a part of your family." smiled Pee Wee.

A few minutes later, Mike and Denny went to Bobby, and explained that some of the boys looked like they wanted to join their family. "Well, we don't have any size limit to families here. It would depend on how many you could house and care for, and the council would consider that in any request. With Mike's background though, and our medical director's interest in him as a doctor here, you would be allowed as large of a home as you need. How many of the boys who came with you are going to stay?"

"We haven't asked them yet." replied Mike. "I was going to sit them all down and find out this evening though."

"Okay Mike, go ahead and do that." said Bobby. "I'll talk to Wes tonight about you possibly adopting other boys, even if all of yours end up staying. Wes is second in line to the council president now, so he would know better than anyone else."

"Thanks Bobby, that would be great." smiled Mike.

That evening, Mike and Denny gathered all of the boys in one room to talk to them. "Okay boys, I need to know how many of you have reached a decision about staying here." said Mike. "If any of you don't want to stay, no one will try to force you to. Those of us who are staying though will miss you. For those who do stay, Denny and I will be your fathers here, and we will take very good care of you."

All of the kids who had become Mike's patients back in their old dimension raised their hands to stay right away. They were the ones who's parents had been in the process of ruining their lives to get to Mike, and Mike expected that. Corey also raised his hand right away too.

"This isn't the first time I've been here." said Corey. "I always thought I might should have stayed, but things started getting better for me after I came back. Even so though, I'm staying this time. If I hadn't come back with you this time Mike, there's no telling how long me and most of my friends would have made it after being infected with HIV. I'm just glad they can treat it here."

William put an arm around Corey and said, "I'm staying too. Corey has been a great friend and teammate, and I would miss him too much if I didn't stay."

One by one, the boys from the swim team raised their hands, until all eighteen boys had decided to stay.

"Denny and I will try to be the best fathers we can to all of you boys." said Mike, as he and Denny both smiled warmly.

About twelve hours later out in space, Jarrel's ship had just docked at their first stop, and Jerry and Billy were about to meet their first people from other planets.

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